The House in Pond Estates is a house that was taken by Sybil from Tammy. It is located in Pond Estates, one of the neighborhoods of Grove Hill, Virginia.

Season Eight

Sybil took the house from Tammy's husband. She states that rich, sleazy men will give up their whole house for a song, meaning that she sirened him into giving it up. However, Seline sirened the family to stay and to have Christmas together as she didn't want to be alone. Later, she asked Tammy to invite Enzo in when he and Bonnie came to look for the Staff of Arcadius that was taken by Sybil. Seline gave the fork to Enzo and he and Bonnie left.

In The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch, Matt searched the house for the bell. He was surprised by Sheriff Jenkins. He attacked Matt after he mentioned the bell.


Season 8


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