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I was afraid of being strong. I thought being strong meant hurting Lizzie. Or being like Kai. I told myself that being powerful meant being evil. [...] But it doesn't. Hope is strong. And she's good. You made a story... I made a story... where I was powerless. But that's not true. Because I can change this story. [...] I'm not afraid of you anymore.
Josie about herself in Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing

Josette "Josie" Saltzman is a major recurring character on The Vampire Diaries, a guest character on The Originals, and a former main character on Legacies. She is one of the twin daughters of Alaric Saltzman and Josette Laughlin, the other being Lizzie Saltzman. Due to Josette's death, she was carried via surrogacy by Caroline Forbes. Her existence was revealed in Let Her Go by Kai, the babies' uncle. However, in I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, Kai stabs Jo in the abdomen multiple times, killing her and supposedly killing the twins. However, in Best Served Cold, it was revealed that the Gemini Coven transferred the twins into Caroline's womb. Since then, she has been raised by both Alaric and Caroline.

Josie Saltzman is a member of the Saltzman Family and the Parker Family and a member of the Forbes Family, due to being Caroline's surrogate daughter.

Early History[]

Josie was born on March 15, 2014 as a set of twins with her sister, Lizzie. She is the daughter of Alaric and Jo, and the surrogate daughter to Caroline.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

In Let Her Go, while Jo was thinking she was sick from food poisoning it was revealed by her brother that she's pregnant, after she gives him her power in order for him to survive the consequences of the jacked merging ritual he performed with his brother, Luke, instead of Jo.

In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Jo and Alaric began to pick out names for the baby.

In I Never Could Love Like That, Elena finds out about Jo's pregnancy when she tells her that Kai had been imprisoned in the 1903 prison world.


In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You, Jo and Bonnie are attacked by Lily during Jo's bachelorette party. As she is about to feed on Jo, Lily hears the babies' heartbeats and tells her that she is expecting twins. Later, Jo tells Alaric that they will be having twins and that the Gemini Coven will want to get their hands on them to strip Kai of power by performing another twin merge.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Damon reveals that Jo is dead after Kai stabbed her in the abdomen and believed the twins were killed too.

In Best Served Cold, it is revealed by Valerie Tulle that the twins actually survived Kai's attack on Jo, due to the fact that the Gemini Coven performed a spell to transfer the twins into another body. It was also revealed that Caroline Forbes is currently pregnant with the twins.

In Postcards from the Edge, it was revealed that she and her sister had siphoned a bits of magic from Caroline's body for a long time, but as they grew in her womb, they siphoned out more and more magic out of her system, until Caroline began to desiccate.

In This Woman's Work, before she was born with her twin, they used telekinesis to keep from being born because they were attached to the magic in Caroline's body. Bonnie and Valerie finished the job by drawing magic out of Caroline's body as the doctors perform a C-section, allowing her and her sister to finally be born. They're also seen with Caroline in the ending flash-forward scene.

In Moonlight on the Bayou, Alaric, the twins, and Caroline head to Dallas as he wants to keep his promise to Jo. While at a diner, the twins begin to cry and Caroline is having a hard time putting Josie to sleep. After talking to Klaus for a few minutes, Josie is silently sleeping and Klaus mentions they shouldn't wake her up, and he proceeds to hang up. In a flash-forward, Caroline is seen with the twins in New Orleans at St. James Infirmary looking for Klaus. The bartender tells Caroline that Klaus hasn't been seen or heard from in 3 years, which leaves Caroline puzzled.

In Requiem for a Dream, Josie, along with her sister and her father, call Caroline before they go to bed. Josie along with her sister appears to miss Caroline being she has been on the run with Stefan Salvatore trying to get away from Bonnie. Before they go to bed, they say their good-nights to Caroline before Alaric takes the phone from them to talk to Caroline alone.

In Gods and Monsters, Alaric and Caroline both decide to use Josie, along with her twin sister Lizzie, to siphon Bonnie's spell over the Armory as Bonnie was suffering for the effects of Rayna's poisonous blood. Josie, along with Lizzie, was successful in opening the Armory doors and she embraces her father in triumph, while Caroline hugs Lizzie.

In Hello, Brother, Josie and her sister, Lizzie, are seen video calling Alaric until he asked for Seline. Seline tells them to go put on their swimsuits while they chat. Later, the girls visit Caroline at work; Seline leaves to go have a salad for lunch and leaves the girls with Caroline. While she left, Caroline mentions that Seline probably loves kale, which makes Lizzie ask her what is kale; Caroline responds with you don't want to know. The video, that is given to her by Seline from Pete, that Caroline is attempting to watch gets to a certain point and the sound messes up to which Lizzie tells her mommy that it is too loud. Later that evening, Virginia breaks into the house, attacks Seline and tries to kill the girls for opening the armory. Virginia stalks through the house where she comes to the girls' room. When inside, she hears laughing come from the closet and proceeds though before she is able to approach is knocked out by Caroline. Caroline checks the closet and finds the girls, Lizzie saying hi to her mommy, to which Caroline tells the girls don't move while she goes to handle Virginia.

In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving, Josie and Lizzie are first seen fighting over the tuning fork, to which Alaric tells Lizzie to put the fork down immediately. She tells her dad she had it first, which prompts Alaric to yell at Lizzie to drop it. Lizzie drops the fork and she and Josie begin to scream over the vibrations the tuning fork makes. Alaric picks up the fork to stop the vibrations and proceeds to comfort the girls.

In An Eternity of Misery, Josie and Lizzie are getting ready for bed. Lizzie asks Seline for a bedtime story, which Josie answers nothing sad. Seline then tells them "The Legend of Arcadius".

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Seline takes Josie and Lizzie to the local carnival where the sisters have fun playing games and won a goldfish. However, it's dead and Seline explains that the deceased need to be treated with dignity so that they can find peace in death. She also explains to them about how their souls are taken by Cade and that they can show him what they've done. She teaches the twins the Incendia spell and sets a pile of wood, albeit hiding a corpse underneath, on fire.

In Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell, Caroline and Alaric issue an Amber Alert for her and Lizzie as Seline has kidnapped them. She and Lizzie are taken to a diner and then to a motel, where Seline offers them to Arcadius, who Seline and Sybil have called out to. In order to spare the twins the same fate as the sirens, Stefan offers himself to be Arcadius' servant; an offer which Cade accepts.

In The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You, Josie and Lizzie visit Caroline for Christmas since they haven't been with her since their dad took both to a safe location.


In The Lies Will Catch Up To You, Alaric brings the girls back to Mystic Falls and takes them to the Armory. He calls Caroline wanting to bring the girls over admits that he needs good parenting advice as unbeknownst to her, they've been acting up and their siphoning and magic are growing unstable. As he checks in on the girls, they continue coloring as levitating crayons above their heads.

813-114~Caroline~Alaric~Josie~Lizzie-Forbes House

Alaric soon arrives at Caroline's later that night with Josie and Lizzie in tow. Both are thrilled to see their mother and embrace her in warms hugs, commenting about how big they've grown seen she last saw them. They sit down as a family to get dinner and Lizzie accidentally siphons Caroline as she wants to use her sister's cup, the pink one. Josie sits by as she watches Alaric scold her sister and sees that she hurt their mom. Josie is visibly upset at her sister and attempts the Incendia spell on Lizzie but the spell failed without any magic to draw from. Nevertheless, Alaric and Caroline intervene grabbing the two girls; Caroline scolding Josie that those words could seriously hurt her sister. Alaric and Caroline look on, worried about their wild and troubling behavior.

In It's Been a Hell of a Ride, she and her sister hide under their bed when Kai breaks free from his cell in the Armory. After he's subdued by Alaric and Caroline, she and Lizzie, with Bonnie's guidance, lock him away in a new prison world, ensuring their safety.

In We're Planning a June Wedding, she and her sister are the flower girls for Stefan and Caroline's wedding. Later that night, during the reception she, Lizzie and Bonnie are caught in the crossfire when Kelly Donovan made the Lockwood Mansion exploded although, with Bonnie's guidance, she teaches them the spell that they need to survive, ultimately, Bonnie removes all the fire from the building and leads them to safety.

In I Was Feeling Epic, Bonnie leads Josie and Lizzie out of the charred building. Alaric and Caroline are overwhelmed with joy as Bonnie saved them. They soon learn that they are not out of danger and they all leave Mystic Falls, stopping briefly at the Armory. They are seen later playing outside the Salvatore Boarding House as Alaric unpacks the newly designed Salvatore Boarding School sign, established for supernatural kids. Josie and Lizzie, as well as Alaric, are last seen being watched over by their mother, Jo's spirit, who had found peace.

Throughout The Originals Series[]

Season Five[]


In The Tale of Two Wolves, she and Lizzie are first seen waving at Caroline as she gives a tour. Later, she and Lizzie are talking to their mother about having them siphon The Hollow out of Hope to save her life, but also bargain with her. They want new phones, permission to go to the Senior Solstice Dance, and Josie wants to get rid of the skirt length rules from the dress code due to it being against feminist values. Before they can talk to Klaus, Alaric shoots an arrow through his chest and they look at him. At night, they begin the spell to siphon and once it's out of Hope and into Klaus, Alaric takes his daughters away.

Throughout Legacies Series[]


This is the Part Where You Run, Josie is seen alongside her twin sister, Lizzie, as they welcome Rafael Waithe, a newly turned werewolf and the latest new student, to the Salvatore School. Later she is seen with her best friend MG, a newly turned vampire; together they discuss her and Lizzie's shared crush on Rafael. As they speak they witness Lizzie humiliate herself and she notifies her father of her twin's breakdown. At the after-school party, Josie uses a summoning spell to bring Landon, Rafael's best friend and foster brother, to the festivity. She is upset after seeing MG kissing her ex-girlfriend, Penelope Park. In the end, she secretly and reluctantly helps Hope use dark magic to locate Landon after he stole the knife.


In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Josie and her sister prepare for a football game; she is irritated after encountering Penelope and both twins become upset when they are told that their father won't be attending the game. The team initially pretend to lose to preserve the School's secret but after the involvement of Penelope and the other team testing Lizzie's temper, they decide to use their powers to win, with Josie being the only one to protest. After everyone agrees to win without magic Josie tackles a player going after her sister but keeps her promise to her father by using magic to sabotage her own team. In the end, the twins and their father, Alaric, discuss the day's events.


In We're Being Punked, Pedro, as punishment for using magic during the game and the fight after it, she and the rest of the team are forced to pick up garbage in the town. Due to the tensions between her and Lizzie, she partners up with Hope, during this time she questions her on the mission to retrieve Landon and Rafael's disappearance. This leads to an argument about their rivalry which ends in laughter. After helping Hope with a spell she senses her sister's distress and the two head for the school. They find Alaric and successfully face down the Gargoyle. Afterward, she criticizes her father for putting himself in harm's way. She is later seen relaxing with Lizzie and is joined by MG.


In Hope is Not the Goal, Josie is secretly working on offensive magic, despite the school's policy against it. As her sister, Hope, MG, Kaleb, and Landon investigate the disappearance of two local high school girls, Josie spends the day with Rafael, the latter doing so despite the disapproval of the school's werewolf pack. Later she finds Rafael being attacked by the pack and uses magic to fend them off, as she approaches her friend he angrily tells her to leave him alone and runs off. She finds a rage-bent Rafael trying to work off his anger in the Old Mill, he tries to get her to leave but she manages to calm him down. The two discover Sasha, one of missing girls, trapped in a massive web and become trapped themselves. As the Arachne Josie siphons Rafael's werewolf magic by kissing him to fend off the monster until the others arrive. She, Lizzie and Hope successfully work together to destroy the monster. Afterward, she helps Rafael integrate into the pack. Later she argues with her father to allows the school to teach offensive magic at the school, ending with him saying he'll think about it.


In Malivore, Josie catches Penelope telling a group of witch students not to vote for Lizzie Saltzman in the honor council. Josie confronts her asking if she is running for honor council to spite Lizzie; Penelope releases the group before talking to Josie alone. Josie tells Penelope that it's low for her to do that to Lizzie, but Penelope just responded by joking about their former sex life by saying that Josie liked it when she went "low." This slightly embarrasses but angers Josie more, but she continues to argue with Penelope and threatens to crush her if she doesn't bow out of the election. However, Penelope only responds saying that Josie, in fact, crushes on her and that Josie knows she is right about Lizzie being unfit for office. Later when voting is taking place, Penelope casts her vote and she sits down behind Josie, while pointing and winking to her.


In Mombie Dearest, Josie just turned sixteen and she was supposed to have a birthday party with her sister Lizzie. Later at the Salvatore school, Josie, with Lizzie, saw her mother Josette Laughlin after they opened their father's office doors by siphoning the spell that locked it, as her mother was brought back from the dead. They reunite, and Josie feels ecstatic, trusting her. Someone later realized as the Necromancer possessed her mother making her bury Josie alive in the cemetery. Hope, MG, and Penelope help rescue Josie. When she returns back to the school, her mother wants her and Lizzie to siphon her magic away so she can not hurt anyone else. Josie is sad about losing her mother again even if she knows that it was for the best. Later, Josie and Penelope share a kiss.

In There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True, Josie returns home and unlike Lizzie, she's not upset at her father for not picking them up from the airport, having missed getting the updated itinerary. Lizzie, however, is fuming, expressing how since they were welcomed at the airport, they were forced to take a three-hour shuttle ride. Ultimately, she blamed Hope. Josie, however, brushed it off as Lizzie stormed from Alaric's office.

Unknown to Josie and everyone else, the next creature from Malivore had already arrived and set it's eyes upon Lizzie and granted her wish that Hope had never come to the Salvatore Boarding School. In this new alternate reality, Josie is completely unaware of Lizzie's action and wake to a new day of fight training with Alaric. Lizzie and Alaric join Josie down at the dock and while sparring, they gain the upper hand over Alaric. Josie goes low and Lizzie goes high, taking Alaric to the ground - years of training having paid off. With training complete, Alaric sends them off to give a tour to a new recruit, Jed. Josie's optimistic that they'll reel him in. Once the recruit arrives, Josie and Lizzie gives Jed a tour of the school, which to Lizzie is in very poor condition. With the tour complete, Josie wonders if Jed will stay. Lizzie comes to the conclusion that they're poor to which Josie reiterates just how expensive it is to run the school and how hard it is to get benefactors. She leaves her sister to go make sure that their father eats.

Later, Lizzie joins Alaric and Josie who are using newspaper clipping to find potential new recruits. Josie muses that Lizzie's being weird but Lizzie announces that she's found a way to help the school. She's spelled a globe to light up when a new supernatural being has awakened their power. Alaric and Josie are amazed and immediately find a bright light in New Orleans. They immediately travel and come to find Hope Mikaelson - a tribid and bring her back to the school. While Alaric spars with the newly recruited Hope, Josie expresses her happiness and that they're in the "game" for real now. Unaware to Josie and everyone else, however, Lizzie wishes that there was never a Salvatore School to begin with.

In the new alternate reality, Josie and Lizzie attend public school; Mystic Falls High School. Josie flourishes and, unlike Lizzie, is the popular girl and cheerleader captain; she's even has a boyfriend, Connor. As the day progresses, Josie confesses that she wants to take thing to the next level with Connor, to show him that she's a witch and as well as to have sex with him. When Lizzie confesses that Dana and Connor were secretly seeing each other, Josie defends Connor and ignores her accusation. Josie, angry with Lizzie, goes off on her revealing that Alaric hates his job and only works to keep an eye on Lizzie and that she's done making excuses for her sister and she's done letting her control her happiness. She demands for Lizzie to hand over the watch but Lizzie siphons the magic from it before handing it over. Fed up with Lizzie, Josie, flatly, tells her that she hates her and walks off. Lizzie overcome with her own pain and inability to get Josie to stop, exposes her magic inadvertently when she loses control. However, Hope, Kaleb, Jed, and Pedro arrive from the Mikaelson Boarding School to contain the situation, to set up a perimeter and compel the students to forget. They take them to the boarding school to offer Alaric a new position as headmaster. While Josie and Hope converse, laughing together, Lizzie meets again with Ablah and wishes that Hope was never born.

The resulting wish results in an apocalyptic alternate reality where supernaturals are hunted by Triad Industries. In this reality, Lizzie returns to the boarding house and though Penelope welcomes in Kaleb and Jed to the resistance, she wishes it was under better circumstances. Lizzie learns from Alaric that when the Salvatore Boarding House was turned into a rescue operation, one of the witches who was passing through told Lizzie of the story of the Gemini. Lizzie had one of her episodes and went dark, paranoid, and Josie became her biggest threat. Lizzie became obsessed with winning and when she lost control, she killed Josie.

Realizing the gravity of her mistake, Lizzie recalls her wishes by wishing that Ablah never met the creature that sent her to Malivore. Ablah grants her wish and effectively restores reality to where she and Lizzie never met and Josie never died by Lizzie's hand. With no memory of what happened with Ablah, Lizzie returns to the moment before her first wish. Josie meets Lizzie in their room and asks her not to be mad at dad. Lizzie immediately gives into her urge to hug her sister, but Josie, questions why she's suffocating her. Lizzie's clueless but Josie accepts it nonetheless.

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, Josie along with most of the school is infected with mind controlling slugs while preparations are being made for the school talent show. Earlier in the day, Penelope gives her a letter which Josie says that she won't read. Later, under the influence of the slug, she sneaks off with Penelope and kisses her. Though tells her that they're never getting back together. They also attempt to steal the urn, but are stopped by Hope and Lizzie. After all the slugs are dead and the talent show is back on, Josie sings a song she wrote on stage while the other witches dance.

In There's a Mummy on Main Street, Josie tags along with Lizzie, Hope, Kaleb, Alaric, Dorian, and Emma to Maple Hollows. While traveling in a minivan, the trip begins with Lizzie and Hope arguing, though Josie is happy to ignore it by listening to music. This only frustrates Lizzie further because she's left her alone in the conversation. Over the course of the six hour drive, Josie gets car sick and sings with everyone to pass the time.

Once they arrive in Maple Hollows Josie and the other, minus Dorian, check out the town. Alaric assigns the girls to check out the fountain. They turn up with no new information, though Lizzie continues to passive-aggressively bring up a fire that ruined their spring break three years prior. Josie tries to sway the conversation, that it's ancient history, but is stung by a hornet and immediately develops a large welt. Hornets descend upon Maple Hollows and Josie agrees with Hope that it's a plague. Josie, Lizzie and Hope take shelter in a restaurant while Lizzie and Hope continue to argue. Josie's welt develops further into a boil that makes her nauseous. While walking the streets, they find medical personnel in hazmat suits rounding up other people who have also been stung by the hornets. They reconvene with Alaric, Emma, and Kaleb at the FEMA Recovery Center and pose as a family. The girls are Alaric's daughters, from his first marriage, Emma is his wife, and Kaleb is both Josie and Lizzie's boyfriend.

At the recovery center, Hope recognizes Ryan Clarke. Josie inquires about him and Hope tells her that she and Alaric meet him in Kansas when they were traveling in Europe. Lizzie however continues to argue with Hope with Josie literally caught in the middle. She attempts to defuse the argument but Hope admits that she was jealous and would have liked a simple day with her family, but the fire in her room caused her to lose half of her stuff including a painting that she did with her father. Josie keeps quiet.

Emma gives Josie and Lizzie a crash course in offensive magic and they, Hope and Alaric walk down main street to confront the mummy, the monster who's to take the second key to Malivore. As they search for the mummy, Lizzie wants Hope to clear her conscience. Josie tells them that now is not the time, but Lizzie tells her that there is always time for the truth and wonders if she didn't start the fire, why was she so mean afterwards, if not for a guilty conscience. They continue to argue and both Josie and Alaric tells them to hush. Josie, however, spots the mummy walking straight for them.

Lizzie questions if they should rush it but Josie wants him to get behind them. Contemplating, Alaric agrees and gets behind the girls. Josie questions what could a mummy do to them but Hope doesn't know and that she thinks they're about to find out. The mummy unleashes more hornets but Josie and Lizzie take Hope's hand, siphoning magic, and casts a barrier spell to protect them; the hornets are repelled and the mummy relents. Lizzie wants to rush it but Hope wants to wait. However, the mummy attacks first, causing both Hope and Lizzie to vomit up beetles. Josie is quick to respond and casts a spell to protect herself from the mummy's curse. With Hope and Lizzie incapacitated, Josie attacks the mummy head-on using a projectile fire spell, incinerating the mummy on contact.

Back at the recovery center, Alaric predicts that the mummy isn't defeated so they wait around for its resurrection. Alaric predicts that the mummy is bound by the scarab in its chest. He wants Josie and Lizzie to siphon the scarab and the curse will be lifted and the mummy will be dead. Josie poses that they could just give the mummy the urn but Hope points out that the monsters that were release weren't exactly happy and balanced. As Alaric predicted the mummy resurrected and begins another rampage. Kaleb rushes the mummy and steals the scarab from his chest. He tosses it to Lizzie and they siphon the curse as the mummy unleashes more hornets. Hope protects them with another barrier spell, but the curse is finally lifted and the mummy dies. They bid Ryan farewell and leave back to Mystic Falls.

On the silent car rid back home, Hope reconciles with Lizzie, that if she believed Hope said all those mean things, then she hating her made sense. Hope questions who she had heard it from and Lizzie tells her it was Josie. Josie remains silent and looks away. Back at the boarding school, Lizzie asks why she drove a wedge between her and Hope. Josie admits that she didn't just lie, she was the one that started the fire. She confesses that Lizzie made a remark about her being obsessed with Hope. To conceal her truth, she lied and made those mean things up because she had a crush on Hope. She had slipped a note into her room but immediately regretted it. To hide what she had done, she cast a fire spell, only aiming for the note, but it went awry. Lizzie questions why that it mattered if she knew or not. Josie admits that any time she ever liked anyone, Lizzie would go for them and she'd always win.

In Let's Just Finish the Dance, Josie is helping preparations for Miss Mystic Falls. When Lizzie steps down from the competition, she hopes that her sister will choose her to run, but is disappointed when her sister chooses Hope instead. During dance rehearsal, when Josie attempts to trip and fall, Penelope smoothly catches her. Josie is mad at her for ruining Lizzie's plan. Penelope asks her if she had wanted to win the title of Miss Mystic Falls, which Josie denies and says Lizzie planned for Hope to win. Ignoring how upset Penelope is, Josie continues to help Hope win.

And then when later when Penelope shows up to escort Josie down the stairs, she reveals that she's going to fall onto Hope's biggest rival like Lizzie planned. This upsets Penelope, and she tells Josie that she could win if she wanted to. That she believes in her. Although Josie almost goes through with going down the stairs without incident, she catches Lizzie's eye and trips as planned. Frustrated, Penelope offers no help and asks her what she would do if she was no longer there to fight for Josie. When she's confused, Penelope tells her to read the letter, which she does. In the letter, she finds out that Penelope is leaving Salvatore School. After reading it, Josie heads over to tell Lizzie, shocked that her twin already knew. Hurt, Josie asked if her twin even thought to tell her, only getting more upset when Lizzie insists that it's good news. She tells Lizzie that she never considers anyone's feelings but her own. And that it was bad enough that her sister thought she didn't want to enter, but even worse that she not a single part of her thought she could win. Josie asks Lizzie if she even knows how good it would feel to compete, and in their mother's dress. She also reveals that the dress came from Klaus Mikaelson, Hope's father.

After going to meet Penelope, Josie begs her to stay. Penelope says that she had been waiting weeks for Josie to give her one reason to stay, but instead she got a thousand reasons to leave. She says that her heart cannot take Josie always putting herself second. And that she does not want to watch and see what happens to Josie next. Josie is confused, so Penelope pulls out a big book from her handbag, that had recorded all the writing her spy pens had collected. She hands it to Josie and tells her to read what her dad wrote about The Merge. Though Penelope doesn't stay, they affirm that they still love each other with a tearful goodbye, and a kiss.

In I'll Tell You a Story, Josie is still upset with Lizzie and is even sleeping in Penelope's old room. She is also looking into The Merge, and is upset when Lizzie tries to help. She also expresses disinterest when Hope tells her that Lizzie is about to crash, and that it was inevitable. When a confrontation happens, Lizzie admits she's just as codependent as Josie is. The two fight but Josie easily overpowers her sister. Eventually, Hope calls Alaric and forces him to tell the girls what The Merge is.

In There's Always a Loophole, Josie along with the rest of the school is faced with a Triad invasion, who believes that the third artifact is in the school. They discover that they are without their magic, and are left with no choice but to cooperate. Josie, along with Hope and Lizzie, go into Alaric's office to find a way to contact him. They're still fighting, having found out what The Merge is. When Lizzie says that they'll obviously lose because she's the "weak, broken one", Josie retorts with "and like clockwork -- victim". Hope interrupts, and they contact Alaric to tell them about Triad. While Alaric is on the way, Hope says that they will figure out a way to get their powers back and fight back. Unfortunately, a Triad soldier overhears and threatens them with a gun with bullets made from Malivore -- bullets capable of hurting supernaturals. When he goes to shoot Lizzie, Josie dives in front of her to take the bullet instead. Lizzie chastises her for it when the three are locked up in a cell. Fortunately, MG soon comes to the rescue and frees Hope so she can get the magic back on. When their father returns and helps, Lizzie attempts to siphon the magic that is killing Josie out, but it doesn't work. Instead, they go to help the rest of the students fight off Triad.

After the battle, a dying Josie waits for their father with Lizzie. He gives her Hope's blood which she drinks, and that saves her. Later, she's sitting with Lizzie and reveals that she stole the box their father was keeping hidden in his office. She sits with the rest of the students later as their father reveals that he was responsible for Triad getting in, a plan that was made in the event that the world would need protecting from the supernaturals in the school. He tells them to make the decision whether or not to keep him as their Headmaster. Unbeknownst to Josie and the rest of them, Hope was going to sacrifice herself to stop Malivore. Josie, along with everyone else, suddenly didn't remember Hope.

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Josie talks to Lizzie about events unfolding at the Salvatore School, including how their father is coping after being voted out of his position by the Honor Council. She tells Lizzie that he isn't doing too good, but will be fine eventually. Lizzie then reveals that she has found out some information about the ascendant, a mysterious device they created with Bonnie when they were five. Lizzie admits that details are still vague at the moment, however.

Josie discusses Malivore with Alaric, who reveals that there were at least two people they have forgotten about. Josie admits that if it was someone they knew then there would be keepsakes, and asks Alaric about the ascendant, but he brushes her off in favor of talking with Landon.

Josie speaks briefly with Lizzie again and the two discuss Landon. Josie tells Lizzie that they are just friends but Lizzie finds this hard to believe and sarcastically remarks that somewhere Penelope Park's heart has just exploded. Lizzie begs Josie to join her and their mother on their trip to Rome, however Josie declines the offer.

Josie helps Landon with a locator spell to find Rafael, but leaves to speak with Alaric about the ascendant before the spell yields any results. When she returns to Landon, he shows her the map that indicates Rafael has left the woods. He is upset and Josie tries to comfort him, eventually leading to the two kissing. Josie reveals to Lizzie that Alaric told her about the ascendant and that they have an uncle who is trapped in a prison world. The two agree to leave the ascendant alone after Josie reveals to Lizzie that Kai killed Jo on her wedding day.

In This Year Will Be Different, Josie and Lizzie speak about the Merge, having both agreed to leave the matter to their parents. Josie supports Lizzie when she reveals that she is going to have a year where she embraces opportunities.

While in class, she notices that Landon is getting attention from another witch, who is drawing a sketch of him, and Josie inflicts a spell on the girl, making her nose bleed. Josie and Landon agree to go on their first official date later that night. After the date, Josie feels awkward and pulls away from Landon, who asks her what is wrong. She admits that sometimes people have bad dates and it's alright everything will return to normal the next day. She leaves Landon in the Town Square upset and returns to her room on guise of illness. Landon later visits her room to apologize for the date, and Josie admits that she is allergic to sea weed but went along with the date because it is something he wanted to do. She confesses that she worries about their relationship, but the two seem to find comfort in one another and resolve their issues.

While in the kitchen making a sandwich, Vardemus approaches her and confronts her about inflicting the nosebleed spell earlier, and tells her to use "Chronolos" to delay the reaction of the spell next time. He reveals to her that through invite only, he's creating an advanced curriculum for advanced students and she's the first to be selected. He tells her that curfew is in three minutes, leaving Josie with a slight smile on her face.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Josie is present at an assembly where Vardemus announces that the students are allowed in moderation to using their abilities, which Josie fears it could cause exposure.

On the field, Josie tells Landon she will help him with the game, and casts a spell to improve his skills. She also notices that Landon is looking at Hope and asks if they know each other, and gets visibly jealous.

While taking a break, the team tries to find a replacement for Landon and eventually go back on the field. Vardemus hands Josie a spell and siphoning a little from Wade, she uses the spell, which snaps Ethan's arm. When this happens, Josie is visibly shocked and when Alaric comes to blows with Vardemus, the Stallions and Timberwolves begin fighting as well.

Later that night, Josie watches as Alaric leaves the Salvatore school grounds, and her nose begins to bleed, revealing the spell might have taken a toll on her.

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Josie experiences difficulties with the adverse effects of using dark magic. Professor Vardemus enters her room offering her a solution to the problem, however she declines, reciting that her father was right to forbid dark magic. However Vardemus simply states that Alaric had a reason to suppress their full abilities, asking that Josie never limit herself or shy away from dark magic.


Josie translates Kurutta for Dorian.

Josie later becomes comfortable with Kurutta, and helps translate his history for Dorian. She takes Kurutta to Mystic Falls High School when they hear that the oni is trapped within Rafael. She makes a comment about Hope when she notices that her and Landon were together when they trapped Rafael. She later locks Landon in Alaric's office with Kurutta by placing a boundary spell on the room.

After Landon escapes following the one's possession, Josie is quick to blame Hope. The two agree to do a locator spell together, however tensions begin to rise when Hope opens a personal note between Josie and Landon. They eventually track down Landon, but when they arrive at the Town Square, they find Landon dead and Lizzie chained to a tree having taken in the oni. Josie watches as Lizzie explains Sebastian isn't real and further begs Josie to kill her with Kurutta's sword. However she refuses, instead siphoning the dark magic from the sword and using this to expel the oni.

Following this, Josie is overcome by the dark magic and goes to Professor Vardemus to accept his help. He reveals that he has in his possession a mora miserium, a dark object with the ability to negate the effects of dark magic. Vardemus warns Josie that the effects are permanent as long as the hourglass does not shatter.

Later, Josie and Landon begin making out, before Landon pulls away and tells her that it is too early in the relationship for the two to have sex.

In Screw Endgame, Josie talks with Landon as they set up for the 80s Decade Dance. She reveals that Alaric won't be in town later that night, hinting to the two having sex. Landon has difficulties coming to terms with this, and talks with Dorian about it.

Getting ready for the dance, Landon arrives to walk Josie down the stairs. Josie tells Landon — who is incredibly nervous — that the two do not have to dance. Landon is relieved, as he thinks this is a metaphor for having sex, however it is quickly made apparent that Josie literally means dance, not sex. At the dance, however, Landon suggests the two should take the "dancing" elsewhere, and they retreat to Josie's bedroom.

In the bedroom, the two begin making out, but Landon leaves to find a condom. He is gone a while, and Josie begins to hear Penelope Park's diary scratching. She reads the diary, and finds that Landon has written a song about Hope prior to forgetting her. This upsets Josie, and she asks if they can take things slow when Landon returns.

In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Josie visits Freya Mikaelson in New Orleans. Freya questions what she is doing in New Orleans looking for her, and Josie reveals that she needs help with a dark magic spell. Freya tells her to go home, as she should not be touching that kind of thing, however Freya changes her mind when Josie reveals that she has forgotten someone.

The two work together to decipher a spell in one of Esther's grimoire's before Freya takes a phone call from Keelin. When she returns, she finds Josie looking at photographs of Hope on the wall at Rousseau's. Freya questions who they both have forgotten, but Josie blasts her back with dark magic and leaves. She calls Caroline from a payphone, revealing she has the ability to return everyone's memories, but doesn't know if she will.

Returning to Mystic Falls, she uses the dark magic to blast the croatoan, returning everyone's memories, including those Sebastian lost. Josie talks with Lizzie, questioning who she thinks Landon will pick, however Lizzie is unable to answer.

In It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, Josie has an awkward encounter with Hope, who are both wondering who Landon will choose. Hope offers Josie Emma Tig's prism, which alleviates the tensions to a degree. She later uses the prism to talk with her subconscious, questioning if Landon will choose her of Hope, however he is unable to answer. From this, she gets the idea of creating a duplicate of Landon and throwing this into Malivore instead of Landon. It takes a conversation with Vardemus to convince him, but he eventually okays the plan.

Later in the day, Josie meets with Vardemus, and explains that she feels angry and a plethora of emotions over Landon — she questions if the mora miserium is broken, however it is revealed to be intact. Vardemus encourages her to channel her emotions and rage into the trident from earlier, which she does. As she does, however, Vardemus' disguise fails and it is revealed to Josie that he is Ryan Clarke. She passes out, however, before she can say anything.

Later, she talks with Hope, who tells her that she wants her to come back to the school and misses her. During the conversation, the two notice a scratching, which Josie reveals to be Penelope Park's diary. In it, they read as Landon writes a goodbye note. Josie welcomes Hope back to the school, citing that she belongs there, with or without Landon.

In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, Josie is among those affected by the Christmas cheer, brought on by Santa Claus' presence. Later on, Landon returns to the Salvatore School, asking if the two can talk. He tells her that she is beautiful, and a wonderful woman, but that the two can not be together as he still loves Hope. Landon tells her that he doesn't regret any of the time the two spent together, but leaves her alone in her room crying. At the end of the day, she gives Alaric a plaque with his name and position as "Headmaster" on, welcoming him back to his position at the school.

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, Josie attempts to fix the rapidly-degrading mora miserium. She is unable to do so, however, but finds herself stuck in a dream-like vision of what the future holds if the sand clock smashes. The vision shows total devastation at the Salvatore School and Josie is overrun with dark magic. The vision unsettles her, however and she is brought back to present events. She uses this as an excuse to research the mora miserium, but finds little to help her. She is confronted by Dorian who asks what she is doing, but manages to pass it off as an assignment from Professor Vardemus. Hope interjects when Josie is talking with Dorian and offers to help her with the spell.

Hope shows her a spell they can use to slow down the degradation and tells her that she has heard quite a few things surrounding mora miseriums from a fellow witch and old friend. She helps Josie with the spell but reminds her that if the sand clock breaks, the magic will infect her. Josie struggles with the entire situation and asks Hope why Clarke chose her. Hope replies that she is stronger than she thinks, and tries to make her feel better by explaining her first moments when she escaped Malivore.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, Josie, Alaric and Lizzie attempt to fix the mora miserium using magic, but are unable to do so and all efforts fail. Lizzie suggests sending the mora miserium to a Prison World, however Alaric refuses and Josie tells Lizzie that Alaric will not let them anywhere near their crazy uncle. They accept Alaric's decision, but continue to look at ways of slowing down the mora miserium from breaking.

Later, Alaric realizes that he should trust his children more, and agrees to allow the twins to create a new Prison World for the sand clock. They enlist the help of the coven and are successfully able to send the sand clock to a 2028 Prison World. Unbeknownst to them, Alyssa Chang has also cast a spell of her own, and sends Josie, Lizzie and Alaric to the 2018 Prison World.

In Kai Parker Screwed Us, when realizing that they have been transported to a dangerous and unlikely place, Alaric rushes Josie to retrieve the mora miserium and bring it back to the Salvatore Boarding House. Josie questions why they're rushing and alert, given that Kai is desiccated after years of hunger.

When she returns with the sand clock, she is shocked to find an old friend, Jade in the Prison World. Josie is confused, and asks what Jade is doing in the Prison World, however Jade is rude and only wants to feed on Josie. Josie is saved, however, by a mysterious figure she eventually realizes to be her uncle, Malachai Parker. Kai takes her to the Old Mill, where he has been hiding out, and tells Josie that the students — whom all formerly attended the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted — run the Prison World and hunt him down each day, killing him for sport. Josie reveals the situation surrounding the mora miserium and its degradation and how she came to be in the Prison World due to Alyssa Chang.

Despite fierce opposition from her father, Josie is keen to trust and work with Kai to escape the Prison World. This leads her to the rash decision of chaining Alaric up, similar to how Kai was chained up by Bonnie Bennett ten years prior. Kai tells Josie what they need to perform the ritual, but is surprised when Josie reveals that she didn't bring Bennett blood; Kai reveals that there is blood at the hospital, and after the two agree to trust one another, they head to Mystic Falls Hospital.

When they arrive at the hospital, they are surprised to find Jade, who has drank all of the blood in the storage room, thus leaving them with no access to Bennett blood, and therefore no way to power the ascendant. Nevertheless, Josie reveals that she has a vial of Bennett blood, and pulls it from her pocket. It is eventually revealed that Kai is the master behind the Prison World and is actually working with Jade. He takes the blood from Josie after immobilizing her, and flees to power the ascendant. Jade takes her to the bar Alaric is trapped in, and she is privy to Jade allowing Alaric 24 hours before Josie is killed.

Shortly after, Josie receives a call from Kai, who is furious to have found out that the blood was actually an illusion, and a small bottle of vodka. He tells her that her mother, Josette too thought she was smarter than him but ended up dead. It is revealed that Kai is about to jump into the Malivore portal in order to escape the Prison World. Kai gives Josie one last piece of advice, that she needs to break the sand clock and become a monster to escape; he warns her to be quick, as when he jumps into the pit, she will forget the conversation ever happened.

In You Can't Save Them All, Josie is more powerful than ever due to the breaking of the mora miserium. She uses the dark magic to force Jade's humanity back on, and Alaric questions what she has done, realizing that Josie is somehow different. Josie remarks that she has "fixed" Jade.


Sebastian becomes the anchor.

Later, when Josie helps save Lizzie's life, she realizes that something is missing from her memory, and therefore must mean that someone has been consumed by Malivore. They are next seen at the Salvatore Boarding House and Josie reveals that the Prison World is made of magic, therefore can be siphoned in order to allow them a way out; she formalizes a plan that allows her family and friends to escape, whilst she remains behind. When it comes to finally performing the spell to allow her family to escape, she is successful in allowing Alaric, Lizzie, Jade and Wendy return to Mystic Falls, but is approached by Sebastian before the spell is finished. Sebastian tells Josie to tell Lizzie something a better man would say, and then touches her, becoming the anchor to the spell and allowing Josie to return home. When she returns home, it appears that the dark magic has been left behind and Josie has returned to her former self.

In There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, Josie participates in Emma's simulation; in the simulation, she is Lizzie's assistant. After the murders begin, Josie is accused by Jade of ordering the poisoned champagne—a clear attempt on her life—to gauge the interest of the press onto Lizzie; this failed, however, and Emma died within the simulation.

It quickly becomes apparent that Josie is willing to take the blame for the murders to protect Lizzie, but she is eventually murdered herself by the unknown assailant. It is later revealed that Josie has been overcome by the darker version of herself, who tries to kill Lizzie once and for all within the simulation that she has taken control of. Hope helps Lizzie defeat Josie, however Josie does not awaken from the simulation. When she eventually does, she is trapped within the werewolf transition space, but escapes confidently by blowing a hole in the roof and setting a large portion of the school on fire; this is presumably fixed by the students afterwards.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Josie returns to the Salvatore School to plan her birthday party. She comes armed with minions and, when MG tries to console her, she acts out of character and begins to siphon him.

Hope and Lizzie later talk but are interrupted by Josie, who reveals that she and Lizzie will Merge later that night; if Lizzie does not show, Josie will begin killing those closest to her. Hope and Lizzie formulate a plan to deal with Josie, however this relies on Lizzie winning the Merge. Lizzie believes she cannot win the Merge and leaves the Salvatore School out of fear.

LGC215-097-Hope~The Necromancer-Josie~Chad

Josie and Hope fight.

Meanwhile, at the arranged time, Hope arrives to take Lizzie's place and fight with Josie until MG is able to convince Lizzie to return. The two brawl and Josie is able to get the upper hand before being interrupted by Lizzie, who saves Hope. Josie and Lizzie begin the Merge and—as she predicted—Lizzie loses and all hope appears lost. Unbeknownst to Josie, Landon and Hope have formulated a plan-b and were aware that the possibility of Lizzie losing the Merge was high; Hope has placed herself within Josie's subconscious when she was asleep in a bid to find the real Josie.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, while inside Josie's subconscious, Hope is told (by a pig) a story of how Josie cast a sleeping spell on herself in order to protect the world from the darkness within her. Hope is brought to a table where Josie is lying, but is unable to wake her and the pig jokes that Hope should try kissing her.

Shortly after a battle with the darkness, Josie is revealed to be the pig in disguise. Josie reveals that she thought she could trick the darkness and allow Hope to get to safety; this failed, however. After a brief conversation with Hope, the darkness attacks Josie. Josie cowers in a corner, but soon realizes that she can beat the darkness if she fights. She tells the darkness that she was afraid of being powerful because it meant hurting Lizzie, but now she realizes she can be both like Hope. Josie takes on the darkness head-on and is able to subdue her, before receiving warnings that she will always return.

Meanwhile, Lizzie extracts the darkness from Josie and transfers it into the Necromancer to honor his deal with Alaric. After Josie wakes, she transfers her magic into a coin—much like her mother and Bonnie Bennett did previously—until she is ready to use it again.

In We're Not Worthy, Josie struggles being the outcast of the witches, given her prior behavior. The witches, nor the rest of the Salvatore School have forgiven her for her actions and only a minority are willing to associate with her.


Josie is embarrassed in front of the school body.

When the witches, led by Alyssa Chang begin taunting Josie, Lizzie decides that she must return to her former abusive self in an attempt to persuade the witches to forgive Lizzie. In an attempt to do this, she has Josie made the captain of the witches at the Salvatore field day, but Lizzie is reluctant to listen when Josie tells her that she can no longer practice magic. This ends badly for Josie who is severely embarrassed in front of the entirety of the school body; she tells Lizzie sternly to keep out of her business given the witches have a right to be angry at her for her behavior.

In Salvatore: The Musical!, Josie finds to difficult resonating with the other members of the Salvatore School surrounding the musical organized by Landon. Josie tries explaining her feelings towards the direction of the musical, but is largely ignored by those involved. Things become increasingly difficult when Dr. Goodfellow breaks Josie's arm in an effort to exclude her from the musical therefore allowing Hope to take her place.

After the musical, Josie talks with Jade, who uses a healing spell to fix the break in her arm. Josie tells Jade that she no longer feel at home at the Salvatore School, nor that the school is a good fit for her moving forward. Jade tells her that she should explore life beyond the walls of the Salvatore School, and the two kiss before Jade departs the Salvatore School.

In Hold on Tight, Josie pretends that she is writing a paper on the lives of the students at Mystic Falls High School and begins asking Ethan numerous questions. The two talk about how Ethan's football career has been ruined with his funding pulled after the accident that hurt his shoulder; Josie apologizes, but Ethan is unaware why she is apologizing, being largely responsible for the incident.

Later, Josie agrees to help her father and the other members of the Salvatore School Group to battle against the Necromancer. Josie finds she is of little use without her magic, however and is convinced to take the magic back in an effort to help their friends. As the day ends, and they successfully defeat Alyssa Chang, Josie tells Lizzie that she is leaving the Salvatore School in an effort to explore a human life at Mystic Falls High.

In This is What It Takes, Josie struggles with her decision to begin a new adventure at Mystic Falls High. She tries to pull out of the tour with Finch, but finds herself thrown even deeper upon meeting the mysterious student. After the tour, Josie opens up about Lizzie's reaction and feelings towards Josie leaving the Salvatore School, but Finch tells her that her happiness is just as important as Lizzie's.

When Josie returns home at the end of the night, Lizzie tells her that whilst she isn't fully okay with Josie leaving the school, she is supportive of her feelings and wants her to be happy. With this, Lizzie shows Josie an outfit she has picked out for her, citing that nobody at Mystic Falls wears a uniform.

In To Whom It May Concern, Josie attends her first day of school at Mystic Falls High. She finds Dorian at her locker who welcomes her to the school and she learns he's now principal. She mistakes the decorations draping her locker as a welcoming from him, but it's actually Finch's doing, who also appears and greets her.

As the day progresses, she finds herself in chemistry with Finch, who sits next to her. Finch informs her that it belongs to her lab partner, but the position is open. The bell rings and Finch comments on how she's having a good day. She admits that everyone has been really nice and helpful, she didn't expect to feel so welcomed. As she goes through her bag, she finds a note from Lizzie, telling her to focus on herself. Finch inquires about the note, but Josie realizes that she's not even thought about her sister all day. Upset, she abruptly leaves class.

At lunch, she sits in the hall away from the cafeteria. Ethan finds her and wonders if she couldn't figure out the social order. She explains that she prefers this, and questions his reasoning for not sitting in the cafeteria with the football team. He admits that he saw someone who could use a friend. He gives her a bit of advice and tells her that it gets easier. They both share a commonality of being separated from their siblings. She asks if he ever feels guilty for staying behind. He does, sometimes, but he remembers that they would want him to be happy.

Following from her talk with Ethan, she goes to find Finch. She apologizes for acting weird, but Finch admits that she can be a lot - especially with the decorations and flirting. She, however, has had one of the best days ever in a long time, and that freaked her out. Finch relates to her and shares a bit of her history and how she emancipated herself at fourteen. The hardest part was feeling guilty for getting out, but she deserves to be happy; just like Josie does.

In Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right, Josie leaves the Salvatore School, but finds a city messenger out at the gate. The messenger has something from town hall - it's a property tax lien on the school.

Later, she runs into MG in the kitchen, knocking flour all over him. Fundraiser Day is going good. Too good, in fact. Everyone loves his cookies, and unlike him, the oven doesn't have vamp speed. She offers her assistance, but she has to be back at Mystic Falls High by lunch. Likewise, MG can't spend all his day baking cookies.

With MG in tow, she heads to the garden. He's impatient but Josie is looking as fast as she can. She has a study date to get to with her new lab partner, Finch. She's looking for herba fermentum and explains that it's a leavening accelerant and if he were to put it in his dough, it'll bake in half the time. MG inquiries about any herbs that would help with illusion spells, but she doesn't. She finds what she's looking for, rather, she's found two similar herbs but doesn't know which is which. The one that MG wants, however, tastes like cinnamon and suggests for him to pick one for her to try. Immediately, she begins expelling her true thoughts, like she is not ready for a real date and that he wasn't good at baking. She apologizes to MG, who has chosen incorrectly. She ate Blue Calamus, otherwise known as 'Truth Weed'.

Josie doesn't dare leave and lays down on a swing. MG wonders if they should leave, as they both have places to be. She doesn't see the point. She's already late and reveals that even entertaining the thought of dating Finch is a bad idea. The people that she loves always leave, or hurt her or both. MG tries to convince her otherwise. He's been dumped and cheated on, but that can't stop her. She confesses that she doesn't want to, because repressing things has taken her to a super dark place, but the truth is she's scared. MG tells her that she can't let fear stop her from being honest with the people she cares about. MG decides to take his own advice and encourages her to get to her study date.

Josie makes her way back to Mystic Falls High, but doesn't find Finch. She does find Ethan and learns that Finch caused a scene at lunch, everyone saw. She admits that it was her fault and tells him that she needs to see her. Ethan reveals that she works nights at the Grill and offers to drop her off. He warns her to be careful with her, as he used to do with his sister.

At the Square, she finds Finch who gives her the cold shoulder. She apologizes to her for missing their study date. She was interested in her but it freaked her out. She wants to get to know Finch better but she has so much baggage and doesn't want to mess it up. She proposes to her that they go on a real date if she can give her a chance. Finch turns her back to her and tells her that she works doubles on the weekend. Defeated, she turns to leave Finch, but she's sure that they can find a time that works best as she drives her home. She happily agrees and climbs behind Finch on her moped.

In Long Time, No See, she spies on Lizzie and Hope as they prepare a spell. She lies about looking for her chemistry book, but Lizzies begins to force her out of Landon's room. She admits that she heard it was about the ascend and Landon and offers to help, but Lizzie forces the door closed on her.

Putting the morning behind her, she heads to school. Later, she and Finch discuss options for their first date. Finch mentions mini golfing and pleads with her that she's not one of those people. She mocks Finch for dissing her favorite sport and suggests they're not compatible. Finch suggests that as well, as all they can agree on is that they want to go on a date, but can't decide on the 'where'. She proposes to Josie that perhaps they go on a 'ditch-date' and encourages her to take a walk on the wild side. Before she can agree, Hope interrupts their plans and inquires further about the help she previously offered.

Hope thanks her for coming with her, but she admits that her not mentioning the cemetery helped, considering she was once buried alive. Hope needs this place as it's a hotspot and has a perfect view of the celestial event. She understands that Lizzie was trying to protect her this morning, but is happy that she finally came around, but wonders where she is. Hope reveals that she's probably pissed as she explicitly went behind her back and involved her. Not only did Hope lie, but because she came to help Hope, Finch is now mad at her. Hope brushes off her frustration, believing she had no other choice since she believes that Lizzie bailed on her. Hope believes that if she takes her magic back, they can save Landon.

As night begins to fall, she paces back and forth contemplating Hope's actions. Hope reminds her that the planetary transit will be visible just after the sun goes down and a decision needs to be made. She's angry and conflicted and wonders if she even understands the risk that she's asking her to take considering the last time she had magic. Hope believes that she's stronger than the darkness, but will be right by her side. She reminds her that, even though she went into her mind before thinking that she needed to be saved, but in reality, she pulled herself out from her own darkness. In truth, Mystic Falls High was supposed to be a fresh start. A new her without magic, monsters, or drama. Hope believes otherwise, these things are a part of her and always will be. She can't run from them and guilts her into remembering that she's the reason that led to the creation of this new prison world and Landon being trapped there. Despite this, Hope wants to focus on the good and hates the position she's put Josie in. She's made her decision and wants to help.

Josie prepares the space to perform the spell but Hope reveals that the ascendant isn't in her possession. Alaric had Lizzie spell the ascendant but it shouldn't be a problem for a fully operational siphon witch to break down the barrier. Hope reveals that she has her coin that contains her siphon power. Lizzie, however, appears and takes the coin from Hope. Hope wants to skip the verbal sparring and get to the actual fighting and demands that she give the coin back so they can perform the spell. Lizzie refuses, cloaks the coin, and tosses it into the field. Lizzie will take her place. Josie doesn't want her to do this, but Lizzie is adamant that she must. She is Lizzie's blindspot, just as Landon is Hope's. She stops protesting Lizzie's wish and tells her that she loves her.

With the preparations complete, Hope and Lizzie tell her to leave the circle and to not step back in. No matter what happens. She watches as the two begin the spell and a portal opens to the prison world. It's working, but Lizzie begins to experience pain. The ascendant and spell is corrupted and dark magic is flooding out from the portal. She believes that the prison world is equivalent to being radioactive as the Necromancer was full of it when he was banished. It's infecting them both. She begs Lizzie to let go, but she can't. Hope wants to continue and that they just have to push through. Josie demands Hope to let go, that they could die, but Hope refuses. She doesn't want to abandon Landon again. Lizzie screams as dark magic infects her and Josie steps inside the circle and grabs the ascendant, taking in dark magic as well. Landon appears from the portal and destroys the ascendant, sending them all flying through the air. Landon is free and it's not a dream. He's real.

The next day, Alaric gives her the magical test results - she is free of black magic. She's safe to return to Mystic Falls, which is still her choice. If anything, last night was a painful reminder of why she needs to distance herself from this place. In fact, she did as he suggested and has spoken to Caroline. She's learned that they have a friend in town with a spare room and wonders if she can use it, at least for a little bit. Though he's a little sad, he encourages her to live the life she wants so that she's safe doing it and takes her off to school.

In Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?, MG has officially joined her at Mystic Falls High school and sits with her at lunch. Specifically she gives him tips to fit in considering this school is clique-ier than the Salvatore School. Ethan joins them and introduces himself. He remembers him from their flag football game and MG wonders if he has any pointers because he wants to join. Ethan tells them both that he's been cut.

To her dismay, she learns that Alaric is stepping in as a sub for the gym teacher. She believes him to be spying on her given his questionable timing and urges MG to not use any of his vampire powers. Meanwhile Ethan nearly gets into a fight with Blake and Alaric has the class run laps. Letting out his anger they witness Ethan kick a ball and Alaric has him go pick it up. Ethan doesn't notice the truck barreling down the road towards him and MG is forced to use his powers to save him.

Josie accompanies her father, MG and Ethan back to Dorian's office. Alaric wants MG to erase his memories in order to keep their secret safe. Ethan offers to keep the secret himself but Alaric can't risk it.MG attempts to compel his memories, but they quickly learn that Sheriff Mac has instructed Ethan to take vervain, he's been taking it as a supplement for his arm. Josie steps out with her father to talk privately while the vervain wears off of Ethan.

Later that night, Alaric walks Josie back to the Gilbert House, where she's staying in town. They sit on the steps and chat. She believes that the conversation was going to be about her willing to do black magic, again, with Hope and losing her chance to go to Mystic Falls High School. That would be pretty hypocritical of him, but understands why she would think that. He explains that he doesn't condone it, but he knows she was just trying to make up for a past mistake. Kind of like what he's trying to do between them. He tells her that there is nothing more important to him than she and her sister. To end, he tells her that she can always talk to him about anything and doesn't want to keep each other in the dark. All he's trying to do is let her grow up a little.

In All's Well That Ends Well, Josie is surprised by Lizze at Mystic Falls High School. She's upset that she told their father she has a crush before telling her own sister. However, she's there to help. She doesn't want Lizzie's help. She wants to fix it the regular way without any magic.

However, Lizzie doesn't leave it alone and, while cloaked, causes Finch to drop her books that causes her to help. She and Finch talk and agree to have lunch together. With step one complete, they move on to number two. Lizzie gives her a class on rom-coms and tells her that step two is sneaking out to a bad party together. Step three they can skip and four is where the real fireworks happen. Josie doesn't like what Lizzie is suggesting. She doesn't want to manipulate Finch and wants her to actually like her. However, Lizzie is blunt with her. She informs her that is never going to happen because that would require her to actually shoot her shot. This upsets her and she makes up her mind to ask her out on a real date and storms out of the classroom.

At lunch, she owns up to her feelings for Finch and asks her out, because she likes her in a way that she hasn't liked somebody in a really long time. She asks her if she wants to hang out tonight, but Finch tells her they can't. Disheartened, she asks about the next night, but Finch blows her off again and walks off.

Josie returns back to Lizzie, saddened. They believe she's missed her shot and is dating someone else. Josie is content with letting Finch be happy but wants to know who she's dating. Lizzie offers to do some invisible spying.

Later that night, Lizzie comes back to tell her what's happening. Lizzie tells her that Finch is seeing someone else and it's serious. She thanks her sister for keeping her from months of spiraling. Lizzie confesses that she should have let her find out on her own, but felt like she didn't need her anymore. Josie knows the feeling. Lizzie stays the night with her and they cuddle.

In You Can't Run From Who You Are, Josie comes back to the school, only to find it empty. It's a three-day weekend and business is usual. Hope is with Landon performing a spell, and Wade, in a suit of armor, scares her. She's come to talk to Lizzie, but she's left. Instead, she borrows the prism and decides she'll talk it out with her subconscious. To her shock, 'Dark Josie' appears before her.

She doesn't understand how this is possible. She destroyed her an ax. Her subconscious tells her that she's been hiding inside her, waiting for the perfect time to escape. But she is just as gullible as ever. 'Dark Josie' is really just her subconscious projection. Josie admits that she has trust issues and doesn't believe her, though her subconscious tells her to drop the prism and she'll disappear. Josie does and 'Dark Josie' disappears. Her subconscious is practically harmless. She believes the prism to be malfunctioning, but deep down she must want to hear what she has to say. She does know all of her weaknesses and knows exactly what's wrong with her. 'Dark Josie' tells her that if she really doesn't want to talk to her, all she has to do is just drop the prism. Josie doesn't and they chat.

Her subconscious tells her that she is never gonna have that happy human life that she wants. She didn't want her opinion on her future. She asked why all of my romantic relationships are such disasters. Dark Josie has answered that. The problem is not the relationships. The fault lies in her. She never said that Josie couldn't have "a happy life." They both know that she can't have a real relationship if she's repressing an essential part of herself. She's a witch who's pretending that she isn't. Josie believes it's her subconscious trying to trick her into taking her magic back. Like it or not, Josie could have asked any of her friends the same question, but deep down, she already knew the answer. Meanwhile their conversation is interrupted by Landon and Hope is in trouble.

Hope has some sort of magical infection and her astral self is stuck in the prison world. They need to find what bite her in the prison world, though the school is empty. They talk with Wade and he deduces that the creature is a berbalang. Left unchecked, she'll also turn into one. Hope is already undergoing the process and attacks them. They run and seek shelter in the kitchen, but Hope breaks in and attacks Landon. Josie breaks off from them to figure out how to stop Hope's transformation based on what Wade has told her. She finds what she needs, but the spell is in Sanskrit and doesn't remember anything from the one class she took. Using the prism, she's sure that her subconscious still remembers. With the page in hand, 'Dark Josie' translates; to stop a person from becoming a berbalang, you need a pearl-bladed weapon. The blade also needs to be imbued with an enchantment. Josie refuses. She's not going to take her magic back just for her to take back control. Josie however doesn't understand. She already lives within her. If she's so strong and good, why is she so afraid of her own power, she wonders. Josie decides to take back her magic and stops berbalang Hope. Running out of time, Landon has no choice but to stab Hope with the enchanted dagger.

That night, Hope apologizes to her. This is the second time where she's been in a situation to take back her magic. Josie admits that it was time. When she defeated her darkness, she wanted to make sure that it never happened again. But in a way, that was kind of like letting the dark part of her win. It's a battle that's always going to be with her, and she doesn't want to run from that anymore.

In I Was Made To Love You, Lizzie magically sends Josie a letter indicating that she's left for a wellness retreat. In the letter, she tells her that Finch is a werewolf. She confronts Alaric, who had hoped to tell her herself, but Lizzie felt bad about what happened. She also inquires about what he's working on. Josie can help though; she's back in the game. Alaric refuses, because of what it involves, but decides to give her the option to make the decision for herself.

Alaric confesses that he believes the Necromancer is back again and responsible for the monsters. Hope and Landon saw his dead body in the prison world, which means he should have come back to life. He believes he did, but resurrected in their world as opposed to the prison world. She decides she can perform a locator spell if she has something of his. They have history together and hand her his grimoire. Josie doesn't lie. She's a little afraid of it, but not of him and performs the spell. To their surprise, the spell works and they find him at a funeral home, though he's amnesiatic, and insists on going by Ted.

Alaric believes it to be a charade but never-the-less they tell him everything that he's done to them. Ted believes the whole situation to be prosperous. Alaric instructs her to place a shield spell and leaves Ted with a grenade and Josie to watch over him.

With a different perspective, Josie and Ted talk. She would rather be here than confront Finch. But with all the drama, trying to get Ted to remember who he is seems less impossible to accomplish. In truth, Ted convinces her that she should tell her how she feels because she sees people doing that every day, although for them, it's too late. Alaric walks in as the corpse that Ted was trying to raise comes to life. This startles Ted and he drops the grenade. Alaric tries to re-pin it, but Ted throws it into the coffin. Josie protects them both with a spell from the debris.

At wits end with Ted, Alaric moves on to plan C, which involves torture. However, Josie stops him, getting him to remember his control issues. She assures him that they'll find another way.

Taking Ted's advice, she goes back to Mystic Falls High School and confronts Finch. They talk and eventually come to terms with one another as she still likes her. She regrets not saying it before. Knowing what she is now, she assures her that her father built a school to help young supernaturals. If Finch is willing to give it a shot, she can find the courage to come back if she's there with her. Finch embraces her in a kiss and Josie's magic causes the lights overhead to spark

In One Day You Will Understand, Josie finally gets Finch to have breakfast with her at the Salvatore School. She eventually agrees to a school tour, but is approached by her father to be an impartial judge with Cleo. Both Alaric and Kaleb believed she would be perfect considering they don't know each other. She attempts to build trust with Cleo, sharing her experience with black magic and how she did terrible things to the people she loved because of it. However, Cleo tells her she is not the villain here. She was taken by Malivore as a child and forced to create. Cleo opts to show her a portion of her time with Malivore and takes her hands and shares her memories. Josie sees Cleo's time with Malivore and how she was eventually inspired to create a vessel for Malivore. She, however, wanted her freedom, but when Malivore denied this, she betrayed him and cursed him to the vessel she created for him.

With their short time at an end, she reports back to her father. Alaric believes that Cleo has also convinced her just as with Kaleb. Josie cites that Cleo was taken and forced to do black magic, unlike her who chose to do it. She thought their situation was similar but she was wrong. She asks if Cleo was his daughter, like she is, would he be treating her like this. He can't play judge, jury, and executioner with Cleo's life. The entire mission of the school is to help supernaturals, not to condemn them to an eternity of loneliness.

Returning to Finch, she finds her and Jed wrestling and wins. Finch made a friend and has enjoyed the time with the Salvatore pack. They have a heart to heart and she apologizes for pressuring her to attend the school. She does want to go here, but agrees to join but on one condition. The condition that they make their status official; girlfriends. She accepts Finch's proposes and embrace one another.

In This Feels A Little Cult-y, Josie sits with Finch as Mr. Springthorpe announces the roles for their play, Romeo and Juliet. Hope enters but is dealing with anger issues from the fallout of her breakup with Landon, even witnessing her release a large burst of magical energy.

Following her out to the Old Mill, Hope doesn't want anything from her. She admits that Hope controlled herself better than when she and Lizzie had the school tour, however, wonders if she could help her with another problem. She explains that Lizzie went on a witchy wellness retreat and she hasn't heard from her in over a week and believes she could be in trouble. Still wanting to release her anger, she accepts, believing there might be something she can punch.

Sometime later, they arrive near the retreat in the woods. Hope believes them to be too exposed, but Josie suggests they just introduce themselves. Hope realizes all too late that she's been tricked and Lizzie is already there to greet them both and happy to see them. She was expecting them because she and Lizzie have been talking about Hope coming since Lizzie first got there. Hope is angry but continues, obviously that it's a trap. When they enter the grounds of the retreat, the witches are happy and frockling among themselves and Lizzie gives them a tour. Hope comments that it looks like a cult while Josie asks about the crystals around the witches necks. Lizzie explains that each colored crystal represents a step on the pathway to enlightenment. Blue is the top step. Samantha's crystal, however, is red; she was Andi's star pupil until her petty jealousy and anger knocked her down several pegs. Another blue crystal witch summons the witches for afternoon enrichment. And Lizzie brings them to Andi.

Eventually, she falls under the effects of Andi's "teachings" as did Hope. She follows Andi's every command, even after Lizzie breaks the effects of the psychotropic drug that controlled her. After Andi captures Lizzie, she commands Josie to watch over Lizzie until she can be used as a sacrifice. Lizzie, however, learns that if he pushes enough of her buttons, she can force her out of the mind controlling effects of the drug. Lizzie basically blames her for the events that have transpired and she breaks free, yelling at Lizzie for indoctrinating them into a cult. Back to normal, they devise a plan to free Hope and stop Andi, but the plan is stopped when Samantha knocks Lizzie out and Josie reveals herself to be free from the drug's effects. Andi commands Hope to deal with Josie, while she prepares the other witches. Josie uses the same method that Lizzie used on her. She tells Hope that she's been blaming Landon for their breakup, but Landon did the one thing that she wasn't strong enough to do. Hope snaps out of it and dispatches the witches, leaving Andi by herself. With no other option, she sacrifices herself to complete the summoning ritual, but throws a chalice filled with the drug at the witches.

Later that night, they wait for the summoning ritual to complete, but quickly fall under the effects of the drug. As a being is raised from the crater, they're blasted into the air and knocked unconscious.

In A New Hope, Josie is under the effects of the psychotropic drug that Andi dosed her, Lizzie and Hope with. They're in a shared hallucination based on a story that Lizzie wrote when she was young, as well as a sequel that Hope added to. She is J-O 513, a service android to Lizzie, Princess Saltzstar.

Eventually the effects of the drug wears off and the three of them wake up next to the crater of the wellness retreat. Hope believes that her fate is sealed and she's destined to become a fully activated tribrid to destroy Malivore. She tries to convince her otherwise, but Hope wonders when she should just stop fighting it. Josie tells her that she doesn't. Lizzie confirms that right now is different. She's still a work in progress, but definitely a better version of Lizzie Saltzman. And Josie has become stronger and more independent. She tells her that there is no reason why she can't be whatever you want, too. A new Hope. Josie believes that she only became the tribrid in their hallucination because she did it alone. She has friends and they won't let that happen.

Hope notices footprints leading away from the crater. They follow them to Andi's cabin. Lizzie wonders if it's Andi's, but Josie believes them to be from someone else. The show cuts off and finds Ryan Clark wrapped in a towel, newly raised from Andi's death.

In Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It?, she, Lizzie and Hope confront Ryan Clarke, newly raised by Andi's summoning spell. She confirms to him that Malivore is still sending monsters, but Lizzie berates both her and Hope for giving him any information. Lizzie casts a sleeping spell over him and lets him fall to the floor unconscious. She declares that the adults will handle him once they return to the school. Following suit, they load him up into their car and make their way back to the school.

On their way, they stop at Lakeshore Stop 'n' Shop for gas and snacks. While Lizzie is inside, Hope wonders if seeing Ryan must be traumatizing for her after everything that happened in his wake. She confesses that she thinks that being traumatized is her permanent resting state. Hope believes that will change if they ended Malivore, once and for all. She agrees with Hope, but without the help of Ryan. Hope is convinced that their only other option is her going full tribrid. She doesn't believe that, but regardless, they can figure it out back at the school and remind her that it was nearly destroyed, along with her, by Ryan's lies. With the tank full, she leaves to join Lizzie inside, leaving Hope with the car. However, Hope runs off with Ryan and their car leaving them stranded at the gas station.

Josie attempts to get in contact with someone at the school, though nobody is answering the phone. Lizzie contemplates walking back, but she's more concerned for Hope as Ryan has talked her into doing something. Lizzie, on the other hand, believes that Hope has made her choice and she clearly didn't choose them. Lizzie assumes it has something to do with Landon and comes up with the idea to find Hope a rebound guy. She's not convinced about Lizzie's plan, but by happenstance, Ethan pulls up into the gas station and offers them a ride back to the school.

Later that night, they arrived back at the school. Lizzie can't stop going on and on about Hope and how wonderful she is to Ethan. Lizzie gets another idea to give him a tour of the school but she objects. She reminds her sister that they need to update their father on Hope's surprise field trip. Lizzie knows she's right, but opts to let her do it herself and brings Ethan into the school. Finch comes outside and greets Josie upon her arrival back to the school. Given the situation with Ethan, she asks for Finch's help in hiding supernatural related material from Ethan's impromptu tour. Finch wonders why they just can't have a vampire compel him should he see something he's not supposed to, however, Josie objects. Instead of explaining, Josie, again, asks for Finch's help. However, Josie is forced to cloak them and the items she's holding to prevent Ethan from finding them. However, when she releases the spell, Finch is gone.

Later, after Ethan leaves, Josie finds her reading by the fireplace, claiming to have been looking everywhere for her. She thinks Finch is mad at her, but Finch doesn't want to have secrets between them considering the ones her family hid from her. She decides to tell Finch the truth and explains that last year, she used black magic during their football game and broke Ethan's arm, which lost him his football career. This year, they were forced to compel Ethan to forget the supernatural world, and cost him his friendship with MG. She believes they hurt him in so many ways that he doesn't even know about and doesn't want to see him hurt again. Not by her or her sister. Finch admits that Lizzie is a lot, but it was because of her meddling that ended up with her being at the school. Finch suggests they should look on the brighter side of things instead of dwelling on the past and assuming the worst. She believes that, maybe, things will be different this time. Lizzie enters and she immediately assumes the worst has happened. Lizzie confirms that her plan has utterly failed and that Ethan asked her out, as opposed to Hope. Moreso, she said yes.

Sometime later, Hope returns to the school and casts the purge spell again. Their memories of Cleo are returned to them, confirming the spell has worked. Hope apologizes to him for running out on them and, of all people, it was Ryan who really made it set in. She promises them to never do it again. Josie joins her, along with the others, in the gymnasium to confront Malivore who has taken control of his vessel, Landon.

In You Have to Pick One This Time, Josie stands with Alaric, Kaleb, Lizzie, and MG during an emergency squad meeting that's interrupted by Hope. She's surprised that there's a barrier spell on Malivore's cage and more surprised about the session with her. Alaric explains that the session was about how they're going to deal with Malivore and how Hope would fit into that plan. MG explains that the plan is to hopefully find Cleo and have her inspire a way to free her along with Landon. Hope is upset for not being included, but Kaleb reasons it's because of the way she prioritizes Landon. Josie explains that is the reasoning behind the barrier spell, too. Lizzie suggests she sit this mission out, but they hold a vote.

Heading to the library to collect some books on the Mystical Anatomy of the Human Mind, she bumps into Finch who inquires about the books. Josie simply tells her that it's for a group project. Josie doesn't tell her and Finch brings this up, considering it happens a lot. She reinforces that it won't be forever and she'll make it up to her. Finch tells her she can start with their bowling date. Lizzie barges in, questioning if she's canceled her date, unaware of Finch sitting in the chair. Lizzie thanks her on Josie's behalf, but Josie opts to reschedule and not cancel.

In the gym with preparations complete, Lizzie and Josie join Kaleb and Alaric, intent on going through with their plan. Malivore is already aware of the head dive as Josie siphons the barrier spell. He warns them that they'll be charging right into a mental trap. Josie is cautious, suggesting this isn't a good idea. Malivore backs her sentiments up, as he's aware of what they're doing they'll be entering his conscious mind and not his subconscious. Kaleb and Alaric proceed into the Kaleb and begin the head dive. Distracted, MG and Hope uncloak themselves and begin their secret mission into Malivore's subconscious. Josie and Lizzie remain watchful of the four of them.

Josie and Lizzie are on standby and watch over the pairs should their plan backfire. Lizzie sits on the gym floor, siphoning magic from the school and suggests Josie do the same. She's had it with her sister's treatment and rebuffs her, telling her to stop telling her how she should feel. She tells Lizzie that she can be really dismissive about her relationships but she quips back that she and Finch aren't serious. At that moment, Finch's awkward appearance catches them off guard. Finch has decided to bring the date to her and they could do a compatibility quiz so all three of them could get better familiar with one another.

Lizzie asks a few questions and she and Finch are in sync with their answers. Lizzie promptly retorts that they've only known each other for three weeks and poses a made up question if she's ever been in a relationship that ended in heartbreak. Josie tells her that she doesn't have to answer, but she does so regardless. Finch tells her that she has and that people grow and change and you just hope it's in the same direction. She agrees with Finch's answer, much to Lizzie's dislike. Finch takes over asking questions, and wonders where they see themselves on their 25th birthday. The mood turns sour and awkward, but Lizzie notices that Malivore has awakened from the head dive, seeing MG and Hope on their secret mission.

Lizzie attempts to pull them out of the head dive, but Malivore isn't letting them leave. Finch learns that Malivore is the group project that Josie spoke about and offers to help any way she can. Lizzie turns her down, citing this is strictly witch territory. Josie searches several grimoires and has located a spell to sever any mental connection. However, they have a problem; it's a chain spell, meaning they need to siphon from a person and not the school. Finch offers to let them siphon from her, as much as they need, despite the risks.

As Lizzie prepares the spell, Josie wonders if Finch is sure she wants to do this. Finch explains that she's dating a Gemini, and being siphoned was bound to happen sooner or later. Finch has been researching her coven and that's why she was in the library. Josie tells her she could have talked to her, but Finch retorts that she's always off running on another secret mission. She found out some information, but the book she was reading from had some pages ripped out. Before they can continue the conversation, Lizzie has finished preparing the spell. They begin siphoning from Finch and cast the spell. Eventually, Kaleb, Alaric, MG and Hope are released from Malivore's hold on their minds.

Later that night, Josie finds Finch curled up in the library. She's still a little woozy and she brings her some soup. Josie apologizes to her, but Finch doesn't need one. All she wants to know is why, because she feels like everytime she learns something, Josie pushes her away. Josie tells her that is how it is and she'd like to change it, but it's hard. Finch asks her if she would rather have a relationship that's fun, easy and stays the same, or one that's honest, hard, and grows. She wants both, but Finch forces her to choose. She accepts the latter, but doesn't want to scare her off since there are certain obstacles with being a Gemini witch. They're the kind that make people you love leave. Finch doesn't scare easy and Josie accepts her resolve. Josie explains that the pages that were missing in that book are about something called the Merge.

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, Hope brings together her, Kaleb, MG, Wade, and Jed and explains the memory that Cleo shared with her. Toegether, if they can find a way to replicate the spell, then they can transfer Malivore out of Landon. Since MG pointed out that Malivore was trying to splinter them, Hope's adapting and open to collaboration. The team agrees to the plan and they begin work on preparation.

During preparations, Finch brings her an entire bucket of salt. Candidly, she asks her if she wants to come to Italy with her. They could visit her mom in Europe over the break, if she wanted to come with her. Finch, however, doesn't give her an answer.

Back in the great hall, Hope performs the transfusion ritual. Wade attempts to keep Malivore, rather Landon, pain free with fairy dust, while Josie warns that she needs to go faster. Hope hesitates, fearing permanent damage to Landon. Jed watches over Ryan, who struggles with the transfer, unable to help. The spell fails and they're expelled from the therapy box. Alaric and Ryan immediately realize they've failed again, adding to the other ten failed simulations. Hope demands to run it again, but Josie counters that they're doing something wrong. Hope can't be the one to perform the spell. They all have something in stake. If Hope can take a step back and trust her, she can perform the spell.

Hope decides to hand over the spell to Josie, though Ryan is immediately concerned. Josie hates him, with good reason, but Hope reassures him that she won't let anyone hurt him, including Malivore. Jed and Wade lay Malivore on the table while Josie lights the black candle. Malivore is under a sleeping spell, within a binding circle. Ryan continues to worry, but eventually agrees and wraps the transfusion braid on his wrist. Hope hands off the braid to Josie and she siphons from Finch and promptly begins the spell.

Josie performs the transfusion ritual and Hope sits on the sidelines, talking to Alaric. Hope believes she wouldn't have to put them through any of this if she'd just become the tribrid. She used to think that she'd do anything for Landon, but hesitates on this. Malivore, however, begins to wake from the sleeping spell, shocking Wade who's dosed him with fairy dust. Alaric holds Hope back and Josie picks up the pace with the ritual. Finch grabs her hand and she siphons, completing the spell. Ryan wakes, though he's still himself. So is Malivore, but he reveals something has happened. Malivore whips the transfusion braid, knocking over the black candle and Ryan begins to lose control of his faculties. As he runs away, he throws Jed into the adjacent wall, knocking him unconscious.

Later that night, Josie checks on Ethan with MG. Ethan is still out cold and Josie believes he'll be okay, just slightly concussed. She leaves to resolve things with Finch at the Square. Things got intense and Finch took an extra shift. She's still coming to terms with the Merge and lets it slip that there is nothing peaceful about counting the days until she loses someone she loves. Finch doesn't know if she can do this, despite the declaration of love. Finch tells her she's sorry and leaves her sitting on the bench alone.

In We All Knew This Day Was Coming, Josie approaches Finch as she and Jed talk. Josie attempts to give her peace offering, but Finch declines. Finch is still not in the mood for stories, as she's still coming to terms with the Merge, whereas Josie has had a year. Josie tells her to take her time and whatever she needs. Finch needs to know if she's actually going to try and win. She realizes how terrible it sounds, but she can't still if she's already decided she's not fighting. MG interrupts them; he and Josie have squad business to handle.

She, Alaric, MG, Kaleb, and Lizzie arrive just in time to see the creature fall, but when Hope turns back, they realize that the monster was another missing student; Blake.

They all return to the school, Hope and Alaric storm off. MG, Josie, Lizzie, and Kaleb listen from afar, the vampires using their enhanced hearing. Hope is adamant on turning. Josie calls Dorian to see if he can help Alaric, struggling with Hope's decision to turn.

After Alaric leaves, he wants them to reconvene in the library, though she and Lizzie remain behind to support Hope.

She and Lizzie interrup Hope as she's gathering supplies. They're here for her and ask what she needs. Hope needs a favor. There's someone that knows Landon and she needs them to get her there. With their help, they send Hope to the 2028 prison world to talk to Rafael.

She and Lizzie eventually pull her from the prison world. Once she's back, they explain that they've set up a meal at the Old Mill to spend Hope's last day alive together. Hope accepts.

Wade and others share stories about Hope, such as she casting a spell on a professor to only speak Sumerian or when she was taken control of by the slug. They enjoy her company and laugh at the various stories. MG asks what she'll miss most. Hope recounts that witches lose their abilities to do magic when they complete their transition. Not being able to cast another spell is something she'd miss, particularly with Lizzie and Josie. Speaking of, they've prepared a spell for the three of them to cast. They join hands in a circle of branches and other herbs and as they cast, the nearby Cherry trees begin to blossom. Beneath them, a sapling sprouts. They explain that it's a promise of new life and a life full of promise. The three of them embrace in a hug as Alaric approaches. Hope is now ready.

With the celebration over, Finch and Josie reunite at the Old Mill. Josie admits that she won't say she would try to win because that would mean murdering her sister. But Finch already knew that. Josie realized she needed an excuse to run. She knows she spent her life running and it's easier if it's the other persons' fault. Finch tells her that it's never easier but doesn't know of an alternative. Josie explains that she should stay anyway. Hope is doing the unthinkable but she is surrounded by people willing to walk through it together. Some day, the unthinkable may happen to her. She doesn't know what she'll choose in that moment but she needs someone that will love her no matter what she chooses because she wants to be surrounded by people to look death in the face with her. She wants someone to love her enough to stay and fight, even if it's a lost cause because she's worth it.

In See You On The Other Side, Josie learns from Jed that Ethan and Kaleb, enthralled by Malivore, are enthralling the townies. As Jed reports back her, Alaric, Lizzie, and MG, they decide they need to save the townies and find a way to bring back Landon and Cleo. Alaric is aware that Malivore plans on trying to split them up and fight on multiple fronts. However, that's exactly Alaric wants to do. He knows what each of them are capable of doing, and the group agrees. Alaric will go to the abandoned train station, alone, and face the townies to rescue Hope. He leaves the other two fronts for MG to lead. Lizzie and MG will see if they can free Ethan and Kaleb, and Josie and Jed will find a way to rescue Cleo and Landon.

Josie goes through the Necromancer's Grimoire when Finch stops by. She knows she owes Josie a conversation, but that's not why Josie has called her here. Jed enters with the banshee candle and Wade has a bucket of salt. Josie needs all of them to be her last line of defense. She asks Jed and Wade to clear out the school and not to let anyone come in or out of her room. No matter what. They accept and clear out. Finch questions her motives, and Josie explains that she's going to use black magic; an extremely advanced summoning spell from the Necromancer's grimoire. She's going to try and pull Landon and Cleo out of Malivore. Finch doesn't think she belongs there, considering it's witch stuff, but Josie needs her support. Josie goes on to explain that Cleo spelled the candle with a muting spell. If something goes wrong, Finch needs to light the spell to stop her from being able to speak. Finch agrees to her ask.

Josie sits in a salt circle casting the spell as Finch paces the room. Josie begins to lose control of the spell, her nose bleeding black and the wind picking up. Finch is too late with the candle and her darkness overwhelms her. When Finch crawls out from under the bed from lighting the candle, "Dark" Josie is lying on the bed and she snuffs out the candle as she greets Finch.

Josie questions Finch's facial expression. She did warn her that her situation was complicated. Finch brushes her off and believes it to be ridiculous. She doesn't know why the others call her "Dark" Josie. Finch tells her that she's into Josie just the way she is. First off, she hasn't done anything scary yet, and this is her. Finch doesn't buy it. She's not the only one with a dark side, but Josie takes offense that she's trying to compare her black magic dark side to her werewolf dark side. Finch ignores her, and admits she used to try and hide her other side, but Josie taught her that there's a place for all of her. Finch tries to reason with her. She can't be Josie is one side of her is trying to overtake the other. She doesn't need to fight it. If Josie can't love her other side, then she'll love it for her. Finch embraces her in a kiss and Josie comes back to her senses, pulling her out of the darkness.

Wanting to try again, Jed brings Josie Cleo's sketch pad. There's a drawing of her grandmother. Wade wonders if she had any luck with summoning Landon, but she didn't. She doesn't believe she has the power to do so without going to the darkside. Finch suggests that she can siphon from them. Wade and Jed agree and they all step inside the circle. Josie begins to siphon and casts the spell again. Finch believes in her.

Josie completes the spell and with Jed, Wade and Finch surprised around her. She questions if it worked and Wade motions to her side. Cleo has been pulled from Malivore. They're all happy to see her and Josie is surprised she did it. They all embrace in a hug until Wade asks about Landon. Cleo gives them all a disappointed look.

Finch remains in Josie's room, asking if she should stay and help clean up, but that's a problem for tomorrow. She asks if she wants her to just stay, period. Josie asks her about her feelings towards the Merge. Finch admits that it scares her and Josie believes they should talk about it. Siphoning from her, she telekinetically closes and locks the door. Removing her shirt and leading Finch to her bed, they take their relationship to the next level. Finches eyes glow as she kisses Josie and Josie causes the salt to explode in tiny fireworks.

In I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me, Josie awakes in bed but doesn't immediately find Finch. She's hidden under the covers and scared her, believing she left. Finch quips that she had given her a whole speech about how she deserved better. Josie asks her what she wants to do for the day. Since Cleo is back because of her, she believes they should celebrate. Lizzie screams for Josie, gaining both of their attention.

Lizzie and Josie are at the hospital, the former an emotional wreck. Alaric has spent his life protecting this town and now his life is in the hands of doctors who she feels aren't smart enough to save him. Dorian is out of the country visiting Emma and their mom is in the Congo. She believes that MG's blood can fix their dad. As Lizzie is ranting Josie reminds her to calm down. Everyone can hear her, though Lizzie refuses. Alaric is fighting for his life. They've already lost Landon, Josie fully believes that their dad is going to pull through. There's no reason to think of any other outcome. MG arrives, using his vamp hearing to listen to Alaric's updated status. He's out of surgery and stable. Lizzie wants MG to see him soon, but he's not sure if he'll be able to fix him. Kaleb and Cleo arrive shortly after, asking about Alaric and Hope. Lizzie is furious to see him.

Lizzie, Josie, and MG dive into Alaric's mind. They replay his last memory of his confrontation against Hope, learning she's the one who's attacked him and left him in a coma. Left for dead, Lizzie rushes over to Alaric, though he's only a memory. Lizzie is furious. If Hope was here right now, she'd kill her. Josie doesn't believe that killing Hope is no longer possible. Though it doesn't matter. Her humanity is off and she doesn't want them around. Lizzie believes the best way they can protect their friends is to keep them in the dark. If they knew Hope was the one to do this, they would want to go after her and she'd likely end up murdering them, too. Josie demands for her to stop saying that. Their father is alive, all they have to do is find him. They're in his mind, so he has to be here somewhere. Josie believes that his psyche has left them a trail to follow and they set off.

They come to another memory, or a nightmare of Josie's. It's their eleventh birthday and it was utter chaos. Lizzie remembers it being sweet, but Josie has another account. They got into a fight with Alaric because he brought Hope, who they didn't invite. Josie remembers that Hope then filled their cake with worms and Lizzie retaliated with a Motus spell. Hope tried to Incendia Lizzie's dress and she put up a shield spell and it deflected her and set their presents on fire. She questions why their dad would want to revisit this day. Lizzie muses that it's the day they learned Hope was evil and when he actually took their side. They continue with the memory, and find Alaric and young Hope in his office. However, it's not quite what Lizzie expected. Josie wants to leave, since that's not their father, it's the memory, but Lizzie wants to see what he said to her. Alaric is disappointed with Hope, but eventually Alaric consoles Hope and takes her side. Much to Lizzie's dismay, they push through to another memory.

Lizzie and Josie find another, older memory of Alaric as the school was under construction. He's arguing with Emma, believing they can't open the school if they enroll Hope Mkaelson. Emma's psych evaluation is full of red flags, but she believes that's the point of the school. Alaric refuses. Hope has the potential to be the most powerful supernatural being who ever existed and she's a ticking time bomb. Emma doesn't like that phrase, more pointedly, him changing her words. In her professional opinion, if they screwed up, the decision would likely haunt them for the rest of their lives, but far less than not trying. She reminds him of all the good that Hope is capable of doing under the right guidance. Alaric's mind is made up and he leaves. Before they can continue, they're forced out of his mind. Lizzie is mad at MG, but it wasn't his fault. Alaric seizes and his heart monitor races as a group of nurses crowd his room.

Later, Josie informs MG that Alaric has had a hemorrhagic stroke. A fancy way of saying his brain is bleeding. They don't believe they can do anything to fix it. His brain is still showing signs of activity, and he may still be able to hear them, though the prognosis is grim. MG doesn't accept them. Alaric has alway taught them to try harder, to be better than humans. The timing is off, but he admits they've been going about this all wrong. There's no point in following Alaric around, they need to get ahead of him and figure out where he'll go next. Lizzie believes it will be about Hope, but MG disagrees. He's been there with them and believes he knows exactly where Dr. Saltzman will go next. Josie proposes that one of them remain behind, just in case something happens. Josie finally accepts there could be another outcome. She doesn't want to be alone either, and MG decides to go with her. Josie sits at Alaric's bedside.

Lizzie and Josie sit in the waiting room. Josie is regretting her decision and she should have been there with her. All she did was watch as he slowly slipped away. She should have told Lizzie she wanted her to stay behind instead. But she didn't. She needs to get better, because they have a way of staying with her. Lizzie apologizes and, again, admits she's selfish. Something she doesn't say often. They forgive each other and Lizzie resolves to find a way to bring their dad back. As they leave the hospital the school is there, holding a vigil, supporting them and Alaric. Finch embraces Josie in a hug and kiss as Jed plays his guitar. Kaleb and Cleo arrive in time for Wade to light them a candle. Lizzie embraces Ethan in a hug, then MG before bringing them all together. Kaleb confronts Lizzie and appears to reconcile their differences.

In You're A Long Way From Home, Hope walks down a deserted street in New Orleans, but comes to a stop. Hope quickly notices Cleo, who claims to only want to talk. She, however, is merely a poor distraction while the others get into position, which doesn't go unnoticed. With their cover blown, she, MG, Kaleb, Jed, and Ethan step out and they all confront Hope. Hope questions if her warning was too subtle, though they're here to help. Calling Kaleb a traitor, MG tries to rally them, to not let her get into their heads. Cleo tries to reach out to her, but Hope makes the first move. Using her magic, she blasts them outward. Kaleb recovers first, but Hope uses her vampire speed to throw him back into a wooden table, staking him in the process. Taking the stake, she throws it at MG, killing him, too. Cleo, now back on her feet, tries to use her magic to subdue her, but Hope is quicker and immobilizes her first. Jed rushes Hope, trying to overpower her with physical attacks, though she's stronger and manages to rip his heart out. Ethan, still new to his powers, has no choice but to run. He disappears and runs away, but Hope can still hear him. Using a manhole cover, she decapitates him. With Hope momentarily distracted, Josie casts a sleeping spell on her and she collapses to the ground. Hope is prepared, however, and fakes out the spell to gain the upperhand against Josie, vamping behind her to break her neck.

In Alaric's office, Lizzie skips Ms. Featherwood's class and Josie berates her for it. Lizzie scours numerous texts, looking for something to help her father, claiming that people grieve in different ways. However, Josie keeps having to remind her that their father isn't dead. Alaric remains in a coma, not exactly alive, as Lizzie puts it and scolds Josie for missing their meeting from hours prior. Josie explains that she was with the others, attempting to figure out what to do about Hope. This angers Lizzie, believing that Josie is more sympathetic for Hope as opposed to their dad, since the former was the one to put him into a coma in the first place. However, Josie rebuttals that they saw all the same memories and this isn't what their dad would want. Besides if anyone is powerful enough to heal him, Josie believes it's her. She's mad too, but they can't do this without her. Lizzie believes otherwise and puts Alaric first. If Lizzie finds a spell to help, she'll be there to help.

Getting off the phone with Freya, Josie explains to Finch that Hope made it very clear that she didn't want to have any contact with her family. Josie elects to think like her dad in this situation. Finch tries to calm Josie, but she snaps at her. The last time she relaxed, Alaric was in a coma. Josie apologizes for biting her head off, Finch brushes her off, electing to get out of her way.

She, Kaleb, MG, Ethan, Wade, and Jed organize a training session to hone their abilities. MG and Josie take point and watch as the other boys get into position. Jed wants to follow MG's instructions, citing that Kaleb should create diversion against the fake Hope. Kaleb however, doesn't want to leave the take down to the B-team and moves in first, disregarding Jed. MG has Josie begin the trial and she casts a spell to create mini bursts of lightning. Wade is struck first and MG tells him he's dead and to walk it off. Jed wants Kaleb to vamp them past the lightning, but Kaleb ignores him, going on his own. Jed is struck next, and MG tells him he's dead too. Kaleb continues to fake Hope, dodges one trap only to be fake-staked with another trap. MG tells him he's dead, but Kaleb doesn't accept MG's ruling. While they argue, Jed encourages Ethan to teleport behind fake Hope. Still having trouble with his powers, Ethan barrels into Kaleb, knocking them both to the ground. Jed sticks up for Ethan, at least he's trying to use them. Jed continues to push Kaleb until his anger gets the best of him and he breathes out a fireball, narrowly missing Jed and Ethan. Kaleb runs off the field and Josie suggests they take five weeks. Cleo barges on the field and tells MG and Josie that they may have a Lizzie problem on their hands.

Josie confronts Lizzie, gathering ingredients for her spell. She doesn't want to believe it, but Cleo was right. Lizzie admits that she wanted a spell and Lizzie has found one, no less in one of Alaric's journals. Josie tells her they can't go through with this spell because they're not murderers. Lizzie, however, wants to do the spell. People die in that hospital every day, all they need to do is find someone who's really sick. Dying a day early won't make a difference, plus they'll be saving a life, too. Josie is adamant that Alaric wouldn't want to come back this way, but Lizzie disagrees. There was a time in Alaric's life where there was no such thing as too far. If Lizzie won't listen to her, then the others are just outside and won't make it past them. Lizzie however prepared for that. She has the Illusion Ring and intends to walk right past them as her. Puting the ring on her finger, she appears as Josie. She siphons from the ring and casts a sleeping spell on Josie.

At the hospital, Jed and Ethan accompany MG and Josie. They are to stand watch as they'll check the ICU. Josie, however, finds Lizzie leaving a room as she collapses to the floor. Josie knows she didn't go through with it, but Lizzie admits that she almost did. She found someone on the brink of death, but his daughter was there, similar to their own situation. She thought she knew what the right thing was, but she always talked to her dad about it. Without him, she feels like she doesn't know what the right thing to do is anymore and feels like everything is on pause now. She can't guarantee she won't do something worse tomorrow. Coming to terms with her actions, she admits she needs help and rests her head on Josie's shoulder for comfort.

Cleo is ejected from the device as Lizzie and Josie enter the gym. They would like to use the Therapy Box and ask for a minute alone.

Finch reunites with Josie who's struggling with being alone. She attempts to apologize for what she said earlier, but she gets it. She thought Josie was going to join Lizzie in the box, but Lizzie didn't want her to. Finch believes that Lizzie was right, some problems other people can't fix. Josie is still concerned and admits to her that there was a moment where she thought Lizzie went through with the spell and Alaric was back and she wouldn't have to figure this out alone. However, Lizzie's gone now too and she doesn't know what to do. When Lizzie is around, Finch believes there's no room for her to be messed up. She takes Josie into her arms and cuddles her. She tells her that she's not the Therapy Box, but she can hold her and she can be whatever she needs her to be. The world won't fall apart if Josie breaks down. Finch holds her tight as Josie begins to cry.

In Someplace Far Away From All This Violence, Josie finds MG, Ethan, and Finch in the upstairs lounge. She's been up all night going through Alaric's old journals, learning that Caroline once turned her humanity off too. She believes within his journals there are clues that can help them get Hope's humanity back on. Specifically with Caroline, her mom had written her a letter before she had died. Caroline never got to read it, but Stefan showed her a memory of what she missed when she burned the letter and the emotion from that was enough to turn her humanity back on. Ethan questions if they need to write Hope a letter and burn it, but that's not the point Josie is making. They need to get to Hope emotionally and remind her of her family, friends, and her home. They need to find the right idea that's powerful enough to break through to her emotions. Finch reminds them that whatever it is, it needs to be good and fast. Each time they confront her in the simulation, they end up dead. They will only have one chance and it has to be the perfect idea. MG knows Josie's next thought; they need some inspiration from Cleo.

Josie, MG, Finch, and Ethan gather with Cleo out in the garden. The key to bringing back Hope's humanity lies within their past and Cleo tasks them with focusing on their fondest memories they've shared. Ethan and Finch share worried looks with one another. Regardless, they're each inspired with potential ideas on how to reach Hope's humanity. Josie's idea will need a lot of preparation whereas Cleo's will require some digging, though she's uncertain it will work. Ethan and Finch are rather new to their collective friendship and don't have many memories of Hope and come up short. MG wants them to leave it to those who know Hope best. Before they can continue, a magical alarm sounds, stemming from Alaric's weapon cabinet which Josie spelled after Cleo first tried to kill Hope. MG assembles the squad and vamps off with her and Cleo, leaving Ethan and Finch behind.

In Alaric's office, Hope stands in front of his empty weapons cabinet. Josie questions why she's here, but Hope only quips that she's preemptively annoyed with the weapons gone. Cleo believes the action to be prudent, given their history. MG questions why she even needs weapons. Hope explains that it's a long story, but she may need to kill some vampires, werewolves, and witches and the school is a one stop shop. Josie mistakes Hope comment for a threat against them and the school, but she clarifies that she's talking about the Triad. However, if they don't get her the weapons she needs, she begins before being cut off by MG. They'll give her anything that she needs, but in exchange for what they need first. Hope makes it clear that she could kill them all, though they're well aware of that, just like she knows they will do just about anything to get her humanity back. Josie explains that Hope might as well let them give their best shot first, unless she's too scared. Hope entertains the thought. If she allows it, and they fail, they will have to let her go. Otherwise, she wonders if she'll have to find her absentee mother. The last point is merely a joke, sort of. Cleo doesn't want anyone getting hurt, including Hope, and questions if they accept their terms. All she'll have to do is listen. She questions who she'll have to listen to, but MG tells her all of them. Admittedly, she has some time to kill before she has to kill and agrees.

With MG's idea, Salvatore Idol underway, Josie is out in the garden collecting herbs and found by Finch. Finch explains it's going more like a roast than a game show and that she is missing on the not-remotely-fun they're all having. However, her turn is quickly approaching. Josie isn't prepared yet, wanting to go last. Finch however reinforces that it's almost her turn and things aren't going well for them. Speaking of her idea, it clearly involves black magic as being with her, she's learned of the scary herbs hidden in the back of the garden. Josie believes that bringing out her dark side might help turn Hope's humanity back on. Finch believes that to be a bad idea, but Josie reminds her that she's the one to help her see that she can control her darker impulses, at least for a little bit. If MG's plan is going as bad as she's making it out to be, this may be their only remaining option. Finch has another idea, though. While the others have been preparing their ideas, she and Ethan have been researching the humanity switch. It's easier to reach a vampire's emotions if they're weakened physically first, meaning they can drain her of her blood. That, however, is not an option. The slightest act of violence can break the covenant spell and if they do that, Hope can go full medieval on them. Josie's plan has to work. Finch is still concerned that it won't work and they can't just let her walk out of there, knowing what she's capable of. Josie employs her to trust her, all she needs is a bit more time.

Dar Josie confronts Hope, telling her that she should pick on someone her own size. She demands for Ethan to do his blinky thing and take her unconscious girlfriend out of there. Hope questions what took her so long, though all Josie needed was the proper motivation. Hope mocks Josie for going soft if it was Finch being in danger to bring her darker self out. Finch is just what she needed to let her loose, though. She's here to put her down and wonders if she's up for a rematch. Hope is intrigued, believing that someone finally gets it. When it's time to fight, Josie has to rely on her darker half. She's not there to fight; however, she's here to snap her fingers. Hope is in a similar situation as to Jade who also had her humanity off. She's going to snap her fingers and turn Hope's humanity back on. Hope remains confident as Josie snaps her fingers.

Hope has bad news. Josie's trick didn't work, but she figured that. She's akin to an Original and she doesn't even have the power to do that like she did to Jade. She just wanted to see what would happen, if she could see fear in her eyes. Hope is adamant that she isn't afraid of anything. Hope throws her the truth sphere and it begins glowing red. Hope's lying. Hope crushes the orb, but Josie now knows the truth. Hope is afraid of her own humanity coming back. Of feeling what it felt like when she killed Landon. Hope can cling to her defense mechanism all she wants to, but when it crumbles, she'll have a bigger mess than before. Hope unleashes a spell against Josie, a burst of electricity arcing towards her that she easily siphons. Hope can't outrun her trauma forever. Hope rushes Josie and throws her through the gym doors. Josie recovers and is no longer her dark alter-ego.

Hope commends Josie for her smart move, but playing the weak defenseless Josie card isn't going to work either. Josie believes she's reachable, but she mocks her, citing that she could just kill them all and never have this conversation again. Josie believes she won't for the same reason Hope didn't kill Alaric. She doesn't want to kill them and her humanity is there somewhere. Hope finally realizes they're never going to give up on her and immobilizes her with another spell. Josie is unable to respond as Hope figures out what to do with her.

Hope traps Josie within the therapy box. MG takes her body and lays her down on her bed. Inside the therapy box, Lizzie meets Josie. It's odd, because it's meant to be empty, but Josie explains that Hope came to the school and trapped her within. Hope isn't too far gone because she didn't kill them. Lizzie, however, knows exactly how to fix Hope. Josie doesn't understand her meaning, though Lizzie's game is over and released from the box.

In You Will Remember Me, in the Therapy Box, Josie's simulation begins. She's Dr. Josette Saltzman, a surgical intern at Mikaelson Memorial Hospital. She's making out with Finch, a paramedic, but has to cut their time short because she's been paged. Josie apologizes, but Finch tells her to save it when she ends up missing their date later that night. As she leaves the darkened room, she tells Finch to wait five minutes before she leaves. Like her mother and father she intends to be a surgeon, but currently, she's barely holding it together. As she walks away, she knocks on another door, signaling to Lizzie. After she leaves her room, MG and Ethan flee the room as well.

Josie contemplates her position in the hospital, which is named after Dr. Klaus Mikaelson. She stands in a gallery, watching Hope perform a coronary artery bypass graft. This is her story after all, not hers. Dr. Hope Mikaelson is technically an intern like herself, but already a legend. Lizzie comes in behind Josie, annoyed, though the latter is watching Hope pioneer a new surgical technique. Lizzie should be here watching and learning, too. As she admires Hope's work, Hope has a tremor and the patient goes critical as Hope falls to the floor.

Dr. Death runs the hospital. He can kill anyone's career with a snap of his fingers and the only person Hope is afraid of. Josie finds him, concerned about what happened to Dr. Mikaelson. She's resting, though she should be working. Josie wants to know if she'll be okay, but he reveals that she has a rare genetic condition, called CMT, which he believes is what caused her tremors. It's not treatable and Dr. Ted demands her to get back to work. Josie doesn't want to give up on Hope and all the people she could help in the future, though Dr. Ted doesn't want to hear it. No one is indispensable and Dr. Mikaelson's career in surgery is over.

Josie finds Dr. Kirby, the attending on call, and pulls him into a dark room. He mistakes her actions, as they've been done for almost a year. She needs his help, rather Hope needs it. She explains her situation and how Dr. Death is going to the board to revoke Hope's license. She needs to get into the personnel files, though she doesn't have access to them since she's an intern. He does, though. Reluctantly, he gives in and allows her to take his employee badge.

Josie approaches Dr. Death, but she's not meant to scrub in for this procedure. He hands off his duties and she explains to him that his diagnosis is wrong. With personnel records in hand, she explains that Dr. Klaus Mikeaslon was tested for CMT and the result was negative. Her father signed the report clearing him and he hated Klaus. Josie admits that he can punish her, but is adamant that Hope doesn't have CMT. He tells her that she can go tell the others to stop clearing out her locker on the way to clean hers out. She's been fired.

Josie approaches Hope, who is recovering. She already knows what Josie did for her. She saved her career. Josie wants the truth. When cleaning out her locker, she found her pills. She does have CMT and those pills were to control the symptoms. She scrubbed into the surgery knowing the risk to the innocent life. Josie decides to not tell if her reason convinces her otherwise.

Hope explains to Josie that she was meant to be a surgeon since the day she was born. Every moment in her life has been pushing her towards it. Her father had it too. Josie believes he hid it from her dad and faked his test results, but Hope explains that her dad was the one who faked it. He knew it and helped cover it up. Josie believes it to be a lie, but it's the same reason they all lied. It was the best way to help the greatest number of people. This hospital needed him. His innovation kept the research money coming in, just like hers will. Hope assures her that she'll get Josie reinstated on the board. Josie doesn't want to stay. She thought if she didn't live up to her legacy, it would ruin her life. However, when she was fired, she felt relieved. She's been trying to live up to her standards too. Hope however has felt that pressure too and, like her, caused her to lose her way. She still wants to be a doctor and help people, but she can't do that to the best of her abilities at this hospital; it's too much pressure and expectation. With that revelation, sees the word Solus appear on a medical chart and everything is clear to her now. She felt the need to live up to the school that was literally created for her. The pressure to save the school and her friends will ever let her live her own life. Hope thinks she's crazy, as this is a hospital, but Josie now knows she's in the therapy box and knows she needs to leave. She knows how to fix this.

Josie sits outside the hospital, waiting for Finch. She let everything go to do something she thought was right. For the first time she could see herself clearly. Finch gets out of an ambulance and is surprised to see her. Finch is excited they might actually have a real date night. She runs back inside to change and then they can go. She tells her not to move, and leaves. Josie says the magic word, Solus, and is freed from the therapy box. Finch is beside her, holding her hand. She brings Josie to her forward and embraces her in a hug, telling her to never leave her like that again. Josie, however, is overcome with tears.

In I Can't Be the One to Stop You, Josie packs a suitcase as she magically writes a letter to Alaric. Within the letter, she tries to explain that she needs to leave this school. The therapy box showed her that it might be the only way that she can save Hope and her bus is leaving. After going through several drafts, she's interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Finch, though instead of trying to explain, she casts a spell to hide her suitcase. Finch notices the weird face she's making, but Josie brushes it off. She's here to tell her about the new monster emergency down stairs. They need a healing potion and Finch offers to help.

Finch and Josie are in the garden gathering herbs for the healing potion. Finch apologizes for slowing her down since she has a thing to do later tonight, but Josie brushes it off. Lacking in passive-aggressive conversations, she asks Josie to talk to her. She wants to tell Finch, but wants to do it later. While searching in her grimoire, her bus tickets fall out to Finch's shock. Josie attempts to tell her that it's not what it looked like.

Finch confronts Josie about her bus tickets. Josie wants to tell her, but Finch interrupts her, questioning if that was right after the bus leaves. She attempts to explain. And asks if she remembers what she said after their Merge talk. While Josie meant every word of that, she explains the therapy box helped her to realize that she can't stay. Josie also pulls out a second ticket, asking if she'll come with her.

Josie explains to Finch why she needs to leave, not the least of which is about Hope. Josie still believes that there's still good in her and she can't reach it while at the school. She needs to go someplace where she doesn't feel the pressure of having to save everyone's life all the time. That's not the hard part of Josie's explanation though. She tells Finch that she deserves to be happy and asks her to look at everything that she's gained while at the school. She's flourishing. Josie thinks she's being selfish asking her to leave it all behind, but Finch admits that she wouldn't have any of it if not for her. Josie is the person she wants to be with and she can't say no. MG interrupts them, needing something that can knock someone out.

Brutus and the other Salvatore werewolves come to comfort Jed. He's recovering with Josie and Finch. Josie gives him a healing potion. Brutus is worried about the pack, telling her they need an Alpha to lead them. Finch doesn't say anything, but notices all their worried looks.

Finch sits with Josie at the bus stop. Josie is antsy and something feels off. Finch thinks it's just anxiety about leaving, but doesn't know. She thought Lizzie would have been back in time for her to say goodbye. Finch doesn't believe in therapy, but thinks what it told her was right. Josie believes Hope can still be reached and that she's capable of doing that. If she stays, there's always going to be another monster or emergency, another reason to stay. Josie already knows where this is going and this is the part where she tells her that she's not coming. Finch hands her back her bus ticket. She wants to come with her and Josie knows that, but the pack needs help and she's it. This is a new feeling for her, being needed somewhere. Josie explains that the therapy box told her she needed to do this alone, and the first thing she did was buy a second ticket. Old habits take time. Finch believes in her and that she's got this. Josie is so happy that she's found a home and when she returns, they can see where they are. They embrace in a final kiss and hug as the bus approaches.

Josie falls asleep on the bus ride out of Mystic Falls. In her dreams, Lizzie appears to her. Josie admits that she couldn't feel her. Lizzie couldn't feel her either. Josie wants to know what happened, but Lizzie tells her he doesn't need to worry. She did something kind of dumb, but had an insurance policy. Josie wants to know where she is, that she'll come to her, but Lizzie refuses. They're both doing what they think is right, and that's okay. She made a choice and she has to see it through on her own. Josie has to do the same. No matter what she feels next, just know, wherever she is, she loves her. Josie loves her too, no matter what. Josie awakens from her dream.


One-half of the powerful Gemini twins, Josie is level headed, borderline brilliant, and comfortable in her pansexuality. Though well-liked and her twin's social equal in every way, Josie is content to play second fiddle to her sister Lizzie. With Gemini's prone to bipolar behavior, the stable Josie is quick to protect Lizzie when her sister starts to go off the rails.

Having never known their biological mother, the twins were raised by Caroline Forbes. Now at this key time in their development, with their mother often absent, their need for their father's approval and love is heightened. Alaric's bond with Hope Mikaelson, and having to share his attention with the rest of the school, has led to each daughter alternately striving for perfection and acting out. In general, Josie is the calm to her sister Lizzie's storm.[2]

Josie, like her sister and ancestors, battles with an inner-darkness that she doesn't quite understand. Through this, she is susceptible to the use of dark magic and negative influences. The lack of her father's involvement in her life led Josie to rely on the than-believed Professor Vardemus, who used her yearning for magical knowledge and the ability to protect her loved ones, against her. When she broke the Mora Miserium containing all the dark magic she used while partnered with Vardemus, the darkness consumed her and she became someone devoid of rules, human-life, and boundaries. Out of fear, the real Josie hid in her subconscious to avoid confronting her dark side. She was afraid that being powerful also meant being Evil. When she realized she can be both strong and good she was able to embrace her full potential and rid herself of dark Josie.

After spending time in the therapy box, Josie realized she spent her life trying to live up to the legacy her father created. She felt the need to be worthy of the school that was created for her, and thought failing that would ruin her life. Her attempts to save the school and her friends had kept her from living her own life. While she still wanted to help people, specifically Hope whose humanity was off, she couldn't do it from the school. She decided to leave so she could be somewhere where she wouldn't feel pressured to save everyone's life all the time. The therapy box told her she needed to do it alone, though her habit of thinking of others made her purchase a second ticket for Finch, who ultimately chose not to leave the school with Josie.

Physical Appearance[]

Josie is a pretty young woman with brown hair and eyes. She also has an athletic build and light skin. Josie often wears her hair up, mostly in a simple, loose ponytail, but she once wore it in messy twin buns for a football game.

Powers and Abilities[]

Josie possesses all standard powers and abilities of a siphoner, a subsection of witches.


Josie has the typical weaknesses of a siphoner.


Alaric Saltzman and Caroline Forbes[]

815-067~Caroline~Alaric~Lizzie~Josie-Lockwood Mansion

Josie with her parents and Lizzie.

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Alaric Saltzman and Caroline Forbes are Josie's biological and surrogate parents, respectively. Josie's ancestry is made up of bloodshed and a witch coven, which was decimated prior to Josie's birth. After Josie's biological mother, Jo Laughlin, was killed by her twin brother, the Gemini Coven placed Josie's fetus into Caroline, saving her life. After Alaric and Caroline found out about what truly happened, they agreed to raise Josie, and her twin sister, Lizzie, together. Today, Josie now lives in Mystic Falls and attends the Salvatore Boarding School, where she grew up. As a siphoner, Josie grew up with her parents running the school, while they raised her. Currently, Alaric is primarily raising Josie and Lizzie extensively due to Caroline's involvement in school-recruitment in Europe. Josie copes without her mother as her father is more involved with running the school. This, however, puts the burden of assisting Lizzie on Josie, though she's dutiful in this task so that they're both happy, even though their parents aren't as involved as either she or Lizzie would like. However, Josie still loves her parents and visits Caroline in Europe whenever she can.

Lizzie Saltzman[]

1x10 There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True-Lizzie-Josie

Lizzie is Josie's twin sister, closest friend, and helps Lizzie to see reason whenever she goes off the rails. They have known each other for basically their whole lives and go to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. Alaric Saltzman and Caroline Forbes are their father and mother, but Jo Laughlin was their biological mother. There is a dark history in which their biological mother, unfortunately, paid the price from her life. Also, both twins are descended from a dark history involving their magical lineage, which is partly due to their siphoner heritage. Despite this dark history, Josie is growing and learning to control her magical powers with Lizzie. Josie is also learning to become more comfortable with herself with Lizzie by her side though, between the two, Lizzie is more outspoken and demanding, so much so that Josie is content to play second fiddle. This is notable when Lizzie outright assumed that she'd be voted on to the school's honor council, without question from her sister. Josie implicitly helped Lizzie campaign and was forced to endure listening to Lizzie asking Rafael out as a deal if she voted with him to have Landon stay. However, Josie is surprised that she won over Lizzie, due to Penelope's influence. However, over the course of her friendship with Hope Mikaelson and reigniting her relationship with Penelope, Josie begins to stand up to her sister more and has opened up about how much her sister puts her through. Their relationship becomes strained when Penelope has to leave the school and Lizzie hid the fact from Josie. Angered by this and seeing her sister for the person that she is, Josie turns her back on Lizzie, even culminating in a magical fight between the two that Josie wins.

Penelope Park[]

"I'm still nursing a wounded soul."
Josie about her former relationship with Penelope in This is the Part Where You Run.

Penelope is Josie's ex-girlfriend and frenemy. The history of their former romantic relationship isn't known yet, but it has been stated several times that Penelope hurt Josie prior to their relationship ending. Josie despises Penelope and calls her "evil" every time she irks her. Josie is furious at both Penelope and MG when she catches them making out. As revenge, Josie sets Penelope on fire with a spell, burning her hair. Later, Penelope confronts Josie about burning her hair and states that she likes her new hairstyle, which further annoys Josie. Despite their cat-and-mouse game, Penelope, in her own way, still cares for Josie. Penelope believes they will never have a real relationship because she spends all of her energy taking care of Lizzie - a black hole of time and energy and love, just sucking it all up and never giving any of it back. Penelope resolves that if Josie won't stand up for herself, she'll burn Lizzie's world down around her. This proves that Penelope still cares about Josie. The feelings are also slightly mutual as Josie claimed to be "nursing a wounded soul," in reference to Penelope. Penelope helps rescue Josie after she was buried alive by a 'possessed' Jo. After the whole ordeal, Penelope reveals to Josie that she's selfish and wants Josie for herself. Josie then reciprocates and the two kiss. After this, things between Josie and Penelope are quite awkward due to Josie avoiding conversing with Penelope about their complicated relationship issues. They have awkward conversations here and there, as well as Penelope escorting Josie at the Miss Mystic Falls contest. However, Josie ticks Penelope off by purposefully losing the contest to follow her twin sister's wishes, which Penelope has had enough of. Josie finally reconciles with Penelope when she finds out her ex-girlfriend is transferring schools overseas, partly due to her finding out about Josie and the Merge. They share a heartfelt and tearful good-bye.

Rafael Waithe[]

As soon as Josie met Rafael, she and her twin sister, Lizzie, took an immediate liking to him. Josie and her sister gave a tour of the Salvatore Boarding School. Josie soon tells Lizzie she can go for a romantic relationship with Rafael, but this still disappoints Josie being she took a liking to Rafael too. Josie later met up with Rafael at a school party and they talk for a bit, which causes Josie to think about him after their conversation. Two episodes later, Josie rescues Rafael from a brutal werewolf fight in which he emotional excuses himself away from her afterwards. Soon after, Josie goes to look for Rafael and finds him in the nearly-burnt down house. He yells at her in anger and physical pain to leave him alone, but she doesn't and goes to comfort him. Josie then helps Rafael to calm down, in which he's grateful for afterwards and this bonds them further. Shortly after this, they discover an unconscious body of a teen girl who was abducted by a life sized spider-monster and they too become captured by spider webs. Rafael tells Josie to magically rescue them, but she explains that she can't without siphoning from a magical source. Impulsively, Josie kisses Rafael to siphon his werewolf magic, which she apologizes for, but he admits that he was fine with it. He also said that the kiss wasn't what he expected it to be. Their kiss helps Josie to receive the magic she needs to rescue them both. After their fight with the giant spider, Josie helps Rafael set his place amongst the main werewolf group of the school.

While Josie is helping Lizzie in campaigning for the student council, she awkwardly and jealously watches Lizzie ask Rafael to be her date to a party. She watches Rafael turn to her and hesitate before accepting Lizzie's request. However, Josie and Rafael are later elected into the student council. Josie later finds the decision hard to make about whether or not she should vote to keep Landon at their school. Rafael begs Josie to vote 'yes,' which only makes her decision harder. She gives her reasons to the council that Landon has put her family in danger, whether it be indirectly or directly, and she voted 'no.' This infuriates Rafael and he claims that he is done with her and the rest of the members of the council. Josie watches Rafael as he storms out of the council meeting.

Hope Mikaelson[]


Hope met Josie when she moved to Mystic Falls and for a decade their relationship was distant and cold, mostly because Hope used to distant herself from Josie. However, after Hope's parents died, they became closer and eventually became friends. Despite this, Josie harbored a secret crush on Hope, having once tried to tell her with a note but immediately regretted the decision due to Lizzie and her goals to go for whoever Josie liked. Josie attempted to burn the note with a fire spell to conceal her feelings, but set Hope's room on fire and convinced Lizzie that Hope said mean things about her "episode", leading to their mutual dislike for one another. Although Josie's involvement with Lizzie's and Hope's issues with one, Josie and Hope have developed a friendship. Hope tried to cover for Josie when they practiced dark magic together. Sometimes their friendship seems to make Lizzie (Josie's twin sister) jealous, mostly because of Lizzie's dislike towards Hope. On Josie's birthday, Hope leaves a note and a gift for Josie on her pillow. Hope wants Josie's wishes to come true. The gift is a necklace, charmed to "make quiet things heard", showing that Hope observes Josie holding herself back, and wants her to shine. Josie smiles and blushes as she puts on the necklace, admiring it and holding the pendant. Later, the necklace's magic helps save Josie's life. Hope is shown to care strongly about Josie and defend her.

Milton Greasley[]


MG and Josie are close friends and have been for some time. They are shown hanging out and talking often. However, Josie feels betrayed when MG hooks up with her ex-girlfriend, but MG sincerely apologizes and the two share a hug. When Josie's life is in danger on her birthday, MG is desperate to help her. They often confide in each other and are friends despite MG's mistake of hooking up with Josie's ex-girlfriend.

Landon Kirby[]


Josie and Landon kiss

When Landon first arrives at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, they have very little interaction as he's not deemed supernatural. This ultimately leads her during the Honor Council meeting to vote against him staying at the boarding school for his safety. However, with the revelation of his supernatural status as a phoenix she welcomes his return, though not without Landon casually reminding her of her vote. When Hope is absorbed by Malivore, all memories of her were erased, and she and Landon began a friendship. With a rocky start of Josie witnessing him drown himself she confides in him that they should both stop worrying about dying, specifically her and Lizzie in regards to the Merge and they should just start living. As the semester comes to a close, they spend the summer of 2028 together off and on - Josie watching over Alaric as Landon took care of Rafael - and they became close friends. Their relationship eventually evolved into a romantic one where they shared their first kiss.

At summer's end and a new semester beginning, Landon finds himself to be the popular guy at the school for his role in "defeating Malivore". This leads to unwanted attention from other girls that spurs Josie's jealousy, so much so that she harmed another student. Despite this, they eventually go on their first date for sushi that ends awkwardly. Landon comes to find out that in order to not be a problem on their date she accepts even though she's allergic to seaweed. More so, she is worried about their relationship because of her codependency and her need to "fix" things and wondered where she fit in his life if she wasn't fixing problem. Landon notes that it could just be that she's never been in a relationship where what she wanted matters. The two then make up and kiss after Landon officially refers to himself as her boyfriend.

Things get turbulent with Hope returning and Josie performing a spell that returned everyone their memories of Hope. Ultimately, Landon chooses Hope, leaving Josie heartbroken. However, he wanted to remain friends.

Other Relationships[]

  • Josie and Elena (Family/Step-Sisters)
  • Josie and Jo (Biological Mother/Former Allies)
  • Josie and Jade (Former Frenemies/Kissed)
  • Josie and Finch (Former Girlfriends/Former Classmates)
  • Josie and Kaleb (Friends/Former Classmates)
  • Josie and Jed (Former Frenemies/Friends/Former Classmates)
  • Josie and Cleo (Friends/Former Classmates)


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  • Josette is a French girl name. The meaning of the name is 'God Will Increase'.[3]
  • Saltzman is an Ashkenazic Jewish occupational name for a producer or seller of salt, from German Salz "salt" + Mann "man". Altered spelling of German Salzmann.[4][5]


  • If the Gemini Coven found out about the twins then they would have tried to take them from Jo and Alaric in order to strip Kai of his power as leader of the coven.
    • However since it was revealed that they were siphoners, the Gemini Coven would wait for another set of twins to lead them because of their own prejudice against siphoners.
  • She and her twin sister, Lizzie, are the first babies that are known to have been carried by a vampire.
  • She and her sister were the third on-screen birth after Nadia's birth in Katerina and Hope's birth in From a Cradle to a Grave.
    • However, she and Lizzie were the first to be born via C-section.
  • In This Year Will Be Different, it is revealed she is allergic to seaweed yet still went on a date with Landon for sushi.
  • In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, it is revealed that she can speak Japanese.


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  1. Between When The Saints Go Marching In and This is the Part Where You Run, there has been a two-year time jump to 2028. Despite this time jump, Lizzie and Josie celebrate their sweet sixteen - having been born on March 14, 2014, in This Woman's Work, this is a timeline error. Without the timeline error, this would make them 14, not 16. As of Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, the timeline error is continued with their 17th birthday.
  2. See her full psychological assessment.

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