So the devil has a deal for me, after all.
Kieran to Camille and Klaus in An Unblinking Death

Kieran O'Connell was a priest with a dark past. According to Kieran, his parish was once the heart of the neighborhood until a massacre happened inside the church. Kieran takes vervain and knows about the vampires, including the Original Vampires. While Kieran generally did not interfere with Marcel's affairs, he drew the line when it comes to the welfare of the humans in the community. Kieran was an ally of the witches until they betrayed him.

He was the leader of The Faction, a group of humans in New Orleans who deals with the vampires and the witches for the humans. However, after the witch Bastianna Natale placed a hex on him as revenge for having helped stop the Harvest, Kieran starts to lose his mind gradually with a murderous rage starting to take hold. As a result, the Faction removed him as their leader and chose Francesca Guerrera to replace him until he recovered. After being turned into a vampire failed to relieve him of the hex, he was staked and put out of his misery by Klaus.

Kieran is a deceased member of the O'Connell Family.

Early History

Kieran and Sophie.

Kieran was the priest of the St. Anne's Catholic Church in New Orleans. According to his friend, the vampire Marcel, who led the vampire faction of the town, Kieran came to the town young before he became a priest and knew how to party. Later, after taking his vows, Kieran took up his family's legacy of leading the Human Faction in dealing with the various supernatural species in New Orleans. 

Kieran formed a working relationship with Marcel which eventually turned into somewhat of a friendship. Despite this alliance, Kieran could do very little to prevent Marcel from worsening the already high tensions between the werewolf packs, such as the Crescent Wolf Clan, which eventually led to the exile of the wolves from New Orleans and into the Bayou. However, working with Marcel, Kieran was able to save the young Andrea Labonair, who later came to be known as Hayley Marshall, from her family's enemies. The daughter of the leaders of the Crescent Wolves, her parents were betrayed and killed but she was saved by Marcel and sent out of town thanks to Kieran.

Kieran was also an ally of the witches of the French Quarter but it is unknown if he had any kind of similar relationship with the covens living outside the Quarter under the stewardship of an Elder named Josephine LaRue. At some point, Kieran began stockpiling an arsenal of dark objects (most of them having been created back in the early days of the 20th century by witches loyal to Kol Mikaelson) to be used by the humans in the even of a supernatural war in New Orleans. He also researched the history of the New Orleans human families and discovered the long-kept secret of the Correa family: they were secretly werewolves descended from the crime family known as the Guerreras and who Marcel had supposedly exterminated in the 1920s. Kieran hides the proof in his storage room where he kept the dark objects. He also allowed the Correas to remain in the human Faction, although apparently at arm's length, due to their past and to their present associations with the drug trade and organized crime. 

Kieran had a brother who fathered twin children: Sean and Camille O'Connell. Kieran was very close to his niece and nephew, and Sean was in seminary to become a priest, like his uncle. Kieran also began grooming Sean to one day take his place as the leader of the Faction although how much he told him is unclear. 

One day, a witch named Sophie Deveraux came to him and told him that the witches of New Orleans were planning on completing a dangerous ritual known as the Harvest which would involve sacrificing four witches to renew the coven's connection to magic. The witches believed that the girls would be resurrected afterward but Kieran did not believe it and tried to stop it. He confronted the witch Elders Bastianna Natale and Agnes, and tried to talk them out of it, declaring that such an action would lead to open war with the vampires. The witches refused to back down and Agnes put a hex on Sean to distract Kieran. The priest watched as his nephew slowly lost his mind before killing nine of his fellow students and himself in front of Kieran's eyes. Distraught by the loss of his nephew, Kieran left New Orleans but not before telling Marcel about the Harvest and asking him to stop it.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season One

Rebekah meets Father Kieran.

In Girl in New Orleans, Kieran is seen cleaning the church until he sees Rebekah Mikaelson, Kieran knows of her and her family. He tells her that the church is closed and tells her to take a Ghost tour, but she tells him that she isn't interested in ghosts, but is interested in the window shutters and tells him she had been looking at window shutters all day. Rebekah then tells him that she has noticed that the church's attic has shutters, Kieran then asks her if she is really interested in it, and says his name is Father Kieran after she asks for his name. When Rebekah asked what had happened in the church, Kieran explains that the church has been abandoned for awhile, and was once the heart of the neighborhood until the massacre happened, when one of his students killed his fellow students and then slit his own throat.

Kieran talks to Marcel about meeting Rebekah.

Rebekah then asked where the attic was, Kieran wouldn't tell until she compelled him, unknown to her that he was on Vervain, but told her anyway to avoid trouble. Father Kieran then went to the French Quarter, to meet with Marcel Gerard. Marcel seemed surprised to see him and wasn't expecting him to be back, Kieran responds and tells him. "I can tell, judging by what has been going on in my church attic". Marcel thought Kieran wouldn't mind since Marcel had done Kieran a favor, he then suggests that Marcel knows that The Originals are back. Kieran tells Marcel that he saw The Original sister earlier snooping around in the church and asked about the attic, he tells Marcel that he has a problem to deal with. Marcel then asked if he just came to help, or criticize him, Kieran then reminds him that he lives in New Orleans, of the grace of the ones who know his secret and tolerate him.

Kieran talks with Marcel.

In Sinners and Saints, Kieran is seen cleaning up the shattered windows, done by Davina. He then sees Marcel and asks him if he's going to visit his prisoner. Marcel explains to him that she is not his prisoner and tells Kieran that he is moving her to another location tonight. Kieran then tells Marcel that he's been hearing what Marcel has been up to since he left town, like using the girl to keep the Witches from doing magic. Marcel then tells him if he's going to defend the witches then they got nothing more to talk about.

Kieran begins to threaten Marcel.

Later at night, after Marcel didn't move Davina to another place, he asks if he's just going to leave her right there. Kieran tells Marcel, You were supposed to get her out of New Orleans after the Harvest. We failed those other three girls, we didn't fail her. That is why I came to you for help. That was the plan. Marcel tells Kieran that the plan has changed, Kieran then makes a comment, especially after Marcel found out how powerful Davina was. Marcel then gets a little angry, and explains that for eight months since Kieran left. Marcel has been running New Orleans just fine and he doesn't want Kieran messing with his business and tells him, he'll do what he wants and when he wants. Kieran then gets angry and yells at Marcel. He tells him if he wants to be the boss and call the shots in New Orleans that's fine. Kieran reminds him that he calls the shots with the humans and threatens Marcel and that he doesn't want Kieran as an enemy. Kieran then suggests to Marcel that he stays away from his niece, Camille O'Connell.

Kieran talking to his niece about Sean.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Kieran is visited by Camille in the confessional box, she tells him she is upset because she does not feel angry over the defacement of Sean's grave. Kieran tells her that if she has found a way to turn off the pain and anger that she should accept it and not question it. Kieran then later have a meeting with the faction, humans who hide the supernatural from the rest. During their meetings, Klaus visited Kieran with the faction.  He told Kieran that it was Agnes who had hexed his nephew Sean O'Connell and drove him to murder.

Kieran watches as Klaus holds Agnes.

Kieran made a deal with Klaus to have The Faction locate Agnes' whereabouts in return Klaus promised Kieran that he would have revenge for his nephew's death and that he would keep Camille safe. Kieran accepts Klaus' offer and has Agnes and her men brought to the church.  He takes the needle of sorrows from her and gives it to Klaus. Agnes demands why she is being arrested and why he's made a deal with Klaus, Kieran responds. "After what you did to Sean. I will deal with the devil himself". Klaus then interrupts them both and proceeds to threaten Agnes until Elijah arrives and kills her and her men, Kieran is present during this incident.

Klaus and Kieran.

In The River in ReverseRebekah Mikaelson comes to Father Kieran in his church to confess that she is a liar, a manipulator, and a betrayer and says she has conspired against her own brother and doubts even God will save her from this sin. Klaus later visits Kieran when he is sitting on the bench and offers him a drink in which he takes gladly. Klaus talks about Kieran's niece, tells Kieran that she has incredibly mind and tells Kieran if she keeps looking and asking questions like her brothers death, she will only get herself killed and tells him he has to convince her to leave New Orleans or Klaus will be forced to compel her to leave. Kieran then later on his way home, sees his niece on the dock and knew exactly where she be. Camille says this is the second time this week someone has written murderer on Sean O'Connell's grave, Kieran tells her it's the third time this week and tells her that he cleaned it off before yesterday. 

Kieran and Camille at the cemetery.

Camille says it's getting old and it's pointless as she will just clean it off again. Kieran tells her. "Folks need time to heal. Sean killed innocent people. No one's getting over that any time soon". Camille tells her uncle that she might be losing it like Sean did. She says she found this in her pocket. She shows Kieran the paper with the signs on it. The lines - it's a secret code Sean and she used to use when we were kids. She has no memory of drawing it. Something's not right, She just can't figure it out. Kieran hugs his niece. And tells her Maybe she should leave town for a while. Give her head some space. he says. "I know your dean. You could put your thesis on hold." But she can't. This means something to her. She just doesn't know what.She is looking at her uncle with tears in her eyes. Kieran explains to her and says. "Not everything has meaning. Sometimes you just have to let go. You should leave New Orleans. This town isn't for everybody. Please". Kieran then later finds Camille in his church and sits down with her, she tells him, she figured it out. The note. 

Camille and Kieran.

She was thinking about it. She thought She must be going crazy, like Sean. But then she thought what if she was trying to send herself a message, she shows the paper to Kieran, She was. The letters on the note say: KLAUS M PICAYUNE 1919. She found this in the Picayune newspaper archives from 1919. She hands another sheet of paper to Kieran. Look at this photo. On the picture, Marcel, Klaus, and a few other persons can be seen. Cami and Kieran exchange confused glances, Those men, She knows them. She knows both of them.

Kieran meets with Klaus and Marcel.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Kieran is in St. Anne's Church with the other faction members including the mayor waiting for Marcel and Klaus the new king of New Orleans. When he sees them both he greets them and tries to explain to Klaus that the Humans and the Vampires can co-exist peacefully, but the sheriff interrupts him. Kieran then explains to Klaus that there are rules. No feeding on the locals, don't bring any unwanted attention to the city.  And tells him that History has proven that they can co-exist peacefully. But if he crosses the line, the sheriff then interrupts him and saying they both answer to them. Klaus begins to become irritated by the sheriff and tells him he'll give them whatever suits him and if it doesn't please them he would perhaps kill them. Kieran tried to calm down the sheriff and the vampires.

Kieran discuss about The Faction's recent attacks.

The Faction later attacks Klaus and Marcel which results in many nightwalkers killed. Kieran then heard of it headed to meet the rest of The Faction and discussed it. Kieran told they were going to start a war with the vampires, but they didn't think so and told Kieran if wanted to discuss their leadership, he could send an email. Kieran was confused thinking the sheriff called the meeting, but it was Klaus. Klaus told the sheriff he had learned to not overestimate the humans and then Marcel appears and kills the sheriff Klaus and he then kills the rest except for Kieran. Klaus tells Kieran to choose new leaders for The Faction and then they can negotiate. Klaus later visits Kieran at his church and is glad he's still up, Kieran is seen firing candles for the dead Faction members that were killed by Klaus and Marcel. Kieran then asks what he wants, and Klaus tells him of how he almost got the werewolves in The Bayou killed and tells him he might have been a little hasty. Klaus then asks if Kieran can protect them from himself as the vampires wouldn't like him protecting the werewolves. Kieran agrees if Klaus compels his niece to leave New Orleans for good.

Kieran checks if Camille is alright.

In The Casket Girls, When Davina tries to run with Camille to get away from Klaus and Marcel they contact Kieran so that he can try and find them. Kieran later contacted Marcel and told him the witches tried to kidnap Davina but they all ended up dead. Kieran then later came to see if Camille was alright and said she must have fainted. Camille then confronts Kieran of the truth, and asked him if he knew if his friend Marcel knew where Davina is. Camille then asked him how he could not tell her about her brother Sean, who had been hexed. Kieran then tried to explain himself, but Camille responded with. "Get the hell away from me. You are every bit as bad as the other monsters in this city."

Klaus and Kieran as all hell breaks loose.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Kieran met with Klaus after Davina became ill and the earthquake started, they need to prepare. According to Sophie Devereaux, as Davina self-destructs, she'll cycle through four stages that represent the four elements that bound together The Harvest. Klaus explains to Kieran the four stages. Earth stage comes first. Then comes wind, Then after the wind is water. Kieran asks how bad it will become, Klaus says very but it's no the worst. The last stage is fire, and since it's the last. It will be by far the worst. Klaus tells him that he didn't take over this town to watch it burn to the ground. Kieran asks him if he can stop it, Klaus says yes, but he won't like how. Klaus then later came to St. Anne's Church with Hayley to deliver food to the needy, Kieran thanks both Klaus and Hayley for it. She asks if they're all werewolves, Klaus explained that he asked Father Kieran to give them shelter.

Kieran and The Original family is burying Esther.

Telling her, he suffers from an incessant desire to do good. But now he needs him to be useful. Marcel and Davina have disappeared. Klaus assumes from the stupefied look on his face they haven't sought refuge in his attic. Kieran tells him that, those days are gone. Klaus then tells him energize his resources. He doesn't need to remind him how important it is they be found. Kieran agrees and leaves. Kieran later meets with Klaus and his siblings and Hayley to bury Esther, their mother. Kieran gives him a dagger and then each of them, cut their hands on the knife. Kieran took the knife and threw it with Esther's coffin and said. "It is done."

Kieran talks with Klaus and Marcel about finding Papa Tunde.

In Crescent City, Kieran is re-opening St. Anne's Church and talks about how pleased he is to see everyone coming to its opening, even after the horrible act that took place at this church eight months ago. Kieran speaks of the church and what it means now that it be open. Kieran is then talking business with Klaus and Marcel and he promises, he does what he can to find Papa Tunde but will not draw into a war between Vampires and Witches. His niece Camille then to congratulate him for re-open the church and then left him after seeing he was with Klaus. Kieran then thanked everyone who came and said to them "GOD", is with them, then Bastianna Natale came forth and shook his hand and hexed him like Agnes did to his nephew Sean. Kieran was a little shocked to see her as he believed her to be dead, Bastianna told him to give his nephew her regards when he sees him in hell.

Kieran tells Camille, he's been hexed.

Kieran then later went to Rousseau's where Camille works, She is upset with him, but he asks to hear him out first. Camille tells him that she went the re-opening of the church to make amends and then she sees him with Klaus like it's business like usual, Kieran tells her that is exactly what it is and for the past 300 years The O'Connell Family have tried to keep the peace between humans and Vampires. He then asks Camille to give him a drink and tells her, he's in trouble and that he's been hexed like Sean was, Camille tells him there must be something that can be done about it, then the Witch Genevieve comes forth to them and tells her if she wants to save her uncle she needs to stab Klaus in the heart with Papa Tunde's Blade. Camille calls Klaus to meet her at the church and instead of stabbing Klaus with Tunde's blade, she chooses to give it to him and he would see what he can do to save Kieran. Klaus then bites his own hand let his blood drip into a goblet, Kieran thought it to be ridiculous, Klaus found it a little funny as he was trying to reverse a witch's hex and it's the cup Kieran finds sacrilegious. Kieran then cuts his hand to drip some of his blood away along with the vervain so that Klaus could fix him through compulsion.

Camille and Kieran confronted by Bastianna.

Klaus tried to compel the hex away but it didn't work, so Klaus went to see if he could persuade the witches to undo the hex. Kieran and Camille are later out the church about to leave when Bastianna appears in front of them to tell them that someone completed Camille's task, and that Kieran would die soon and in anguish as payback on him for trying to stop The Harvest.

Kieran is mentioned by Camille in Le Grand Guignol and she says that he's still suffering the effects of the hex Bastianna cast on him.

In Farewell to Storyville, Father Kieran is at St. Anne's Church with his longtime ally Marcel Gerard, they talk about how Marcel betrayed his former best friend Niklaus Mikaelson a century ago, and the only thing that can save him is the girl he has locked up in Kieran's attic, but she's a basket case. Kieran then figures out that Marcel needs his niece to psychoanalyst a resurrected teen witch. Kieran then asks if that sums it up? Marcel tells him he's pretty smug for a guy with a witch's hex, Kieran tells him that the witch Davina Claire, is his only shot at a cure, and tells him not to dance around the obvious. He tells Marcel that this hex is going to be the end of him. Marcel doesn't believe so and tells him that every spell has a loophole and tells him, he of all people should have more faith. He says he lost his faith when Sean died. When he came back to New Orleans, he had nothing but hope of preventing a war between the vampires and the witches, and now the witches are out of control, and Marcel allowed an original vampire to take control of the quarter. He tells him there is no hope Not for Marcel, not for the city, and certainly not for himself. Marcel tries to convince that he got Davina back, she will find a way to take down Klaus. Kieran, however, tells Marcel that Klaus going to get out of the trap that he's in, and when he does, he's going to find Marcel, and he is going to tear him into pieces. "You reap what you sow", Marcel.

Elijah, Genevieve, Diego and Kieran's meeting interrupted.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, over the course of a month after Marcel's exile, Camille has been helping her uncle recover, giving him pills to help him. When Elijah wanted the Witches and the Vampires to sign a peace treaty, Kieran offered to use St. Anne's Church as it is neutral ground. When the Vampires and Witches are at each other, it triggers Kieran's anger and he says, We're getting nowhere. You vile creatures cannot agree. Camille then visits Klaus and tries to get him to help, but he tells her that there is nothing anyone can do, Camille then tells Klaus that she refuses to believe that and he would to if he had any concept of family.

Camille tries to convince her uncle there still hope for him.

Camille comes to the church and walks into the attic and sees her uncle putting chains around his ankles, she asks If it is really necessary? her uncle says that the sickness, it's It's overtaking his inclination to forgive, replacing it with one thought that he could barely contain at the summit. Kill every last one of them. says they We'll figure it out, says that he tried to figure it out with Sean, but he was focused on him. He was too much on that instead of trying to stop him, and says that he's not gonna let that happen to him. He tells since she is an  O'Connell The Faction are going to ask her to take his place at the table. he tells her to just leave and start over. Cami wouldn't leave him she said. This angers Kieran and he tells her of how many times does he have to tell her, he can't be fixed? She tells that she won't stop trying. He says that is just her stubbornness like when she was a little girl, she always had to be right she never listened. he said that he prayed for her, And I got no answer. Then he says that there is only blackness, there is only death, it is his And hers. (Kieran then reaches out and grabs Cami trying to kill her, They both fall over, Cami tries to get away, Kieran grabs her by the ankle, while Cami is desperately reaching for a knocked over lamp. She finally gets a hold of it and breaks it over Kieran's head knocking him unconscious.

In The Big Uneasy, Camille convinces Genevieve to aid her in lifting Kieran's hex. However, after being insulted by Klaus, Genevieve changes her mind and does nothing.

In An Unblinking Death, Kieran is on the verge of death and suffering from hallucinations of his nephew Sean and Bastianna. With the help of Josh, Cami has a doctor perform electroshock therapy on Kieran. The therapy is temporarily successful as Kieran regains his sanity for a few moments. After attempting to do the electroshock again, Kieran begins to go into cardiac arrest which prompts a desperate Cami to ask Klaus to give him his blood. Klaus complies with her plea and Kieran dies of cardiac arrest soon after. He tells her that Kieran will not feed to complete his transition into a vampire but there will be more time for them to say their goodbyes to each other.

Later, Kieran awakens in transition and is filled in on what happened by Cami and Klaus. The hex appears to have been broken but he emphatically states he will not complete the transition and asks Klaus to give him and Cami privacy to say goodbye. Kieran tells Cami he never meant for her to get involved in the supernatural elements of New Orleans and asks to be left alone to die in peace. However, the hex reappears along with the hallucinations of Sean and Bastianna. Once more unstable, Kieran goes after Cami with a knife and cuts her with it. He ingests the blood on the blade and completes the transition into a vampire. Before he can harm his niece any further, Klaus snaps his neck and stakes him, finally putting him out of his misery. A saddened Klaus tells Cami that Kieran deserved better than that.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, he had a funeral and Marcel has a party/memorial dedicated to his life at Rousseau's.


He is quite a brave person for a human. This is evidenced by how he stood up to the witches that wished to do the Harvest Ritual, has continually stood up to Marcel and the vampires, and even Klaus himself. Kieran will not hesitate to speak his mind before anyone and will not allow anyone to step on his toes, an act which has earned him Klaus's respect.

Like Elijah, Kieran is also very principled, he maintains the Faction functional in order to protect New Orleans and its inhabitants, whilst the other members only seem interested in serving the supernatural community in exchange for the money they provide.

He is also shown to be protective of his relatives. When he found out Agnes was the one responsible for Sean's suicide, he wanted her to suffer. He also agreed to Klaus' offer to protect Cami. He was very worried that his niece, Camille, would be hurt by Marcel.

Despite the strained relationship between him and Marcel, the latter considered him to be a good man and a friend.

Physical Appearance

Tall, dark, understated, and attractive, though his looks and demeanor are somewhat world-weary (perhaps due to seeing too much death and sorrow).

Powers and Abilities

Kieran possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire.


Kieran had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.


Camille O'Connell

Main article: Camille and Kieran

Camille and Kieran.

Kieran seems to care about his niece, as he warns Marcel to stay away from her out of concern for her safety. Kieran also tries to help her move from what her twin brother did. Kieran later tries to help his niece with her troubles and asks her to leave town as there may be a war coming. Camille later calls her uncle and explains the picture she found of 1919 wasn't just a coincident and says she might go crazy soon if she doesn't find answers soon. Kieran worried for Camille's safety tells Klaus to compel her to leave New Orleans for good. 

Niklaus Mikaelson

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Klaus and Kieran.

When Kieran first met with Klaus, he appeared to not to be afraid of the Original Hybrid, but made a deal to get Sean's killer and the protection of his niece. Kieran seems to get along with the Original Hybrid. and tries to convince his niece of getting out of town when Klaus warns him of a coming war. Once Klaus becomes the new king of New Orleans Kieran calls a meeting to introduce Klaus to the faction and when Klaus tells Kieran he needs his Werewolf family to be protected from the Vampires, he says will protect them but he wants his niece out of town now and tells Klaus to compel her. Kieran was also the first person Klaus went to in order to combat the potential disaster caused by Davina's powers forcibly returning to New Orleans soil. Klaus was concerned for Kieran when he was hexed by the witch Bastianna and tried to help him, first by compelling him and then by leveraging the live of Monique to force Bastianna to undo the hex, though it led to him being captured by the witches, and tried to save him using his relationship with Genevieve only to make her decide to let Kieran die slowly and painfully. He felt remorseful over this and tried to make Cami cease her attempts to save him as it was only making him suffer more, acknowledging Kieran as a good man who doesn't deserve it. Although Klaus turned him into a vampire, albeit reluctantly, knowing fully well that Kieran would rather die, Kieran didn't held it against him and only asked that he leave him and Cami to speak alone, as they both know Kieran would accept death over being a vampire. When it turned out Kieran's hex returned even as a vampire, Klaus mercy-killed Kieran, though he sadly told Kieran that he deserved far better than this, and out of respect for Marcel's friendship with Kieran, allowed him to return to bury his friend.

Marcel Gerard

Kieran and Marcel Gerard seemed to have been friends as they worked together to maintain the peace in New Orleans during Marcel's reign and both of them trusted each other, as shown by how Marcel had Kieran get the young Andrea Labonair, who later came to be known as Hayley Marshall, from her family's enemies and Kieran Kieran told Marcel to stop the Harvest and Marcel willingly obliged, though he failed and only saved Davina, afterwards the two of them agreeing to get her out of town after the Harvest. Although Marcel seemed sympathetic to Kieran leaving the town due to his nephew's massacre, after Kieran's return, his knowledge of how Marcel has been using Davina and Marcel's relationship with Cami strained their friendship, as Marcel is exasperated by Kieran's authoritive demeanor and Kieran, unintimidated by Marcel as he calls the shots with the humans and thus Marcel knows better than to make him his enemy, outright opposes Marcel and warns Marcel to stay away from his niece or there will be consequences. Despite the strain in their friendship, however, Marcel speaks only good of him to Klaus so he'll spare him after Klaus murders the whole Human faction representatives and was worried for Kieran after he had been hexed by Bastianna, attempting to encourage him to try to break the spell, and was saddened by Kieran's death and attended his funeral, where he led his memorial.


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  • Kieran means "the little dark one or the little dark-haired one." Kieran is an Irish name in origin and the Irish spelling is Ciaran with a fada over the second a. The name became common in reference to Ciar, son of Fergus mac Róich who gave his name to the Ciarraige and County Kerry, and two 6th-century saints both counted among the Twelve Apostles of Ireland, the Elder and Ciarán the Younger. It is anglicized in various ways: Ciaran, Kerry, Kyran, Kieran, Keiran, Keiren, Kieren, Ceiran, Ceeran, etc.[1]
  • O'Connell is a last name of Irish origin. It is an Anglicization of the Gaelic O Conaill which means descendant of Conall.[2]


  • Kieran is the first priest to appear in the TVD/TO universe because Pastor Young doesn't count.
  • It seems that Kieran has an uneasy alliance with Marcel, as they are both seen threatening each other. However he did trust Marcel to save Davina from the witches, but this was likely due to his knowledge that Marcel didn't want the witches getting any stronger, as well as his personal views.
  • Kieran reveals that he is the leader of the human faction, like Marcel is of the vampire faction in New Orleans.
  • Kieran used to be an ally of the witches until he learned about The Harvest from Sophie Deveraux. He further turns against the witches when Klaus tells him that the witch Agnes hexed his nephew Sean to kill the other priests and then himself.
  • Kieran seems to be friendlier with Klaus than with Marcel. This could be due to Klaus helping him by offering his niece protection, while Marcel wanted to have a relationship with her and wanted her as his queen.
  • Kieran told Camille that the O'Connells have been trying to keep the peace in New Orleans for the past 3 centuries.
  • In Le Grand Guignol, although not seen within the episode, it is said that he's still suffering from the hex.
  • In Farewell to Storyville, Kieran confesses to Marcel that he lost his faith when his nephew Sean died. Although, this could be the result of the witches hex.
  • Kieran had taken care of the newly orphaned Hayley; when Marcel dropped her off after her parents got killed.
  • The hex on Kieran was so strong, it returned on him even after he died and was in transition, causing him to complete the transition and almost killing Cami before Klaus put him out of his misery.
  • In the secret room the key around his neck led to was seemingly all supernatural and O'Connell family history to ever happen in New Orleans, as well as weapons and supposedly some secret weapon capable of use against all supernaturals should they get out of hand. In a box for Cami, it was revealed Kieran discovered that the Correa family was actually the Guerrera werewolf family.
    • Kieran's knowledge and supernatural arsenal make it clear why he was one of the only people to make Marcel back down when Marcel would abuse his authority as King, keeping Marcel's arrogance in check when dealing with him.
  • Kieran is one of the few humans to be the focus of a witch attack.
  • With the Other Side's collapse and destruction of Hell, he either found peace or went to a dimension similar to Hell, if one exists.
  • There were reports that Kieran would appear in Flashbacks in the following seasons since he was a pivotal figure but never did because of his actor being unavailable.


Season One

Kieran: "This is the body. This is the blood. May they cleanse me of sin and preserve my soul in life everlasting."
Cami (to Kieran): "I'm sorry. I just couldn't lose you, not like that. I made Klaus give you his blood."
Kieran: "I see. So the devil has a deal for me, after all."
- An Unblinking Death



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