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"I would write... Dear Diary"

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I love you and Hope.
— Jackson to Hayley

The relationship between the evolved werewolf Jackson Kenner and tribrid Hope Mikaelson. Jackson is Hope's step-father since he is married to Hayley Marshall. At first, he didn't know that she was still alive, but learned about Hope's secret when Hayley revealed to him that the child was still alive. Before Jackson's death, he began taking care of her because he loved her as his own daughter and wanted to care for her for Hayley's sake.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Two

In Sanctuary, Hayley was allowed to tell Jackson that Hope is alive. Klaus was the one who allowed him to know.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Hayley introduced Hope to Jackson. During the wedding, Jackson and his pack swore to protect Hope.

In They All Asked For You, Hope is seen with Hayley. Hayley can't seem to settle her so Jackson offers a helping hand. He manages to soothe Hope and she falls asleep.

In When the Levee Breaks, Jackson tied a bracelet around her arm to prevent her from practicing magic, so Dahlia wouldn't find them.

In Fire with Fire, Jackson and Hayley are on the move with Hope so they can get her out of New Orleans. Jackson defends himself from Klaus while Hayley gives Hope to his grandmother so they can run until Klaus is defeated. Unfortunately, their attempt in protecting Hope fails miserably and Jackson suffers under the wrath of Hope's father, who has Dahlia curse them as punishment for trying to take his daughter away from him.



  • Jackson was betrothed to Hope's mother since they were children.
  • He had been watching both Hayley and Hope during Hayley's pregnancy to protect them.
  • At first, he claimed he didn't care anything about the baby.
  • He thought Hope was dead until the episode Sanctuary, when Hayley told him the truth.
  • He met her in I Love You, Goodbye, and married her mother, becoming her step-father.
  • Jackson does not get along with Hope's father, Klaus, for no apparent reason; simply because of his reputation, and because he gives orders to the Crescent Wolf Pack, despite the fact that Jackson is the alpha of the pack.
  • Jackson went on the run with Hope to keep her from both Klaus and Dahlia, but it failed miserably and he was stopped, being cursed with Hayley and the rest of their pack.

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