There's always time to be a better man.
Joseph to Damon in The Cell

Joseph Salvatore was Damon and Stefan Salvatore's distant nephew.

Joseph was a member of the Salvatore Family.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

He was first mentioned by Tiki's Grandfather in You're Undead to Me to Elena Gilbert. Unnerved by his insistence that he met Stefan in 1953 at the Salvatore Boarding House, Elena did research into the Salvatore family and learned that Joseph Salvatore was killed on June 11, 1953. A reporter, Franklin Fell, announced Joseph's death the following day and stated that his cause of death was an animal attack, but in reality, Joseph was killed by Damon. Stefan learned about it shortly afterward when he arrived to the boarding house the next day, and appeared briefly on the news footage of Joseph's death. 

Season Five

In The Cell, the reason for Joseph's death by Damon's hands was revealed—Joseph invited both Damon and Stefan into town under the guise of reuniting with his family members. However, once Damon arrived, it was quickly revealed that Joseph invited them for the purpose of incapacitating them for Dr. Whitmore and the Augustine Society so they could be taken captive and used in their vampire experiments. However, Stefan was late to the meeting, and knowing Whitmore was coming, Joseph stabbed Damon with a syringe and injected him with vervain, causing Damon to quickly become weakened. As a last ditch effort to get revenge, Damon stabbed Joseph in the neck with a broken glass, and he was left to bleed to death. Dr. Whitmore arrived just afterward and remarked it was better for him, as now he didn't have to pay Joseph for handing Damon over to him.


He is shown to be deceitful as he betrayed two of his family members for money.

Physical Appearance

He had a tall stature and slim build. He had brown eyes and short, dark brown hair.


Season One

Season Five


  • Joseph is a name originating from Hebrew, meaning 'God will increase,' recorded in the Hebrew Bible, as יוֹסֵף, Standard Hebrew Yossef, Tiberian Hebrew and Aramaic Yôsēp̄. It is especially common in contemporary Israel, as either "Yossi" or "Yossef," and in Italy, where the name where Giuseppe was the most common male name in the 20th century.[1]
  • Salvatore, means "savior" and is of Italian origin.[2]


  • Damon possibly killed other humans in 1953 besides Joseph Salvatore, because when Anna first met Jeremy in the library, she gave him other articles about Vampire Attacks; one of them talking about four people dead in 1953, Joseph being one of them.
  • With confirmation that human souls are found in the dimensions, he either found peace or went to Hell.



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