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You're here because you're a hunter. That means you can't be mind-controlled by travelers. That officially makes you the only person in this room that I can trust.
Liv to Jeremy in Rescue Me

The relationship between the Supernatural Hunter, Jeremy Gilbert and the WitchLiv Parker. Their relationship was originally friendly with a hint of romantic attraction on Liv's side. However, due to the events that transpired with her older brother, Kai Parker, they became frenemies when Liv tried to kill Jeremy for trying to stop her from revenge-killing Kai.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Five

In Gone GirlLiv flirts with Jeremy much to Bonnie's annoyance.

In Rescue Me, Liv meets up with Jeremy, telling him that because he's a hunter, The Travelers can't mess with his mind, and so he's the only one in Mystic Falls she can trust. She tells him that Elena is the reason the Travelers are closing in on Mystic Falls. Later, Liv makes a deal with Jeremy that she will protect Elena if Jeremy helps them take down the Travelers. 

In Resident Evil, Liv is over at Tyler's house with Jeremy being they were planning further about the Travelers situation. Bonnie later comes to check up on him because he was ignoring her messages. Jeremy asks Bonnie to leave them and tells her that everything is okay. Bonnie leaves and Liv and Jeremy begin planning further.

In Home, Liv helps Jeremy's friends get out from The Other Side.

Season Six

In The Day I Tried To Live, Liv attacked Jeremy and was willing to hurt or even kill him from getting in the way from her revenge-killing her older brother, Kai.


"I would write... Dear Diary"

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  • As seen in Gone Girl, Liv is a bit of a flirt towards Jeremy.
  • Jeremy doesn't complain about her flirting, but doesn't yet seem to encourage it.
  • They first met in Gone Girl while Liv performed a locator spell for Bonnie using Jeremy to focus in on Elena.
  • Jeremy protected Liv from Damon in Rescue Me.
  • Jeremy, Tyler and Matt form an alliance with Luke and Liv.
  • Liv believes Jeremy's status as a hunter can prove useful to their agenda.
  • Despite having taken a particular interest in him in the past, Liv acknowledges how much Jeremy loves Bonnie, convincing the latter to be honest with the former about the true status of The Other Side.
  • Liv seems to have moved on from Jeremy as of the start of Season 6.
  • They barely interacted in Season 6; most likely for two reasons:
    • 1) Liv dated Tyler
    • 2) Jeremy was grieving over Bonnie's loss.
  • Liv was willing to hurt or even kill Jeremy from stopping her from killing Kai.


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