"Lily Salvatore requests your presence to celebrate our town's peaceful spirit and introduce a new friend. This evening, 5:00." Hmm. Looks like Mom raised her man-crush from the dead.
Damon to Stefan

In hopes that there will be peace between the Heretics and the residents of Mystic Falls, Lillian Salvatore arranges a Welcome Home Dinner Party for Julian.

Season Seven

In Best Served Cold, This party was orchestrated by Lily to celebrate Julian being resurrection and to show her sons and their friends there could be peace between them and her makeshift family however Stefan wasn't interested as he knew the truth about Julian's controlling and abusive personality which lead to Valerie's miscarriage back in 1863. He wanted to kill him right away while Damon wanted Lily to enjoy her lover's return for a few months before he planned to kill Julian. So the brothers got into a disagreement about when exactly to kill Julian. However they were almost killed by Julian until Lily step in to make him stop. After almost seeing her sons die at Julian's hands Lily later agreed to help them kill him.


  • Lily invites both of her sons to the party so she could make peace with them.
  • Stefan's plan was to kill Julian in the party in revenge for what the latter did to Valerie and their child.
  • Damon was vervained by Matt as per Stefan's plan.
  • Stefan brought a bottle of wine in the party for Lily saying Compliments of the Lockwood Cellar.
  • Lily attempted to make amends with Bonnie in which the latter sarcastically denied because of the former's involvement in her best friend's slumber spell.
  • Bonnie tried to make Lily jealous by fixing Enzo's tie.


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