It's all part of what I'm about to tell you. [...] Around a millennia ago, in certain parts of the world, there were monsters. And in one region there was no monster more terrifying than dragons. On their own, no faction was any match for dragons. So an unholy alliance was formed. A witch, a werewolf and a vampire [...] The Triad combined their blood, using black magic to create a golem capable of consuming the dragons. They spelled the creature to have an insatiable hunger. But their spell also made it unable to harm witches, werewolves, or vampires. They named it Eater of the Dark. When the dragons, in human form, returned to collect the treasure from all the villages they had attacked, it was waiting for them. It took them, consumed them. To their surprise, the creature was more effective than they could have dreamed. After the dragons were gone, it kept eating every monster it could, swallowing them into an endless space inside itself. [...] Your father is the golem. The Eater of the Dark.

I'll Tell You a Story is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Legacies and the fifteenth episode of the series overall.


SECRETS REVEALED — When the fallout of Hope's actions leaves her and Landon on the outs, she turns to Lizzie for help making things right. Meanwhile, Landon uncovers secrets about his past, while Josie looks into a secret that Alaric has been keeping. Rafael also appears.[2]



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  • Antagonists: Dragon Lady (flashback), Malivore (flashback), Triad Industries, Burr, and Ryan Clarke
  • Hope calls Freya to learn about the Merge for Josie and after she finds out what it is tells Alaric to tell Lizzie and Josie about the Merge or she will. Alaric does tell them.
  • The ancient vampire who helped create Malivore is the earliest known non-Original vampire shown wearing a daylight ring.
  • It's revealed that vampires, werewolves, and witches are protected species from the golem known as Malivore as their blood was used to create the creature.
  • Landon learns that Triad is trying remove all supernaturals including the three protected species from Malivore by working to change Malivore.

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