Yeah, well, good news is, your order came in this morning. And bad news? I got made. Your friend Davina saved my ass, but what's done is done. So, pour me a drink, and play me a song, because it's gonna be my last.
Joe to Marcel in Rebirth

Joe Dalton was a character who first appeared in the first episode of the second season of The Originals. He was a vampire who owned a music store in New Orleans. While human, he served as a soldier under Marcel Gerard in the First World War. After being turned into vampire, he worked as a seller in a CD shop for many years in the French Quarter. He was later killed during the fight against the Guerrera werewolves.

Early History

During World War I, Joe fought alongside Marcel in the trenches of France, in a regiment nicknamed "The Brotherhood of the Damned". Joe saw the potential of Marcel's leadership and tried to talk him into stepping up. During a battle, Joe was injured and asked Marcel to turn him, knowing that he was a vampire. Knowing it would turn the tide of the battle and save his friend, Marcel obliged and fed him his blood.

After the war he presumably moved to New Orleans and opened up Second Life Vinyl Shop maintaining it as an family own store so people wouldn't suspect his secret. He was the first known member of Marcel's Army and retired from it at some-point in his life.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Two

In Rebirth, he is first seen in his music store serving Davina. After a while, Oliver and other werewolves that worked with Francesca Guerrera, enter his store and reveal that they know he's a vampire and attempt to attack him. However, Davina stops them and helps Joe escape. Later on, Joe met up with Marcel and was proposed to join the fight against the Guerreras. After agreeing to this, he returned to his shop where he encounters Oliver and his wolves once again. He explained to the wolves that he had important information to give to Francesca. Oliver complied and then leads him to Francesca, in which he reveals the information to her about the stake. Continuing the plan, Joe then gives the false information of the stake's location, which leads the werewolves to an abandoned warehouse. He was later killed by the Guerreras (off-screen).

In Brotherhood of the Damned, after being bitten by a werewolf, Marcel recalled his past with Joe while continuously seeing a hallucination of him.


In the words of Marcel: Joe is described as a warrior. Ready to fight and defend himself, he does not hesitate to take the weapon to fight the wolves. Also known to be brave, he refuses to flee and would rather die than let the werewolves control him and the vampires.

Physical Appearance

Joe had a tall stature and an athletic build. He had short, black hair and brown eyes. At the time of his death, he wore a fedora, a dark shirt and it appeared he had a tattoo on his chest, but most of it was covered.

Powers and Abilities

Joe possessed all the standard powers and abilities of an non-original vampire.


Joe had the typical weaknesses of an non-Original vampire.


Marcel Gerard

They first met in WW1 when Joe knew Marcel's secret. Marcel saved his life by turning him into a vampire. They lived in New Orleans together and kept a close relationship despite Joe living a somewhat normal life after he left Marcel's Army.


Season Two


  • Joe is a variant of Joseph or Josiah. As Joseph, it means "the Lord will increase", although as Josiah, it means "healed/supported by Yah (Yahweh; national god of Israel)".[1][2][3]
  • Dalton is an English name and it means "the settlement in the valley".[4]




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