Oh, nothing. It's just some silly "Heaven and Hell" ball. Stefan invited me, but I don't know. These days, Halloween just seems like an excuse to get drunk and show skin...

Heaven & Hell Ball is a dance party that took place in Whitmore College, celebrating the Halloween event.

Season Seven

In I Carry Your Heart With Me, this Whitmore Halloween Ball is inspired by the Angels & Devils lore/mythology with Stefan and Caroline see as a distraction for Nora and Mary Louise who respectfully goes as an "Slutty Angel" and "Old Fashion Devil" where they experience relationship problems. This leaves Mary Louise emotionally vulnerable as she didn't keep her guard up against Stefan who puts vervain in her system. Nora siphons off the vervain spell Valerie casted on Caroline as Stefan threats her girlfriend's life. Caroline quickly snaps Nora's neck and allows her to drop to the floor, and Stefan, still staring at Caroline, drops Mary Louise onto the floor as well then they're starting to kiss and then leave, probably while making out.

Later the party is over, and people are starting to clean up the mess left behind by the attendants. Over on a nearby couch, Nora awakens to find herself laying with her head on Mary Louise's lap and rubs her sore neck. When she remembers what happened, she quickly sits up. Because of what Mary Louise said, Nora quickly forgets about vengeance on Caroline and Stefan. As she and Mary Louise then make up and share a dance on the empty dance floor.



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