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This article is about Julian, a character from the Digital Comics. You may be looking for Julian, a character from Season Five, or Julian, a character from Season Seven.

I've had 150 years to perfect the art of gathering power--spells for getting what I want. And I am going to demonstrate all of them on you. Now!
Julian to Damon in Vervain Part Two

Julian was a witch that only appeared in The Vampire Diaries digital comic Vervain. He made a deal with Stefan and Damon Salvatore to eradicate vervain in Mystic Falls in 1849 and so on in 24 year long cycles in return to channel their vampire blood and sustain himself in youth with a life extension spell while being able to perform magic. The ritual was repeated up until the modern era when Damon decided to end their dealings, much to Julian's anger.

Early History

Julian, born in 1825, was a native of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Born a witch, he met Stefan and Damon Salvatore in 1849, on his 24th birthday in the woods under the light of the full moon. Before a bonfire, he proposed a deal to the Salvatore brothers. They wanted vervain removed from Mystic Falls and he was the witch that could accomplish the task. In return he would need their vampire blood. He wanted immortality, but wanted to keep his magic. His life extension spell required immortal vampire blood and he would get perfect youth for 24 years - one for each year he's been alive on earth. During that period, vervain would not grow in it's native soil. However, in 24 years time, the spell would end and they would have to return to renew the spell so he would be able to get another term of life. It wasn't exactly like immortality, but it was as close as any witch would get. They agree to Julian's proposal and they begin the spell while the Salvatore brother recite an oath. Once the spell is complete, they'll stay out of each other's paths for 24 years and they were to forget his name until they meet again. Witchkind wouldn't love him for what spell he was enacting and he didn't want them going to tell other witches. Julian repeated the cycle with the Salvatore brothers for the next 150+ years, to the turn of the 21st century.

Throughout the Digital Comic Series

In Vervain, Julian returns to Mystic Falls in the modern era. He meets with Damon at Mystic Grill to discuss the next cycle. They quip about their appearance, not having aged a day since their last encounter. Julian questions Damon about Stefan's whereabouts. they can't have the ceremony without him. Damon informs Julian that Stefan isn't coming. Their deal is off. Julian doesn't understand and wonders what game they're playing at. They wouldn't back out on the deal, vervain would grow back in Mystic Falls. Damon elaborate that it's the 21st century. They can get vervain from anywhere, in fact he could drive to Lynchburg and come back with a truckload within an hour. Julian's spell is no longer useful to them and no incentive to come back every 24 years. Modern times call for modern solutions. Modern spells. Damon proposes a new deal. He wants to go global in vervain eradication. Julian can't do that. He won't do that. He explains that the life extension spell is rough on him as it is. He pays a high price for killing the vervain in Mystic Falls. Witchcraft always comes at a price. Should he enact a new spell, his life won't be worth living. Damon doesn't care and stands to leave. Julian doesn't want him to leave; he can't. If he doesn't cast the renewal spell, he'll age and die by the end of the seventh day. Julian wants more time to come up with another deal. Julian grabs Damon by the arm, but he threatens to rip it off. Arousing the attention of a waitress, Julian lets Damon go.

Three days have past and Julian makes his way to the Salvatore Boarding House; the waitress' limp body in tow. He's already aged so much. Damon notices the dead waitress. Julian explains that he needed something from her. So many powerful spells require blood and he's here to collect Damon and Stefan's. Damon rushes him but a spell knock him back from the threshold. He loves this spell and he's placed wards all over the house preventing them from leaving. Julian declares that they will not leave until they uphold their end of their original bargain. Julian gains the upper hand over Damon and Stefan closes in to attack him from behind. Julian, however, is ready for him. Stefan has no power over him and throws him backwards with a wave of his had. He's drank enough vervain and it's empowered him. He has the herb in his pocket and force feeds it to Damon. Stefan attempts to regroup and knocks over brass bells, the chime temporarily incapacitating him - an old wives' tale. Damon figures out Julian's weakness. A powerful witch is balanced by Nature - susceptible to simple rituals. Damon and Stefan flee from the house using a brass key and Julian gives chase. Stefan quickly hammers an iron nail in Julian's footprint. Stefan suggests throwing him into their dungeon, but Julian refuses. He makes flees by taking flight

A few days later, Julian returns to the Salvatore Boarding House; he's aged severely and nearly a decrepit old man. He's furious with the Salvatores. All they had to do was honor their deal. Stefan admits that was before they knew he was a murderous psycho who spent the next century leaving a trail of bodies. Julian admits he'll be dead any minute but before that happens he has one last spell. The ground of the well house violently explodes. Julian explains that he's dumped a truckload of vervain down the well, their only water source. Damon isn't amused, but Julian shouldn't be mocked. He's spent all these years accumulating power at the cost of vervain. The moment his heart stops, all that power returns to Nature. When it does, he's cast a spell which will make vervain the most common plant on Earth. The brothers relent and agree to honor Julian's deal. Damon believes that he can't do them any real harm, they can keep him under control with an iron nail, or a bell, or even table salt. He'll be a "good" witch from now on. Julian accept the new arrangement. That night, he casts the renewal spell - his youth and vitality returned. With the spell complete, Damon immediate attack him, feeding from his neck. Julian believes that the vervain in his system will protect him, but Stefan elaborate that with his magically accelerated metabolism, the vervain has been flushed from his system. Weakened, Damon force feeds him his blood and break his neck. They can't let him die of old age. After he wakes up in transition, Damon force feeds him A+ blood from a bloodbag, completing his transition into a vampire. As a vampire, he's now lost his magical power - no more black magic. Julian's furious. They've taken his magic away and turned him into a ravenous, murdering vampire. To keep him from harming others, Stefan throws him down the crater-sized well, now full of vervain. Though an inconvenience, Julian's plan was for nought. The aquifer will eventually flush the vervain out, and him with it.


Julian was a carefree and usually humorous man, often making jokes about Damon looking like "Peter Pan". His goals were to achieve eternal life but keep his powers and abilities as a witch, his visions were tainted with selfishness and sadism, though as he was willing to kill an innocent waitress to get what he wanted from Damon and Stefan. Also, his act of using magic for longevity showed a rebellious streak as witches are not allowed to perform magic for immortality, against the will of Nature.

Physical Appearance

Julian is a blond, mature-looking 24-year-old man. He had a beard and had a superior build and blue-gray eyes.


The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic

Powers and Abilities

Julian possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch. Furthermore, he was a skilled witch, knowledgeable in black magic and blood magic for potent spells. As such he was able to create his own version of immortality - a life extension spell that preserved his youth while also eradicating vervain in the whole of Mystic Falls. After he was was forced to complete his transition, he possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire.


Julian had the typical weaknesses of a witch. However, after extending his life far beyond normal means, his witchcraft came at a price. A powerful witch is balanced by Nature and, as such, he became susceptible to simple rituals like iron nails and table salt. After he was was forced to complete his transition, he had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.


  • Julian is from a Latin origin and means "youthful" or "downy." It has an alternate spelling of Julien.[1]


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