One Year Ago

[Atticus Shane is running through the woods. An unknown man with tribal paint on his face is pursuing him. Shane comes to a stop on a large pile of rocks and spots a cave entrance. Excited, he runs to the cave, then looks behind him to find that his pursuer is nowhere in sight. He enters the cave, turning on a flashlight. Looking around, he finds strange writings on the walls, then notices a large hole in the middle of the floor.]


[Back in the present day, Shane stands on the beach, looking on at the island as the others unload from the boats on the shore. It's morning. Shane, Stefan, Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie, Rebekah, and Elena form the group.]

Prof. Shane: [to himself] Congratulations. We made it.

[The others continue to unload, each with varying expressions of uncertainty and curiosity on their faces as they take in their new surroundings.]

[Damon is sharpening a knife on the beach when Shane approaches him.]

Damon: Couldn't they have hidden this cure in Hawaii? Where the hell did you take us?
Prof. Shane: Two hundred miles off the Nova Scotia mainland. If you recall, the whole point was to hide the cure on the world's most obscure, desolate island.
Damon: Oh yeah? I thought the whole point was that no one found Silas, the oldest, deadliest freak in the world.
Prof. Shane: Yeah, that too.

[Shane holds up sunscreen and offers it to Damon.]

Prof. Shane: Sunscreen?
Damon: Is that a joke?
Prof. Shane: Right.

[Stefan is tying a knot with some rope, while Rebekah is standing there glaring at Elena as she walks past.]

Stefan: You know, you're not really helping.
Rebekah: You're perfectly capable of tying a knot.
Stefan: You giving Elena the evil eye, it's not really helping.
Rebekah: She killed my brother, tried to get you to put a dagger in my back. She's lucky all she's getting is the evil eye.
Elena: You know I can hear you, right?
Rebekah: You know I don't care, right?

[Elena stops walking, and vamp speeds towards Rebekah, grabbing her neck and pointing the white oak stake at her chest. Rebekah flips her over and pushes her to the ground.]

Rebekah: Go ahead, try and kill me. But then you'd have to face your real problems. Like the fact that Stefan invited me here, himself. I guess he likes me again.

[Rebekah walks off, Stefan offers to help Elena up, but she ignores him and walks away looking irritated. Elena shoves the white oak stake into her bag and Damon joins her.]

Damon: Looks like someone forgot her team-building exercises.
Elena: I'm not apologizing for not wanting her here.
Damon: You know Stefan just brought her here to make it seem like he's moving on. He wants you to think that he's over you, and he wants me to think that I can't get under his skin.
Elena: You know, you're right. With any luck, I'll only have to tolerate her for a few more days, and then we'll find the cure and I'll never have to deal with her again.
Damon: Human Rebekah...I can't imagine her without fangs.
Elena: You know, you've never talked about what you'll do with the cure, once we find it. Will you take it?
Damon: I don't like to speculate.

[Bonnie is taking pictures of Jeremy's tattoo with her phone.]

Bonnie: Sorry, if there was a less awkward way to do this, I would.
Jeremy: Doesn't bother me.

[Bonnie smiles.]

Bonnie: These symbols must have been left for the hunters, so they can find the cure. And this must be the story of Qetsiyah and Silas. According to Shane, Silas asked Qetsiyah for help making a spell for immortality. She helped make him immortal, only to learn that he planned to use the same spell on another women, not her. When she found out, she freaked.
Jeremy: So, Qetsiyah killed the other woman?
Bonnie: Yeah. Silas was immortal. She couldn't kill him. So she trapped him in a cave, and buried him alive instead.
Jeremy: Does it say anything about the hunter's purpose in all this?

[Shane comes up behind them.]

Prof. Shane: I was wondering when you'd ask. Qetsiyah created a cure for immortality, and then she buried it with Silas, hoping that he'd take it and die, and end up on the other side with her for all eternity. But he wouldn't give her the satisfaction. So, many centuries later, her descendants created the hunters to find him, cure him and kill him. You know what? I'll explain on the hike. Come on. We gotta get going.

[They all begin to hike through the woods.]

Gilbert Residence

[Klaus is standing in the living room, looking at Kol's burnt corpse. He looks upset. Tyler walks in the front door.]

Tyler: Morning, sunshine. You look pathetic.
Klaus: Only until Bonnie's spell locking me in here wears off. Then I'll look different. Angrier, perhaps. Or I won't look like anything because I'll have gouged your eyeballs from their sockets.
Tyler: My friends will be back with the cure by then. So, I could shove it down your throat and make you mortal.
Klaus: I'm an Original. What makes you think my entire vampire bloodline won't be cured along with me? I.e., you.
Tyler: You know what I think? I think that's impossible. I think the moment you stop being a vampire, our whole blood connection to you is broken, and your sire-line ceases to exist. So, whatever happens to you, happens only to you, which means I can kill your ass and no one else has to die. Although I am still debating just how to do it.

[Klaus vamps towards Tyler, but can't get him due to the barrier.]

Klaus: I recommend drowning. There's nothing quite like the feeling of someone fighting for something as basic as human breath. And let me tell you, your mother was a fighter.

[Tyler glares at Klaus, who looks pleased with his taunting.]


[The group is still hiking. Shane gets out his phone but it beeps like it has no service.]

Prof. Shane: Satellite phone lost its signal.
Damon: Well, that's a good sign.
Elena: Is anyone else a little creeped out?
Rebekah: So then leave. Out of everyone, your presence is the least necessary.
Stefan: Please don't start.
Rebekah: I'm merely stating the facts. Jeremy has the spell on his body. Bonnie is the witch that unseals the cure. Shane is the human compass. You and I have the tombstone, which does god knows what. And Elena has no point.
Damon: What about me?
Rebekah: You have a nice behind.

[Damon smirks.]

[Hours later, it's night-time. The group is still hiking through the woods using flashlights. Shane is using a headlamp.]

Prof. Shane: Centuries after Qetsiyah died, there were these miners who were excavating a well on the island. Suddenly went mad. They bled themselves dry. No apparent reason. So, the legend spread that these miners, in exchange for a drop of their blood, saw visions of their lost loved ones in the well they were digging. The word traveled and explorers sought out the well to see if the legend was true.
Bonnie: So, the well was magic?
Prof. Shane: Well, you know, some people believe the voices of lost souls were just a wind vortex whipping through the caves, and visions were caused by inhaling the island's poisonous plant life.
Elena: And what do you believe?
Prof. Shane: I believe in magic. My wife and my son died within months of each other. And so...I decided to try the well out for myself.

[Cut to the flashback a year ago when Shane found the well. He uses a knife to cut his hand open and drip his blood down into the well.]

Prof. Shane: [voiceover] I offered up my blood and I waited.

[Shane continues to hold his bleeding hand over the well. Suddenly whispering voices echo around the cave, and Shane looks around.]

Prof. Shane: Hello? Hello?
Caitlin: [Whispering.] Atticus?
Prof. Shane: Caitlin. Caitlin? Caitlin?

[Shane begins to rappel down into the well with some climbing gear. He continues to hear indistinct whispers echoing around him. He starts to panic, loses his grip on his rope and falls down onto the well floor. He shouts in pain, grunting as he tries to catch his breath back. A woman is standing over him.]

Caitlin: Hello, Atty.
Prof. Shane: Caitlin. [voiceover] I saw my wife. I saw her eyes, her smile. [back in present day] My blood let me see her again.
Damon: Yeah, got it. Don't eat the poisonous flowers. [He continues walking and the others follow.]
Prof. Shane: Wait. Stop. Stop! Stop. [Everyone stops] Is everybody paying attention? [He picks up a large rock] Our first lesson in survival. [He throws the rock and it triggers a net trap that swings up into the trees.] Stay together. Keep your eyes open.

[Everyone continues walking again. Jeremy, the last in the group, stops.]

Jeremy: Ugh, I'm out of water.
Elena: Here. Take mine.
Jeremy: A magic well? Seriously?
Elena: I don't know. I mean...We've all lost someone. The chance to maybe see them again? I kinda get it.

[Jeremy smiles sadly and takes a sip of his water while Elena turns and follows after the others. In the background a branch snaps and Jeremy turns to see a man with tribal paint on his face aiming an arrow at him.]

Elena: Jeremy!

[She vamp-speeds over to push him out of the way and the arrow misses. The man reloads his bow but suddenly he grunts and falls to the ground, a hatchet in his back. Elena runs back over to look at their downed attacker.]

Elena: What the hell just happened?
Jeremy: [rejoining her] Somebody just saved my life.

[Cut to the group, all together again, arriving at a clearing in the woods.]

Stefan: What is this place?
Prof. Shane: According to island lore, a group of college kids came here for spring break. A few weeks later, they were all found dead, completely drained of blood.
Rebekah: Well, tragic for them, brilliant for us. Who sleeps where?

[The rest start to settle around the site while Damon talks to Shane.]

Damon: Well, that's lovely. There's a mystery man with a hatchet lurking in the woods and we're just gonna camp?
Prof. Shane: We're safer here than we are hiking in the dark.
Damon: Let's just keep going. You know? Get the cure. Get in, get out. Where is it?
Prof. Shane: How stupid do you think I am?
Damon: Stupid enough to raise an immortal witch, so I'd say...incredibly.
Prof. Shane: You know, I'm shocked you even want the cure, considering you've got the most to lose once Elena's human.

[He walks off. Elena watches him leave and gets up to talk to Damon.]

Elena: Shane doesn't know what he's talking about.
Damon: Yeah, well we'll find out tomorrow.
Elena: Do you really think that I'm gonna take this cure, break the sire bond, and fall out of love with you?
Damon: No. I'm saying we don't know. And if we find it tomorrow, we will.
Elena: This cure is gonna change so many things. Jeremy's not gonna want to kill me anymore. We're finally gonna get rid of Klaus. Bonnie's mom isn't gonna be a vampire. And anyone who wants to take this cure is gonna have that option. Caroline, Stefan, you. If you want it. [she smiles at him expectantly.]
Damon: No, I get it. Everything changes tomorrow. It'll be all unicorns and rainbows.
Elena: No, not everything. That's what I'm saying. Damon, not my feelings for you.

[She kisses him. They part and she touches his face. Damon puts his arms around her and they embrace.]

Gilbert Residence

[Caroline enters through the back door. She sees Tyler.]

Caroline: You're still here? What are you doing?
Tyler: Gloating.

[Tyler pours himself a drink. Klaus emerges from the living room and walks as far as he can within the confines of the spell.]

Klaus: Hello, Caroline.

[She glares at him for a moment before looking back at Tyler.]

Caroline: Come home. Don't stoop to his level.
Tyler: He destroyed my life. I plan on being present for every second of his misery until I can kill him myself.
Caroline: Fine. You can gloat and multitask. This place is a disaster. Starting with a horrific burnt corpse.

[She finds a table cloth in a cabinet and she and Tyler use it to cover up Kol's body. Klaus watches them with a slightly tortured expression.]

Klaus: Tyler's mother is dead. So is my brother. We're even. [to Caroline] Call Bonnie. Get her to let me out of here.
Caroline: I will never, ever, help you.
Klaus: How quickly you forget the part where I saved Tyler from the misery of being a werewolf. Or the night your mother invited me into her home to save the life of her precious daughter.
Caroline: How delusional are you? You killed his mother. And let's not forget that we're standing in a house where Elena's aunt Jenna used to live. Or did you think that your charm would make us forget how you killed her, too? You know what? No. I am not going to engage in this. You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you.

[Suddenly Klaus vamp-speeds to pick up a nearby floor lamp, which he uses to impale Caroline.]

Tyler: No!

[Klaus swings Caroline over to his side of the magical barrier and bites her neck. She falls to the floor.]

Klaus: Now, that was definitely worth the calories.


[Rebekah joins Stefan, who is sitting in front of a campfire holding the headstone.]

Rebekah: Well, seven of us and no one thought to bring s'mores. What are you doing with that?
Stefan: We're a day away from finding the cure. I'm not letting it out of my sight.

[They hear sounds of animals screaming in the distance. Rebekah grabs onto Stefan's arm.]

Rebekah: Did you hear that? I swear this place is haunted.

[Stefan puts his hand on top of Rebekah's.]

Stefan:'re crushing my arm.
Rebekah: [laughing] Okay. You got me. I'm a scaredy cat.
Stefan: You do realize you're an Original vampire, right?
Rebekah: Which is precisely why you should stop teasing me. I'm very powerful. What are you gonna do when Elena becomes human and comes running back to you? You said that you'd take the cure to be with her. You'd have children and grow old. Is that still true?
Stefan: Well, why do you want to take it? Aren't you the perfect vampire?
Rebekah: Isn't it obvious? It's all an act, Stefan. Being a vampire is miserable. I would give anything to be human. Normal.
Stefan: [he nods] If I take the wouldn't be for her. It'd be for me.

[Rebekah nods.]

[In a shed, Shane picks up a lamp as Bonnie enters.]

Bonnie: I've been staring at pictures of Jeremy's tattoo and there's no spell.
Prof. Shane: Expression doesn't require a written spell. Just think of it as a way of accessing magic that already exists inside you. You just have to want it bad enough.
Bonnie: And I'm just supposed to trust you?
Prof. Shane: Bonnie, listen, I taught you Expression so that you could access the cure. I'll be right there with you the whole time, I promise.
Damon: [entering behind Bonnie] You didn't answer the trust part.
Prof. Shane: All right. Let me put it this way. You need me to help you through it, Bonnie. Because as you've demonstrated, Expression can get messy. Believe me when I say I've seen it get a lot worse.
Damon: How much worse?
Prof. Shane: When we lost our son in the car accident, my wife kind of lost it. She tried to resurrect his body using magic.
Bonnie: Your wife was a witch?
Prof. Shane: She was a powerful witch. And incredibly undisciplined.
Bonnie: And you never thought to tell me?
Prof. Shane: I just didn't want to scare you. The truth is, she tried to bring our son back using Expression, and it overwhelmed her, and she died.
Bonnie: [angrily] You taught me the same magic that killed your wife?
Prof. Shane: Yeah, but look, the upside is I've learned the warning signs, all right? I can keep Expression from consuming you.
Damon: Downside is, you turned her into a bomb that only you can dismantle.
Prof. Shane: Don't you think I know how this ends? I came here to raise Silas so that he could bring back the dead, but you're never gonna let that happen. The second I point to a cure, you're gonna kill me. Now Bonnie has to keep me alive so I can keep her alive.

[In a tent, Jeremy is lying awake when he sees a shadow pass over him - someone is outside. He sits up with his flashlight, when suddenly a man appears next to him, covers Jeremy's mouth and takes him before the screen goes black.]

Gilbert Residence

Caroline: Oh my god! Oh my god! [She continues to repeat this as Tyler settles her down on a sofa.]
Tyler: Hey, hey. Look at me. Look at me. I can fix this.
Caroline: How? The only thing that can heal me is his blood! Oh my god...
Tyler: I know. I'll fix it.

[Caroline nods at him. Tyler stands to face Klaus.]

Tyler: She'll die if you don't heal her.
Klaus: Okay. [He bites into his wrist and extends his arms, palms up.] Beg me to save her life.
Tyler: Is this what you want? To remind me that I'm powerless against you? Fine. You win. I'm nothing. Now save her. Please.
Klaus: I'm sorry, mate. I didn't quite catch that.
Tyler: Please.
Klaus: Please...
Tyler: Please save her life.
Klaus: See, now I think you're just telling me what I want to hear. I mean, you did call me pathetic earlier. And wouldn't it be more pathetic of me to help now, knowing that hours ago, you announced your plan to kill me in a manner in which you're debating because you want it to have a certain amount of flair? I'm just asking.
Tyler: I'll be your slave again. I'll do whatever you want. Just help her.
Klaus: No.
Caroline: Get me out of here. I can't even look at him.
Tyler: [helping her up] Come on.

[Klaus watches them leave, looking unhappy.]


[It's morning. Everyone is searching for Jeremy.]

Elena: Jeremy! [to Bonnie] Did you find anything?
Bonnie: He's not on the trail.
Prof. Shane: [holding up a bag] His gear's still here.
Stefan: [entering the clearing with Rebekah] He's not at the quarry, either.
Damon: Let's split up.
Bonnie: I'm gonna stay and try a locator spell.
Prof. Shane: Okay. I'll stay here. I'll make sure she's safe.
Damon: I'll stay here and make sure you're not lying.

[Elena looks at Stefan and Rebekah, who glance at each other.]

Elena: Fine. We'll keep searching the island.

[Damon nods and walks off. Stefan and Rebekah turn around and start walking. Elena follows after them.]

[Shane is back in the shed, checking his phone for a signal again, but it beeps with the out-of-service tone. Damon enters behind him.]

Damon: Thought it didn't work.
Prof. Shane: Yeah. I'm just-- just checking the signal.
Damon: So you can call someone? Like whoever took Jeremy?
Prof. Shane: This place has a habit of getting to you, doesn't it? [He shoves his phone at Damon's chest] See for yourself.
Damon: I'm done trusting you. [He pushes Shane down onto a chair with vamp-speed.] Where's the cure?
Prof. Shane: You know that magical well I was telling you about? Silas and the cure are buried deep below it.
Damon: So, you've seen it?
Prof. Shane: No. But you could say I heard it from a reliable source.

[Cut to flashback from a year ago. Shane is still lying on the ground, looking up at his wife.]

Prof. Shane: Caitlin. How is this happening?
Caitlin: You're bleeding.
Prof. Shane: Oh my god. Oh my god.
Caitlin: No. It's good. It's okay. It's what's keeping me here.
Prof. Shane: [back in the present] If a single drop of blood can give you a vision, could you imagine what two liters could do?
Damon: What does your dead wife have to do with a cure?
Prof. Shane: She's got nothing to do with a cure, but she has everything to do with Silas.

[Cut to flashback.]

Prof. Shane: I'm so sorry I let things get out of control. I should've stopped you.
Caitlin: Sweetheart, it's okay. You wanted Sam back as much as I did. What if you had a second chance to bring us both back?
Prof. Shane: I can't, baby. I'm not a witch.
Caitlin: We have a witch. His name is Silas. If you set him free, he'll help those who have helped him.
Prof. Shane: Set him free from-- from what?
Caitlin: He's entombed in the caves below us, but it's impossible to get him out without a spell. You need to get the spell.
Prof. Shane: [voiceover] And that's when she explained everything that I had to do. [cut to present day; Shane is standing up] Complete the hunter's mark to access the spell and empower a descendant of Qetsiyah to perform it.

[Damon shoves him back down onto the chair.]

Damon: Bonnie Bennett's related to this crazy-ass witch?

[Cut to Bonnie outside, kneeling at a campfire pit with what appears to be a T-shirt of Jeremy's. She closes her eyes in concentration and flames erupt in the pit. She tosses the shirt into the flames. She waits a few moments until the flames start to spread beyond the pit, and lead a path out into the trees. She stands and begins to follow the flames out into the woods, the wind blowing through her hair sounding like whispering voices.]

[Cut to Elena, Stefan and Rebekah searching for Jeremy.]

Elena: Jeremy! Jeremy!
Rebekah: Why don't you yell louder? Maybe we haven't drawn enough attention to ourselves already.
Elena: I'm sorry, and how are you helping?
Rebekah: I'm stronger than you and faster than you and I'm quite certain I can charm the islanders a lot easier than you.
Elena: Not disagreeing on the easy part.
Stefan: All right, we get it. You two hate each other. Can we just keep going, please?
Rebekah: I tried to be her friend, but somehow, I ended up with a dagger in my back because I'm the evil one.
Elena: Technically, you didn't achieve evil status until you killed me.

[Elena walks into a trip-wire and sets off a trap. Rebekah vamp-speeds to stop it from impaling Elena. They exchange glances as Elena tries to catch her breath.]

Stefan: Nice catch.
Rebekah: Thank you.
Elena: No, actually, thank you. This thing would've killed me.
Rebekah: I don't care what happens to you either way. But if you're gonna die, it might as well be epic.
Elena: I'm gonna go back and check on Bonnie, see if she found anything. Be careful.

[While Elena turns back, Rebekah swings the trap out of the way and continues on, Stefan watching her.]

[Meanwhile, Shane and Damon in the shed.]

Damon: So you have the rock, hunter, Bennett witch. What about the dozens that died in sacrifice? Where do they fit into all this?
Prof. Shane: As you can imagine, that was not an easy pill to swallow.

[Cut to flashback.]

Prof. Shane: Caitlin, it's me, the guy who refused to serve a meat course at our wedding. I can't-- I can't orchestrate three massacres.
Caitlin: It isn't like that. You're merely leading these people so Silas can bring them back from the dead.
Prof. Shane: Why-- why should they die just to be resurrected? That doesn't make sense.
Caitlin: The spell that brings me back requires a witch to channel an extreme amount of mystical energy. Energy that doesn't occur in nature.
Prof. Shane: Yeah, because it isn't natural. I'm sorry, Cate. I just-- I can't do that to innocent people.
Caitlin: [reaching up to caress his face] Can you feel my touch?
Prof. Shane: How is this possible?
Caitlin: Because you believe it is possible. You believe that you can see me again. You don't have to take a single human life yourself, Atticus. All you have to do is convince someone to believe that it is possible that they can see a lost loved one again. And they'll do it for you. [Shane sobs into her hand.]

[Cut back to present day.]

Damon: Which is how you manipulated the pastor to blow up a farmhouse full of people.
Prof. Shane: He just wanted to see his wife again.
Damon: We need three massacres. Fire at the Young farm. Holiday hybrid slaughter. What mass blood-letting am I forgetting?
Prof. Shane: You're not.
Damon: You're not finished. Is that why you brought us all out here in the middle of nowhere? To complete massacre number 3?
Prof. Shane: It doesn't work that way, Damon.
Damon: I think you need to tell me where this magical well is.
Prof. Shane: You know I can't do that.
Damon: [looking over at some rope on the ground] Oh, I know. I know. [He slaps Shane's shoulder and walks away. Shane looks creepily unperturbed.]

Gilbert Residence

[Caroline is lying on Elena's bed, crying. Tyler is near her.]

Caroline: It's getting worse. I'm sorry.
Tyler: No. It's my fault. I'm sorry.
Caroline: No. You didn't do any of this.
Tyler: I unsired the hybrids and turned them on Klaus. I should've just left it alone.
Caroline: You freed them, Tyler. People put their faith in you because you're a leader. Don't forget that.
Tyler: Then you trust me?

Gilbert Residence

[Tyler carries Caroline into the living room and lays her down on the floor. Klaus turns around.]

Tyler: You want to be in control, Klaus? Here. Now you get to be in control of her life. If you want her to die, fine. But then you can sit here and watch her die yourself.

[Tyler leaves the house. Caroline looks up at Klaus, who approaches her.]

Klaus: Nothing personal, love. If I cure you, that means victory for him. Don't worry. It won't be long now.

[Caroline, breathing heavily, closes her eyes.]


[It's night-time. Damon is still interrogating Shane in the shed.]

Damon: Where's the cure?
Prof. Shane: Does it matter? I think we both know you'd rather just torture me. Torture gives you a sense of control, especially with your relevance slipping away. [Damon calmly breaks a metal rod in half] And look at you. Here you are, hours from Elena breaking her sire bond. You're starting to freak out a little bit. Listen, you want my advice? Leave. Go. Don't put yourself through this. [Damon whacks Shane with the halves of the metal rod] Agh! Fine. Okay. Let's say her feelings for you are real. How does that end? She's human. You're a vampire. [Damon strikes him across the face with the rod; Shane groans in pain.] It's doomed, Damon. See, you're not torturing me, man. You're torturing yourself by helping them find the cure.
Damon: I could kill you. Then no one would find it.
Prof. Shane: We've established that you can't kill me without sending Bonnie off the deep end. You can leave the island. Have a modicum of self-respect. Don't stay here and watch Elena walk away from you.
Damon: Right. Because if I'm not here, then I can't get in between you and whatever you're planning with Silas. Well, I'm not that easily manipulated, professor. And there is one flaw in your logic. [he bends down to talk in Shane's ear] I don't give a crap about Bonnie Bennett.

[Damon grabs Shane's head like he's about to snap it, but suddenly Elena vamp-runs in and pushes him away from Shane.]

Elena: [angrily] What is wrong with you? [Damon walks out of the shed without answering. She turns to Shane.] What did you say to him?
Prof. Shane: Your boyfriend's a maniac, Elena.
Elena: [tearing off the ropes binding him to the chair] Stop messing with my friends.

[She leaves the shed. Shane holds up his hand, flexing it, and smiles.]

[Elena follows Damon outside.]

Elena: Shane is the only thing that's keeping Bonnie safe, and you try to kill him? And you wonder why Bonnie hates you.
Damon: I don't wonder, Elena, because I don't care. I don't care about her. I don't care about some lame-ass cure for vampires, either.
Elena: How can you say that right now?
Damon: Because I don't want you to be cured.
Elena: I'm not fighting with you about this anymore. Being human isn't gonna change my feelings for you.
Damon: Fine. Say they're real. Say you've become human and you still love me. Then what? You grow old. You die. I stay a vampire. Face reality, Elena. We don't work.
Elena: So, things aren't easy and you're just gonna push me away now? That's what you do, Damon. You think that you don't-- you don't deserve something, so you ruin it. I'm not gonna let you pull that this time.

[Damon turns around and starts walking away.]

Elena: Take the cure with me. [Damon stops] That's how much I know this is real. That's how certain I am that I'm going to love you even after this is all over. Take the cure. Be human with me. We can be together. Grow old together. This doesn't have to be hard anymore.
Damon: [still facing away from her] That's not me, Elena. That's Stefan. You know, I used to miss being human. Now I can't think of anything more miserable on Earth.

[Damon walks away. Elena is clearly upset.]

[Cut to Stefan and Rebekah still hiking through the woods.]

Stefan: Haven't we been through here before?
Rebekah: It all looks the same to me.

[One of them steps on a rock that triggers another trap, this time a spear that flies out of nowhere. Stefan vamp-speeds Rebekah out of the way and it hits a tree. They gasp for breath, Rebekah's back to another tree.]

Rebekah: Thanks, but that wouldn't have killed me.
Stefan: Sorry. Force of habit. [His hand is on her waist, his face inches from hers.]
Rebekah: Don't be a tease. Elena could be lurking somewhere in the woods.
Stefan: Did you mean what you said? About a cease-fire?
Rebekah: [walking out of his range] Why do you all assume that I hate Elena so much?
Stefan: Well, I mean, you did run her off a bridge.
Rebekah: You all seem to forget that Elena's death was the only way to save my family. I did the same thing that every one of you would've done to protect the people that you love. And before you cast me as the bad guy, maybe you should remember that Elena's helped to kill not one, but two of my brothers. Maybe we're not as different as everyone's making us out to be. Jeremy's not here. I'm going back.

[She turns and walks away, leaving Stefan looking pensive.]

Elena: [entering her tent] Bonnie? [There's no response; she runs out to the shed, which is likewise empty. She walks out to find Stefan and Rebekah have returned.] Where is everyone?
Stefan: What are you talking about?
Elena: Well, Bonnie's not here and Shane's stuff is all gone.
Rebekah: Oh my god. [She vamp-runs over to her bags.] The tombstone's gone.

Gilbert Residence

[Caroline is lying on the sofa, breathing raspingly. Klaus stands across the room.]

Caroline: [weakly] If you don't feed me your blood, I'll die.
Klaus: [not looking at her] Then you'll die, and Tyler will have learned his lesson the hard way.
Caroline: How could you do this to him? To his mom? To me?
Klaus: I'm a thousand years old. Call it boredom.
Caroline: I don't believe you.
Klaus: Fine. Then maybe it's because I'm pure evil, and I can't help myself.
Caroline: It's because you were hurt. Which means that there is a part of you that is human.

[Klaus approaches her and sits on the table next to the sofa.]

Klaus: How could you possibly think that?
Caroline: Because I've seen it. Because...I've caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things that you've done.
Klaus: But you can't. Can you?
Caroline: I know that you're in love with me. And anybody capable of love is capable of being saved.

[Klaus' eyes start glistening, and appears to have been moved by Caroline's words. He looks away.]

Klaus: You're hallucinating.
Caroline: I guess I'll never know. [Her breathing catches.]
Klaus: Caroline?

[Her breathing is labored then weak and fading. For a moment longer Klaus looks torn, but finally he lifts Caroline into a sitting position, sits behind her, bites open his wrist and puts it to her mouth and she starts drinking. Klaus smooths her hair as she regains strength and continues to drink.]


[Rebekah is rifling through bags inside Elena's tent, breathing heavily with a panicked look in her eyes. Elena enters behind her.]

Elena: What are you doing in my tent?

[Rebekah vamp speeds over to her and grabs her by the throat.]

Rebekah: Where's the tombstone? What have you done with it?
Elena: What are you talking about?
Rebekah: Like it's not bloody obvious? All you people ever do is betray me and here you go again!
Stefan: [entering the tent] Let her go. She didn't take it.

[Rebekah releases Elena.]

Rebekah: Was any of this real? Or was it just a ploy to distract me while Shane ran off with the tombstone?
Stefan: You think I would do that? You think I would let some psychopath run off with the cure? Every single moment of my last 146 years has been ruled by the pain of being a vampire. [Elena looks around at him.] And this cure ends that. It ends the guilt and it ends the suffering. And you really think I would jeopardize that?
Rebekah: Fine. You didn't take it. But that doesn't mean I trust her.

[Rebekah and Elena stare at one another for a moment. Finally, Elena bends down and lifts up some material, and withdraws the white oak stake from under it.]

Elena: I didn't take it, but here. [she extends the stake toward Rebekah] Consider this a peace offering.
Rebekah: Don't you get it, Elena? There is no peace. We're all screwed.
Elena: Exactly, Rebekah. We're screwed. Bonnie's gone. Shane's got the tombstone. Jeremy's missing. Who knows if Damon's coming back. So, us three, right here, this is all we've got. So we're either in this together...or it's over. For all of us. [She holds out the stake to Rebekah again and she takes it.]

[Cut to Shane running through the woods, holding the tombstone. He meets the man who took Jeremy, who is gagged and tied up but walking while the man pulls him along.

Prof. Shane: Jeremy. That was a bit of a scare yesterday. [to the man] Thanks for fending off his attacker.
Massak: His attacker?
Prof. Shane: Jeremy was attacked by an islander. I assumed you were his hatchet-flinging guardian angel.
Massak: No, that wasn't me.
Prof. Shane: Well, then I guess there's somebody else on this island who's desperate to keep our hunter alive.

[Bonnie stumbles upon the three of them.]

Bonnie: How did I get here? What the hell's going on?
Prof. Shane: I see your locator spell worked.
Bonnie: The path behind me--
Prof. Shane: Magically disappeared? You can thank the talents of Massak. He's a witch. Should you try to escape, he'll ensure that you never find your way back. So, the gang's all here. Silas awaits.

[Cut to Damon walking through the woods. Suddenly an arrow shoots through the trees and lands in Damon's arm. He groans in pain and pulls it out.]

Damon: You gotta be kidding me.

[A man jumps him and throws him to the ground. They both get back up and go at each other. Damon manages to pin the man down, straddles his back and pulls at his head. He notices the man's hand on the ground has the hunter's mark on it.]

Damon: You're one of the Five!

[The man gets free of Damon's choke-hold, flips him over and snaps his neck. He stands over Damon's body.]

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