My memory of Lucien goes back to a time when our family was happy. Things were good or as good as they can be for vampires hiding in plain sight. Everyone in Marseilles was held in the thrall of the Count's arrogant son Tristan and his sister the Lady Aurora. In hindsight I could have done more to prevent what was to follow but then even an endless life can not be played in reverse.

I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans is the third episode of the third season of The Originals and the forty-seventh episode of the series overall.



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FLASHBACKS TO THE FIRST VAMPIRE EVER SIRED — With tension running as high as ever, Klaus and Elijah are forced to come together in order to uncover Lucien's true motives in New Orleans. Camille is caught off guard when she finds herself face to face with Lucien and is surprised when he reveals some unexpected information about his past with Klaus. Elsewhere, a mysterious figure presents an enticing offer to Marcel, while Hayley turns to an unconventional way of coping with her current situation. Finally, an old acquaintance from Elijah's past arrives in New Orleans and delivers some startling news involving the growing threat to the Mikaelson siblings. Vincent also appears.


In the Court of Marseilles, 1002 A.D., Lucien asks Klaus to give Aurora a love letter. They liked each other as children, but his station in life had prohibited him from declaring his intentions. Lucien wants to run away with her, which Klaus advises not to, especially since the Mikaelsons still need him. But given Kol's lack of self-control, Lucien tells Klaus they cannot stay for much longer anyway. Again, he pleads with him to give Aurora the letter, as he can't go near her due to Tristan's tyranny.

Instead, Klaus tells Lucien that Aurora didn't accept his note. In private, Klaus meets with Aurora and they kiss passionately. Lucien, however, hadn't been dissuaded from Aurora's rejection, and sees them kissing. Feeling betrayed, he lashes out at Klaus. He hears the guards coming, and Klaus heads out of the window where he entered, but Lucien stays behind and Tristan punishes him for being with Aurora instead of Klaus.

In the present, Elijah and Klaus decide on what to do with Lucien, as he counts as both friend and foe, and suggests they put him down like old times. But Elijah is concerned with the "family" part of the prophecy, and says that before they murder Lucien, they should find out why he's really in New Orleans. At the idea of teaming up, Klaus asks if Elijah has finally forgiven him now, but Elijah will consider it if Gia rises from the dead and Hayley forgives him, and when hell freezes over.

Will Kinney goes to Lucien's penthouse to ask him questions, taken down at the police station. Meanwhile, Camille and Vincent find a common link between the victims—grew up rich, family comes from old money, and they're successful and educated white men living playboy lifestyles. Vincent gets a text from Kinney that he's got Lucien at the station. Camille goes with him.

The apartment still a mess and boxes unpacked, Hayley snaps at the musicians playing in the streets, as Hope has woken up from her nap and Hayley is not feeling herself. Jackson calls Freya to babysit Hope while he takes Hayley out for the day.

Marcel tells his vampires to stay away from both the locals and tourists, while the police are on the hunt for the murderer. Josh is assigned to talk to their contacts at the hospitals for blood bags. Just then, a woman appears, saying things will get worse before getting better but she can help. Introducing herself as Aya, Marcel turns her away, but she knocks out all his vampires. She attacks Marcel, telling him she's been instructed not to leave until she makes him an offer, and swipes at his face before he falls unconscious.

Elijah and Klaus only find Alexis, the cipher, in Lucien's penthouse, as Lucien is being questioned by Will Kinney. Lucien wants to talk to Camille, though, and compels Kinney to bring her in. Vincent warns her not to, but Camille knows he won't do anything to her in the middle of a police station.

Jackson takes Hayley to Marcel's fight gym, so she can blow off steam in a sparring match. They end up making out.

Vincent tells Lucien that the murders started happening the same time Lucien came into town, and the victims match a pattern of wealth that Lucien exudes. He admits he is a killer, being a vampire, but he had nothing to do with the murders, and that all three of them are the same—caught in the orbit of the Mikaelsons who survived to tell the tale, who each have their share of scars.

In flashback, Tristan whips Lucien across the back, all bloody. Klaus comes in and tells Tristan to stop, but Tristan reveals he knows what Klaus is. The servants have talked about demons hunting at night, and he interviewed a maiden who was the only one to survive. She had told Tristan that Kol was the one who attacked her. Tristan surmises correctly that the Mikaelsons sought refuge, which means they're afraid and that there's a greater evil more savage than Klaus and his siblings. Klaus puts Tristan in a chokehold, but Tristan warns that should any misfortune fall on him, he's instructed his fastest riders to spread word of the vampires' presence. Then, he puts a Glasgow Smile on Lucien.

What Camille and Vincent take away from this story is an admission of guilt, but Lucien tells them that the murders are an attempt to ruin his name, poisoning him against Klaus whom he wants to protect.

As they feed on her, Alexis shows them visions. Elijah sees Marcel, and Klaus sees Lucien and Camille. Klaus goes to the police station while Elijah goes to see Marcel. But he only finds Josh and the unconscious vampires, and Josh tells Elijah what happened. He finds out that Aya was responsible, and tells Josh that he doesn't just know Aya. He sired her.

In 1002, Lucien tries to stab Klaus, and Lucien's wounds heal. Klaus is amazed that his blood could heal, and thinking he's a vampire, heads out to attack Tristan. But a guard kills him.

Lucien tells Camille that unlike his enemies, he has nothing to gain. Why undermine his safety by leaving a trail of dead bodies? Klaus comes in before Lucien can continue, but before Klaus can end him, Lucien brings up Tristan, telling him that Tristan will win. Klaus wants to talk with Lucien in private.

Aya offers to help Marcel turn New Orleans the way it was when Marcel ruled it. But Marcel wants to know who are the society Aya is talking about. The Strix, she answers, the oldest vampire society in the world. Elijah cuts into the conversation. With his hand in her chest, holding her heart, he says he wants Aya and whomever is with her, gone. Tristan interrupts.

Lucien is still making his case to Klaus, but Klaus claims he doesn't need Lucien's protection, to which Lucien brings up his family and friends. Camille, for instance, makes him vulnerable. Will Kinney comes in to tell him there's been another murder and that Lucien is free to go.

Alone, Tristan and Elijah talk. He claims The Strix,have protected Elijah by wrecking havoc on Lucien, but with Lucien in Klaus' ear, Klaus might very well end Elijah. With Klaus intending on ending Lucien, Tristan warns Elijah that Klaus can't end Lucien yet, because it stands to reason that Lucien has a weapon that can kill Klaus or knows where it is, since Tristan doesn't have it and neither does Aurora.

In 1002, just as Klaus is ready to light Lucien's dead body to flames, Lucien wakes up in transition. He feeds, and asks Klaus to teach him how to be a vampire.

Klaus swears to Elijah that he will never fall by his hand.

Marcel, bothered by Elijah dismissing him like a child, considers joining The Strix.

In the monastery, Aurora has killed everyone, and leaves a voicemail for Tristan. She is preparing to go to New Orleans.


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  • This episode marks the first episode absence of Freya, since her present day debut, and since becoming a main character.
    • She was mentioned by Jackson when he was going to call her as a babysitter for Hope.
  • This episode marks the first episode absence of Davina this season.
  • This is the fourth episode to have New Orleans in its name.
  • Aya is revealed to have been sired by Elijah Mikaelson.
  • Elijah mentions Gia to Klaus. Sometime later Tristan mentions Gia while talking to Elijah.
  • Lucien Castle is the first vampire sired by Niklaus Mikaelson.
    • He is the first vampire to be ever sired.
  • Klaus sees the visions of the Mikaelsons' downfall again this time along with Elijah.



Body Count

  • Monks slashed, killed by Aurora
  • Businessman hanged, killed by Tristan


Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 0.95 million viewers in the USA.
  • It was flashback Thursday on the CW tonight, with both TVD and The Originals jumping back to times of old. For 11th century France, we shot at a sprawling Atlanta cemetery. We shot inside a mausoleum, on the, ahem, unoccupied grounds of the cemetery's property, and with a few VFX elements added for authencity, ta-da, Marseilles.
  • Everyone loves and hates flashback wigs with equal measure. We do our best. What most people don't know is that wigs do not like humidity. At all. This summer in Atlanta was horribly hot and rainy. Please address all complaints about flashback wigs to El Nino.
  • St. Anne's Fight Gym, formerly St. Anne's Church, was born out of a real-life bond. Writer Declan and actor Daniel Gillies train at the same fight gym in LA. Rumor has it, Declan could kill a man with his left pinky, but thankfully he's a pacifist. When we talked about building a fight gym, Declan insisted that we wouldn't be cool unless it had an MMA ring. Apparently boxing rings are passé. Declan, the most interesting man in the world, more often than not wins the battles of how to be cool.
  • This episode also welcomed Tracy Ifeachor as ancient vampire Aya. Tracy originally was hired to appear in the final scene of last season's finale, only we ended up dropping the scene. But we loved her, so we created a new role for her this year. Stay tuned later this season for flashbacks to the Crusades where we'll learn Aya's backstory.
  • Some of our Chinese monks extras who were slaughtered by Aurora had to lie around for so long that their faces became stuck to the floorboards when the fake blood congealed.
  • It turns out Oliver is a pure natural at ax-throwing, which freaked everyone out. There is something about a quiet, polite and unassuming gentle man, who wields an ax like a Viking Ninja assassin that makes you question his past life. Nobody cut in line in front of him at catering after that. Everyone called him sir.
  • Additionally, I was disappointed we only had Japanese katana swords for our Chinese monastery slaughter scene, so I asked Dave, our stunt coordinator, who is the darkest horse in the world, if he had by any chance a Chinese sword on him. As you do. His response, "Sure, I have two Chinese straight swords in my car." Never upset Dave.

Cultural References


Aya: "Nice to meet you Marcel Gerard."
Marcel: "I don't have time for this. Get her out of here."
Aya: "I've been instructed to make you an offer."
Elijah: "Kindly enlighten me as to what happened here."
Elijah: "And what of Marcel? Where do his loyalties lie? I'm afraid that we might have to resort to some deliciously medieval here brother."
Klaus: "Have you finally forgiven me?"
Elijah: "I will consider it....when hell freezes over."

Klaus: "Lucien qualifies as both friend and foe."
Elijah: "What is he doing here?"
Tristan (to Elijah): "Your life is at stake."
Marcel: "Remember who your friends are. You're gonna need them."
Vincent: "We know what you are."
Lucien (to Camille and Vincent): "I am a ruthless, vicious, unstoppable killer."

Klaus: "Lucien qualifies as both friend and foe and according to Freya's prophecy--."
Elijah: "It has to be friend and foe. But let us not forget family, Niklaus."
Klaus: "Lucien's two out of three. I say we put him down. Just like old times."
Elijah: "Just like old times? Brother, I wonder who among our family do you suppose has the greatest predilection for betrayal?"
Klaus: "Brother, please!"
Elijah: "Now before we murder Lucien, there's certain questions that need to be answered. Chiefly, what is he doing here? And the wolf venom....why would he lie to you, his sire?"

Hayley: "Pretty sure that Marcel opens this place for vampires."
Jackson: "Well you said it yourself, you're part vampire. Figured it'd be a good place for you to blow off some steam. You might feel better if you hit something, even if it's me."
Hayley: "I can't cut loose with you Jack, you'll get hurt. I have an advantage being you know...I'm dead."
Jackson: "Here. You got muscle and a bad temper but...I'm pretty good with one of these things. Might make us least to get a workout in."
Hayley: "I get what you're doing Jack. I'm just...I'm really not in the mood for some half-ass sparing match. So....."
Jackson: "Are you gonna stand there whining all day or are you gonna show me what you got?"

Freya (to Klaus and Elijah): "It's true. If this prophecy is fulfilled, you will all fall. One by friend, one by foe, and one by family."
Klaus: "Lucien! Come out. Come out. Wherever you are!"
Elijah (to Klaus): "I'm afraid that we might have to resort to some deliciously medieval here brother."
Marcel (to Vampires): "Klaus and Elijah will get it sorted out and we'll be back to business in no time."
Aya: "Somehow I doubt that. Your current dilemma will get worse before it gets better. I was instructed not to leave without making you an offer. Will you hear my offer or not?"
Elijah (to Alexis): "Well I never could resist a good spoiler."



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