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Okay, Mom, listen... While you're still here, there's something that's been nagging at me for... a long time.

I'm so sorry.

Damon to Lily (hallucination - flash forward)

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me is the eighth episode of the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries and the one hundred and forty-first episode of the series overall.


A FRACTURED FAMILY — As Julian and Lily throw a party to celebrate Nora and Mary Louise's Anniversary, Stefan and Damon set in motion a risky plan to eliminate a new threat posed by Julian. Meanwhile, following a major revelation uncovered by Valerie, Caroline is forced to face her new reality, even as it threatens to destroy her relationship with Stefan. Finally, determined to do what's best for her family, Lily makes the most difficult decision of her life.


Lily, Damon and Stefan carry out a risky plan to take down Julian which requires Lily and Julian unlinked with the help of heretics. Valerie discloses about Julian to the rest heretics who are now on her side completely except Mary Louise. Caroline informs Stefan about her pregnancy. After a talk with Lily, Stefan apologizes and says he will always love her. Enzo approaches Lily asking her to run to safety as she may fall into trouble and they share a moment. Later in the episode, Enzo finds himself vervained and kidnapped by Matt and his new hunting friends. Damon and Stefan finally corner Julian, but are interrupted by the heretics. Julian forces Lily to choose between killing Valerie, or Damon. Not realizing they are no longer linked, Lily decides to kill herself in order to protect her actual children. Nora breaks up with Mary Louise as the latter doubted Valerie's story and sided with Julian. The heretics and Stefan bid heartfelt goodbyes to Lily while Damon in his unforgiving self, gives a crisp one "You made your bed. Have a nice nap!"

Flashforward: Rewinding back to the three-year flash forward at the beginning of the episode, Damon is held captive by some woman whom he hallucinates as Lily; he asks for forgiveness as he bid her goodbye in the harshest possible way. At the end of the episode, the unknown woman says that Lily's been dead for years and that Damon will die soon as he has been poisoned with werewolf toxin. She kicks him on his face and the screen goes blank.


Main Cast

Special Recurring Guest Star

Recurring Cast



  • Unknown as Rayna


  • Antagonists: Julian and Mary Louise
  • In the flash forward, Damon is held captive at the TV station by the Huntress. At first it was assumed that the Huntress was Lily. Later on, it was actually a hallucination of Lily and the Huntress knocked out Damon.
    • In the last few seconds of the episode, the Huntress' real form was shown.
    • Damon was confirmed to have been affected by werewolf venom.
  • Valerie tells the rest of the Heretics what Julian did to her and her unborn child. Beau and Nora turned on Julian and sided with Valerie and Lily but Mary Louise does not believe Valerie's story and thus sided with Julian instead.
    • With Valerie's murder of Oscar, her "own brother", as part of her betrayal to her own family, is one of the reasons why Mary Louise chose to stand in Julian's side, much to the dismay of Nora.
  • Lily is the second vampire mother character to kill herself, the first was Elena's, Isobel Flemming under Klaus' compulsion in the season two episode Know Thy Enemy. Though Lily did so willingly to save her son Damon and Valerie from being killed by Julian.
    • Lillian Salvatore staked herself to kill Julian not knowing that the latter was freed from the linking spell. He ordered Mary Louise to undo the spell to protect Lily from being killed when her sons get the chance to eliminate Julian, resulting in a backfire.
    • Julian grieved Lily's suicide, he was seen weeping in this episode indicating that he may have genuine feelings for her.
  • Both Damon and Elena, his sleeping girlfriend, have both watched their mothers kill themselves.
  • Mary Louise proposes to Nora, who accepts, but the engagement does not last long as Nora breaks things off when Mary betrays everyone and frees Julian.


  • This is the first episode of season seven in which Alaric and Bonnie are absent.


Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • This is the first episode of the series overall, in which the third official main cast member (Kat Graham in this case) is absent.
  • Hashtag during the airing is #LilysChoice

Cultural References


Enzo (to Matt): "The Heretics are throwing a murder party in your precious hometown!"
Enzo (to Matt): "You've brought a knife to a gunfight."
Julian (to Lily): "One leaves. One dies. You have to choose which. Choose."
Damon (to Lily): "Let's get this over with. Kill me."

Caroline: "I'm pregnant. Are you going to say something?"
Stefan: "I have to go."
Caroline: "What?"
Enzo (to Stefan): "The Heretics are throwing a murder party!"
Enzo (to Stefan): "You've brought a knife to a gunfight."
Julian (to Lily): "One leaves. One dies. You have to choose which. Choose."
Damon (to Lily): "Let's get this over with. Kill me."

Caroline: "Dear Elena, I'm pregnant. Ridiculously long story short, they're Ric and Jo's twin babies. Magically transported into my readily available womb by the Gemini Coven. I guess writing to you might help me figure out how I'm supposed to feel about the whole thing because on one hand, I know how much this means to Alaric. And on the other, I have no idea what it means for me."
Caroline: "Hey."
Matt: "Breaking news. Remember all those people Julian was stockpiling? They disappeared this morning."
Caroline: "That's weird. Where did they go?"
Matt: "It's what I'm working on. Wanna cut class today and help me get to the bottom of it?"
Caroline: "Actually, I can't. I'm......Turns out Valerie was right."
Matt: "'re really pregnant?"
Caroline: "Yep!"
Matt: "How'd Stefan take it?"
Caroline: "Oh! You know. Totally supportive....and just wanted to make sure that I was okay. At least that's how I'm hoping it goes when I tell him today."

Stefan: "Damon! Lily just texted me their location! Let's do this."
Stefan: "Oh! Hi."
Caroline: "Hi."
Stefan: " that you were studying."
Caroline: "I was. But I'm here now. Surprise!"
Damon: "Ah! Stefan distraction machine. Please tell me you're not coming."
Caroline: "Coming where?"
Valerie: "Nora and Mary Louise's anniversary?"
Caroline: "Great. You're here too. That's...perfect. Umm...."
Stefan: "Ah...What are you...What are you doing here?"
Caroline: "I'"
Damon: "Spit it out, Blondie."
Valerie: "You know what? Damon and I can go together. Stefan can follow behind."
Damon: "What? No."
Valerie: "Yes! Let's go."
Stefan: "Ah...What was that all about?"
Caroline: "We need to talk."

Julian: "Oh! Darling. We woke you."
Lily: "Aren't we having fun?"
Mary Louise: "Don't tell me you forgot."
Lily: "Forgot what?"
Nora: "It's our anniversary."
Compelled People: "Happy Anniversary!"
Lily (to Stefan and Damon): "You were right about Julian. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner."
Stefan (to Enzo and Damon) : "Julian needs to die today. Everything has to appear to be normal. Julian's not an idiot. If he finds out that Lily turned on him we're all dead."
Lily (to Stefan and Damon): "We did a spell. We bound Julian's life to mine." 
Stefan: "What are you doing here?"
Caroline: "I'"
Caroline (to Stefan): "We need to talk."



Last.fm_play.png "Tongues" – Dear Rouge
Last.fm_play.png "Best That I Can" – Vance Joy
Last.fm_play.png "Backbeat" – DAGNY
Last.fm_play.png "Your Magazines" – Brain Tan
Last.fm_play.png "Tropique (Hernene Remix)" – Wild & Free
Last.fm_play.png "Young (Elephante Remix)" – Ayer
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Last.fm_play.png "Every Breath You Take" – Denmark + Winter
Last.fm_play.png "i) Alone" – Mikal Cronin




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