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Hey Cami, you don't have any like... human blood in your fridge, do you?

This is the relationship between the vampires, Joshua Rosza and Camille O'Connell. They both, along with Davina Claire, allied in Season One to stop Klaus from taking over the French Quarter. They continued to maintain a good friendship up until Cami's second death as a vampire. Although Josh wasn't in the episode that Cami died in, it can be assumed that Josh is grieving her death offscreen.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season One

In The Casket Girls, Josh came over to Cami's apartment for moral support while Davina used her magic to remove Klaus Mikaelson's compulsion from Cami's mind.

The two continued to work together (while growing closer in friendship), with Davina Claire, to stop Klaus Mikaelson from ruining their lives any longer.

Season Two

In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Cami and Josh both worked with Marcel Gerard, Hayley Marshall, and Aiden to capture and neutralize Finn Mikaelson, who was possessing the body of the witch Vincent Griffith and who was in control of the werewolf community of New Orleans.

Season Three

In No More Heartbreaks, while Klaus helps Cami write a will, she mentions Josh within it. Cami decides to leave her records of the supernatural in New Orleans to Josh. Although Josh didn't appear in this episode, it can be assumed that he is grieving her death offscreen.



  • Although Josh is a vampire, Cami has never considered him as a threat to her safety.
  • Their friendship has progressed mostly offscreen.
  • Both of them were turned into vampires because of their affiliations with the Mikaelson family.
    • Josh was turned when he first interacted with Klaus and Marcel.
    • Cami was turned due to her friendship with Klaus Mikaelson.

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