Klaus: You're a survivor, and survivors need names. How about Marcellus?
Young Marcel: Marcellus?
Klaus: It comes from Mars, the god of war, and it means "little warrior."

House of the Rising Son is the second episode of the first season of The Originals, and the second episode of the series overall.


The Originals 1x02 Promo "House of the Rising Son" (HD)

The Originals 1x02 Promo "House of the Rising Son" (HD)


A FLASHBACK TO THE 1800s — When Rebekah arrives in New Orleans at her brother Elijah’s insistence, she meets Hayley, who gives her some unexpected news. Concerned that her brother Klaus is up to no good, Rebekah seeks help from a reluctant Sophie. At her wits end, Hayley takes matters into her own hands, but things quickly take a dangerous turn. Determined to uncover Marcel’s secret weapon, Klaus stays one step ahead and executes his plan. Meanwhile, after a run-in with Marcel, Rebekah is reminded of all the anger and disappointment Klaus has caused her throughout the years. Finally, Marcel enlists Davina’s help in his dangerous plan.



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  • Antagonists: Marcel and Davina.
  • Narrator: Niklaus Mikaelson.
  • This was the second episode to feature flashbacks. It was also the first time in the series that back-to-back flashbacks have occurred over two episodes.
  • This episode marks the first appearances of Joshua Rosza, Céleste Dubois and Katie.
  • It was hinted that Marcel likely would have spared both Josh and his friend Tina, had neither of them chosen to save themselves by picking up the coin and betraying the other.
  • Elijah is active in the flashbacks in the 19th century, but is only shown daggered in the church attic in the present day.
  • The flashbacks in this episode take place in the years 1820, 1835 and 1887.
  • Rebekah meets Hayley, Sophie, Davina and Camille for the first time.
  • Hayley contemplated aborting her pregnancy with wolfsbane, because she was intent on breaking the hex the witches placed on her to prevent her from leaving New Orleans or risk death, in the hopes that she could escape the French Quarter and her current situation with the unpredictable Klaus.
    • It was also stated in this episode that aconite (wolfsbane) can induce miscarriage in pregnant werewolves.
  • Similar to how the pilot was told from Klaus' perspective, and Always and Forever was told from Elijah's perspective, this episode was told from Rebekah's point of view.
  • This episode includes flashbacks of Marcel as a young boy and how he receives the name "Marcellus" upon meeting Klaus for the first time.
    • Marcel was revealed to have been the son of the Governor of Louisiana and a slave woman, and that he was a slave himself until he was freed and adopted by Klaus in 1820.
  • It is revealed that Klaus daggered Rebekah for 52 years between 1835 and 1887, and that at some point during this period of time, Marcel was turned into a vampire by Klaus.
    • It was later revealed in A Closer Walk With Thee that Marcel was turned in 1835, shortly after Klaus daggered Rebekah.
  • In the flashbacks, it is revealed that the Governor of New Orleans let the Originals stay in his home, threw lavish parties for them, and kept their true nature a secret in exchange for large amounts of gold.
  • It is revealed in the flashbacks that Rebekah was in love with Emil, the Governor's son, and asked Klaus to turn him into a vampire. Both Klaus and Elijah refused Rebekah's request, as it would surely have a negative effect on their relationship with the Governor, which led to Emil starting a fight with Klaus that resulted in Emil being thrown over the balcony. Emil died from his wounds, devastating Rebekah.
  • Two additional flashback scenes were filmed for this episode but were not used until the twentieth episode of the series, A Closer Walk With Thee. Both scenes involved Marcel's relationship with Klaus, and how he ultimately became a vampire.
  • Klaus and Hayley come to an understanding in this episode about the baby, saying that they would not let anyone hurt it due to their desire to be better than the families who raised them.

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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 1.92 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.29 million less than the previous episode.
  • A rerun of this episode was aired after The Vampire Diaries episode True Lies on October 10th, 2013.
  • Filming for this episode wrapped on August 4, 2013. [1]

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Marcel: "Rebekah Mikaelson. Come to teach me another lesson?"

Rebekah: "Klaus! Get out here and tell me what you've done with our brother, you narcissistic, backstabbing wanker!"

Rebekah: (to Elijah's voice-mail) "Elijah, if not answering your phone is part of your clever plan to get me back to this god-forsaken city, then well done-- I'm here, and I'm worried. Now, pick up before I kick in your bloody door."

Klaus: "My siblings and I are the first vampires in all of history, the Originals. Three centuries ago, we helped build a town called New Orleans. Now, a plot by witches has lured me back, hoping that I will defeat a tyrant, a vampire I created. My brother hopes I will find redemption through the power of family, a miracle child. Part werewolf, part vampire-- a hybrid. My sister is doubtful-- she thinks I am beyond redemption. Despite my brother's best efforts, I have a plan of my own. I will take back my home and reclaim what was mine. I will be king."

Marcel: "The city of New Orleans. People of all stripes and flavors from all over the country come here to party on our streets. Some are just looking for fun. Some are looking for something a little darker, more dangerous. So, we invite them into my home and we give it to them. Then, at the stroke of midnight, everything changes, and it's time to feed."
Marcel: "This is how I keep my guys happy-- the occasional all-you-can-eat buffet. My nightwalkers love it. Got 'em working hard trying to earn one of these daylight rings. They deserve to blow off a little steam. My daywalkers, the trusted few, well, they just like to party."
Klaus: "It's quite an operation. Tell me, what about the victims? Seems like a lot of graves to dig."
Marcel: "Can't kill them all. Too many folks go missing, tourism drops. So, we heal 'em with a little vamp blood, erase their memory, send them on their way, no muss no fuss."
Klaus: "I'm impressed."
Marcel: "Nothing I didn't learn from you back in the day."

Marcel: "Why didn't you tell me your sister's back in town?"
Klaus: "I thought it'd be more amusing for you to find out for yourself."
Marcel: "Is there anything else that I need to know?"
Klaus: "Only that she's grown considerably more insane in the last century."
Marcel: "Or maybe that it was her who killed my guys."
Klaus: "Doubtful. Unless that biker bar is frequented by small-town high school quarterbacks, I can't imagine she'd be interested."

Marcel: "I don't have time for Mikaelson family drama. You're my guest. Keep your sister in line."
Klaus: "I'd have greater chance of draining the Mississippi with a straw!"

Young Marcel: "I'm gonna marry you someday."
Rebekah: "I would never marry someone who couldn't best me in a duel."

Rebekah: "Look at me, I'm back in a city that's given me nothing but heartache, looking for a brother who's hellbent on protecting a baby I don't care about."
Sophie: "I find that hard to believe. You're here, aren't you?"
Rebekah: "I'm here for Elijah. The instant I find him, I'm gone. He was the one who idiotically believed this baby would be Niklaus' redemption. And now he's missing, probably at the hands of Klaus himself. And you were foolish enough to believe that Elijah could convince Klaus to go against Marcel when everyone knows that they have a history."
Sophie: "Klaus sired Marcel, I'm aware."
Rebekah: "You don't understand. Marcel is not just some guy that Klaus turned into a vampire. Klaus loved him like a son."



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