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Jay was a character who appeared in the third episode of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries. He was a vampire hunter who worked along with Tripp in the Mystic Falls Community Protection squad. When he was invited by Matt to attend the pool party that Elena organized, he attempted to kill Stefan, but failed when he was ultimately killed by Enzo.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Six

In Welcome to Paradise, he was seen helping Tripp Cooke wash the dark red stains out of the back of Tripp's van. Matt came while they were working and asked them about it, but they lied and said it was stains from red mulch; however, unbeknownst to Matt, it was actually the bloody remains of the vampires that Tripp had killed using the anti-magic border around town. When Matt said that he was attending a party at the swimming hole with his friends, Jay went with him at Tripp's request.

At the party, Jay was drinking and checking out Monique (who had secretly taken the identity as Sarah Salvatore) as she passed by him. However, he had heard she was supposedly bitten by a dog in the throat and suggested that she had lied about what had happened, knowing that she had really been attacked by a vampire. When Tyler came and made a joke to try to take the heat off of his vampire friends, Jay called him an idiot and caused Tyler to begin to lose his temper, almost starting a fight in the process. However, Matt intervened at the last moment and told Jay to back off.

Later, when Stefan and Enzo were fighting in the woods, Jay made his attempt to kill Stefan, forcing Enzo to stab him in the neck with a stake to save him.

In Black Hole Sun, Jay's death was mentioned by Tripp when he explained to Matt that he had found him dead in the woods the previous night and had to contact Jay's parents to tell them what happened.


He seemed to come off as a little rude to some, but he was also a little drunk when he got into a fight with Tyler, so not much is known about his personality when he is sober.

As a vampire hunter, Jay seemed to have no issue with killing vampires, regardless of how ethically they chose to feed.

Physical Appearance

Jay had short, brown hair and light blue eyes. He had an athletic build and tall stature.


Season Six


  • Jay is an English name and is a short form of Jason or James.[1]


  • With the confirmation that human souls are found in these dimensions, he either found peace or went to Hell.


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