I want to know his endgame before I kill him, but I do think it's time Elijah and I officially met.

The Historical Society Tea Party was an event held in April 2010. Carol Lockwood organized the party and held it at the Lockwood Mansion.

Carol introduced Elijah Mikaelson (who was masquerading under the name Elijah Smith) to Damon, who had attended the party just to meet him. When they were talking in an empty room, Damon tried to attack Elijah, but Elijah ultimately won the upper hand. He then called Damon arrogant before he stabbed him in the neck with a pencil. He also reminded Damon that he is an Original vampire, and that he left Elena with him so that he could keep her safe and to abide by his deal with her, but that he would have no problem killing him should he cease to be useful to him. Once they finished talking, Elijah left Damon bleeding in the room and rejoined the party.

Meanwhile, John continued to antagonize Alaric by asking him if Jenna knew about his extracurricular activities with Damon and the fact that his ex-wife, Isobel, wasn't actually as dead as Jenna believed. John then ordered Alaric to stop sleeping over with Jenna at the house, as it sent the wrong message to Elena and Jeremy, before demanding that Alaric eventually give him his Gilbert ring back and leaving the party.


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