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(Damon is laying in the middle of the empty road, just like the night they first met in the flashbacks from The Departed and when they were hunting together in Bring It On. Elena walks up to him, still wearing her bridesmaid's dress from the wedding.)

ELENA: What are you doing?
DAMON: Waiting for you.
ELENA: (confused) On the ground where we first met?

(Damon stands up and walks toward her, trying to keep his face neutral.)

DAMON: I'm feeling symbolic.

(Damon and Elena kiss for a long moment, and then Elena pulls away)

ELENA: It's bad, isn't it?
DAMON: (hesitates) I believe you owe me a dance, Miss Gilbert.
ELENA: (concerned) Damon, just tell me. How bad is it?
DAMON: Dance with me, please.


(The scene picks up from the end of the previous episode. The wedding ceremony has descended into chaos, and people are screaming across the room. Some of the attendees of the party are already dead, and many more are injured or dying. Damon is kneeling on the floor at the front of the altar, where he is clutching Elena's unconscious body against his lap and desperately trying to awaken her)

DAMON: Elena?

(Elena remains unconscious and limp in his arms)

DAMON: (worriedly) Come on. Hey, wake up. Elena?

(Damon bites his wrist and tries to feed Elena vampire blood. On the other end of the altar, Alaric is holding Jo, whose eyes are closed and whose abdomen is bleeding heavily, soaking Alaric's hands and clothes. He looks devastated to the point where he can do nothing but sob desperately)

ALARIC: (distraught) Oh god. Someone, please help.

(Joshua struggles to stand to his feet by bracing himself on a chair. He is furious as he looks around the room)

JOSHUA: (shouts) Kai!

(Damon is trying to feed Elena his blood, but she's not conscious to be able to actively drink it)

DAMON: Come on, just drink it.

(The blood simply dribbles down Elena's chin) No! (He becomes distraught as well and starts looking around for the others)


(Stefan and Caroline, who were knocked backward by Kai's magic, stand to their feet, both of them covered with blood from the broken glass and projectiles hitting them. When they see Damon clutching Elena's unconscious body, their eyes widen in alarm)

DAMON: She won't wake up.
CAROLINE: Oh, my God.
DAMON: She won't wake up. I don't understand.
STEFAN: Get her to the hospital, now.

(Damon realizes that this is the obvious solution)

DAMON: Yeah.

(Damon scoops Elena up in his arms and vamp-speeds away. Caroline turns to Stefan with fearful eyes)

CAROLINE: (worriedly) She's human, what if she doesn't -

(Suddenly, Stefan and Caroline's necks are instantly snapped in mid-air. When they fall to the floor, Kai is revealed to be standing behind them, having used magic to break their necks.)

KAI: Nothing personal, but this is a family matter now.

(Kai turns and sees Alaric, still sobbing desperately as he clings to Jo's lifeless body, his hands becoming more and more blood-soaked from her fatal wounds)

KAI: Tsk. Oh.

(Joshua finally comes back, holding an Ascendant in his hand and shouts an incantation to a spell)

JOSHUA: (chants loudly) Sanguinem filio. Sanguinem effurgarex perpetuum.
KAI: (sighs) Let me guess, Prison World?

(The other Gemini Coven members who are still alive stand to their feet and begin to chant as well)

GEMINI COVEN: (chants) Sanguinem filio. Sanguinem effurgarex perpetuum.
KAI: (unimpressed) I mean, you can't kill me. Or else you all die too, right.
ALARIC: (sobbing) Ohh, ohh.

(Kai turns to Alaric with fake sympathy)

KAI: (softly) Hey, I'm sorry about your twinsies. I just don't feel like competing for leadership with future Gemini twins. (He kneels down next to him) See... when your family decides that your nothing but an irredeemable piece of trash, well... I guess the best thing to do is prove them right, right?

(The witches are still chanting and Kai stands up with a broken shard of glass in his hand and turns around to his father.)

KAI: This ought to do it.

(He stabs himself in his neck and falls down on the floor, gagging intensely as he bleeds to death)

JOSHUA: (horrified) No!


(Elena and Alaric are in Elena's mind, where they're in work-out gear and sparring with each other, just as they did in Smells Like Teen Spirit. Elena punches the pads in Alaric's hands and then gestures to him to give her more)

ELENA: You're going easy on me. Come on. This is supposed to be a special moment.

(She punches the pads again, but Alaric becomes so overwhelmed that he stops what he's doing)

ALARIC: Yeah, no. I can't do this.

(He pulls off the padded gloves and throws them onto the ground before walking away. Elena follows him and shakes her head)

ELENA: Don't do that. Don't give up like that.
ALARIC: Why not? (He turns around so his back it to Elena) I have nothing left to fight for.

(He walks over to where a punching dummy is standing and begins punching it furiously with his bare hands. Elena comes up behind him and wraps her arms around his shoulders and squeezes him tightly so he can't move)


(Elena is laying in a hospital bed where a a doctor is checking up on her. Damon is outside in the hallway, where he's watching the doctor work from the window and staring at her)

(The scene cuts back and forth between the hospital and the boarding house as Damon calls Bonnie, who is in the kitchen where Matt is bandaging up her slit wrists from when Kai attacked them earlier. When Bonnie sees it is Damon calling her, she answers it quickly)

BONNIE: Damon!
DAMON: (sighs in relief) Ah. Bonnie Bennett. You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice right now.
BONNIE: (anxiously) Damon, Kai's out.
DAMON: (sighs) I know. I'm glad you're safe. I was worried Kai already got to you.
BONNIE: He did. And I don't know how, but I'm still alive. He drained my blood and that's all.
DAMON: (unhappily) That's not all. He was at the wedding. Jo's dead, he killed her.
BONNIE: (stunned and horrified) Oh my god.
DAMON: (frustratedly) And Elena got knocked out, and she's not waking up. The doctors keep telling me that there's nothing physically wrong with her. I don't know what to do, Bon.
BONNIE: Stay there. Okay? I'm coming.


(Stefan and Caroline are scrunched in the backseat of a car. When they start to wake up, they realize where they are, and that Caroline is laying with her head on Stefan's chest. Caroline quickly sits up, and the two find Enzo driving the car and become even more confused)

ENZO: Good, you're up. Sorry to be indecorous, but you were both solidly unconscious when I pulled you from the wedding mayhem.
CAROLINE: Where are we going? (She suddenly remembers the chaos at the wedding) Elena!
ENZO: Elena is in the hospital with Damon. Kai is dead, and all the Gemini's are going down with him. And. I grabbed the two of you to help me deal with a bigger problem.
CAROLINE: (exasperatedly) There's a bigger problem?!


(Stefan, Caroline, and Enzo arrive to the block of warehouses outside of Mystic Falls, where Lily and Enzo came in the previous episode to find Lily's "family." Stefan finds Lily desperately opening warehouse door after warehouse door in search for her den)

LILY: (calls out) Valerie? Malcolm?

(When she realizes that there is no one in the storage space, she closes the door. Stefan sighs in annoyance and approaches her)

STEFAN: Get in the car, please.
LILY: (rambling anxiously) 1702 Route 12. That's... That's where we are, right? I mean I read the map very carefully. He... He said they would be here. They're probably scared out of their minds.
STEFAN: (frustrated) Who are you talking about?

(Lily opens the door to another storage space and searches it)

LILY: My friends. Kai brought them back when he escaped that prison. (She looks around the room but there's nothing in there. She turns around again.) They're here, somewhere.
STEFAN: (sighs) He lied to you. There's nobody out here. You made a deal with a sociopath, and now a lot of people are dead. You're wasting your time!

(Lily walks away, ignoring Stefan's comments.)


(The members of the Gemini Coven are in various stages of dying as a result of Kai, as the leader of the coven, killing himself. Joshua manages to stumble onto his feet and desperately looks around the room as he calls out for his family)

JOSHUA: Where's my daughter. Liv! Liv!

(Just outside the barn where the wedding was held, Tyler and Liv, who were thrown outside from the force of Kai's spell, are covered in blood and laying in the grass. Tyler has a huge piece of glass lodged in his stomach, and Liv is crawling to him. She looks horrified when she realizes the extent of the carnage)

LIV: Oh, Tyler. Oh God, no. This can't be happening (She coughs up some blood) Oh, God. What's happening to me?

(Tyler turns his head to look at her with a sad, guilty expression)

TYLER: Kai's dead, Liv. (Liv looks horrified and upset) I heard the screams. Your dad, your coven, they're all in there... dying. Which means--
LIV: (overwhelmed) No, no, no.

(The two hear more screaming from inside, and Tyler reaches out so he can intertwine his fingers with Liv's)

TYLER: I love you, Liv. You need to know that, if this has to be it for us.
LIV: (determined) No. You're not dying, not after everything. You're not dying, Tyler.

(She looks up at the sky and sees the full moon above them, which gives her an idea)

LIV: It's a full moon. If you turn, it will heal you. You have to.

(When Tyler realizes what she's suggesting, he shakes his head vigorously)

TYLER: No. I'm not triggering it.
LIV: (crying) You once told me that I gave you a second chance, and you promised me that you wouldn't waste it. I love you. Let me do this for you.

(Tyler takes a deep breath and yanks the piece of glass out of his stomach before he sits up and looks at her, clearly conflicted and not wanting to do this)

TYLER: (groans in pain) Agh.

(Tyler rolls over so he's leaning over Liv and kisses her softly before pulling away and looking at her)

LIV: (whispers) Don't waste it.

(She puts his hands on her mouth, just like when she smothered the man Tyler hit so he wouldn't turn in The World Has Turned and Left Me Here)

TYLER: (crying) I love you.

(Liv starts choking as she suffocates, but Tyler keeps holding his hands on her mouth despite not wanting her to die. When she stops moving, he realizes that she's dead, and he pulls his hands away from her face. When he is hit with the implications of what he's just done, he screams in anguish)

TYLER: Nooo!


(Elena is laying in her hospital bed, still completely unconscious, and Damon sits beside her on the bed.)


(Outside of the bar, the full moon has risen overhead, and Tyler stumbles through the nearby woods as he struggles to dial Matt's number while his bones begin to break as he starts to transform for the first time since retriggering his werewolf gene. When the phone continues to ring, Tyler groans in frustration and anxiety)

TYLER: Come on, answer! (More of his bones start to break as he shifts) Uhn, argh, ahhh! Answer, damn it!

(Finally, Matt answers the phone)

MATT: (worriedly) Ty?
TYLER: (anxiously) Matt! Listen to me. You have to tell every-- ohh!

(More of Tyler's bones start to break, and he groans in agony as he falls to his knees. Matt is walking through the boarding house and looking extremely concerned)

MATT: Ty, what's wrong?
TYLER: (sighs in shame) I triggered my curse.
MATT: (horrified) No.

(Bonnie, noticing the fear in Matt's voice, walks toward him)

TYLER: (panting for breath) Tell every vampire to steer clear of me. I don't know if I'll be able to control who I go after, and my bite will kill them!

(More of his bones snap painfully, and he screams in pain)

TYLER: Ugh! Ahh! ahh!


(Stefan is continuing to try to get Lily to leave with him while she stubbornly searches the various warehouses)

STEFAN: Let me guess, not there either.
LILY: Did you come all this way to mock me?
STEFAN: No, I came here to put you back in your cell where you belong.
LILY: Do I look like a Ripper, Stefan? I've said repeatedly that the hope of being reunited with my family is enough to overcome the urges.
STEFAN: (loses his temper) Would you please just stop it with the word "family?" They're just a bunch of random people that you happened to sire!
LILY: (offended) We spent a century and a half together. We're loyal to each other. Our relationship is a deeper bond than I have ever known. What other word would I use?
STEFAN: (angrily) Lily, you either come with me right now, or you're out of my life. Do you understand me? Your son.

(Lily gives him a cold look and walks past him)

LILY: I'm sorry. (She returns to searching another warehouse) Malcolm, are you here sweetheart?

(Stefan vamp-speeds to her and pushes her against a wall in a choke-hold.)

STEFAN: (furiously) What did you give Kai?
LILY: (confused) I thought you were leaving.
STEFAN: Tell me what you gave Kai in return for your family!
LILY: (hesitates) ...I gave him my blood.


(Kai wakes up in transition and sits up before pulling the shard of glass out of his neck. He smirks in satisfaction and holds out his hand toward his dad, who is desperately trying to crawl away.)

KAI: (chants) Vodux.

(The spell Kai cast telekinetically pulls his father toward him)

KAI: (smirks) Here's to being different, Dad.

(Kai runs a finger through the blood pouring from a wound on Joshua's head and licks it off of his finger, thereby completing his transition)


(In the field outside of the barn, Alaric walks toward his car with Jo in his arms and gently lays her in the trunk of his SUV before laying a blanket over her body. He then gets in his car and numbly sits in the passenger seat for a moment as he processes the night's events. After a short pause, he reaches into his glove box and pulls out a loaded pistol. When he looks up, he sees Kai walking toward him through the windshield and gets out of the car to confront him. Kai takes note of his devastated appearance)

KAI: (sarcastically) Bad time?

(Alaric shoots Kai multiple times with his gun, but it has no effect. After a moment, the bullets pop themselves out of his wounds as he heals, and he picks one up and holds it up for him to see.)

KAI: Freaky, right? I turned myself into one of Lily's Heretics. It's really incredible, actually. I can literally siphon the magic of my vampirism and convert it into more magic.

(Alaric, emotionally exhausted beyond belief, points the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger. Fortunately, he was out of bullets, and he looks upset that it didn't work)

KAI: (mockingly) Ooh. Looks like somebody's having a very bad day.

(Out of nowhere, a partially-transformed Tyler lunges toward Kai and tackles him, viciously chomping down on his neck until Kai casts a spell to throw him backwards away from him)

KAI: (chants) Motus!

(Tyler flies backward and slams into Alaric's SUV. Tyler and Kai both stand up at the same time, and Alaric looks shocked and horrified by the sight of the newly-turned werewolf. Slightly embarrassed, Tyler gives Alaric a look before he wolf-speeds away, leaping over a nearby car in the process. Kai seems confused, yet amused as he watches Tyler leave)

KAI: Ha. Bad doggie.


(Matt and Elena are standing on the Wickery Bridge, where Elena is holding a large bunch of dandelions, referencing Our Town, when the two held a funeral for Elena's old life. Elena hands some of the dandelions to Matt with a smile)

ELENA: Here. Say it.
MATT: (clearly upset) No. I'm not doing this.
ELENA: (shrugs) Fine.

(She turns so she can face the river and repeats the words she said in Our Town.)

ELENA: I'll say it. Here lies Elena Gilbert, a fun girlfriend and an amazing friend.

(She throws the flowers in the water and laughs, but Matt is still in denial about what is happening.)

MATT: I'm glad one of us can find humor in this.
ELENA: I have to find humor in this, Matt. Because the alternative... (She stops for a second.) The alternative would be to say good-bye, and I'm just... I'm not ready for that yet.


(Matt has just walked into the parlor, where he finds Bonnie sitting on the couch with a horrified expression on her face)

MATT: Bonnie, let's go. We got to get to the hospital.

(Bonnie sits numbly on the couch, overwhelmed by something. Matt walks towards her and looks at her with concern.)

MATT: What's wrong?

(He realizes that Bonnie is holding the camera she brought back from her time in the 1994 Prison World)

MATT: What is that?

(On the back of the camera, there is a post-it note that says: "Watch me! :)")

BONNIE: I found it in the kitchen.

(She hands the camera to Matt, who takes it from her and presses the play button. Kai's face appears on the screen, and he smirks in satisfaction as he addresses the camera)

KAI: All this time travel's has been hard on the camera, Bon.

(He claps his hands gleefully)

KAI: Yay! You saw the post-it. (He mimics a robot's voice) This message will self-destruct in ten seconds. (He laughs heartily) Kidding. Anyhow, you're probably wondering why you're still alive, since I should have bled you out, one painful ounce at a time. I mean, that's what you deserved. You left me behind in 1903, which I did not appreciate, but I guess you forgot about that old Canadian rock filled with Bennett blood. Anyway, even though I got out, I kind of just want to make you suffer, in new and-- if I may say so myself-- totally inspired ways.
MATT: (horrified) What is this?
BONNIE: (sadly) Keep watching.

(The scene cuts back and forth between Damon at the hospital with Elena and Bonnie and Matt watching the video at the boarding house. Damon has just received a text from Alaric which reads, "TY WEREWOLF. KAI IS A VAMPIRE." Damon sighs, visibly overwhelmed and exhausted by all of the hits they've taken tonight. When he looks up, he see Kai stumble toward the window, looking strung-out and confused.)

KAI: (panting) What's happening to me?

(Damon walks toward the door to Elena's room and notices the bite mark on Kai's neck, but he's too worried about Elena to find amusement in Kai's predicament.)

DAMON: (sarcastically) Oh, you didn't happen to pet a fuzzy, four-legged vampire-killing machine, did you?
KAI: (seriously) How do I fix it?
DAMON: Easy, there's a cure in New Orleans. I'll get it for you. Just tell me what you did to Elena.
KAI: Oh, I can't do that.

(Damon rushes out of the room and lunges at Kai, who grunts in surprise as Damon gets in his face)

KAI: Huh.
DAMON: (furiously) One thing you're not gonna do? You're not gonna mess with me. I am in a very volatile place right now, and I will start beheading people that I don't like, starting with you, if she doesn't wake up

(He points to Elena for emphasis.)

DAMON: So, what did you do to my damn girlfriend?
KAI: (giggles) It's just not as threatening when I'm seeing like, four super-blurry versions of you. Heh heh.

(Damon starts to get even more angry and vamp-speeds to him, grabbing him by his collar and pushing him against a wall.)

DAMON: Fix her! I know it's a spell. She's in perfect health.
KAI: And she'll stay that way until she wakes.

(He breaks out of Damon's grip and walks toward the window looking into Elena's room)

KAI: Young, beautiful, human Elena Gilbert, preserved in this moment indefinitely.


(Matt and Bonnie continue to watch the video Kai left for them in horror)

KAI: (on camera) So, Bonster, I linked Elena's life to yours. The rule is-- as long as you're alive, Elena will remain asleep.
MATT: (in disbelief) Oh, my god.


DAMON: (enraged) Please tell me you didn't.
KAI: (gleefully) Oh, I totally did.


KAI: (on camera) And oh, please don't go looking for some weird witchy work-around, because as the incredibly-powerful leader of the Gemini's, I rigged this so that if you do try to outsmart it, both you and Elena will die-- instantly. I guess what I'm trying to say is your betrayal really hurt me, Bon. So, this is kind of all your fault.

(Matt puts the camera away and looks at Bonnie in fear and concern)

MATT: You have to get out of town now, Bon.
BONNIE: I'm not letting Kai win!
MATT: Bon, Elena's the only thing that Damon Salvatore cares about. He'll kill you. You have to get out of here now.


KAI: Damon, think about it-- everyday that you wake up without Elena in your arms, you'll have the burning desire to kill Bonnie. Of course, you could just get it over with and kill her now, but Elena will probably never speak to you again.

(Damon looks so angry that he lunges to attack Kai once again, but Kai vamp-speeds away before he can touch him. Furious and not knowing what to do, Damon takes out his frustration by throwing a nearby gurney)


(Elena and Stefan are hiking up the hill so they can see the waterfalls after which their hometown got its name, referencing Stefan and Elena's same walk in The Last Day. After a moment, Elena, who is out of breath, stops walking)

ELENA: Hang on, hang on. I just... (She sits down on a rock) I just need two seconds. Heh.
STEFAN: Well, you're the one who chose a five mile hike to say goodbye to me.
ELENA: This isn't goodbye Stefan. Besides, this hike is where I told you I didn't want to be a vampire. I thought it would be fitting considering--

(She holds out her hands, and Stefan grabs them and helps her to her feet)

STEFAN: (amused) Because you're a weak human again?
ELENA: You knew that I never wanted to be a vampire, even before we took our first steps up that mountain. You just wanted to hear me say it out loud.
STEFAN: Well, a lot of good that did.
ELENA: I guess what I'm trying to say is that you knew me better than anyone. You always have, which is why you already know how impossible it is for me to-- to find the words to say goodbye.
STEFAN: (overwhelmed) Don't. I can't do this, not-- not now, not never


(Stefan is in Elena's hospital room with Caroline to check on her. Caroline looks worried for both Elena and Stefan)

CAROLINE: Where's Damon?
STEFAN: Bonnie tracked Kai. He want to go beat the sleeping spell out of him.
CAROLINE: (hesitates) This whole thing with Elena... If they can't break the spell, are you gonna be okay?
STEFAN: Are you?
CAROLINE: Of course not. But when she wakes up, she'll still be my best friend-- after Bonnie's lived a long and happy life. Heh. But you? You were soulmates, and I want to make sure that you're okay.

(Stefan thinks about this for a moment)

STEFAN: I don't think Elena necessarily came into my life to be my soulmate. I mean, she was. We loved each other, but she was also the only person I've ever met who actually believed that my brother was worth loving, and she reminded me that I used to believe that about him, too. And her faith in him, it brought Damon and me back together. And yeah I--I loved her more than I could ever thought I could love somebody else. But I think, in the end, I needed him more then I needed her. Is that why... you feel you need to stay away from me, is it because you think that I haven't moved on?
CAROLINE: No, Stefan, I-- (She sighs) I'm sure it sounds like I'm making a million excuses but you and I-- (She sighs again) I can't do this right now. I'm sorry

(She walks away, leaving Stefan behind with Elena)


(Kai has just returned to the barn, where most of the Gemini Coven members are dead and scattered around the room. He's still under the influence of the werewolf venom and is wobbling on his feet)

KAI: Hello? Anyone still alive, hmm? Anyone alive just raise your hand. I need blood.

(Suddenly, Bonnie's voice is heard calling out from the other end of the room)

BONNIE: You need more than blood. Maybe some ointment? 'Cause gross.

(She points to her own neck, indicating Kai's werewolf bite, and Kai laughs sarcastically)

KAI: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Do your friends think you're funny? (He walks toward her) Because maybe if you were funny-- if you were the one with the good jokes, who they can always count on to make them laugh-- maybe they'd be cool with letting you live instead of Elena.
BONNIE: (shrugs) So, the sick humor's your thing, I'm just the one that does magic.

(She raises her hand, which causing the same high-pitched noise Kai magically caused at the wedding in the last episode, and Kai starts clutching his head in pain)

BONNIE: (unamused) Undo the spell, Kai.
KAI: (laughs through the pain) I can't. What's done is done.
BONNIE: (thrusts out her hand) Ossox!

(Kai's leg snaps, and he doubles over)

BONNIE: Again!

(Another one of Kai's bones break, and he falls over onto the floor and laughs)

KAI: I can't undo the spell, Bonnie. My death made it permanent.
BONNIE: Fine. I'll just wait for the werewolf bite to kill you.
KAI: You know what's funny? I didn't even know werewolves were real until I got bit by one.

(Bonnie finds a turned over table and breaks a leg off into a makeshift stake while Kai holds his hand over his werewolf bite. After a moment, his hand starts to glow, and the bite heals)

KAI: The thing is, Bon-- the only way a guy turns into a wolf is if it's magic, right? So technically, their venom's magic, too. So I just went ahead and siphoned it up.

(He uses his magic to pull Bonnie off the ground, where she hangs in the air for a moment)

BONNIE: (terrified) No, no!
KAI: Motus!

(He thrusts his hand forward, causing her to be thrown backward into a wall before she crumples on the floor in a heap)


(Damon is still standing on the road with Elena, both of them still in their wedding attire. Damon grabs Elena's hands in his and tries to be positive, but she knows something is wrong)

DAMON: Just dance with me. This was supposed to be our big night.
ELENA: (concerned) Tell me, Damon. I can see it all over your face. How bad is it?

(Damon hesitates for a moment before speaking)

DAMON: (sighs) Kai linked you to Bonnie. (Elena, horrified, lets go of his hands and takes a step back) You won't wake up until she dies.
ELENA: What?!
DAMON: He won, Elena.
ELENA: (freaking out) What are you gonna do? Damon? Damon?

(The vision blurs as Damon is pulled out of it)


(Damon walks into the barn and sees Bonnie collapsed on the floor. He immediately rushes over to her and kneels to check on her. She's gasping for breath and clearly very hurt. Unbeknownst to either of them, Kai is lurking just out of sight)

DAMON: Bonnie.
BONNIE: (relieved) Damon.

(He strokes her hair just as Kai comes out of the shadows and joins them)

KAI: (incredulously) How dumb are you? I deliver you a dying Bonnie Bennett on a silver platter and *woosh*-- right over your head.
BONNIE: (gasping) Damon?
DAMON: (to Bonnie) You're okay.
BONNIE: Damon...
KAI: (snarkily) Uh, translation-- she's about to croak.
BONNIE: Damon.
KAI: (walks toward them) Of course, you don't have to help her. You could just walk away. She dies of collapsed lung, no blood on your hands, and you and Elena get to live the life you always dreamed of.

(Damon considers this for a moment, looking conflicted)

KAI: Either way, you better act quick.
DAMON: I'm so sorry, Bonnie.

(Bonnie looks confused and horrified as he leans forward and kisses her forehead. He lets go of her hand and she rolls to the other side, visibly betrayed by his actions. Damon walks away, leaving Bonnie and a very unsatisfied Kai behind)

KAI: (exasperatedly) That's it? He just left you? The whole point was that this would torture him for a while. I mean, you'd think he'd at least flip a coin-- heads he picks you, tails he picks--

(Suddenly, Damon vamp-speeds behind Kai and karate-chops his neck with his hand, severing his head from his body. Kai's head flies away, and Damon grins in satisfaction)

DAMON: Heads it is!

(When Damon hears Bonnie's breath rattling nearby, he vamps over to her and kneels by her side. She looks shocked that he came back for her)

DAMON: You think I was gonna leave you all alone, huh?

(He bites his wrist and puts it in her mouth to heal her with his blood, and she drinks it frantically)

DAMON: No way. I'm not out of nicknames for you yet.

(He picks her up and carries her out of the room in his arms)


(It's the next day, and Stefan opens the door to find Caroline and Bonnie on the front step. He ushers them into the parlor, where Alaric, Matt and Tyler are already sitting there waiting for them. Then, Damon walks in and joins them in preparation for their last goodbyes)

DAMON: Okay, let's do this. You two are up first.

(He looks at Caroline and Bonnie. They walk together into the next room, where Elena is laying in a coffin and wearing a midnight blue dress. They both look sad as they look at their best friend)

CAROLINE: (softly) It's easy, Bon. We just take her hand... close your eyes... and let her into your thoughts.


(Elena and Caroline are laughing and sitting on her bed as Bonnie comes in with a blanket.)

BONNIE: (incredulously) Are we seriously having a sleepover?
CAROLINE: Come on! Hurry up and get in here. I'm the one who gets to see her again. I mean, you should get the better goodbye.
ELENA: (overwhelmed) Oh Care, come here (Elena hugs her) Take care of everyone while I'm gone, okay?
CAROLINE: (cries and nods) I will, I promise.

(They pull away and Caroline is still crying)

ELENA: Promise me something, both of you. (She grabs her journal and hands it to them.) Write it all down, everything that you accomplish in your life, every crush, when you fall in love, when you start a family, every time you fantasize about wanting to kill Damon..

(They all laugh hysterically, which quickly turns to tears)

ELENA: Write it down, so that one day when I wake up, I can read all about my best friends' lives and feel like I was there.

(They grab each others hands)

BONNIE: I'm so sorry, Elena. Really, I'm so sorry
ELENA: (smiles) This isn't your fault.

(Bonnie starts to cry harder, and Elena squeezes her hand)

ELENA: (gently) Hey. We'll both get everything that we want. We just can't have it at the same time.

(Elena and Caroline look at each other and Caroline leaves. Elena wipes Bonnies tears away with her hands)

ELENA: Aw, hey. Bonnie Bennett. You have spent your entire life making sacrifices for me. Now it's my turn to do it for you. I just have one more favor to ask.
ELENA: Okay.

(She rips open her pillow and grabs a handful of feathers out of it before laying them in front of her)

ELENA: (sheepishly) Can you do it one last time?

(Bonnie giggles through her tears and raises her hand, and they both smile and cry as the feathers float in the air around them).


(Matt and Elena are still on the bridge, where Matt has finally thrown his bouquet of dandelions into the water. This time, however, he is dressed as a Sheriff's deputy)

MATT: (sighs) There, I did it. Are you happy?
ELENA: Very. Now it's your turn to be.
MATT: (looks down at his uniform) So, I'm a cop, huh?
ELENA: That's my hope for you, Matt. In our crazy lives together, you've always stayed the same-- human, loyal, and good. My hope is that you spend the rest of your life fighting for people like you.
MATT: You know, there's a good chance that I'll never see you again.
ELENA: Matt. (She smiles at him) Look at everything that the two of us have survived.

(They start to cry and they hug)

ELENA: (whispers) I like our odds.


(Elena is still standing behind Alaric with her arms wrapped around his shoulders as he tries not to cry)

ELENA: You're gonna think that the pain will never end, but it will. But first, you have to let it all in. You can't fight it. It's bigger than you. You have to let yourself drown in it. But then eventually you'll start to swim, and every single breath that you fight for will make you stronger

(He turns around to face her)

ELENA: And I promise that you will beat it.

(He hugs her tightly)


(Alaric is looking down at Elena laying in her coffin when he hears a familiar voice as someone enters the house. It's Jeremy, who has just made it back to Mystic Falls)

JEREMY: Alaric?
ALARIC: Jeremy?
JEREMY: I--I tried to be here sooner. I wanted to be here for the wedding.
ALARIC: I'm glad you weren't

(He walks over to Jeremy and hugs him. Alaric pulls away and leaves Jeremy to say goodbye to Elena. He walks over to Elena's coffin and takes her hand)


(Elena is sitting alone in the stoner pit until Jeremy grabs Elena's hand, and she looks at him in surprise and happiness)

ELENA: You made it!

(She hugs him tightly)

JEREMY: (laughs) Yeah. Three canceled flights. I could have walked here faster.

(They pull away, and Elena starts to cry, much to her embarrassment)

ELENA: Oh, and I was doing so well. Ha ha. (She sighs) I'm sorry, I wanted to at least pretend to be strong for you.
JEREMY: (gently) Hey-- when you do wake up, I want you to know that I spent my life doing exactly what I felt I was born to do. I was happy.

(They hug)


(Elena is standing in an unfamiliar cellar, where Tyler is standing in front of her in a tank top and gym shorts. She picks up a nearby chain and walks over toward him with it)

TYLER: So, where are we in this vision of yours?
ELENA: Not here, not in Mystic Falls.

(She starts to wrap a chain around his wrist, as though he's preparing for a full moon)

ELENA: You need to get out of here, Tyler. You need to figure out what it is you want to do, who you want to be, and then just really fight for it. You're gonna be fine, Tyler. You're a wolf now, embrace it. Don't fight it. Let it be that thing that makes you extraordinary.

(They smile at each other)


(Tyler walks away from Elena's coffin, and Stefan walks over and takes her hand. He closes his eyes as a tear rolls down his cheek)


(Elena and Stefan are standing in front of the Mystic Falls, and she grabs Stefan's hands.)

ELENA: Thank you for bumping into me that day in the hallway. I thought I would never be happy again, and then-- and then I met you. You changed everything for me. You-- you quite literally saved my life. I love you so much, which is why I can't wait to find out what new life you-- you've chosen for yourself in sixty or seventy years when I see you again.
STEFAN: (smiles sadly) I can guarantee it won't be high school

(They laugh, but it's clear that Stefan is not happy).

ELENA: Just be happy. I'll see you soon.
STEFAN: I'll see you, Elena.

(She lets go of his hand and walks away)


(Stefan lets go of her hand and walks away)


(Enzo steps out of his car and walks toward Lily, who is still desperately searching for her companions. She looks both relieved and embarrassed.)

LILY: Lorenzo. You came back. You must think me such a monster.
ENZO: We're all monsters in some way, I suppose.
LILY: My life before my friends was misery, even as a mother, a-a wife. I never felt whole. But then, I found these people, and, uh, I felt a part of something. Can you understand that just a little?
ENZO: I can because I've been searching for that my whole life.

(He looks away and he looks surprised when he sees something in the horizon)

LILY: (confused) What is it?
ENZO: That building, it wasn't there last night.

(Enzo opens the door, and he and Lily walk inside)

ENZO: Kai must have had this cloaked. When he died... Heh.

(Suddenly, Lily sees something and gasps in shock)

LILY: It can't be.

(After a moment, a woman in early 20th century clothing walks toward them, and when she sees Lily, she walks even faster. Then, others start to follow behind her, and Lily looks absolutely thrilled)

LILY: Lorenzo... It's our family!

(She walks over to the woman, presumably Valerie, and hugs her tightly)


(Stefan and Damon have just carried Elena's coffin into the Salvatore crypt. Once she's settled, they stop and look at each other)

DAMON: You think she'll be safe here?
STEFAN: If word gets out that her body has the cure inside, every vampire who wants to be a human will come busting through that door.
DAMON: Bonnie will spell it shut. We're under strict orders not to open it for anyone.
STEFAN: I guess that means that--
DAMON: ...That means it's time for me to say good-bye.

(Stefan walks away and pats Damon on his shoulder and nodding at him reassuringly)



(Elena and Damon have reunited in the road after Damon had to leave earlier)

DAMON: You could have just told me what to do.
ELENA: I knew what you were going to do.
DAMON: You knew that the evil, selfish Damon Salvatore would give up the love of his life to save her best friend?
ELENA: I knew that the love of my life would stand by his best friend, even if it meant having to live without me for a little while

(She kisses him softly, and he looks devastated).

DAMON: Things are gonna be awfully dull around here without you.
ELENA: No they're not, Damon, because you're not gonna sit around waiting for me.
DAMON: (smiles weakly) I was thinking of doing the starvation diet, because desiccation makes the time go faster...
ELENA: (gives him a look) Damon, this isn't gonna work out if you just shut down. I need you to live your life, enjoy yourself. i want you to be happy. Now, how about that dance?

(He grabs her hands and places them right on his shoulders. She pulls him towards her and she starts crying on his shoulder.

(The scene switches between Elena and Damon in her mind to Stefan and Caroline at Caroline's house)


(Caroline walks down the stairs to open the door. She sees Stefan and stops as they smile at each other.)


(Damon spins Elena around and the catches her again. [PS. I'm sorry I can't describe the dance moves])


(Stefan and Caroline are sitting in the living room)

STEFAN: Yesterday, you told me you made a list of all the ways that loving me has ruined your life, and I get it. I haven't made it easy on you...

(In ELENA'S MIND, Damon swirls Elena around.)

STEFAN: But I made a list, too, of all the ways that loving you has changed mine.

(Caroline looks stunned by this admission)

STEFAN: You were by my side when I needed a friend. You made me laugh. You made me dance. You told me that I would find love again... And, I understand if you need time to heal, and to live your life without me. And, I understand if I have to wait for you, and I will, I'll wait. And when you're ready for me, I will be ready for you

(He kisses her cheek and walks away.)


(Elena and Damon are still dancing. Damon lifts Elena up and slowly lets her go down.)

ELENA: Are you ready for this?
DAMON: Ready to spend the next sixty years of my life without you in it? Who's ever gonna be ready for that?
ELENA: I love you, Damon Salvatore.
DAMON: I love you, too.

(They kiss)


(There is a time-jump, and is appears as though time is put into fast-forward outside of the Salvatore Crypt where Elena's body is being held, and the flowers that are laying outside of it quickly wilt and die as the seasons change around it. The scene then cuts to downtown Mystic Falls, where Matt is driving down the road in a police cruiser, wearing a deputy's uniform. The town square is in ruins, and the Mystic Grill looks as though it's boarded up as fires rage in trash cans on the sidewalk. Matt looks defeated as he continues to drive past the clock tower, where a figure is standing near the top. The camera pans upwards, showing that Damon is standing and scowling unhappily as he looks out at the town)


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