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I'd like to apologize to you while I still can. [...] For failing you and your sister. All these memories, the school, my whole life after this day became about one thing--protecting the both of you and making sure you remain protected, even after I was gone. [...] So please forgive me, Lizzie. [...] For the danger I've put you in. [...] But just in case, I'm sorry for when I wasn't there for you and your sister. You know, for all the times I prioritized Hope or being headmaster over being your father. For not telling you more often how perfect I think you both are in my eyes. And all the flaws that you think you have are what make you that way. And I'm sorry for leaving you in a world more dangerous than before, when all I wanted to do was make it safer. But I know you'll figure it out. Better than I could. I love you. And you take care of each other, no matter what. You promise me.
Alaric to Lizzie

I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Legacies and the fifty-third episode of the series overall.


CLAIRE HOLT GUEST STARSHope is tracked down by the one person who could help her – Rebekah Mikaelson. Rebekah is fearful of what path Hope has chosen but makes every effort to get through to her. Josie and Lizzie hold out hope in a seemingly dire situation as MG figures out what he can do to help. Meanwhile, Kaleb wants to set things right and turns to Cleo for guidance. Landon, Alaric, Ethan and Jed also appear.[2]


Deputy Lorde knocks on the doors of the Salvatore School. Lizzie, sleeping on a couch, wakes up to his knocks and answers the door. He's looking for someone in charge. Lizzie leaves to go wake her father, but the deputy stops her. He tells her he has some bad news concerning her father.

Josie awakes in bed but doesn't immediately find Finch. She's hidden under the covers and scared her, believing she left. Finch quips that she had given her a whole speech about how she deserved better. Josie asks her what she wants to do for the day. Since Cleo is back because of her, she believes they should celebrate. Lizzie screams for Josie, gaining both of their attention.

In Landon and Rafael's old room, MG gets Ethan situated in his new room. He questions about bad luck coming in threes. Ethan is concerned because the last two guys that shared the room are dead, for all intents and purposes. MG mentions that the guy that owned the house before it was a school also died, proving Ethan's point. Though, Landon made the ultimate hero move. MG explains that they'll assign him a permanent room after they talk to Dr. Saltzman. Ethan has noticed his lack of enthusiasm. He thought he would be happier about them being Super Friends, even though he doesn't know what his new powers are. He assures him, they'll figure it out. Finch barges into his room and tells him that Lizzie needs him. MG vamps away, leaving her alone with Ethan.

Kaleb finds Cleo in the art room. She's been in there all night. Inspiration strikes at strange times. Kaleb could use some inspiration for himself, considering how things ended with Landon, how he handed Hope over to Malivore and basically sold out the school with her. He's looking for a way to make it up to everyone. Cleo can't help Landon, but Kaleb is another story. She just has to figure out how. Kaleb figures that she must be good at forgiveness, because she straight up tried to murder Hope, making light of things, though Cleo is not amused with his comment. He apologizes, attempting to use humor to mask his true emotions. Cleo advises him that all he needs to do is be honest with him, just as she was.

Lizzie and Josie are at the hospital, the former an emotional wreck. Alaric has spent his life protecting this town and now his life is in the hands of doctors who she feels aren't smart enough to save him. Dorian is out of the country visiting Emma and their mom is in the Congo. She believes that MG's blood can fix their dad. As Lizzie is ranting Josie reminds her to calm down. Everyone can hear her, though Lizzie refuses. Alaric is fighting for his life. They've already lost Landon, Josie fully believes that their dad is going to pull through. There's no reason to think of any other outcome. MG arrives, using his vamp hearing to listen to Alaric's updated status. He's out of surgery and stable. Lizzie wants MG to see him soon, but he's not sure if he'll be able to fix him. Kaleb and Cleo arrive shortly after, asking about Alaric and Hope. Lizzie is furious to see him.

A humanity-less Hope sits at a bar. The bartender has her school ID, but refuses to serve her. Hope's come here to drink and seemingly compels the man to get her a drink. She chooses Brandy to feed from, though before biting into her neck, she's stopped by her aunt Rebekah. Hope isn't happy to see her, though Rebekah is. Rebekah doesn't care for Brandy's attitude, and compels her to run along and change the music. Freya has told her what happened and she apologizes for missing her big day. She wants to catch up with her niece, but Hope retorts if she's here for a Mikaelson lecture. Rebekah has prided herself as the fun aunt. They catch up over drinks, particularly Brandy.

Back at the school, Ethan lifts weights, though he still doesn't know how to control his powers. The weights he's lifting nearly fall on him, but Finch grabs the bars, saving him. He's having the weirdest first day, but thanks her. He questions why she isn't at the hospital. Finch explains that the first thing about being in a relationship with a Saltzman, is that she's not a Saltzman and she hates hospitals. Finch tells him to take it easy, but he wants to know how she manages being with a Saltzman, theoretically. He knows he gave her a hard time for being with his sister, but circumstances have changed. He probably would have seen things differently, knowing what he now knows. She questions if he's talking about Lizzie, though only advises he needs some help. Ethan, on the other hand, doesn't even know if she has feelings for him. All he wants to do is to do something for her. They have the same problem and reconcile to work with him.

Kaleb's off the phone with Finch. He learns that Hope's not at the school, and he's obviously missed something big while away. MG explains that Professor Vardemus has explained that since Alaric is in a coma, their blood can't heal him enough to wake him. The human brain doesn't heal so easily. The doctors have also stopped by and told them that they won't know the extent of the damage until Alaric wakes up; if he wakes up, Lizzie retorts. Cleo has an idea. Like they reached her in Malivore, they want them to use a head dive. They might be able to find and bring him back. Lizzie admits that's a good idea, but doesn't trust Kaleb enough to do it since he sold them out to Malivore. She entrusts the task to MG, who accepts. As they depart, Kaleb admits he deserved that. Cleo believes that Hope could need their help if there was another monster involved. Together, they set off to find her.

Back at the bar, Hope pushes Rebekah to finish her drink. Hope pulls Brandy's hair back, but Rebekah decides against it, that she's almost empty. Hope offers to pop open another for more fun. Rebekah compels the girl to forget and leave; she's done with the charade. She reminds Hope that she has a family that loves her and urges her to come home with her. Hope refuses, citing that she doesn't know what she's going through. Rebekah questions if being a tribrid is so different from being a vampire, though Hope explains that it's not what she's missing. Rebekah realizes that she's missing her humanity.

Lizzie, Josie, and MG dive into Alaric's mind. They replay his last memory of his confrontation against Hope, learning she's the one who's attacked him and left him in a coma. Left for dead, Lizzie rushes over to Alaric, though he's only a memory. Lizzie is furious. If Hope was here right now, she'd kill her. Josie doesn't believe that killing Hope is no longer possible. Though it doesn't matter. Her humanity is off and she doesn't want them around. Lizzie believes the best way they can protect their friends is to keep them in the dark. If they knew Hope was the one to do this, they would want to go after her and she'd likely end up murdering them, too. Josie demands for her to stop saying that. Their father is alive, all they have to do is find him. They're in his mind, so he has to be here somewhere. Josie believes that his psyche has left them a trail to follow and they set off.

They come to another memory, or a nightmare of Josie's. It's their eleventh birthday and it was utter chaos. Lizzie remembers it being sweet, but Josie has another account. They got into a fight with Alaric because he brought Hope, who they didn't invite. Josie remembers that Hope then filled their cake with worms and Lizzie retaliated with a Motus spell. Hope tried to Incendia Lizzie's dress and she put up a shield spell and it deflected her and set their presents on fire. She questions why their dad would want to revisit this day. Lizzie muses that it's the day they learned Hope was evil and when he actually took their side. They continue with the memory, and find Alaric and young Hope in his office. However, it's not quite what Lizzie expected. Josie wants to leave, since that's not their father, it's the memory, but Lizzie wants to see what he said to her. Alaric is disappointed with Hope, but eventually Alaric consoles Hope and takes her side. Much to Lizzie's dismay, they push through to another memory.

Hope retches the large amounts of alcohol and blood. Rebekah attempts to help her, but she brushes her off. Her humanity is off, which by Rebekah's understanding wasn't even by her choice. Hope still believes that it's the best thing to happen to her, but her aunt doesn't buy it. Hope craves freedom and to choose her own fate. Such is the blessing of immortality, but it's also the curse. She explains that when her emotions are heightened, being a vampire is indescribably beautiful, but she asks her what is the point if she can't appreciate it. Hope wants her to answer that, because she's the one wanting to be human again. Rebekah, however, has lived for over a thousand years and has experienced everything the world and being a vampire can offer, except those that being a vampire make impossible. She admits that she was envious when Niklaus and Hayley had the miracle that she is. However, she would gladly give up that dream and give her the Cure, if she wanted it. Hope calls her a hypocrite and tells her to stop being a martyr, like her father. Hope retches again, as Rebekah admits that she is a hypocrite. She's always hated it when Klaus daggered her. Taking a White Oak Ash dagger from her coat, she turns Hope around and forces the blade into her heart, desiccating.

Lizzie and Josie find another, older memory of Alaric as the school was under construction. He's arguing with Emma, believing they can't open the school if they enroll Hope Mikaelson. Emma's psych evaluation is full of red flags, but she believes that's the point of the school. Alaric refuses. Hope has the potential to be the most powerful supernatural being who ever existed and she's a ticking time bomb. Emma doesn't like that phrase, more pointedly, him changing her words. In her professional opinion, if they screwed up, the decision would likely haunt them for the rest of their lives, but far less than not trying. She reminds him of all the good that Hope is capable of doing under the right guidance. Alaric's mind is made up and he leaves. Before they can continue, they're forced out of his mind. Lizzie is mad at MG, but it wasn't his fault. Alaric seizes and his heart monitor races as a group of nurses crowd his room.

Later, Josie informs MG that Alaric has had a hemorrhagic stroke. A fancy way of saying his brain is bleeding. They don't believe they can do anything to fix it. His brain is still showing signs of activity, and he may still be able to hear them, though the prognosis is grim. MG doesn't accept them. Alaric has always taught them to try harder, to be better than humans. The timing is off, but he admits they've been going about this all wrong. There's no point in following Alaric around, they need to get ahead of him and figure out where he'll go next. Lizzie believes it will be about Hope, but MG disagrees. He's been there with them and believes he knows exactly where Dr. Saltzman will go next. Josie proposes that one of them remain behind, just in case something happens. Josie finally accepts there could be another outcome. She doesn't want to be alone either, and MG decides to go with her.

At the bar, Rebekah loads Hope into her car. The bartender believes that she's trying to leave without paying her tab. Rebekah quips that she'll settle with him in a minute, but before she can finish, the bartender vamps behind her and snaps her neck. With the two Mikaelsons down, he calls his employers. He knows he overstepped, and was only supposed to keep an eye on Hope, but he admits that the tribrid wasn't so hard in putting down. The woman advises him to never underestimate a Mikaelson, but that's not his problem. She wants him to bring the girl to them and immediately hangs up. Hope, however, is behind him and has fully recovered. She stabs his hand with the dagger, asking if he's scared yet.

Lizzie and MG head back into Alaric's subconsciousness. This time, they're in Whitmore Medical Center. It's the night she and her sister were born on March 15th. Lizzie thinks that MG's screwed up, though Alaric bursts through the doors. This time, he isn't a memory and calls out to her. They rush towards one another and embrace in a hug. MG found him. Given their expressions, Alaric assumes things aren't going so well in the real world. He remembers what happened, but he believes that his life is flashing before his eyes. He admits there haven't been too many highlights but seeing Lizzie, now, is a sight. He asks about Josie, but she wouldn't leave her side. Lizzie wants to go and bring him back with them, but he's not sure he can. Alaric tells her that beyond the door is him holding her and Josie for the first time, and giving them their names. She questions why he's never told them the story before, but brushes off that it was a complicated delivery and thought he would have more time with his daughters. Their time begins to dwindle, as the hallway begins to dim and darken. He fears he's out of time and apologizes to her.

Hope has the bartender chained up, torturing him by throwing darts into him. He's a bad henchman, though, and wonders if she wants to know why he was sent. Hope isn't interested, but he tells her that she's the hunted, not the hunter. Hope scoffs at that remark. She's an apex predator. No one hunts her, except maybe for her aunt. The bartender can prove it and prompts her to open his shirt. Doing so, he has a brand of Triad on left chest. She's not worried. She shut Triad down a while ago, but the bartender corrected her. It's not just a place. It's three people. The three original bloodlines, all united under a single purpose. Malivore is dead, though, thanks to her, but in their eyes, she's a new breed of monster. Destroying the tribrid is the only thing all three factions have agreed on. Hope moves to stake the vampire, but he offers to take her to them. If she kills them, they'll both be free. He attempts to tell her their names, but before he can, a failsafe activates. The Triad brand ignites in flames and engulfs and incinerates him in a painful death.

Lizzie doesn't understand why he wants to apologize. Alaric explains that he wants to apologize to her, and Josie, while he still can, for failing them. All these memories, the school, his whole life after this day became about one thing--protecting the both of them and making sure they remain protected, even after he was gone. That is why he changed his mind about Hope, though he came to realize that if they could have turned out so well, so could she. He imagined a world where they became friends and, even, family where they would protect each other. He believes he's let her down and pleads with her to forgive him. MG, too. MG immediately believes he doesn't have too. He's made plenty of mistakes, but offers his forgiveness freely. Lizzie, however, refuses too. She wants him to forget about walking off into the light and demands him to come back with them and for him to make it up to them and apologize to Josie. But just in case, he apologizes anyway. He's sorry for when he wasn't there for her and her sister, for all the times he prioritized Hope or being headmaster over being their father. For not telling them more often how perfect he thinks they both are in his eyes, and all the flaws that they think they have are what makes them. Ultimately, he's sorry for leaving them in a world more dangerous than before, when all he wanted to do was make it safer. However, he knows they'll figure it out, better than he could. He tells her he loves her and has her promise him that she and her sister will take care of each other, no matter what. Lizzie clings to Alaric as they're engulfed in darkness.

Kaleb and Cleo eventually find where Hope was, though she's no longer there. The place reeks of blood and they find the charred corpse. Hope's gone. Cleo proposes they find her another way, and that this isn't their first date. Kaleb questions how she reminds so positive. She's overcome things that others would have believed impossible, and until recently, had to do it alone. Having him seems easier, no matter how daunting. Kaleb declares that he's not going anywhere and they seal their pack with an old fashioned kiss.

MG sits outside of the hospital when Ethan approaches him. Lizzie and Josie are staying with Alaric until visiting hours are over. He's stable, though his mind is gone. He tells MG about his and Finch's idea. MG believes that the school is already better off having him, but he also admits that he's the ‘other guy'. Ethan already knows but MG explains there will come a day where he will tell Lizzie just how he feels. That is a bridge they'll cross when it comes, but he hopes they can remain friends until then and afterward.

Lizzie and Josie sit in the waiting room. Josie is regretting her decision and she should have been there with her. All she did was watch as he slowly slipped away. She should have told Lizzie she wanted her to stay behind instead. But she didn't. She needs to get better, because they have a way of staying with her. Lizzie apologizes and, again, admits she's selfish. Something she doesn't say often. They forgive each other and Lizzie resolves to find a way to bring their dad back. As they leave the hospital, the school is there holding a candlelight vigil, supporting them and Alaric. Finch embraces Josie in a hug and kiss as Jed plays his guitar. Kaleb and Cleo arrive in time for Wade to light them a candle. Lizzie embraces Ethan in a hug, then MG before bringing them all together. Kaleb confronts Lizzie and appears to reconcile their differences.

Eventually, Rebekah wakes wondering if Hope was really going to leave her dumped on the side of the road. They're still family, but Hope questions what good is family if they just stab you in the back. She throws the dagger at her feet, explaining that it doesn't work too well on a tribrid. Rebekah had to try, just like her father would have tried. She doesn't want to talk about her father. He's dead, because of family, love and her. She warns her that she should stop acting like him, but Rebekah retorts that she should take her own advice. She admits she's her father's daughter, but won't make the same mistakes. She believes that Klaus would be so ashamed and attempts to leave. Before she does, Hope gives her back her necklace. She believes it's spelled, probably by Freya, and likely how she found her. She takes Rebekah's car, leaving her stranded.

Out on the road, the bartender's phone rings. It's the woman from before. She realizes that Hope has his phone. Hope wants to know who she is, but she doesn't give a name, that would spoil the fun. Hope tells her that she's coming for them, but not soon enough. She tells Hope that she'll be waiting and hangs up on her.


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