So as far as I can see, we're supposed to be in this together. And this morning, all I wanted to be was sitting here. Part of all of this. Spending time with you. But all day long you ridiculed me, and then you hung me out to dry. When it mattered. You wanted to know what it's like to be normal? Congrats, Hope. You're officially normal.
Landon to Hope

Hope is Not the Goal is the fourth episode of the first season of Legacies and the fourth episode of the series overall.


FOLLOWING THE TRAIL — When two local students go missing, Alaric sends Hope, Lizzie, MG and Landon to Mystic Falls High to investigate. Meanwhile, as Josie helps Rafael adjust to his new life at the school, his reluctance to follow the wolf pack's rules puts a target on his back. Lastly, an unsettling discovery puts Alaric and Sheriff Donovan at odds with one another.[2]



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  • Antagonist: Arachne, Malivore (indirectly)
  • Siphoners siphon through touch, primarily through their hands, however they can siphon via any form of skin to skin contact, such as when Josie siphoned from Rafael's lycanthropy through a kiss.
  • Josie argues with her father in favor of the school teaching the students spells of offensive magic to protect themselves when they are in danger. Although Alaric does not agree immediately, he agrees to think about it after Hope, Josie, and Lizzie confronted the Arachne.
  • Kaleb is incapacitated and locked up by Alaric after he is told that he's suspected for some time that he was feeding on humans.
  • A creature tracks Dorian and the supernatural knife to his undisclosed hiding location. It remains to be seen what this creature is or how it was drawn to the knife.

Body Count

  • Dana Lilien - Internal organ liquification; killed by the Arachne
  • Connor - Unknown; killed by the Arachne to inhabit his body
  • Arachne - Magical Explosion; killed by Hope, Josie, and Lizzie



Behind the Scenes

  • This episode's title is a line used by Alaric Saltzman.
  • Ghostface's appearance at the beginning of the episode is a nod towards co-showrunner Brett Matthews due to his role as the showrunner of the re-booted third season of MTV's slasher television series Scream.

Cultural References

  • Grodd is the primary enemy of The Flash from DC Comics. He has also appeared in the live-action television series The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow (both currently airing on The CW) and as a playable character in Injustice 2.
  • Ghostface is the psychotic killer identity and the main antagonistic force from the Scream movie franchise and television series.
  • Hunger Games is the first movie of the Hunger Games movie franchise based on the Hunger Games novels.


Alaric: "What is it?"
Matt: "A vampire bite."
Lizzie: "Girls are missing."
MG: "I saw you feed on her."
Lizzie: "We know you killed Dana."
Lizzie: "Come on guys let's go, it's hero time."

Alaric: "What is it?"
Matt: "A vampire bite."
Lizzie: "Girls are missing."
Milton: "I saw you feed on her."
Lizzie: "We know you killed Dana."
Kaleb: "None of this started happening until you showed up, you saying it's a coincidence?"
Rafael: "I told you to leave me alone!"
Rafael: "Get away!"
Kaleb: "Y'all need to get the hell outta my face."
Lizzie: "Come on guys let's go."
Alaric: "Whatever you're thinking of doing don't."
Lizzie: "It's hero time."

Matt: "Like Dr. Saltzman was saying, local girls Dana Lilien and Sasha Stoteraux didn't come home last night. Dana sometimes skips town for a few days to party, but this is a first for Sasha."
Alaric: "Thank you, Sheriff Donovan. Now, while the knife is away with Dorian and things are quiet on his end, it won't hurt to assume the worst."
Kaleb: "Dude, if you don't stop mugging me. You heard Ol'Blue Eyes. Dana has a history of running away."
MG: "I saw you feed on her."
Kaleb: "Yeah, feed. Not kidnap! MG, I'm telling you, vampire to vampire—this ain't on me."
Alaric: "Now, I'll need a few of you to volunteer to go to Mystic Falls High under the guise of an exchange program meant to improve relations between our schools. Which, unfortunately, is necessary, given recent events. Now, I give you permission to compel them, to gather materials for locator spells, because any information we can get will make a difference."
Lizzie: "Well, I guess that I can set aside my differences with Dana for a day. Because that is what heroes do. So, I volunteer as tribute."
Hope: "She battles one gargoyle, and suddenly she's Mother Teresa."
Kaleb: "You're gonna be real embarrassed when I prove you wrong. I’m in."
MG: "I'm in, too."
Hope: "I'd like to help."

Alaric: "Who are you, and what have you done with Hope Mikaelson?"
Hope: "I never got to go to a real school. I've always wanted to know what it's like to be normal for a day instead of being a tribrid loner."
Alaric: "Yeah, well, that's a bed you made for yourself."
Hope: "Not looking for a social lecture. So, what's your plan with Landon? Does he, like, go here now? "
Alaric: "Why? You still thinking about murdering him? Cause there's a knife that sat dormant for centuries that started attracting mythical creatures the day he took possession of it. I'd say there's a lot we need to learn about him."
Hope: "And then what? We kick him to the curb?"
Alaric: "Then we decide to do what's best for the people of this school."
Hope: "Any idea what to do with him while we search for missing mean girls?"
Alaric: "As a matter of fact, yes."

Matt: "Like Dr. Saltzman was saying, local girls Dana Lilien and Sasha Stoteraux didn't come home last night."
Kaleb: "I'm in."
MG: "I'm in, too."
Hope: "I'd like to help."
Lizzie: "I volunteer as tribute."
Landon: "This is the senior hallway, where I spent much of my formative years stuffed in every locker, except this one, that one doesn't open. On your left, you'll find the bathroom. It's where I had my first kiss with a toilet."
Matt: "Think it's safe to say she's not a runaway."



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