Dr. Saltzman. It's me. I don't know how, but Josie turned my humanity back on. Look, you can still kill me if you want to, all right? I know that I deserve it. [...] I can help her. But I can't be near the blood. So you're just gonna have to do exactly what I tell you.

Jade is a vampire and former student of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted who appeared in the twelfth episode of Legacies. After reclaiming her humanity and being freed from the prison world, she decides to leave the Salvatore School, to see what else is out there and better for herself.

Early History

Not much is known about Jade's early history, although at the age of sixteen, she was training as an emergency medical technician.

When she became a vampire, she eventually came to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted and met Wendy, a witch, and Diego, a werewolf. For reasons unknown, one night she, Wendy, and Diego were serving detention, stuck behind a barrier spell. Jade convinced a young Josie Saltzman to siphon the barrier spell away so that they could go to a party and be back before anyone discovered. However, at the party, Diego was pushed into a rage and dismembered a human. As the blood splattered over Jade, she discovered she was a ripper and killed her friend, Inez. Between the three of them, they killed five humans and attempted to cover it up. Because of the shame, guilt, and panic she felt, and she couldn't bare it anymore, Jade turned her humanity off. The next day, the bodies were discovered by Dorian and Alaric and the three of them were questioned. Showing no remorse nor confessing to what they had done, she, Wendy and Diego were banished to the 2018 Prison World.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Two

In Kai Parker Screwed Us, Jade finds a new person at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. She doesn't immediate recognize her, but then she realizes it's little Josie Saltzman all grown up. She wonders if Lizzie is here too. Josie tells her that she isn't and wonders why she's in her uncle's prison world. Jade doesn't care to answer the question — instead, she'd rather eat first because she's starving. Josie raises her sword as Jade approaches her, revealing her true face. Malachai Parker, however, stakes her through the heart from behind. Jade falls dead to the floor.

Bound to the prison world, Jade cannot die and she meets Kai and Josie at the hospital and attempts to attack them. Kai temporarily shuts her in a blood bag storage room but she frees herself. Jade attacks Kai, but he reveals that they are in fact working together. Josie attempts to flee, but Kai uses a spell to completely immobilize her where she stood. Kai tells her to take Josie to Alaric and to not kill her, yet. He wants them both to suffer.

Jade does as asked and takes Josie to the karaoke bar. Alaric's being guarded by Wendy and Diego. Alaric can handle being torture, but she questions if he could handle seeing his daughter tortured. Josie is okay, for now. Jade has waited for ten years for an explanation for what he did to them. Alaric tells her that they left him no other choice. He admits that he did make a mistake that night. He should have killed him instead. Jade is amused — doubling down in the face of imminent death. Diego's had enough talk and moves to kill him, but Jade stops him. She wants him to suffer first. She tells him and Wendy to go check on Kai. He has all the pieces to get them out of the prison world and she wants to make sure that he doesn't leave them behind. With Wendy and Diego gone, Jade reveals what actually happened. The party was a ruse a — a "freak" party. After Diego attacked the boy, Jade learned that she was a ripper and shut off her humanity. Jade admits that being here, in the prison world, she's killed Kai, Diego, and Wendy thousands of times and believes that he's right. She's finally become the killer that he thought she was. Alaric apologizes for not recognizing the signs. Jade dismisses his apology. He was too busy protecting his daughters and that gives her an idea. She wants to see just how good he is. She removes the chains from him and tell him to come with her. There's a game she wants to play.

Jade takes him out into the wood. This is the fun part and what they did with Kai. Basically, it's hide-and-seek. Alaric will run and hide and she will seek. Alaric refuses, but she threatens Josie. If he doesn't run and hide, she will hurt Josie so bad that she will be begging for her to kill her. To compromise, she'll even give him a five-minute head start. If he can survive being hunted for 24-hours, she will let Josie live. That's all he really cares about anyway. Alaric agrees to the game and takes off.

Jade joins Diego and Wendy back at the Salvatore School. Diego reveals that Kai screwed them over and left them in the prison world. Jade prefers girls anyways and doesn't care about Kai. All she cares about is finding Alaric and she tasks Wendy to do so with a locator spell. Wendy performs the spell and finds Alaric underneath the school, in the tunnels and heading towards the Armory.

In You Can't Save Them All, Wendy, running from the tunnels, alerts Jade that Alaric is back in the house. Before she can do anything else, Alaric takes Wendy down. Using her speed, Jade throws Alaric across the room and into the piano — it's nothing but a game of tag for her. Alaric fights back with a sword but Jade's faster, stronger, and stops the blade with her bare hands. Before she can do anything else, memories come flooding back to her — Inez's death and the grief that came with it. She apologies to Alaric and collapses to the floor, Josie standing behind her.

Jade finds Alaric, Lizzie and Josie at the hospital. Lizzie's bleeding out from her injuries. Jade tells Alaric that it's her. She doesn't know how but Josie turned her humanity back on. She even tells him that he can still kill her if he wanted to. She knows that she deserves it, but her EMT training and the last ten years learning how to patch people up after a fight is what will help save Lizzie. She knows she can help her, but she can't be near the blood, so he'll have to do exactly what she tells him to do.

Alaric follows her instructions and stops the bleeding with a Laughlin clamp. With the vessel sealed, Lizzie's pulse becomes steady. Alaric thanks her and Josie wakes up. Jade's shock to see her new appearance and asks what happened to her. Alaric tells her that Josie's done something dangerous with black magic. Josie doesn't recall why she did it but she must have had a good reason. Something's missing from her memory. Jade is experiencing something similar. She pulls a note from her back pocket. She doesn't know what it is, but found it with no memory of it. Kai is the person who's missing from their memory, a spelling affecting their mind. Alaric tells Jade to take a sit, as he does, and Josie performs another spell to restore their memories.

The next time she wakes, she and the others are back at the Salvatore School. Josie's explaining to Alaric that she can make holes in this world. She, Diego and Wendy confront them. Jade questions if this means that Josie can get them back into the real world. Alaric's unsettled about their appearance but Jade reassure him. She's talked to Diego and Wendy and everything is alright. Wendy agrees. All she wants to do is go home. Josie continues to explain that the magic she'll siphon here can't travel to the real world. The energy needs to go somewhere, which means someone needs to stay behind to be the anchor and suggests that it be Diego. Alaric dismisses the thought. He doesn't want to leave anyone here.

As night falls, Jade, along with the other, join Josie in the woods. Josie enacts her plan to escape. She instructs each of them to place a spire around her in a circle to create a boundary spell. She explains that once she begins to siphon, behind the spires, doors will open. Each door can only transport one person. Wendy is the first to step through followed by the others, except Diego. Jade is teleported back to the mortal plane, to the Salvatore Boarding School.

As they prepare for sleep, Jade, Wendy and Alyssa Chang are taken to the Old Mill, where they'll be secluded from the school. With a fire pit for warmth and sleeping bags, they get ready for bed. Josie casts a barrier spell around them, keeping them locked together. Jade approaches the barrier and tells Josie that Lizzie should stay off her feet for a day or two and she shouldn't lift anything heavy. Before she turns, she tells Josie that she's glad to have the real her back. No more dark magic. Josie tells her the same now that her humanity is back. Josie turns and leaves, but gives her another glance back.

In There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, Jade's visited by Josie. It's a dream, or so it seems. Jade's startled awake by her presence. Josie apologies but reveals that she wanted to make sure that she was okay. Jade doesn't understand why and neither does Josie. Josie tells her that she's been thinking about her. She can't stop thinking about her. Jade smiles and tells her that she's been thinking about her, too and they embrace in a kiss. However, their kiss is interpreted when a darker version appears. It's past curfew and Alaric's going to be so pissed. The dream ends.

Jade arrives late to Emma Tig's therapy session in the gymnasium. She apologies to Emma, on account of weird dreams. Emma welcomes her as she takes her seat and reassures them all that it is just a simulation. Emma tells them that she'll be in it as well, self-aware the whole time and she'll be able to keep a careful eye on them all. With the explanation out of the way, Emma opens the device and they are all engulfed in a bright, white light.

In the film noir simulation, Jade, a news reporter, joins Josie at the "Salvatore Hotel". She asks Josie what's a classy broad like herself is doing in this gin joint. Josie's being blackmailed, but she already knew that. Josie wants her to cut to the chase and name her price for the photos of Lizzie. Jade tells her it isn't about money. It's about the best story of her career. A fading starlet can't get hired in the movies anymore. But lucky for her, she's got a twin sister who left everything behind to become her publicist. One that knows exactly how to get her back into the spotlight. Even if it means making her the target of a murderer. Josie doesn't know what she's talking about. Jade knows her tell though. Josie had a habit of picking off her nail polish when she was lying. She figured it out the hard way — it was what she was doing the night she walked out on her. She reveals to Josie that she bribed the waiter at the club. He told her that she was the one that bought that champagne that killed the singer. It was done by cyanide poisoning, having bribed the coroner, too. Josie admits that it was all an accident. Lizzie was supposed to be rushed to the hospital to get some press for her movie and she didn't use enough poison to kill anyone. Josie doesn't even know how that singer got that bottle in the first place. Jade tells her that all that matters is that she's dead and putting her behind bars is the only way she'll ever pry her out of her sister's claws. Before she turns her in, Josie wants to have one last drink together. Jade takes a drink from her flash and tells her that she just wanted to see her one last time. Jade collapses to the floor dead.

Jade's death in the simulation expels her from the device and she wakes in the real world. She is self-aware again and admits that she didn't need the stupid simulation to tell her that she has the hots for Josie Saltzman. She's known that since she saw her in the prison world. Professor Vardemus reasons that Jade was ejected from the simulation prematurely. The rules have been changed inside the simulation itself.

Season Three

In Salvatore: The Musical!, Jade appears to Josie, telling her and the student next to her that she needs to reset the bone. Josie's surprised, but she admits she heard the discussion backstage at the musical. She offers to help.

Jade resets the bone and informs her that he should be good as new in a day. The healing spells are impressive. She also tells her that she was great in the show, and really charming. Josie takes the complement, though expresses that she fought it first. She admits that she's changed but everything around her hasn't. Jade offers up the advice that perhaps the school is no longer the place for her. She realizes the harsh tone, and rectifies, that it's not permanent and she suggests to Josie that maybe she should see what else is available to her. That is exactly what she's doing. She's leaving the Salvatore School because it's too tied up in the person that she used to be. However, before she does leave she wants to clear up the ambiguity between themselves and questions that they shouldn't be a "thing". After all, she is way older than her and used to babysit her and Lizzie. Josie admits that it's a little weird, but asks if she could kiss her, for real.


Jade is a young teenager who enjoys rebelling against authority figures and breaking rules. She would often be trapped in detention as a punishment, which led to her befriending other delinquents. Jade and her friends snuck off school grounds to meet with Mystic Falls high school students. When the meeting turned bloody, Jade lost control and accidentally murdered her friend, Inez. Overwhelmed with guilt and emotion, she shut off her humanity. Without her humanity, Jade was cold, unpredictable, and unstable. She lacked empathy, a trait that eventually resulted in her banishment to a prison world. Once there, she killed her fellow companions multiple times for amusement.

When Jade regained her humanity ten years later, she was overcome with guilt for her actions and profusely apologized for everything she had done. She later thanked Josie for turning her humanity on, stating that she's happy to be herself again.

Physical Appearance

Jade has long, wavy blonde hair and round blue eyes. She dresses in dark edgy clothing with lots of accessories.

Powers and Abilities

Jade possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire. However, at a young age, she discovered she's a ripper, prone to losing control when drinking, and even seeing, human blood, making her stronger and emotionally unstable. Her inability to control her thirst eventually led her to shut off her humanity.


Jade has the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.


  • Jade and Alaric (Student-Teacher Relationship/Former Frenemies)
  • Jade and Wendy (Ex-classmates/Friends)
  • Jade and Diego (Ex-classmates/Former Friends)
  • Jade and Malachai (Ex-fling/Former Frenemies)
  • Jade and Josie (Former Frenemies/Crush/Kissed)


Season Two

Season Three


  • Jade is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "stone of the side". As cool as the precious green stone said to transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, courage, and modesty.[1]




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