Hugo Rey was character who appeared in the first book of The Originals novel series. He was a untriggered werewolf who had given his house to the Mikaelsons before he passed.

Throughout The Originals Novels Series

In The Originals: The Rise, Elijah met him before his passing as he helped with labor work around his house. He and Elijah had a long talk way into the night while he was signing the will, and it is revealed that Hugo had drugged the liquor as he had predicted that he would die that very night. Hugo quickly changed his will to ensure that his former pack who disowned him for not triggering the curse wouldn't get the land and house. After his death, Ysabelle contacted him from the Other Side and he told her that he gave everything to Elijah of his own free will. Elijah had also noticed that he looked like he was 30 instead of 70, but then he also figured that a person would not be forced to spend eternity exactly as they had died. He also reveals that he had been giving the witches wolfsbane as a side business. He also tells Elijah that he would have to remind the Navarros of him and that he doesn't know exactly what Elijah is, but since they do and they wouldn't be happy the vampires are there to stay. Hugo tells Elijah to take care of the place and Elijah thanks him, Hugo then departs.


Hugo was a calm and pleasant individual, which is somewhat uncommon with people of werewolf bloodlines. He is shown to despise the Navarros since they cast him away since he didn't trigger his werewolf gene.

Physical Appearance

Hugo was described as having a face that was lined and tired-looking, but his blue eyes were sharp and focused with intelligence.



  • Hugo is a surname and male given name of Germanic origin. It means "bright in mind and spirit" or "intelligence".
  • Rey means "king" in Spanish and Occitan, derived from the Latin rex.

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