JOSIE: Previously on Legacies...
ALARIC: You know, I opened this school to protect these kids. How do I protect them from stuff that’s not supposed to exist?
HOPE: Landon was inside the walls of this school because of me. He had access to the knife he stole because of me.
ALARIC: Whoever wields it has the power to save the world... or end all life as we know it.
LIZZIE: A Neanderthal from Mystic Falls High assaulted me with a milkshake.
RAFAEL: So let’s do what we gotta do here, then let’s go back to school.
LANDON: They don’t want me there.
RAFAEL: I am not going without you. All in.
MG: Kaleb, what are you doing?
KALEB: Look, we homies, right? And I ain’t hurting anybody. Secret’s ours?
ALARIC: Why isn’t she moving?
PEDRO: The statue hurt her.
DANA: Sasha, what are you doing?

MG’s Mindscape (Mystic Falls Woods)

[The sound of MG panting for breath can be heard as he runs as fast as he can (though only at human speed) through the woods outside the school. It seems as though he can only run in circles as he heads into a large clearing that is close enough that the exterior lights of the Salvatore Boarding School can be seen. MG looks around in a panic just as a loud roaring noise is heard close by. At a loss for options, MG swears under his breath]

MG: Come on, man! I’m the lovable virgin! It’s not my time!

[The roaring sound is heard again, accompanied by loud, stomping footsteps. MG crosses his arms protectively over his chest and closes his eyes before quietly calming himself down]

MG: I’m gonna open my eyes, and everything’s gonna be fine. Opening my eyes in three...

[MG slowly turns with his eyes still closed in the direction of his pursuer]

MG: Two... one...

[MG opens his eyes to find, to his horror, that Gorilla Grodd from The Flash television series is standing right in front of him. He shrieks in absolute terror as Grodd roars at him once again]


[MG awakens with a gasp to find himself in bed in his room at school. He sits up, clad in Salvatore School pajamas, and notices that he has fallen asleep reading comic books about the DC Comics character Grodd. Sighing, he dangles his feet over the edge of the bed as though he’s about to stand up, only to freeze when he hears floorboards creaking nearby. MG slowly turns his head toward his closet, squinting his eyes when he sees movement inside. Suddenly, an unknown person wearing the Ghostface mask from the Scream movies leaps out toward MG with a huge knife in his hand, leaving MG with no choice but to protect his face with his hands and scream]


[MG once again jerks awake, revealing that he’s just had a dream within a dream. When he realizes that he’s finally safe, he takes a deep breath and falls back against his pillows]

Salvatore Boarding School (Kitchen)

[MG has just padded down to the kitchen, where he walks over to the large steel refrigerator. Still spooked from his dream, he hesitates and takes a deep breath before opening the fridge door, breathing a sigh of relief when nothing jumps out to get him. Inside the fridge are shelves of blood donation bags with the Salvatore “S” printed on them, and MG grabs one as a snack. When he closes the door, he’s startled to find Kaleb on the other side of it and immediately jumps at his friend’s greeting]

MG: Ahhh!

[MG takes a deep breath to steady himself and glares at Kaleb for embarrassing him]

MG: Come on, man.

[Kaleb can’t help but laugh in amusement as he claps MG on the shoulder good-naturedly and walks past him toward the sink]

KALEB: Sorry, bruh. Too easy. Oh…

[When Kaleb moves past him, MG realizes that he’s wearing street clothes and not pajamas and frowns in confusion]

MG: Where were you?

[Kaleb, whose back is turned to MG, wipes his lips with a nearby dishtowel before answering]

KALEB: Just got a little peckish. Went out for a midnight snack.

[MG frowns, conflicted between his desire to support his friend and his concern about him breaking the rules and hurting humans]

MG: Oh…

[Kaleb turns back around and notices MG’s expression]

KALEB: We good?

[MG puts on his best poker face and nods]

MG: Yup. All good.

[Kaleb nods in return and starts to walk out of the kitchen]

KALEB: Good. Night then.

[MG looks over at the counter near the sink and is unnerved when he sees the dishtowel has a large spot of blood on it from where Kaleb cleaned himself up]


Salvatore Boarding School (Grand Hall)

[The students have gathered in the grand hall, where Alaric and Sheriff Matt Donovan are standing at the podium to update them on recent events]

ALARIC: Given our recent influx of monsters, Sheriff Donovan and I have decided we need to take drastic action. Please give him your full attention.

[Matt takes his place at the podium to address the students]

MATT: Like Dr. Saltzman was saying, local girls Dana Lilien and Sasha Stoteraux didn’t come home last night.

[Photos of Dana and Sasha are passed throughout the aisles of students]

MATT: Dana sometimes skips town for a few days to party, but this is a first for Sasha.

[Matt, jaw clenched with worry, steps aside so Alaric can return to the podium]

ALARIC: Thank you, Sheriff Donovan.

[MG, seated near the front, looks over at Kaleb, who is seated on his left, with a suspicious expression]

ALARIC: Now, while the knife is away with Dorian and things are quiet on his end, it won’t hurt to assume the worst. If Dana and Sasha happened to be found by monsters…

[Kaleb, noticing MG’s stare, rolls his eyes and whispers to him under his breath]

KALEB: Dude, if you don’t stop mugging me... You heard Ol’ Blue Eyes. Dana has a history of running away.
MG: I saw you feed on her.
KALEB: Yeah, feed. Not kidnap! MG, I’m telling you, vampire to vampire—this ain’t on me.

[Once they stop talking, they return to paying attention to Alaric’s speech just in time to hear his plan]

ALARIC: Now, I’ll need a few of you to volunteer to go to Mystic Falls High under the guise of an exchange program meant to improve relations between our schools…

[Alaric briefly looks at Josie and Lizzie in the pews in front of him before moving on]

ALARIC: Which, unfortunately, is necessary, given recent events. Now, I give you permission to compel them, to gather materials for locator spells, because any information we can get will make a difference.

[Lizzie, with a look of determination, stands to her feet and buttons her blazer before turning to face her fellow students]

LIZZIE: Well, I guess that I can set aside my differences with Dana for a day… because that is what heroes do.

[Lizzie turns around to face her father]

LIZZIE: So, I volunteer as tribute.

[Hope rolls her eyes and mutters under her breath, clearly exasperated by Lizzie’s dramatics]

HOPE: She battles one gargoyle, and suddenly she’s Mother Teresa…

[Kaleb turns toward MG and gives him a look]

KALEB: You’re gonna be real embarrassed when I prove you wrong.

[Kaleb stands to his feet to volunteer]

KALEB: I’m in.

[MG, wanting to keep an eye on Kaleb, stands up as well]

MG: I’m in, too.

[In a surprising turn of events, Hope stands to her feet to volunteer for the trip]

HOPE: I’d like to help.

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[Alaric and Hope are in work-out clothes in the gym, where they’re working on their stick fighting skills. Alaric, still shocked by the fact that Hope volunteered for the high school exchange program, looks at his young protégé incredulously]

ALARIC: Who are you, and what have you done with Hope Mikaelson?

[Alaric quickly ducks to avoid her strike and spins so they’re facing each other from the opposite directions. Hope, resting her sticks against her shoulders when not in use, shrugs nonchalantly before the fight resumes]

HOPE: I never got to go to a real school. I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be normal for a day instead of being a tribrid loner.

[Alaric gives her a look as he blocks her strikes with his sticks]

ALARIC: Yeah, well, that’s a bed you made for yourself…

[Hope, focusing more on blocking his strikes than the conversation, grunts from exertion]

HOPE: Not looking for a social lecture.

[Hope side-kicks at Alaric, aiming for his stomach, only for him to block her with his sticks. She bounces on the balls of her feet as she prepares for the next round]

HOPE: So, what’s your plan with Landon? Does he, like, go here now?
ALARIC: Why? You still thinking about murdering him?

[Alaric tries to catch her off-guard by swinging his left hand toward her head, only for Hope to pinch his stick between hers and shove it away from her. The two then launch into a fury of strikes against the other, each of them preventing the other from getting a hit in]

ALARIC: ‘Cause there’s a knife that sat dormant for centuries that started attracting mythical creatures the day he took possession of it.

[Alaric tries to side-strike her, but Hope does a front-flip to dodge it, causing them to swap positions once again]

ALARIC: I’d say there’s a lot we need to learn about him.

[Hope deflects his strikes with such speed that she’s able to outwit him, spinning him around so she can wedge his neck between her two sticks, defeating him, much to his embarrassment]

HOPE: And then what? We kick him to the curb?

[Alaric winces and groans in discomfort as Hope lets go of him, the two returning to their positions]

ALARIC: Then we decide to do what’s best for the people of this school.
HOPE: Any idea what to do with him while we search for missing mean girls?

[Alaric smirks knowingly]

ALARIC: As a matter of fact, yes.

Salvatore Boarding School (Landon & Rafael’s Room)

[Landon is getting dressed in some grunge-era clothing when Rafael, in his school uniform, walks in to talk to him]

LANDON: Did they say anything about me?

[Rafael sits down on the steamer trunk in front of Landon’s bed, looking anxious]

RAFAEL: No, not yet. Everybody’s been talking about some missing girls from your old high school.

[This does little to quell Landon’s own anxiety about his place at the Salvatore School]

LANDON: Well, do you think they’re gonna kick me out?

[Rafael smiles weakly and gestures toward Landon’s jacket]

RAFAEL: They gave you some clothes. I think that’s a good sign.

[Landon, who has just put on the jacket, which is black and gray plaid and used to belong to Damon Salvatore, retorts in exasperation]

LANDON: From 1993!

[Rafael gives him a look]

RAFAEL: Come on, man. We have both been places where nobody has wanted us before. You know the drill.

[Landon, knowing that Rafael is right, nods in understanding]

LANDON: Yeah—keep my head down, make myself useful, don’t pick fights.
RAFAEL: Exactly. We need today to go well, Lan.
LANDON: No, we need this to go perfect, otherwise I’m as good as gone.

[Just then, Alaric appears in the doorway, ready to get going on the day’s plans]

ALARIC: Landon? You have a minute? A think you might be of some use today.

[Rafael and Landon look at each other, realizing this is their chance to keep Landon at the school]

Mystic Falls High School

[The bus for the Salvatore School has just arrived in front of Mystic Falls High School, where it immediately catches the attention of all of the students congregating outside. The cheerleaders, who are at morning practice, can be heard as MG departs the bus, followed by Hope, Kaleb, Lizzie, and Landon]

CHEERLEADERS: Mystic Falls, we got claws! On the field you’ll hear us roar! RAWR!

[Even more students are staring at them now, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Lizzie. She tries to work the attention to her favor by strutting purposefully down the sidewalk and pretending not to see the onlookers, but her attempt ultimately fails when Landon, not paying attention, walks right into her and knocks her off balance]

LANDON: Sorry! Sorry.

[Landon looks bashful as he apologizes for the misstep, especially when Connor and his jock friends start laughing, but Lizzie just glares at him in annoyance]

LIZZIE: I was making an entrance, mophead.
LANDON: Sorry, I just had a flashback of my freshman year here...

[Lizzie stops walking and gives Landon a mutinous look]

LIZZIE: Girls are missing, so get your wedgie-trauma in check, or leave.

[Lizzie turns to face the rest of the group, who have gathered around her so they can have a huddle before school. Among them is Hope, who sighs as she walks up beside him]

HOPE: He’s fine now. Let it go.

[Lizzie returns to the task at hand and begins assigning tasks to each member of the group with a serious expression]

LIZZIE: Okay, here’s the deal.

[Lizzie turns to Landon, who looks bewildered]

LIZZIE: Landon, you talk to any of the people you still know from when you were here.

[Landon opens his mouth as though he’s about to speak, but Lizzie simply ignores him and turns to Hope, who Lizzie then turns to Hope, who already looks frustrated]

LIZZIE: Hope, you try to not deliberately alienate the entire student body…

[Hope shoots Lizzie an offended look as she steps back to address the rest of the group]

LIZZIE: …While the rest of us save the world.

[Hope rolls her eyes in annoyance]

HOPE: This isn’t a contest, Lizzie.

[Lizzie takes on a serious and dramatic tone of voice]

LIZZIE: You’re right-- it's a mission for a hero and her league of…

[Lizzie looks around at her fellow students and fails to come up with an accurate description of their group]

LIZZIE: …Whatevers.

[Kaleb, unimpressed by the debate, scoffs and throws his hands into the air]

KALEB: Yeah, screw that. I work alone.

[Kaleb quickly walks toward the school, with a reluctant Hope and Landon following suit. Lizzie then turns to talk to MG, whose face lights up at the sight of her]

LIZZIE: MG, I need your compulsion skills. Would you like to be the Robin to my Batwoman?

[MG’s excitement is slightly dimmed by his urge to correct her on her comic book reference]

MG: Actually, Batwoman doesn’t have a Robin, she—

[Lizzie, already bored with the conversation, cuts him off and pats him condescendingly on the shoulder]

LIZZIE: Metaphor, nerd.

[Lizzie puts her left arm around MG’s shoulder so she can steer him toward the school]

LIZZIE: Let’s go.

Salvatore Boarding School (Dining Hall)

[The remaining students at the Salvatore School have gathered in the dining hall for breakfast before class starts. Rafael has just gotten a plate of food and is scanning the room for anyone he can sit next to. He sees Josie, who is in the middle of studying at one of the tables in the center of the room, and immediately walks over to join her. When Josie looks up and sees him, she’s initially pleased by the sight of her companion before then frowning in confusion]

JOSIE: You know, the wolves usually eat outside…

[Rafael, who hasn’t yet learned about the social hierarchy at his new school and seems to not be concerned about it anyway, simply shrugs and smiles at Josie]

RAFAEL: I’d rather hang with you.

[Josie blushes and looks down at her food before starting to make small talk with Rafael]

JOSIE: I didn’t see you at the assembly.
RAFAEL: Kind of still figuring my way around this place.

[Josie smiles and nods in understanding as Rafael changes the subject]

RAFAEL: Why didn’t you ditch like Landon and go play detective?

[Josie gestures at her school notes in front of her]

JOSIE: We’ll, I’m actually working on offensive spells for class. They only teach defensive magic here, but I personally think that the curriculum needs to evolve.

[Rafael looks bewildered by this statement, which suddenly makes Josie self-conscious]

JOSIE: What?

[Rafael, looking uncomfortable, tries to shrug off his nervousness]

RAFAEL: Oh, nothing.

[Josie, amused, smiles as she questions him again]

JOSIE: What?
RAFAEL: I’m still trying to wrap my head around this being a normal conversation here…

[Josie, realizing how overwhelmed he must be, once again nods in understanding with a laugh before attempting to get more information about his return]

JOSIE: Got it. So, meaning you’re happy to be back?
RAFAEL: I’ll be happy when I know that Landon can stay.

[Josie smile turns into a concerned expression]

JOSIE: And then what if he can’t?

[Before Rafael can respond, a tall werewolf boy named Jed appears behind Josie and immediately orders her out of the way]

JED: Bounce, witch. Rafael and I need to have a little chat.

[Rafael, appalled by Jed’s rudeness, refuses to be bossed around by him and stands his ground]

RAFAEL: As soon as Josie and I are done.

[Jed scowls, angry that his newest pack member is already disobeying his orders]

JED: Actually, newb, I’m your alpha. You’re done when I say you’re done.

[Josie, not wanting to get in the middle of their argument, quickly stands to her feet and looks down at her wrist as though she’s checking her watch, despite the fact that she isn’t actually wearing one]

JOSIE: Well, would you look at the time? As fun as this hurricane of toxic masculinity is, I have to get to class.

[Rafael, still not willing to submit to Jed’s demands, stands to his feet, a small smug smile appearing on his face as he commits to his insubordination]

RAFAEL: I’ll walk you.

[Josie looks shocked when Rafael picks up her books for her and carries them himself as he leads her out of the dining hall while the appalled and offended Jed and his lackeys watch them leave]

Mystic Falls High School

[A very bored-looking Hope is walking with Landon, who is anxiously narrating his tour of the school based on his previous experiences there]

LANDON: This is the senior hallway, where I spent much of my formative years stuffed in every locker, except this one—

[Landon anxiously pats one of the lockers with the palm of his hands and tugs on the lock]

LANDON: That one doesn’t open.

[The tour continues with Landon pointing at one of the restrooms in the hallway where they’re walking]

LANDON: On your left, you’ll find the bathroom. It’s where I had my first kiss with a toilet—

[Hope, having reached her limit with his awkward rambling, cuts Landon off with a very sarcastic smile]

HOPE: I’m sorry, does the fact that I’m not openly hostile to you make it seem like we’re back to being friends?

[Landon is clearly taken aback by this unexpectedly rude response before his tries to talk himself out of it]

LANDON: Uh, sorry. I just… I was going for effortlessly natural...

[Landon slows down in an attempt to have a face-to-face conversation with Hope, but when she continues to walk, Landon is forced to jog awkwardly to catch back up with her]

LANDON: But this is all just making me really nervous. Like, the school, and seeing Connor, and being with you—

[Hope, once again trying to stay on task, cuts him off again]

HOPE: Shouldn’t you be talking to… anyone you know?

[Landon chuckles nervously]

LANDON: That’s easier said than done. There is no way Dana’s clique is talking to me, unless you have a spell that will make me retroactively cool…

[Hope answers this rhetorical comment with an eyeroll]

HOPE: Well, I’ll talk to them, then.

[Landon shakes his head in disagreement]

LANDON: It’s even worse for you. Trust me. You have no idea how human high schools work. You’re the new girl—might as well be radioactive.

[Suddenly, a young teenage girl walks up to them as if summoned to prove Landon wrong and looks at Hope sympathetically]

CHERYL: I’m sorry, you look traumatized. Is this loser bothering you?

[Hope, seeing an opportunity to both insult Landon and get information that could help their mission, immediately puts on her best mean-girl act]

HOPE: He keeps trying to get me to buy his mixtape.
CHERYL: Gross. Well, we’re going to lunch. You hungry?

[Hope looks at Landon and smiles sweetly at him, rubbing in the fact that she was immediately accepted by the popular girls despite his prediction]

HOPE: Famished.

[Hope walks toward the cafeteria with Cheryl, leaving Landon to watch them walk away with an exasperated expression on his face]

Mystic Falls Woods

[Alaric just met up with Sheriff Matt Donovan in the woods where they have finally found Dana’s car, which was overturned by whomever attacked them the previous evening]

MATT: Jogger called it in.

[Matt circles around the car to examine the rear bumper]

MATT: Yeah, the plates match. It’s Dana’s car.

[Matt continues to walk around the car in order to look for any clues as to what happened to the young girls. He clenches his jaw in anger when he sees a large splatter of blood on the driver’s side doors and turns to look at Alaric, who is watching from several feet away]

MATT: Think it’s safe to say she’s not a runaway.

[Alaric frowns grimly and looks away, making it clear he’s both devastated by the thought of more human deaths caused by supernatural creatures and feeling somewhat responsible for whatever is behind Dana and Sasha’s disappearance. He then suddenly notices a bloody smear on a nearby tree trunk and walks toward it, allowing him to also notice tracks in the dirt trailing away from the car. Matt seems confused by this whole situation]

MATT: You said the creatures were after a knife that you had sent far away.

[Alaric bristles at Matt’s accusing tone of voice and replies defensively]

ALARIC: They are, and I did. This doesn’t make any sense.

[The two men continue to walk through the forest, looking for more evidence, when they suddenly catch the sight of a body laying behind a bush ahead of them and stop in their tracks. Alaric groans, visibly upset that their suspicions have been confirmed]

ALARIC: Ah, damnit.

[Matt starts walking toward the body and frowns grimly when he finds that it is indeed Dana, whose skin is colorless and whose body is sprawled on her back on the forest floor. Matt crouches down and examines the body for a moment before shooting Alaric a hard look]

MATT: Actually, it’s starting to make perfect sense.

[Alaric frowns as he walks toward Matt to take a look for himself]

ALARIC: What is it?

[Matt gestures toward Dana’s neck, where there are two tell-tale puncture wounds on the right side, his expression indicating that he suspects Alaric’s students are involved]

MATT: A vampire bite.

Mystic Falls High School (Gymnasium)

[Lizzie and MG are in physical education class in the school’s gymnasium, where they’re in Mystic Falls spirit-wear and doing calisthenics on their own. Lizzie is sitting on the ground next to a young woman who is doing crunches while MG holds her feet down. After a moment, MG tries to make conversation in hopes of learning something about what happened to Dana and Sasha]

MG: Nice form. You’re one of Dana’s friends, right?

[The girl reluctantly introduces herself as she continues to do her crunches, and Lizzie makes it clear that she is eavesdropping on their conversation while she does toe-touches]

JILL: Jill.

[When Jill sits up again, she gives MG a blank look]

JILL: And my friendship with Dana doesn’t define me.

[MG frowns in confusion, causing Jill to laugh and stop what she’s doing]

JILL: That was a joke.

[Jill’s smile falls just before she replies and returns to her workout]

JILL: Of course it does.

[MG smiles awkwardly, not knowing how to respond]

MG: Cool, cool…

[MG looks up to find Lizzie giving him a look that says “Get on with it, already.” He then looks down to stare Jill in the eyes, his pupils contracting and constricting as he compels her for information]

MG: Tell me where Dana and Sasha are, and we’ll get out of your hair.

[Lizzie, still listening in, can’t help but rudely interject toward one of the girls who bully her]

LIZZIE: More like split ends…

[Jill turns toward Lizzie with a scathing expression]

JILL: Shut up, Saltzman.

[Jill turns back toward MG, clearly unaffected by his compulsion and thus suspicious of their motives. She watches as MG and Lizzie share an alarmed look and only becomes more uneasy]

JILL: And why are you all up in their business? Are all of you private school kids this creepy?

[Lizzie looks at MG with a frantic expression, expecting him to turn the conversation back around, though it’s obvious he has no idea what to do, having not expected Jill to be on vervain or otherwise uncompellable]

MG: Uh…

[Just then, the teacher blows the whistle to signal the end of class]

COACH: Okay, that’s it. Hit the showers.

[Everyone stands to their feet to do as their told, with Jill relieved to have the opportunity to get away from MG and Lizzie. The latter shoots an appalled look at the former when everyone else has cleared out]

LIZZIE: Compulsion fail!

[Lizzie turns to ruefully watch the students head to the locker rooms, visibly disappointed in their lack of progress]

LIZZIE: Hope’s probably doing a victory lap by now.

[Lizzie turns her attention back to MG and looks at him questioningly]

LIZZIE: What’s with the performance anxiety?

[MG, still sitting on the floor, looks dumbfounded by this turn of events]

MG: I think you’re distracting me…

[Lizzie scoffs and looks down at her gym clothes]

LIZZIE: I’m wearing polyester.

[MG can’t help but hide his adoration as he stands to his feet]

MG: And you’re totally pulling it off…

[Lizzie groans and roughly claps him on the shoulders with both hands]

LIZZIE: Get your head in the game, MG!

[Just then, a vibrating noise is heard, and MG pulls a smart phone out of a hidden location. Lizzie looks at him with surprise]

LIZZIE: You have the school phone?

[Lizzie wrinkles her nose in disgust]

LIZZIE: …Where were you keeping it?

[MG looks at Lizzie with exhausted exasperation]

MG: It’s your dad—he trusts me.

[When Lizzie steps closer to him to look at the phone’s screen, which reads “Dr. Saltzman,” MG is once again distracted by his crush on her and smiles dopily]

MG: You smell like gummy bears…

[Lizzie rolls her eyes before redirecting him to the task at hand]

LIZZIE: Answer it.
MG: Okay…

[MG answers the call and puts it on speaker so they can both take the call]

MG: Hello?

[The scene cuts to Alaric, who is still in the Mystic Falls Woods next to Dana’s overturned car]

ALARIC: [on the phone] I need to talk to everyone.

[MG looks at Lizzie apprehensively]

MG: We split up…

[Lizzie, angry that MG sold her out, slaps him loudly on the shoulder as Alaric scolds her]

ALARIC: [on the phone] Lizzie, I told you to work together!
LIZZIE: In order to conquer, we had to divide, Daddy. So, looks like you’re gonna have to trust your own gene pool for once. Sorry to disappoint.
ALARIC: [on the phone] Look, I’m about to tell you three things, all equally horrifying. So, I need you to keep your cool. Can you both do that?

[MG and Lizzie look at each other and nod, though Alaric can’t see it]

MG: Of course. No problem.
ALARIC: Okay. One, Dana is dead.

[Lizzie and MG share another anxious and shocked expression]

ALARIC: Two, a vampire killed her.

[MG’s eyes widen in alarm when he realizes what could have happened to her, though Lizzie is distracted by what her father is saying]

ALARIC: Three, I just told the Sheriff that we had nothing to do with it, so I need to know right now that I’m right. Have either of you heard anything about the vampires at our school feeding?

[Lizzie frowns and shakes her head]


[MG, who knows the truth and is trying not to reveal it, laughs nervously and weakly protests against the accusations]

MG: Nah… We’re not supposed to… Everyone knows that…

[This seems to satisfy Alaric, but Lizzie sees right through MG’s awkward response and shoots him a look]

ALARIC: Okay, good. I’ll call you back when I know more—and I expect you to be with Hope when I do.

[MG hangs up the call, and Lizzie turns her attention on her cohort]

LIZZIE: You’re a terrible liar. Spill.

Mystic Falls High School (Hallway)

[Landon is wandering down one of the halls at the school when Hope, wearing a headband with a pair of cat ears, catches up with him]

HOPE: Hey.

[Landon turns to see who it is and immediately starts judging her for her current appearance]

LANDON: Let me guess—Pigtails spilled her guts and confessed to kidnapping Dana and Sasha, case closed…?

[Hope shoots him a look and rolls her eyes]

HOPE: Her name is Cheryl, and not exactly… But she did invite me to try out for the cheerleading team.

[Landon scoffs and looks at her like she’s lost her mind]

LANDON: Who are you right now? And what is that thing on your head?
HOPE: It’s a gift from Cheryl.

[Landon laughs darkly, unable to believe what he’s seeing]

LANDON: You’re better than this, Hope.

[Hope rolls her eyes again before explaining herself]

HOPE: Relax, Eeyore. Dana gave it to her, it’s potential locator spell material. Plus, even though Sasha and Connor are dating, Dana was sleeping with him behind her back.
LANDON: [scoffs] Yeah, some clue. Everyone at this school knows Connor is a dick.
HOPE: Come on, Landon. Adultery, missing girls? It’s like every TV show that old people watch. A “crime of passion,” I think they call it.

[Landon, not convinced, stops walking and gives her a serious look]

LANDON: I know Connor. He’s made my life a living hell, but he’s not a killer. Trust me.

[Hope can’t help but sneer at him for this comment, remembering how angry she still is at him]

HOPE: Trusting you is what got us into this mess in the first place.

[Just then, Hope sees Connor over Landon’s shoulder and nods toward him]

HOPE: Look, there he is.

[Landon turns to watch Connor, wearing his varsity jacket, as he walks into a nearby classroom]

HOPE: So, do you want to play “good cop” or “bad cop?” Because I don’t think “emo cop” is a thing…

[Landon rolls his eyes in frustration]

LANDON: Oh, very funny. But while you were off making friends, I did some sleuthing of my own.

[He points at a girl walking down the hall who has blonde hair and is wearing a mismatched blue paisley handkerchief around her neck that clashes with the red and white sweater she’s wearing]

LANDON: Scarf in the Virginia heat? Sounds like a lead, I think they call it.

[Hope reluctantly follows Landon after the girl to get some information on who has been feeding on her]

Mystic Falls Woods

[Matt and Alaric are still at the site where Dana and Sasha presumably went missing, where they’re arguing over who could be responsible for Dana’s death]

MATT: They’re vampire bites, Ric!
ALARIC: If they said they didn’t do it, they didn’t do it! End of story.

[Alaric, unable to look Matt in the eyes, clenches his jaw as he walks away from him, with Matt trailing after him and angrily reminding him of what comes next]

MATT: No, actually, it’s just the beginning. Because now, I have to put a seventeen-year-old-girl in this body bag, then lie to her parents about what actually killed her! Or maybe you forgot what it’s like to be on this side of that conversation.

[Alaric, frustrated and afraid that Matt is right, responds curtly]

ALARIC: It’s not about sides.
MATT: Oh, yeah? Tell that to Dana.

[Matt looks down at the ground with the intention of gesturing toward Dana’s body to emphasize his point. However, both he and Alaric are shocked to find that her body has vanished, with only her blood-stained sweater there to show she was ever there at all]

Mystic Falls High School

[The aforementioned blonde student is in what used to be the stoner den behind the high school, where she’s leaning against the wall while Kaleb leans over her]

FEMALE STUDENT: I thought you said we were gonna have lunch?
KALEB: Yeah…

[Kaleb reaches out and loosens the handkerchief around her neck, revealing the bite marks where he’s already fed on her earlier]

KALEB: Well, uh, one of us is…

[Kaleb leans forward and stares her in the eye to compel her]

KALEB: Don’t be afraid.

[Kaleb’s fangs come out as he opens his mouth to feed on her, but before he can, a female voice calls out to him]

HOPE: Let her go!

[Kaleb stops what he’s doing and turns to find Hope and Landon standing behind him, looking at him sternly. Annoyed, he turns back to the girl and compels her once again as he fixes the handkerchief]

KALEB: Date’s over—it’s not me, it’s you. Now, forget this ever happened and get back to class.

[The girl smiles and silently walks away, just as Lizzie and MG, now back in their regular clothes, appear behind Hope and Landon. Lizzie irritably mutters under her breath when she realizes they’re not the first to find Kaleb]

LIZZIE: Great, Hope’s already here.

[Kaleb doesn’t seem surprised to see the others, but it’s clear by the expression on his face that he feels betrayed by MG]

KALEB: I thought we were cool, bruh!
LIZZIE: Don’t “bruh” him! Second place or not, we know you killed Dana.

[Hope, shocked, looks at Lizzie and MG]

HOPE: Wait, Dana’s dead?
MG: Dr. Saltzman said they found her dead from a vampire bite.

[MG gives Kaleb a knowing look, but Kaleb only becomes more agitated by their accusations]

KALEB: I didn’t kill her, so y’all need to get the hell outta my face.

[Kaleb vamp-speeds away, but he doesn’t get far, as Lizzie thrusts her hand out to cast a silent pain infliction spell on him. Her hand still raise, Lizzie dramatically leads the others toward their suspect, who is screaming in pain as he clutches his head near the woods]

LIZZIE: Come on, guys. Let’s go. It’s hero time.

[Hope rolls her eyes as she walks around Landon to follow after Lizzie]

HOPE: To the Blondemobile.

[When the others finally catch up with Kaleb, Lizzie finally releases him from the spell]

LIZZIE: Not so fast, Kaleb.

[Kaleb, still recovering from the effects of the spell, looks up at the others as he catches his breath]

KALEB: I told you, all I did was feed. Torture me all you want, but my answer’s gonna remain the same… Because I didn’t kill Dana.
LANDON: Uh, he’s right…

[Everyone turns toward Landon with questioning expressions]

LIZZIE: What, so you’re a mind reader now, Landon?

[Landon, who is looking out near the woods, shrugs before gesturing in that direction]

LANDON: Call it a hunch.

[Just then, the sound of groaning is heard as Dana, who is still pale and sickly looking, stumbles and falls to her knees right at the edge of the forest]

Mystic Falls High School (Parking Lot)

[The group has taken Dana to the picnic tables near the parking lot, where she’s explaining what she remembers about the previous night]

DANA: We were on the way to graffiti that mill at your school. It was a harmless prank. But then, I got snatched. Next thing I remember, I woke up in a ditch.

[Dana, clearly exhausted, takes a deep breath before she continues, turning her attention to Lizzie]

DANA: So, enjoy it while you can, Lizzie—I’m sure I look like crap.

[Dana reaches up with the intention of scratching the back of her neck, only for her hand to come upon the swollen and bruised site of her supposed vampire bite right under her right ear. She’s immediately alarmed when she touches it]

DANA: Oh, my God! What is that?
HOPE: It’s…

[Dana looks up at Hope, desperately seeking an answer, but when Hope is unable to think of a believable lie, she looks around for assistance]

HOPE: Someone help me out here…

[The rest of the group pauses awkwardly until finally, Lizzie speaks up, finding a way to be a hero while also getting even with her regarding her bullying]

LIZZIE: It’s… the mother of all hickeys. You’re fine, Dana. You’re just a-a little slutty.

[Dana, offended, scoffs before she realizes where she is and what she’s doing]

DANA: I don’t even like any of you. I should be talking to the cops.

[Dana stands to her feet to walk away, only for Landon to awkwardly block her path]

LANDON: I can’t let you do that…

[Hope, realizing this is going to be a problem, raises her right hand in the air before closing it into a fist as she casts a sleeping spell]

HOPE: Ad somnum.

[Landon, still feeling awkward, sidesteps away from Dana as she collapses to the ground]

LANDON: I mean, she can’t let you do that…

[Lizzie, horrified, looks up at Kaleb]

LIZZIE: So you didn’t kill her—you freaking turned her???

[Kaleb scoffs and immediately begins to defend himself]

KALEB: Turned her? You think I want to sit and listen to that for all eternity?
HOPE: Well, someone did, meaning that we have a transitioning vampire on our hands.

[Hope gestures toward Dana’s unconscious body to emphasize her point]

HOPE: So what are we gonna do with her?

Salvatore Boarding School (Hallway)

[Rafael is walking down the hallway with his backpack slung over his shoulder. He’s about to go up the steps to the second floor when Jed appears on the landing and blocks his way]

JED: Foster kid! I’ve been looking for you.

[Rafael, not wanting to get into it with the rest of the werewolves, smiles and tries to back out of it]

RAFAEL: I’ll catch up with you later. I’ve got to get to class.

[Rafael turns to go in the opposite direction, only to have this path blocked by two other wolves. Realizing he won’t be getting out of this easily, he sighs and turns back to Jed]

RAFAEL: Look, uh, Jed, right? I don’t want any problems.
JED: Neither do we. We just want to initiate you into the pack, okay? The process is simple. You triggered your werewolf curse this month, which means you killed somebody recently. Maybe on purpose, maybe not.

[This conversation is visibly affecting Rafael, who clenches his jaw in an attempt to reign in his anger while Jed continues his pitch]

JED: All you gotta do is tell us the story. That’s our rite of passage.

[Rafael shifts his backpack’s strap and once again tries to extricate himself from the situation]

RAFAEL: Yeah, I’m not really a pack kinda guy…

[Jed, losing his patience, lightly smacks Rafael on the chest with the back of his hand]

JED: You still don’t get it, do you? You don’t have a choice. You can either submit, or you can bleed and then submit. It’s your call.

[Rafael looks as though he’s about to hit Jed, but at the last minute, he turns with the intention of jumping down the stairs. Unfortunately, Jed grabs him by the lapels before he is able to do so and throws him over the balcony at the top of the steps. Rafael lands flat on his back and groans in pain, with Jed and the other two wolves jumping down to continue the assault]

[One of the wolves picks Rafael up off the ground under his arms and gets him in a shoulder-lock, preventing him from being able to break free. The one wolf holds Rafael still while the other nameless wolf punches Rafael three times in the face. Rafael ends up getting out of the lock by elbowing his restrainer in the face, but when he lunges forward to get out of their hold, Jed, waiting at the end of the hall, kicks him so hard in the face that he flies backward and lands on his back once again. Rafael attempts to get up off the ground, but the three wolves circle around him and begin kicking and stomping all over his shoulders, chest, and abdomen]

[After a moment, Josie, having heard the commotion, walks into the hallway and immediately jumps into action when she sees Rafael being assaulted]


[When the wolves ignore her in favor of continuing Rafael’s beating, Josie, furious, reaches out with her right hand and touches the wall, causing both to glow red as she siphons magic from the school. She then raises her left hand into the air with her fingers outstretched]

JOSIE: I said “Hey!”

[All four wolves are stricken with a spell that causes them to hear a cripplingly high-pitched sound. They all double over and cover their ears as Josie glares at them and slowly closes her hand into a fist, dampening the sound. Everyone is visibly angry when they recover from the spell, and Jed takes the opportunity to kick Rafael one more time in the head for good measure]

JED: To be continued.

[Jed and his lackeys, all scowling, walk away, leaving Josie to rush to Rafael’s side as he recovers from the fight. He’s pulling himself to his hands and knees when Josie puts her hand on his back to comfort him]

JOSIE: Hey, are you okay?

[Rafael, all worked up from the fight and not wanting to hurt Josie, smacks her hand away from him, turning around to reveal that his mouth is bleeding and his eyes are blazing gold from anger]

RAFAEL: Get off of me! Just stay away from me!

[Josie jerks back away from him instinctively, breathing hard from exertion, and watches with concern as he gets to his feet and limps away]

Mystic Falls High School (Parking Lot)

[Landon is leading the rest of the crew back to the Salvatore School’s bus, where he opens the back door so MG, who is carrying Dana’s unconscious body, can set her inside of it. All the while, Landon shares his newly-learned knowledge of vampire lore to the others, who look exhausted]

LANDON: So, let me get this straight… Dana died with vampire blood in her system, so she came back to life, and now she’s in transition, and she needs to feed or die…?

[MG, who has just deposited Dana into the bus, nods happily in agreement]

MG: Nailed it, bro. Easy decision, right?

[Landon blanches as though he’s not sure he agrees with the decision. Just then, MG looks down to see a white, fibrous substance on his hand and frowns in confusion]

MG: Huh.

[MG wipes the substance off of his hand and smears it onto the bumper of the bus. After a long moment, Kaleb finally speaks up]

KALEB: All right, so we give her some human blood. It’s that simple.

[Hope gives Kaleb a look]

HOPE: Not everyone wants to be supernatural. Some people just want to be normal.

[Lizzie chimes in with feigned empathy and concern]

LIZZIE: Dana’s traumatized, you guys. This is a huge decision. Maybe we should give her a day or two…
HOPE: She’ll be dead in a day if she doesn’t feed.

[Lizzie drops the nice-act and shrugs as though she’s not mad about this potential ending]

LIZZIE: Oops. I suck at math.
LANDON: You should tell her the truth. My guess is that she’d be psyched to be at a place like your school—I know I would.

[Kaleb looks past Landon to MG and frowns, clearly not thrilled with his stance on this issue]

KALEB: You’re awful quiet over there, MG.
MG: I’m a feminist, bruh. I’m not gonna tell Dana what to do with her body.

[MG points toward Landon, who is leaning against the back door of the bus]

MG: Landon’s right.

[They all nod in agreement and look over at Lizzie, who, knowing that this is the right thing to do, groans and rolls her eyes in response]

LIZZIE: Ugh, fine. Okay. But, to be clear, she is not joining drill team.

[Hope takes a deep breath and casts the counter-spell to wake Dana back up with a flick of her fingers]

HOPE: Surgere.

[Dana groggily sits up as though she’s just awoken from deep sleep]

DANA: Did I pass out?

[When Dana rises to a seated position, she groans and closes her eyes, almost swaying in her seat]

DANA: …I don’t feel so well.

[Hope looks at her with a sympathetic expression and tries to get the ball rolling on the explanation for what has happened to her]

HOPE: We know how you feel… And it’s okay. You’re just hungry.

[Dana, not understanding where she’s going with this, cuts her off with a rude tone of voice]

DANA: Anorexia was sophomore year. This is something else.
MG: You’ll feel better after you feed. I promise.

[Dana braces herself with one hand as she continues to sway nauseously]

DANA: Oh, shut up! For real. Even thinking about eating makes me want to—

[Suddenly, Dana heaves and vomits a large amount of greenish-black goo onto the sidewalk. Everyone’s noses wrinkle in disgust, and Kaleb immediately jumps backward and looks down in repulsion]

KALEB: Oh, damn! What’d that girl eat?

[Despite her best efforts, Dana continues to heave and gag up many more huge amounts of this strange vomit, much to everyone’s horror]

LIZZIE: I think her soul just got on my shoes. Ew.

[MG covers his mouth with a gag and stumbles backward]

MG: I think I’ma be sick, too.

[Landon, who is pressing his back against the door and closing his eyes against the sight of Dana’s vomit, groans as well]

LANDON: Is this normal?
HOPE: She’s puking her guys out—literally.

[Though everyone else is turned away from her, Hope frantically tries to get Dana’s attention as she regurgitates more and more greenish-goo]

HOPE: Dana. Dana!

[After the break, the scene returns to find Dana laying in the puddle of her own vomit. However, instead of a whole body like there was before, Dana has just been reduced to a body-shaped piece of skin, hair, and clothing. All five of the Salvatore School kids are standing around her body, looking disgusted by the sight and concerned about what actually happened]

HOPE: Should we call your dad…?

[Lizzie gives Hope a snide look]

LIZZIE: Why? So he can take another bullet for you?

[Hope returns Lizzie’s look back to her as though she’s not understanding the gravity of the situation]

HOPE: No, because whatever did this is not a vampire.

[Hope gives Landon a pointed look]

HOPE: It’s got to be another monster from the knife.

[Kaleb, both suspicious of their newest student and eager to clear his own name, picks up where Hope left off and looks at Landon questioningly]

KALEB: Well, maybe the monster has been right in front of us all along.

[Landon immediately takes offense to Kaleb’s accusation as the vampire walks closer to him]

LANDON: What? Are you serious?
KALEB: Hey, none of this started happening until you showed up and stole that knife, which is exactly what the other monsters came here to do. You saying it’s a coincidence?

[Landon nods his head and gulps anxiously]

LANDON: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

[Landon looks around at the rest of the group, looking for back-up on this issue]

LANDON: You believe me, right?

[Hope and Lizzie both can’t look at Landon in the eyes, instead staring at the ground, and though MG gives him a sympathetic expression, it’s clear that he’s not going to go to bat for him. Landon, visibly hurt by this accusation, takes one last look at Hope before taking off on foot]

LANDON: Got it. Say no more.

[As Landon heads toward the school, Hope watches him leave with a guilty expression on her face]

Salvatore Boarding School (Old Mill)

[Rafael is in the ruins of the old mill, where he is angrily screaming as he throws the remains of the furniture inside it at the walls. After he destroys two chairs, Josie comes rushing in to try to calm him down]

JOSIE: Raf. Raf!

[Rafael looks at her furiously, though it seems to be more out of embarrassment and shame than actual anger toward her]

RAFAEL: I told you to leave me alone!

[Josie reaches out to gently grab Rafael’s right arm to turn him to face her]

JOSIE: No, I can’t do that until you—

[Rafael grabs her roughly by her free arm to try to scare her away]


[The two continue to tussle for a moment]

JOSIE: Just calm down!
RAFAEL: It’s not safe! Get away!

[Josie, unafraid, reaches out with her right hand and places it on his chest, rubbing it comfortingly despite his protests]

JOSIE: Calm down! Close your eyes and breathe.

[When Rafael continues to resist, Josie repeats her instructions, closing her own eyes as she continues to rub his sternum with her fingertips]

JOSIE: Breathe. Just like me.

[Rafael reluctantly does as he’s told, and after a breath or two, he seems to be calming down. Josie encourages him to continue]

JOSIE: Good. Breathe.

[The two take several more deep breaths together before Rafael’s heart rate finally starts to slow down to a healthy level]

JOSIE: Good. That’s more like it.

[The two continue on for a few more moments until Rafael finally opens his eyes, having exhausted all the fight he had in him just minutes ago. Confused and a little groggy, he looks down at Josie’s face]

RAFAEL: Was that magic?

[Josie shakes her head weakly]

JOSIE: No. Just years of practice with Lizzie, I guess.

[Now that his anger has passed, Rafael blushes in embarrassment]

RAFAEL: I didn’t mean to scare you…

[When Josie starts to protest, Rafael looks away]


[Josie moves so that he’s forced to look her in the eyes]

JOSIE: You can’t scare me.

[When Rafael continues to avoid her gaze, she once again forces his attention back on their conversation]

JOSIE: Hey. Hey! What scares me is that you’re dead if you don’t submit.

[Rafael rolls his eyes and sighs, thinking that she’s trying to help Jed get him in line, forcing Josie to backtrack]

JOSIE: Hey, no! It’s just the way it is.
RAFAEL: You’re the one talking about making change, right?

[Josie looks overwhelmed by the change in topic]

JOSIE: I meant adding an elective, not launching a revolution
RAFAEL: Josie—
JOSIE: Jed’s an alpha, okay? You’re a wolf. That’s just-just the way it is. There’s no other way.

[Rafael is suddenly distracted by something above Josie’s head, but Josie thinks he’s just still trying to run away from the truth]

RAFAEL: Josie…

[Rafael points up to the rafters where they’re both horrified to see the whole upper floor covered in spiderwebs. They slowly make their way up the stairs to investigate this further. Upstairs, they see a young woman covered up in cobwebs, looking as though she’s sleeping soundly. Josie looks shocked when she realizes who it is]

JOSIE: It’s Sasha.

[When Josie tries to extricate Sasha out of the webs, she opens her eyes and screams, scaring Josie and Rafael so badly that they stumble backward away from her. Josie lands in a corner full of cobwebs and struggles as hard as she can to break free, catching Rafael’s notice]

RAFAEL: Uh, are you okay?

[Josie continues to pull against the spider webs with no success]

JOSIE: Raf, I think I’m stuck.

[Rafael immediately grabs her by the wrists with the intention of pulling her out with his werewolf strength, only to fall back into more of the cobwebs when he yanks too hard. Josie frowns when it is revealed that Rafael, too, is stuck as well]


[Josie and Rafael grunt and groan as they try to break free. When they realize they’re stuck and need outside help, the two look at each other with panicked expressions]

Mystic Falls High School (Hallway)

[Landon is in the boys restroom, where he leans against the sink and takes a deep breath before running his hands under the cold water and uses it to rinse off his face, clearly anxious about the accusations against him by the Salvatore School kids. Suddenly, Landon senses the presence of someone nearby and is startled to find that Connor is standing to his right, staring at him with a creepy, blank expression]

[Unnerved, Landon turns off the water in the sink and quickly walks out the door, hoping to avoid yet another confrontation with a fellow student. As he walks down the hallway, he once again senses someone behind him and turns around to find Connor standing a few feet away, still staring at him with a blank-eyed expression. Landon, at his wits end, raises his arms out to his sides and questions him]


[When Connor remains silent, Landon, frustrated by the whole day’s events, storms toward him, ready to meet his fate]

LANDON: All right, come on. Let’s get this over with. What’s it gonna be? Toilet bowl? Trash can? Bloody nose?

[Once Landon and Connor are face to face, he waits a beat for Connor’s retort, only to become more frustrated when he remains silent]

LANDON: Say something, you dick!

[Connor continues to not say anything, so Landon scoffs and turns to walk away. However, after a moment of thinking about it, Landon turns back around to face Connor again, a furious scowl on his face]

LANDON: No, you made my life miserable. You don’t get to pretend I don’t exist!

[Landon rears his hand back and hits Connor in the jaw with a right cross. However, Connor is barely affected by the blow, and when Landon looks down at his hand, he’s shocked to find a large piece of Connor’s flesh on his knuckles. Landon, repulsed, looks up and is stunned to find a large, spider-like pincer popping out where Connor’s skin had been torn off, revealing that Connor is not actually Connor at all. Frozen in fear, Landon watches as more pincers appear from the hole in “Connor’s” face, gulping anxiously before forcing himself to rush out of the school]

Mystic Falls High School (Parking Lot)

[Back outside, Hope, MG, Lizzie, and Kaleb are cleaning up the evidence of Dana’s death. MG is ripping pages out of a comic book to use to wipe the goo off of his shoes while Lizzie hoses the remnants of Dana’s liquified organs off of the pavement and Hope cleans off her hands with a washcloth. Kaleb walks up behind the girls and makes another disgusted face]

KALEB: Nasty.

[Kaleb then turns the topic back to himself as he starts to back away]

KALEB: Yeah, so, um… I’m out of here. But, little piece of advice? Landon could be in there right now, eating fools. So… I’ll holla.

[Kaleb gestures around at the group before turning and walking away from them. Lizzie and Hope, both unimpressed by Kaleb’s team spirit, roll their eyes. Hope sighs as MG goes back to cleaning up his shoes]

HOPE: Come on, guys. If it’s not Landon, then what else could it be?

[MG frowns when he notices something on the page he’s using to wipe off his shoes before suddenly being stricken by an idea]

MG: Spider.

[Hope and Lizzie look at MG skeptically]

MG: A big spider! An Arachne, if you want to get specific.

[MG smooths out the page and holds it up to show the girls. On it is a very large spider creature, and Lizzie yanks it out of his hand to look at it before scoffing and handing it back]

LIZZIE: This is nerd porn, not real life.

[MG, excited about the discovery he’s just made, begins to explain his hypothesis in an animated tone of voice]

MG: So were dragons and gargoyles! The writer bases her comics off of Greek lore. An Arachne was originally a beautiful woman who was cursed by a jealous god and turned into a giant spider. Uh, all it wants to do is be human, so it wears the skin of its prey to pass. Oh, my God! It’s-it’s fangs are huge, so they could pass for a vampire bite! And its bite liquefies its victims! Plus, I found a web in Dana’s hair!

[Lizzie looks at Hope, still skeptical, but Hope seems to be on board with MG’s theory]

HOPE: That would explain why it couldn’t follow the knife out of town. An SUV-sized insect can’t exactly hitch-hike unless it inhabits the body of someone.
MG: Who? Sasha, maybe?

[Lizzie looks over at Hope with a snide expression]

LIZZIE: My money is still on your boyfriend.

[Hope shoots Lizzie a glare]

HOPE: He’s not my boyfriend.

[Despite her best efforts to disagree with MG, Lizzie finally comes around]

LIZZIE: If we had something from it, we could do a tracking spell…

[Suddenly, Landon appears behind them]

LANDON: Would its face work?

[Lizzie, Hope, and MG turn and look horrified as Landon holds up the piece of flesh Landon punched off of Connor’s face]

Salvatore Boarding School (Old Mill)

[Up on the second floor of the old mill, Josie is looking at Rafael as she continues to anxiously struggle against the cobwebs that are essentially holding them hostage]

JOSIE: This is bad. Whatever spun this, it’s gonna come back and it’s gonna eat us!
RAFAEL: Can’t you witch us out of here?

[Josie shakes her head, clearly unhappy about this fact]

JOSIE: No, that’s not how my powers work. My sister and I, we come from this specific witch bloodline called the Gemini Coven. Basically, we don’t have powers of our own. We have to siphon them from other things first.
RAFAEL: So, that thing that you did earlier, you siphoned power from a wall?
JOSIE: There’s magic that runs through the school. It works on small spells.
RAFAEL: Okay, can you siphon a wolf?
JOSIE: I mean, theoretically, yeah, but my hands are stuck…

[Josie suddenly gets an idea]

JOSIE: Unless...

[Josie quickly leans forward and kisses Rafael, who clearly seems to like it. He kisses her back for a few moments, and their lips glow bright red as she siphons some magic from him. After a moment, Josie, overwhelmed, stumbles backward into the webs. Rafael, also dazed from the kiss, looks over at her]

RAFAEL: That was unexpected.

[Josie, thinking this means Rafael didn’t like it, immediately becomes apologetic]

JOSIE: Sorry…

[Rafael, who actually did like it, smiles weakly at her]

RAFAEL: Don’t be.

[After a moment, Rafael snaps out of his daze and returns to the task at hand]

RAFAEL: Uh, did it work?

[Josie, still overwhelmed by the magic and the kiss in general, can only whisper her response]

JOSIE: I don’t know. The room’s still spinning.

[Just then, the two hear footsteps approaching and turn their heads as best they can to try to see who it is. Rafael immediately calls out to them to try to get some help]

RAFAEL: Hey! Hey! We’re trapped up here!

[Once the figure is visible, Josie realizes it’s “Connor” and tries to appeal to him for help]

JOSIE: Connor?

[“Connor” finally turns to face them, revealing that half of his face has now fallen off and is revealing the arachne wearing his skin, scaring the two]


[Suddenly, the skin starts to fall off in pieces as the arachne takes its true form, must to Josie’s disgust]

JOSIE: Whoa!

[The arachne then jumps onto one of the support beams and climbs it up to the second floor, leaving Josie and Rafael panicked]

RAFAEL: He’s coming.

[Rafael uses all of his strength to try to break through the webs, but when it becomes clear he can’t, he looks over at Josie with an urgent expression]

RAFAEL: Josie, now would be a good time for one of those offensive magic spells you were talking about…

[Josie turns herself as best as she can so she can aim her fire spell at the arachne]

JOSIE: Ignarious!

[The spell sends a fireball toward the arachne, which hits it and causes it to burst into flames and fall off the beam on which it was climbing. Rafael sighs in relief]

RAFAEL: All right, I think you got him!

[To their horror, the arachne stirs on the floor, making an angry trilling noise as it tries to recover from the blow]

JOSIE: Or we just pissed him off…

[The arachne, now in its full true form due to Connor’s skin and clothing being burned off by Josie’s fireball, stands on all eight of its legs. Its face is burned and raw, its eight black eyes staring at the two with a furious expression as all of its pinchers click and screech in warning]

Mystic Falls Woods

[MG, Lizzie, Landon, and Hope are running through the woods toward the school when suddenly, MG’s school phone starts to ring. MG looks at the screen and sees that it’s Alaric who is calling and immediately panics and hands the phone to Lizzie]

MG: It’s for you. No way I’m telling your dad what we’re about to do.

[Lizzie groans as she looks at the ringing phone in her hands]

LIZZIE: I suck at lying.

[Lizzie looks behind her and sees Landon and immediately tosses the phone to him]

LIZZIE: You’re great at it.

[Landon, not trying to lose his place at the school, turns to see Hope and passes the phone to her]

LANDON: You’re his favorite.

[Hope looks at the phone apprehensively and passes it back to Lizzie]

HOPE: You’re the hero!

[Realizing she’s the one who has to take the call, Lizzie slows down and answers the call, putting it on speaker so everyone else can listen as well. She greets her father in a feigned cheerful tone of voice in hopes of concealing their activities from him]

LIZZIE: Hi, Daddy…
ALARIC: Hey, thought I’d call, check in, see how things are going…

[Alaric and Matt are standing outside of the Salvatore School bus, where it is obvious by the look on his face that he’s furious and trying to see if Lizzie will tell him the truth before he confronts her. Lizzie fake-smiles to try to sound as innocent as possible]

LIZZIE: So good…

[Alaric decides to waste no more time beating around the bush and just comes out with it]

ALARIC: Really? Define “good,” Lizzie, because I don’t think that involves me tracking down Dana’s body to the glove compartment!

[The scene cuts to the inside of the bus, where what’s left of Dana’s body (skin, hair, and clothing) has indeed been shoved into the glove compartment. Lizzie, not wanting to disappoint her dad again, tries to talk herself out of trouble]

LIZZIE: Listen, Dad, it’s fine! We cracked the case. It’s a spider—but, like, a bug, huge, nasty spider.

[Hope, realizing Lizzie is doing nothing to help their case, rolls her eyes, and MG gives Lizzie a look to indicate he’d like to leave him out of it]

LIZZIE: And MG’s comic books know how to kill it!

[Alaric scoffs in exasperation, clearly not as confident in their abilities to kill the creature as Lizzie is]

ALARIC: Comic books? Really?

[Alaric takes a deep breath and tries to get them to stand down in the kindest voice he can muster]

ALARIC: Lizzie, listen to me—whatever you’re thinking of doing? Don’t. Okay? So, just tell me where you are, and Matt and I will be right there. And where is Hope?

[Lizzie, intent on doing this on her own, ignores this question]

LIZZIE: I’m sorry, Dad. You’re gonna have to trust me for once.

[Lizzie hangs up the phone, and Hope looks impressed by Lizzie’s strength of will in this issue, as does MG. Lizzie expression becomes determined as she addresses her three teammates]

LIZZIE: Let’s do this.

Salvatore Boarding School (Old Mill)

[Rafael and Josie, still stuck in the arachne’s cobwebs, anxiously look down at the first floor in hopes of anticipating the creature’s next move]

RAFAEL: I think he’s still out there…

[Suddenly, a screeching noise is heard overhead, and they look up to find the arachne standing on a platform on the third floor of the mill, causing Josie to scream in terror]


[The arachne leaps across the edge and lands directly over Josie and Rafael’s heads, which only causes them to scream louder, panicking at what they believe is their impending deaths]


[Out of nowhere, Landon, holding a long pipe that has been painted yellow, leaps into the mill and distracts the creature by shouting at it and catching it’s attention by hitting the pipe against the metal railing toward the entrance]

LANDON: Hey, douchebag!

[When the arachne turns to see Landon, he immediately goes pale at the sight of the monstrous creature in front of him]

LANDON: Ohhhh…

[Landon rushes out of the mill just as Hope walks inside, groaning when she sees the arachne trilling from its position on the third floor]

HOPE: I hate spiders.
RAFAEL: You need to get us out of here.

[Josie, overwhelmed, tries to think of what to do]

JOSIE: Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap…

[She once again leans forward and kisses Rafael for a few short moments, siphoning more magic from him in the process. She points her right hand toward the webs and mutters a spell under her breath]

JOSIE: Uanascar.

[Tne spell shreds the cobwebs restraining Josie's arms. With Josie now free, she is able to perform the same spell in order to remove the cobwebs from Rafael’s wrists as well. Hope, getting into a battle stance, calls out to Lizzie as Josie and Rafael run down the stairs]

HOPE: Lizzie, I need your help!

[Lizzie runs into the mill to join Hope, who then calls out for Josie as well. Meanwhile, the arachne has just jumped down to the ground level, landing just feet away from where Hope is standing]

HOPE: Josie! Take my hand.

[Hope holds her hands out so that Lizzie and Josie can both grab them and siphon some of her magic to help with the spell]

HOPE: Repeat after me—Imperium fluctus malleus.

[The three witches continue to chant the incantation as the arachne screeches at them]

HOPE, JOSIE & LIZZIE: [simultaneously] Imperium fluctus malleus. Imperium fluctus malleus. Imperium fluctus malleus.

[The wind starts to pick up speed and blows the girls’ hair around as the arachne quivers and shakes from the force of the spell. The girls raise their clasped hands to add further power to their spell]

HOPE, JOSIE & LIZZIE: [simultaneously] Imperium fluctus malleus.

[Finally, the girls thrust their hands forward and shout the last incantation at the top of their voice]

HOPE, JOSIE & LIZZIE: [simultaneously] Imperium fluctus malleus!

[The arachne lets out one final screech as it rises into the air and explodes in a gigantic burst of orange goo]

[The scene cuts to outside, where Rafael has just brought out the spiderweb-covered Sasha and has laid her gently onto the ground. Landon and MG watch him as he does so, only for their attention to be turned to Hope, Lizzie, and Josie as they depart from the mill. All three of them look stunned and a little afraid when they see the girls walking toward them, all with serious expressions on their faces and all covered in the orange goo from head to toe. They all look exhausted and are too tired to be embarrassed by their current appearance, and the boys, knowing how powerful the three witches must be to have killed the arachne, decide to remain silent]

Salvatore Boarding School (Front Gates)

[Night has fallen, and Hope, Lizzie, and MG are in front of the school gates with Sasha. MG is about to compel her to forget what she saw that day as Lizzie and Hope chat quietly]

LIZZIE: Was she bitten?

[MG looks Sasha in the eyes and his pupils expand and contract as he compels her]

MG: You’re gonna be fine. There was a party in the woods. You and Dana had the time of your lives. But, on the way home, you guys were attacked by a mountain lion. You survived and Dana didn’t. There was nothing you could do.
SASHA: Dana’s dead?

[Lizzie, feeling sorry for Sasha, walks toward her and MG]

LIZZIE: Just take it all away. Tell her not to feel anything.

[Hope gives Lizzie a hard look]

HOPE: You can’t compel her not to grieve.
LIZZIE: I’m helping her.

[Hope looks past Lizzie at MG and instructs him on what to do]

HOPE: Tell her that it’s gonna hurt. It always will. Tell her that some days will be harder than others, but eventually she’ll remember the good times she had with Dana, too. Tell her to hold onto those, because it’s the key to getting through this.

[Lizzie looks at Hope empathetically, as though she’s finally starting to understand her better. Hope, feeling vulnerable due to this confession, turns and walks back toward the school]

Salvatore Boarding School (Gymnasium)

[Josie and Rafael are outside of the gym, where Rafael is anxiously pacing back and forth. Meanwhile, inside the gym, Jed and the other werewolves are playing a game that seems to be a cross between kickball and basketball involving a medicine ball. After a moment, Josie looks at him with concern]

JOSIE: Are you sure you want to do this?

[Rafael nods his head, though it’s obvious he’s still not fond of the idea]

RAFAEL: You saw what they did to me. I don’t think going “lone wolf” is an option anymore, do you?

[Josie gives him a look]

JOSIE: Don’t look at me. I’m a twin—I don’t do anything solo.
RAFAEL: Look, after Cassie died, I thought Landon was the only pack that I’d ever have. I didn’t think that I needed anyone else. Be honest with me… Is—this school, these people, keeping Landon here—worth it?
JOSIE: This place is flawed. Every single person here is cursed in some way, whether it’s blood or just life. Everyone has issues of their own that they’re dealing with. But, we’re all in this together. Every single person here, we look out for each other. So, yeah—it’s worth it.

[Rafael considers Josie’s words for a moment, only to be snapped out of it when Jed throws the ball at one of the wolves with such force that the target falls on his abdomen on the floor. The ball rolls over and lands at Rafael’s feet, and one of the wolves calls out to him to get the ball back]

MALE WEREWOLF: Little help?

[Josie crouches down to try to pick up the ball, but it’s too heavy, causing Rafael to bend over to pick it up for her instead. He looks impressed by the game they’re playing]

RAFAEL: Medicine ball. Jed and his boys play for keeps.

[With one final look at Josie, Rafael walks onto the basketball court to return the ball. Jed, looking at him apprehensively, wanders over toward him, not sure what to expect. The other wolves congregate around them as well in anticipation for whatever is about to happen]

JED: Foster kid. You back for more?

[Rafael takes a deep breath before he speaks up]

RAFAEL: I killed my girlfriend. It was an accident. I was behind the wheel and I lost control. When I woke up, I was in the hospital. Landon had to tell me that she was dead, and I don’t know anything else.

[Josie, who was listening to his speech, looks down at the floor with a pang of jealousy for Cassie and her bond with Rafael. Rafael looks up at Jed with a blank expression]

RAFAEL: Am I part of the pack, now?
JED: Take a knee.

[Rafael, confused, frowns, not knowing what he means]

JED: If you’re gonna submit to your alpha, you take a knee.

[Rafael seems to be silently debating whether or not he should do what he’s asked to do, and he looks back at Josie, still standing on the sidelines, when Jed suddenly laughs and steps back]

JED: No, I’m just playing. It’s your ball.

[Jed tosses Rafael the ball, and Rafael smiles]

JED: Do this, Rafael. You’re in the next round.

[The game resumes, and Josie, relieved there was no more bloodshed, wanders away from the gym]

Steven’s Quarry

[Landon is sitting on the edge of the dock at the quarry, skipping rocks over the lake’s surface, when Hope walks up behind him and joins him]

HOPE: So much for my plan to spend the day as a normal teenage girl.

[Hope sits down next to Landon, who doesn’t seem especially pleased to see her]

HOPE: You did good back there.
LANDON: Yeah… Felt nice to be part of the team, until you all accused me of being a monster.

[Hope frowns, knowing that Landon has a valid point, and gives him an apologetic look]

HOPE: I’m sorry… It’s just gonna take us some time before we can trust you again.
LANDON: Yeah, I got that. Repeatedly.

[Landon takes a deep breath before he continues]

LANDON: So, let me lay this out for you all at once—I don’t know why I was drawn to that knife any more than I can explain why a super-sized spider inhabited the body of a kid who used to bully me in high school. I don’t know why creatures we’ve only read about in books are making cameos in Mystic Falls. I don’t have an explanation for any of this. And, let’s be honest-- neither do any of you. So, as far as I can see, we’re supposed to be in this together. And this morning, all I wanted to be was sitting here, part of this, spending time with you. But, all day long, you ridiculed me and then you hung me out to dry when it mattered.

[Landon stands to his feet and looks at Hope with a pointed expression]

LANDON: You wanted to know what it’s like to be normal? Congrats, Hope. You’re officially normal.

[Landon walks away, leaving Hope to feel guilty and ashamed for her behavior towards him]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie’s Room)

[Alaric has come to the twins’ room to scold them for the day’s activities, particularly Lizzie, who was leading the group at Mystic Falls High School. It is obvious by the scowl on Alaric’s face that he is not at all happy with them]

ALARIC: I specifically asked you to wait.

[Lizzie, who was sitting on her bed, rises onto her knees so she can move closer to him to make her defensive argument]

LIZZIE: I know, but—

[Alaric, unamused, cuts her off]

ALARIC: There are no “buts,” Lizzie, okay? Being a hero is not more important than being safe!

[Lizzie sighs and frowns glumly]

LIZZIE: I’m not a hero, dad. The only reason I was trying to be is because that’s how you’re always treating Hope! Let’s be honest—she’s better at it than I’ll ever be.

[Alaric, frustrated and exasperated, tries to nip that argument in the bud]

ALARIC: Hope is not the goal! Hope is a cautionary tale. And the reasons I trust her are the last things I’d ever want the two of you to experience. That’s why I founded this school. That’s why there are rules.

[This time, Josie interjects into the argument in Lizzie’s defense]

JOSIE: Well, the only reason why we’re alive today is because we broke the rules.

[Alaric rolls his eyes, but Josie continues her rebuttal]

JOSIE: Today, Hope did a spell that saved us, a spell that we would have known if the school taught us offensive magic. And then, Lizzie almost died yesterday because you didn’t tell us to be on the lookout for monsters. The past couple of days have proven that you cannot protect us from everything. We have to start learning how to protect ourselves.

[Alaric, overwhelmed, can’t help but chuckle darkly]

ALARIC: Oh, God. Is this the moment they talk about when parents lose all control?
JOSIE & LIZZIE: [simultaneously] Dad...

[Alaric sighs and cuts them off before they can argue with him further]

ALARIC: All right… I will take it under consideration. Okay?

[Alaric gives them a stern look]

ALARIC: Now, go to bed. I love you… Sort of.

[Alaric turns and heads out the door, and Lizzie, impressed by Josie’s passion, looks over at her curiously]

LIZZIE: Where did that come from?

[Josie lips curl into a small smile]

JOSIE: I guess I felt like launching the revolution.

Salvatore Boarding School (Kitchen)

[MG and Kaleb are back in the kitchen, where Kaleb is loudly shouting at MG for telling Lizzie that he was feeding on human girls at Mystic Falls High School]

KALEB: You sold me out!
MG: Yeah, I know. Lizzie caught me lying, and I-I just crumbled.

[This response only makes Kaleb more mad, as he sees MG’s crush on Lizzie as pointless due to her lack of feelings for him]

KALEB: What? Dude, you gotta know who you stand with. And it can’t be with some girl who thinks she’s too good to give you the time of day. Vamps before tramps, remember?
MG: Yeah…

[MG thinks about this further and decides to stand his ground rather than allow Kaleb to insult his friends]

MG: N-no. Look, I appreciate the rhyme, but don’t disrespect her like that. We got enough monsters out here as it is. We cannot become one of them.

[Kaleb scoffs in disbelief, obviously frustrated and exasperated by MG’s behavior]

KALEB: You’re a puppet, MG! The headmaster and his daughter’s little puppet.

[MG, starting to get riled up, starts arguing back]

MG: No, I’m not.
KALEB: No? Then it doesn’t bother you that she bosses you around and you just take it, right? I mean, he makes you run all his errands, and you just take it. Even today! They couldn’t even let the vamps out on our own—they had to send the witches to keep an eye on us. Hell, they even make rules about how we’re supposed to eat, but they don’t tell us what they’re actually feeding us!

[MG, having reached his limit of patience with regards to this conversation, raises his voice as he points at the fridge]

MG: There’s blood bags in that refrigerator right there!

[Kaleb, appalled by MG’s ignorance, shouts back at him]

KALEB: But not human blood!

[MG scoffs as though Kaleb is being ridiculous]

MG: What are you talking about?

[Kaleb, tired of fighting with someone who obviously doesn’t agree with him, gives up and heads toward the door]

KALEB: You know what, man? Ask yourself why you don’t see many rabbits running around the yard here.

[Kaleb leaves the room, where a conflicted MG thinks about what Kaleb has just told him]

Salvatore Boarding School (Entrance Hall)

[Kaleb has just walked into the hallway, where he’s stopped by Sheriff Matt Donovan. Despite the gravity of the situation, Kaleb maintains his usual arrogant demeanor]

KALEB: Evening, Officer. Let me guess—you’re here to give me a medal.

[Matt’s expression makes it clear that he’s not amused by his attitude]

MATT: Actually, I’m here to ask you a few questions.

[Kaleb frowns in feigned ignorance]

KALEB: About what?
MATT: About why half the Mystic Falls cheerleading squad’s wearing scarves around their necks.

[Alaric appears behind Kaleb to address Matt on the issue]

ALARIC: Walk away, Matt. I’ll handle this.

[Kaleb, now angry, turns toward Alaric with a scathing look on his face]

KALEB: Oh, don’t pretend like you on my side when you the one who told him. Question is, who told you? Lizzie? MG?

[Alaric smiles a tiny smirk, satisfied that Kaleb has ratted himself out]

ALARIC: Actually, you just did. I’ve had my suspicions, but I could never confirm them.

[Kaleb, now anxious, tries to mask his fear with aggression]

KALEB: So, what are you gonna do about it?

[Kaleb turns his back on Alaric to look at Matt]

KALEB: ‘Cause I know you ain’t locking me up.

[Kaleb opens his mouth and extends his fangs with the intention of attacking Matt, but before he can do so, Alaric stabs him in the neck with a syringe full of vervain, which knocks him out instantly. Matt, who looks exhausted and somewhat jaded, gives Alaric a tired look]

MATT: I’ve been doing this too long, Ric. If your kids are a threat, I’ll be coming for them.

[Despite their friendship over the years, Alaric stands his ground]

ALARIC: If you threaten my kids, Sheriff… I’ll be the one coming for you.

[Matt frowns grimly before he heads out of the school]

Salvatore Boarding School (Cellar) / Dorian’s Cabin

[Alaric, who has just deposited the still-unconscious Kaleb onto the floor of one of the cells in the basement, has just answered a call from Dorian, who is sitting in front of the fireplace in his cabin, the knife resting on the table in front of him]

ALARIC: Yeah, well, I know why it’s so quiet on your end—we had a visit from an ancient body-snatching spider today.

[Dorian, surprised by this revelation, nods his head]

DORIAN: Wow, that’s an interesting development…

[Suddenly, Dorian hears the sound of wood smashing and stands up to investigate it]

DORIAN: Hang on a sec…

[Alaric, not paying attention to Dorian, continues speaking anyway]

ALARIC: Listen, why don’t you come home? We were wrong. Nothing’s coming your way.

[Dorian slowly presses himself against the wall before peering his head around the corner, where he spots a slimy black creature standing in the main doorway. Alarmed, Dorian gets ready to hang up the phone to deal with it]

DORIAN: …Hold that thought.


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