When I first saw you, I broke. You broke me, and nothing has ever been the same since. I just want you to know that it was all real. Every moment, every touch, every word.

Jackson "Jack" Kenner was a major recurring character on Template:The Originals. He first appeared in the third episode in his wolf form, while his human form appeared in the thirteenth episode of the first season. He was an Evolved Werewolf, alpha and member of the Crescent Wolf Pack. Jackson was the husband of Hayley Marshall-Kenner.

In Season One, Jackson was among the many Crescent werewolves who were cursed to stay in their wolf forms at all times except the night of the full moon. On that night each month the wolves returned to their original human forms for a brief time. When Jackson learned of Hayley's return to New Orleans, he was drawn to her. He served as her wolf bodyguard against those who intended to harm both her and her then-unborn child. Later Hayley was finally able to convince the witch who cursed the Crescent pack, Céleste Dubois, to break the curse and set them free. Afterward, Jackson returned to his role as Alpha to the Crescents and helped Hayley adjust to life in a werewolf pack.

In Season Two, Jackson worked closely with Hayley in an effort to stop Esther and Finn Mikaelson and finally unite all of the werewolf clans under their leadership. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Jackson and Hayley gave a speech to the werewolves to announce their intention to perform The Unification Ceremony that would allow Hayley to share her hybrid control over her transformation with the entire pack. Jackson eventually married Hayley in I Love You, Goodbye which led him to become an Evolved Werewolf, along with the rest of the Crescent Wolf Clan who were in attendance at the ceremony.

As of Fire with Fire, Jackson, along with Hayley and the other Crescent wolves, have once again had the Crescent Curse placed on them by a witch (in this case, Dahlia, under Klaus Mikaelson's instruction), and are trapped in their wolf form at all times except the night of the full moon.

In Season Three, Jackson began working closely with Hayley and the Mikaelson family in order to ensure their safety in New Orleans. Despite his complicated marriage with Hayley, he proved his love for her and that he was willing to stand by her no matter what. However, in A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Jackson was kidnapped by the Strix, along with Hayley. Shortly after their abduction, Hayley was forced to watch Jackson be tortured and executed by Tristan de Martel. Unfortunately, Jackson's death was a part of Tristan's revenge scheme against the Mikaelson family. Before Jackson died, he made it clear to Hayley that he was willing to stand by her no matter what. Jackson's death left a huge impact on Hayley.

Jackson was a member of the Kenner Family, which once resided in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Early History

Jackson was a member of the Kenner family, one of two royal families within the Crescent Wolf Pack. Out of a desire to bridge the gap that had formed between the pack, his parents, and the heads of the royal family, the Labonairs, decided to put their children in an arranged marriage. Thus Jackson was betrothed to Hayley, then known as Andréa. However, Jackson's grandfather Richard Xavier Dumas hated that the Labonairs were intent on making peace with the vampires, so he killed Hayley's parents, resulting in Andréa being adopted by the Marshall family and leaving her hometown.

Not long after, the vampires attacked the werewolves and many were killed. The vampire convinced a witch to put a curse on the pack, which trapped the surviving Crescents who had triggered their werewolf genes in their wolf forms. Their only respite being the night of the full moon, when they were briefly able to transform back into humans for a few short hours.

While growing up, Jackson was like most kids with the werewolf gene - very angry, and when he ultimately killed a human and triggered his werewolf gene, he only became angrier because it also triggered his Crescent Curse, which forced him into his wolf form full-time. Jackson eventually calmed down when the pack's former alpha was killed, forcing him to step up and become the new alpha to protect his people.

Throughout The Originals Series

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Jackson in his Wolf form.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Jackson was spotted watching Hayley in his werewolf form near the pool outside the Mikaelson Mansion. They looked at each other for a moment, and a witch, Sabine, who was tasked with watching over Hayley, told her that the wolf was drawn to her because of the hybrid child she was carrying.

In Sinners and Saints, when Hayley ran away from the witches who were trying to kill her unborn child, Jackson, still in wolf form, saved Hayley by attacking and killing the witches who were sent by Agnes to kill her and the baby. Jackson later departed from her and howled at Rebekah, to let them know that Hayley was nearby.


Hayley and Jackson

In Crescent City, Jackson, having received a message from Eve, arrived at the plantation house in human form, where Hayley had arranged a full moon party to finally meet her new-found family for the first time. Once there, he told her a bit about her history, including the fact that the two of them were intended to be married to unite the Crescents. He then stated that he believed that Hayley would be responsible for breaking their curse, as a witch told him that she would cast the spell on Hayley's behalf. However, Hayley became alarmed when she informed him that she made no such deal, just as Bastianna, Celeste, and Genevieve, combined their magical powers to trap both of them within the house, which they then set ablaze in an attempt to hurt Elijah by threatening Hayley's life. Hayley and Jackson were both ultimately saved by Elijah before they could be severely harmed in the fire. Just before the moon's power faded, and Jackson was forced to become a wolf again, Hayley swore to him that she would find a way to set them free.

In Le Grand Guignol, Jackson appeared in his wolf from along with another black furred werewolf, to protect Hayley and Eve just in case their hostage, Celeste tried to fight back. Hayley and Eve told Celeste if she tried to attack either of them, the other one would make it hurt by shooting her in the kneecaps with their rifles. Hayley then made it clear that they wanted her to undo the curse she cast on the Crescents in the 1990s while she was possessing Brynne Deveraux. Celeste mixed up some herbs and told Hayley to have the cursed werewolves drink it on the next full moon, and once the full moon recedes, the curse would be broken. Elijah then appeared and told them to not trust her, reminding them that it would take an army to hold her to the next full moon. Hayley then replied that she has an army of werewolves, as Jackson and the other werewolves began to howl in agreement. Hayley then insisted that Elijah either help them, or get out of their way. Elijah, suspicious of Celeste, and unwilling to put Hayley at risk of being harmed by her, quickly grabbed both Celeste and the cure with him and ran away with them. After confirming that Celeste's cure was genuine, Elijah then reappeared to Hayley and Jackson and gives Hayley the cure and a kiss on her forehead. Jackson then began to look jealous and proceeded to follow Hayley back to the encampments.

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Jackson meets Klaus.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Hayley and Jackson brewed the cure for their clan into a drink that all the cursed wolves consumed on the next full moon. Once the moon faded from the sky, the newly reunited clan was ecstatic to discover that they had finally been freed and returned to their human forms. Later, in an attempt to demonstrate to the werewolves that the other supernatural species were willing to compromise on the peace treaty, invited the clan to the party that was thrown for the five supernatural factions of New Orleans. During the party, Jackson kept close to Hayley until he had a private conversation with Klaus upstairs. Klaus proposed to him that he could help the werewolves but Jackson remained skeptical; he chastised Klaus, asking him if had finally decided to acknowledge the werewolf side of his family, and suggested that perhaps the werewolves weren't interested in knowing him, due to his vampire nature. Though initially believing Klaus intended to turn the clan into hybrids, Jackson soon learned that Klaus had found a ring, made 1,000 years earlier by his mother for his biological father, which functioned much like the Daylight Rings for vampires; it was specially crafted to protect the werewolf wearing it from turning on a full moon.

Moon 13

Hayley and Jackson dance.

The offer enticed Jackson, especially when he learned from Klaus that his plan would also allow the werewolves to access their full power anytime they wanted, instead of being forced to completely turn against their will; it would also make their bites lethal to vampires at all times. Jackson later shared a dance with Hayley, where he told her that she should be enjoying the party and complimented her on how beautiful she looked. Jackson intervened in a fight between Oliver and Diego a short while later, and came to his aid by holding a stake to Diego's chest. After Hayley had calmed the situation by giving a speech that ultimately united the factions enough to sign the peace treaty, Jackson confessed his deal with Klaus to Oliver, who was initially suspicious, but eventually warmed up to the idea.

In The Big Uneasy, Elijah came to the Bayou to invite the werewolves to The Feast of Blessings party being held in honor of the witches. Hayley didn't want to go, both due to the witches trying to kill her and the baby and also because they cursed the Crescents, but Jackson and Oliver ultimately agree on Klaus' orders, unbeknownst to Elijah. Still, Elijah was suspicious of how easy it was to convince Jackson and Oliver to attend, and he warned Hayley not to trust either of them.

Later on, Jackson was telling Oliver more about their alliance with Klaus when Hayley walks in on their discussion. They immediately stop talking, which did nothing to assuage Hayley's suspicions, so she immediately asked them if they were still in high school before demanding to know what they were talking about. Oliver told her to mind her own business, but Hayley, who claimed she was amped up on pregnancy hormones, twisted Oliver's arm behind his back and slammed him into the wall until Jackson finally conceded that it was time to tell her the truth about their alliance with Klaus.

After the feast, Hayley returned to the Bayou and talked to Jackson. She told him that, at first, she was against their alliance with Klaus, because she wanted to stick to Elijah's treaty. However, after seeing how the vampires killed innocent people at the feast, she changed her mind. She admitted she understood now how the weak would always be at the mercy of whoever is calling the shots in their town. Jackson agreed with her and reminded her that it really is survival of the fittest, and they should all protect each other. Hayley warned him that while they should definitely not trust Klaus, they would be stupid to not accept his help when he is still willing to give it.

Oliver 001

Elijah tries to convince Oliver and Jackson to stop their Alliance with Klaus.

In An Unblinking Death, Elijah tried to convince Jackson and Oliver to stop their alliance with Klaus. Jackson replied that they know about Klaus' reputation, but they don't care as long as they ended up getting the moonlight rings and empowering the werewolves. Their conversation was interrupted by the noise of a motorcycle approaching the encampments. Jackson and the others went to see who was there to see them, where they found a man on a motorcycle who asked who is in charge. Jackson asked him to know who wanted to know, just as Elijah realized that the man was a suicide bomber. He managed to tackle the man just as the gas tank of his motorcycle, which was filled with wolfsbane, exploded, hurting many of the werewolves in the vicinity. Jackson helped the wounded werewolves with Oliver, Hayley and Elijah by triaging the wounded and applying first aid to help their werewolf healing factor kick in faster.

UD (3)

Jackson after the explosions.

The explosion forced all of the werewolves into one area while they were tending to the injured; however, unbeknownst to everyone, there were more bombs planted around where the werewolves were congregated, injuring even more werewolves, as well as killing many. Jackson desperately tried to help a badly burned woman, only to find she was already dead. Then, he heard Oliver shouting from nearby, where he found Eve pinned underneath an overturned trailer. With Elijah's help, the two were able to extricate from the wreckage and took her to a nearby shack for medical treatment. When Elijah asked why Eve wasn't healing, Jackson informed him that Eve was an untriggered werewolf, which meant she had no healing ability; when Elijah offered to heal her with his blood, both Jackson and Oliver vehemently rejected him, insisting that she would rather die. Angry, Oliver said that they should take revenge on the vampires that did this to them, but Jackson argued that they didn't even know WHO did it, which only angered Oliver more, as he insisted that the bomber had to have been compelled.

Jackson 003

Jackson sitting besides Eve's body.

Later, Jackson continued to help with the wounded werewolves. He asked Elijah if this was the peace that he promised, and pointed out that not only was Klaus offering them freedom from the pain of turning every full moon, but also from the contempt they have been facing their whole lives from both witches and vampires alike. Elijah was more concerned about what was to become of Hayley, so Jackson responded that he wanted to make the Bayou a safe place for her and the baby. Near the end of the episode, Jackson was sitting beside Eve's dead body when Hayley walked in after having questioned Marcel on the Bayou bombing. He was clearly upset by Eve's death and was drinking his feelings when Hayley began to break down at the sight of her. Elijah told Hayley that Jackson will need her help.


Hayley and Jackson hug

In The Battle of New Orleans, Jackson and Oliver were captured by Marcel and Diego and interrogated on their alliance with Klaus. He was then later rescued by Elijah and Klaus before the warehouse, which was full of explosives acquired from Francesca Guerrera, exploded. He was brought back to the Mikaelson Compound, where Hayley applied first aid to his wounds and assured him that this was the last full moon he would ever have to turn. Jackson then reminded Hayley that Klaus wasn't doing making them moonlight rings out of the goodness out of his heart, but because of Hayley, and pointed out that it was she who changed everything for them.

Jackson originally appeared in From a Cradle to a Grave but his scenes were deleted. Oliver and Francesca offer him a moonlight ring and a chance to join their pack but Jackson refuses.

Jackson was briefly mentioned in Alive and Kicking. Oliver mentions becoming the Alpha of the crescent wolves since Jackson is gone.

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Jackson returns in Wheel Inside the Wheel. He is in the woods with another werewolf named Ansel when Hayley finds him. Jackson tells her how the Guerrera werewolves offered him a moonlight ring and that when he said no, the wolves took him into the woods and left him for dead. He also tells her that he's heard of everything that has happened since he left and that he drifted until he met Ansel who has been teaching him "the old ways, tradition, and what it means to be a wolf". She tells Jackson that the wolves need an Alpha and so does Oliver because the witches have him but Jackson declines, so Hayley leaves. He is later seen again in the woods with Oliver and Hayley. Oliver tells him that he needs to be the Alpha again. Jackson holds Oliver in his arms as he dies.

In Chasing the Devil’s Tail, he is in The Bayou giving Oliver what is known as a Vikings or Norse funeral. It's the next day and Jackson is still in the bayou mourning Oliver's death when he's interrupted by Hayley. She tells him that they need him to be the alpha again because of the war. Later, Jackson arrives St. Anne's Church just in time to shoot Finn with arrows and save Hayley's life. Hayley ask him how did he find her, he tells her that he spent a lot of the time tracking her as a wolf, so he tells her to call it animal instincts.


In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Jackson and Hayley tell Aiden to set up a meeting between all of the wolves then he walks off and tells Hayley how he wrote down everything that Ansel every told him, he tells her that he's been reading it in order to figure out a way to reunite the wolves but he couldn't find anything useful. Afterwards he is chopping wood when Hayley approaches him and ask him why did he lie to her about something he wrote in his journal. He tells her that the Alphas of each bloodline would be married by a witch thus evolving the werewolf species, so Hayley offers that they get married, so that the wolves would inherit her ability to turn at will but he tells her it won't work because it has to be a real marriage. Later, he is at St. Anne's Church and he tells them that they are a pack no matter what. He and Hayley then tell them that they could all be free of turning on a full moon, after the pack leaves Jackson and Hayley are sitting in the church talking and he then ask her to marry him to which she accepts.



In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, while Jackson is at the compound, Hayley approaches him and they talk about their upcoming wedding. He realizes the reason that Hayley invited him to the compound, she arranged a meeting between all the vampires and werewolves, so that they can form an alliance against the witches. Finn arrives and tells them that an alliance won't work and then he uses a spell to lock them in the compound. Hayley tells Jackson that she hooked up with Elijah, he gets angry and leaves the room. He also breaks up a fight between a wolf and a vamp, afterwards Jackson and the other wolves are able to escape the compound. Later, he is in the bayou with Hayley and he tells her that he should have never excepted the Moonlight Rings from Klaus, he promises her that he will help save the pack. Then he pulls out a engagement and tells her that he wants to marry her and then he puts it on her finger.

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Jackson and Hayley

In Brotherhood of the Damned, he is in the bayou with Hayley and Aiden. They are getting rid of the moonlight rings. Aiden starts to worry about him and the other wolves because they'll have to turn on full moons now without the rings, so Jackson tells him that the wedding is in 10 days. He tells Aiden to make the other wolves aware of the wedding and that whoever shows up will have free control of their abilities. Aiden then ask him what is he going to do now, Jackson tells him that him and Hayley are going to meet an elder because they need a old school Crescent wolf to conduct the wedding, the elder that they're going to see is Jackson's grandmother. Hayley and Jackson are walking through the woods to find Mary, his grandmother. When he finds her, she informs them on the rituals. Jackson chases after Hayley after after she runs off and he tells her that they have to do it even though it they don't want to because they both have secrets. They agree to do the rituals.


Jackson and Hayley

In Sanctuary, Jackson talks to Hayley, telling her that the wedding must happen because it will make the pack stronger, he also tells her that even if the marriage doesn't happen that he still has to tell her something, it involves the death of her parents. Jackson takes Hayley to the burial site of the wolves who betrayed the pack, one of the wolves buried there is Richard Xavier Dumas, Jackson's grandfather, he tells Hayley that Richard went berserk when he found out that Hayley's mother and father were trying to form an alliance with the vampires, so he killed them. Klaus interrupts them and takes Hayley. Klaus comes back to Mary's cabin but this time for Jackson. He is grabbed by Klaus and taken to the woods, then they begin to fight. Jackson fights back but he loses the fight for the most part but before Klaus can kill him, Hayley tackles Klaus and tells him to leave Jackson alone. After that, Mary wraps his wounds and Hayley tells him that Hope is still alive.

In The Devil is Damned, Hayley approaches him and ask why the wolves are leaving brooms outside their door, he tells her that if two wolves were engaged and they couldn't wait then the community would let you "jump the broom", then he shows her a crib that he's been working on for Hope. He tells her that he's been informed that a few wolf packs outside of Louisiana want to join the The Unification Ceremony, so the alphas of other packs are coming to the Bayou to step down and recognize him as their alpha. After, he is playing with children when Hayley tells him that the meeting is about begin at Mary's place. While Mary is performing the ceremony with the alphas, Jackson is informed by Hayley that Finn knows about Hope. He gives her his blood to stall Finn, then he cuts his hand and gives some of his blood to Mary for the meeting and the rest to Hayley. Then Marcel's Army arrives and attack the wolves, so Marcel and Jackson take the alphas to Mary's cabin to protect them, Hayley tells him that the attacks will only get worse, so they must get married as soon as possible.


In I Love You, Goodbye, he is talking with Aiden in the Bayou, talking about the dead Alphas. Jackson tells Aiden that it's the witches' fault, not the vampires and then Klaus approaches him and throws a bag at him, Klaus tells him that the bag has the heads of the werewolves that were still loyal to the witches. Later, he is at the compound with Hayley preparing for the wedding. Camille and Elijah bring Hope and Hayley introduces Jackson to her. He meets up with Aiden at the compound and he tells Aiden that he knows about him and Josh and that he doesn't care, he supports their relationship. Hayley enters the room and Jackson gives her a gift. A little later, the wedding begins and He walks down the aisle with Hayley. After the vows are said, he kisses her, and after the kiss, all of the wolves eyes start glowing. Later, he is in the street with Hayley dancing and laughing and enjoying the music. They all go back to the compound and dance then Klaus invites him and Hayley to live at the compound. Jackson is looking outside and then Hayley comes up to him and tells him that she isn't just marrying him for the wolves, she's also doing it for her and then they kiss.

In They All Asked For You, Jackson and Hayley are seen conversing with Klaus, who wants to use the werewolves to pinpoint Freya and Finn's location. After Hayley agrees with Klaus to send some of their best men to find them, Jackson sighs in frustration and agrees only because Hayley asked, not Klaus. While at the compound, Jackson and Aiden talk about sending some of their pack members to find Finn, and Jackson tells him he appreciates his concern, but he should let him worry about the pack. Jackson makes Hayley something to eat and he tells her he can help her with Hope, and tells her he doesn't want her to feel obligated to him, but Hayley interrupts him and says the marriage isn't an obligation. After realizing what that Jackson means sex, they start talking about it and before the discussion goes on, Hope cries and Jackson then leaves the room with a guilty and disappointed smile. He sees that Hayley is having trouble with putting Hope to sleep and holds her while Hayley has a breather. He tells her they lost Jerick and it was a good idea Aiden kept them scattered instead of a group. After telling her that his idea would've lead them to a slaughter, Hayley realizes Hope is asleep and he gently puts her into the crib. He and Hayley begin to make out passionately and they realize they're in front of Hope. They then go into the other room and start to have sex.

In Save My Soul, Jackson and Aiden are fighting out in the Bayou. Jackson tells Aiden to guard his defenses, Aiden tackles him and Jackson then holds him in a headlock, which Aiden gets out of by biting Jackson in the arm. Jackson angrily wonders why he did that and Aiden begins to tell him that the only way to stay an Alpha, is to always be the strongest. After Hayley goes back in the shack, Jackson confronts Aiden and tells him if he has anything to say about how the way he leads, then he needs to speak up. Aiden proceeds to tell him that Klaus is acting like they're on his leash and that if any of the guys see Jackson as vulnerable, then it's likely they'll try to challenge him as Alpha. Aiden then shoves past him and Jackson has a worried look about the pack's future. Jackson and Hayley then spar and she stops when she realizes that Jackson is thinking about what happened earlier with Aiden. Hayley tells him she can handle Klaus and that things are changing, but one of those changes is that they no longer have to go through with it alone. They then intertwine their fingers, smile at each other and begin to kiss.

In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Jackson and Hayley are walking down the streets of the French Quarter strolling Hope. After hearing a violinist play well, they walk away and she begins to play the same song, but more creepily. They look around them and a flower salesman offers black dahlias to Hope. Jackson steps in and tells him that they're alright. While Klaus has the salesman in a chokehold, Jackson feels overwhelmed and his eyes turn pure white. Dahlia speaks through him and tells Klaus and Hayley that she is there, everywhere and she is there to take what is hers. When Dahlia leaves, Jackson wonders what's going on and Klaus says "Dahlia". Hayley brings in a tonic for Jackson and she asks if he's okay. He's worried that he could've hurt her or Hope being under Dahlia's kenning. He tells her he felt Dahlia and that she is nothing but darkness. He proposes to Hayley that they pack up, take Hope, the pack and get out of New Orleans. He tells her that the war between Dahlia and the Mikaelsons isn't theirs, and it isn't Hope's either. He is then laying on a table as he's being used to trace Dahlia's signature back to the source of her power. As Rebekah and Freya chant, Jackson is agony and Rebekah breaks the spell when she sees that Dahlia is channeling Freya. Jackson is looking through the map he drew in his leather bound journal and when Aiden walks into the room, Jackson tells him to shut the door. He tells Aiden that he knows all the side streets and back roads, and that he needs to get himself, Hope and Hayley out fast. He gives him 8:45 as a time to meet them at the service station. He pats him on the shoulder and says he doesn't know how long he'll be gone, so he asks if Aiden is up for the leadership position. Jackson goes to Hayley and Hope's room, and they're all ready to leave. She asks if he thinks if his plan is the best and he tells her he does think it is, and they then leave. While in a back alley waiting for Aiden to show up, Hope begins to cry and Jackson anxiously rubs his hands for warmth as he wonders where Aiden is. Marcel then shows up and when Jackson looks at Hayley, she plays it cool and asks Marcel if they're still going to Algiers. While Jackson, Hayley and Hope walk away, Marcel stares at them suspiciously.

In When the Levee Breaks, he says that they need to get out of New Orleans so Dahlia can get to Hope. Unfortunately, Dahlia can sense Hope's magic and will search for her regardless. When Hayley thinks of an idea and Aiden wants to get a chance to let them get away, and Jackson then agrees. He later meets Aiden on a street and is given the bracelet that Kol and Davina spelled for Hope. He then listens as Aiden tells him it was his fault that they couldn't get away yesterday and Jackson hits him across the face. He then calms down and listens when Aiden tells him it was stupid to listen to Klaus of becoming an Alpha. He then tells him he'll have to take his forgiveness and is grateful that he risked his life with helping Hayley and Hope. He is shocked to hear Aiden is leaving and tells him if he needs to take time, then do it and he'll always be a member of the pack. He then gives Aiden a hug and they walk in opposite directions. Afterwards, he, Hayley and a few pack members show up at the compound demanding to know what happened with Aiden. When Klaus purposefully takes the blame for Aiden's death, Jackson lunges for him and punches him in the face, Klaus pushes him back towards some of the others. He then tries to go after him again until Elijah intervenes. He then wraps the bracelet around Hope's wrist and looks at her with worry.

In City Beneath The Sea, he is digging a grave for Aiden where his grandfather's burial is located. When Hayley asks why he's burying Aiden where the traitors, murderers, etc of their pack, he tells her that they can't keep carrying him around forever and to give him a minute to bury the body to get out. He tells her he knows that Aiden was trying to help and that he didn't have a choice as they have to go. He listens to Hayley and agrees with giving Aiden a true Crescent burial and grabs the grave marker out of the ground. As he, Hayley and the pack walk through the bayou, they talk about how triggering the curse affected them. When Hayley stops to feed Hope, he tells her that the bayou is their territory and they'll defend it. When Elijah arrives in the bayou for Hope's blood, Jackson lunges for him and tries to fight him. When Hayley shows up and he tells her about needing blood, he glares at Elijah. Later, he is playing with Hope in the hide out and talks to Hayley about how he, Oliver and Aiden were close, and tells her that he has to protect his own if she chooses to go back with the Mikaelsons. She tells him she doesn't need time to think and she spent her whole life looking for her family, and they then notice Josh has come. He tells the pack to let him through and shakes his hand. After Josh says some words about immortality, both he and Jackson push the boat with Aiden's body into the river. He then throws a lighter on the body and watches as Aiden is sent off.

In Fire with Fire, he tells Hayley and Mary that the highway is flooded and the only way to get through is by foot through the back roads. He tells the pack to listen as Hayley makes a speech and grabs her hand, kisses it, and tells her that she'll always be their queen. Afterwards, he, Hayley, Hope, Mary and the rest of the pack continue to travel down to the Mississippi River. He tells Hayley that the pack says that they're staying with them until they get where they need to go. As he and Hayley talk about the best place to cross and go, he tells her they are her family and they stay together despite the hardships. He then helps some other members of the pack cross the shallow part of the river and hears a honking sound, and sees that another member of the pack has procured a truck for transportation. At the Louisiana Junkyard, the pack sets up perimeter for the time being and he goes to talk to Hayley about where they want to go. They then show some affection towards each other and smiles when she tells him that she loves him. Later, as he's adjusting a string on his bow, he and Hayley hear an agonizing scream off in the distance. They go where they hear the scream and see Klaus having torn out the throat of the wolf. He tells Hayley to take Hope and Mary out while he and the pack deal with Klaus. As they fight with him, Jackson tells Klaus that this time won't be the same as the last altercation, and flashes his yellow eyes at him. He and Hayley then start fighting Klaus and gain a short upper hand before throwing them several yards away. Before anything else can happen, Dahlia shows up and begins the spell to cause Jackson, Hayley and the rest of the pack to turn into wolves except for on a full moon.

Normal TO302 0124

Jackson survives the werewolf purge.

In You Hung the Moon, Jackson survived a massacre of his pack in the bayou, by poachers hired by Kingmaker Land Development to clear out the wolves in the area. After his leg was caught in a trap, Jackson was transformed back into human form due to the full moon and was found by Elijah, who had been desperately searching for Hayley. Elijah aided in Jackson in removing a bullet from his body. Elijah offered Jackson his blood to help heal him but Jackson refused. Jackson asked Elijah how many werewolf bodies he found and also was nervous about Hayley's whereabouts, saying that she would have come back if she were able. With night passing quickly and only hours until he became a wolf again, Jackson refused to stay behind when Elijah continued his search.

Normal TO302 1007

Jackson after biting Lucien

The two were later directed to Lucien Castle, when they learned that he was the CEO of Kingmaker Land Development. When Elijah was unable to enter Lucien's penthouse due to boundary spell that prevented any enemy vampires from entering, Elijah threw a piece of wood into Lucien's neck, incapacitating him while Jackson rushed inside the apartment and tackled the ancient vampire to the ground, biting him on the arm and infecting him with his werewolf venom. Jackson demanded to know where his wife was and Lucien grudgingly told him that he'd have his men inspect the roadkill in the morning. With Jackson's bite giving them leverage over Lucien, Elijah told Jackson to go back to the compound and chain himself up, preparing for the moon to set and him to return to being a werewolf for another month.

Normal TO302 2277

Jackson reunites with Hayley and Hope

With Freya's help, Jackson chained himself to a wall at the compound, expecting to return to wolf form. The transformation began but came to an abrupt halt when, unknown to Jackson, Hayley had made a deal with Davina to repress the curse that had been placed on them. Jackson was stunned to find that he wasn't changing but Freya could sense that the curse was still in his body, just held at bay and that he could return to being a wolf at any moment, opting to keep him chained just in case. Hayley arrived, furious and looking for Klaus. Klaus appeared and the two began fighting. Jackson managed to break his chains in an attempt to help his wife but Freya used her magic to hold him back, knowing Klaus would kill him if he interfered. Jackson watched as Hope took her first steps in front of Hayley and stopped the fight. It was decided that Hayley and Jackson would take Hope and live in the apartments across the street, still in earshot of Klaus but away from the Mikaelson home.

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, he arrives at their apartment and asks if Hayley is alright. He then tells her that he's calling Freya to babysit Hope as they are going out for the day. They arrive at St. Anne's Church and he wants her to fight even him to blow off steam. They start sparring and starts to get happy seeing that Hayley is getting competitive, and they resume fighting with their staffs. Some time later, they move to the fighting ring and continue sparring with their staffs. He listens to her ranting about wanting blood and vengeance against Klaus when they their in wolf forms. He tells her to get it out of her system and stop feeling sorry for herself, which causes Hayley and accidentally uses her full strength on him, hurting him a little in the process. He tells her he's not going anywhere when she starts to vamp out and they start making out in the ring.

In The Axeman's Letter, he and Hayley are at Lafayette Cemetery to help Davina. When Davina tells them about Van Nguyen and him trying to get rid of her, Jackson agrees to helping her and tells them that he'll check out the crow while Hayley stays with her. At night, he is patrolling quietly and comes upon Van and other witches about ready to stab a poppet in the heart. He punches and kicks two of the witches away and pins Van against a wall, telling him he's a little too old to be playing with dolls. In annoyance, he grabs Van and brings him to Davina. He gives Davina the poppet and after Van leaves, he is shown to be impressed that Davina wants to lead the witches in a new, peaceful direction.

In Out of the Easy, he is out on the balcony watching the Turkey Trot marathon and Hayley comes out. He can't believe she's going over to the Mikaelsons to help them with the Trinity. He tells her that it is their business, not hers. He tells her that she needs to let Klaus do the dinner his way since it will likely be a bloodbath. A few moments later, he tells her that he doesn't want the conversation to turn into a fight and they then hug each other. Hayley arrives back at the apartment and Jackson is angry and disappointed about her. She says they needed her help, but Jackson tells her asked her to leave it alone and that he should've known this by now. Every time they come calling, she'll always be there to answer. Jackson then walks towards the door and she asks where he is going. He tells her he's going to the Bayou to be with his family, she then tries to reach out to him, but he grabs her by the wrist and pushes it away, and then walks out the door.

In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Mary comes to the apartment to get Hayley and Jackson to figure their issues out.

In Savior, Hayley comes out to the bayou after Jackson had left their apartment in Out of the Easy mad that she kept putting herself in middle of the Mikaelson family's drama. Hayley convinces him to return to their apartment and that they would have a quite family Christmas without the Mikaelson's drama "Even if their house is on fire".

When Jackson returns to town he sees Freya Mikaelson walking down the street and notices a few men following her, when she turns down an alley, two more exiting a car heading for the alley after her. After a short while he follows as well and finds several vampires attacking her he kills two of them and one runs away with The Serratura he had taken from Freya. Jackson picks her up and carries her to The Abattoir along the way sending Hayley a text informing her of the attack. When they arrive Hayley informs him she had received it and asked what happened Jackson informs Hayley that Freya needs her blood which Hayley quickly gives.

When Freya is performing a spell to try to remove a curse placed on Rebekah she begins to convulse and bleed from several places Jackson and Elijah both worry about her Jackson halfheartedly suggest the hospital knowing as Elijah says that they could not help her.

When Klaus and Camille arrive with the antidote to the poison given to Freya during her attack Hayley brings it to him and Jackson injects it into her heart.

Later after everything calms down Hayley approaches him and suggest they leave apologizing for once again get involved in Mikaelson drama he in turn apologizes to her says it was his fault this time and that when he saw Freya in danger it was like he was seeing one of his pack in danger and despite the in-laws insanity they were their family. Hayley, Hope and Jackson go downstairs and celebrate Christmas with their family.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, he and Hayley are at the Bayou gathering their belongings to bring to the apartment. While joking around, Jackson is shot in the neck with a wolfsbane dart and falls to his knees, all the while pulling the dart out. While Hayley is fighting Aya, Jackson fights some other Strix members and he holds his own against them for a bit until he yells for Hayley and the Strix begin to inject more wolfsbane into him. Jackson and Hayley are seen chained up, beaten up and bloody, and when Hayley tries to break free, Jackson awakens and tells her that the more she struggles, the more wolfsbane gets pumped into their veins. He tells her that he loves her and since he first saw her, she broke him. He tells her that every moment, touch and word were real and Tristan then comes in. Tristan mocks her and then pulls Jackson's head back and then plunges his hand into Jackson's chest. He then proceeds to rip Jackson's heart out and his head goes back lifelessly. Afterwards, Jackson's heart is sent to the Mikaelsons as an invitation to go to a location. While his body is still sitting next her chair, Hayley apologizes to him for involving him in all her mess and she vows to avenge him.

In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, he is seen as a hallucination caused by The Hollow and interacts with Hayley.

In The Tale of Two Wolves, he is revealed to have found peace and is playing the guitar before seeing Hayley and Hope arriving, standing up, looking shocked and surprised.


Jackson was headstrong and had no problem saying what was on his mind. He also cared for the well-being of the werewolves and protected them no matter what, even if it means he gets hurt instead. This was especially true of those in his family, as he will fight to the death for his blood relatives such as Aiden and Mary along with his wife Hayley and his step-daughter Hope.

He was also a born leader and has tremendous pride as the Alpha of his pack; despite this quality, he rarely jumped to conclusions before he learned all the facts, as evidenced by his insistence that the werewolves not blame the vampires for the Bayou bombing until they knew for sure who did it; similarly, Jackson later insisted that the vampires (who had accidentally killed several visiting Alpha werewolves after Finn Mikaelson cast a spell on them that increased their bloodlust to ravenous levels) not be blamed by the rest of the wolves for the deaths, as he knew that they were under the influence of dark magic at the time.

However, this quality was sometimes be forgotten by Jackson when it come to those he cared about, as he had no qualms immediately blaming Klaus for his closest friend/relative Aiden's death, when in reality he had been killed by Dahlia; he still did not actually have any evidence that Klaus did kill Aiden.

Jackson was intelligent, as he was able to figure out that it was Francesca Guerrera who was behind the Bayou bombing.

Physical Appearance

Jackson was a male werewolf with light olive skin, brown eyes, and curly dark brown hair.

Powers and Abilities

Jackson possessed the standard powers and abilities of an Evolved werewolf.


Jackson had the typical weaknesses of an Evolved werewolf.


Hayley Marshall-Kenner

Moon 13

Hayley and Jackson

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"I want you to know that I didn't marry you for all of those people. I married you for me."
—Hayley to Jackson in I Love You, Goodbye

Hayley was Jackson's wife. Jackson had watched Hayley as a wolf for years, so he’s had a lot of time to get to know her. He officially got to talk to her in his human form when the full moon came up. He introduced himself to her and revealed himself as the wolf who's been protecting her. He told her of their engagement, which surprised her. Later, she promised to break the curse placed upon him and their family. When the curse was broken and he finally got to talk to her in person, they spent more time together, especially after she decided to live in the Bayou. He became even more attracted to her after he witnessed how strong she was as a leader in her efforts to unite the pack and fight for the werewolves' involvement in the peace treaty. He worked with her to protect their family and friends. Jackson continued to hope to have a chance with her, but, most of all, he wants Hayley to be safe and happy. In the end, Jackson told Hayley he loved her before Tristan killed him and Hayley is forced to continue living without him. As revenge for Jackson’s death, Hayley went after and killed all the members of the Strix responsible for Jackson’s execution.



Jackson and Oliver

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Oliver was Jackson's best friend. Jackson thought of him as a brother and a lieutenant in helping run the pack. Oliver, however, was much more aggressive in nature than Jackson, which caused a strain in their friendship. That strain grew bigger when Oliver began making moves to take control of the pack, not seeing Jackson as being fit to lead. Oliver took over as alpha briefly but before his death, reaffirmed that Jackson is the true alpha. When Oliver died, they parted on good terms.

Hope Mikaelson


Hope and Jackson

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Jackson didn't care much about Hope at the beginning. Later in I Love You, Goodbye, as he married Hayley, He becomes Hope's step-father. He promised to protect her along with Hayley and Klaus. Jackson was good with Hope as he managed to settle her when she was upset. Since Jackson died while Hope was still an infant, she was unable to form a mutual family-relationship with him. However, Jackson did see Hope for a brief moment (in the afterlife) while Hope was in clinical death and he watched her talk with Hayley.

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  • Jackson is a common give name and surname derived from the English surname meaning "son of Jack".[1]
  • Kenner is Gaelic and means "brave chieftain".[2]


  • In The Big Uneasy, Oliver said that the Crescent Wolf Pack and Klaus' father's pack (the Northeast Atlantic Pack) have been going at each other since the beginning of time.
  • In The Battle of New Orleans, Jackson told Oliver he loved him like a brother.
  • Jackson's bloodline dates back to the beginning of werewolf history.
  • Before the curse was lifted from the Crescent wolves, Jackson protected Hayley as if he instinctively knew she was a part of his pack.
  • Jackson seemed to show full control while in his wolf form, which was uncharacteristic of even the most experienced werewolves.
  • If Jackson's deleted scenes from From a Cradle to a Grave are anything to go by, Jackson had a very strong moral code, as he was unwilling to accept a moonlight ring in exchange for joining the Guerrera werewolves. This makes a strong statement, because the majority of werewolves, no matter how much they love their kind, have made their desire to not have to transform on full moons well known; Jackson himself was even eager to not have to turn anymore when it was believed that the Crescents would be getting the rings.
  • In Sanctuary, it's revealed by Jackson that his grandfather killed Hayley's parents.
  • Jackson was the second werewolf shown to be possessed, the first was Tyler.
    • In his case it was as a way for Dahlia to send a message, while Tyler was a vessel for Klaus, who had jumped into his body after he had narrowly escaped being killed in his own body by Alaric Saltzman.
  • Jackson was the second person, after Cami, to know the truth of what really happened to Hope.
  • As of Savior Jackson admitted that he sees the Mikaelsons (or at least Freya) as part of his pack.
  • In Heart Shaped Box, it was revealed that the Unification Ceremony gave Jackson an identical heart to Hayley's. His heart was buried in a sapling by Hayley before it was taken by Marcel for Aya to use in the Sireline Unlinking Spell used against the Mikaelsons, without having to kill Hayley in the process.


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