You are the reason I wanted to stay in New Orleans, Freya. You make me feel understood, known. And there is always going to be a spell to do or an enemy to fight but when that is all finished you deserve someone who gets you.

Keelin is a werewolf and recurring character in the fourth and fifth seasons of The Originals. Keelin is a smart, strong and resourceful Emergency Room doctor. She is the last living werewolf of the Malraux bloodline after the rest of her family was hunted to extinction. She is the wife of Freya and mother of their son, Nik.

After her family's death, she went into hiding and, since then, she has deliberately avoided getting too close to anyone.

She was held captive by Freya and eventually struck a bargain so that together, they could combine their knowledge of magic and medicine to destroy Marcel's venom. Since the creation of a weapon that can kill Marcel, Freya released her and she is currently enjoying her life of freedom. She has also begun a romantic relationship with Freya and is considered an ally and friend of the Mikaelson Family.

Keelin is a member of the Malraux Werewolf Bloodline and a relative to the Mikaelson Family due to her marriage with Freya.

Early History

Prior to 2014, while she is well into her medical education and just starting her residency, her family, and werewolf bloodline were hunted down by Lucien. Once he obtained the venom he needed they were killed off. It remains unknown how she survived her family's destruction, though it is likely because she does not share her grandmother's maiden name of Malraux.

During an unknown year, while Keelin dated an orthopedic surgeon, one morning they went for a hike and Keelin badly injured her ankle. However, the next day, due to her accelerated healing, Keelin's ankle was back to normal. Her then-girlfriend freaked out and they broke up. After that, Keelin broke into the hospital lab and found a way to slow her healing down close to that of a human's so she could live a normal life.

Throughout The Originals Series

In Gather Up the Killers, as Keelin celebrates the completion of her hospital residency with some friends at a bar in Austin, Texas, she was approached by Hayley, who asks if it helped with the guilt, given the fact that she was a werewolf. Upon the discovery that Hayley knew who and what she was, including her grandmother's maiden name of Malraux, Keelin tries to leave but Hayley grabs her wrist, thus warranting a stand-off as the two of them flash their glowing yellow eyes. Hayley needed a favor, asking for only five minutes of Keelin's time outside, to which she agrees. However, immediately following their exit, Keelin attacks Hayley, and attempts to flee by maneuvering through an obstacle-filled alleyway, and scaling a large brick wall. By the time she makes it to the other side, Hayley is already there, though Keelin isn't willing to go without a fight.

Hayley explains that she's not there to fight Keelin because she is the last member of the Malraux pack, which made her special for reason too complicated to explain. With time running low, Hayley apologizes before smashing Keelin's head into the brick wall and whisking her away. Keelin awakens in an old abandoned warehouse, strapped to a chair, with Hayley claiming that she isn't her enemy. She then correctly assumes that they are on the run from vampires, stating that Hayley had the same stink that they did. After explaining that she was a werewolf-vampire hybrid, Hayley informs Keelin that her best chance of survival was to do exactly as she said, and so Hayley then pulls out a werewolf venom extracting device, ensuring Keelin that it will hurt.

Keelin questions why she was chosen, to which Hayley informs her that she is trying to save her family, which was a task that could only be completed through extracting her venom. Hayley promises Keelin that if everything went as planned, she would be released. After giving up her venom, Keelin wonders when she'll be able to go, leaving Hayley to explain that her freedom was reliant on the awakening of sleeping beauty, who would then awaken the rest of her family. Keelin attempts to break free as Freya performs the spell, however, before she can fully get loose, she is met by one of the vampires who had been tracking her down. Fortunately, Freya melts his brain before Keelin could suffer any harm. Once Freya manages to revive her family, she tells Keelin that she barely had enough to make the anti-venom, so if any of them were ever bitten again, they'd need Keelin alive. Despite her deal with Hayley, Keelin would continue to be held prisoner by the Mikaelsons.

In Haunter of Ruins, while inside an old dusty shed, Keelin continues to have her venom extracted, a painful process that Hayley is saddened to see her endure. However, Keelin didn't blame her as she understood that Hayley was simply trying to help her family. Upon noticing the scratches across Keelin's body, Hayley questioned why she wasn't healing, to which Keelin explains that she never thought much of the pack mentality typically associated with her kind. She always thought there was something wrong with her, although, she is a model citizen in comparison to Hayley, who is a werewolf queen that betrayed her own kind for a family of vampires, it was disgusting, Keelin remarked. Freya then enters the shed, and places the mask back on Keelin's face as they needed as much venom as possible.

"Most people who do evil convince themselves it's necessary." This was Keelin's response to Freya's claim that she wasn't being punished but that it was simply a necessary evil. Freya then approaches Keelin to apply some kind of home-made ointment, which will assist with the healing, thus leaving Freya to wonder why her wounds weren't healing in the first place. Keelin dated an orthopedic surgeon a while ago, and one morning she was trying to impress her on a hike, but she fell so hard that she broke her ankle. Her girlfriend was willing to assist her with the process of rehab until she discovered that Keelin was as good as new the following morning. From there, Keelin swiped a badge, accessed the path lab, and used her tissue sample to analyze the chemotaxis of her body's enzymes. Even a monster is still a biological organism, it can be weakened or strengthened, so she devised a modern medical treatment to help suppress her werewolf traits.

After Freya leaves, Hayley enters the shed to cut Keelin's restraints and set her free, but not without a few parting words. As long as Keelin was alive, she would be hunted, she couldn't go back to her old life, she had to disappear, and so she did just that by hopping right out the window. That night, Keelin made it out to an old dirt road, leading to a bar, where she attempts to steal a car, but Freya managed to catch up with her. As Freya nears the car door, Keelin's eyes begin to glow in a fit of rage as she forcefully kicks the door open, knocking Freya across the lot. Sadly, she doesn't get too far as Freya brings Keelin to her knees through Pain Infliction. Back at the shed, Keelin stands within a salt boundary spell while Freya explains that she should be thankful because had anyone else tracked Keelin down, they would have killed her. Freya then came up with a plan that would benefit them both, with Keelin's medicine and her magic, they could find a way to kill Marcel Gerard.

In Keepers of the House, Keelin awakens in the shed after working all night to hopefully find a solution to Marcel Gerard and his venomous bite. Freya enters to tell her that she would be leaving for New Orleans because Hope was still sick. So long as she was stepping into a war zone, Keelin asks Freya to steal some of Marcel's venom. Freya recalls Klaus mentioning earlier that Marcel would be occupied, thus leaving his home vulnerable to intrusion. Keelin initially passes on Freya's offer to join her in robbing Marcel, who was essentially the most dangerous vampire on the planet, but she rethinks the offer after being handed a moonlight ring, which would allow Keelin to access the entirety of her power at will. Keelin states that it's a cure and that it was everything she ever wanted, however, to Freya it was insurance as the ring had been spelled to prevent Keelin from removing it.

Upon arriving in New Orleans, Keelin and Freya make their way to Marcel's loft, where Keelin asks why Freya is so resistant against telling her family about their plan to kill Marcel. Freya explains that the rest of her family are overly sensitive when it comes to Marcel, but not her, "The merciless badass who doesn't get sentimental about anyone", Keelin says. Marcel stockpiled Klaus' blood, and he'd probably do the same with his venom, so the two of them began wondering where he'd put it. In spite of the ring granting Keelin enhanced instincts, she told Freya that she didn't do bloodhound, leaving Freya to find the venom on her own as she casts her magic which revealed a hidden safe. With Freya frustrated as they were running out of time, Keelin urges her to go and help Hope. Keelin had super wolf hearing, meaning she could crack the safe, and if she found anything of use inside, she'd deliver it to Freya.

At St. Louis Cathedral, Keelin holds a jar with Marcel's venom as she awaits Freya's arrival. Where Keelin's from, if you make a deal, you keep it, and since she is on the most wanted list of every psycho who wants Freya's family dead, that made her Team Mikaelson whether she liked it or not. Freya then takes her hand, whispers another spell, and informs Keelin that the ring had been altered. She keeps the benefits, minus the leash. Keelin wonders if this is an apology or a thank you, neither of which Freya was any good at.

In I Hear You Knocking, Keelin awakens in St. Louis Cathedral to coffee alongside her bed. She thanks Freya, and says it almost makes up for her kidnapping, which Freya reminded her was the only thing that kept her alive. The prior night they came to some kind of breakthrough but the last thing Keelin could remember was Freya figuring it out, and so they began celebrating with Tequila. Keelin began to wonder why she was borderline comatose while Freya was perfectly fine. Just before being shown the blade that can kill Marcel, Freya handed Keelin what she referred to as a hangover cure that was a thousand years old. Freya then explains that her blood, Esther's magic, Marcel's venom and the ashes of Lucien Castle should make it powerful enough to kill him. On that note, they were done, and Keelin could return back to her life, so the two of them exchanged farewells as Keelin exited the church.

Surprisingly, Keelin returns to the church, claiming that she forgot about her Hippocratic oath. She was halfway to the bus station when she realized that Freya is alone, Marcel is still alive, and that she was bailing on her. Taking into consideration that Freya cured her curse, Keelin wanted to at least see their mission to the end. Freya then introduces her to the latest Mikaelson family crisis as Klaus had been infected with Dark Magic, so the blood covered totem represents that power, and the only way to figure out how to heal Klaus, is to channel it, which would give it access to Freya, which is an exceptionally dangerous plan. As Freya gets the final pieces of her spell in order, Keelin remembers that even during her most traumatic hospital rotations, she'd make time to remind herself that there was a whole world away from the madness of the E.R., which was something Freya needed to be reminded of.

Before starting the spell, Freya tells Keelin that if anything strange happens, she should wake her up, which Keelin does upon the appearance of a glowing bright blue light. She tackles Freya into the wall which causes her head to bleed, however, medical attention would have to wait as she couldn't allow Klaus to walk into a sacrificial bloodbath. With Freya injured, Keelin offered to accompany her since she had a moonlight ring but Freya insisted that she could take care of herself. Later that evening, Freya thanks Keelin as she stitches her head up. Keelin playfully comments that she's surprised to receive any kind of gratitude from the Viking witch who spends her days channeling evil spirits to save vampire brothers. Freya then apologizes for her hand in Keelin's abduction, which Keelin fully understood considering she would have done the same for her family if they were still alive.

In Bag of Cobras, Keelin and Freya meet up at Rousseau's, where Freya invites her to a party at The Abattoir, which was an invitation that Keelin could not refuse. As the two of them smiled at one another, Hayley enters the bar, turning their once pleasant conversation into an awkward face-off. After a game of darts at the bar, Keelin attended the party that night just as planned. She approaches Freya and Vincent, who walks off with a notable chip on his shoulder, "he seems nice. Want me to break his legs?", Keelin asks but Freya would rather have a drink. As the night goes on, Elijah comes out to the balcony with one of The Hollow's followers in hand, Elijah rips Dominic's heart out, and drops him over the railing.

Later that night, at St. Louis Cathedral, Freya apologizes for Elijah's actions as she and Keelin share a drink. However, Keelin was rather unfazed by the incident as savage violence was not a new concept to her considering that werewolves were violent in their own right. Keelin was afraid that she would become as dangerous as her own family, so she chose a different path by getting a medical degree. She then states that the downside to Elijah killing Dominic is that it cut the party short just when she was starting to have fun. Luckily for her, Freya knew a great jazz bar.

In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, Keelin visits Freya at St. Louis Cathedral while Freya is casting a spell. Keelin asks if she's making love potion number nine, to which Freya responds that she's casting a boundary spell to keep her family safe from, "evil bastards who refuse to remain dead". She then asks Keelin where she was earlier and says that it's not safe out in the Quarter. Keelin smiles and says that she was job hunting and that she even has an interview at St. Theodora's Clinic in the Ninth Ward later. Freya questions Keelin's reasons for staying, as she seemed so eager to get back to her old life, and asks what changed. Freya then turns away from Keelin, pretending to work on the spell. Keelin says that she liked Boston, that she had friends but she also had a lot of secrets, and she didn't have anyone who really knew her.

As she speaks, she steps closer to Freya who turns to look at her. Keelin continues saying that even though there's not much to hide in New Orleans, and asks Freya that if it works out if they could celebrate, and that she's never done the whole "Bourbon Street Bacchanalia thing". Freya says that the witch Dominic is still out there and wants her brothers dead, so she has to find a way to put him down for good. Keelin seemingly understands, saying that family comes first. Freya says that once she takes care of Dominic a celebration is certainly in order. She then asks Keelin to meet her for a midnight drink at Rousseau's, which she happily agrees to.

Later, Freya after manages to trap Dominic in a sigil, he tells her that he knows where the Malraux wolf, Keelin, is at that very moment. Keelin is then seen leaving St. Theodora's happy, and leaving a voicemail for Freya saying that she's leaving the ninth now, and was excited to get that drink. In an alley, a woman gets out of a car, and Keelin gives her a suspicious look before walking on. Meanwhile, Freya tells Dominic that he's lying and doesn't know anything about her, to which Dominic responds that he knows she's important to Freya, and how Freya looks at her from across a crowded room.

He goes on to say that he sent some friends with instructions to kill Keelin and that they're in the ninth ward as they speak. Keelin is seen walking down the street, as a group of Dominic's friends starts to walk towards her. She fights one off before trying to run away, but one of the men grabs her and picks her up throwing her to the ground, and the group surrounds her. Keelin starts to get up when she sees the ring that Freya gave her, and seconds later her eyes turn gold and her fangs come out just as they pounce on her.

Keelin is then seen entering Rousseau's, with blood on her shirt and a cut above her eyebrow and a cut on her lip. Josh asks her if she's okay, to which she responds that she's fine and that she's meeting someone. He then says that she needs a doctor, and she responds that she's meeting a friend - "tall, blonde, with a mysterious old-school vibe" and asks if he's seen her come in. Josh realizes she's talking about Freya and gives her a shocked look. He then presumably tells her where to find Freya.

She is then seen entering Josh's loft and sees Freya laying on the floor unconscious. She becomes runs over to her, and quickly realize she doesn't have a pulse. She pulls her hair back into a ponytail, before administering CPR to Freya. She slams her fists down on Freya's chest, and Freya gasps lurching up as she comes back to life. Keelin then holds Freya, who seems relieved that Keelin is okay, before asking how long she was out for. Keelin then calmly tells her that her heart stopped beating, to which Freya realizes that means the protection spell on the compound was gone and she has to go. Keelin grabs Freya's hand and tells her that she can't, but Freya says that she has to before leaving with Keelin close behind.

At the compound, Freya calls out for Klaus at the same time as Keelin sees Hayley laying unconscious on the floor. The two run over to her, and Keelin tells Freya that Hayley's neck is broken but she'll heal eventually. Freya kneels beside Keelin before telling her that she should leave and pushes her back a little, as she needs to find her brother and niece. Keelin tells Freya to let her help, but Freya rudely shouts that she's just getting in the way. Keelin is visibly hurt by this but abides by Freya's wishes and leaves.

Later, Keelin sees Freya walking down the street in the Quarter and confronts her. She says that she assumes her family is alright, to which Freya doesn't reply. She goes on to say that she doesn't normally expect a thank you when she saves lives but getting kicked out of her house sucked. Freya responds that there wasn't time, to which Keelin interrupts her by saying "to be a decent person?".

Freya quickly says that she isn't a decent person and that she should know that by now - she's ruthless, callous and vicious when it comes to protecting her family and that she didn't care before, but that it doesn't matter now and that the two are done. Keelin questions this, and Freya responds by saying that she got distracted and was worried about her, which caused her to make a mistake that could have cause lives, and that it can't happen again.

Keelin has a sad expression on her face as Freya says that there's no reason for them to see each other again, but that she should stay in New Orleans, and her brothers will keep her safe. Keelin says if that's what she wants then fine, but she should know that when she saw her lying on the floor she was terrified and kept thinking about how she wishes she had told her the truth - that she was the reason Keelin wanted to stay in New Orleans. She goes on to say that Freya makes her feel understood - known, and there's always going to be a spell to do and an enemy to fight, but when that's all over, Freya deserves someone who gets her. She then says that she hopes she finds that. Freya then goes against what she just said and says Keelin's name seconds before walking up, turning her around, and kissing her. The two exchange a look, before kissing again - Keelin pulling Freya closer as they kiss.

In Queen Death, Keelin visits Freya at St. Louis Cathedral as she is preparing another spell. Keelin remarks that Freya is still playing with toys to which Freya responds that she is casting a protection spell on the compound out of representation magic, so it isn't tied to her heart should anything happen to her. Keelin then asks if they can pretend for five seconds that Freya doesn't have to worry about dying today, and Freya responds that she's not going to die - at least not until after breakfast.

She then takes Keelin's shoulders and turns her to show her a beautiful brunch with candles, mimosa's, fruit, tea, and a variety of other things. Keelin remarks that Freya really is perfect as she places her hands on Freya's hips. Moments later, Freya's phone buzzes and she looks worriedly at it. Keelin guesses that it's family drama, to which Freya says that she is so sorry and asks if they can meet later. Keelin says no and that she's coming with her, and that Freya may have her families back, but she's got hers.

Later, Keelin is seen holding a bottle of the cure Freya made. She questions if this is the last of it, to which Freya responds that it is, but if they find Elijah in time it should be enough to at least slow the poison from the rosebush down. Keelin asks how she plans to find him since he's cloaked. Freya states that she is using Marcel's venom, and since the rosebush is made from his venom it has the same magical signature, and she while she can't find Elijah she can track the magic of the rosebush. Freya continues to ramble about how it's not the same as knowing what she's walking into, and Keelin interrupts her and tells her that she's doing that thing where she puts everything on herself.

She tells her to stop, take a breath, focus and know that she can do it. Freya asks Keelin what will happen if she's wrong, to which Keelin replies that she's a doctor, so she's never wrong. This lightens Freya's mood a bit. Keelin then tells Freya to listen to her. She states that she knows the spirit is old and powerful and if the Hollow really did create the werewolf curse, she made Keelin who she is. She then goes on to say that she's spent her whole life fighting her wolf side, and she would stab her in the chest herself is she could, but she knows that Freya needs her here. Keelin then kisses Freya's hand and asks her to watch herself, and if she gets the chance, not to hesitate to take the Hollow down for good. The two then share a kiss.

As the Mikaelsons prepare to fight the Hollow, Keelin is seen sitting on the floor of the Compound with Hope, as Hope drops jacks on the floor. Keelin says that it's been a while since she's played, and Hope states that you just drop the ball and pick up the jacks, simple as that. Hope then goes first, followed by Keelin. Freya and Klaus watch the two playing from another room, and both are laughing and smiling, having a fun time. Klaus states that Keelin seems nice, for what it's worth, and Freya looks at Keelin with a soft expression on her face.

TO411-061-Hollow Keelin.png
In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Keelin is mentioned by Freya during a conversation she has with Hayley. Freya says that she never hesitated to go into a fight or die for family, but since starting a relationship with Keelin she has started to feel differently. Later, the Hollow enters Freya mind and shows her a vision of Keelin laying on the floor with her throat slit. Freya originally believes that it is really Keelin before she realizes that it can't be possible and that it's an illusion created by the Hollow. "Keelin's" eyes open, and the Hollow continues to communicate with Freya through Keelin's body. It is also revealed that Keelin dying and her blood being on Freya's hands, is Freya's darkest fear.

In Voodoo Child, Keelin is seen leaving St. Theodora's Clinic talking to a fellow nurse as Freya walks up. Freya arrives with coffee for the both of them and remarks that Keelin looks good for someone who just pulled an all-nighter. Keelin says goodbye to her friend before going over to Freya and asking what she's doing there, and accepting the coffee. Freya states that she needed to see her, to which Keelin says that Freya bringing her coffee is completely unlike her, and asking how worried she should be.

Freya then informs her that she and Hayley defeated the Hollow the night before, but before they did, the Hollow entered her mind and capitalized on her greatest fear. Keelin asks what it was, in which Freya admitted that it was seeing Keelin lying on the floor dead as she wasn't able to save her. Keelin then assures Freya that she's fine - exhausted, but fine. Freya tells her that she all she could think about was how she didn't tell Keelin how she really feels about her, to which Keelin asks what that is. The two then proceed to have sex in Freya's bedroom.

After having sex, Keelin admits to Freya that it was nice to see her this morning. Freya admits that she almost didn't, that she almost ran away because that's what she normally does. However, she realized that she wasn't immortal - and neither was Keelin, and she didn't want to waste it running anymore. Keelin responds that she's glad she didn't run, and the two share a kiss before Freya leaves.

Later, Freya is seen casting a spell in her bedroom to keep Keelin safe, as the spell would only allow Freya to enter. Keelin disagrees and says that she's not staying in the room and if Freya's fighting she's fighting too. Freya takes Keelin's hands and gives her a kiss, to which Keelin asks her to not try and stop her. Freya admits that she already has, and when Keelin looks at her hands they are covered in white powder. Moments later, she faints and is laid on the bed by Freya.

Keelin is seen again standing with Freya after the Hollow successfully possesses Hope, who has left the Compound.

In The Feast of All Sinners, Keelin stood next to Freya at the Abattoir while Vincent explained to the Mikaelson family his plan to take down the Hollow once and for all.

Some time later, Keelin received a voicemail from Freya and they met at the Abattoir to discuss Freya's decision about becoming a vampire in order to be one of the four blood-related to Hope who were about to absorb a piece of the Hollow inside them. Keelin argued that Freya will lose both her family and her ability to practice magic. Freya was also afraid of losing Keeling by becoming like the monsters who killed her family, but Keeling reassured her, saying she wasn't going anywhere and they would be "Juliet and Juliet" always.

A little later, Freya drank a glass of blood and Keelin was about to inject potassium chloride into Freya's arm to stop her heart quickly and painlessly. Keelin was worried that Freya would not wake up but was reassured by her girlfriend. The two kissed but before Keelin could make the injection, Kol entered the room, making Freya's transition into vampire unnecessary.

After Vincent and Freya's ritual to save Hope and defeat the Hollow was successfully accomplished, and Freya said goodbye to Hayley and Hope leaving New Orleans for Hope's safety, Keelin offered support to her girlfriend, standing next to her.

In Where You Left Your Heart,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon,

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Keelin is a very strong young woman and is a warrior at heart. She wasn't afraid to fight Hayley when the latter came after her. However, Keelin later helped Hayley because she knew that Hayley was just trying to help her family. Keelin is also incredibly intelligent, as she was able to slow her werewolf healing down using medicine. She is also very level-headed and calm, almost always being able to calm down an impulsive Freya.

Physical Appearance

Keelin is a pretty woman of an unknown age. She has shoulder-length curly black hair, round brown eyes, and plump lips. She has an athletic build and is normally seen wearing relaxed clothing such as jeans and a casual t-shirt.

Powers and Abilities

Keelin possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-evolved werewolf. However, due to the Moonlight ring she currently wears, Keelin is capable of accessing the full power of her condition that is usually only available in wolf form.


Keelin has the typical weaknesses of a non-evolved werewolf.


Freya Mikaelson


While at the beginning, Freya saw Keelin only as a way to ensure the longevity of her family (a prisoner), provided a cure to Marcel's bite, her opinion of Keelin has since changed. After realizing that Keelin has acute medical abilities and could help her in her quest to defeat Marcel, Freya aided Keelin in controlling her werewolf curse, via a moonlight ring, in return for her help. As her captivity with Freya prolonged, the two developed a friendly bond towards one another. After Freya was almost killed by Dominic, Keelin realized there was something more between them. Freya told her there's no reason for them to see each other, though as she was leaving, rejected her own comment and kissed her. They've since begun an official relationship and the two even have sex for the first time in Voodoo Child. When Freya thought she would have to turn into a vampire for her family, Keelin assured her that they would be fine. She went on to say that they are, "Julie and Juliet, always". It's presumed that she stayed with Freya in New Orleans.

After seven years, Freya and Keelin are still together. However, they are in a long distance relationship with Freya remaining in New Orleans trying to find a way to reunite her siblings and with Keelin away from the United States aiding others in need of medical attention. Keelin tried to convince Freya to come with her, but Freya hesitantly declines because of her duty to her siblings. Although broken up at the beginning of the fifth season, Keelin travels back to New Orleans to support Freya as she leads a funeral for their deceased friend. After Hayley's funeral, they decide to make time for each other despite not being together anymore. However, Freya realized that she cannot live without Keelin by her side and asks Keelin to marry her. Both in tears of joy, Keelin accepts Freya's marriage proposal and they share an intimate moment together despite the chaos of the war around them. On the day of their wedding, Freya makes the sudden decision to not have children with Keelin because of her fear of what would happen to their future child. This alarms and hurts Keelin deeply. Keelin argues with Freya tearfully at her sudden and rash decision, but Freya seems set in her ways, until she has a talk with Rebekah. Keelin is overjoyed when Freya changed her mind and said that she would explore the possibility of raising children together. The two then marry as planned and become wives. At the end of the series, Freya first asks Vincent to be the biological father of their future baby. At first he says "no," but later changes his mind. Keelin and Freya are last seen hugging with Vincent crying tears of joy that they have the chance at a raising a family altogether.

Hayley Marshall-Kenner

TO-S4-Hayley and Keelin.png

Keelin was first approached by Hayley at a bar in Austin. Keelin felt threatened that she knew of her bloodline and attacked Hayley. They fought though she was overcome by Hayley's vampiric strength and was taken hostage so that she could use her for her venom. While being held captive by Freya, Hayley saw the pain that Keelin was forced to endure and eventually was set free. Since then, the two have not interacted though she did show relief when she found Hayley dead, from only a broken neck, and that she would soon recover.

After several years of knowing each other, Keelin travels back to New Orleans to attend Hayley's funeral and supports Freya. Keelin and other funeral attendees watch as Freya leads the final words before officially saying goodbye to Hayley.

Other Relationships

  • Keelin and the Mikaelson Family (Family/Allies)
  • Keelin and Hope (Family/Aunt and Niece/Allies)
  • Keelin and Vincent (Close Friends/Allies)


The Originals

Season Four

Season Five


Season Two


  • Keelin is a Celtic name and means "slender" or "comely".[1]


  • She is openly bisexual.[2] This makes her the third LGBT character who appeared in The Originals after Josh Rosza and Aiden and seventh in The Vampire Diaries/The Originals universe after Bill Forbes, Luke Parker, Mary Louise and Nora Hildegard.
  • She is the first werewolf character in the series that is also a doctor.
  • Her grandmother's maiden name is Malraux.
  • In No Quarter, Sofya confirms that she is the last of the Malraux bloodline.
  • Keelin is the first known werewolf who used medicine and science to dampen her werewolf healing powers, despite the magic that makes her a werewolf, while retaining her strength, speed and wolf eyes.
  • Keelin is the first non-evolved werewolf to receive a moonlight ring since the second season of The Originals and the creation of evolved werewolves.



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