You're my sister, and I'm yours. Look how far you've come without magic. You didn't get here listening to people tell you you weren't strong enough.

This is the relationship between the sisters Josette and Olivia Parker. They are members of the Parker Family and Gemini Coven. They are the daughters of Joshua Parker and an unnamed mother and the twin sisters of Kai and Luke, respectively. In the second half of season six, Liv helps Jo re-learn magic to defeat Kai once and for all in the Merge, however, their plan failed since Luke merged with Kai and died, making Kai the new leader of the Gemini Coven.


On January 5, 1991 Jo became a big sister to Luke and Liv. Jo was more like a mother to them since sometime after their birth their mom died of unknown causes. Despite knowing Liv was born to save Jo, she was close to her sister when Liv was still a toddler. However, after Kai murdered their siblings, and attempted to murder her, Luke and Liv and was thwarted by their father, Jo left home, seeking a normal life. Upon leaving, she left them with little memory of her and was estranged from them for 18 years.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Six

In Fade Into You, Jo reconnects with her little siblings, Luke and Liv, as a young adult at "Friendsgiving" hosted by Caroline. Liv, however, was angry at Jo for leaving and having a life without them while she and Luke were basically raised to be the sacrificial lambs for their coven and Jo, herself, leaving her feeling guilty.

In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Liv still angry with her oldest sister, she conspires with Kai to perform the Merge, to prevent them from performing the ritual, however, the Liv make amends with Jo later after realizing she's in the wrong, though Jo steps up, reclaiming her magic and tells her siblings that she will perform the Merge and win.

In Woke Up With a Monster, Jo, after 18 years of being powerless, has a hard time relearning magic and has Liv train her so that she has an chance of beating Kai when they perform the Merge ritual.

In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, Jo, sometime prior to the wedding, asked Liv to be her maid of honor and she attend her sister's wedding.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, they both died because of Kai, their Coven leader, who killed himself to become a Heretic, effectively ending their sibling relationship.




  • Liv was saved by Jo when she was a child. Kai was going to kill her and Luke, so Jo cloaked them to protect them.
  • They reunited in Christmas Through Your Eyes after an 18-year separation.
  • Jo is one of the few people to refer to Liv by her given name, Olivia.
  • They were both victims of their brother Kai.
  • While Jo found peace, it is unknown what happened to Olivia.

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