It's Been a Hell of a Ride is the fourteenth episode of the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries and the one hundred and sixty-ninth episode of the series overall.


WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLDDamon and Stefan must join forces against Cade in order to save Elena's casket. Meanwhile, Caroline and Alaric deal with their daughters' burgeoning magical powers.



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  • Antagonists: Kai and Cade.
  • Arcadius is killed by Stefan.
  • Kai was able to absorb magic from the Armory's walls similarly to how Lizzie and Josie were subconsciously absorbing it and levitating crayons in The Lies Will Catch Up To You.
  • Alaric tells Caroline that he would like to start a school for children, like Josie and Lizzie, at The Armory.
  • With Bonnie's help, Josie and Lizzie managed to create a new Prison World for Kai, there is also no way for him to escape this world either.
  • Bonnie tells Damon what Kai told her about Hell; that it was not destroyed after Cade's death and that someone they know is now in charge.
    • Katherine became the new "Queen" of Hell.
    • This episode confirms that Katherine was in fact sucked into and has been in Hell since her demise.
  • This is also the final episode of the show not to feature all the main characters.
    • This is the fourth and final episode this season to not feature Matt.

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Stefan: "Cade is free... because of me. That's why I have to kill him."
Damon: "You screw this up, we don't know what he'll do to Elena."
Arcadius: "Your suffering is just beginning."
Stefan: "No!"

Stefan: "Cade is free... because of me. That's why I have to kill him."
Damon: "It's suicide!"
Kai: "You kill the devil, Hell goes along with him."
Bonnie: "Something's happening!"
Damon: "You screw this up, we don't know what he'll do to Elena."
Arcadius: "Your suffering is just beginning."
Stefan: "No!"

Caroline: "When were you going to tell me that the girls were asked to leave their preschool?"
Alaric: "When I figured out how to stop it and could find them another school to go to. There's just nowhere for them to go."
Caroline: "But you lied to me! You said that the magic and the siphoning was new."
Alaric: "And I am sorry, but I'm not the only one keeping secrets here. I mean what's up with the flower girl dresses in the box here anyways?"
Caroline: "Stefan and I are having some issues. I don't know what's going to happen, so I didn't want to be surrounded by all my wedding stuff."
Alaric: "I'm really sorry to hear that. By why don't we just call someone? I mean, we're not equipped to handle this."
Caroline: "Who are we going to call? They're not triggered by some magical development or Coven secret, or anything you're going to find in your books. It's probably just us."
Alaric: "What do you mean?"
Caroline: "Think about what we've put them through. Splitting up, moving around, everything that happened with Seline. The way they came into this world even. They're sensitive children."
Alaric: "So we're bad parents?"
Caroline: "No, but we could do better if we just start trying --"
Damon: "Sorry, this place had the nearest holding cell. Little help?"

Damon: "So, you just opted to help me with this homicidal lunatic instead of spending a moment with your fiancé? Care to elaborate?"
Caroline: "Given what you've just dragged in, I think you should be the one explaining."
Damon: "Sorry blondie, probably safer if you don't get involved."
Caroline: "Great, another Salvatore brother freezing me out. Stefan told me that he needed to go on some spirit walk to God knows where to figure out id he wants to be with me."
Damon: "Hmm. Well in his tiny human brain, I'm sure he thinks he's protecting you. he doesn't believe he's worthy of someone like you Caroline."
Caroline: "You felt that way about Elena. I need Stefan just as much as she needed you. And Lizzie and Josie need him too."
Kai: "Ughh... enough about Stefan already. What you guys need is someone who can explain to you what's going on with your Gemini Coven twins. Huh, I think there's someone around here who could help you with that, but I just can't quite put my finger on it. There he is! This guy."



Last.fm_play.png "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" – Bob Dylan (Chris Wood Cover)
Last.fm_play.png "Change My Life" – Dang
Last.fm_play.png "Silently" – Axel Flovent
Last.fm_play.png "This Explosion Within" – Lights & Motion
Last.fm_play.png "Two Princes" – Spin Doctors




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