[In FLASHBACK to the COURT OF MARSEILLES, a celebration of some kind is being held outside the Count de Martel's castle, where the entire court has gathered in the yard. Music is being played on instruments nearby, and guests mingle at the various stations. There are tables laden with fruit, bread, and cheese set up next to a practice field, where several women, including Aurora, are kneeling in the grass together. The women watch with interest as Elijah and Tristan practice throwing axes at wooden circles propped up several meters away, clapping in amusement when their axe hits its target. Near one of the tables, Klaus is sitting in a chair, where he's whittling a horse figurine from a block of wood and narrates the memory in voiceover]

KLAUS: [voiceover] My memory of Lucien goes back to a time when our family was happy. Things were good... Or, as good as things could be as vampires hiding in plain sight. Everyone in Marseilles was held in the thrall of the Count's arrogant son Tristan and his sister, the Lady Aurora.

[Lucien catches Aurora's eye from across the yard and smiles at her. She returns the smile, which does not escape Tristan's notice, and when he turns to see Lucien staring at Aurora, he becomes visibly annoyed. Aurora does her best to pretend like she wasn't interacting with him before Tristan walks away]

KLAUS: [voiceover] In hindsight, I could have done more to prevent what was to follow. But then, even an endless life cannot be played in reverse.

[Lucien timidly approaches Klaus, and he smiles when he sees what he's making]

LUCIEN: Impressive work, my lord!
KLAUS: [boredly] It's a trifle meant to pass a dull day. But, I'll take it, along with the word of a friend!

[Klaus smiles at Lucien, who looks both anxious and excited]

LUCIEN: [bashfully] It is as a friend that I come to you now. There is something that I must ask of you.

[Klaus gives him a wary look and watches as Lucien pulls a folded piece of parchment from the satchel attached to his belt and holds it out to him]

LUCIEN: For the Lady Aurora. If you would deliver this to her in secret, I would be eternally grateful.
KLAUS: [curiously] Are these declarations of love?

[Klaus smiles fakely at Lucien]

KLAUS: It's a... bold move...

[Klaus takes a swig of wine from his goblet, unable to mask his displeasure at this request. Lucien becomes even more nervous as he once again looks over at Aurora, who is standing next to Tristan and is talking to several other women. Tristan has his arm around Aurora's shoulders, and both are smiling as they socialize]

LUCIEN: Oh, we shared affection for one another as children. But, since then, my station in life has prevented me from declaring my intentions.

[He is still staring at Aurora, who sees him watching her and smiles affectionately at him]

LUCIEN: If she would leave this place with me--

[Klaus, alarmed, stands to his feet and cuts him off as he stares at the man intensely]

KLAUS: Not an idea I would advise.

[He squeezes Lucien's shoulder affectionately]

KLAUS: Besides, my family needs you.

[He smiles warmly at Lucien, who squirms anxiously and hesitates before he replies]

LUCIEN: Well, your family's stay here cannot last much longer anyhow. Not given your brother Kol's... decadence. The local villagers believe they are beset by demons! Soon, you'll need to run.

[Klaus looks as though he's about to interrupt, but Lucien becomes excited at the prospect of leaving]

LUCIEN: Aurora and I can run with you! Aid you in your endeavors!

[Lucien holds out the note once more]

LUCIEN: [pleadingly] Niklaus, please-- I would give her the note myself, but Tristan's jealousy is tyrannical. I cannot go near her.

[Klaus looks over at Aurora, clearly torn between helping him and maintaining the status quo]

LUCIEN: But you? You need not fear him, or anyone!

[Klaus sighs and hesitates for a moment before taking the folded note from him and smiling]

KLAUS: [voiceover] Hoping to dissuade Lucien, I told him Aurora would not accept his note. I thought the matter settled.

[Later on that evening, Aurora paces around her bedroom, eventually slipping into a small alcove near the door and smiling to herself. After a moment, a man comes up behind her and squeezes her shoulder before spinning her around to face him]

KLAUS: [voiceover] How could I tell him that Aurora was already in love with another?

[Aurora gasps when she sees him and smiles as she caresses his cheek with her hand. Klaus then quickly cups the back of her head and kisses her, flipping them so she's pressed against the nearby wall as they continue to make out]

KLAUS: [voiceover] But Lucien was a hopeless romantic. In his desperation, he sought her out...

[Klaus and Aurora are making out even more passionately now, and just as they're about to have sex, Lucien walks into the hall and finds them in the alcove. It's clear by the expression on Lucien's face that he feels betrayed and hurt, and Klaus and Aurora both look guilty]

LUCIEN: [horrified] No...

[Klaus holds up a hand in a non-threatening manner]

KLAUS: You were not meant to see this.

[Lucien, now furious, rushes toward Klaus and points at him angrily]

LUCIEN: I trusted you!

[Aurora, looking terrified, walks toward Lucien, grabbing Klaus' hand and pulling him along with her]

AURORA: [scared] Quiet! I'm meant to be in prayer! If anyone finds you here--

[Klaus, sensing something nearby, becomes even more alarmed]

KLAUS: [anxiously] It's too late. The guards are coming.

[The sounds of footsteps, loud male voices, and clattering weapons grows louder and louder as the guards approach the room]

AURORA: [panicked] My handmaids must have seen him enter. If the guards know, then Tristan himself will be alerted!

[She looks at Klaus in horror, but he takes her hands and squeezes them comfortingly]

KLAUS: I will deal with them.
AURORA: [distraught] No. No, Niklaus, he is my brother!

[Lucien, so upset he has broken down into tears, is still enraged by what he has just seen and turns to Aurora]

LUCIEN: Do you think he cares? Do you not know what manner of men you are with? He is a beast!

[Klaus, overwhelmed, points at Lucien in frustration and steps closer to him. Lucien becomes terrified and backs up as much as he can]

KLAUS: Lucien, my friend--
LUCIEN: We are not friends!

[A still-panicked Aurora desperately grabs Klaus' hand again and tries to pull him away]

AURORA: Go! Now, please! By the window, the same as you came.

[Aurora is breathless from fear, and the devastated Lucien collapses onto the floor and sobs as Klaus caresses her cheek one last time before he leaves. He calls out to Lucien as he runs away, though he doesn't turn around to look at him]

KLAUS: [urgently] Lucien, follow me!

[Klaus heads for the window, and Aurora kneels down in front of Lucien and takes his hands in an effort to force him to leave as well]

AURORA: [whispers] Lucien, go! There is no time.

[However, before Lucien can even attempt to escape, Tristan walks into the room with two armed guards to find his sister holding his hands, and he is stunned and appalled by the sight of them together]

TRISTAN: [horrified] YOU!

[Tristan, unable to look at them, turns to his guards]

TRISTAN: Take him.


[In the PRESENT DAY, Klaus is sitting at the desk in his study of the MIKAELSON COMPOUND and explains their situation with Lucien as Elijah paces around in front of the fireplace]

KLAUS: And, given the circumstance, Lucien qualifies as both friend and foe, and according to Freya's prophecy--
ELIJAH: [cuts him off] --You are to beware both friend and foe. But, let us not forget family, Niklaus.

[Klaus, clearly hurt by the insinuation, pauses for a moment before shrugging it off]

KLAUS: Lucien's two out of three-- I say we put him down. Just like old times.
ELIJAH: [drolly] Just like old times? Brother, I wonder who among our family do you suppose has the greatest predilection for betrayal?
KLAUS: [frustrated] Brother, please--
ELIJAH: [interrupts him] Now, before we murder Lucien, there are certain questions that need to be answered. Chiefly, what is he doing here?

[Klaus remains silent, but looks at him curiously]

ELIJAH: And the wolf venom... Why would he lie to you, his sire?

[Elijah picks up one of Klaus' larger paintbrushes and tosses it in the air before catching it several times]

ELIJAH: I'm afraid we might have to resort to something deliciously medieval here, brother...
KLAUS: [smirks] "We?" I take it you will lower yourself to associate with your bastard brother?

[Klaus stands to his feet, and Elijah smiles fakely at him]

KLAUS: Have you finally forgiven me?
ELIJAH: I will consider it...

[Klaus looks pleased by this answer and smiles at him, but Elijah is not the least bit amused]

ELIJAH: ...When Hayley forgives you, Gia rises from the dead, and hell freezes over. For now, however, let's just hope your little friendship with Lucien doesn't disrupt our mission.

[Elijah turns and leaves the room without another word. Klaus, surprised and hurt by this reaction, just gapes in shock at Elijah's words]



[Lucien, who is just fresh from a shower and clad only in a pair of jeans, hears a knock at his door and walks over to answer it. Outside his apartment stands Detective Kinney, who is acting on the information he got from Cami's laptop about the serial killer in the previous episode. Kinney holds up his badge so Lucien can see it]

KINNEY: Mr. Castle. Detective Kinney, NOLA PD. I was hoping to ask you a few questions.

[Lucien rolls his eyes, but then smiles fakely at him]

LUCIEN: By all means! Your place or mine?


[Cami and Vincent are back in Cami's living room, where they're continuing to try to figure out more about their serial killer. They have copies of the case files for all of the murders spread across the table and are examining the crime scene photos for more clues]

CAMI: Every one of the victims has the same profile-- grew up rich, family comes from old money. Successful, educated, white males living a playboy lifestyle.
VINCENT: So it is one guy? Not a copycat?
CAMI: Not just any guy. It's Lucien-- I'd bet my degree on it. Which doesn't excuse your detective friend from stealing my laptop.

[Just then, Vincent's phone beeps, and he picks it up to check the text he just received]

VINCENT: Oh, that's convenient. It's Kinney. They got Lucien at the station.

[He stands to his feet and gets ready to leave]

VINCENT: I should head down there. They might need the type of help a gun can't provide.

[Cami stands to follow him]

CAMI: I'll come with you. I want to hear what he has to say.


[A group of musicians are playing jazz music on the corner of the main street. After a moment, a frazzled Hayley sticks her head out of the window of her new apartment with Jackson and angrily shouts at them]

HAYLEY: [frustrated] Hey! It's not Jazz Fest! Some of us have toddlers who need to sleep!

[Just then, Hope starts to cry, and Hayley groans as she returns to unpacking, cleaning up, and doting on Hope]

HAYLEY: Ugh...

[The front door opens, and Jackson walks into the apartment and looks at her with a concerned smile]

JACKSON: You all right?
HAYLEY: [sighs] Oh, she was having a really nice nap until that stupid music woke her up. How... How are we supposed to live with all this noise?
JACKSON: [gently] You're just sensitive to it, okay? We spent six months as wolves in the Bayou. We've been back a day. I think it's okay to take a minute to adjust.
HAYLEY: Easy for you to say! You're not half-vampire. Everything for me is heightened. It's not just the noise. I'm claustrophobic. My skin is crawling. I'm irritable. I'm hungry.

[Hope starts to cry again, and Hayley sighs, clearly overwhelmed with everything]

HAYLEY: I wanted to be with her so badly. And now I am, and I just feel off...
JACKSON: Well, you gotta let it out. If talking won't cut it, I have an idea that will.

[He picks up his phone, and Hayley looks at him with confusion]

HAYLEY: What are you doing?
JACKSON: [smiles] Calling Freya to babysit. See, this unpacking can wait, all right? I'm taking Mommy out for the day.


[Marcel has gathered his vampires, including Josh, at his apartment, where he's updating them on the current state of the supernatural community]

MARCEL: As long as this serial killer's in the news, cops are gonna be all over this city like a rash. So, no feeding on tourists, and don't even think about going near the locals.
JOSH: [annoyed] So, what, then? Puppies and bunnies?

[Marcel shoots Josh a stern look]

MARCEL: [patronizingly] Josh, you can talk to our contacts at the blood banks and hospitals. Let them know you'll be coming by.

[Josh sighs and nods in agreement]

MARCEL: For the rest of you, keep everyone else in line. All we gotta do is ride it out. Klaus and Elijah will get it sorted out, and we'll be back in business in no time.

[Just then, a beautiful woman with close-cropped hair and dressed in trendy, business-like attire (Aya) walks into the loft]

AYA: Somehow, I doubt that. Your current dilemma will get worse before it gets better. The good news is, I can help!

[Marcel, clearly not in the mood for games, scowls at her]

MARCEL: I don't know who you are, but you definitely walked into the wrong place.
AYA: [cheerfully] I'm Aya. Nice to meet you, Marcel Gerard. Now, are you going to be rude, or are you going to offer me a drink?
MARCEL: [sighs] I don't have time for this.

[He turns and gestures toward one of his vampires]

MARCEL: Get her out of here.
AYA: A shame... I'd heard you were more hospitable. What a disappointment.

[The vampire does as he was told and walks toward Aya, but when he claps his hand on her shoulder to force her out, Aya grabs his wrist and twists his arm until it breaks before kicking him in the stomach. She then leaps onto his shoulders, wrapping her legs around his neck and twisting her hips to snap his neck. She then lightly lands on her feet on the floor as the vampire collapses, and the others are so intimidated they simply stay where they are]

AYA: Thing is, I was instructed not to leave without making you an offer.

[She pulls out a black business card and holds it up]

AYA: [smirks] Will you hear my offer or not?

[Marcel bares his fangs, growling aggressively and vamping-out before lunging for Aya himself]


[Klaus and Elijah have just burst into Lucien's apartment to question him further on what he's doing in New Orleans]

KLAUS: Lucien.... Come out, come out, wherever you are.

[At the sound of his voice, Alexis walks into the living room with a sly smile]

ALEXIS: I'm afraid you missed him.
KLAUS: [suspiciously] Where is he?
ALEXIS: At the police station. A detective, Kinney, had some questions for him.
ELIJAH: [skeptically] And he allowed himself to be arrested?
ALEXIS: [smugly] He has nothing to hide.

[Elijah seems to get an idea and smiles as he sits down on the leather couch]

ELIJAH: Lucien's occupied. Perhaps we should entertain ourselves right here?

[Klaus gives Elijah and smiles before looking over at Alexis, who seems amused]

KLAUS: Oh. Well, I've never been one to turn down a snack...

[Klaus smiles devilishly at Alexis]


[Lucien is sitting quietly in the interrogation room when Detective Kinney finally joins him. He sits down across from him and tosses the case file for the serial murders across the table for him to read. Behind the large window of mirrored glass, Vincent and Cami are watching their interview]

KINNEY: Mr. Castle. thought you might want to see this.

[Lucien takes the file and opens it, perusing the photos inside of the men who were murdered by the serial killer]

LUCIEN: Oh, I read about this. Those poor men...

[He looks at the photos more closely and corrects himself]

LUCIEN: Ah, in life, they were anything but poor. Solid gold cuff-links, Bulgari watches... Such ostentatious displays of wealth no doubt attracted the attention of some vile criminal element.
KINNEY: [suspiciously] You seem to know a lot about the case. Big fan of True Crime?

[Lucien laughs patronizingly for a moment before gesturing to the cuffs of his jacket]

LUCIEN: Look at my watch, Mr. Kinney. My cuff-links. But for a twist of fate, one of those faces might be mine!
KINNEY: [unamused] Well, you sound real frightened by the prospect. You know, in my experience, people like you don't believe in fate. They make their own luck, whether it's good or bad.
LUCIEN: [smiles fakely] Well, then I shouldn't be here long. "People like me" tend to have exceptional lawyers to get us out of trouble like this.

[Lucien's smile falls, and his tone becomes colder]

LUCIEN: But, while I'm here, you should know that I do hate to be bored, and you bore me.

[He leans forward and stares Detective Kinney in the eyes]

LUCIEN: [compels him] I know that behind that mirror is Cami O'Connell, and I would very much like to talk to her.

[Behind the glass, Vincent is worried as he looks over at Cami, who gulps nervously. Detective Kinney's compulsion seems to work, and he silently stands to his feet and leaves the room. Once he's gone, Lucien smiles at the glass and wiggles his fingers at Cami in a wave]


[Jackson has just brought Hayley to Marcel's new gym, and Hayley looks both confused and wary as she turns to her husband, who has just turned on the lights]

HAYLEY: I'm pretty sure that Marcel opened this place for vampires...
JACKSON: [shrugs] Well, you said it yourself-- you're part-vampire. Figured it'd be a good place for you to blow off some steam. You might feel better if you hit something, even if it's me.

[Hayley gives Jackson an exasperated look]

HAYLEY: I can't cut loose with you, Jack. You'll get hurt. I have an advantage, being, you know... I'm dead.

[Jackson, undeterred by Hayley's concerns, walks over to the cage and picks up two wooden staffs before handing one to her. He then starts spinning his own staff around]

JACKSON: Here. You got muscle and a bad temper, but I'm pretty good with one of these things. Might make us even! At least enough to get a workout in.

[He smiles at Hayley, who sighs]

HAYLEY: I get what you're doing, Jack. I'm just... I'm really not in the mood for some half-assed sparring match, so...

[Jackson rolls his eyes and walks over to her, hitting her staff with his own so hard that it flies across the room and clatters to the floor]

JACKSON: Are you gonna stand there whining all day, or are you gonna show me whatchu got?

[Jackson stares at her with a competitive glint in his eyes, clearly not interested in backing down, so Hayley reluctantly picks up her staff before swinging it at Jackson. Despite her strength and speed, Jackson is able to block all of her shots, and jumps backward to avoid getting hit in the stomach. He smiles smugly at Hayley, who also starts feeling competitive]

JACKSON: That's my girl!

[The two resume fighting]


[Lucien is still sitting alone in the interrogation room while he waits for Cami to come in. Outside, Cami is just about to walk through the door when Vincent stops her]

VINCENT: No. You're not going in there!
CAMI: [rolls her eyes] Vincent, he's not going to kill me in the middle of a police precinct!

[She opens the door and walks inside, and Vincent, visibly annoyed, follows her inside and closes the door behind them. Cami confidently sits down in the chair across from Lucien, who seems amused by her appearance]

CAMI: You asked to speak with me. Here I am, willing to listen. Which, if I'm gonna be honest, is more than you deserve.
LUCIEN: [gives her a look] I thought New Orleans had the same burden of proof as the rest of the colonies. What is it? Ah, yes-- innocent until proven guilty.

[Vincent grabs a chair and pulls it over to the table before setting it down next to Cami and sitting in it backwards]

VINCENT: The murders started the same day you got into town. All the victims match a pattern-- wealth that, uh, you yourself seem to exude. Not to mention, we know what you are.
LUCIEN: Hmm! What I am is a ruthless, vicious, unstoppable killer. That's not to say I had anything to do with this-- far from it.
CAMI: Why bother denying it if you are what you say you are?
LUCIEN: [sighs] Cami, you don't know me. But, if you did, you would see that we were the same.

[He stares at Vincent for a moment]

LUCIEN: All three of us, actually. Three souls caught in the orbit of Family Mikaelson, yet somehow survived to tell the tale. Though, each of us has our share of scars.

[As Lucien speaks, he is transported to a flashback to the early 11th century...]


[Lucien is bound by his wrists in a cellar in the de Martel castle while Tristan viciously whips him across the back]


[Lucien grips the restraints around his wrists as hard as he can to fight through the pain of his back, which is bloodied and raw from the whip. The sound of his screams has drawn Klaus and Elijah's attention, and the two brothers eventually enter the cellar to investigate. Both are horrified by the sight in front of them as Tristan turns to greet them with a smug smile, his face splattered with Lucien's blood]

TRISTAN: Have you two come to watch as Lucien receives his punishment? I fear I'm being a touch lenient, given his intentions for my sister.

[Klaus, clearly upset by the sight of his friend being tortured so brutally, approaches Tristan]

KLAUS: Why torture a loyal servant? I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding.
TRISTAN: [coldly] One that remains outside your concern. As son of the Count, I may discipline staff as I see fit. Should you take issue, then I'll need to remind you that you are a guest.

[Klaus and Elijah, torn between helping Lucien and exposing themselves, hesitate for a moment as Tristan returns to whipping Lucien. However, Klaus, unable to bear to watch this torture, grabs Tristan by the arm and stops him]

KLAUS: Step away from him! Now.

[Tristan, panting from exertion, looks at Klaus in amusement]

TRISTAN: I know what you are. Our house servants speak of demons hunting in the night. I, myself, interviewed one such maiden. Quiet pretty. Thus far, the only survivor of these attacks.

[Elijah, upset by this news, closes his eyes and sighs as he considers their next move]

TRISTAN: I asked what manner of creature had hunted her. She said she was certain it was the Lord Kol, but with the face of a beast. Your entire family sought refuge here, claiming to be noblemen, when, in fact, you are fiends. I can only surmise that you are hiding, which means you're afraid. Somewhere out there, something is even more savage than you.

[Elijah looks anxious, but Klaus, infuriated, grabs Tristan in a choke-hold, causing him to gasp in shock and pain as Klaus' vampire-face comes out]

KLAUS: This is not going to be pleasant.
TRISTAN: [gasps for breath] Do so at your peril. But, should any misfortune befall me, know that I have instructed my fastest riders to spread word of your presence here. Whomever seeks you would most certainly hear the news.

[Both Klaus and Elijah are both panicked by this reaction, and though Klaus just squeezes his throat even harder, Elijah eventually intervenes]

ELIJAH: Niklaus, release him.

[Klaus continues to squeeze Tristan's throat, but Elijah is insistent]

ELIJAH: Please.

[Finally, after a moment, Klaus lets Tristan go, albeit reluctantly, and blinks away his red vampire eyes. Tristan gives them both a smug look as he recovers]

TRISTAN: See? We're not so different after all. You wish to protect your family. I wish to protect mine.

[Tristan turns away from them and heads back toward Lucien, who is still suspended by his wrists from the walls on each side of him. Tristan pulls a knife out of his belt and grabs Lucien by the hair so his head is pulled back. Lucien gasps in fear, and both Elijah and Klaus watch in horror as Tristan slices Lucien's mouth from ear to ear]


[Lucien falls limp and hangs by his wrist as blood from his mouth drips onto the ground]


[Lucien looks upset by the reminder of his torture as he sits in the interrogation room with Cami and Vincent, who both seem horrified by this confession]

CAMI: [stunned] Even after all these years, you continue to reenact your trauma. You're choosing victims who are the contemporary equivalent of the privileged son who hurt you.

[Lucien, offended, scoffs at this reaction]

LUCIEN: I share a deeply personal tale of woe, one meant to garnish sympathy and inspire kinship, yet all you take away is an admission of guilt.
VINCENT: [skeptically] Messed-up new guy comes to town, messed-up new guy is responsible for murders.

[Vincent taps the case file on the table for emphasis]

LUCIEN: [rolls his eyes] Uh, okay.

[He chuckles in exasperation before continuing]

LUCIEN: Given that you seem incapable of comprehending a sophisticated solution, allow me to posit an equally simple one.

[Vincent laughs heartily at this subtle insult toward him]

LUCIEN: These murders are an attempt to disparage my good name, thus poisoning me against the one person I came here to protect-- Niklaus himself. Now, if someone wants to weaken my ability to protect Niklaus, perhaps it's because they themselves would like to see him dead?

[Vincent seems skeptical of these claims, but Cami looks worried that he could possibly be telling the truth]


[All of the vampires have been knocked out and are sprawled on the floor of the loft except for Marcel, who is injured and crawling away from Aya as she walks toward him]

AYA: I have to say, I'm impressed. Given that I'm three times your age, you held your own quite well.
MARCEL: [groans] That's me. Never know when to quit.

[He pulls himself to his feet and lunges for her again, punching and kicking her in the face, but she once again easily gets the upper-hand and grabs him in a choke-hold. He grunts in pain as she holds him high in the air]

AYA: I suspect we could go at this for quite some time. But, as I said, I've been instructed to make you an offer, and since you seem so intent on defending your humble abode and maintaining your reputation in front of this motley retinue, we'll adjourn to somewhere more appropriate.

[She reaches toward his face with her free hand and uses a triangular ring on her finger to slice a cut across Marcel's cheek before dropping him onto the floor. Marcel, confused, wipes at the bleeding cut on his face, but when he looks up at Aya, her face starts to blur as the room begins to spin around him. Aya watches him until whatever drug in her ring finally takes effect and knocks him out]


[Alexis has just set up ingredients for another spell on a small round table in the living room, and has just lit some candles as Klaus and Elijah watch her with interest]

KLAUS: How much longer is this going to take?
ALEXIS: Elijah and I can begin now, but just us. Sadly, I've already shown you what visions of yours I've managed to divine.
KLAUS: The warning was for both of us-- friend, foe, and family. I'd like to see his, please.
ALEXIS: [curiously] Since family is one of your concerns, and you two are brothers, are you so sure you want to see what I have to show you?

[She brushes her hair off of her neck, and both Klaus and Elijah smirk in amusement]

ELIJAH: Oh, I never could resist a good spoiler.

[The brothers move in toward her, and while Klaus grabs Alexis' left wrist on which to feed, Elijah vamps-out and bites into Alexis' neck with his fangs]

[In the visions, there is another flash of a page from a spell book, which is covered in unintelligible writing around two pentacles drawn on either end of the page. It then flashes to the Mikaelson compound's living room, where the portrait of Elijah has been splashed with a fount of blood, which drips down the length of the painting and onto the frame. The vision cuts to Marcel, who is on his knees on the floor of what looks like St. Louis Cathedral and wiping at a cut on his face as someone stands over him. Then the vision flashes over to the police department, where Lucien is seen stroking the palm of Cami's hand in the interrogation room, as though he's reading the lines. Cami looks nervous as he does so]

[Just then, the sight of Lucien with Cami shocks Klaus and Elijah so much that they snap Alexis' neck as they're pulling away from her. Concerned, Elijah gently lays her body down on the table, taking care not to drop her on the candles]

KLAUS: [agitated] Well, at least your visions were specific. It seems Lucien has intentions for Camille.
ELIJAH: And what of Marcel-- family and friend? Where do his loyalties lie?
KLAUS: Find him and question him.

[Klaus turns to leave, and Elijah looks at him in confusion]

ELIJAH: And where are you going?
KLAUS: I'm going to eliminate an old friend before he gets his teeth into my therapist!


[Hayley and Jackson have moved into the fight ring, where they are continuing to spar with their staffs. Hayley starts to get really into it, but after a moment, Jackson kicks her legs out from under her, causing her to fall onto her back on the floor and lose her staff in the process]

JACKSON: [grins] Come on, focus!

[Hayley flips herself onto her feet, but its clear by her expression that she's overwhelmed]

HAYLEY: [angrily] Every full moon, every time I would turn human, I would look at our pack, at you, and all I could think about was...
JACKSON: [sympathetically] Blood. I get it.
HAYLEY: [frustrated] No, Jack, you don't get it! It wasn't just blood, it was Klaus.

[Hayley picks up her staff from the floor, and the two begin to spar again as she continues her rant. Jackson is able to block her blows, but since Hayley is using almost all her power now, it's harder for him to keep up]

HAYLEY: What he did to us, his gloating, Davina using us... If she blows out that candle, we're back to being wolves! And what if I'm holding Hope?
JACKSON: You ain't gonna hurt her.
HAYLEY: Every day-- every day-- all I can think about is ripping everything apart.
JACKSON: [sighs] Okay! Well, come on, then! Get it out of your system, all right? Are you gonna stand there feeling sorry for yourself?

[This pushes Hayley over the edge, which seems to be what Jackson intended. Hayley growls at him aggressively and starts staff-fighting at full force, not realizing just how much strength she is using. She accidentally goes too far and hits Jackson in the cheek with the end of her staff, which slices a decently-sized cut along his cheekbone. Jackson is spun by the force and falls against the wall of the cage, and when Hayley realizes she hurt him, she gasps and covers her mouth with her hands]

HAYLEY: Jack? I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to.

[Jackson calmly and confidently turns around and walks toward her, turning his face so his injured cheek is in full view. At the sight of the blood dripping down his face, Hayley starts to involuntarily vamp-out, though she forces herself back into control, but Jackson doesn't even flinch]

HAYLEY: Uh... You should go.

[Jackson shakes his head and walks closer to her until they're only inches apart]

JACKSON: I'm not going anywhere. I'm not afraid, Hayley.

[Hayley reaches up and cups his face so she can see his wound better, and, unable to help herself, she raises herself up on her tip-toes and licks a streak of his blood off of his face with her tongue. When she pulls away, Jackson continues to stare at her, and Hayley once again vamps-out, letting her fangs drop before she sinks them into his neck. Jackson gasps as she starts to feed on him, but he relaxes after only a moment and lifts her up so her legs are wrapped around his waist. He pushes her back against the wall of the cage, and she stops feeding on him so she can kiss him instead. Then, Hayley takes control and spins them at vampire speed so he's pressed against the wall instead, and she kisses him for a moment longer before ripping his tank top off and flinging the torn shirt away. He pulls her own shirt over her head and starts kissing her harder, and Hayley arches her back so far that she has to hold herself up by gripping the fence while Jackson kisses her chest]


[Elijah arrives at Marcel's loft to find all of his vampires still sprawled on the floor. He walks over to Josh, who is laying flat on his back on the floor, his face covered in his own blood from Aya's beatdown earlier, and gives him an amused, albeit patronizing, look]

ELIJAH: Joshua. Would you kindly enlighten me as to what happened here?

[Elijah pulls out his pocket square and drops it on Josh's chest so he can clean himself up. Josh groans in pain and sits up, rubbing his right shoulder as he does so]

JOSH: [groans in pain] Ohhh... God, this woman...

[Elijah walks around the room and takes in the sight of the other vampires, many of whom are still unconscious from having their necks snapped. The furniture in the room has also been trashed as well, likely due to vampires being thrown into it during the fight]

ELIJAH: What woman?
JOSH: I don't know. She walked in like she owned the place. Said she had to talk to Marcel in private.

[Josh finally rises to his feet and starts to wipe at the blood that has crusted under his nose]

JOSH: We tried to get rid of her, and boom-- Smackdown City. Which obviously went quite well.

[Elijah crouches down when he sees a black business card laying on the floor next to an unconscious vampire. When he picks it up and examines it, it's clear that it is the same card Aya held up to Marcel earlier, with a stylistic looking owl stamped on the front in white ink]

ELIJAH: Did this woman happen to have a name?
JOSH: I don't know.

[Josh thinks about it for a moment until he remembers]

JOSH: Um... Aya?

[Elijah closes his eyes and sighs in recognition of this name]

ELIJAH: Aya. Let me guess-- Five-foot-seven, built like a goddess, vicious as a viper?
JOSH: [confused] So, you know her?
ELIJAH: [smiles] I sired her.


[Lucien, Cami, and Vincent are still sitting in the interrogation room of the police station]

CAMI: You're an intelligent man, so I won't insult you-- we both know that nothing you say proves anything. So, what I want to know is why you asked to speak to me. Why tell me your story? Is it because I know Klaus, and part of you must still blame him? Maybe you want to make him look bad in the eyes of a friend?
LUCIEN: [chuckles] Ha! I'm so...

[He takes Cami's hand and opens it so it is palm-up, allowing him to read the lines along its length, just like Elijah's vision from Alexis earlier. ]

LUCIEN: Oh, now I know why Klaus is so taken with you-- that delicious, mortal mind framing every moment of your meager lifespan.

[Both Cami and Vincent look slightly alarmed by this contact]

VINCENT: [warily] Uh-huh.
LUCIEN: The truth is, I know you have Klaus' ear, and I need him to trust me. As for your claim that I blame him for my ancient wounds?

[Lucien lets go of her hand, and as soon as he does, Cami yanks it away as though she's afraid he may try something. If Lucien is offended, he doesn't show it]

LUCIEN: Well, time heals all wounds, and my wounds healed a thousand years ago.


[In FLASHBACK, Tristan and Elijah have left from the cellar in the COURT OF MARSEILLES, and Klaus has just released Lucien from the ropes binding his wrists to the walls. The wounds on his back and mouth are still bleeding profusely, and Klaus hands him a goblet of water]

KLAUS: I brought you water. Drink.

[Lucien tries to drink the water, but he spits it out as soon as it touches his wounds]

LUCIEN: [sobs] What did he do to me?

[Lucien sees his reflection in the water and drops the goblet onto the floor in horror. Klaus, feeling overwhelmingly guilty, pulls Lucien into a gentle hug]

KLAUS: Oh, I am sorry, my friend.

[While Klaus is embracing him, Lucien picks up the blade Tristan discarded earlier and uses it to stab Klaus in the abdomen. Klaus groans in pain and pulls away as he processes what has just happened. When he realizes Lucien has stabbed him, he becomes frustrated]

KLAUS: Are you mad? You know what I am!

[Klaus pulls the knife out of his abdomen, the blade still coated in his blood, and holds it to the side]

KLAUS: This rage is pointless, you cannot hurt me!

[Lucien tries to wrestle the blade out of Klaus' hand, and when Klaus tries to yank it away, he accidentally slices Lucien's palm open. Lucien groans in pain and opens his hand to examine the wound, but, since Klaus' blood has been introduced into the wound, it immediately begins to heal. Lucien gasps in shock, and Klaus, too, gapes in surprise at this reaction, as he was unaware of this ability. Within moments, the lacerations on Lucien's face and back have healed themselves as well due to exposure to Klaus' blood]

KLAUS: [stunned] My blood... healed you...

[Lucien, horrified, instantly backs away from Klaus in confusion]

LUCIEN: I... am like you?

[Both terrified and exhilarated, Lucien flees the room, still covered in the blood from his now-healed wounds and gripping the blade he stole from Klaus, while Klaus continues to gape in shock]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Lucien continues to narrate his story for Cami and Vincent in voiceover]

LUCIEN: [voiceover] Of course, I wasn't-- not yet. Not that it would have mattered, anyway. All I wanted was revenge.

[Lucien makes his way into Aurora's chambers, where Tristan and Aurora are talking with their hands clutching each other. When Aurora sees him, she gasps in shock, and Tristan spins to see what has spooked her. As soon as he sees Lucien, the color runs from his face]

AURORA: [horrified] Tristan!
TRISTAN: [stunned] How, by all that is damned, are you free?

[Lucien, furious, lunges for Tristan, but before he can even touch him, one of Tristan's guards stabs him through the chest from behind with his sword. Lucien gasps for breath one last time before collapsing dead to the floor. Tristan does not seem at all upset by this turn of events, but Aurora is clearly upset by the sight of her dear friend being killed in front of her. The guard stabs Lucien in the back one last time to ensure that he's dead and watches as blood spills from his wounds in a puddle around him]


[Cami and Vincent both seem affected by the horror of his story, and Lucien, who stands to his feet, tries his best to shrug off the seriousness of his history]

LUCIEN: And so, I died... for a little while. Talk about trauma-- not the wounds themselves, or even the execution, but the humiliation of being judged by one's supposed betters. I will never again stand for such judgment.

[Lucien, realizing he has perhaps confessed too much and become too serious, smiles and tries to lighten the mood]

LUCIEN: Though, for you, Camille, I will gladly declare my innocence. In fact, I can prove it.
CAMI: [confused] Prove it how?
LUCIEN: Well, if by nothing else, then perhaps logic? Why should I undermine my own safety by leaving behind a trail of dead bodies? I mean, why commit myself to these preposterous murders? Unlike my enemies, I have nothing to gain.
CAMI: [suspiciously] Your enemies? You really think someone is trying to frame you for this? Who?
LUCIEN: Now, isn't that the question we should be asking? And how fortunate it's one I can answer.

[Before Lucien can actually answer the question, Klaus storms into the interrogation room, clearly displeased by the sight of Lucien with Cami. He grabs her by the arm and tries to pull her out of the room]

KLAUS: I'd have thought your time with me would inspire a more careful selection of company you keep. We're leaving.

[Cami stops walking and stares at Klaus]

CAMI: Klaus, he says he knows who the killer is!
KLAUS: [scowls] Whatever Lucien's said to you today has most certainly been a lie.
LUCIEN: [scoffs] Oh, come on, Nik! Why should I lie?

[Klaus walks toward Lucien and glares at him]

KLAUS: For the same reason you lied about avoiding a werewolf bite when Elijah saw it with his own eyes? This ends now.
LUCIEN: [frustrated] Then you're giving Tristan the victory he seeks. He is the guilty one.

[Klaus, torn between wanting to know more and not wanting to believe what Lucien is saying, hesitates for a moment before turning to Cami and Vincent]

KLAUS: I'm going to need a word with Lucien in private.

[Vincent walks toward the door and turns to Cami]

VINCENT: Come on, Camille.

[The two walk out of the room together, leaving Klaus alone with his first progeny]


[Just like in Elijah's vision from earlier, Marcel awakens groggily to find that he's on the floor of a large, elegant room. When he finally remembers what happened, he sits up and looks at Aya, wiping the blood from his face as he does so]

MARCEL: Ugh. What the hell did you do to me?

[Aya holds out her hand, showing off the large ring on her right hand]

AYA: Scratched you with a toxin of my own devising. Kicks like a mule, doesn't it?

[She pulls out a blood bag and tosses it to Marcel]

AYA: Here. This should help.

[Marcel doesn't even hesitate before digging into the blood]

AYA: Plenty more where that came from. My friends and I could help with your daylight ring situation, as well.

[Marcel stops drinking the blood and tosses the bag aside before he stands to his feet]

MARCEL: [warily] Okay. Now you have my attention.
AYA: Marcel Gerard, you were turned by an Original, yet you made yourself in your own image. You built a vampire community from ash, and this city thrived under your rule. Let us help you return New Orleans to what it should be, with you as its king.

[Marcel seems to be intrigued, though he's smart enough not to trust her]

MARCEL: [laughs] A great sales pitch, really.

[He claps his hands in mock applause]

MARCEL: Just one thing-- who's "us?"
AYA: The oldest society of vampires this world has ever known. We are called The Strix.

[Just then, Elijah appears in the doorway]

ELIJAH: Quite the prestigious organization! Responsible for countless wars, numerous plagues, assassinations...

[Aya freezes at the sound of his voice, and at first, she keeps her back to him so he can't see how displeased she is by his presence]

AYA: [haughtily] You have to break rules if you want to build a new world.

[She finally turns to face him, and Marcel, now suspicious of her as a result of Elijah's words, circles around her]

AYA: Hello, Elijah. It's been a while.

[Marcel, realizing they're not strangers, rolls his eyes in exasperation]

MARCEL: You two know each other.
ELIJAH: Intimately.

[Elijah instantly vamp-speeds toward Aya and holds her as though he's dipping her in a formal dance before shoving his fist into her chest and grabbing her heart]

AYA: [in pain] UGH!
ELIJAH: [unamused] Whatever you are doing here, I know you're not alone.

[Suddenly, a familiar male voice calls out to him from the doorway. It's Tristan, who is accompanied by at least a dozen fellow vampires]

TRISTAN: Let her go, Elijah. No need for this to become vulgar.

[Elijah rolls his eyes with a smirk while Aya continues to gasp in his arms]

ELIJAH: And there he is.

[Elijah, still clutching Aya's heart, turns to see Tristan, who looks amused by him]

ELIJAH: Tristan.

[Tristan grins smugly at his sire]

[After the break, Marcel, who is now standing back-to-back with Elijah, seems to be gearing up for a fight as the members of The Strix close in on them]

MARCEL: [to Elijah] You go left, I go right?

[Elijah, who seems to be suspicious of Marcel's intentions with The Strix, yanks his hand out of Aya's chest, and she breathes a sigh of relief when she realizes he considerately left her heart intact. He then glances over at Marcel suspiciously]

ELIJAH: Why don't you stay where I can see you?

[Marcel, visibly offended and hurt by what Elijah is implying, glares at him angrily]

TRISTAN: [bemused] It's been ages since I've enjoyed a good scrap, but, uh... It's not why I'm here.

[Tristan rolls his eyes and reflexively hands Elijah his pocket square, assuming he would want to clean himself up. Elijah seems slightly embarrassed by this reminder, but he ultimately takes the handkerchief and uses it to mop Aya's blood off his hands]

TRISTAN: [to the others] Mr. Mikaelson and I require the room. Please leave us.

[The Strix vampires, including the still-recovering Aya, exit the room without another word, but Marcel stays behind with Elijah]

TRISTAN: Elijah, your sireline-- your life-- is at stake. You want to hear what I have to say.

[Elijah sighs and turns to dismiss Marcel]

ELIJAH: Marcellus, please.

[Annoyed, Marcel turns to leave, but Elijah isn't finished]

ELIJAH: And you would do well to be selective about the company you keep in the future.

[Aya can't help but smile at this statement from Elijah, but Marcel just becomes even more annoyed and defensive]

MARCEL: Maybe you should remember who your friends are. It looks like you're going to need 'em.


[Klaus and Lucien are still in the interrogation room at the police station, where Klaus is continuing to question Lucien on what his intentions are for his stay in New Orleans]

KLAUS: Whatever Tristan's role in this charade may be, have no fear. I will discover it. First, I'm going to drain you of vervain. Then, I'm going to ask you a few questions, and, once you've answered, if I'm feeling sentimental, perhaps I'll grant you a painless death.

[Lucien, who has been scoffing and rolling his eyes while Klaus was talking, stands and looks exasperated as he leans against the table]

LUCIEN: Please, enough posturing! Ask me anything you want. As I've said, I am only here to protect you.
KLAUS: And yet you lied about your werewolf bite. Why?
LUCIEN: [exasperated] I simply didn't want to bother you! Don't you have greater concerns than a little wolf-bite that I can cure on my own?

[This revelation seems to stun Klaus, but before he can interject, Lucien continues talking. He opens the file with the photos of the murder victims and spreads them across the table]

LUCIEN: Let's discuss these absurd murders. If it were true that I was scattering bodies about and scarring up faces, then you would be right to assume I'm mentally unstable. I'm not, by the way. But, who would benefit most from you thinking that I am? Who else but Tristan?
KLAUS: [patronizingly] Ah.
LUCIEN: Because if you don't trust me-- if you kill me and are forced to stand alone-- wouldn't that benefit him?

[Klaus scowls and walks around the table until he's standing behind Lucien]

KLAUS: It's a very interesting theory... only I don't need your protection. I'm quite capable of protecting myself.

[Lucien turns to face Klaus, and stares at him, though he does look nervous at their proximity]

LUCIEN: Undoubtedly. But who looks after your family, hmm? Your friends? Camille, for instance? Such associations make you vulnerable, and thus in need of me.

[Klaus sighs at this statement, and Lucien sits down and dramatically sets his feet on the table. However, before they can debate the matter further, Detective Kinney comes into the room. When he sees Klaus, he frowns in confusion]

KINNEY: What the hell are you doing here?
KLAUS: [smiles fakely] I'm Mr. Castle's legal counsel--

[He stands in front of the detective and claps his hand on his shoulder before staring him in the eyes]

KLAUS: [compels him] --Here to ensure justice is served.

[Kinney pauses and blinks in confusion as the compulsion takes hold]

KINNEY: Hmm. Well, your client's not gonna need you today. We found another body. This one's fresh.

[The scene cuts to an alley in the FRENCH QUARTER, where yet another wealthy-looking man has had been killed and had his face mutilated before being hung by puppet strings like the other murders]

[Back in the POLICE STATION, Detective Kinney is still looking at Lucien

KINNEY: It couldn't have been you. You're free to go, Mr. Castle. Don't leave town.

[Kinney leaves the room and Lucien, looking smug, stands to his feet and spreads his arms wide]

LUCIEN: And, like a phoenix, I rise.

[Cami is standing in the doorway and watching suspiciously as Lucien heads toward the door. Before he leaves, he turns to Klaus, who seems unhappy and confused by all of this conflicting information]

LUCIEN: Do think about what I said, Nik.

[Cami and Klaus share a suspicious look once he's gone]


[Elijah and Tristan are still in the grand room of the building that The Strix is using as a New Orleans base of operations. Elijah is gazing out the window and doesn't seem at all pleased to be reunited with his progeny]

ELIJAH: You waltz into my city unannounced with your flock of sycophants flaunting news of a threat. All the while, your little lapdog Aya is conspiring with none other than Marcel Gerard.
TRISTAN: [rolls his eyes] "Conspiring." How grandiose. I thought I was the one with a flair for the dramatic.
ELIJAH: [coldly] Watch your tongue.

[He walks over to Tristan and threateningly adjusts Tristan's tie]

ELIJAH: I am not the patient, fun-loving social butterfly you might recall.
TRISTAN: [sighs] Your Marcel is a potential recruit. He has nothing to do with the larger issue we face.
ELIJAH: [skeptically] The larger issue?
TRISTAN: You've no doubt heard about the war between the sirelines? Well, as it happens, your line, thanks to my Strix, has wreaked all manner of havoc on Lucien and his assorted interests. As a result, he's desperate to exterminate the lot of us-- me, Aya, everyone you've sired. Of course, the economical way to complete this task would be for him to kill you.

[Elijah's clenches his jaw, but continues to stare at him suspiciously]

TRISTAN: You don't believe me. Perhaps you underestimate Lucien's ambition? While I doubt he'd have the gall to attack you directly, I believe he might try and find someone else to do it-- namely, Niklaus.
ELIJAH: [narrows his eyes] What makes you so certain that Niklaus would select Lucien over his own family?
TRISTAN: From what I hear, he tortured his friend Marcel, cursed the mother of his child, and burned your paramour in front of you, all because he thought it the logical way to defeat his enemy. With Lucien in his ear, how long before the logical thing is to get rid of you?

[At the reminder of Gia's death, Elijah's face flashes with sadness and anger as he clenches his fist. However, realizing that he may be giving too much away, he quickly recovers his poker-face before responding]

ELIJAH: Well, how very fortunate, indeed, then-- Niklaus is on his way right now to put Lucien out of our collective misery.
TRISTAN: [alarmed] You have to stop him.
ELIJAH: [scoffs] And why would I do that?
TRISTAN: Lucien's seer believes there's an object capable of killing you.
ELIJAH: I'm well aware.
TRISTAN: Well, I don't have it. I'm quite certain my sister doesn't have it, either. Logically, then, one must assume that Lucien has it, or he knows where it is. If he dies, none of us will find it. Not until some other assassin attempts to use it against you. If you've any hope of finding that which can kill us all, Niklaus needs to be stopped.


[Cami and Klaus are standing outside the police station, where they're discussing what they've just learned]

CAMI: For the record, Vincent thinks you should kill him, but you can't execute someone without, you know, due process.
KLAUS: [exasperatedly] Are we really going to have a legal debate about this?
CAMI: [worriedly] He said something about rising like a phoenix. What did that mean?
KLAUS: [rolls his eyes] Lucien has a taste for hyperbole. Although, in this case, he's rather on point.


[Klaus and Elijah are outside near a large lake, where they are preparing a traditional Viking funeral for Lucien. They place two gold coins over his eyelids before grabbing two nearby torches. Both brothers look very upset by Lucien's death]

ELIJAH: Do you really think it was your blood that healed him?
KLAUS: I saw it with my own eyes. When I found his body, I tried to feed him more, and... nothing.
ELIJAH: So then, we... We may only heal the living?

[Klaus nods, near tears]

ELIJAH: That's... peculiar.

[He turns to Klaus and squeezes his shoulder affectionately]

ELIJAH: I know this can't be easy for you, brother.

[Elijah leaves Klaus to say his goodbyes. Klaus starts to cry, and stares at Lucien's body for a long while before taking a deep breath and stepping forward to set his funeral pyre ablaze. However, before he can, Lucien bolts upright with a gasp and is overcome by a coughing fit as Klaus is stunned into speechlessness. After Lucien has recovered, he looks at Klaus in confusion]

LUCIEN: What...?

[Klaus, realizing his friend has returned to "life," smiles at him]


[Cami gasps when she realizes what Lucien is to Klaus]

CAMI: He's the first person you ever turned. Is that why this is so hard for you, because he's the first of your sireline?

[Klaus scowls and says nothing, just as Lucien comes out of the police station. He's wearing black sunglasses, and smiles happily before he turns and walks away. Klaus is about to follow him when Cami grabs his arm and stops him]

CAMI: Klaus, if he's not lying, if he is telling the truth, if he is here to help you... you don't have to kill him.

[Klaus sighs in frustration when he sees Lucien get into the back of a fancy black town car]

KLAUS: [smiles weakly] Camille. So eager to keep me from a mistake I might regret. It means more than you know.

[Lucien's car drives past them, and Cami turns to watch it leave the station parking lot. However, when she turns back to Klaus, she hears the tell-tale *whooshing* noise that indicates he has vamp-sped away. She sighs in frustration when she realizes he's gone]


[Klaus is standing in an alley and watches as Lucien's car stops across the street. Lucien gets out of the car and closes the door, tapping the roof of the car to indicate the driver can leave. When he starts to walk away, Klaus, scowling determinedly, starts to walk toward him, only to be stopped by Elijah, who has appeared out of nowhere to slam Klaus against the brick wall of the nearby building]

ELIJAH: We should talk.
KLAUS: [annoyed] It's too late for that. Lucien needs to die. You said so yourself.
ELIJAH: I have new information.

[Klaus breaks out of Elijah's hold and starts to walk toward where Lucien was last seen, forcing Elijah to call out to stop him]

ELIJAH: Brother, if you desire any kind of reconciliation with me, stay your hand.

[Klaus stops in his tracks and sighs for a moment before turning back to Elijah]


[Slurping noises are heard in a nearby room, where Lucien is viciously feeding on one of the members of court. Once he's finished, he pulls away, his face covered in blood. He groans as his fangs come in, but eventually becomes euphoric from the feeling of completing his transition]

LUCIEN: Ahhhh... hahaha!

[He walks toward a corner, where a young woman has been tied up and is whimpering in fear]

LUCIEN: Oh, you do not know all that you are missing! Ahhhh... WOO! I feel as though I have left the fog of winter to enter the most glorious springtime!
YOUNG WOMAN: [fearfully] Please! My family!

[Just then, Klaus rushes in, and seems alarmed by the sight in front of him]

KLAUS: [anxiously] Lucien, no! This-this will not go unnoticed! Now we will have to leave!

[Klaus sighs before walking toward Lucien]

KLAUS: I know you despise me--
LUCIEN: [happily] Uh, no, hahaha. Not anymore! Ah, this change in me... We are as alike now as brothers, are we not?
KLAUS: [warily] It seems so.
LUCIEN: [pleadingly] Then teach me, Niklaus! Teach me to be what we are!

[Klaus helps the young woman to her feet and strokes her neck. Lucien looks at him hopefully as the woman whimpers, until finally, Klaus smiles at him]

KLAUS: Gladly.

[He vamps-out and bites into the woman's neck]



[Klaus and Elijah are seated in one of the sitting rooms, which is completely dark aside from some lit candles and the roaring fire in the fireplace. Klaus stares introspectively at the fire for a long moment before speaking]

KLAUS: And now I reap what I sow. I should have killed him in that chapel.
ELIJAH: Yet you played right alongside him, succumbing to your savagery. He brought out the worst in you, Niklaus.
KLAUS: We brought out the worst in each other. In some ways, we made each other who we are.
ELIJAH: Well, the moment we have that weapon, we will end him. He and Tristan.
KLAUS: [smiles weakly] It's good to hear that word again. "We."
ELIJAH: [rolls his eyes] It's purely circumstantial, let me assure you, brother. This is not forgiveness.

[Klaus seems hurt by this response, but does not let it stop him from saying what needs to be said]

KLAUS: [quietly] I've claimed righteousness in my actions towards you and Hayley... But, perhaps I did stray a little too far from the shores of reason. Freya's prophecy speaks of family against family, and I want you to know...

[He sighs nervously]

KLAUS: You will never fall by my hand.

[Elijah, who has been kneeling in front of the fire, seems touched by this uncharacteristic confession from Klaus. However, he simply stands to his feet and leaves. Klaus, disappointed, looks sad as he continues to stare at the fire]


[Marcel is pouring himself a drink at his bar while Josh does his best to scrub out the stains on the rug from their earlier fight against Aya]

JOSH: [annoyed] Dude, is it just me, or is vampire blood, like, a thousand times harder to get out than normal blood?

[Marcel remains silent and pulls out the black business card Aya gave him for The Strix. Josh notices him staring at the card and looks concerned]

JOSH: Hey, you okay?
MARCEL: [sighs] I'm not sure what's more annoying-- The Strix coming into my home, or Elijah dismissing me like some kid.

[He stares at the card a little longer and seems to be getting an idea]


[Cami and Vincent have once again reconvened at CAMI'S APARTMENT, where they're back to discussing their serial killer]

CAMI: [sighs] So, now what? Back to square one? If Lucien isn't the killer...
VINCENT: [exhaustedly] Then what the hell are we really dealing with?

[In a FRENCH QUARTER ALLEY, the police are still canvassing the newest crime scene, and a large crowd of people have congregated outside the crime scene tape. After a moment, Tristan walks through the crowd until he reaches the tape and curiously watches the police officers as they work. When his phone buzzes in his pocket, he pulls it out and silences it before putting it away and smiling in satisfaction as he walks away]

[At the BUDDHIST MONASTERY, it is revealed that Aurora is the person calling Tristan when she is heard leaving him a voicemail]

AURORA: Tristan! It's me. I've been feeling a little... cooped up, so I've decided to cut my stay short.

[When the camera cuts to the monastery, at least six bloodied bodies are laying on the floor of Aurora's quarters, all of whom are monks who have been violently killed. Finally, Aurora, standing in the middle of the room with a sword pointed tip-down in the floor, her face and robes covered in blood, is seen finishing up her voicemail to her brother]

AURORA: [smiles] I'll be in New Orleans shortly. Don't start the party without me!

[She hangs up the phone and drops it on the body of a nearby monk, dropping the sword onto the floor as she does so. She then walks across the room until she makes it to the balcony overlooking the mountains. She stands on the stone railing and smiles as she feels the sun on her face. Looking happier than we've ever seen her, she spreads her arms wide and sighs before swan-diving over the edge]


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