[Three years in the future, Damon slowly awakens in the middle of the sound stage for the news station after he was shot with vervain darts and knocked out in the previous episode. When he weakly cracks his eyes open, he finds that he's been chained to one of the chairs at the news desk, and a really bright spot light is pointed straight at him. He looks pale and sickly as he tries to work through his brain-fog and figure out what happened]

DAMON: [mutters] Where am I?

[Damon pauses for a moment as he gets his bearings, and chuckles bitterly under his breath]

DAMON: That's right. Dallas. The home of big hair and horrible presidents.

[Suddenly, a familiar-sounding female voice calls out from the other side of the room]

MYSTERIOUS HUNTRESS: And the trap you just walked into. Unfortunately, you're not the fly I was hoping to catch.
DAMON: Oh, so, the mystery guest makes an appearance. Why don't you do me a favor? Come a little closer so I can sort of see you.

[The huntress seemingly does what Damon has asked, but when she walks toward him so he can see who she is, Damon realizes that it's actually Lily]

DAMON: Mom? It's been a long time.

[Lily smirks at Damon smugly, and Damon, overwhelmed by the shock of seeing her in addition to whatever the huntress has done to him, falls unconscious once again]



[At the SALVATORE BOARDING HOUSE, Julian is shirtless and snoozing in bed while Lily, who is wide awake, anxiously turns onto her side. When she hears Julian awaken and scoot toward her, she quickly closes her eyes and pretends to be asleep as he starts to kiss her shoulder]

[Meanwhile, at the LOCKWOOD MANSION, Damon, Stefan, and Enzo are all talking about Julian in the late Mayor Lockwood's study]

DAMON: What's the plan?
STEFAN: Julian needs to die today. Everything has to appear to be normal. Julian's not an idiot. If he finds out that Lily turned on him, we're all dead.

[Enzo, who has been silent until this point, does not seem at all pleased with what he's heard so far]

ENZO: So you... embed her with a psychopath? Sounds logical.

[The boys continue their conversation in voiceover as the scene cuts back and forth from the LOCKWOOD MANSION to the SALVATORE BOARDING HOUSE, where Julian has just finished kissing Lily and has gotten up to go downstairs]

DAMON: [voiceover] Hey, don't look at me! I voted to drive a stake through her heart and get rid of this Julian-mama drama once and for all.

[Back at the LOCKWOOD MANSION, Damon is giving Stefan and Enzo a sarcastic look]

DAMON: But, hey, complicated plan "A" sounds like a happy compromise.
STEFAN: [annoyed] It's not complicated! We get Julian's blood, and then, Nora, Beau, or Mary Louise use it to unlink him from Lily, and we kill the bastard.
ENZO: [skeptically] Uh, you glossed over the important bit-- Do you really think that Beau, Mary Louise, or Nora are going to help?

[Back at the SALVATORE BOARDING HOUSE, Mary Louise and Nora are in their pajamas and robes and are making breakfast with Julian in the kitchen. Nora is in the middle of making chocolate chip pancakes, which are creating so much smoke that Mary Louise starts to cough. Julian laughs and grabs a towel to use to fan the smoke away from them]

JULIAN: That's it. Nora is off pancake duty.

[Julian playfully whips Nora with the towel, and she giggles loudly, bumping into Mary Louise as she drinks a mimosa]

NORA: Me? Haha! You're the one who wanted the chocolate chips to melt.
MARY LOUISE: [laughs] Melt! Not burn the house down and kill us all...

[Beau walks past them and grabs a bit of food, which he eats as he chuckles silently. Nora and Mary Louise smile and kiss for a moment before returning to breakfast duties. Julian pops a couple chocolate chips into his mouth as he helps Nora with the pancakes]

JULIAN: Mmm. Nobody's killing anybody before we eat. I'm not wasting any of this food.

[Just then, a bewildered-looking Lily enters the room, which immediately catches Julian's notice. He gives her an apologetic look]

JULIAN: Oh! Darling. We woke you.

[Lily is clearly uncomfortable and nervous, and isn't able to fully cover it up in front of them]

LILY: Aren't we having fun?

[Back at the SALVATORE BOARDING HOUSE, Stefan, Enzo, and Damon continue planning for their day]

ENZO: Julian treats Lily's Heretics like they're his own royal children. And they worship him right back. They'll never turn on him.
DAMON: [smirks] The old stake through the heart's lookin' like a pretty good alternative right now. Just sayin'...
STEFAN: Well, I guess the only way we're gonna be able to pull this off is to deploy the nuclear option.
ENZO: [scoffs] Which is?

[Valerie walks into the room, apparently having overheard their conversation]

VALERIE: Me. I know how to win them over to our side.
ENZO: [rolls his eyes] Oh, great. Yeah. Last I checked, she was the black sheep of the family. What are you gonna tell them to make them feel otherwise?
VALERIE: The truth.

[Over at the SALVATORE BOARDING HOUSE, Lily warily joins in on the festivities]

LILY: This looks like quite the feast. What's the occasion?

[Beau, who was in the middle of drinking a mimosa, almost chokes in surprise that Lily is unaware of the date, Mary Louise and Nora look hurt and a little offended]

MARY LOUISE: Don't tell me you forgot.
LILY: [uncomfortably] ...Forgot what?

[Mary Louise rolls her eyes in annoyance as she licks the chocolate off of her fingers, and Nora's voice is slightly bitter when she replies]

NORA: It's our anniversary. Mary Lou and I have been together for 133 years.

[Julian smiles widely as he walks over to Lily and wraps his arm around her shoulders, covering for her lapse in memory]

JULIAN: Of course she remembered! In fact, it was Lily's idea to host your party tonight.

[Lily smiles and plays along, but neither Nora nor Mary Louise seems to believe him]

NORA: [sarcastically] Really? Lily Salvatore throws a party? Let me guess, we'll get drunk on tea and do needlepoint.

[Julian looks over at Beau, who rolls his eyes as though he's used to this sort of mockery from them]

MARY LOUISE: [giggles] Oh, yes, nothing says "I've loved you for over a century" like falling asleep by 9:15.
JULIAN: Girls, girls, girls, girls, you're underestimating us. I think they're in for a wonderful surprise, don't you, my love?

[Julian pulls Lily closer to him and looks at her, and she smiles at him, though it doesn't reach her eyes, before she turns back to the girls]

LILY: Yes! Yes, quite the surprise.


[Caroline is sitting on her bed and writing in her journal as she narrates in voiceover]

CAROLINE: [voiceover] Dear Elena... I'm pregnant.

[Caroline pauses, not knowing what to say next, and sighs before she continues to write it all down]

CAROLINE: [voiceover] Ridiculously long story short, they're Alaric and Jo's twin babies, magically transported into my readily available womb by the Gemini Coven. I guess I thought writing to you might help me figure out how I'm supposed to feel about the whole thing. Because on one hand, I know how much this means to Alaric... and on the other, I have no idea what it means for me.

[Just then, Caroline's phone buzzes, and when she sees that Matt is calling her, she answers it. Matt is currently driving his deputy cruiser while he does his daily patrol of the town]

MATT: Breaking news-- remember all those people Julian was stockpiling? They disappeared this morning.

[Caroline frowns in confusion]

CAROLINE: That's weird. Where did they go?
MATT: That's what I'm working on. You want to cut class today and help me get to the bottom of it?

[Caroline pauses and takes a deep breath before she awkwardly explains what she's learned]

CAROLINE: Actually, I can't. I'm... [She sighs] It turns out Valerie was right.

[Matt literally gapes in shock at this news]

MATT: Wait, you're really pregnant?
CAROLINE: [chuckles nervously] Yup.
MATT: How did Stefan take it?
CAROLINE: Oh, you know... totally supportive and just wanted to make sure that I was okay. At least, that's how I'm hoping it goes when I tell him today.


[Lily is searching through the various shelves of books in the abandoned shop when Lorenzo walks through the front door. When she looks up to see him, he smiles weakly at her, which she returns in kind. She doesn't seem upset to see him, only curious]

LILY: What are you doing here, Lorenzo?

[Enzo slowly walks toward her as he answers her question]

ENZO: Oh, looking for the self-help section. Seems I've developed, um, feelings for someone with terrible taste, and yet... I can't seem to shake her.

[Lily smiles politely at him, but it's obvious she doesn't know how to respond, so she turns away from him and walks toward a nearby shelf]

LILY: I need something for Nora and Mary Lou's anniversary. Nora used to read this poem over and over again when we were trapped together. I believe it was called "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd."

[Enzo nods his head, recognizing the title of the poem]

ENZO: Ah. "But could youth last and love still breed, had joys no date, nor age no need, then these delights my mind might move to live with thee and be thy love."

[Lily, who turned to face him while he was reciting the poem, seems impressed and taken aback by this display of affection from him and smiles nervously]

LILY: I had no idea you enjoyed poetry.
ENZO: Well, there's a lot about me that you haven't... allowed yourself to know.

[Enzo walks toward her, and it almost looks as though he's about to embrace her, but instead, he reaches behind her and plucks a book off of the bookshelf. He glances down at the cover to make sure it's the right book]

ENZO: The poems of Sir Walter Raleigh, a proper Englishman. Oh, this looks like a decent edition...

[Enzo hands her the book, but after a moment, he's unable to hold back what he's been meaning to say this whole time]

ENZO: Do you really think some bauble will convince the Heretics to side with you over an evil step-daddy who spoils them rotten with ponies and ice cream?
LILY: [frowns] I don't have a choice.
ENZO: Yes, you do. Run. Leave town with me. Let your sons carry out their plan while you're off the grid.

[Lily sighs and gives Enzo a sad look]

LILY: Oh, Lorenzo... I can't run from this. This is my doing.
ENZO: [pleadingly] You're not safe.

[Enzo cups Lily's face with his hands]

ENZO: Come with me.

[This only makes Lily even sadder, and tears start to fill her eyes as she wraps her hand around his and sighs]

LILY: You know I can't do that.
ENZO: But if you could...
LILY: If I could...

[They stare at each other for a long moment until Enzo leans forward and crashes his lips against Lily's. The two of them passionately make out for a long moment before Enzo pulls away. Realizing that nothing he can say will convince her to leave with him, he gives her a disappointed look]

ENZO: Good luck, Lily. You'll need it.

[Lily, still reeling from their kiss, continues to lean back against the book case as Enzo turns and leaves the shop]


[Julian and the Heretics are at the large white mansion where the girls' anniversary party is being held, and he's in the middle of leading Mary Louise and Nora, both of whom are blindfolded, into the ballroom]

NORA: [groans] I can't see a bloody thing.
JULIAN: [chuckles] That's the point!
MARY: [giggles] Julian, enough games!

[Julian stops in the doorway of the ballroom and sighs dramatically]

JULIAN: As you wish.

[Julian removes the blindfolds from around Mary Louise and Nora's eyes, and they gasp in surprise when they see that the ballroom is full of people in cocktail attire, who have just set off confetti cannons and are cheering happily to see them. Mary Louise and Nora are both are in awe of what Julian has done for them. Beau, who is in the crowd, smiles widely and holds up his glass of champagne in their direction. Julian laughs happily and walks toward the crowd as Mary Lou and Nora hold hands and take in the environment]

NORA: This is epic!
MARY LOUISE: Who are all these people?
JULIAN: [shrugs] Friends, food, whatever you want them to be. They've all been compelled to see to your every desire.
NORA: Heh. But there's so many!
JULIAN: I've been collecting them for this very occasion.

[Mary Louise looks at him skeptically, though it's clear she's pleased to be able to have some fun]

MARY LOUISE: Are you ill? Lily would never allow this.
JULIAN: [groans] Come on! It's your anniversary! Let's have a drink to celebrate.

[Julian gestures to a compelled woman in a lace cocktail dress, who walks over to them with a bottle of champagne that has a sparkler attached to the neck. However, Julian ignores the champagne in favor of vamping-out and biting into her neck to feed on her. Unfortunately for them, Lily walks into the party just in time to see him and looks very unhappy as she approaches them]

LILY: What is going on here?

[Julian pulls away and lets the woman drop to the floor, which is ignored by the rest of the party guests. Nora and Mary Louise seem startled by her appearance, though not at all surprised by her reaction]

JULIAN: Loosen up, darling! It's a party!
LILY: [worriedly] The rule is we may feed on trespassers. One here, maybe another there...

[Nora turns toward Julian and gives him a look as though she is saying, "I told you so," and Julian puts his arm around Mary Louise's shoulders]

LILY: But where did all these people come from, Julian? They certainly didn't bus themselves in to be our dinner.

[Nora rolls her eyes and turns to look at Mary Louise]

NORA: See? I told you she was incapable of fun. Come on. Let's go before she ruins our entire night.

[Nora takes Mary Louise by the hand and leads her toward the door, and Julian gives Lily an exasperated look that causes her to backtrack what she's just said. She turns to follow after the girls and stops them, smiling weakly]

LILY: However... I suppose, since it's a special occasion, we can make an exception.

[Julian, Mary Louise, and Nora seem both surprised and thrilled by this reaction, and Julian wraps his arm around Lily's shoulders and pulls her tightly toward him]

JULIAN: See? Just like old times!

[Julian shoves a nearby college-age boy toward the girls, who look at him hungrily for a moment before they both vamp-out and begin to feed on him at the same time. Julian leaves to join the party, and Lily looks very uneasy as she watches the girls feed]


[Stefan is walking down the stairs toward the front door when his phone buzzes in his pocket. He pulls it out to find that he's received a text from Lily, and turns to shout up the stairs to Damon to inform him of what's going on]

STEFAN: Damon! Lily just texted me their location. Let's do this!

[Stefan goes to open the front door and is surprised to see Caroline on the porch, about to knock on the door]

CAROLINE: [smiles awkwardly] Hi.
STEFAN: [confused] I, uh, thought you were studying?
CAROLINE: I was, but I'm here now. Surprise! Heh.

[Just then, Damon comes down the stairs and rolls his eyes when he sees Caroline with Stefan]

DAMON: Ah. Stefan-distraction machine. Please tell me you're not coming.

[Caroline frowns in confusion]

CAROLINE: Coming where?

[Valerie follows Damon down the stairs to join them all in the foyer]

VALERIE: Nora and Mary Louise's anniversary.

[Caroline seems overwhelmed by confusion at this point]

CAROLINE: Great. You're here, too. That's... perfect. Um...

[Caroline trails off, clearly losing her nerve, and Stefan looks at her with a puzzled expression]'

STEFAN: Uh, what are... what are you doing here?

[Caroline struggles to find the words to answer the question, especially with Damon also staring at her expectantly]

CAROLINE: I'm... um....
DAMON: [annoyed] Spit it out, Blondie.

[Valerie, realizing what Caroline has come to do, decides to cover for her]

VALERIE: You know what? Damon and I will go together. Stefan can follow behind.
DAMON: [scoffs] What? No!
VALERIE: Yes. Let's go.

[Valerie grabs Damon by the arm and drags him out of the house, leaving Stefan and Caroline alone to stand awkwardly in the foyer]

STEFAN: Uh... What was that all about?
CAROLINE: [chuckles nervously] Heh. We need to talk...

[Stefan frowns in confusion]

[We cut to the sun room of the Lockwood Mansion, where Caroline has just finished telling Stefan that she's pregnant. Stefan looks absolutely bewildered to the point that he has no idea what to say, and Caroline is nervously rambling to compensate for his lack of a reaction]

CAROLINE: I know, it's insane. Magical baby transplants? I... I didn't believe it, either. But then I ate nine ice cream sundaes from noon to three, and none of my clothes fit, and then there was that whole part with the doctor and the ultrasound, so... Right. Yeah.

[Stefan is still stunned speechless, which makes Caroline even more nervous]

CAROLINE: You can say something...

[Stefan blinks, still overwhelmed by this information, before he finally replies]

STEFAN: Uh, I don't think there are any words...
CAROLINE: [sighs] I know. I know...

[Just then, Stefan cuts her off]

STEFAN: I have to go.
CAROLINE: [taken aback] What?!
STEFAN: I mean, obviously we need to talk about this. Um... But we have this small window to get to Julian tonight, and this is sort of...
CAROLINE: [mildly hurt] Bad timing...? I mean, trust me, I get it.

[Stefan, realizing that he's saying the wrong things, tries to backpedal a little bit]

STEFAN: No, no, no, it's... I mean, yes, it... Yes, um... But we will talk about it when I get back.

[Stefan stands to his feet and starts to walk toward the front door, and Caroline tries her best not to look too hurt]

STEFAN: Promise.

[Stefan goes to join Damon and Valerie, leaving a sad Caroline behind to process what just happened]


[Mary Louise is in the middle of leading a confused Julian into a small alcove away from the main party]

JULIAN: Where are you taking me?
MARY LOUISE: Quiet! I need your opinion.

[Mary Louise pulls out a small, navy blue velvet box and opens it to reveal a small, tasteful engagement ring. She then smiles bashfully at Julian, who looks surprised and happy]

MARY LOUISE: Do you think she'll say yes?
JULIAN: [smiles] She loves you! She would have said yes when it would have gotten her beheaded.

[Mary Louise lets out a shaky sigh of relief]

MARY LOUISE: Why am I so nervous?

[Julian looks down at the ring in Mary Louise's hands and frowns slightly]

JULIAN: ...Probably because the love of your life is far too vain to be wearing whatever that tiny little rock is... reflecting light in that box.
MARY LOUISE: [defensively] Lily doesn't allow us to leave Mystic Falls, so my options were limited to coal-miner chic.
JULIAN: [smiles] A relationship as beautiful as yours deserves something a little better.

[Julian holds up his hand, which has a very large ring with multiple diamonds set into it around the tip of his index finger. Mary Louise takes it from him and looks at it in awe]

JULIAN: This belonged to French royalty. A, uh, princess, I think. She was telling me as she lost her head...

[Julian clears his throat awkwardly as Mary Louise excitedly admires the ring]

MARY LOUISE: It's perfect.
JULIAN: [smiles] Oh, the perfect ring for the perfect couple! I'm so happy for you.

[Mary Louise smiles at him gratefully and throws her arms around him to give him a big hug, which he returns]

[Meanwhile, in the backyard of the estate, Lily has brought Nora aside to give her the gift she bought her. Nora takes the book and starts to look through it]

NORA: This is what I read to everyone in that horrible prison world...
LILY: I thought it'd be a nice anniversary gift. It reminds me of everything we've been through as a family.

[Nora looks up at Lily and smiles]

NORA: Thank you, Lily. This is so special, I love it.

[Just then, Julian appears behind Lily and puts his hands over her eyes. Lily looks startled initially, but quickly covers it up]

JULIAN: Guess who?
LILY: [hesitantly] The man I chose above all others?
NORA: [smiles] I'll leave you two lovebirds alone.

[Nora walks back to the party, and Julian walks around Lily so he can look her in the eyes]

JULIAN: Dance with me.

[Julian leads Lily back to the party, where everyone is dancing to an upbeat modern song on the dance floor. However, when Julian pulls her toward the crowd to dance, Lily looks uncomfortable]

LILY: I have no idea how to dance to this kind of music...
JULIAN: No, no, no, fear not. I bribed the DJ to play us a slow song.

[Just then, a more old-fashioned orchestral piece starts to play, and Julian and Lily begin to slow dance together]

JULIAN: Do you recognize it?
LILY: [confused] Should I?
JULIAN: Not the arrangement, but perhaps the vocals?

[Lily listens to the song for a moment before she realizes that it is a song Beau sung before he lost his voice. Over near the bar, Beau, too, is overcome with emotion at the sound of his voice, and his eyes fill with tears]

LILY: I'll never forget that voice. He used to sing so beautifully.
JULIAN: To think of everything we've endured as a family... And now we're together, at long last.

[It's clear that Lily is still nervous to be around Julian, given what she's planning, but she tries her best to appear normal by smiling fakely, though Julian sees through it]

LILY: Just like old times.
JULIAN: Well, almost like old times. You haven't been indulging in any of the real fun.

[Lily shakes her head at him]

LILY: No, I'm perfectly content with blood bags.
JULIAN: No. No, you're afraid.
LILY: [frowns] Afraid of what?
JULIAN: Going all in... and rejoining our family completely.

[Lily becomes even more uncomfortable at the fact that Julian seems to be seeing her hesitance]

JULIAN: You keep holding onto the hope that Stefan and Damon will love you again, that we'll be one big happy family. But we can't. Hmm? And that hope is causing unwanted friction.

[Julian gestures at the crowd of people surrounding them]

JULIAN: Take a look around! You have all the love that you need right here. All you have to do is accept it.

[Julian stops dancing for a moment and gently takes the wrist of a female party guest dancing nearby to lead her over to Lily. Her neck already has a bloodied bite wound from one of the vampires feeding on her, and Lily is visibly tempted by the sight of it]

JULIAN: Come back to us, Lily. Let go and allow yourself to be the woman that I fought through hell for.

[Julian nods at her in encouragement, and Lily looks at the blank-faced woman in front of her before smiling and allowing herself to vamp-out and feed on her. Unfortunately for Lily, Damon walks into the party a moment later and is furious to see her feeding on the woman. Lily immediately pulls away and looks at him in alarm, but before she can react, Damon turns and leaves the party. Lily looks horrified and quickly licks the blood from her lips]


[After the break, Lily chases after Damon as he walks toward his car on the street. When he sees her, he stops walking and scowls at her]

DAMON: Looks like someone's having fun.

[Lily, embarrassed, wipes the blood from her lips and squirms uncomfortably]

LILY: I had to feed. I have to convince them that I'm on their side.
DAMON: [scoffs] Sounds like something straight out of Rippers Anonymous.

[Damon turns to walk away from her]

DAMON: Plan's postponed till further notice.

[This reaction alarms Lily, who rushes after Damon to stop him]

LILY: No, no, no, no. Look, Valerie will get through to them. The plan must go forward. I can't spend another minute with that man.

[Damon rolls his eyes and sighs in annoyance before smiling at her coldly]

DAMON: Fine. Julian dies tonight, but it's no skin off my back if you're still linked to the guy when I shove a stake through his heart.
LILY: Yes, you made that perfectly clear when you tried to kill him yesterday.
DAMON: [irritably] What do you want from me, an apology? Ain't gonna happen. I'm only here because Stefan's a mommy's boy, and I don't want the silent treatment for the next century...

[This last comment of Damon's goes too far for Lily's liking, and she angrily slaps him across the face and glares at him. Damon doesn't even react, aside from glaring back at her]

LILY: I am your mother. How can you be so cavalier about my life?
DAMON: [angrily] Because you're already dead to me, Lily. I was seventeen. You went away. I cried. I grew up. You being here doesn't change any of that. If I had to do it all over again, I'd have left you in that damn prison world so that I didn't have to see your face again.

[Damon storms away without another word, leaving a hurt and worried Lily behind to process what just happened]

[Meanwhile, in the backyard next to the large lake where Lily gave Nora the book of Sir Walter Raleigh's poetry, Mary Louise is waiting for her girlfriend to join her. After a moment, Nora walks across the lawn and approaches her at the patio on the waterfront where Mary Louise has planned to propose to her while the sun sets. The white railing of the patio been decorated with pink tulle and cabbage roses, and strings of large white lights have been hung in the nearby tree. Nora looks around them in awe]

NORA: Mare, this is gorgeous! Did you do all this?

[Mary Louise smiles bashfully, visibly nervous about what she's about to do]

MARY LOUISE: Mostly. Julian and Beau helped.

[Mary Lou sees the book in Nora's hands and asks her about it]

MARY LOUISE: What's that?
NORA: A gift for us.

[Nora opens up the book and starts to read from it]

NORA: "But could youth last and love still breed, have joys no date, nor age no need..."

[Mary Louise, unable to help herself, pulls out the box while Nora reads and opens it in front of her. It takes Nora a moment to notice, but when she does, she gapes in shock at the sight of the ring Julian gave Mary Louise to propose to her. When Mary Louise realizes that Nora is speechless, she finally speaks up]

MARY LOUISE: Marry me. 133 years is not enough, Nora. I want eternity.

[Nora's mouth is still agape in surprise, and she covers her mouth with her hand for a moment before giggling happily]

NORA: Yes.

[Mary Louise can't help but laugh in relief, and tears of joy fill both of their eyes]

MARY LOUISE: Heh! Really?
NORA: Yes. Of course, yes!

[Mary Louise smiles widely and takes her left hand so she can place the ring on her finger. Nora admires the ring for a brief moment before she looks up at Mary Louise, who cups her face and kisses her passionately. Just then, Valerie appears behind them, and she smiles weakly before finally interrupting them]

VALERIE: I'm happy for you two.

[Mary Louise and Nora quickly stop kissing and look at Valerie in annoyance and surprise]

MARY LOUISE: [irritably] What are you doing here? Besides destroying the greatest moment of my life?
VALERIE: [sighs] We need to talk... about the worst moment of mine.


[Enzo is in the middle of feeding on a young girl who is whimpering and struggling against his grip when Matt, still wearing his deputy uniform, walks into the restaurant and aims his gun at him]

MATT: Hey! Let her go.

[Enzo gasps in mock surprise and stops feeding on the girl, but it's clear by the way he's swaying on his feet and slurring his words that he's very, very drunk]

ENZO: Oh, so, so sorry, Officer. I found this one wandering about and assumed she was of, uh... drinking age.

[Enzo lets the girl go, and she quickly runs away as fast as she can out the front door. Matt keeps his gun aimed at Enzo and gives him an exasperated look]

MATT: What the hell is wrong with you?

[Enzo, whose mouth and teeth are still stained with blood, sighs bitterly before replying]

ENZO: Well, let's just say I didn't get the girl.

[Matt just gives him a look that says, "Seriously?!", and Enzo drunkenly shuffles toward where Matt is standing and rolls his eyes as he pushes the barrel of Matt's gun toward the floor]

ENZO: I don't think the life-saving business suits you, mate.

[Enzo starts to walk away from Matt, who stops him with a sarcastic comment]

MATT: Yeah, why don't you tell that to the girl whose throat you were about to tear out?

[Enzo goes to the bar and pours himself another glass of bourbon]

ENZO: Mmm, yeah. Well, I suppose that brings your tally to a whopping one.

[Matt scoffs at Enzo in distaste]

MATT: Damon didn't want you, Lily didn't want you, and this town never wanted you. So what are you still doing here?

[Enzo is clearly hurt by this comment, but decides to turn it back on Matt instead by slurring loudly at him]

ENZO: I might ask the same thing about you. The Heretics are throwing a murder-party in your precious hometown-- [Enzo laughs bitterly and throws his arms out in exasperation]-- and all you can manage to stop is my buzz!

[Matt looks unhappy about this information, and Enzo's voice becomes quiet and serious as he continues]

ENZO: You're over-matched. You've brought a knife to a gunfight, and it's gonna be the death of you.

[Enzo walks out the back door of the Grill, stopping for a moment to wipe the blood and alcohol from his lips. Suddenly, something seems to catch his attention in the distance, and when he tries to look at whatever it is, he's distracted long enough that someone is able to shoot him with multiple vervain darts. The vervain is potent enough that he falls over the railing of the staircase and calls onto a pile of garbage bags that are waiting for pickup]

[Just as Enzo falls unconscious, a black armoured truck quickly pulls up into the back lot, which is the cue for at least a half-dozen snipers in black military-style gear to jump down from the surrounding roofs. Two of the men rush over to where Enzo's body fell and pick him up, eventually placing him in a fortified cell in the back of the truck. However, because of the darkness, most of the men are unidentifiable, and the ones whose faces can be seen are not familiar]


[Valerie has brought Mary Louise, Nora, and Beau to a shed on the grounds to try to convince them to join her, Damon, and Stefan's side. However, Mary Louise is not at all pleased to be doing this, causing Valerie to sigh in frustration]

MARY LOUISE: [angrily] This is so typical! Nora and I have one night a year, and Valerie can't stop herself from trying to steal the spotlight.
VALERIE: This isn't about me. It's about our family.

[Just then, Lily walks into the room, shocking the three Heretics who have been brought to hear Valerie's story. Nora looks over at Beau in confusion]

NORA: Hold on. Where's Julian? We should wait for him.
LILY: Julian won't be joining us.

[Inside, Damon and Stefan have just walked into a parlor off of the ballroom, where Julian is viciously feeding on one of the guests]

DAMON: Hell of a party.

[Julian, startled by their arrival, quickly jerks away from the woman and glares at them before recovering from his shock and giving them a cruel smile as he shoves the woman off of the chaise lounge and onto the floor]

JULIAN: Well, your mother would agree. There's a kindergarten teacher in the powder room to prove it.

[Stefan sighs mockingly and grabs a nearby bottle of scotch off of the end table to fix himself a drink]

STEFAN: Oh, good old Mom. Bet she made you think she enjoyed it, too, huh?

[Julian, looking on edge, loudly licks the blood off of his lips]

[Meanwhile, back in the shed, Valerie is telling Nora, Mary Louise, and Beau her story, and it's clear by the tears in her eyes that the memory still hurts her a great deal]

VALERIE: His face went cold. I couldn't fight him off. I couldn't... I couldn't stop him. Julian beat me savagely and... when it was finally over, my baby was dead.

[Lily winces at the story, since this is the first time she's hearing it from Valerie's perspective]

VALERIE: Murdering my child wasn't just some violent whim. It was a calculated, manipulative act.

[Back in the parlor, Julian is glaring at the Salvatore brothers menacingly]

JULIAN: What are you boys doing here?
DAMON: It's an anniversary party! Guess we figured we'd come support the pretty one and her mean girlfriend. Hmm?

[In the shed, the three Heretics are reacting to the information Valerie has just given them, and it's obvious that they're all torn about what to believe]

MARY LOUISE: [confused] This doesn't make any sense. Why would Julian do such a thing? What did he stand to gain?
LILY: Me. I would have never gone to Europe with him had I known about my grandchild.
NORA: [stunned] Grandchild?

[Lily smiles weakly at them]

LILY: Stefan was the baby's father.

[Nora is horrified by this response, and looks at Mary Louise in shock as Valerie tearfully continues her story]

VALERIE: I couldn't cope. I took my own life and became the first Heretic. And when Julian saw how powerful I was, he wanted more. We're his army. We're not his family. We always have been.

[Nora only becomes more appalled as more of the story comes to light, and she looks at Lily for confirmation. Beau, too, looks horrified by the thought of this being true]

NORA: [quietly] Lily... Is that true?

[Lily nods, and her eyes fill with tears as well]

LILY: I believe every word Valerie said. When she told me what happened to her, it was as if all the lights in the room went on... And I could finally see Julian for who he really is. That's why I'm leaving him.

[Nora and Mary Louise both gasp at this news, and Valerie sniffles as she pleads with them]

VALERIE: She can't do it without your help. So the question is... Who do you believe?

[Mary Lou and Nora look over at Beau, who scowls for a moment before lunging toward Valerie, who flinches away from him in fear. However, instead of attacking her, Beau appears to use some sort of telepathy on Valerie to verify her story. After a moment, his face falls when he realizes that she's telling the truth, and he immediately embraces her in a hug, surprising Valerie so much that she bursts into tears. Lily looks at her with sympathy as she rubs Valerie's back, and when Beau finally pulls away, Nora takes Beau's reaction as proof that Valerie was telling the truth about Julian and hugs Valerie as well. Nora then looks back at Mary Louise, who looks conflicted]

NORA: Mare. You heard what she said. What are you waiting for?

[Mary Louise looks flustered]

MARY LOUISE: Sorry. It's just this is a lot to take in.

NORA: That's why we stick together. We're family.

[Mary Louise glances around for a moment, unable to look Valerie in the eyes, but when Nora shoots her a significant look, Mary Louise finally walks over and hugs Valerie like the others. Valerie looks relieved as Lily pulls out her phone and starts typing a text message]

[Back in the parlor, Damon is throwing darts at a dartboard when Stefan receives a text and pulls out his phone]

[In the shed, Lily, looking nervous, sits down in a chair before gesturing toward Beau]

LILY: Beau, give me your hand.

[Beau walks over and does as he's told, and Lily clutches his hand tightly in preparation for what's to come]

MARY LOUISE: What is she doing?
VALERIE: Bracing herself.
NORA: For what?

[Back in the parlor, Stefan, having been given the signal from Lily via text message, nods to Damon, who nods back in understanding. Just then, Damon raises his arm as though he's about to throw another dart at the dartboard, but instead turns and throws the dart at Julian, which impales him in the neck]

[Over in the shed, Lily hisses in pain and squeezes Beau's hand as a puncture wound appears on her neck and starts to bleed profusely. Mary Louise, alarmed by this sudden injury, rushes over to her as Valerie and Nora watch in shock]

MARY LOUISE: Lily, you're bleeding.

[Mary Louise grabs the handkerchief from Beau's suit pocket and starts blotting at the wound on Lily's neck]

LILY: It's about to get a lot worse.

[In the parlor, Julian rips out the dart from his neck with a groan]


[Julian vamp-speeds over to Damon and pins him against the wall with the dart aimed for his eye. Damon struggles to get out of his grip, but Julian is too strong. Just before Julian can puncture Damon's eyeball with the dart, Stefan rushes over, picks up a wooden coat rack, and hits him hard in the small of the back with it. Julian abandons his attempt to hurt Damon in favor of attacking Stefan instead, but Stefan breaks the coat rack and shoves the sharp end into Julian's stomach]


[Stefan twists the makeshift stake in Julian's gut until he falls unconscious. Stefan then pulls the stake out and drops Julian's body onto the ground while Damon watches him with an impressed smirk on his face]

STEFAN: Let's tie him up.


[Night has finally fallen, and a somber-looking Lily is standing on the illuminated patio on the waterfront when Stefan approaches her]

STEFAN: Damon's tying up Julian right now.

[Stefan holds up a small vial]

STEFAN: I, uh, got his blood.

[Lily takes a deep breath, both relieved and sad about what has happened the last few days]

LILY: Good. They're waiting for it in the greenhouse.

[Stefan looks at her for a moment before he turns to leave, but after a moment, he stops and blurts out what has been on his mind all day]

STEFAN: Caroline's pregnant.

[Lily's eyes widen in shock at this news, and Stefan chuckles nervously]

STEFAN: Yeah, I didn't really know what to say, either.
LILY: Do I even want to know how this happened?
STEFAN: Gemini spell. Twins. Not mine, obviously.
LILY: Wow. You must be overwhelmed.
STEFAN: Well, I didn't exactly, um, handle things the right way. Any advice?
LILY: Tell her you love her. Never forget what she must be going through. And then, one day... Be prepared for her to sacrifice everything for them. Not that I'm one to give advice. I chose Julian over everything.
STEFAN: Yeah, but now he's gonna die, and you can start over without him.
LILY: It's too late, and so much has already been lost.
STEFAN: You haven't lost me.
LILY: Really?
STEFAN: Uh... I guess, uh... Willingness to forgive the unforgivable is in my genetics.

[Lily hums in amusement, and Stefan puts his hand over hers and squeezes it]

LILY: Mmhmm. And unfortunately, Damon... Doesn't feel the same way about forgiveness.
STEFAN: [sighs] Look, you were the first woman to break his heart. He's put up a wall ever since, but... you can take it down.
LILY: No. He's gone. I saw it in his eyes. He... he wishes me dead.

[Stefan laughs good-naturedly at this statement]

STEFAN: Do you think that I haven't seen that look before? Damon has been practicing that look on me for the last 150 years.
LILY: Well, then maybe you could offer your mother a little advice in return. How do I get him back?

[Lily smiles at him, seemingly content to have reconnected with her son]

[Meanwhile, Damon is playing pinball in the parlor while Julian, who has been chained to a chair, babbles at him]

JULIAN: And my mind is boggled by this blind devotion you have for Lily, when the woman mused up an idea to keep you away from your soulmate for what, sixty years? Seventy years?
DAMON: [irritably] Stop talking.

[Julian ignores him and continues to taunt him]

JULIAN: And yet here you are, essentially risking your life to be here with me in order to keep her alive.

[Just then, an angry-looking Valerie enters the room]

VALERIE: Don't listen to him. He knows he's dead either way. But if he can provoke you to kill him now, then you spend eternity as the boy who killed his own mother.

[Julian smirks at her devilishly]

JULIAN: Mmm, aren't you a clever girl? It's a shame. I suppose your little one would have had the same smarts...

[Valerie is so enraged by this glib remark that she spits in his face before sneering at him]

VALERIE: Rot in hell, Julian.

[Suddenly, Mary Louise rushes into the room and is shocked to see that Julian has been chained up]

MARY LOUISE: What is this?
JULIAN: Apparently whoever wins at foosball gets to kill me.
DAMON: It's pinball, and I have the high score. Did you break that link yet?

[Mary Louise, who is still clearly conflicted, looks over at Valerie with a worried and defensive expression]

MARY LOUISE: How do I know that you were pregnant with Stefan's child?
VALERIE: Are you testing me? Do you really believe that I would make that up?
MARY LOUISE: You lied to Lily about your affair with Stefan, just like you lied to us about killing Oscar, so why should I believe that you're telling the truth now?

[Damon sighs and stops playing his game so he can break up their fight]

DAMON: All right, Nancy Grace, enough. Let the adults handle this.

[Mary Louise, annoyed by his attitude, casts a pain infliction spell on him that causes him to clutch his head in agony and groan]


[Valerie is appalled by Mary Louise's behavior and gapes at her in shock]

VALERIE: What are you doing?

[Mary Louise flicks her wrist, telekinetically snapping Valerie's neck. Julian is visibly impressed by Mary Louise's actions and laughs hysterically at this turn of events]

JULIAN: And that, Mary Louise, is why you've always been my favorite.

[Despite Julian's glee at beating Damon and Valerie, a tear falls down Mary Louise's cheek, indicating she's still conflicted about what she's learned today]


[Caroline is still studying on her bed in BONNIE AND CAROLINE'S DORM ROOM when her phone buzzes. When she sees that it's Stefan who is calling from the MYSTIC FALLS ESTATE, she smiles weakly as she answers it]

CAROLINE: Well, you're either really drunk, or calling to tell me that you found a new girlfriend.

[Stefan laughs nervously at this joke]

STEFAN: None of the above, although a drink does sound really good right about now.
CAROLINE: [sighs] Yeah, tell me about it.

[Stefan hesitates before beginning his apology]

STEFAN: Listen, I'm really sorry about earlier. I didn't know what to say, and I didn't want to say the wrong thing, so I just... bailed.
CAROLINE: Well, I guess there's no right thing to say when you find out your girlfriend is magically pregnant with another man's babies. Look, I know that this is happening to both of us. And you stood by me through... everything I went through with my mom, so I totally get it if you want to run for the hills.
STEFAN: [smiles] I'm not going anywhere... because I love you.

[Caroline, overwhelmed and relieved to hear him say this, smiles widely]

CAROLINE: I guess there is a right thing to say after all...
STEFAN: Listen... No matter how... weird this all gets, I'm here for you. We're gonna get through this together.

[Caroline makes a face, but it's clear she's thrilled about this reaction]

CAROLINE: Are you sure? 'Cause it could get really weird.
STEFAN: [smiles] I'm positive.
CAROLINE: [contentedly] Okay. I love you, too.


[Mary Louise is rushing down the stairs after fleeing the parlor, and she runs into Nora as she walking up the stairs. At the sight of how upset Mary Louise is, Nora immediately stops to see what's wrong]

NORA: Mare, hey. Where are you going? We still need to unlink Lily.

[Mary Louise, in tears, tries to push past Nora]

MARY LOUISE: I have to get out of here.

[Nora stops her and tries to look her in the eyes]

NORA: Mare, stop. You've been crying. What happened?

[Mary Lou finally looks up at Nora with a guilty expression]

[Back in the parlor, Lily has entered the room to check on everyone to find that Julian, who has been freed from his restraints, has now tied up Damon and Valerie to chairs. Both of them look weak as they recover from Mary Louise's assaults, and Lily gasps in horror]

LILY: Oh, my God...

[Julian looks at Lily with an unamused expression]

JULIAN: Things have grown out of hand, Lily. Enough is enough.
LILY: [appalled] What are you doing? Let them go!

[Julian bends over to tighten the chains binding Damon and Valerie to their chairs before addressing Lily]

JULIAN: I can't. 'Cause if I do, this bloody cycle will continue. And I love you-- and the family that we have built together-- far too much for that to happen. So... one lives, one dies. You have to choose which.
LILY: [scoffs] I will do no such thing.
JULIAN: Oh, but you will. You have spent far too long trying to have it all. The lies, the... the violence, all because you wanted the impossible. Well, the truth is, you're either a Salvatore, or you're one of us, but you cannot be both.

[Julian gestures toward Damon and Valerie, who look furious at him, before handing Lily a stake]

JULIAN: Now choose.

[Lily looks horrified and flustered by what Julian is making her do, and he impatiently eggs her on]

JULIAN: Choose!

[Back in the hallway, Mary Louise has just explained to Nora what she did, and Nora is appalled by what she's just heard]

NORA: How could you do that to Lily?
MARY LOUISE: [defensively] How could Valerie have done what she has to us? She hasn't been truthful about anything, Nora! Her relationship with Stefan? Lies. Killing Oscar? More lies!

[Nora seems to know that Mary Louise has a point, but she still believes that Julian is the one in the wrong]

NORA: This is different.
MARY LOUISE: [hurt] Of course you would think that.
NORA: He took her child from her! And you would side with him?
MARY LOUISE: And you would side with a girl who murdered her own brother?

[Nora sighs before looking down at her left hand and starting to pull off her engagement ring, which worries Mary Louise]

MARY LOUISE: No! What are you doing?
NORA: This doesn't represent our love-- it represents Julian's ability to manipulate us. I don't want it.

[Nora sets the ring on the table and starts to walk down the stairs, and Mary Louise, upset with this turn of events, desperately tries to rush after her]

MARY LOUISE: Nora, please!
NORA: I don't want any of it.

[Nora runs down the stairs and walks away, leaving a devastated Mary Louise behind]

MARY LOUISE: Nora. Nora!

[The scene cuts back to the parlor, where Lily is desperately trying to talk Julian down]

LILY: This isn't you. This is not the man that I fell in love with. You used to be kind, gentle, funny.

[Julian looks annoyed by this reaction, and Lily pleads with him to listen to her]

LILY: No, no-- you... you're still in shock from the hell that you've been trapped in for so long.

[Valerie, who is glaring at Julian, scoffs]

VALERIE: Hell didn't turn him evil, Lily. He was born this way.

[Damon, very much over this entire situation, groans in annoyance before looking up at Lily]

DAMON: Okay, this vervain stings like a bitch, and your family drama makes the prospect of hell look like Disneyland. So please, one swift stab straight through the heart. Let's get this over with.

[Lily looks confused and hurt by what Damon is saying]

DAMON: You chose your Heretics over Stefan and me every chance you had. Why stop now?

[Lily frantically looks back and forth between Damon and Valerie as she walks toward them, clearly conflicted about which one to choose. Valerie, believing Lily is about to chose to kill her, pleads with her as she starts to cry]

VALERIE: Lily, please...

[Lily's eyes fill with tears as she smiles weakly at her]

LILY: You are such a strong girl. I am so sorry I didn't see it sooner.

[Lily turns to Damon and caresses his face as he glares at her angrily]

LILY: My son... Please forgive me.

[Damon loses his temper and yells at Lily]

DAMON: Kill me! Come on! Do it, Lily!

[Lily, overwhelmed, turns around to face Julian]

LILY: You're wrong about so many things. I never had the courage to tell you before... But I do now. You are wrong, Julian. I can choose them both.

[Lily takes the stake and lifts it up into the air before driving it into her own heart, hoping to kill Julian along with her. Valerie cries out in shock and desperately tries to break through the chains to help her as Lily starts to gasp and choke. Julian frantically rushes over to her as she falls to the floor and pulls the stake out of her chest, clearly devastated by this turn of events]

JULIAN: No! Lily! Lily, Lily. My sweet, foolish girl! I've already unlinked us!

[Lily's eyes widen in horror when she realizes she has killed herself for nothing, and Stefan and Nora, the latter of whom seems to have informed the former of what Mary Louise told her, rush into the room and gape in horror at the scene in front of them as they rush toward her]


[Before Stefan and Nora make it to Lily, Julian vamp-speeds out of the estate, and the others are too overwhelmed by Lily's condition to follow after him. Stefan kneels down next to Lily and looks at her with sadness as Lily starts to cry in fear]


[Enzo awakens in the back of the armoured truck to find that he has been locked into the fortified cell in the back. After a moment, Matt walks up to the truck and opens the back door, revealing that there's another door with metal bars like a jail cell behind it. As soon as Enzo sees him, he angrily rushes toward the cell door and tries to force his way out, but his efforts are fruitless, and Matt smiles at him smugly]

MATT: Save your strength. You're full of vervain. You couldn't break out of here on your best day.
ENZO: What the hell did you do?
MATT: I took your advice. You see, you're right. I can't protect Mystic Falls on my own, so I made some friends who could help.
ENZO: Who are these friends?
MATT: Sorry, I can't tell you. See, they'd like to introduce themselves. I guess I was wrong. Someone wanted you after all.

[Matt smirks at him as he closes the truck doors, and Enzo yells in anger as he fruitlessly tries to break free]



[Lily has been moved to the chaise lounge in the parlor, where Nora is frantically trying to save her life. Beau sits behind her and watches fearfully, as do Stefan and Valerie from across the room. Damon, however, is scowling in the doorway while he drinks bourbon straight from the bottle, trying to look unaffected by what's happening. After a moment, Nora looks at Lily in fear and horror]

NORA: The splinters must be inside your heart. I can't... I can't get them out.
LILY: Nora... It's all right.

[Nora frantically looks at Valerie and Stefan, at a loss for how to help Lily]

NORA: What do I do? Tell me what to do!

[Stefan, saddened by what he knows is coming, takes a deep breath before he replies]

STEFAN: You say goodbye.

[Lily looks scared, though she seems to have accepted her impending death, and Nora looks down at her with a devastated expression as she starts to cry]

NORA: We wouldn't be a family without you, Lily. I love you. I am so sorry this happened...

[Lily weakly smiles at her, and Nora, unable to bear to watch Lily die, stands to her feet]

NORA: Goodbye.

[Nora rushes away in tears, leaving Beau, Stefan, Valerie, and Damon with Lily in the parlor. Lily looks up at Beau, whose eyes are filled with tears as well, and he starts to cry as they both nod at each other in silent understanding. Beau then bends over and kisses Lily on the forehead before he leaves as well. Lily looks up at Stefan, who walks over to say goodbye and squeezes her hand comfortingly before she quietly references their earlier conversation through her gasps for breath]

LILY: I guess... Only one of us gets the luxury of time. Promise me you'll use yours to the fullest.

[Stefan looks over at Damon, who continues to scowl as he takes a large swig of bourbon from the bottle]


[Julian is in the middle of smashing up the furniture in the parlor when Mary Louise, still in tears from her breakup, walks into the room]

MARY LOUISE: Nora gave me back the ring...

[Mary Louise finally notices what Julian has been doing and looks at him in confusion]

MARY LOUISE: What is all this?
JULIAN: Lily, uh... She staked herself in her heart.

[Julian starts to sob as he explains what happens, though he frames it as though he was trying to help her, not mentioning the fact that he tried to force her to kill either Valerie or Damon]

JULIAN: She thought that killing herself would kill me. She didn't realize that you had already unlinked us. I thought breaking the spell would protect her. If her sons succeeded in killing me... She would be spared. But it's...

[Mary Louise, overwhelmed by all of the emotional bombs she's experienced today, begins to break down]

MARY LOUISE: No. No. Tell me this isn't real. Tell me this isn't happening!
JULIAN: She's gone, Mary Louise. She's gone.


[Valerie has just covered Lily up with a blanket before sitting next to her on the chaise lounge. It's clear that Lily's time is running out by the fact that her fingers and hands are starting to desiccate as the gray color slowly creeps up her extremities toward her torso. Lily and Valerie both cry fearfully as the latter says her final goodbyes]

VALERIE: I forgive you for loving him, Lily. You just wanted to love us all. There's no sin in that.

[Valerie bends over and kisses Lily on the head before walking toward the door. She stops and looks at Damon with a sympathetic expression]

VALERIE: She only has moments left. Make the most of them.

[Damon, whose face is still stone-cold, walks toward Lily and Stefan as he stares at his mother. Lily's expression is pleading as she addresses Damon]

LILY: Damon. I'm truly sorry...

[Damon remains silent and simply glares at Lily, not sure how to respond. After a long moment, Stefan shoots Damon a stern look]

STEFAN: Say something.

[Damon sighs and takes a swig of bourbon before he shoves the bottle into Stefan's hands and bends over to look Lily in the eyes. As he does so, her body slowly continues to desiccate from the small wooden fragments in her heart, making its way up her arms toward her neck. Damon stares at her for a long moment before looking as though he's finally going to forgive her. However, Damon has other plans, and whispers quietly to her]

DAMON: You made your bed.

[Stefan looks appalled that Damon is being so cruel in Lily's last moments, but it's obvious that Damon has still not forgiven her for abandoning them and taking Elena away from him]

DAMON: [coldly] Have a nice nap.

[Damon gets up and walks away, and Stefan, horrified, looks over just in time to see the life leave Lily's eyes as the rest of her body desiccates and dies, a single tear falling down her cheek in the process. Her face still has a hurt and disappointed expression even in death, and tears start to fall from Stefan's eyes when he realizes that she's gone for good]


[Damon has just reawakened again from the effects of the darts he was shot with at the end of the previous episode, and his skin is pale and clammy, indicating that he is very ill. As he comes to, he weakly looks around the room before he weakly speaks up]

DAMON: Mom? Are you still here?

["Lily" appears and walks toward him, eventually circling behind him and looking at his back for a moment]

LILY: I'm so sorry. I don't think I can save you. You've been poisoned with werewolf toxin. Without proper treatment, you'll die soon.

[Damon is alarmed by this news, though he doesn't seem surprised. He looks up at "Lily" with a guilty expression before he replies]

DAMON: Okay, Mom, listen... While you're still here, there's something that's been nagging at me for... a long time.

[Damon looks Lily in the eyes with an incredibly apologetic expression]

DAMON: I'm so sorry.

["Lily" pretends to be touched by this news for a moment before she laughs loudly in amusement]

LILY: "Mom?" Wow. You must really be having a bad trip. Your mother's been dead for years.

[Damon's vision fades around the edges for a moment, and when Damon squints his eyes to see better, the image of Lily fades away and is replaced by another woman. However, his vision is still too blurry for him to make out who the mysterious huntress is. He's stunned when he realizes the werewolf venom is causing him to hallucinate about his mother due to his lingering guilt about what he said to her]

DAMON: [weakly] You're not my mother...


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