KQBC Channel 3 News Studio is a station Caroline Forbes worked at in 2016.

Season Seven

In a flashforward scene from Never Let Me Go, Caroline works as a TV producer. She was informed by her assistant Tony that her fiancee and Stefan called her. She and Tony were shot by an unknown person. Caroline broadcast a special message for Stefan Salvatore in Best Served Cold. In Mommie Dearest, Damon arrived only to realize that Caroline's message was recorded. Then an unknown woman shot him in the back. Unknown woman tied Damon down and talked with him (he saw her in the shape of his mother, Lily) in Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.

In Things We Lost in the Fire, Matt helped Caroline escape. It was revealed that he works for the Huntress. In the following episode, when Stefan arrived at the station, Matt told him that he has disabled the cameras and then stabbed him with vervain. Matt told Rayna via camera that he's done now.

In I Would for You, it was revealed that it was Damon's idea to capture Stefan.



Season 7


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