Help me complete the Harvest and I'll undo the curse for you.

The relationship between  Hayley Marshall and Sophie Deveraux.

The Vampire Diaries

Season Four

In The Originals, Sophie observes her sister, Jane-Anne, interacting with Hayley at the restaurant they both work at in New Orleans. Later, Jane-Anne and Sophie travel to a cemetery where Jane-Anne intends to perform a spell. Sophie is reluctant to allow her sister to do the spell, as witches have been prohibited from using magic by Marcel, but Jane-Anne reassures her and they proceed. Hayley heads towards the area while Jane-Anne and Sophie prepare to do a spell on her. While Jane-Anne does the spell, Hayley's car acts up and when seeing other people come to her she passes out with Sophie and the other witches of the Quarter circling her. Sophie keeps Hayley for several days until Klaus and Elijah arrive in New Orleans, whence Sophie reveals, first to Elijah and then to Klaus, that she possesses the supernatural gift for detecting when a girl is pregnant, and that Hayley bears Klaus' child. She also reveals her plan for a witches' revolt against Marcel and the vampires that control the city. Klaus refuses to do as she says, but Sophie insists that because Jane-Anne sacrificed herself rather than reveal their plan to Marcel, Hayley and the child's fates rest with the witches. Once Elijah gets Klaus to agree, she explains that the first step is Marcel accepting Klaus into his inner circle. She then agrees to release Hayley to Elijah but promises him that, if Klaus double-crosses them, she would kill Hayley. Elijah also makes her a promise: that if anything happens to Hayley or her unborn child, Elijah will make sure the witches and Sophie pay.

The Originals

Season One

In Always and Forever,

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In Girl in New Orleans,

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In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree,

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