Ida Mae's is an esoteric store that makes its first appearance in Exquisite Corpse on The Originals. The shop is located in one of the neighborhoods of New Orleans. It is also where the witch Eva Sinclair sought refuge in order to treat the wounds inflicted upon her by Klaus after she attempted to steal his daughter for the Rite of Nines ritual.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Two

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Eva prepares a concoction

In Exquisite Corpse, Eva fled from the Mikaelson compound after attempting to steal Hope Mikaelson in order to channel her power, and headed straight for Ida Mae's to take refuge and treat her wounds before continuing her plans to complete the Rite of Nines. The shop appears to be significantly equipped of herbs and botanical ingredients, as there are a multitude of shelves full of jars and vases of fresh and dried herbs and flowers, and there are long plant stalks drying from the ceiling and walls. The quantity and variety of spell ingredients in the shop was likely a main motivating factor in Eva choosing it as a hide-out.

It appeared as though Eva spent most of her time spent healing her wounds in the back room, as there was no cash register in sight, and while she was there, she utilized the shop's mortar and pestle, along with several herbs and a small dropper bottle of red liquid. After she made the poultice from the ingredients taken from the shop, the deep claw wounds in Eva's thigh were magically healed.

The showcase of the shop was accidentally shattered by Marcel after he was telekinetically thrown out of the window by Vincent in an attempt to escape with Eva while he was incapacitated.


  • Ida Mae (supposed owner)




  • Ida Mae's is the second occult store to make an appearance in The Originals and the third in The Vampire Diaries universe.
  • It is unknown if Ida Mae is the owner of the shop, or if it was simply named for her.
    • If the shop is owned by an Ida Mae, then it would be the second occult store in either series to carry the name of its owner. The other is Nandi's Specials.
  • All three stores can be considered apothecaries, since they sell herbs and powders with both magical and medical properties.
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