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Actually, newb, I'm your alpha. You're done when I say you're done.

Jedidiah "Jed" Tien[2] is an untriggered werewolf and former Alpha of the Salvatore Boarding School pack who first appeared on the fourth episode of the first season of Legacies. He is a former recurring character, having been promoted to main in the third season.

Early History[]

Jed was a member of a werewolf pack in which his father was the alpha. Jed knew his father as an abusive bully and their pack had harsh ways of initiating new wolves into their ranks. Jed's father pitted him and his friend Trey against one another, believing he would kill him to activate his curse. Instead of killing Trey, he saved his life, killed his father, and turned into a werewolf for the first time and ran off. Dr. Saltzman eventually found him, and joined the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, where he eventually became the alpha of the school's werewolf pack.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In Hope is Not the Goal, he goes up to Rafael and Josie and tells Josie to leave. Rafael stands up and starts talking to him. Jed wants Rafael to submit into his pack, but Rafael leaves with Josie.

Later, he and his pack ambush Rafael in the hallway. Jed explains that it's simple to submit, all he has to do is tell them who he killed since he's recently triggered his curse. Rafael attempts to flee, but they have the upper hand and begin beating him up to make him submit but are stopped when Josie shows up to help him by casting a pain infliction spell. They eventually disperse and Jed gives Rafael another good kick to the stomach before following his buddies.

Later that night, he and the other wolves are playing basketball. They lose the ball and it makes it way over to Rafael, who returns it. Taking advice from Josie, Rafael reveals what triggered his curse. Jed tells him to kneel down but reveals to be joking and Rafael joins them in the game.

In Malivore, before the Honor council elections, he refused to support Rafael in voting for Landon to stay at the school. Later Rafael challenges him for the Alpha position in the Salvatore Boarding School pack and loses to him. In a fit of rage over losing his position, Jed later beats Landon up, blaming him for all that's happened. According to Emma, afterwards Jed ran away and she went to search for him.

In There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True, Lizzie Saltzman makes a wish to Ablah that Hope Mikaelson never came to the Salvatore boarding school. In the new wish reality, Jed comes to the boarding school, which is struggling financially due to lacking Hope's father's startup donation, as a potential recruit for the school. Lizzie and Josie show Jed around and introduce him to his alpha, Luis.

When Lizzie makes another wish, that the Salvatore Boarding School had never been started, Jed is instead recruited as a student at the Mikaelson Boarding School. He, Kaleb, Pedro and Hope respond to Lizzie exposing magic at Mystic Falls High School and is instructed to form a perimeter.

Again, Lizzie makes another wish with Ablah, resulting in a wish reality where Hope Mikaelson is never born. This new reality is apocalyptic, where supernaturals are exposed by Klaus Mikaelson and Triad Industries relentlessly hunt them. Lizzie promises to take him to the resistance who would smuggle him down to Mexico for safety. This reality, however, is wished away by Lizzie when she wishes that Ablah never encounters the monster that sent her to Malivore. The resulting wish essentially 'resets' reality, leaving Jed's fate unknown.

In I'll Tell You a Story, with Rafael still suffering from the lunar psychosis, Jed wonders if he's doing okay. He's been in gym class for an hour, affected by his unstable emotions which heavily distract him throughout the session - in the process, Rafael is almost hit with a ball. Before Jed could say anything else, Rafael snaps at him and takes the ball from his hands.

Later, Jed steps in between a confrontation between Rafael and another vampire student, both gearing up for a fight - Rafael's eye's glowing yellow and the vampire's eye's turning red and veiny. Roman Sienna steps in as well and quells the vampires, and Jed calms down Rafael and the other werewolves.

That night, Jed comes to Rafael. He tells him that he needs to find some help. Rafael scoffs at his sentiment and tells him not to pretend to care about him. Jed doesn't but he does care about the pack and they follow their alpha. Jed continues, that having an alpha who can't control himself means the pack gets hurt. Despite his own shortcomings as a leader, the pack is everything and if he cared about them, then he shouldn't let his pride get in the way.

In There's Always a Loophole, Jed agrees to help Hope find Landon and joins Kaleb, Josie and Lizzie. Despite is previous differences with Rafael, Jed tells him he's their Alpha and views Landon as part of the pack - he's willing to help. As they load up, they're stopped by Triad Industries and quickly discover they don't have magic to defend themselves. They're forced to let them inside the school.

Once inside, Triad instructs the students that they're looking for an artifact known as the Chalice of Arimathea. and believe that the school has it in its collection. They instruct the students to find it and then they'll leave. In the meantime, Jed and Kaleb work with MG to devise a plan to take back the school once they have their magic back. MG wonders if he remembers his opening move from last year's Wickery game, to which he does. MG instructs him and Kaleb to spread the word and wait for his signal.

With magic restored, Jed follows MG's plan and begins the assault on the Triad guards. Kaleb tosses him a metal pot and slides across a table and kicks a guard to the floor and bashes the pot on another guard. He tosses the pot to another student and continues to attack guards until he's restrained. Pedro however zip-ties the guards feet catching him off balance allowing Jed to escape. He gives Pedro a high five for the assistance and Kaleb carries the young student off to safety.

In This Year Will Be Different, he tells the other students to let Landon through as he was the one to defeat Malivore. He listens to the new headmaster, Vardemus, as he makes his speech to the students. Later, he attends class with Landon and Josie, and mentions how the new headmaster hasn't tried to kill them, to which Josie tries to stand up for her dad, but keeps quiet. He then looks when a witch runs out of the classroom after she is inflicted with a spell by Josie.

In Screw Endgame, he helps Rafael with moving the equipment for the DJ. He later attends the decade dance with the rest of the students.

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, he is in the gymnasium with the other werewolves getting ready to play a game of dodgeball when Landon and Sebastian walk in. He asks about Raf and starts the game with the others. After Sebastian gets hit by the ball, Jed shows a friendly attitude towards him. At lunch, he and the other werewolves face off against the witches and vampires when Alyssa Chang purposefully cuts her hand. He leads the werewolves out so no other problem can ensue.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, he is seen making out with Alyssa on Hope's bed until she walks in. He quickly gets up and apologizes to Hope. Later, after the Qareen has spread more discourse among the others, he and Kaleb argue, getting ready for a fight with each other.

In What Cupid Problem?, he attends a Super Squad meeting with Landon, Wade, Druscilla and Pedro about the Cupid problem. He agrees with what Landon says, but decides to go off and find the girl he wants to express his feelings for. This girl is revealed to be Emma, and he interrupts her and Dorian's wedding at the city hall. He tells her she is the only one who understands him and welcoming her into the pack, he and Dorian get into a fight over her.

In You Can't Save Them All, he is teamed up Kaleb and MG to find the magical equipment that was stolen. He tries to get MG to get the magical moth working so they can get the arsenal back quicker, but Kaleb tells him to stop giving orders. They are is some obvious tension, with MG thinking it's the vampire-werewolf faction issue. He grabs the moth from MG, shakes it and gets it to work, and the three walk.

As the three continue walking, the blue light emitting from the moth goes out. Kaleb and Jed began arguing, until MG steps in, thinking it's the faction thing. Kaleb reveals to him it's about Alyssa, and the two begin arguing again until MG points out the zombie jogger, with the blue light from the moth coming on again. They follow the zombie and Kaleb knocks him down, while Jed grabs a piece of wood and stabs him through the head, effectively killing him and grabbing the other moth hanging around the zombie's neck. He and Kaleb begin arguing again while MG hears something and goes into the abandoned trailer.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Jed is visibly upset at the death of Alyssa Chang at Josie's hands, and brings her lifeless body into Alaric's office.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Jed helps Kaleb film memorial videos for Lizzie's "funeral". He and Kaleb find that not many people have happy memories of Lizzie, therefore the two must create their own video, albeit this is difficult as they too do not have fond memories of Lizzie. They later sing at Lizzie's funeral but are interrupted by MG when he realizes the two are a laughing stock.

In We're Not Worthy, Jed participates in the first ever Salvatore School Field Day. He eventually gets roped into Alyssa's vengeance against Josie and, with Kaleb, wins in a battle of tug-of-war which results in Josie falling and getting covered in mud. With the arrival of Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, she reveals that Wade has Excalibur and that the Green Knight is also in search of the sword. The Green Knight, however, was also released with Nimue and was right behind her. The sword issued a challenge for someone worthy to wield it. In an attempt to hold the Green Knight off, Jed leaps toward the knight, but is swatted away like a fly. Eventually, Rafael appears and pulls Excalibur from the stone and defeats the knight, saving them all.

In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck, Jed and the pack respect Rafael who's separating himself from the pack. They have to respect his privacy and keep their distance unless he chooses to reach out to them. That is their nature when dealing with a dying wolf. Despite their nature, they reach out to Walt, his father, and bring him to the Salvatore School to be with his son.

In Salvatore: The Musical!, Jed auditions for Landon's musical. Landon believes he wants to audition for Damon, just as everyone else, but Jed actually wants to portray Stefan Salvatore. Landon immediately gives him the role, exciting him; Stefan is, after all the anchor for the whole story. Despite personal revisions to Landon's script, the musical goes off without too many noticeable issues.

In Hold on Tight, Jed and the other Salvatore students take the fight against the Necromancer and his reanimated monsters at Mystic Falls High School. Competing against Kaleb, he slays two monsters to Kaleb's zero.

In This is What It Takes, Jed was invited to spend some time with Alyssa, MG, and Kaleb at a rented house with a pool. They all had stayed behind at the school after they went on break after everything that happened to Landon. However, their efforts were turning up empty, and they needed to get away and reset.

Jed and Alyssa found themselves alone at the house, and took advantage of their company. Aware of Kaleb's arrival, he strolled out of the house, stark naked, to retrieve some pizza for Alyssa, who called him sweetie.

In To Whom It May Concern, Jed works with the other remaining students to help show the prospective students what the Salvatore School can offer. As the tour continues, Hope and Kaleb lead the students into the gym where Jed and two other werewolves are working out. They introduce Jed as the pack alpha. One of the wolf tour students ask if the three of them are the whole pack. Reluctantly, Jed tells him that is intentional. At the Salvatore School, they pride themselves on having a high wolf-to-alpha ratio. Kaleb also tells them that Hope is also a wolf, too, and attempts to get her to inspire them. Unfortunately, the wolf tour student and another decide to leave the tour and the school altogether, though Jed takes the tour onward.

In Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right, Jed attends the morning assembly with the other remaining students. Alaric informs them that they officially have thirty students enrolled which makes them a school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Lizzie takes the podium and announces that with fewer students, they have less tuition, and as a school, they've had to cut back. As of now their trips and dances have been canceled, but to help retain some semblance of normalcy, they've decided to have a fundraiser month to help bring in funds. Josie walks a city messenger into the school and delivers a notice to Alaric, where he informs the present students that the school has a property tax lien and owes $91,000 and must pay within the week. Lizzie declares that fundraiser month is canceled and they're combining everything into fundraiser day.

Jed is in charge of the car wash and begins with Kaleb's car. However, no one is present. Two hours isn't enough time to get people involved, however, with the arrival of the newest Malivore monster, a leprechaun, the townsfolk flock to the school to spend their money on the various activities at the school. Jed and Wade are in business and have a line of cars to wash. The crowd quickly descends into chaotic mob and the fundraiser day is eventually canceled.

In Long Time, No See, Jed and Wade sit together at breakfast. MG attempts to sit and eat with the pair, but Jed immediately stands to leave. He explains that he's an even bigger pariah than himself. While he appreciates MG taking the focus from himself, he just can't associate with him at the moment. As he leaves, he asks Wade if he too is coming, which he does.

Later, the squad meets with Hope and Alaric, discussing their course of action to save Landon from the prison world. Having the ascendant now, Hope plans to use the planetary transit that night; however, MG believes it's not enough time to prepare. Hope blames MG for keeping the ascendant a secret and refuses to wait another month for the next celestial event. Alaric informs them all that they need to be the ones to make their own decision, whatever is right for them. Jed explains that the pack is smaller than it used to be, but he'll rally the wolves to help. That is, if the witches stop spelling scarlet letters onto his shirts. Alaric believes that can be arranged.

In All's Well That Ends Well, Jed is working out. He's been booted from the gym because of the new monster, a banshee, he learns from Cleo. He's frustrated since he's been kicked to the "junior" squad ever since what happened with MG. He wants to find a way to make it up to all of them, but hasn't yet. Cleo supports and believes he will. He wonders what brings her up here. She tells him that she's supposed to be researching how to allow the banshee to speak without using her mouth, but considering she just found out that the monsters are coming to the school for her, she needed a moment to process. Jed is inspired and has an idea. He believes he knows how he can solve both of their problems at the same time.

They rush to Dr. Saltzman and he offers to use him to get the monster to speak, using him as a conduit. Landon finds the spell - Alias Vocem. It allows one to speak through another as a conduit, without being able to burst our eardrums. Everyone is surprised that he thought of it. The idea was brilliant. Landon adds to the thought and retrieves blue calamus. Hope casts the spell and uses Jed to speak, unable to wail and harm them.

However, as the moon rises, Jed begins to turn. Hope severs the spell and Alaric rushes him to the cells in the werewolf transformation space. Before he turns, he tells Alaric that while he was the banshee's conduit, he recalled a memory and believed he knew her name.

The following morning, he learns from Cleo that his plan worked. Because of him, the Kalen found peace. He thanks her for believing in him. Cleo, however, wonders if while he was the conduit if he knew why Malivore wanted her. He explains that he didn't, at first, but realizes she's a muse; a witch with a rare power of inspiration.

In You Can't Run From Who You Are, he and the others gather in the gym and attempt to help Cleo unlock her power to inspire. He believes, since he's the only person present to have been inspired by her, she needs to quit trying to force it. Let it just come natural to her. A mind meld he calls it. After a few short moments he believes he was inspired. He knows how to defeat Malivore. He thinks they can summon a time travel monster to send them back in time and stop him from being born. The idea, however, doesn't impress anyone. Alaric believes he could be on to something, in a roundabout way. He thinks that instead of trying to inspire them, she's the one that should be inspired. Eventually they all part ways as both Hope and Alaric are inspired. Hope and Landon head off to do some research as Alaric, Cleo, and Kaleb head off to Triad Industries.

In I Was Made To Love You, Jed works out with "Landon", who's been having sleeping issues since his return from Malivore.

Later, Jed's called to assist Alaric with translating Italian to understand Leonardo DaVinci. However, his abilities were poorly represented as he only vacationed in Rome and only understood a few words of Italian. Frustrated, Alaric sent him on his way as Cleo came into the office.

In One Day You Will Understand, Jed is hanging out with other wolves in the gym. Some are sparring and training, while he and others are weight lifting. Josie enters and introduces him to Finch as the alpha to the school. Finch is immediately turned off from his question about how much she can bench, but she reluctantly stays after Josie has to leave to help Alaric.

Later Jed spars with Finch to see what she's capable of. Though Jed throws her to the ground, Finch can hold her own and holds him to the ground. He gives, and she releases him. She has some good moves and wonders if he'll see her tomorrow. Finch is excited and agrees. He and the other wolves leave, letting Josie continue her tour with her.

In This Feels A Little Cult-y, he, the wolves, and Finch play a game of basketball. Things get rough and he knocks Finch to the ground. He calls the game and tells the wolves to hit the shows. Finch, however, is upset and only more provoked as the wolves leave her standing with all the towels. Brutus explains that, as the newest member of the pack, she'll have to clean up and that the alpha's rules can't be challenged. Unhappy with the dated werewolf traditions, she challenges him for the role of alpha. He explains that to be the man, she has to beat the man.

The wolves reconvene in the gym, but Jed won't fight girls. Finch points out that he doesn't have a problem with pickup games or during sparring, but this is serious. For him, this is a real fight, to the death should it come to that. She offers to challenge him to something else, and he agrees to a game of pool.

Later, as the wolves come together for his and Finch's showdown, Brutus informs him that he's not as good at pool as he believes. In fact, the wolves have been letting him win because he's the alpha. Finch breaks the game and the challenge begins. As the game progresses, he's losing. However, during a turn of events, he pulls off a win. That night at the Old Mill, the wolves are partying and celebrating Jed's victory. He approaches Finch and expresses that maybe it's not fair to the pack to just say whoever is the best at fighting or whatever challenge is the best leader for them. Similarly, he knows that she scratched the eight ball, losing on purpose. Finch agrees with him and that those qualities shouldn't be what makes him the alpha, but seeing how much it meant to him and how much he cared about the pack is another story. Back in the day, he would have called her weak, especially for throwing the game, but the way Finch sees it, if he can change, then perhaps the rules can change, too. He continues to sit with her, contemplating her words.

In A New Hope,

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, Hope brings together him, Kaleb, MG, Josie and Wade and explains that Cleo shared a memory with her. She explains that if they can find a way to replicate the transfusion spell, then they can transfer Malivore out of Landon. Since MG pointed out that Malivore was trying to splinter them, she's adapting and open to collaboration. The team agrees to the plan and Jed questions if Cleo inspired any blueprints for the spell. That, however, is something they'll have to figure out.

Later, he and Wade have found the transfusion braid in a reference book and attempted to replicate the braid using shoe strings. The book recommended to use lion's hair, but promises to make it happen and get what they need. While they're doing that, Hope has already figured out who they'll transfer Malivore into.

Preparations are nearly complete as everyone is working on various parts of the ritual. Jed and Wade have finalized the transfusion braid, made from Lion's hair, thanks to the Grove Hill zoo. Ryan Clarke has even appeared, ready for the transfer.

Back in the great hall, Hope performs the transfusion ritual. Wade attempts to keep Malivore, rather Landon, pain free with fairy dust, while Josie warns that she needs to go faster. Hope hesitates, fearing permanent damage to Landon. Jed watches over Ryan, who struggles with the transfer, unable to help. The spell fails and they're expelled from the therapy box. Alaric and Ryan immediately realize they've failed again, adding to the other ten failed simulations. Hope demands to run it again, but Josie counters that they're doing something wrong.

Hope decides to hand over the spell to Josie. Ready to start, Jed and Wade lay Malivore on the table while Josie lights the black candle. Malivore is under a sleeping spell, within a binding circle. Ryan continues to worry, but eventually agrees and wraps the transfusion braid on his wrist. Hope hands off the braid to Josie and she begins the spell.

As the spell is completed, Ryan wakes, though he's still himself by all appearances. So is Malivore, but he reveals something has in fact happened. Malivore whips the transfusion braid, knocking over the black candle and Ryan begins to lose control of his faculties. As he runs away, Jed attempts to intervene and block his path, but he throws Jed into the adjacent wall. The force of Ryan's attack knocks him unconscious.

In We All Knew This Day Was Coming, Jed, Finch, and the werewolves prepare for grid searching the woods for Malivore and Ethan. Jed meets with Finch as they're about to head back out. He explains that they'll have to split the pack and she can lead half to the the Falls.

In See You On The Other Side, somewhere in Mystic Falls, he and Wade follow Kaleb and Ethan, controlled by Malivore. They're going from house to house enthralling townies with black goo. Jed reports back to Alaric, Lizzie, and MG. They need to save the townies and find a way to bring back Landon and Cleo. Alaric is aware of Malivore's plan. He's trying to split them up and fight on multiple fronts. However, that's exactly the plan; he knows what each of them are capable of doing. Alaric will go to the abandoned train station, alone, and face the townies to rescue Hope. He leaves the other two fronts for MG to lead. Lizzie and MG will see if they can free Ethan and Kaleb, and Josie and Jed will find a way to rescue Cleo and Landon.

Later, Jed brings Josie the banshee candle as Wade has a bucket of salt. Josie needs all of them to be her last line of defense. She asks him and Wade to clear out the school and not to let anyone come in or out of her room. No matter what. They accept and clear out.

After her first attempt fails, Josie has Jed and Wade bring her items representing Cleo and Landon. Jed brings Josie Cleo's sketch pad they found in the art room; it has a drawing of her grandmother. Wade wonders if she had any luck with summoning Landon, but she hasn't. She doesn't believe she has the power to do so without going to the darkside. Finch suggests that she can siphon from them. Wade and Jed agree and they all step inside the circle. Josie begins to siphon and casts the spell again. Finch believes in her.

Josie completes the spell. He, Jed, and Finch sit around her, surprised. She questions if it worked and he motions to her side. Cleo has been pulled from Malivore. They're all happy to see her and Josie is surprised she did it. They all embrace in a hug until Wade asks Cleo asks about Landon. Cleo gives them all a disappointed look.

In I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me, learning that Alaric is in a coma in the hospital, he joins Ethan and Finch in their candlelight vigil for Lizzie and Josie in support of Alaric. Jed plays his guitar as Finch embraces Josie in a hug and kiss. Kaleb and Cleo arrive in time for Wade to light them a candle. Lizzie embraces Ethan in a hug, then MG before bringing them all together. Kaleb confronts Lizzie and appears to reconcile their differences.

In You're A Long Way From Home, Hope walks down a deserted street in New Orleans, but comes to a stop. Hope quickly notices Cleo, who claims to only want to talk. She, however, is merely a poor distraction while the others get into position, which doesn't go unnoticed. With their cover blown, he, Josie, MG, Kaleb, and Ethan step out and they all confront Hope. Hope questions if her warning was too subtle, though they're here to help. Calling Kaleb a traitor, MG tries to rally them, to not let her get into their heads. Cleo tries to reach out to her, but Hope makes the first move. Using her magic, she blasts them outward. Kaleb recovers first, but Hope uses her vampire speed to throw him back into a wooden table, staking him in the process. Taking the stake, she throws it at MG, killing him, too. Cleo, now back on her feet, tries to use her magic to subdue her, but Hope is quicker and immobilizes her first. Jed rushes Hope, trying to overpower her with physical attacks, though she's stronger and manages to rip his heart out.

Cleo wakes up on the gym floor of the Salvatore Boarding School in a screaming panic. Their simulation in the Therapy Box has failed, again. The bell rings and they depart for class.

They sit in Ms. Featherwood's class as she calls roll. MG, Jed, Kaleb, and Wade sit in the back and continue to discuss their failed simulations. Jed prefers to die by decapitation as opposed to his heart being ripped out. Wade understands. In one of the simulations, Hope stabbed him in the eye, though it's a fake pain that stays with him. Ms. Featherwood scolds them for chit chatting during her class and continues to call roll, though they quickly return to talking, albeit a bit more hushed. MG wants to try another simulation; he just doesn't know why they keep failing. They're obviously missing something, though Kaleb has already figured that out. They're missing a leader because they were so used to relying on Hope, they never had a plan B. Their simulations are just a taste of what Hope will actually do to them if she returns and they're unprepared. Ethan asks if she'd actually kill them, though, startling them all. He's invisible, still having trouble controlling his powers. Kaleb, using Ethan as an example, believes they need to get back to training and enough with the simulations.

He, Kaleb, MG, Ethan, Wade, and Josie organize a training session to hone their abilities. MG and Josie take point and watch as the other boys get into position. Jed wants to follow MG's instructions, citing that Kaleb should create diversion against the fake Hope. Kaleb however, doesn't want to leave the take down to the B-team and moves in first, disregarding Jed. MG has Josie begin the trial and she casts a spell to create mini bursts of lightning. Wade is struck first and MG tells him he's dead and to walk it off. Jed wants Kaleb to vamp them past the lightning, but Kaleb ignores him, going on his own. Jed is struck next, and MG tells him he's dead too. Kaleb continues to fake Hope, dodges one trap only to be fake-staked with another trap. MG tells him he's dead, but Kaleb doesn't accept MG's ruling. While they argue, Jed encourages Ethan to teleport behind fake Hope. Still having trouble with his powers, Ethan barrels into Kaleb, knocking them both to the ground. Jed sticks up for Ethan, at least he's trying to use them. Jed continues to push Kaleb until his anger gets the best of him and he breathes out a fireball, narrowly missing Jed and Ethan. Kaleb runs off the field and Josie suggests they take five weeks. Cleo barges on the field and tells MG and Josie that they may have a Lizzie problem on their hands.

At the hospital, Jed and Ethan accompany MG and Josie. They are to stand watch as they'll check the ICU.

Kaleb cleans up Alaric's office and Jed brings him good news. They got to Lizzie in time and Kaleb admits that MG was a good choice as a leader. Jed apologizes for what he said and Kaleb apologizes for the fireball. He admits there's things he has to work out on his own. Jed is sure that he'll get his new powers under control. The phone rings and, unbeknownst to him it's Ryan calling, Kaleb answers.

Jed questions the call, but Kaleb brushes him off; it was a wrong number. He thanks Jed for the training offer, but decides to train alone.

In Someplace Far Away From All This Violence, Jed followed Kaleb out to the woods off of Route 50. Kaleb asks him what he's doing, though Jed wonders why he's out searching the woods, believing it has something to do with the mysterious wrong number from the previous night. Kaleb comes clean and explains that someone tipped him off that there may be a monster lurking in the woods. Though, Jed reminds him, Malivore is dead, their monster problem should be gone, too. Jed is adamant about coming along, but Kaleb refuses. Jed offers to tell the squad what he's doing, believing he's out here trying to gain favor, and he relents, allowing him to come with him in search of the Argus which is hard to kill and harder to get the drop on. Jed isn't worried though, since Kaleb is now sporting dragon powers.

Out in the woods, he and Kaleb come across a mutilated corpse, believing it to be the work of the Argus. Their monster problem seems to not have died with Malivore. Jed suggests burying the person, but they don't have the time for that. They need to find the monster before it hurts anyone else since there's a town on either side of the woods. Jed suggests that they get a bird's-eye view to track the monster and hops on Kaleb's back, though he's still apprehensive about his new found dragon abilities, and shoves him off. Kaleb reminds him that he came here to kill a monster, not become one. Kaleb wants to split up to hunt down the Argus and walks off.

Jed searches the woods looking for the Argus. A branch snaps in the wood and is attacked. A howl rings out in the distance.

Meanwhile, Kaleb struggles with the Argus, who has him pinned to the ground and calls for help from Jed. Jed finally arrives with a small pack of wolves, though they quickly run scared of the Argus. Jed takes the axe to the Argus' back but doesn't even feel the weapon. Jed wants him to burn the creature alive and Kaleb is forced to unleash his fire breath, killing the creature.

As night falls, Jed and Kaleb leave the barbecued Argus to the wolves. Kaleb thanks Jed for saving him, though Kaleb is the hero. He knew he didn't want to go full monster, but it had to be done. Jed gives him a little insight. He hates what he had to do to activate his curse. Though he doesn't elaborate on the details, he explains to Kaleb that he has to be the one who forgives himself for what he did. If he doesn't, no one else doing it will matter. As they turn to the corpse to bury, it rises off the ground, attempting to reconnect his severed arm.

In I Can't Be the One to Stop You, night has fallen and Jed crawls across the pavement from Kaleb's burning car. They've been in an accident, though Jed. Away from the accident, the body of a man with flayed flesh is startled. Jed notices he's got eyes now, but still no tongue. They need to get out of there before Kaleb returns, but it's too late. Kaleb is already behind him, wings outstretched. He approaches Jed and tells him this doesn't concern him and throws him into the air and away from them.

Despite the confrontation, Jed manages to rescue the man and takes him to the Salvatore School. barges into the Great Hall carrying the man from before, seemingly recovered, at least from Kaleb's dragon fire, though still by all appearances a walking corpse. Mr. Springthorpe faints at the sight while Jed explains that they still have a monster problem, and it's Kaleb.

Jed, Cleo, MG, and Ethan bring the man into the gymnasium and Cleo bandages him. Jed explains that they don't know who he is and when he and Kaleb found him, he'd just been ripped apart by an Argus. Then he literally started putting himself back together. They were on their way back to the school to get answers from him when Kaleb blew up his car and burned the guy. Regardless, they won't be able to get any answers until his mouth heals. MG elects to go look for Kaleb and Cleo joins him. Jed will remain behind to watch over the man. Ethan decides to stay behind, too. If this guy is dangerous, then he'll help keep people safe.

Standing watch over the bandaged man, Ethan appears believing that he could use a break. Jed declines, but Ethan insists. He disappears and reappears behind him, knocking him in the back with a weight.

He recovers, asking Ethan what's his problem. Ethan doesn't know, but it's the guy in the cell and, all of a sudden he just wants to smash his face in. Jed stands in between him and the bandaged man. Ethan insists and they fight, though ends up breaking Jed's arm. Ethan teleports into the cell, making his way towards the man, but MG grabs him by the hoodie and pulls him back, covering his mouth with the herbs Josie gave him. Ethan falls to the floor unconscious.

Brutus and the other Salvatore werewolves come to comfort Jed. He's recovering with Josie and Finch. Josie gives him a healing potion.

Jed wakes to unnerving clattering and eerie grunting from the bandaged man. Believing he's about to be in another fight, the man opens the door and begins removing his bandages. He's recovered and apologizes for the unpleasant noises. It's always like that when his tongue grows back. Jed mistaken the man for a monster, but the man tells him that monsters are the least of their problems now.

In The Story of My Life, at the Salvatore School, he, MG, and Cleo convene a council meeting as leaders of their respective factions. The school is in disarray and they must decide what to do with their new guest, Ben. Though he doesn't pose a direct threat, yet, his presence is drawing monsters to him and could destabilize the school further. MG understands that he's a monster magnet and though he's usually for inclusion, they must look after their own before losing someone else. MG votes that he must go. Cleo, however, offers a counter. She may be able to find an inspired solution for what made Kaleb and Ethan attack Ben, but only if he remains at the school for her to study him. Cleo votes for him to stay. The tie breaking vote falls to Jed. He feels unqualified, but Cleo is quick to remind him that he's the alpha and that is the only qualification necessary. Jed understands both of their view points. He was the guy who used to punch new kids and distrust outsiders, however, he believes that the school is a better place for having Cleo. Before he can vote, he needs to talk to Ben and figure out if the risk is worth the reward.

Jed finds Ben in the memorial library slumped over on a desk. Believing him to be asleep, Jed rouses him to discover that he's been attacked and has several wooden quills sticking in his chest and neck, though he's not dead. Ben, gasping with each breath, tells Jed that the creature is still there. The creature appears behind him and attacks Jed with one of the quills stabbing him in the shoulder. Jed removes it and attempts to attack the monster, but it vanishes before them.

Later, Cleo spells Jed and Ben behind a barrier spell that should keep the monster out of the library. After some time, Jed wants to hear Ben's story. Ben scoffs at the thought, as he's living it now and nothing has changed. Jed reiterates his words from the previous night, that monsters were the least of their problems. Monsters are nothing compared to gods. Jed wants to know more and Ben decides to tell him.

At the conclusion of Ben's story, Jed has made his decision. Jed can't uncurse him, but he can offer him a place to stay and has his vote. Ben is grateful, but can't accept it. Ben turns to leave, but Jed tells him he can't because of the barrier spell. Ben, however, simply walks through it. The blood of a god flows through his veins. Magic cannot hold him. He bids Jed farewell and leaves the school.

Meanwhile, Cleo believes she's discovered an answer for Ben. Coming back to the library, she discovers he's gone and Jed explains that he's walked right through her barrier because he's a god. With a sample of his blood, she places it on a tuning fork, though it hums at a frequency that even Jed can't hear. Monsters can, though, and that's how they track him. If she can spell a solution to mute this frequency, then maybe she can free Ben from his curse. Jed also shows her that the quill he was attacked with is wooden, and MG is out looking for the monster.

Jed and Cleo arrive to find MG with Ben's severed forearm out in the woods. It's the story of his life. Jed believes he knows what his deal is. As Cleo warns MG about the monster, it attacks them, throwing them in all directions. They refuse to leave and Cleo clasps an enchanted bracelet around Ben's left arm as Jed attacks the creature. The creature reappears before them, but Cleo's spell works and the creature submits to them; free from attacking them, it becomes docile and friendly.

Later that night, Jed and Ben sit at the Old Mill as Jed bandages Ben's arm. Though it's reattached, it hasn't completely healed. Ben tells him that's the point of his curse. Jed already knows who he is; he's Prometheus from Greek mythology. Though he's excited about this revelation and the gods in general, from Ben's experience it's just bad. What he did was legendary, despite it not working out. As a result the gods punished him by chaining him to a rock so eagles could eat his liver and cursed him to heal by sunrise so he could feel that same pain again the next day. Forever. Ben is impressed, but some of the details of the myth are wrong and a gross oversimplification. For starters, Jed could never pronounce his real name, but he's come to prefer Ben. It's simple, like Jed, and he likes simple. Jed tells him he's his guy, but Ben can't stay. He sympathizes with Ben because, like him, he's cursed too and wakes up in chains once a month. Given his truth, Ben decides to give the school a shot.

In Follow the Sound of My Voice, Jed continues to show Ben around the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. It is clear that there is a budding friendship forming between the two. This becomes complicated, however, when Aurora de Martel covertly administers a truth weed to all members of the school in an attempt to find information about the Red Oak Tree.

Jed begins pulling away from his friendship with Ben and tells him that he needs to figure out his place at the school alone. Ben is understanding but is visibly hurt by Jed's remarks. Jed later hides out in the library of the school whilst waiting for the truth weed to leave his system.

During his time hiding out, Finch talks with him and he tells her that he is avoiding Ben, but doesn't know why. When he's about to tell her something Cleo interrupts saying that they needed to stop her (Aurora). They later find Ben daggered with a note from Aurora saying I got what I needed thanks p.s. I quit. After Finch finds Jed playing pool and apologizes to him saying that she shouldn't have stuck her nose in his business and Jed tells her that she was right. Jed admits that he thinks he likes Ben. Finch initially misunderstands Jed and tells him that she likes Ben too before finally understanding that Jed has romantic feelings towards Ben. Finch tells Jed that she is there for him and the two talk.

In Was This the Monster You Saw?, Jed struggles with the foam stake launcher they use for training, trying to convert it into a confetti cannon for Dr. Saltzman's return to the school. Ben offers his assistance, though he believes he has it handle. After a few moments, he soon relents and accepts Ben's help. Jed wonders if it's that obvious that he has no idea what he's doing, though, to Ben, it's quite obvious and takes over. Jed, however, decides to go cut the paper for the cannon and walks away.

Jed alerts the student body that MG and Alaric are pulling up to the school and turn off the lights and get into position. Jed takes his position next to Ben, hiding behind the confetti cannon, Wade stands behind a large flower vase, while Kaleb and Cleo hide behind the table of food. Cleo questions if this surprise party is the best idea, given Alaric's current health. With their backs turned, Hope appears behind them, noting that Cleo is right and they're going to give him a heart attack. Cleo and Kaleb are surprised to see her and question what she's doing there. Though she's crashing their party, she's here for a business trip. She comes bearing an offer. Wade wants to know what the offer is, but Hope will only talk to Alaric, believing he'll be easier to manipulate.

After Hope's meeting with Alaric doesn't go as she planned, she meets with the remaining squad members, elaborating on her god problem. Jed tells her they've already learned a few things about the gods as well as having met Aurora. Passing over him, she questions who the new guy, Ben, is. He explains that the gods are his extended family and he knows them all too well considering they cursed him. He can also provide her with much useful information about them. She wants to know more about his curse. After they refuse her deal, she takes Ben's bangle and breaks it, ensuring a monster will target Ben.

Jed chases after Ben through the woods, concerned about the monsters that will still be after him. The alternative is that they'll be coming after him at the school and Cleo's already locking up Kaleb. People could get hurt if he stays. Jed explains that as much as they don't want monsters knocking at their door either, protecting innocent life is their first rule. This is as far as he needs to go. Ben pulls out chains and asks him to chain him up. Jed is confused. He'll be defenseless while he gets eaten alive. This is Ben's best option, but Jed refuses, believing it to be torture. That is his life though he will return no matter what any monster does to him, unlike the innocent people in the school. His plan makes perfect sense and questions Jed's hesitation. Jed's been meaning to talk to him at the right time and today at the confetti cannon would have been better but he chickened out. However, before he's able to explain himself to Ben, the monster attacks Jed from behind, biting into his shoulder.

Unconscious, he experiences his worst memories, the night he first turned into a werewolf, killing his father, and losing his friend, Trey.

Having recovered from the poison, Jed stands alone at the Old Mill contemplating his memories until Ben finds him. Ben had thought he would have been by his side when he was revived. He was hoping that maybe they could further their discussion. Though the monster may be dead, he can't stop thinking about the memories. Ben doesn't understand and Jed explains. His father was an abusive bully and he tried to make him hurt a friend. So he killed his father instead and that is how he activated his curse. Jed doesn't regret that. Ben assumes the friend was Trey, though Jed admits looking back, he might have been more than that, a childhood crush. However, after he turned into a werewolf, he ran off. Dr. Saltzman eventually found him, he never saw Trey again and that is the part he regrets. Ben believes that sometimes the true curse they carry is family. That makes sense to Jed. After he got to the Salvatore School, he became a bully too and it took him years to realize that's only who he was raised to be, but he's ready to let go of the person that his father wanted him to be. That's why he's been wanting to talk to him ever since Ben shared his story with him and to tell him how he feels. Ben tells him that it's all right if he's not ready, but Jed closes the distance between them and embraces him in a kiss to which Ben reciprocates.

In The Only Way Out is Through, Professor Vardemus summons a battlefield for their practice session.

Alaric and the others proceed with their simulation. Alaric believes that if they could talk to Lizzie, they can flip her back to their side. He believes their first move is getting her to safety. Her humanity tells her that she should listen, and though she believes they would be wasting their first strike, she goes with it. MG vamps to Lizzie though the manticulum calculates that Aurora would attack and kill him. His death turns Lizzie back to their side and she attacks and kills Aurora in a rage. Ben explains that Ken would attack Lizzie and she'd die. With her death, their probability of success drops to zero percent and they lose. Rupert finds this situation fascinating. As soon as Lizzie died, there was simply no move they could make that would lead to victory. He presumes there's a reason she is invaluable to winning. Hope now believes they have to save Lizzie first and wants to run the simulation again.

Rupert and the others run through several more simulations, each time they fail against the gods. Hope's humanity tells her she's going about it all wrong because they've already lost before they made the first move. Analyzing their enemies, Hope realizes the problem is that they're going first. They're facing them all at once and they should be forcing the gods to fight them. Hope declines the first move and Ben sends in Aurora to attack Hope first. Hope creates a barrier that throws Aurora off her feet. Hope sends in Kaleb, using his dragon fire. Aurora is killed and Hope has MG vamp to Lizzie. Ben has Ken attack MG, but Wade reads from the manticulum that he's just fast enough to save Lizzie.

Running through another simulation, Hope has everyone attack Ken. Wade reads off the probability; they all die, but they do real damage against him. She moves in to attack next, though Rupert tells her that she's still not enough and he defeats her. Hope's humanity questions if she needs her help and she barks back, telling her to shut up. The others look at her, questioning the outburst. Hope wants more cannon fodder, questioning how many students there's at the school. Kaleb, however, is finished with the simulations. She's been running them into the buzz saw all day like they're expendable, citing that she only cares about herself. He declares this version of her isn't worth dying for. Jed and the others walk out of the Great Hall.

As Hope runs through another simulation, he, MG, Kaleb, Ethan, and Cleo come to her side, taking the next hits for her. Wade tells them that they score another hit on Ken, but he's confused about what's changed. Rupert believes that Hope is giving them all courage, a belief they can win. Ben believes his father will retreat and ultimately they win, attacking as one. Her humanity tells her that they can win, all she has to do is just turn it back on. She wants her to let her out before she loses control. Hope closes off her humanity once again. All of this isn't real, it's just a stupid game. They're all pathetic and just little boys role-playing war. She calls them all disposable and that they mean nothing to her. She addresses her humanity, calling her a liar and a martyr. The others look on, confused about who she's talking to. Her powers continue to grow unstable, enough that she tells them that they need to do something because she's about to kill them all. She pleads with someone to take her out and Alaric breaks her neck.

Jed and Ben celebrate theoretical victory at the Old Mill. Ben is happy that it's over. Thinking like his father is one of the more unpleasant things he's ever done and it felt awful. Jed playfully mocks him for being a downer, however for the first time, however small, he saw a chance that someone could stop his family. Likewise, Jed had a crash course reminder in how short and unpredictable life can be. It made him want to appreciate all the good things, and the good people, while they have them. Ben believes Jed is making him a better person. Jed knows the feeling, though decides to leave to check on Finch and the wolves.

In I Wouldn't Be Standing Here If It Weren't For You, Jed is in attendance with Cleo, Kaleb, and Ethan when Alaric requests for Jen to join them. Alaric hands Jen Cleo's drawing, inquiring if this looks like her father's handiwork. Lightning, fire, death, and destruction. She confirms that it is, though questions where they got the drawing. Cleo explains that she got a vision and Jen assumes that her half-brother, Ben, had awoken her father. Jed defends Ben, as they don't truly know if he's involved. Alaric points out that they do know this is the second piece of evidence pointing to Ken's arrival. They have to assume the worst and come up with a plan to save the school. Jen is sure they can't. Cleo is obviously an oracle and they see things that will happen. Even though she can see the future, she questions if she can't change it. Jen denies that she can. Regardless of what's to come, they have to try. Alaric instructs Jed to take Finch and clear out the school. Jed questions about saving Ben, but Alaric defers him, citing they need to focus on one crisis at a time. He wants Ethan to find MG and evacuate the town and Kaleb offers his assistance, too, and the leave for town.

Jed works on clearing out the school but finds Cleo drawing more sketches. She's trying, and failing, to figure out what comes next. She thought she could force her new powers to happen, but doesn't believe them to work that way. Jed thinks he can help. In myths, oracle powers were always used in response to a question or a problem that someone had. He thinks that if he asks her about someone in particular, that'll trigger her powers. Cleo is intuitive and knows he's worried about Ben. Jed doesn't believe the idea of Ben betraying them. It doesn't make sense because since the moment he got here, all he's done is protect them. She explains that it's natural to be concerned about the people they care about and believes that might be a part of her block because she's worrying about Kaleb. However, this triggers another vision and she quickly draws a new sketch. This time, it's Ben standing over a decapitated Kaleb.

Jed arrives in time at the Town Square to stop Ben. He instructs Ethan to get both MG and Kaleb to safety; he'll handle Ben. Ethan grabs Kaleb and runs him over to MG and teleports them away.

Jed faces off against Ben, though he keeps avoiding him. Ben can't fight him and Jed wants to talk. He wants the truth because he's spent the day defending him, only for him to betray them. Ben has nothing to say, but Jed already knows the truth. Jed wants to fight, pushing him to do so, but Ben refuses. He didn't want anyone to get hurt, but he had to wake his father. He knew that whoever woke him up would get his boon and it was the only way that he could get him to break his curse. No more monsters, no more suffering. If Jed comes with him, his father can break his curse too; he'll show him how. Jed takes him by the neck, and snaps his neck, killing him.

Ben wakes in the cell with Jed, questioning about his father. Jed tells him that he got what he wanted, like all bullies but is sure he'll be back as soon as he wants something else. Ben is glad that he survived and relieved that at least part of his plan worked. Jed isn't so relieved because his friends also didn't and he's not going to be grateful. Ben can live with him hating him because he's at least still alive to do so, which means he saved the life of someone that he loves. Jed laughs off the comment, surprised this is the way he's going to tell him that he loves him. Jed doesn't believe he means it because love means fighting beside the people you care about, not against them. He would have fought with him no matter what came for them. Ben asks him what about now, but Jed doesn't answer, shutting the gate between them.

In By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be, Alaric calls together a squad meeting with him, Lizzie, MG, Hope, and Ben in attendance. Thanks to Cleo's vision they know that Ken is planning an attack on the school, but the good news is they get to choose the field of battle. With a map and chess pieces they strategize their battle plan. Hope knows he's after her and she'll draw him to a field. Ben points out that the tree line will prevent him from using lightning strikes. Hope also has a backup plan. Should they fail, they'll have a fallback. Jed questions if she thinks they're going to lose but Hope believes they won't. Either way, they need to stop him. Alaric continues to explain how Ben told them about a mixture the Spartans used to harm the gods."White fire and brimstone," otherwise, phosphorus and sulfur. If they can rig the whole meadow for a chain reaction and get Ken in the middle, the explosion will likely incapacitate him. While Cleo gets more intel, Alaric instructs the witches and vampires to get the minerals. Ben will show the wolves how to set up the bomb before they have to report to the bunker for the full moon. Jed questions why they're trusting Ben again and Alaric explains that he's proven to him that he's on their side. Lizzie figures out that whoever triggers the explosion, they're not likely to get clear in time, even at vamp speed. Hope confirms her suspicion and MG wonders who will do that. Hope refuses to give an answer, just that she's working on it. Ben offers that perhaps Ethan could use his powers, but Lizzie only tells them that he can't. MG continues that they can't offer an explanation until they talk to him about it first. With the meeting over, Alaric retires to his office, but Hope has something else for him to do. Jed looks at Ben, scoffs, and leaves with Ben not far behind.

Jed and Finch approach Ben instructing some of the wolves as they collect the phosphorus and sulfur to spread out. He warns the to make sure they don't touch. While Finch was open to talk about what's going on, Jed wants to take the duffel bags from him and continue without him. Ben refuses to release the bag, believing they still need his help. Jed attempts to pull the bag from his hand, believing they can handle his little chemistry project on their own. Finch intervenes, reminding the two to not play tug-of-war with explosives. Jed has every right to be angry with him, but what they're facing is bigger than the two of them. Finch attempts to leave and let them have their moment, but Jed tells her to say since it involves all the wolves. Not only did Ben betray the school, he attempted to have his father remove his curse and that being a wolf is something he needs to change about himself. Jed lets him know that he doesn't want him anywhere around his pack and stalks off with the duffel bag without Finch.

Jed and the other wolves continue to spread out the chemicals in the meadow. Two wolves accidentally mix the two chemicals and the ground is immediately engulfed in flames. Jed runs over, yelling for someone to grab water, but Finch gets there first with a bucket of another liquid. She explains that water would just make the chain reaction bigger and that you have to make a chemical solution to stop it. She asked the expert, the same one he didn't allow to come help. Ben gave her the whole plan. Jed doesn't want to use it because he's only doing it because he feels guilty. Jed doesn't accept it and doesn't want to pretend to forgive him. Finch tells him that he's not doing it just for him. This is bigger than the two of them and he's letting his personal feelings put them all at risk. She asked Alaric why he trusted Ben and he explained how Ben offered to sacrifice his life to protect the school. At the very least, she thinks he could sacrifice his pride. Jed takes her words to heart and asks what they should do next.

After their preparations are complete, they celebrate with a pre-victory party. Alaric's figured they could use a little pick-me-up and spend some time making memories with the people they love. Hope stands before him and the others and prepares a speech. Though this is hard for her, she just wanted to take a moment to say how much they all mean to her. She's a better person because of their friendship, love, and their belief in her. It's been the honor of her life to fight by their side. Hope wants everyone to raise a glass, to make a toast to the families that they've made. To the people that their families help them become. She's sure they're going to win.

With the party over, Jed approaches Ben who remained to clean up. Finch told him about how he tried to sacrifice his life for the school and believes that dying is the easy way out. If he wants to make it up to him, he wants him to stay with him tonight through the full moon and to see what a turn is like. Being a wolf, that's part of who he is and he wants him to accept that part of him, too. All he needs to do is stay on the other side of the bars because he doesn't want to hurt him. Ben assures him that he can't hurt him and, taking his hands, tells him whatever he goes through tonight, he wants to be there.

In This Can Only End in Blood, as the battle draws near, Jed searches the surrounding woods for Ben. Finch follows him, pointing out that the battlefield is in the opposite direction. Jed knows, but that's not the direction Ben is in, and he asks if she knows where he is. Finch reminds him that Ben is an ancient warrior who can't die and that he should be more worried about those of them who can. Jed knows she's right. His first thought in a situation like this has always been the pack–it should be the pack. However, when Ken comes for him, he doesn't know what he's going to do. Finch knows; he needs to stick to the plan. He can't leave the pack without a leader. The pack won't have a leader because they'll have her if things go sideways. Finch tells him she will, that is, until he returns.

Forced to turn by Ken's manipulation of his werewolf curse, Jed loses control and attacks, Lizzie, MG, and Alaric. As Lizzie and MG vamp away, Alaric is forced to slay him, killing him with an arrow to the chest.

In Limbo, Jed and MG find Kaleb in Zied's bar, and surprised to see Landon. Kaleb assumes they must be losing if both of them are dead. Landon tells the three of them things are about to get better, at least for them.

True to his word, Landon sends them back in time to join Lizzie and Hope as they face off against Ken. Lizzie doesn't understand how they're back, and Jed tells her it's a long story. Kaleb will fill them in once they defeat Ken. Ken is still confident in his abilities as this changes nothing. They will all die. Hope commands Kaleb for the first strike and he unleashes dragon-fire. Ken easily stops it, unaffected by Kaleb's assault. Lizzie vamps behind Ken and screams out for them to take the spear as she siphons from him. Kaleb, MG and Jed rush Ken and grapple with the spear, though their combined strength pales to Ken, even in his weakened state. He slams the spear into the ground, releasing a shockwave of energy that sends the four of them flying into the air. As they scramble on the ground, fear covers their faces as Ken has had enough. They are children and cannot kill a god. Setting his sights for Hope, he raises the spear and launches it at her. Unwilling to move, the spear stops just shy of her heart, surrounded in a yellow glow. Ken, as much as Hope, is surprised and doesn't understand what is happening and demands what treachery this is. Cleo comes and claims the spear for herself and clarifies this is her judgment as a Fury. Ken demands to know what she's deemed him guilty of, but she retorts for being a dick. His punishment is Hope and she vamps behind him. Turning to face her, Hope reiterates that it takes god magic to kill a god. Using the might of her physical powers, she kicks Ken through the air as Cleo raises the spear. Ken is impaled in the back by his own weapon. She hopes he rots in hell as he takes his final breath. Dead, Ken's body explodes in a fiery burst of light. Jed, MG, Hope, Lizzie, Kaleb, and Cleo stand in victory as the clouds dissipate. MG and Lizzie and Kaleb and Cleo embrace one another in hugs as they break and embrace everyone.

Later, Jed finds Alaric and Ben in their makeshift infirmary. Though Alaric is sorry for killing him, Jed interjects that he doesn't have to be. Alaric and Ben are shocked to see him standing before them. Instead, Jed offers Alaric an apology as he was the one who was trying to kill MG and Lizzie. He had to do what he did to protect them and bears no hard feelings. Alaric struggles to stand to hug him, but Ben embraces him instead. Ben thought he had lost him, but Jed tells him that his friend is in charge of Limbo and he sent them back. Knowing the gods, he assumes there was a price, but in the most Landon way possible, he paid it for them. All he can do now is pay it forward with the best life he can. Bringing him close, Jed embraces him in a passionate kiss.

In Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?, Jed stands looking out into the woods at the Old Mill as Ben wakes and greets him with a 'good morning'. He tells Ben that they've slept through Ethan's memorial service. Ben believes this to be the nature of war as the living must celebrate their survival before they mourn their dead. Coming up behind Jen, grabbing him by the waist, he's up for a little more celebration. Jed doesn't immediately reciprocate and Ben apologizes, he doesn't mean to be insensitive about Ethan's death. Jed knows this, but it's not what's troubling him. Something is off with him and he feels different. Ben laughs, offering that he'd be a little offended if he wasn't different considering their night together. Jed clarifies removing Ben's doubt, telling him that last night was great, they're great and emotionally, he's never been better. Physically, something has changed with him. Ben accepts Jed and resolves to help him figure out what's happened.

Out in the garden, Ben picks some wolfsbane, asking Jed if this will hurt, because quoting Finch, saying that it will burn. Jed tells him it is the whole point and asks Ben to drop the sprig of flowers into his jar of water. Ben does as he's asked, takes the jar and swirls it around. Jed uncovers his forearm and Ben tests out the wolfsbane. Jed is unaffected which answers his question. Ben doesn't understand why he's not in pain. Jed can only assume it's because he died the previous day and somehow being sent back to life managed to reset his curse. Jed likens it to how Ken's death broke Ben's curse. He's no longer a triggered werewolf. Ben asks him how he feels. He feels like he's changed a lot but in ways that he's proud of. Being a wolf and leader of the pack has always defined him. Now, he believes he's supposed to find out who he is without that. Ben empathizes with him, as someone who was newly freed from that which defined him for millennia. Should Jed go searching for something, he asks him to consider letting him be a part of his quest to find it. Jed doesn't respond, instead he embraces him in a kiss and wraps his arms around Ben.

Jed finds Finch cleaning up the gymnasium, though Jed tells her she no longer has to do that anymore. Finch knows this, but she's only resistant when someone's trying to make her do it. He wants to know how the pack is taking the news. Finch shrugs it off, they're wolves and not as emo as vamps and witches. They held a little workout session to get their minds off the fact that the sweet gym and all-you-can-eat breakfasts aren't going to be available to them anymore with the impending closure of the school. Even if the school closes, Jed reminds her that it doesn't change anything else for them. The pack sticks together. Finch is unsure and it's only true if that's what the alpha says, but Jed tells her that's why he asked. He wants her to be the new alpha–she's already been acting as one since he's been so wrapped up in god stuff. Jed informs her that Ben's asked him to leave with him and he's said yes, provided that she says yes to him. Finch admits that she's never wanted this, but for Jed, this is why she should be the one to do it. If things with the school go wrong, she'll be able to keep them together. She acknowledges how much the school has come to mean to her and asks if she has to challenge him. Jed laughs and tells her sure, but he's not as strong as he used to be. Removing his flannel, he wonders what it will be–wrestling, boxing, Tae Bo. However, Finch grips him in a tight hug and tells him that the first one to let go loses.

In the not so distant future, he and Ben travel together in an RV. They share a hammock as they read a book in their campsite, happy and content.


Having had an abusive father growing up, Jed was raised around violence and when he first came to the Salvatore School, he also became a bully—emulating his father's abusive behavior. He is confident and arrogant as the Alpha of the school pack. He has a temper, can be violent, and wants new members to submit to him such as when he assaulted Rafael for refusing to submit, and later when he blamed Landon for losing his status as Alpha to Rafael. He can also be rude towards other students that are not werewolves, such as Josie. He can, however, joke towards a new packmate with a serious look on his face. He is also abuses his authority as Alpha, as he made his werewolf subordinates read his books instead of him. Though people think he's not smart, the grades he gets aren't for the lack of trying as he does the reading for topics that interest him, such as Mythology.

Despite his complex nature, he begins to grow and mature and lets go of the person he used to be. He is passionate about music and musical theater and becomes fond of other non-werewolf students, such as Wade, Kaleb, Alyssa, and Hope, as well as defend against those that talked down about Lizzie when presumed dead. He looked out for his new Alpha and helped tracked down and reunited Rafael with his parents. He notably began to show more concern over the welfare of other people, such as wanting to hear out Ben's backstory before casting judgement and commending Cleo's importance since joining the school when he once proudly confessed to disliking and beating up new people. After meeting Finch, his understanding on what made a good Alpha further improved with her help and humbling challenge. This ultimately lead him to chose her to succeed him, admitting that his priorities had changed and the pack needed someone who put them first.

After dying and having his curse reset, Jed realized that being a wolf and leader of the pack had always defined him. He believed this was a way of telling him he's supposed to find out who he was without that. With this revelation, he left the school with Ben to learn who he was as a person.

Physical Appearance[]

He has short, black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a striped blue and navy blue shirt with the boarding school symbol on the left breast side. He also has tall stature and an athletic build.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jed possesses all the standard powers and abilities of an untriggered, non-Evolved werewolf.


Jed has the typical weaknesses of an untriggered, non-Evolved werewolf.


  • Jed and the Salvatore School Werewolf Pack (Allies/Some are friends/Alpha)
  • Jed and the Super Squad (Allies/Friends)
  • Jed and Rafael (Ex-Subordinate-Leader/Ex-Classmates/Ex-Enemies)
  • Jed and Alyssa (Ex-Classmates/Ex-Friends with benefits)
  • Jed and Kaleb (Classmates/Friends)
  • Jed and MG (Classmates/Friends/Leader)
  • Jed and Cleo (Classmates/Friends)
  • Jed and Finch (Ex-Rivals/Classmates/Pack/Confidante)
  • Jed and Ben (Boyfriends)
  • Jed and Trey (Friends/Childhood crush)


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Season Three

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  • Jed is a masculine given name or nickname. It is usually a short form of Jedidiah. Jedediah is a Hebrew given name that means "beloved of the Lord" or "friend of God".[3][4]
  • Tien is a Chinese word and surname with multiple possible meanings dependent on how it is written in hanzi.[5]


  • He is the first werewolf to be seen wanting a new member to submit before taking them into their own pack.
  • Jed's last name is actor Ben Levin's mother's maiden name, which is something he pitched to the writers.[6]
    • His surname was originally pitched by Brett Matthews to be Wong in honor of Levin's late grandmother, but for unknown reasons Tien was chosen instead.[7]


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