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"Please Johnathan, I'm worried..."
— Honoria to Johnathan Gilbert

Honoria Fell was a human who was also a founder of Mystic Falls. She was married to Thomas Fell, reverend of Fell's Church, and participated in the attempted eradication of the town's vampires. For this, she and her husband were killed by Stefan Salvatore.

Honoria Fell was a member of the Fell Family and member of the Town Council.

Early History

Honoria was a resident of Mystic Falls, Virginia and a member of the Founding Families. She and her husband, Reverend Thomas Fell, are on the guest registry of the original Founder's Party, which took place in 1864.

Honoria Fell was a frequently a client of Pearl's Apothecary and it was Honoria Fell that brought vervain to the apothecary for Pearl to sell to the townspeople to protect them from vampires. Unknown to Honoria Fell, Pearl was, in secret, a vampire.

The Fells' used their church to entomb the town's vampires. Unknown to the Founders, the vampires survived, but remained imprisoned beneath the ruins. Later, believing that the vampires were gone forever, Honoria and her husband Thomas went to dinner at Johnathan Gilbert's, but Stefan Salvatore, son of Giuseppe Salvatore and newly created vampire, arrived and killed them.

Honoria Fell's diary was passed through the Fell family, until Anna compelled Logan Fell, her direct-line descendant, to give the diary. Anna was looking for the location of Emily Bennett's grimoire. According to Honoria Fell's diary, she at one point came in possession of Emily Bennett's grimoire, but later gave it to Johnathan Gilbert.

Stefan's Diaries

Honoria Fells was the dressmaker in Mystic Falls and a member of the Town Council. She had frizzy dark hair and was very impulsive. She attended several meetings with the other founders in Johnathan Gilbert's rundown mansion, which previously belonged to his father.


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  • Honoria is the Latin origin, and the meaning is "woman of honor".
  • Fell is of Norse origin and means "from the rough hill".




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