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This article is about Kaleb Hawkins, a character from Legacies. You may be looking for Kaleb Westphall, a character from Season Two of The Originals, or Caleb Smallwood from the novels.

Being a vampire it... it ain't everything I say it is. It ain't about power or blood or being better than other people. I guess I just say that stuff to make myself feel okay with the fact that people like you and me, we got a big struggle ahead of us. A hard life. But we can be in it together.

Kaleb Hawkins[2] is a vampire and student at the Salvatore Boarding School who first appeared on the second episode of the first season of Legacies. He is a former recurring character, having been promoted to main on the tenth episode of the second season.

Early History

Kaleb is from Georgia and at some point he allowed himself to be vulnerable to a vampire and wound up becoming one in the process. His sister was aware of this and is very supportive. He attended East Point High School and was on the East Point Mavericks football team. However, at their homecoming game on October 3rd, he succumbed to his uncontrollable bloodlust and attacked the marching band, killing numerous students. Alaric found and stopped him, though the traumatic event caused his mind to repress what happened. Afterward, he transferred schools and began attending the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted.

Throughout Legacies Series

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Kaleb joins the Stallions flag football team and tries to act normal so the townspeople and Mystic Falls students don't suspect anything. He shows to have some trouble with losing the game and gets in on the plan to use just a little of his power in the game.

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, He joins Lizzie, Josie, Hope, MG and other students from the boarding school to clean up the community as punishment. He helps out Lizzie and MG doing the window saying the Salvatore School are losers. Later, he caught by MG feeding on Dana, and then compels her to forget what happened and leave. He talks to MG, asking if they're cool, and after MG says they are, he says "vamps before tramps" and leaves the bus.

In Hope is Not the Goal, he attends the assembly regarding Dana and Sasha's disappearance. He tells MG that while he did feed on Dana, he did not kill or go after her the night she disappeared. He then goes to the Mystic Falls high school with MG, Lizzie, Josie, Hope and Landon to see if they kind find any kind of information. Near the stoner pit, he compels a young blonde girl and is about to feed on her before he is caught. He tells the group he isn't a killer and he vamps off, but Lizzie stops him. When he is confronted, he tells him he's not responsible for Dana or Sasha, Landon sticks up for him as he sees Dana come out of the woods. The group thinks she has been bitten, but Kaleb tells them he didn't bite her and wouldn't want to be stuck with her for an eternity. When Dana is sitting in the back bus entrance, she starts puking her organs out and Kaleb looks utterly disgusted at what is happening. He then accuses Landon since he first came back into the town, monsters have been appearing and thinks he's responsible for it. Later at night, he confronts MG about telling Lizzie about feeding on human blood and is angry at him. He then walks off into the hallway, and is confronted by both Matt Donovan and Alaric. He threatens both of them and he vamps out in front of Alaric, but he is stabbed with a syringe by Ric and knocked unconscious, being placed in the school's jail-like cellar.

In Malivore, he is visited in his cell by MG and is told that if he gets voted as the honor council vampire representative then he can get Kaleb out. Kaleb tells him to send people down and he'll help them get the vote. It is later revealed that he double-crossed MG and he is voted on to the honor council instead. He and the other members then assemble to decide whether or not Landon stays. While Emma and Rafael vote yes, Kaleb, Josie and Hope vote no.

In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, Kaleb both helps and slightly mocks MG for drinking animal blood while he tries to bench press. He then takes MG to the cemetery during Remembrance Day and they feed on a young man, but he starts noticing MG biting and feeding more roughly than he should, and it is stopped by Dorian. He and Dorian then talk about what happened, and he is shocked and guilty of learning that MG could be a ripper due to his personality. He then watches through MG's door while he is sleeping, feeling guilty for doing what he did.

In What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?, he attends an assembly where Alaric is discussing the new creature and students have a choice to stay or go to the Lockwood Mansion for their exams. He is then seen listening to MG talking about Dracula and is surprised when Landon wakes up from his dream. After many of the students leave, Kaleb decides to join the group in bringing the Oneiros out to defeat it. When the group falls asleep, Kaleb is seen strapped to a chair with a muzzle over his face, watching anti-vampire propaganda. The Oneiros appears in the Night Hag form and taunts Kaleb about being a vampire. He then tries to grab the creature, but it disappears and he wakes up with the rest of the group. He then watches as Hope kills the Oneiros and celebrates in a room, rapping to MG and Landon.

In There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True, Lizzie makes a wish to Ablah, wishing that Alaric never created the Salvatore boarding school. In the resulting wish reality, Kaleb attends the Mikaelson Boarding School and he, Jed, Pedro, and Hope responded to Lizzie exposing magic at Mystic Falls High School.

Again, Lizzie is unsatisfied with her new reality and made another wish to Ablah, that Hope Mikaelson was never born. This new reality, however, is apocalyptic, where supernaturals had been exposed by Klaus Mikaelson and Triad Industries restlessly hunt and them. Lizzie promises to take him and Jed to the resistance who would smuggle them to safety in Mexico.

This reality, however, is wished away by Lizzie when she wishes that Ablah never encountered the monster that sends her to Malivore. The resulting wish essentially 'resets' reality leaving Kaleb and everyone else unaware that things even changed to begin with.

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, he and the vampires are planning on doing another sit in for the annual talent show, but while sleeping, Kaleb is taken controlled by a slug and he feels a sudden urge to sing. At the talent show, he performs a song and is one of the many to be locked in the auditorium with the rest of the infected. After Emma casts a spell that electrocutes the slugs out of the infected, Kaleb and the vampires perform their sit-in at the talent show re-do.

In There's a Mummy on Main Street, he decides to stay at the school during spring break so he wouldn't have to go to his "crazy" family's barbecue. Alaric enlists his help so he can use some of his vampire senses while they go to Maple Hallows and also so he can leave MG be. He then agrees when Alaric tells him that he'll think about the human blood incident and put it past him. On the car ride, he gets somewhat annoyed with radio choice, his seat being pushed and other minor things. When they arrive, he teams up with Alaric and Emma, and he hears something loud from his senses and the three see a swarm of locusts descending on the town, and they take cover in their van. When the locusts go away, he tells Emma it's good to look and the three get scared by a man in a hazmat suit. The group reunites again and he acts as the boyfriend to Josie and Lizzie, putting his arm around both of them to avoid questions. After they hear of a mummy, Kaleb gets a crossbow ready and is disappointed that he can't go, but has to compel the residents of what they saw. After compelling many, he sees the female guard they encountered earlier and compels her. When the urn and the mummy's scarab is returned to the FEMA sight, he talks to the rest of the group and sees the mummy is not yet defeated due to the curse of the scarab. He vamp speeds up to the mummy and pulls the scarab out of the chest, bringing it to Josie and Lizzie. After finishing off the mummy, he and the others go back to the school. Later, he is drinking the school's blood and talks to Alaric about vampires drinking human blood and witches learning offensive magic to protect themselves.

In The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, he goes to Alaric's office asking if he has seen MG as he wasn't in at curfew considering it's a full moon. It is revealed that he asked Rafael and Landon to look after MG while he's gone, as MG is never invited back to see his family. He is asked by Alaric for help in finding MG and they go to Sterling Springs. They talk to MG's mother, Veronica, and Kaleb is curious about the arrangement Alaric and Veronica have. Arriving in the woods, Kaleb asks about the arrangement and is told that it was a way so that MG's father wouldn't know his son was a vampire. He tells Alaric the deal was shady and things don't have a gray area. Alaric argues that life isn't simple, but Kaleb smells something and realizes it's blood. They find MG and Kaleb is wondering what is wrong with him, revealing MG has been bitten. He asks about the cure and is upset about MG's condition, and tells MG to just talk to him. He listens to MG talking about his father, crying and getting angered at what Terrance said. Hope and Rafael arrive, with Kaleb ready to attack Rafael, until Alaric holds him back. He listens as Rafael reveals MG is the one who attacked Landon and goes back to MG as he talks about being a monster. Kaleb wonders if Hope will give her blood to MG and is assured by Alaric she will. He goes to sit in the car with MG and talks to him about being a vampire, and what it really is. He says people like them will have a struggle ahead and says they can be in it together, regardless if MG's family gets it or not. He tells MG that he is his family now and they go to where Landon's body is to help out. He defends MG from Rafael, but Hope stops Rafael and says Landon wouldn't want it. They all then watch as Landon bursts into flames and rises from the ashes, shocked and in awe at what happened in front of their eyes.

In There's Always a Loophole, he joins Hope, Josie, Lizzie and Jed to go get Landon, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Burr and Triad. When Hope can't conjure magic, Kaleb tries to vamp speed, but when he goes in the sunlight, he begins to burn, and backs up into the shade. The group is then told that their magic isn't working and reluctantly invites Triad in. He and Jed look at each other as Triad hands out papers with a picture of the Chalice around so they can look for the artifact. After MG is led towards him and the group, he listens as MG explains the plan and to wait for his signal. After Alaric and Hope turn the blood fountain off, Kaleb puts his hand in the sunlight to test it, and doesn't burn like before, giving MG a nod that it worked. The students begin fighting back against Triad and Kaleb grabs Pedro as he goes outside to put the younger kids on the bus. As he puts Pedro down in a seat, he has a gun cocked and aimed at him by Burr, he says the Chalice isn't there and he lost. Burr threatens to kill the children, but Kaleb tries to urge him to point the gun at him instead and watches as an invisible Rafael attacks other members of Triad and Burr. Much later, Kaleb goes outside with a crowbar to smash the petrified Burr, but is stopped by MG. He begins tearing up as MG tells him to be better, but not to prove it by killing them. He tells MG that he's all grown up, hands him the crowbar and goes inside the school. He then listens as Alaric makes his speech about failing them and letting the council put a vote in to keep him there as headmaster or not. He and Josie talk about the voting and says the council needs to convene, so they can put it to a majority vote. After Hope jumps in the pit, Kaleb forgets about her and wonders why there are five voting tiles, putting the last one away.

Kaleb and MG enjoy their summer

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Kaleb takes MG home with him and his family for the summer. MG is brooding over Lizzie, but Kaleb tells him to enjoy the sunlight and his summer away from the school. He invites MG to take part in his families annual cooking contest, which excites the two boys, with Kaleb vowing that they will beat his Uncle Earl this year.

MG points out Kym to Kaleb.

After the cooking contest, MG tells Kaleb that he thinks he has found "the one" and points out a girl in an orange dress. Kaleb scoffs, telling MG that he can have anyone but her as it is his sister, Kym. This surprises MG, but hits hard at the same time. Kaleb promises to help he get what he really wants, Lizzie Saltzman.

In This Year Will Be Different, Kaleb overhears Lizzie embracing her year of opportunities. He sees this as MG's perfect opportunity to ask her out on a date and relays this information to him. He further coaches MG through how he is going to admit his feelings to Lizzie, making sure that it is perfectly rehearsed.

Kaleb on the field

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Kaleb participates in the annual charity football game against Mystic Falls High School. He is happy but surprised to find out that they are permitted to use their supernatural abilities following Professor Vardemus' control of the school. On the pitch, he enjoys winning, but quickly realizes that Alaric was right, they should not use their abilities to win. He tells Josie that he will no longer use his abilities to win the match.

In Screw Endgame, MG introduces Sebastian to Kaleb, firstly by asking if Kaleb can see Sebastian. Kaleb cannot see Sebastian — as MG thought — and initially believes that MG has gone crazy. MG explains the situation, however, and Kaleb asks MG to ask Sebastian what he wants. When MG relays that Sebastian wants MG and Kaleb to wake him up, Kaleb is not sure.

The two eventually find Sebastian's body, but are not sure on whether to wake him up — Kaleb is extremely concerned with what Sebastian did to deserve being desiccated. The two consult Alaric, who tells the two that they should leave him desiccated as they have no idea what kind of vampire he could be. MG is conflicted, but Kaleb appreciates the advice. Before Kaleb is leaving, Alaric questions why Kaleb voted him out of his position as headmaster, however he admits that he was the only one that voted for him to stay, with all other members of the Honor Council voting him out.

Kaleb still cannot see Sebastian, therefore has issues communicating with him, to remedy this, he feeds Sebastian small amounts of blood; just enough for Sebastian to increase in strength. Sebastian is able to extend his telepathic link to communicate with Kaleb, who asks him what he did to deserve desiccation and what type of vampire he is. Kaleb is able to trick Sebastian into revealing his true nature (that he is ripper-like), and Kaleb says he will burn Sebastian's body after the dance. He never gets chance to, however, as Wade indirectly awakens Sebastian.

In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Kaleb is reluctant to give Kym a tour of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, and repeatedly tells her that there is nothing interesting at the school. He is eventually proven wrong, however, when Lizzie and MG tackle a zombie-jogger in front of Kym.

In an attempt to capture Sebastian, Kaleb works with Kym and MG to trap Sebastian by using Kym as bait. The plan is successful and Kaleb is able to snap his neck and chain him up. They try to get answers from Sebastian about the croatoan, however are unsuccessful as he barely remembers his history.

When Alaric reveals the existence of the supernatural world to Sheriff Mac, she does not take it too well and Alaric asks Kaleb to compel her knowledge of the supernatural from her memory.

In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, Kaleb tells Hope that he has been asking for the same thing each year for the past couple of years, but has not received it. He makes a joke about having to be good this year to get onto Santa's nice list. Later, it is revealed that Kaleb had been asking for a car, and is gifted the car by Santa, who turns out to be real.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, he gets into an argument with Jed as the qareen's influence spreads around the school. Later, he and the rest of the students are cheering Wade on, but isn't really sure why they are really doing it for. He and the other students witness Wade's fairy wings and take-down of the qareen.

In What Cupid Problem?, he is asked by MG what Kym likes and tells him she likes pool parties, chocolate covered strawberries and frosé. He then goes on a run through the school grounds as the others deal with the new creature and sees MG with Alyssa. He later arrives at a Super Squad meeting, noticing it's not the same people that he usually deals with, and heads off in his new car with Pedro to find Cupid. Arriving at a bar, he and the others go inside to see him eating on an unknown man's heart, leaving them all disgusted. After Landon fails to shoot the arrows and Hope leaves after magically hitting the arrows into Cupid's body, it's revealed that it isn't really Cupid. Kaleb and Landon read an entry about the Erotes and find the answer to who they are really dealing with. After getting angry with MG about what he was doing with Alyssa, the two go to save her before Alyssa kills her. Unfortunately, Alyssa slows them down with a spell and Kym knocks her out. In the werewolf cell, he talks to Alyssa about MG and that she should find somebody else to crush on, leaving her inside as he walks away.

In You Can't Save Them All, he goes with Jed and MG to find their array of weapons that were stolen. While trying to figure out how to work the magical moth device, Kaleb and Jed have minor arguments, with MG thinking it involves the conflict that the vampires and werewolves have had for centuries.

When Jed gets it work, they follow him until the light emitting from the moth stops. Kaleb and Jed argue yet again until MG is told it's about Alyssa, not the vampire-werewolf conflict. MG gets between the two as they argue, pointing out the zombie jogger that has the other identical moth device around his neck. Kaleb uses his vamp speed to knock over the jogger and Jed stabs him with a piece of wood in the head, killing the jogger, and grabbing the moth around his neck. As MG heads into the abandoned trailer, he and Jed argue more.

Later, Kaleb asks if Dorian is going to be okay and is told he will be healing at the hospital. He, MG and Rafael share an alcoholic drink with Alaric, who toasts for a better tomorrow.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, he stops Josie siphoning from MG and looks at her as she walks away. He overhears Alaric and Vardemus talking about locking Josie up in the chambre de chasse box and knows that Josie is fully capable of working her way out of the box. He argues that Josie is capable of doing worse since she almost desiccated MG and they need to treat it as a monster problem, telling Alaric he needs to sit this situation out, with Hope magically transporting him into the box. He then turns to Hope and asks her what plan she has in mind.

Later, he stands by as Jed asks if they can stop her like all the others monsters, with Kaleb coming to him and bringing Jed outside for some air. He then goes to Alaric's secret weapons room and grabs at least things, asking Hope what she's going to do to stop him, and Hope sends him to the box with Alaric. While in the box, he gets confronted by Alaric and under the simulation, Kaleb speaks with an English accent and offers assistance to Alaric.

Still in the simulation, he asks how long he's been trying to go over the wall. He suggests they work together and split the elixir. He says either he trusts him or shoot, with Alaric shooting a snake nearby, leaving Kaleb somewhat rattled. They shake hands and he asks what Alaric is staring at as vines around the wall spell out a word. While Alaric regains his memories, Kaleb wonders what's wrong with him.

He and Alaric manage to get out of the simulation, heading to the gymnasium. He sees Alyssa is alive, while also surprised she is in the process. Afterwards, he sits and listens to Alaric's speech, saddened by the events that have taken place. He walks with Alaric into the office and tells Alaric he bought the speech. They then wait as Lizzie resurrects and listens as MG explains the Plan B to Lizzie.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, he walks in with Alaric and Jed seeing Lizzie disguised as Josie. He worries with Lizzie being there and whispers to Alaric about it, but is interrupted and watches as Lizzie convinces the werewolf pack that she is Hope.

He and Jed begin interviewing various people for Lizzie's memorial video, but they don't really come upon exactly positive memories for her. When Jed tries to talk about Alyssa, Kaleb tells him he's not going to talk about that subject with him, grabbing the equipment and walking away.

The memorial starts and Kaleb plays the piano as the memory video begins to play. When the video doesn't work out too well for audience, Kaleb and Jed begin to sing for the service. The singing segment has the audience laughing and Lizzie comes between the two. While everyone is still laughing and getting ready to go, Kaleb listens as MG presents his own positive memory of Lizzie.

Later, he and Jed are trying to move piano, but are interrupted by Alyssa. He smiles as he finds out she's resurrected, but is waved away by her as he tries to ask if she wants to do something with him later. After she walks away and thinking for a moment about talking about it with Jed, he remarks about her being rude people in general.

In You Have to Pick One This Time, Kaleb sits in on the emergency session with Alaric, MG, Lizzie and Josie. They discuss how they're going to deal with Malivore and how Hope will fit into their plan. During their meeting, Hope bursts through the doors, interrupting them, but shocked they're having a meeting without her and about the barrier spell on Malivore's cage. MG leads the meeting and his plan is to target Cleo, hoping they can have her inspire a way for them to free her and, by extension, Landon. He intends to use his and Kaleb's vampiric abilities to infiltrate Malivore's consciousness. Hope likes the plan, but he explains that it's because of the way she is when it comes to Landon. Admittedly, she is their best weapon against Malivore, but they only have one shot at this and they can't afford mistakes. Hope reassures them that she wouldn't jeopardize their plan and insists on helping. Alaric leaves it to vote.

With their plan set in motion, Alaric, Kaleb, Lizzie and Josie approach Malivore, though he's already aware of what they're planning. It's a head dive and Kaleb wants to go with Alaric; he could be heading right for a trap. Malivore reminds Alaric that he'll have access to his mind as well. With Kaleb and Alaric incapacitated, Lizzie and Josie will stand watch, should anything happen, they're to pull them out. Josie is weary and suggests this plan isn't a good idea. Malivore even warns them that since he's aware of what they're doing, they'll be going into his conscious mind as opposed to his subconscious. There he'll be able to torture them. Lizzie wants to call it off, but Alaric decides against that. He and Kaleb take the plunge and head into Malivore's mind.

Kaleb finds Alaric in what appears to be his old high school, East Point, as opposed to the darkness or any monster. He's there as Alaric's wingman, and together, they realize it's the night when they first met.. It's the night of homecoming.

Alaric attempts to find a way out of the fabricated prison but every door he tries is locked. Kaleb clearly remembers the night-he caught the winning touchdown and believed he'd be going pro if it wasn't for Alaric finding him. Alaric believes that football would have been the least of his worries, and he rhetorically questions what he meant by that. It's also the night he fed on someone, but he reminds Kaleb that it's also the night he tried to kill him, too. He chalks it up to the appearance of a vampire hunter with a crossbow. He concludes that Alaric didn't trust him, back then and today to come with him into Malivore's mind. Alaric admits that he's only ever tried to look out for him, but their conversation is stopped when a light appears down a vacant hallway. They follow it through into a locker room and straight to Malivore. Interestingly, Malivore has seen into their minds and this particular memory doesn't quite match up.

In the fabricated reality, Malivore shows Kaleb his memories on a projector. Kaleb did feed that night, but that was just the appetizer. Kaleb's memory comes rushing back to him and realizes that he attacked and killed a handful of students because of his uncontrollable bloodlust. The event was so traumatic that his mind repressed it. Malivore, however, intensifies Kaleb's bloodlust and Alaric attempts to help him and wants Kaleb to pull them out of his mind. Kaleb can't and explains that Malivore has a hold of his mind and isn't letting him.. Alaric attempts to grab his vervain, but Malivore has rewritten the memory. Before Malivore leaves, he tells them that if they die within his consciousness, it will severely damage their minds in the real world.

Kaleb struggles to fight his hunger and tells him that he needs to feed. Alaric tries to talk Kaleb through his heightened bloodlust. He wonders why Alaric never told him what he did, but he only explains that Kaleb didn't need to know. All that matters is that he can beat this. Kaleb lasts as long as he can but succumbs to the bloodlust and attempts to attack Alaric; however, a figure puts himself in between them. Kaleb feeds on Landon, who quickly recovers without injury. Both he and Alaric are happy to see him.

With Malivore still distracted , they leave the school and sit on the bleachers on the football field; the three of them catch up on missing events. He attempts to continue to tell him more, but Landon shuts him down, reminding him that he can't know since Malivore would know. Alaric assures him that Hope is on the case. Ultimately, Landon believes that as long as he's the only viable vessel, this only ends in two ways. He either dies, or Hope becomes a tribrid. Landon wants them to avoid the latter. Alaric reminds him that if they kill his body, then that would be closing the last door in or out of Malivore. He would be trapped. Landon knows this, but asks Alaric to do it. Their conversation is cut short when a bright white light engulfs them. They've been expelled from his consciousness by Lizzie and Josie. Back in the gym, Hope asks if they found anything out about Landon, but Kaleb tells her they didn't find anything.

Later that night, he and Alaric share a drink. Kaleb's still reeling from the repressed memories of killing those students, believing that he was better than that. Alaric reminds Kaleb just how far he's come. When they first met, he attacked him instantly and today he fought that urge; that is growth. Kaleb attributes that the only reason he was able to get the chance to grow was because of Alaric bringing him to the Salvatore School in the first place. He comes to the conclusion that he doesn't think he would be the person he is if he had known what he had done. Sometimes the truth can do more harm than good, at least until you're ready to hear it. Together, they believe Hope isn't ready yet for what they learned today and Kaleb backs whatever decision Alaric has to come.

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, Hope brings together him, MG, Wade, Josie and Jed and explains that this was the memory that Cleo shared with her. She explains that if they can find a way to replicate the spell, then they can transfer Malivore out of Landon. Since MG pointed out that Malivore was trying to splinter them, she's adapting and open to collaboration. The team agrees to the plan and Jed questions if Cleo inspired any blueprints for the spell. That, however, is something they'll have to figure out. Wade inquires about Landon, but either way, they need Malivore out of him.

Kaleb heads to Alaric's office, upset for having lied to Hope about Landon, again. It's a necessary evil, though his attention quickly falls to what Alaric is unboxing. They're t-shirts for Movie in the Square. Their school still owes community service for last year's football fiasco. Alaric needs Kaleb and Lizzie to supervise the students while at the event.

At the Town Square, Kaleb listens to Lizzie talks about her and Ethan. Despite their common interests, she doesn't have that spark of romance. Unlike her, Kaleb is stuck shilling out popcorn to townies instead of rescuing Cleo. Lizzie reminds him that they're here so Hope and the others don't have to be. Lizzie siphons from him and causes the popcorn machine to explode spewing popcorn everywhere. Ethan rushes over to help Lizzie and Kaleb walks away, though discovering MG hiding and watching Lizzie.

Kaleb confronts MG for spying on Lizzie. MG is adamant that the human and supernatural work don't mix, and when they do, never ends wells for the human. He doesn't want Ethan getting mixed up with that again. Kaleb counters that he's jealous, to which MG admits to being. He wonders if her and Ethan's time is now while his time has come and gone.

Later that night, he and MG talk. He encourages MG to talk to Lizzie, though after the movie. Distracted, they quickly lose sight of Lizzie and goes in search of her, though they only find an unconscious Ethan. MG takes Ethan back to the Salvatore School while he continues to search for Lizzie who's been kidnapped by the dybbuk possessed Ryan.

Lizzie's held captive by the dybbuk who threatens to burn her alive but Kaleb rushes to her rescue. He attempts to bind the monster with a steel bar, but the monster's superior strength knocks him through a wall. Hope appears and performs the transfusion ritual on Ryan, transferring the dybbuk out of him and saves his life with Kaleb's vampiric blood.

He, Lizzie, and Hope rush Ryan back to the hospital. Lizzie confides to Kaleb that Ethan coming to rescue her was an epic move, and also thanks Kaleb for saving her. Kaleb is modest and admits that Hope was the one to actually save her. With Ryan saved, the three of them head back to the school, learning that Malivore has escaped, rather Alaric was forced to release him, with Ethan. Alaric comes clean to Hope about Landon.


Kaleb has an outgoing, athletic, and impulsive personality. At first glance, Kaleb can be seen as your average pumped-up jock, but he has a dark, impulsive side to himself. Although he claims he doesn't kill, Kaleb willingly feeds off of the blood of humans and compels said-humans (particularly young females), which proves that he doesn't truly care for the well-being of humans. Kaleb strongly believes in his own philosophy, "vamps before tramps," which often gets him into sticky situations. His ways of feeding off of humans, more recently, has landed him in trouble at his boarding school and with local law enforcement. Kaleb attempted to evade and even threaten those who confronted him about his ways of feeding and his behavior, but this recently landed him imprisoned in his boarding school's jail-like cellar.

On the other hand, he does have a sympathetic and caring side to him as when Dorian revealed that MG was a ripper, he watched over him as he felt guilty for what happened. He also does care about the other students that are not vampires, as he confided in Alaric that besides vampires needing human blood, witches need to learn offensive magic so they can protect each other and themselves from the oncoming threats they encounter.

Physical Appearance

He has a tall stature and a medium sized build, usually wearing dark colored clothing. He has brown eyes and long black hair seen in dreads, but is usually put up in a ponytail.

Powers and Abilities

Kaleb possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire.


Kaleb has the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.


Milton Greasley

At first, Kaleb thought little of MG and frequently competed with him, especially by using their vampire abilities. However, Kaleb learned how genuine of a friend MG could be and he grew to enjoy spending time with MG. Due to the supernatural events happening to their school in the first season of "Legacies", they allied with each other against said-forces. Due to this, Kaleb grew closer with MG and he has proclaimed MG to be like his family. They are currently close friends and allies.

Other Relationships

  • Kaleb and Lizzie (Classmates/Frenemies/Former Allies)
  • Kaleb and Hope (Classmates/Fellow Honor Council Representatives/Allies)
  • Kaleb and Josie (Classmates/Fellow Honor Council Representatives/Allies)
  • Kaleb and Rafael (Friends/Allies/Former Classmates/Fellow Honor Council Representatives)
  • Kaleb and Cleo (Classmates/Crush)


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  • Kaleb is a variant spelling of Caleb. It is an Hebrew masculine given name and means "dog" or "brave".[3]
  • Hawkins is a surname of English and Irish origin meaning "son of Hawkin".[4]


  • He is the first student shown from the boarding school to threaten Alaric Saltzman.


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