Hayley: "Not quite as luxurious as the airstream, but..."

Jackson: "We'll make it a good home, Hayley. Hope will be surrounded by people who love her. She'll be happy, you'll be happy."

In You Hung the Moon, Jackson and Hayley with Hope moved in this house which is just across the street from the Abattoir. This apartment is currently vacant or housing another group of persons being Jackson died and Hayley and Hope moved out.

Throughout The Originals Series

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Hayley and Hope entering into the apartment for the first time

In You Hung the Moon, Hayley and Jackson moves in this apartment with Hope. The apart was put in Jackson's name so that Klaus can't get inside without being invited in.

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, They're seen adjusting to their their home.

In Out of the Easy, Jackson moves to the Bayou to spend the rest of the holiday with his family.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Jackson is killed lifting the need for an invitation to go inside.

In Wild at Heart, Hayley chooses to stay at the Abattoir as the memory of Jackson is overwhelming her, leaving behind Hope's favorite toy, the Wooden Knight. Off screen Camille O'Connell enters and steals it. Hayley, Elijah and Klaus come looking for it before Klaus realizes Camille had taken it. Later Hayley is seen crying explaining to Elijah how she had come to realize it was her fault that Jackson was killed stated that "Loving any of us is a death sentence."


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