Joanne Harris used to live in New York City in an apartment complex next to Stefan Salvatore. One day she was killed, and her brother Jason Harris, assumed Stefan to be the killer. In his hunt he discovered that her killer was a vampire, and not Stefan, but his older brother Damon Salvatore.

She appeared exclusively via flashbacks in the A Darker Truth webseries produced by the CW as a prequel to The Vampire Diaries in 2009.


Joanne had a brother named Jason and she used to live in New York City in an apartment complex next to Stefan. She was killed, and Jason assumed Stefan was the one who did it. He decided to hunt him down, but he discovered Joanne's killer was a vampire, but not Stefan, but Damon, Stefan's older brother. Joanne's death was not avenged as Damon proceeded to kill Jason as well.


There is nothing known about Joanne's personality.

Physical Appearance

It appears that Joanne had brown eyes and dark, brown hair like her brother, but since only her face and some parts of her hair is seen, it's unknown what her build or height was.


A Darker Truth


  • Joanne is a common given name for females and is a variant of Joanna, which is a feminine form of John. It's derived from the Latin name Johanna and means "god is gracious".[1]
  • Harris is a patronymic or paternal family name of British origins.[2]


  • With the confirmation of human souls are found in the dimensions, she either found peace or went to hell.


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