You may be a thousand miles away or a hundred years away, but.. you're still here with me. And my heart is right there in that coffin with you.
Damon to Elena via his diary

I Carry Your Heart With Me is the fourth episode of the seventh season of Template:The Vampire Diaries and the one hundred and thirty-seventh episode of the series overall.


HEAVEN & HELL BALL — Just as Damon thinks he’s gained the upper hand in his fight against Lily, an unexpected turn of events leaves him scrambling for a plan B. Elsewhere, when the fallout of Damon’s actions gains the unwanted attention of Mary Louise and Nora, Stefan and Caroline are forced to spend the night distracting the girls at Whitmore College’s Heaven & Hell ball. Finally, after suspecting that she’s up to something, Enzo sets off on a mission to find out what Valerie is hiding, while a plan set by Alaric and Bonnie leaves their worlds turned upside down. Matt also appears.



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  • Bonnie resurrects both Oscar and Jo with the help of the Phoenix Stone. They are also the first supernatural characters brought back to life since the Other Side ceased to exist at the end of Season 5.
  • The 2016 flash forward shows Alaric and Jo's twins.
  • Nora siphons the magic cast by Valerie from Caroline.
  • Damon after getting Elena's body back at the ruins of the old Salvatore estate begins writing in a journal for Elena he says in his first entry that it'll surprise her when she wakes up. Just like his sleeping girlfriend Damon writes he doesn't know who is without her just as wrote the same thing to herself about Damon.


Behind the Scenes

  • Filming began on August 23, 2015.
  • Julie Plec says this episode is the show's Halloween episode.
  • This episode had about 1.24 million viewers in the USA.

Cultural References


Damon: "You gotta be kidding me."
Matt: "Pack it up and get out."
Professor: "There's no real danger here."
Professor: "Any questions before the final stop on our tour?"
College Student: "When does this get scary?"

Damon: "You gotta be kidding me."
Damon: "We need to get rid of this body."
Stefan: "No. No. No. You need to get rid of this body."
Mary Louise: "Where's Oscar?"
Damon: "You just missed him!"
Matt: "Pack it up and get out."
Professor: "There's no real danger here."
Damon (to Bonnie and Alaric): "We gotta bring this guy back to life."
Professor: "Any questions before the final stop on our tour?"
College Student: "When does this get scary?"

Caroline: "Mmm hmmm..."
Bonnie: "I didn't want to wake you."
Caroline: "Well, I would lose more sleep if you just snuck out without saying hi!"
Bonnie: "Hi!"
Caroline: "Hmmm...I missed this!"
Bonnie: "Am I gonna catch fire?"
Caroline: "No! I just can't touch vampires. Valerie basically turned my skin into vervain."
Bonnie: "I'll work on unraveling the spell when I -"
Caroline: "Stop! We have so much to catch up on. Let's just go shopping for Halloween costumes and we can worry about magic later."
Bonnie: "Kind of worrying about magic already. Alaric think we can reunite Jo's spirit with her body, but he's in some sketchy need of American resurrection stone. My job is to crush his dreams in the most gentle way possible."
Caroline: "Wow! don't think it'll even work?"
Bonnie: "I think it should. The Other Side is gone, there's no more Gemini Prison world, which means Jo's probably in peace."
Caroline: "Our lives are weird."
Bonnie: "Tell me about it."

Valerie: "Have you done your duty to the family and found Julian yet?"
Oscar: "I found him months ago."
Valerie: "But Julian is the devil. I can't let Lily bring him back."
Damon: "Mother. Tell me you have Elena."
Lily: "Let me speak to Oscar."
Damon: "No can do. Not until I wake him up from his little vervain nap."
Mary Louise: "Where's Oscar?"
Damon: "You just missed him!"
Mary Louise (to Nora): "Come Nora."
Stefan (to Caroline): "I have come up with the genius plan to keep them occupied while Damon sorts out his Oscar problem."
Nora: "What's this?"
Caroline: "Just some silly Heaven and Hell Ball."
Nora: "We're going!"
Damon (to Bonnie and Alaric): "We gotta bring this guy back to life. Now."



Last.fm_play.png "Handsome" – The Vaccines
Last.fm_play.png "These Boot Are Made For Walkin" – Pete Harper and J Blynn
Last.fm_play.png "Mene" – Brand New
Last.fm_play.png "Sweet Sour" – Band Of Skulls
Last.fm_play.png "West Coast" – Fidlar
Last.fm_play.png "Goat" – French For Rabbits
Last.fm_play.png "To Die For" – Bohicas
Last.fm_play.png "Where The Devil Don't Go" – Elle King
Last.fm_play.png "What Good Is A Heart" – Arum Rae
Last.fm_play.png "Malmo I Mitt Hjarta" – Sarah MacDougall




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