I've thought about becoming a vampire, of course, I've thought about it. If I did, there wouldn't be a Merge, and my skin would stay flawless forever. But I also wouldn't be able to have kids. I couldn't grow old with someone. And I don't even know if those are things that I want. But that's the point, I don't know yet. I can't make this decision until I'm sure.

Kai Parker Screwed Us is the twelfth episode of the second season of Legacies and the twenty-eighth episode of the series overall.


CHRIS WOOD RETURNS AS THE VILLAINOUS KAI PARKER — When a series of events leads Josie, Lizzie and Alaric to the prison world, they come face to face with the twins' evil uncle Kai.[2]



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  • Antagonist: Jade, Wendy, Diego, Malachai Parker, Sebastian, Malivore (indirectly), The Necromancer (indirectly)
  • Jade, Wendy and Diego are bound to the Prison World just like Kai; this means they cannot age, nor be permanently killed.
  • After ten years, and thousands of turns, in the 2018 Prison World on the night of the full moon, Diego learns to control his transformation. However, his form is beyond that of a wolf and is more like a man-beast hybrid.
  • Sebastian wants to stay in the prison world and wants to turn Lizzie into a vampire against her will. He places his blood into the wine she drank. 
  • Lizzie reveals she's thought about being turned into a vampire as a way to stop the Merge but also realizes she wouldn't be able to have children or grow old with someone. She tells Sebastian she doesn't know what she wants at the moment.
  • Kai and Jade were involved in a physical relationship, even though she admits she prefers girls and doesn't seemed to be bothered that Kai screwed them over.
  • Jade learns that she is a Ripper, losing control towards blood, and killed her friend Inez. This event and her actions are partially responsible for why she, Wendy and Diego were banished to the prison world.
  • Kai Parker escapes the 2018 prison world by using the Malivore pit, a portal to another dimension. After emerging from the pit in the real world, he meets the Necromancer.
  • This is the first episode where no actual mythological monster appears.
  • This episode contains dramatic irony. The audience is aware that Sebastian is lying when he tells Lizzie that there is nobody else in the Prison World, however Lizzie is not aware and must accept what Sebastian tells her as the truth.

Body Count

  • Dude-Bro - Dismembered/blood loss; killed by Diego
  • Inez - Blood Loss; killed by Jade
  • Three unnamed teenager(s) - Set on fire/ripped apart/dismembered; killed by Wendy, Diego, and/or Jade
  • Jade - Staked; killed by Kai but resurrected because she's bound to the 2018 Prison World
  • Diego - Heart Extraction; killed by Kai but resurrected because he's bound to the 2018 Prison World
  • Kai Parker - Shot in the heart with a wooden arrow; killed by Alaric Saltzman but resurrected because he's bound to the 2018 Prison World



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Alaric Saltzman: "We're in danger and we need to find a way out. Now."
Josie Saltzman: "Dad, this is all my fault. If I hadn't done black magic in the first place, we'd have never been in this mess"
Malachai Parker: "To save Daddy, to get yourself home, you have to become a monster."

Malachai Parker: "Welcome, I call it Fort Parker. It's a it's a bit moldy but also rent-controlled, so I try not to complain. Flavored vodka? It's, uh. It's no Zima, but then again, nothing is."
Josie Saltzman: "You're Kai Parker."
Malachai Parker: "I am. And you are one of the Saltzman twins. I can smell the Gemini on you. The real question is: are you Linda or, or Joanie? (LAUGHS): I can never tell you two apart."
Josie Saltzman: "I'm Josie. Named after my mom, who you killed."

Alaric Saltzman: "I need you to go to the meadow and get the sand clock before anyone else finds it. Then I need you to come back here and hide. And stay hidden."
Josie Saltzman: "Dad, this is all my fault. If I hadn't done black magic in the first place, we'd have never been in this mess"
Alaric Saltzman: "We all make mistakes."



Last.fm_play.png "Two Princes" – Spin Doctors
Last.fm_play.png "All By Myself" – Chris Wood
Last.fm_play.png "Get What You Want" – Silverman Brothers
Last.fm_play.png "Crazy" – Nothing But Thieves




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