After her child was taken, no one could tell her what happened to it. No one could heal the hole in her heart. She was abandoned by everyone - her village, her husband. They couldn't stand to hear her cries. They fled from her grief. That's when I found her. [...] Humans run from grief like a sickness, afraid that it will spread, that they will catch it. Oh, it is their nature.

Kaelan was a guest character who first appeared in the tenth episode of the third season of Legacies.

Early History

Circa 1014, Kaelan met her husband of the Clan Klinelarty. The two would have a son, Drystan, but he was taken from her by the English to fight in their wars when he was young, approximately eleven or twelve. She never knew what happened to him and, in her inconsolable grief, her village and husband left her until she eventually perished. The banshee found her and possessed her.

At a later point in time, she and the banshee encountered Malivore and they were consumed and held in darkness. Malivore would eventually free the banshee and her to kidnap Cleo Sowande.

Throughout Legacies Series

In All's Well That Ends Well, Alaric approached her and the banshee. As the banshee attempted to kill Alaric, he appealed to the human within her and explained that he knew what happened to her son. Kaelan took back control of her body as the banshee tried to persuade her to not listen, going so far to tell her that he was lying. Alaric, however, had the Doomsday Book that recorded a census 50 years following when her son was taken. Drystan survived the battle and went on to have children and grandchildren. Overcome with joy and tears, learning about her son, she's freed from the banshee's possession and collapses into Alaric's arms. He tells her that she can rest, but she reveals that she knows why Malivore wants Cleo. After telling him, Kaelan moves on to find peace.


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Season Three


  • Kaelan is a unisex name of Gaelic origin meaning "slender" and a variant of Caelan.[1]




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