Inari was a character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. She was a powerful and ancient kitsune. As her great Power dwindled over millennia, she became envious of others' youth, and recruited Shinichi and Misao to assist her in causing children and their parents to turn against each other, with deadly culminations. Setting her sights on Fell's Church, Virginia, Inari posed as Orime Saitou's mother, and planned to destroy the town, possibly using Katherine von Swartzschild, Klaus, and Tyler Smallwood to this end. However, she was killed in battle with Theophilia Flowers after Elena Gilbert destroyed her star ball.


In The Return: Midnight, Elena, Stefan, Matt and Caroline travel to the Nether World so they can get the largest star ball to save there town. Sage is the guardian of the Gate where the treasures are, including the star ball. He lets the group visit one of the seven gateways. During the journey, Shinichi and Misao die, and Theophilia Flowers changes into a younger version of herself. Meredith discovers that she has a twin brother named Cristian, and Klaus took him when they were three years old. She also tells the group that she is a hunter-slayer and a new type of vampire with small fangs. The kitsune are working for Inari. She is the most powerful Kitsune in the world, and the star ball is hers.

In the Nether World, on the smallest moon, the group finds the star ball in a tree. Damon is killed when the tree stakes him in the heart while he saves Bonnie from falling to her death. Elena uses her "Wings of Destruction" to destroy the tree and star ball, killing Inari.


  • Inari is from Japanese origin and the meaning is "Successful One".


  • Inari's foxes are pure white and act as the messengers.
  • Theophilia Flowers suggested that Inari may have been behind Katherine von Swartzschild, Klaus, and Tyler Smallwood, although she claimed that she did not need "pawns". If Flowers was correct, this would likely make Inari the true antagonist of the first two story arcs.

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