So I had this entire speech that I practiced with your prismatic hologram. But I know the only thing you want from me is the truth. And the truth is..I love you. I'm really sorry about all the secrets that I've kept, but I'm mostly sorry for keeping that one. Cause I love you, Landon Kirby.
Hope tells Landon she loves him.

This is the complex, romantic relationship between the tribrid, Hope Mikaelson and the phoenix, Landon Kirby

The two were originally friends when Hope lived in New Orleans with her family, and the two interacted only briefly when Landon served her at the Mystic Grill. The relationship developed further when Landon began attending the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. The two grew closer and eventually fell in love with one another, much to the dismay off Rafael Waithe, Landon's best friend who also had feelings for Hope.

The two enjoyed a steady relationship and were willing to do anything for one another. Hope eventually sacrificed herself for Landon and her friends by jumping into Malivore, essentially erasing her from the world; including the feelings Landon had for her. Upon her return from Malivore, she was upset to see that Landon had began a relationship with Josie Saltzman, however he still seems to have flashbacks of her whenever he comes back from the dead — something he mentioned to Hope in Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, however she deflects the question not wanting to reveal herself to Landon.

Later on, when Josie returns everyones memories, the relationship between Hope and Landon again becomes complicated. Eventually, she tells him that she loves him and he decides that he too loves her. He breaks off his relationship with Josie in This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent and he and Hope begin dating again after he tells her he loves her.

Early History

Meeting Landon


Hope and Elijah drink milkshakes at the Mystic Grill.

Hope and Landon initially did not have much interaction as they barely knew each other. However, in The Tale of Two Wolves, Hope visits the Mystic Grill with her uncle Elijah, and Landon serves the two milkshakes. The meeting is brief, but Landon asks if Hope would like to go to the Town Square with him that night, however she declines, citing that she has something to do that night. Elijah asks why she declined his offer, and Hope tells him that she doesn't want to get too attached considering she will die soon. Shortly after, Hope watches as some Timberwolf jocks give Landon grief when paying their bill — Elijah picks up the shortfall in their bill to ensure Landon isn't out of pocket.

Leaving the Grill, Elijah takes Hope to the high school where the two watch Connor — the one giving Landon grief — and the rest of the jocks washing their car. Hope doesn't see the point, but after Elijah explains, Hope suggests that he compel them to forget what she is about to do. She uses her magic to freeze the windows on Connor's car and then shatters it, shocking and upsetting him.


Hope meets Landon at the dance.

Later that night, Klaus takes Hope to the Town Square and tells her to forget about everything plaguing her mind. Hope sits with Elijah on the bench when he notices Landon approach and jokes that Landon didn't need to take an extra shift at all. Hope approaches him, and Landon asks again if she wants to dance, and she agrees. The two seem to be having fun as Klaus and Caroline watch from afar. Caroline suggests they head back to the school when the bell rings, however Klaus tells her that she should have the next five minutes dancing while he watches her dance with a "townie".

Throughout Legacies Series

"I'm sorry the place is such a mess"

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Reuniting with Landon

Hope and Landon do not see each other for at least two years after they dance together in the Town Square. The two meet again in This is the Part Where You Run, when Hope and Alaric rescue Rafael Waithe from his current family during his first transition into a werewolf. The reunion is sweet between the two, but short as Alaric has MG compel Landon to forget about Hope and the school.

Unfortunately, Landon is able to resist the compulsion, leading to Landon’s imprisonment in the “werewolf transition space” beneath the school. The two do not interact much, but do end up kissing under the illusion of a starry night when Landon becomes claustrophobic. Landon leaves the school the following morning, with everyone under the guise that he has in fact, forgotten the past couple of days events.

Betrayal and hunt for Landon

Unbeknownst at first to the rest of the school, Landon has in fact stolen the supernatural knife from the Stefan Salvatore Memorial Library before leaving. This angers Hope, as she feels partially betrayed by Landon, who she trusted. She, along wit Rafael and Alaric, hunt down Landon, eventually finding him running from a dragon. She is angry and upset with him at first, believing him to be responsible for killing a bus full of people, however she eventually realizes that Landon is not at fault and it was in fact, the dragon.

This does not, however, fix the relationship and trust issues between the two. Landon and Rafael take off shortly after the dragon is killed, with not so much as an apology letter left for Hope.

"Dear Hope,
You strike me as the kind of person who's not so big on second chances, much less third, but I'm gonna give it a shot. I can't explain why I took that knife. Believe me, I wish I could, but maybe I can explain why I ran. I have never been welcomed anywhere in my life, I'm always the extra. The mouth they didn't want to feed. If I caused trouble, I was out. When you grow up like that, you learn to protect yourself. You do what you have to do to survive. I never had a real family and that's not meant to make you feel sorry for me. I'm trying to make you understand, I lied to protect myself, but in doing so, I hurt you and for that I will be forever sorry.
The time I spent with you the other night was one of the happiest moments of my life, I hate that I ruined it. Your school's secret is safe with me.
With regret,
Landon's letter to Hope

The two would not see each other for a short while, but eventually reunite in We're Being Punked, Pedro, however the reunion is short, and when the two see one another, Hope walks away, ignoring him much to his dismay.

The two are forced to be together when Alaric assigns Hope to determine whether Landon has supernatural lineage in Malivore. The day spent together is awkward, as Hope puts Landon through various tests of speed, strength and agility. All of the tests — including on his blood — come back negative. She uses a truth-orb to determine whether he is lying about stealing the knife, but is shocked to find out he is in fact, telling the truth. Landon takes this time to properly apologize to Hope for everything that he did, including breaking her trust.

After Landon is attacked by Jed, Hope believes that Landon is no longer safe at the school, despite initially wanting him to stay. During the Honor Council meeting, she votes Landon out on the terms that the school is no safe place for a human. Landon is sad when he has to leave the school, but perhaps knows it is for the best. Hope walks him to the bus stop and tells him to find her aunt in New Orleans, and she will help him find his mother. This time, she is the one apologizing to Landon for voting him out of the school, but gives him a bracelet as a parting gift. She explains that if he presses the bracelet, she will be alerted that he is in danger and needs her help. With this, he presses the bracelet and the two kiss before he boards the bus.


Hope tries to convince Seylah to stay.

When Landon finds his mother, Seylah Chelon, and is held hostage by her, he sends Hope a distress signal through the bracelet she had given him. This worries Hope, who teams up with Alaric to find Landon. While Hope and Alaric try and locate Landon, he talks with Seylah about Hope, and this is the first time that he refers to Hope as his girlfriend; he tells Seylah that Hope would kill him, however, if she knew he had called her that. Later, Alaric and Hope manage to track Landon down, and the two reunite. Landon explains everything about Seylah to Hope, including that Triad is after the magical urn. Seylah believes that Landon is safer without her, however, and when she tries to leave without him, Hope confronts her. Seylah leaves anyway, and Hope breaks the news to Landon. Landon returns to the school the following day with no recollection of his mother or the previous day's events, given Seylah had been consumed by Malivore. Hope struggles with the decision of telling Landon, but ultimately decides that it is better if he doesn't know.


Hope cries over Landon's death.

Landon eventually goes with Kaleb and MG to find and talk with MG's mother, however is accidentally killed by MG in a fit of rage.. Hope is bereft and upset as she stares at his dead body, but is surprised when he returns from the dead moments later; she is further surprised when Alaric reveals that Landon is a phoenix.

Hope's sacrifice

Landon eventually finds out that Hope had lied to him about finding his mother, and their memories being erased. He is furious at Hope and drives a wedge between them despite Hope's continued apologies. With preparations for Miss Mystic Falls coming up at the Salvatore School, Hope is keen to solve the differences between the two but is ultimately unable to and Landon leaves her alone at the dance. He goes on a walk, but is kidnapped by Veronica Greasley who believes he can help Triad Industries find the third and final Malivore artifact.


Hope tells Landon she loves him before snapping his neck.

Hope eventually goes in search of Landon despite Triad having taken over the Salvatore School. She finds him and is able to rescue him but not before Ryan Clarke throws the final artifact into Malivore, releasing him. Realizing that her entire life has led up to this moment — and that she wasn't a mistake, but Malivore's loophole — she confesses her love for Landon and breaks his neck, jumping into Malivore shortly after. Landon awakens and is unaware of what he is doing at Triad, having forgotten Hope due to her sacrifice.

Relationship with Josie

With the Salvatore School on summer break, Landon remains at the school with Josie and Lizzie, given he has no home to return to over the summer. He begins having visions of a girl but does not remember that the girl is Hope, or that he knows her in any way. In order to harness these visions, he repeatedly drowns himself in the lake behind the Salvatore School; Josie eventually confronts him believing him to be suicidal, however, he explains the visions.

Over the rest of the summer, Landon and Josie grow closer and begin spending more time together. This becomes more important when she helps him with a locator spell to track down Rafael, who is stuck in wolf-form as a result of the ring Hope had given him previously.[1]

Hope returns the same night that Landon realizes Rafael left him, and approaching the gate, she is stopped by Dorian who reveals all of the school are out for summer break. Nevertheless, she sneaks into the school when he is gone, only to witness Josie and Landon kissing in a moment of sadness. Hope is distraught by the sight and leaves the school, enrolling in Mystic Falls High School shortly after, believing the best option is to keep her identity a secret.


Hope cries realizing that what she had with Landon is gone.

Keeping her identity a secret is hard for Hope and in This Year Will Be Different, she protects Landon from a cyclops. He is unaware that she has just saved his life, however, and approaches her shortly after in the Town Square. The two talk and she tells him that she is in love with someone who doesn't even know she exists. With this, he wishes her well and hands her his smoothie — which he does not know is her favorite flavor — and leaves her in the town square to rectify things with Josie.

"Uh, old story, I guess, uh Fell for a guy who doesn't even know that I exist."
Hope tells Landon why she is sad

The 'milkshake moment' becomes an eventual wedge in the relationship between Josie and Landon, and a symbol of the love between Landon and Hope. Whilst at the annual charity football game, the two meet again and begin talking. Josie asks Landon if he knows Hope, but he remarks that they simply shared a milkshake one time.[2] When Landon leaves to play football, Josie asks if they were just sharing another milkshake moment, but Hope shrugs off the comment.

Eventual reunion

The football game marks the first moment in which Hope becomes an obstacle in the relationship between Josie and Landon. She becomes a bigger obstacle when she reveals to Landon who she is, and that the two were once in love. Landon doesn't know how to take the situation but has no choice but to believe Hope.[3] He does not break off the relationship with Josie, however despite the problems and his newfound knowledge. Hope eventually decides not to pursue Landon any more, allowing him to be happy in his relationship with Josie.[4]

The problems between Landon and Josie eventually topple their relationship, and when Josie finds the song written by Landon for Hope, she calls off the two having sex and begins having reserved thoughts about their relationship. Eventually, Josie is left with no choice but to return everyone's memories of Hope.[5] This puts Landon in a difficult position and he is constantly questioned by both Josie and Hope over who he will choose.

2x08 This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent-Hope-Landon 2

Hope and Landon kiss.

When another monster comes for Landon, the Salvatore School Group have no choice but to duplicate Landon's subconsciousness using Emma Tig's prism; they dub the duplicate "Simulandon". Simulandon causes problems for Landon, as he confesses his love for Hope, revealing that whilst the real Landon is afraid to admit how he feels, he is not. Landon eventually realizes that he was wrong to assume he was in love with Josie, but has actually been in love with Hope all along, even when he could not remember it. He calls off the relationship with Josie and confesses his love for Hope; the two kiss under the mistletoe.[6]

"Hey, Jo. Merry Christmas, I guess? [...] Can we start with the happy? A person could not ask for a better partner, a better conscience. You are literally the best person who has ever had the poor judgment to hang out with me. I love the way you laugh, and your upside-down mouth. The way your face looks when you watch movies. [..] But that doesn't mean I regret a single second, because you are beautiful, and special, and perfect. And doing the right thing should never be this hard."
Landon breaks things off with Josie

As Hope struggles with being back at the Salvatore School, Landon is tasked with looking after a 500-year-old vampire named Sebastian, who wishes to remain at the Salvatore School. When they hang out with the witches, Alyssa Chang reads and openly announces his personal fears of the modern world, causing him to attack the witches. Landon tried to stop him, but he easily flung him aside. Thankfully, the witches were able to defend themselves. Landon later told Hope how useless he felt and didn't want to be useless anymore, and asked Hope to train him in combat. Landon and Josie learn to overcome their history and become friends again as they decorate Hope's room with pictures, art supplies, amongst other decorations in hopes of easing her coping.[7]

Dating Timeline

First relationship
Second relationship

Significant Moments and Symbolism


Hayley tells Hope to have an epic love.

  • The Epic Love
    • In The Tale of Two Wolves, Hope temporarily dies and finds Peace. At Peace, she sees her mother and Jackson in the Bayou. The two talk, and Hayley asks that Hope promise her one thing: that she have at least "one totally epic love" in her life before she sees her again in the afterlife. Hope laughs, but takes this as a sign to accept love into her life. Later that night, she takes up Landon's offer to dance — this symbolises the epic love between them and the moment Hope allows herself to feel.

Hope casts an illusion of a starry night

  • The Sky Scene
    • In This is the Part Where You Run, Hope and Landon meet again for the first time since their dance in The Tale of Two Wolves. Landon is brought back to the Salvatore School and, after resisting compulsion, is locked in the werewolf transition space. He tells Hope that he is claustrophobic and therefore is having difficulty being in such a confined space. She uses her magic to project the illusion of an open-starry night onto the ceiling of the space. Landon appreciates this and the two kiss under the stars — this is eerily reminiscent of the rain kiss between Elena and Damon.

The bracelets.

  • The Bracelet
    • In Malivore, Hope tests Landon to see if he is supernatural, however the test comes back inconclusive and Landon is told that his future at the school may not be certain. Alaric decides that the Honor Council should be the one to decide if Landon is able to stay at the school. Unfortunately, the council votes that Landon should not remain at the school as it is too dangerous. Hope reveals this information to Landon, including the fact that she voted against him staying at the school, but she feels as though the school is too dangerous for him. She does, however, wish him goodbye and gives him a bracelet identical to the one she is wearing. She tells him to press the bracelet if he is ever in dangerous and with this, the two begin kissing before Landon leaves for New Orleans.

Landon and Hope sit in front of the fire and talk.

  • The "whole thing" speech
    • Both of the two have had long speeches planned speeches to say to each other when the relationship got tough. Hope had practiced her speech with Landon's hologram and eventually brings herself to reveal this to him. She doesn't tell him the speech, but cuts to the chase and tells him that she loves him in There's Always a Loophole. Similarly, in What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?, Landon sits with Hope in front of the fire and tells her that he had a whole speech planned and tells her that he wants to be the man she needs him to be.
  • The Prismatic Hologram
    • Fearing that she couldn't bring herself to tell Landon in person how she actually felt, Hope borrows a prism from Emma Tig that allows the user to speak to their subconscious. In I'll Tell You a Story, she uses the prism to talk with Landon's hologram, attempting to build the courage to tell Landon she wants him to stay at the school. She eventually practices telling Landon she loves him, and is able to tell the hologram, but still finds it difficult to tell him in person. In There's Always a Loophole, she reveals the speech she was practicing with the prism and finally tells him she loves him. She uses the prism again in I'll Never Give Up Hope when she finds out that Landon and Josie are romantically involved. The hologram tells her that Landon would not want her to leave him, but she should return to him in hopes that he will remember some day.
  • The Milkshake
    • The milkshake has always been a symbol of Landon and Hope since their initial meeting when Landon worked as a busboy at the Mystic Grill. He brings Hope a "Peanut Butter Blast" with whip-cream on the bottom and remarks that it's how she likes it. In This Year Will Be Different, Landon notices Hope upset on a bench and approaches her. The two talk about their relationship status even though Landon is unaware that Hope's story is about him. At the end when Landon is leaving, he offers Hope his milkshake, which is her favorite, Peanut Butter Blast with whip-cream on the bottom. He tells her that he doesn't know why he ordered it, but the audience is aware through dramatic irony that the milkshake is Hope's favorite. Later on, at the annual charity football game, Josie sees the two talking and asks if they know each other, however Landon remarks that they shared a milkshake once and it's no big deal. Clearly jealous, Josie asks Hope if it's just another milkshake moment, however she shrugs the comment off.



Landon: "I love you, Hope Mikaelson. I-I loved you when I couldn't remember you. I love you as I'm standing here right now. Hope, I loved you when I was dead. The tiniest thing I think I always will."
-- This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent



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