This article is about Ivy, a character from Season Six of The Vampire Diaries. You may be looking for Ivy, a character from Season Five of The Originals.
Your friend Enzo fed me his blood, and now I'm just so... thirsty.
Ivy to Stefan in Black Hole Sun

Ivy was Stefan Salvatore's girlfriend. She first appeared in I'll Remember and was killed in Yellow Ledbetter by Enzo St. John, during Season Six. In Black Hole Sun, she returned as a vampire and was ultimately killed, due to her uncontrollable behavior, by Tripp Cooke, the vampire hunter that patrolled the borders of Mystic Falls to kill vampires by using The Travelers' magic purification spell.

Early History

Ivy was born in Colorado. At some point she moved to Savannah, Georgia where she met Stefan.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Six

In I'll Remember, Ivy is first seen interacting with Stefan in his bedroom inside of Stefan's new house in Georgia, where it's revealed that Ivy and Stefan are dating. Ivy also mentions that they have been "hanging out" for two months. Stefan also tells Ivy of his vampirism, but she takes it as a joke and says "You're so annoying."

In Yellow Ledbetter, after Ivy has an awkward dinner with Stefan, Caroline and Enzo, Enzo comes back into the house and kills her because Stefan hurt Caroline's feelings and made her cry. It was also Enzo's revenge for Stefan giving up on finding Damon.

In Black Hole Sun, it is revealed that Enzo fed Ivy some of his blood and Ivy is now a vampire. 

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Ivy blames Stefan for becoming a vampire. She attempts to attack him before he snaps her neck. Stefan then seeks the help of Caroline in dealing with Ivy's vampire cravings. Caroline keeps Ivy in her dorm, while Stefan goes to fetch Ivy a daylight ring. When Caroline turns around to get board games, Ivy snaps her neck and escapes during the nighttime. Ivy feeds on a man she finds in the street before realizing that she doesn't know how to compel him to forget what she did. At the end of the episode, Ivy is captured by Tripp.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Ivy is killed by Tripp as he drove the car across the Mystic Falls border. Magic strips away her vampirism and she dies.



As a human, Ivy was an optimistic young woman. She was also kind and caring towards others around her, especially Stefan.


As a vampire, she became very outspoken and more hungry for blood. This lead to control problems that ultimately lead to her being killed by Tripp. This was added due to her issues controlling her heightened emotions, as a newborn vampire.

Physical Appearance

Physically, Ivy was a very beautiful young woman, who appears to have Chinese heritage. She had shoulder-length black hair and dark-chocolate brown eyes. She also has light-olive skin.

Powers and Abilities

Ivy possessed all the standard powers and abilities of an non-original vampire.


Ivy had the typical weaknesses of an non-Original vampire.


Stefan Salvatore

Main article: Stefan and Ivy

Ivy was involved with Stefan for a couple of months before she was turned into a vampire. After she was turned, Stefan wanted little to do with her and pushed Ivy onto Caroline to try and teach her how to be a vampire. Stefan only used Ivy as a human to get over his brother's death, but he was somewhat saddened by Ivy's death.

Other Relationships

  • Caroline and Ivy (Former Mentor-Mentèe Relationship/Enemies)
  • Ivy and Enzo (Enemies/He turned her into a vampire)


Season Six


  • Ivy is both a unisex given name and a surname. It could come from the plant hedera, which is commonly known as ivy. The name means "hedera" or "faithfulness".[1]



Ivy: "See? I'm fine. You already put your number into my phone as my emergency vampire contact, I know I burn in the sun, we've covered compulsion and snatch, eat, erase. It's getting dark, let's go party. You can teach me how to eat someone without killing them."
-- The World Has Turned and Left Me Here



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