[Klaus is on the balcony overlooking the courtyard, where it initially seems as though he is speaking to someone standing next to him]

KLAUS: The taxpayers of New Orleans deserve a skilled Chief of Police.

[The camera angle turns to reveal that Klaus is holding a man in a police uniform in a choke-hold off of the balcony with one hand while he sips a cup of coffee with the other. The police chief squirms and gasps for breath with a terrified look on his face]

KLAUS: How inept are you if not a single one of your men can locate the woman I seek?

[The police chief pleads with Klaus as he dangles over the courtyard floor]

POLICE CHIEF: We're tryin'! She's a ghost!
KLAUS: [sighs] Aurora de Martel is rather petite and may indeed be able to slip through the cracks like a wicked little cricket, but she is not a ghost.

[Klaus smirks devilishly]

KLAUS: Not yet.

[Klaus leans forward so he can look the police chief straight in the eyes]

KLAUS: I think this city's finest could try a little bit harder, hmm?

[Footsteps can be heard approaching, and Klaus turns to see Freya and Elijah walking toward him, looking at their younger brother with exasperation]

FREYA: I see we're in for another normal Mikaelson breakfast.

[Elijah rolls his eyes and gives Klaus an incredulous look]

ELIJAH: Niklaus, for Heaven's sakes! Release the poor creature.

[The police chief whimpers and shakes his head frantically, but Klaus simply shrugs and drops the man, allowing him to fall onto the floor of the courtyard. Elijah and Freya both give Klaus hilariously exasperated looks, but Klaus simply smiles smugly at them]

ELIJAH: That's not what I meant!

[Klaus continues to smirk as he walks past Elijah into the upstairs living room]

KLAUS: He'll live! And he'll remember to do better.

[Elijah and Freya both roll their eyes and share an annoyed look before they follow him to continue their conversation]

FREYA: Is all this torture necessary?

[Klaus ignores this question and instead calls out into the hallway]

KLAUS: Where have you been?

[Marcel walks into the room and immediately looks annoyed at Klaus' tactless behavior before responding with a sarcastic comment]

MARCEL: I was making sure that the Strix and their witches are out trying to find your loony ex-girlfriend. Is that okay by you?

[Elijah sighs and interrupts their fighting]

ELIJAH: Gentlemen, please.
MARCEL: [annoyed] All of our heads are on the chopping block because he lost the one thing that can kill an Original.

[Klaus gives Marcel an unamused look, and Freya interjects to defend him to Marcel]

FREYA: It's not his fault that Cami was waving the white oak around like a kite, or that Aurora made a deal with one of your witches.
MARCEL: [irritably] Oh, yeah, it is--

[Klaus stands to his feet and walks between them to break up their argument]'

KLAUS: I'm quite capable of defending myself, thank you, Freya. What I cannot do is cast a spell to find Aurora.

[Klaus gives her a cold smile that says he's not pleased with her progress, or lack thereof]

KLAUS: In that respect, we're alike.

[Freya looks at him in anger and frustration, and even Marcel rolls his eyes at Klaus from behind them]

FREYA: Aurora is cloaked. Most likely by the very witch she killed. I have been working nonstop every day.
KLAUS: [petulantly] Well, you've stopped working now, haven't you?

[Freya purses her lips angrily, but Klaus continues to poke at her]

KLAUS: Well, go on. On your way.

[Freya gives him a scathing look before she replies]

FREYA: Do you talk to our other sister like this?

[Klaus blanches, clearly guilty, and Freya gives him a cold look]

FREYA: Didn't think so.

[Freya turns and storms out of the room. Elijah looks as though he feels bad for her and tries to stop her]

ELIJAH: Freya...

[Elijah turns and gives Klaus a look before he changes the subject]

ELIJAH: What do we know about this traitor in the Strix coven?
MARCEL: [sighs] Nothing. No one knows how Aurora got to her. No one knows where Aurora is. Our coven hit the same cloaking spell as Freya.

[Klaus makes a face at him]

KLAUS: Your coven? Making yourself quite comfortable with the Strix, aren't you?
MARCEL: [annoyed] Yeah. Yeah, to help you.

[Marcel goes to storm out of the room, but Klaus grabs him roughly by the arm and spins him so they're face to face]

KLAUS: Any other news from your new BFFs you'd like to make us aware of?

[Marcel glares at him, and Elijah rolls his eyes before he walks over and interrupts]

ELIJAH: Niklaus. Why don't we reserve any malevolent intentions for ex-girlfriends?

[Marcel continues to scowl at Klaus as he yanks Klaus' hand off of him and turns to leave]


[Freya is in the bell tower of the cathedral, where she has set up a large map on the table surrounded by candles. Above the map is a spindle handing on a wire. Freya bends over and leans against the table as she prepares herself]

FREYA: Let's see if the 9,000th time is the charm.

[Freya rubs her hands together before grabbing the spindle and spinning it. She watches it sway back and forth upon the map before she steps backward, raises her arms to her sides, and begins the spell]

FREYA: [chants] Cherko ils serachi. Cherko ils serachi. Cherko ils serachi.

[Suddenly, the map bursts into flames and turns to ash, and Freya drops her arms and sighs in annoyance when she realizes the spell didn't work. After a moment, the spindle is yanked off the wire by an invisible force and flies across the room, embedding itself in the far wall where Freya has pinned a "Greetings from New Orleans" postcard. Freya slowly walks over to it and stares at the spindle for a moment as she processes what this means. Suddenly, Aurora appears in the doorway, looking bored]

AURORA: Are you looking for me?

[Freya spins around and is shocked to see Aurora standing in front of her. When Aurora smirks in amusement, Freya glares at her coldly]



[Davina is standing in the pool room all alone, where she's staring at all of her notes from her sireline de-linking spell, which have been pinned up on clotheslines that stretch from wall to wall. After a moment, she's joined by Aya, who seems slightly annoyed to see her]

AYA: Why aren't you working with the other girls?
DAVINA: They just slow me down.

[Aya gives her a skeptical look, and Davina sighs]

DAVINA: Look, I've done this before. Last year, I had Esther's grimoire. I studied it cover to cover. Now I know more about breaking the sire link than any other witch.

[Aya gives her a fake smile]

AYA: How lovely. But, as it is my life that depends on the completion of that spell, it will be my coven that verifies your work.
DAVINA: [annoyed] Fine. Let them verify it.

[Aya looks at Davina expectantly, and when she doesn't say anything more, Aya gives her a frustrated look]

AYA: So, then... Have you finished?
DAVINA: All I need is the binding agent.
AYA: [sighs] And what will that require?

[Davina is clearly angling for something, but she tries her best to look natural and unafraid when she replies]

DAVINA: My spell is based off of the one that the Mikaelsons' mother used to make them vampires in the first place.

[Davina turns and looks at all of the notes on parchment hanging from the clotheslines]

DAVINA: She was an artist. She had her own unique way of doing things. If I'm gonna finish this spell, I need someone who knew her techniques...

[Aya immediately realizes what Davina is implying and makes a face]

AYA: Let me guess. Someone like... Kol Mikaelson?

[Davina smirks in satisfaction and shrugs]

DAVINA: If you want the spell...

[Aya leans forward and stares Davina in the eyes, and though she keeps her confident demeanor, it's obvious she's at least a little afraid of her]

AYA: Tread carefully, Davina Claire. Every negotiation has a moment where the lesser party must submit. You are very quickly approaching yours.

[Davina sighs and tries to argue her point]

DAVINA: Let the sisters help me resurrect Kol. He'll give us the missing ingredient, I promise.

[She smiles weakly at Aya]

DAVINA: If not, you may never find it.

[Aya sighs and glares at Davina for a moment before walking over to a chest across the room. She opens it and digs around inside for a moment before pulling out a magical artifact and walking over to Davina with it. It's what looks like a waxy severed hand clutching a tall black candle. Davina gasps in surprise when she sees it, and Aya gives her a satisfied look]

AYA: I assume you know what this is?
DAVINA: [shocked] It's a Hand of Glory, a mystic candle. When lit, it will let me open any window.
AYA: Even one to the afterworld.

[Davina realizes what Aya is trying to do and frowns]

DAVINA: So, I can only see Kol until that creepy thing burns down to nothing, and then he's gone?
AYA: [smirks] If you want Kol to remain permanently, make sure he gives us the information we need.

[She hands Davina the Hand of Glory and turns to walk away, and Davina glares at her as she watches her go]


[Hayley is sitting on a park bench at JACKSON SQUARE, watching children play nearby with a mournful expression, when Klaus appears and sits down next to her. It's obvious that Hayley is still deeply in grief, and her voice is emotionless when she speaks to him]

HAYLEY: Come to pay your respects?

[Instead of making a snarky comment as expected, Klaus gives her a genuine smile]

KLAUS: It's easy to speak well of Jackson. He was a good man.

[He looks over at a baby tree several feet in front of them]

KLAUS: Though it is a bit macabre, isn't it? Burying his heart under a sapling?
HAYLEY: [sighs] At least Hope will have a place to visit him. I don't want her to forget how much she loved him.

[Klaus gives her a sympathetic look, but Hayley can't meet his eyes]

KLAUS: I am sorry... for your loss.
HAYLEY: Mmm. Everybody's sorry. Doesn't make a whole lot of difference, does it?
KLAUS: [shrugs] Perhaps not. I've heard time heals all wounds, but that has not been my own experience. I wonder if keeping busy might help distract you from your grief?

[Hayley turns and looks at Klaus, part curious and part suspicious]

HAYLEY: You have something in mind?
KLAUS: [sighs] Aurora's still at large. No doubt plotting her revenge. She used Camille to get to me once. She may do so again. And, Cami is rather vulnerable. I'd like to provide some safeguarding.

[Hayley thinks about this for a moment before she responds]

HAYLEY: Isn't that your job?

[Klaus frowns sadly]

KLAUS: No. Not anymore.

[Hayley once again takes a moment to consider his offer before sighing reluctantly]


[Klaus seems pleased, but before he can say anything more, his phone buzzes in his jacket pocket, and he scowls in annoyance as he stands to his feet and pulls it out to answer it]

KLAUS: Can I assume our very gifted sister has finally found my lunatic ex?

[The scene cuts to ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, where Elijah is looking around the now-empty bell tower, where furniture has been strewn around the room]

ELIJAH: From the look of things... I would say that the lunatic ex found Freya.
KLAUS: [annoyed] Well, then, we'll procure another witch to track her.

[Elijah walks over to the table where Freya was working on her spell, where a letter, a sprig of lavender, and an ancient-looking bronze pendant that appears to be a compass on a chain are sitting on top of her burned map]

ELIJAH: There's no need. I got something.

[The letter has a poem which reads, "A forest of pine/ And a box made so fine / Come quickly. If not / Then poor Freya shall rot / Buried in dirt for all time"]


[Davina is setting up a magical circle in the pool room to use the Hand of Glory to summon Kol by using salt and white candles at all of the cardinal points. After a moment, Marcel arrives to talk to her. She rolls her eyes, but doesn't look up from her work to speak to him]

DAVINA: Let me guess. Aya needs something else done.

[Marcel kneels down so he's talking to Davina on her level]

MARCEL: Actually, I came to let you know I'm on your side.
DAVINA: Then maybe you can tell Aya to let me bring back Kol permanently.
MARCEL: [sighs] D, I hear you, but we need to talk priorities. Kol has been dead. He can stay dead a little while longer. But my life could end at any minute.

[Davina frowns, knowing that he's right, and eventually nods in agreement before she replies]

DAVINA: I know.

[She stands to her feet, and Marcel does the same so he can walk over to her and look her in the eye]

DAVINA: Just please tell me you don't trust her.
MARCEL: I don't. But I do trust you, and I need you to trust me, okay? Aya's always gonna be playing her own game, just like everybody else in this town. But now, more than ever, we got to stick together. And when this is over, I will help you raise your pain-in-the-ass boyfriend from the dead.

[Davina smiles happily at him at the sound of this promise]


[Klaus has just met Elijah in the bell tower so he can see Aurora's message for himself, and he reads it aloud in a mocking voice]

KLAUS: "A forest of pine, and a box made so fine. Come quickly. If not, then poor Freya will rot, buried in dirt for all time."

[Klaus slams the letter down on the table while Elijah watches him from across the room]

KLAUS: The woman is insane.
ELIJAH: [scoffs] Does she have to punish us with the world's most unfortunate limerick?

[Elijah starts to pace around the room while Klaus scowls angrily]

ELIJAH: Is it not enough that we're forced to play her wretched games?
KLAUS: Freya saw a vision of herself buried alive.
ELIJAH: Aurora will do everything in her power to bring about this miserable prophecy.
KLAUS: [determinedly] Let's go stop her, shall we?

[Klaus grabs the compass off of the table and prepares to leave with Elijah]


[Freya awakens on the couch of the carpenter's shop where Aurora had the white-oak bullets made in the previous episode. She looks groggy and weak, and her vision is blurry, though she's able to see that Aurora is standing in front of her with her arms crossed over her chest. Freya shakily sits up and glares at her]

FREYA: What did you do to me?
AURORA: I used the same concoction on you that my brother crafted for my... episodes. It's rather effective, wouldn't you say?

[Freya stands, wobbling on her feet, and holds up her hands to cast a spell]

FREYA: [chants] A cierta--

[Nothing happens, and Freya looks horrified as she collapses back onto the couch. Aurora giggles in amusement at her suffering]

AURORA: Oh... Poor dear. To think, Freya, we could've been sisters. Unfortunately, I've spent enough time with witches to know that casting spells requires focus, and focus requires clarity of mind, something you don't currently have.

[Freya once again stands to her feet and glares at Aurora furiously, but she's not in much condition to fight]

FREYA: My brothers will come for me.
AURORA: [giggles] That's good. 'Cause that's precisely what I'm counting on.

[She walks over to the table and picks up a shiny silver revolver pistol and aims it at Freya]

AURORA: The only question is... Will you still be alive when they get here?

[Freya scowls at Aurora, who pulls the trigger and shoots her in the stomach, and Freya gasps in pain and shock as she collapses. Aurora smiles in satisfaction]


[Hayley has just walked into Cami's apartment, where she's reading an old, yellowed book while an assortment of dark objects lay strewn across her coffee table. Hayley stops in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen and stares at her]

HAYLEY: Your doorbell is broken downstairs.

[Cami turns to face her, looking unamused]

CAMI: I keep forgetting to compel the shady landlord to fix it. Next time, text.

[Cami shuts the book and walks toward Hayley until they're face-to-face]

CAMI: You could get hurt, sneaking up on someone with a stockpile of dark objects.

[Hayley isn't amused by her threats, and decides to give her a piece of her mind]

HAYLEY: Was it worth it? Risking the lives of, oh, every vampire in existence over your petty fight with Klaus?

[Cami rolls her eyes and walks past her to put her book on the shelf]

CAMI: And here I thought this was a social call.
HAYLEY: More like a wake up call, Cami. You haven't been yourself lately, and in your less-than-sane moments, you have been putting the people that I care about in danger.
CAMI: [irritably] See, I sort of thought I had proven myself. I did risk what was left of my life to save yours. And maybe what I need is some space-- to deal with this whole... I don't know, being dead, drinking blood, living forever...

[Hayley rolls her eyes, though she knows Cami has a point, and Cami continues on]

CAMI: If you have come to lecture me, save it. I have been lecturing myself for weeks.

[Hayley sighs deeply and nods in agreement for a moment before she speaks]

HAYLEY: You're right.

[Hayley turns and picks up a jacket laying over the nearby chair]

HAYLEY: Is this your coat? Great.

[She shoves Cami's coat into Cami's chest]

HAYLEY: You don't need a lecture, but I am gonna take your ass to school.

[Hayley walks past her and heads out the door, and Cami reluctantly follows her]


[Elijah is holding the compass in his hand as he and Klaus make their way through the woods of THE BAYOU. Klaus is using his hybrid super-senses to track Freya by scent. They come upon the carpenter's cabin where Aurora and Freya just were and Elijah stops to turn back toward Klaus to see what is going on]

KLAUS: Freya's not in there. She was-- I can smell her blood-- but the stronger scent is due west.

[Elijah pauses to consider this for a moment before he replies]

ELIJAH: You track the scent. I'll take the cabin.

[The two split up and start walking in two different directions, but after a moment, Elijah stops and turns back to his brother]

ELIJAH: Niklaus... Whatever happens, you promise me...

[Klaus nods in understanding]

KLAUS: Aurora dies today.

[Klaus turns and continues to walk west, and after a moment, Elijah heads toward the cabin]

[Once Elijah arrives at the CARPENTER'S WORKSHOP, he walks through the front door of the cabin and looks around the room for any sign of Aurora or Freya. On the carpenter's table is one single white-oak bullet laying on top of the carpenter's sketches and diagrams of the wooden knight, which he used to ensure he could create as many bullets as possible from the small amount of white oak]

[Meanwhile, Klaus continues to walk through the woods of THE BAYOU, which is slightly foggy in the morning air. He stops walking and stares in horror when he approaches what looks like a freshly dug grave in front of him. In the recently dug-up earth are several fresh lavender plants]

[Inside Freya's grave somewhere in the woods, Freya gasps awake when the blue stone pendant on her talisman glows brightly, and she quickly grabs it to use to look around where she is. She's been buried in a wooden coffin, and her black tank top has ridden up her stomach to reveal the bleeding gunshot wound Aurora inflicted on her earlier. She touches her wound and whimpers in pain when she pulls her hand away and sees that it's covered in blood]

[Back at the CARPENTER'S WORKSHOP, Elijah is still looking at all of the sketches on the table when Aurora walks out from the back room and aims her revolver at his head. Elijah senses her presence and sighs]

ELIJAH: Aurora.

[Elijah turns to face her, and she smirks smugly at him]

AURORA: Modern weaponry for the modern woman. With a little bit of flair, of course. I couldn't help myself. It's pretty, no?
ELIJAH: Pretty vulgar.

[Elijah sneers at her with a disgusted expression]

ELIJAH: Theatrical and tasteless as ever. Where's Freya?

[Aurora rolls her eyes, but keeps her gun aimed at him]

AURORA: Oh, Elijah... You remain a stick in the mud. And it seems your darling sister takes after you-- she's stuck in the mud, too. Somewhere out there, busy as a little bee, dying. If not already dead.

[Out in THE BAYOU, Klaus has just dug up the grave he found in the woods and has thrown the rudimentary coffin onto the ground next to the hole. However, when he opens the coffin, he finds "GUESS AGAIN" written in blood on the inside of the lid. Just then, he looks behind him and finds that there are at least a dozen more graves, all recently dug, and all with identical lavender flowers planted in the ground. Klaus looks furious and horrified as he sighs and considers his options]

[In Freya's grave, wherever that may be, she is trying her best to slow her breathing as she tries to figure out how to save herself. She clutches onto her talisman and whispers under her breath]

FREYA: [quietly] Finn... I need your help.

[The talisman glows even brighter, and blood from Freya's gunshot wound raises in droplets above her, pushing itself through the lid of the coffin and into the soil above her so Klaus can more easily track her by scent. The blood climbs up through the soil and coats the lavender flowers planted over her grave. Klaus suddenly catches Freya's scent and heads straight for the correct grave to dig her up]

[Back at the CARPENTER'S WORKSHOP, Elijah and Aurora remain in a stand-off. Elijah swiftly walks toward her, but Aurora uses her free hand to steady her aim so that the gun is aimed straight at his heart. Elijah gives her a patronizing look]

ELIJAH: Legions of deadly enemies have fallen by my family's hand. What makes you think you stand a chance?

[Aurora chuckles softly and smiles at him]

AURORA: You actually believe in your own myth you and your brother created. Nothing lasts always and forever, and certainly not you.
ELIJAH: So what are we waiting for?

[Elijah thinks for a moment before he realizes Aurora's plan, and when Aurora sees he's figured it out, she smiles nervously, keeping her aim steady]

ELIJAH: Niklaus.
AURORA: I'm not here to kill Niklaus. I'm only waiting for him to arrive...

[Aurora cocks the gun in preparation to shoot him]

AURORA: So he can watch you die.

[Elijah sneers at her angrily]


[Hayley has just led Cami into the room that has become Marcel's fight gym, and Cami gives her a skeptical look as Hayley tosses her coat on the nearby bench press]

CAMI: So this is you taking me to school?
HAYLEY: There is a fight coming, Cami. That's what the prophecy says. And you're not gonna be much good to the home team if you're just standing around, waving a bunch of antiques.

[Cami rolls her eyes and scoffs as she pulls out what appears to be a small wooden box]

CAMI: Huh. You see this? This will paralyze anyone who tries to attack me.
HAYLEY: Great. But... then what? You need to learn how to defend yourself.
CAMI: Come on, Hayley, everyone knows a baby vamp is borderline useless. Even Josh could wipe the floors with me. I need these.
HAYLEY: I'm not saying throw them away.

[Cami narrows her eyes at Hayley, not sure where she's going with this, and Hayley looks around the room before getting an idea on how to talk to her]

HAYLEY: This used to be a church, right? And then it got condemned.

[Hayley starts to pace around the room while they talk. and Cami watches her impatiently]

HAYLEY: If Marcel hadn't seen the possibilities, someone would've bulldozed it and turned it into some generic chain store. It's still a church. But it's also something more. I'm a hybrid, but I'm also a mom. And a widow. And an Alpha. You are a psychologist. And a bartender. And, yes, you have some insane family legacy that comes with a bunch of cool toys, but...

[Hayley walks over to Cami and stares at her with a serious expression, though it's clear that she does care about Cami's well-being]

HAYLEY: If you don't embrace the fact that you're also a vampire now, you're gonna end up dead. For real, this time.

[Cami looks both annoyed and surprised by this response from Hayley]

CAMI: You know, I'm not used to being on the receiving end of solid advice.
HAYLEY: Well, you caught me on a good day.
CAMI: So now what?
HAYLEY: We're gonna get in that ring and you're gonna try and punch me.

[Hayley walks over to where the equipment is held, and Cami smiles at her, visibly impressed by what Hayley is doing]


[Davina is in the pool room, where she has lit all of the white candles and is standing next to a large stone basin, in which the Hand of Glory is resting, surrounded by other spell ingredients. Davina raises her hands to cast the spell to light the Hand of Glory]

DAVINA: [chants] Le me te ti kli calore. Le me te ti kli calore. Le me te ti kli calore.

[Suddenly, the wick of the Hand of Glory bursts into flames, and Kol can be heard groaning in pain as he suddenly materializes inside her magic circle. Davina looks worried as she rushes over to greet him]

DAVINA: Are you okay?

[Kol smiles in relief at the sight of her]

KOL: Well, it seems I'm not as popular in the afterlife as I am with you.

[He looks around the room where they're standing and looks concerned]

KOL: And as happy as I am to see you, Davina Claire, I... I truly wish you didn't join this particular coven.
DAVINA: They're a means to an end.

[Just then, clacking footsteps are heard as Aya walks into the room with a sly grin]

AYA: He's a bit old for you, isn't he? By a good millennium, I'd say. Nevertheless... We're in a bit of a hurry.

[Kol smiles coldly at Aya as stops beside him]

KOL: Aya. I thought someone would've killed you by now.
AYA: [smirks] Some of us are more durable than others. Speaking of, you're very welcome to remain a ghost, unless you prove useful to my cause.

[Kol, surprised by this remark, looks at Davina with a worried expression]

DAVINA: The de-siring spell I was working on last year.

[Kol looks at Davina in horror when he realizes what is really going on]

DAVINA: Your mother told you to kill it or to kill me. If she was worried, then I must have been close, and you must have known how close. Which means you know how to finish it.

[Kol is stunned by what Davina is asking of him, but Davina gives him a pleading, apologetic look to try to communicate that this isn't something she's happy about either. However, Aya interjects before the two can talk more]

AYA: In other words, you will provide the missing ingredient-- the binding agent. Now.
KOL: I'd forgotten how cuddly you are. If you want me to talk, fine.

[Kol points to Davina]

KOL: But I'm only talking to her.

[Davina can't help but smile at his stubbornness, and when Aya glares at him, Kol shrugs]

KOL: I can wait.

[Aya sighs and turns to leave, and Davina smiles at Kol, though he does not seem pleased by why he's been summoned to the living world]


[Aurora still has Elijah at gunpoint, but the angry look on her face tells Elijah everything he needs to know about her motivations]

ELIJAH: There it is... That look.

[He starts to circle around her, and she starts to circle around him in the opposite direction so she can keep her gun directed at him]

ELIJAH: I know it all too well. You think, somehow, I'm responsible for your little breakup. How adorably delusional of you, Aurora. You do realize that you're utterly insane? Niklaus can be resilient, but there's only so much madness even he can take.

[Aurora's confident smile falls, and she's visibly hurt by his words, so much that the gun in her hand falls slightly, pointing at Elijah's legs rather than his chest]

ELIJAH: I suppose, eventually, he was able to distinguish between real love and some... petty desire. Once he'd discarded you, the veil was lifted and all that remained was something quite pathetic.

[Elijah bares his teeth as he lunges for Aurora to snatch the gun, but she lunges toward him as well and holds the barrel of the gun right against his heart. Her hurt has turned to fury as she responds to his insults]

AURORA: The veil is lifted, all right. Love is nothing but a trap. The one truth you speak, the one thing that I agree with entirely-- only the love of family is unbreakable.

[Aurora's voice starts to waver when she thinks of Tristan]

AURORA: It is the only love worth fighting for. And my beloved brother, Tristan, suffers in a box, drowning over and over again, unable to die.

[She walks closer to him, forcing Elijah to walk backward until his back is against the wall]

AURORA: So I will end his suffering by ending you-- [She thrusts the gun against his chest even hared]-- his sire. And the look on Niklaus's face as a white oak bullet pierces your heart and takes your life... Will be the salve for my own broken heart.

[Just then, Klaus bursts into the cabin with his arm slung over the shoulders of the still-weakened Freya to keep her on her feet. Aurora is so startled by his entrance that she spins so that her gun is still pointed directly at Elijah's chest, but Elijah is now standing between her and Klaus. She backs away from Elijah, but keeps her gun aimed at him as Klaus glares at her]

KLAUS: [furiously] Stop this.
AURORA: Why? One brother's life to end another brother's torment? It's almost poetic.
ELIJAH: The bullets... they're white oak, Niklaus.

[Klaus scowls at Aurora, and Freya looks at her brothers with concern. Klaus leaves Freya leaning against the doorway so he can walk closer to Aurora in an attempt to talk her down]

KLAUS: We both know you're not going to pull the trigger.
AURORA: Yet again, you're wrong.

[Aurora goes to pull the trigger of her gun, but Freya manages to flick her wrist, using her telekinesis to force Aurora to miss Elijah. However, the bullet ricochets off the wall and hits Freya in the stomach, and Aurora vamp-speeds away as Freya collapses onto the floor. Elijah rushes over to his sister to check on her, but Klaus gets a determined look on his face as he turns to Elijah]

KLAUS: Tend to Freya. I have to murder my ex.

[Klaus vamp-speeds away to chase Aurora down]


[Kol and Davina are still in the pool room, where Davina walks over to the Hand of Glory, which has burned down slightly in the time since it's been lit. She looks up at her notes hanging from the wall and pulls down a page that she thinks may be important. Kol is kneeling inside the magic circle and watching her]

KOL: Esther Mikaelson was two things: a genius witch and an overprotective matriarch. The sire link is a facet of her most powerful spell used to protect those she loved most. And, as such...

[He sighs and stands to his feet before looking at her with a concerned expression]

KOL: It's impossible to break.

[Davina turns to face him and gives him a frustrated and knowing look]

DAVINA: You know, I can tell you're lying to me, no matter what face you wear.

[Kol doesn't say anything, and Davina looks at him in confusion]

DAVINA: Don't you get it? If I can break the sire link, I can use the power of the Sisters to bring you back. Kol, we can finally be together. Why won't you just tell me?
KOL: [sighs] Because, darling, I guarantee you won't like the answer.
DAVINA: Fine. At least I know it's not impossible.

[Davina turns back to examine her notes, and Kol's pleas become more desperate]

KOL: Please don't do this.

[Downstairs, the Sisters are gathered around a table and preparing for a spell while Aya and Marcel watch them and discuss their plans]

AYA: Kol's linked to that candle, so whatever our two lovebirds say, our witches will be able to hear it.
MARCEL: [rolls his eyes] I don't think that a few more minutes of privacy is too much to ask.

[Aya scoffs and gives Marcel a look]

AYA: I don't give a damn about young love. They have a task. They had better finish it.

[One of the Sisters looks as though she has entered a trance as she starts to write on a piece of paper with a pen]

[Upstairs, Davina is brainstorming aloud to try to figure out what Kol isn't telling her, much to his chagrin]

DAVINA: Esther cast the spell. You died with vampire blood in your system, came back, fed. Then you were vampires.

[Davina sighs in frustration]

DAVINA: So... the core of the sire link has to be blood. If there's a loophole, it's blood-related.

[Kol bites his lip nervously and continues to try to convince Davina to give up on this plan]

KOL: Not just blood-related. For it to work, someone has to die. So please, stop.

[Davina ignores him and keeps brainstorming]

DAVINA: The spell centers around blood, but just taking someone's blood wouldn't kill them. You need their heart.
KOL: [sighs] Look, I understand you want to bring me back, but this is a devil's bargain.
DAVINA: It has to be more complicated than that. It can't just be any old vampire, the heart has to be special. Do you need a heart outside the link?

[Kol looks horrified when he realizes that Davina has figured it out]

DAVINA: An unsired heart.
KOL: [frustrated] Damn it, Davina!

[Kol starts to pace around inside of the circle while Davina works out the rest of the details]

DAVINA: In one thousand years, there hasn't been a vampire born outside a line. Un... til...

[When Davina realizes who needs to die, her eyes widen in horror, and Kol gives her a significant look]

[Downstairs, the Sisters rise to their feet, and Aya walks over to pick up the paper where they wrote what they heard]

MARCEL: What do they say?
AYA: The missing ingredient is the heart of an unsired vampire.

[Marcel, too, looks horrified when he figures out who they're talking about, and Aya seems to put the puzzle pieces together at the same time]

AYA: Hayley Marshall was turned by the magic infused in her own child's blood.
MARCEL: [scoffs] Oh, hell no!
AYA: Not by another vampire.
MARCEL: Look, you're not going after...

[Aya vamp-speeds around Marcel so she can snap his neck before turning back to the Sisters]

AYA: Locate her. Now


[Klaus has just vamp-sped into the woods of THE BAYOU, where he calls out to Aurora, who seems to be hiding nearby]

KLAUS: You were right to run. What I'm going to do to you will redefine the word "sadistic."

[Just then, Aurora vamp-speeds several yards behind him, and Klaus spins on his heel to face her just as she aims her gun at him, pulls the trigger, and shoots him in the shoulder. He groans in pain as she walks closer to him, her gun still directed at his chest]

AURORA: It was such a beautifully carved little knight. I could tell the effort you put into it. Since you have such an appreciation for chess... Queen takes King.

[Before Aurora can shoot him again, Klaus pulls "NO TRESPASSING" sign off of the nearby barbed-wire fence and throws it at her at vampire speed, where it stabs her in the side. She doubles over and yelps in pain as Klaus vamp-speeds away, and Aurora yanks the sign out of her torso. However, when she spins around to look for Klaus, he's nowhere to be found]



[Hayley and Cami are in the ring, where Cami has just lunged at Hayley to punch her in the face, though she dodges the first hit, blocks the second, and then trips Cami so that she falls against the chain-link fence wall]

HAYLEY: Again.

[Cami turns and swings at Hayley, who once again dodges her hit before vamp-speeding behind her and pinning Cami's arm behind her back for a moment before shoving her against the ring]

HAYLEY: Again! Come on, post grad, you can do better than that.

[Cami, getting frustrated and aggressive now, lunges at Hayley at vampire-speed and goes to punch her, but Hayley swats her arm away and grabs her in a choke-hold, raising her up in the air before throwing her into the wall]

HAYLEY: Again.

[Before Hayley can even react farther, Cami vamp-speeds toward Hayley, tackles her, flips them so that Hayley is on top, and then kicks her across the ring, where she's thrown against the wall and bounces down onto the floor. Rather than looking mad, Hayley actually looks impressed as she wipes the blood from her mouth and the two stand to their feet to catch their breath]

HAYLEY: Oh, look at you. We keep that up, you might be giving Josh a run for his money.

[Cami gives Hayley a serious and appreciative look]

CAMI: Hey... Thanks for coming to find me today.

[Hayley rolls her eyes as she wipes her bloody lips on her shirt-sleeve]

HAYLEY: Oh, don't get all mushy on me. You're a bartender. You can thank me with a beer.
CAMI: Deal.

[Cami laughs, visibly happier than she was earlier, but their conversation is interrupted by the sound of Hayley's phone ringing. Hayley grabs her phone and answers it when she sees that it's Davina]

DAVINA: Hayley, you have to listen to me. Aya's witches are coming to kill you.

[Before Hayley can even process this, the doors to the gym open as the Sisters walk into the room in a single-file line. Hayley's eyes widen at the sight of them, and she turns back to look at Cami]

HAYLEY: Get out of here. Right now!

[The new lead witch, a pale blonde, thrusts her hand out in front of her, which sends Hayley flying backward so hard that the back wall of the ring is completely knocked down as she lands on what used to be the sacristy]


[Cami looks horrified as Hayley rubs her side and groans]


[The witch repeats the movement and sends Hayley flying against the back wall of the church until she bounces off onto the ground. Hayley's hybrid face comes out in anger as she tries to pull herself to her feet, but the Sister thrusts her palms downward to telekinetically pin Hayley face-down onto the floor. Cami vamp-speeds over to where her bag landed next to Hayley and pulls out the dark object from earlier, setting it on the ground in front of the blonde Sister. The lid of the box spins, and the blonde Sister is immediately paralyzed by it long enough for Hayley to stumble to her feet. However, when a second Sister enters, Cami kicks her in the stomach hard while Hayley grabs some jump ropes from the wall, which she uses to strangle and snap the neck of the paralyzed witch. Unfortunately, a third Sister enters and casts a pain infliction spell on Cami that knocks her out before turning to Hayley and using their magic to break her bones one at a time]


[Suddenly, Hayley starts to choke as the witches use telekinesis to try to rip Hayley's heart out, which causes a bloody stain to appear on the front of her shirt before she falls to her knees and shrieks in pain]



[Aurora is still slowly walking around with her gun aimed in front of her while she tries to find Klaus. Just then, she hears the sound of twigs breaking underfoot and spins just in time for Klaus to vamp-speed toward her, break her wrist, and cause her revolver to fly sideways several feet away. Aurora kicks and punches Klaus in the gut before spinning to try to find the gun, only to see nothing but dirt and fallen leaves around her. When she looks back over at Klaus, she sees him standing over her with the gun aimed at her. He cocks the gun and gives her a smug look]

KLAUS: Looking for this? White oak seems wasted on you...

[Aurora slowly rises so that she's kneeling upright on the ground with her hands up in the air]

KLAUS: But it will kill you, just the same.
AURORA: [pleadingly] Nik, please.

[Klaus quickly steps toward her]

KLAUS: You never should've come back.
AURORA: You never should've let me.

[Aurora knocks the gun out of his hand at vampire speed before karate-chopping him in the leg so hard that he falls onto the ground. By the time Klaus has recovered from the shock, Aurora once again has the gun and is aiming it at him while he lays on his back on the ground]

AURORA: I'm sorry.

[Suddenly, Elijah appears behind Klaus, and they both glare at her]

ELIJAH: Put it down.

[Aurora quickly raises the gun so it's aiming at Elijah before she pulls the trigger, hitting him in the lower part of his chest so hard that he flies back and lands on the ground. Klaus flips over and looks at Elijah in horror, and Aurora, realizing that she'll surely be killed if she sticks around, vamp-speeds away before Klaus can retaliate. Klaus chooses to go check on Elijah instead of following her. Elijah looks down at his chest in horror when he sees the large amount of blood soaking his shirt from where he was hit]



[The two remaining Sisters hold their hands out, one still breaking Hayley's bones while the other tries to remove her heart, but Hayley groans and pushes through it, accessing her hybrid powers as she stands up straight and steps toward them. However, they simply increase the potency of their spell, and Hayley falls to her knees in agony once again]

HAYLEY: Aaaah!

[Furious at their attempt on her life, Hayley raises her voice to yell at them]

HAYLEY: Oh... You want my heart? Then come and get it!

[The witches continue to break Hayley's bones to cause her debilitating pain]


[A panicked Davina is in the middle of packing up her bags with things she might need when Kol calls out to her]

KOL: What are you doing?
DAVINA: The Sisters already found Hayley. I have to help her.
KOL: You'll never make it there in time.
DAVINA: [anxiously] I'm not just gonna let her die!
KOL: Then stop and let me help you. For better or worse, you're linked to this nasty little coven. Which means if I take you down...

[Davina nods in understanding and walks toward him]

DAVINA: The Sisters go down, too. How are you gonna do magic?
KOL: I'll draw it from the candle that's holding me here.

[Kol lifts up his hand in preparation to cast a spell and walks toward her]

KOL: It's not the sexiest way to spend our final moments together, but... You can make it up to me. Night on the town in a little black dress...

[Davina smiles sadly and holds up her hand so that it is only millimeters away from his before she turns and faces her other palm toward the lit Hand of Glory, which has burned down about halfway, so he can channel its magic. Kol closes his eyes and casts a spell that knocks Davina out]


[The Sisters are forced to stop their spell when they're suddenly overcome with pain just before they collapse onto the floor just like Davina did. Hayley gasps in relief and tries to catch her breath]


[Kol looks at the unconscious Davina with a sad expression]

KOL: Definitely our worst date ever.


[Klaus has just plunged his hand into Elijah's chest to determine where the bullet hit him]

KLAUS: [worriedly] The bullet didn't puncture your heart.

[Elijah desperately gasps for breath as he tries to speak to Klaus through the pain]

ELIJAH: Leave... me... and finish her.
KLAUS: It gets closer with every beat.

[Klaus pulls his hand out of Elijah's chest, and Elijah gasps in minute relief]

KLAUS: I have to stop it.

[Elijah frantically grabs Klaus by the arm and stares at him]

ELIJAH: No. No! We made a promise. Don't do this.
KLAUS: I am not going to leave you.

[Elijah groans in pain as the bullet travels closer to his heart, and Klaus, at a loss for options, snaps Elijah's neck to stop his heart and therefore the bullet as well. Klaus then shoves his hand back into Elijah's chest to retrieve the bullet without risking his life. After a moment, he finally gets the bullet and sighs in relief when he hears Elijah's heartbeat return]


[Hayley is still recovering from the witches' attack when Aya suddenly strides into the room. Hayley rolls her eyes at the sight of her]

HAYLEY: I thought I smelled arrogance.
AYA: [smugly] I think you meant confidence. But I can understand how the uneducated are apt to confuse the two.
HAYLEY: Yeah? You want to tell me what your dead-eyed drones want with my heart?
AYA: It's nothing personal. I just value my life above yours.

[Aya rolls up her sleeve and lunges for Hayley to rip out her heart, but Hayley manages to spin away from her and dodge her attack just in time. She picks up a metal hand weight and backhands Aya across the face twice in a row with it. However, Aya manages to grab her in a choke-hold and slams her against the shelf of weights so hard that she's knocked out, but before Aya can rip out Hayley's heart, Marcel arrives, having recovered from his own snapped neck, and grabs her in a headlock while he pulls her hand away from Hayley]

MARCEL: Aya, you take her heart, you start a war.

[Aya headbutts Marcel in the face and spins to get in a defensive position]

AYA: Don't let your association with werewolf trash cloud the opportunity before you.

[She turns back to the still-unconscious Hayley, but Marcel grabs a nearby bench-press bar and swings it at the middle of her back, knocking her down so hard that she collapses onto the floor. Marcel points the end of the bar at her chest]

MARCEL: The Mikaelsons will kill us before you can even light the candles on that spell!

[Aya kicks the bar, which causes it to smack Marcel in the face and give her enough time to steal it away from him and use it as a weapon to hit him over the head before eventually using it to pin Marcel against the wall by the neck]

AYA: There is no alternative.
MARCEL: You're wrong. Give me a few hours to set this thing straight. Or push me out of the way and condemn yourself and everyone else in the Strix to a slow and painful death. I want to be de-linked just as much as you do. Give me the chance to do it the right way.

[Aya is clearly not pleased by Marcel's argument, but knows that he's right, so she eventually lets go of him]

AYA: Bring me a solution by midnight, or I will rip out your heart right before I come back and take hers.

[Aya glares at Marcel one last time before vamp-speeding away]


[Night has fallen, and Cami has awakened from being knocked out by the witches to find that she's in her bed at her apartment. She looks over at her bedside table to find a six-pack of bottled beer with a note from Hayley that reads, "For the headache. Next time, We're sharing. -- Hayley" Cami smiles and chuckles at her newly improved friendship]


[The recently-recovered Hayley and Elijah are in the courtyard with Klaus, where they're discussing what they've learned. Klaus is seated on the couch, while Hayley and Elijah pace anxiously around the room]

HAYLEY: The attack was about breaking the sire link. Marcel told me that Aya's witches already have a spell to do it.
KLAUS: And how does your heart play into all of this?
HAYLEY: I'm the only un-sired vampire in history. Apparently, that's the key to making it work.
KLAUS: And yet, Marcel neglected to mention it this morning.

[Hayley shoots Klaus an irritated look]

HAYLEY: Hey! Ease up. He saved me.

[Elijah looks at her with worry]

ELIJAH: But the Strix might yet come for you.
HAYLEY: Let them. I'm not an easy target. They'd be better off trying to find some witchy workaround.

[Elijah looks over at Klaus, who looks concerned

KLAUS: Unless they already have.
HAYLEY: They need my heart. Or one that's identical to it.

[Hayley and Elijah realize what is going on at the exact same time]

ELIJAH: Jackson.

[Hayley closes her eyes and sighs deeply]

HAYLEY: The Unification Ceremony didn't just marry us-- it also made his heart a mirror image of mine.

[Elijah and Klaus share a significant look, and pause for a moment, as it's clear that Klaus is about to make a tactless suggestion]

KLAUS: We need to dig it up.

[Klaus stands to his feet, and Hayley gives him an exasperated look]

HAYLEY: Klaus.
KLAUS: Aurora's bullet very nearly killed Elijah. When she returns-- and she will-- I would prefer the vampires of New Orleans be obligated to protect us. They'll be more likely to do so if our lives remain linked to theirs.

[Klaus rushes away, and Elijah gives Hayley a look that communicates he's not fond of the idea, but knows it needs to be done]

ELIJAH: Niklaus is right. The sire-link has to remain unbroken. We have to go.

[Hayley looks unhappy and sighs in defeat]


[Davina has just awakened on the floor of the pool room to find Kol sitting inside the magic circle and staring at her. She sits up and glances over at the Hand of Glory, which has burned down nearly to the very end. Davina looks devastated when she realizes that their reunion is about to end]

DAVINA: We've wasted so much time.
KOL: Hardly. Now, watching you sleep has been the most fun I've had in months.
DAVINA: I'll bring you back soon. She promised.

[Kol smiles at her sadly, but doesn't seem convinced]

KOL: I appreciate you trying. But Aya never keeps her promises.

[Davina frowns in fear, and Kol tries to comfort her]

KOL: Seriously, darling. But you have to let me go. The longer you stay in this coven, the more dangerous it becomes for you.
DAVINA: Then I'll bring you back and we'll take them on together. We can do anything, can't we? Please? I love you, Kol Mikaelson.

[Kol looks sadly at the candle before smiling at Davina]

KOL: In that case... you best kiss me before I go.

[Davina smiles weakly before kissing him softly, just as the candle blows out and he's transported back to ancestral limbo. Davina's eyes fill with tears when she realizes that he's gone]


[Hayley looks devastated as she kneels in front of the sapling where she buried Jackson's heart, which has already been stolen by someone else]

HAYLEY: Who would steal his heart?

[She stands to her feet, and her voice is thick with grief as she talks to Klaus and Elijah, who stand behind her]

HAYLEY: [sadly] It was the only piece of Jackson that I had left.

[Elijah slowly walks over to Hayley to comfort her by rubbing her back]

ELIJAH: We'll find who did this.
KLAUS: And return the favor tenfold.

[Hayley sighs as she and Elijah stare down at the dug-up hole where Jackson's heart was once buried]


[Marcel has just returned to the Strix headquarters, where he's slid a wooden box with a tree carved into the lid. When Aya opens it, she scoffs and looks at him incredulously. Behind Marcel is Davina and the rest of the Sisters]

AYA: This is your solution, Marcel? The heart of a dead werewolf?
MARCEL: Well, not just any werewolf-- Hayley's husband.

[Aya shakes her head as if to say, "And your point is?", and Marcel rolls his eyes]

MARCEL: I was at her wedding. His heart became one with hers. Ask Davina.

[Marcel gestures to Davina, whose face looks serious]

DAVINA: He's right. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't gonna work.
AYA: I assume the grieving widow didn't just hand it over. Pray tell, how did you procure this little gem?
MARCEL: This is my city. Nothing happens in it without me knowing.

[Aya rolls her eyes and stands to her feet, picking up the wooden box and walking over to Davina to hand it to her, but she doesn't look very impressed. Marcel gives her a snide look as Aya and the Sisters walk away]

MARCEL: You're welcome.

[Aya can't help but smile at Marcel's cocky attitude, and she turns to face him]

AYA: You did prove yourself quite the creative leader today.
MARCEL: Yeah, I'd say so, considering I just found a way to keep you and everyone in this organization alive.

[Aya gives him a surprised look, and Marcel rolls his eyes again as he walks toward her with a smirk]

MARCEL: I want to be free of the Mikaelsons just as much as you do. Get in the way of that again, and I will be just as creative in finding a way to kill you.
AYA: [smiles] Don't be cross, Marcel Gerard. You're finally starting to learn. Commitment to a common goal is as strong a bond as family.

[Aya gives him an almost seductive look before she turns and walks away]


[Klaus is sitting at the desk in his study, where he's whittling a new chess piece out of a soft piece of wood with a chisel. Freya walks in a moment later and looks at him curiously]

FREYA: Practicing your torture techniques, Niklaus?
KLAUS: Clearing my mind. Some children cuddle with a blanket. Mine loves her chess piece.

[He holds up the piece of wood to show her the new wooden knight he's carving, and Freya smiles]

FREYA: Aren't you full of surprises.

[Klaus sits down the wood and chisel on the table before looking up at Freya with a knowing look]

KLAUS: You're surprised I came for you.

[Freya looks slightly embarrassed, but Klaus stands to squeeze her shoulders with his hands as he looks at her in the eye with a serious expression]

KLAUS: You are my sister, Freya. And you are a part of this family-- always and forever.

[Freya smiles in relief, just as Elijah walks into the room to join them, smiling affectionately at both his siblings]

ELIJAH: Do you know... I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I wholeheartedly agree with Niklaus.

[Elijah walks over to the bar to pour them all drinks]

FREYA: So... what's going to be our next move? Aurora has more white oak, and she's not gonna stay quiet for long.
ELIJAH: Aurora's not the only problem.

[Elijah walks over to Klaus and Freya and hands each of them drinks before returning for his own]

KLAUS: Yes, it seems there's no shortage of those who would stand against our family.

[Klaus holds up his glass in toast]

KLAUS: Let's kill them all.

[Elijah and Freya raise their own glasses and clink them together before they all drink deeply]


[Aurora is sitting in her car in the middle of the woods, where she's staring at her revolver in her hand. Just then, she hears footsteps approaching, and looks in her side mirror to find Aya walking toward her. Aurora vamp-speeds out of the car and slams the door before she addresses her with her revolver aimed at Aya's chest]

AURORA: You've been following me for miles, Aya, and I'm really not in the mood for a chat.

[Aya slowly walks toward her with her hands raised in a non-threatening manner]

AYA: Then I'll be brief. I've come to make a proposal. To offer you my assistance in your future endeavors.

[Aurora sighs and lowers her weapon, but still seems irritated by Aya's appearance]

AURORA: I know who I want to kill and how exactly I intend to do it. So what good are you to me?
AYA: Having a clear target and hitting the bull's-eye are two very different things. Much easier when you have the help of a determined ally. Assuming, of course, we can find common ground.

[Aya smiles at Aurora devilishly, and her words seem to intrigue Aurora, because she smiles back at her]

AYA: I suspect our worlds can change with a bang.


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