Previously on The Vampire Diaries

(The episode picks up from the last. Matt, holding a gun, is unlocking a safe, revealing Caroline's unconscious body. She has blood on her forehead. It flashes to their heated conversation.)

Caroline: (very upset) I have a family, Matt!

(Matt is seen smiling with Penny. The scene flash forwards to him touch her tombstone, it reads Penny Ares Beloved Partner whose memory is a beacon of [Hope] the final work cannot be seen.)

Matt (voiceover): So did I. And a girlfriend and a life. And now I don't.

(Stefan and Alaric are in a restaurant, chatting. It flashes to Stefan's memory when he came to see Caroline in Dallas, TX.)

Alaric: Okay, Stefan, what happened?

(Stefan is outside their home, though he turns his back on them when he sees Caroline is happy with Alaric and the new babies.)

Alaric: You told Caroline you'd be with her once things were safe, and you never showed. You broke her heart.

(Stefan sees Caroline kiss Alaric's cheek.)

The next scene flashes to Bonnie and Virginia in the Mental Health Center in Asheville, NC.

Alex (Voiceover): Virginia forced Lucy Bennett to seal a vault in the Armory with magic.

(Alex is seen, describing to Enzo what had happed to her sister.)

Alex: Our other sister Yvette was still inside when they closed it. I need to get her out. Bonnie can help me do that.

(Alex, or more like an Armory nurse is drawing blood from Rayna.)

Enzo (Voiceover): I need to know if the effects of those pills can be reversed.

(Enzo is driving in his stolen car, speaking with Rayna, asking for a cure to the pill's side effects.)

Rayna: The effects of my blood can't be reversed.

(The scene flashes to Enzo holding a gun to Rayna's face.)

Rayna: That would mean you just gave the girl you love a death sentence.

(Bonnie is seen at the Mental health center, taking another pill that suppresses her magic.)

(Enzo is watching Rayna scribble down information and drawing of the released phoenix stone vampire's whereabouts while speaking with Damon inside his Safe house.)

Enzo: She's still got a mystical connection to all those vampires who escaped the Phoenix Stone.
Damon: I would be happy to wipe out anyone off your list in exchange for a teensy-weensy favor.
Rayna: And what might that be?
Enzo: You're on your last mortal life. What we'd like to do is to take that life and transfer it to Bonnie.

(Damon is looking over Rayna, who has collapsed to the floor; many more additional papers with drawings of people and locations are scattered throughout the small room and all across the floor)

Damon: Well, the good news is she finally said yes to that deal. The not as good news is she added a few more vampires to the list.

Mental Health Center -- Asheville, North Carolina

(Bonnie is washing her hands, two large scabs can be seen on her hands, resulting from the magic suppression pills. She pulls her shirt off of her shoulder to reveal more. She is trying to hold back tears as she covers up again. She wipes away the tears and makes herself more presentable.)

(Bonnie walks down the main hallway up to a nurse at the front desk.)

Bonnie: Hi. I'm here to see a patient of yours, Virginia St. John.
Front Desk Nurse: And what is your relationship to the patient?
Bonnie: She tried to kill me. (said with a dry look upon her face.)

(Bonnie is seen speaking with Virginia, who is behind glass.)

Bonnie: I don't have a lot of time. And I need answers. Your sister Alex is hell-bent on having me open that vault. I need to know what's in it.

(Virginia is a bit more confident in herself.)

Virginia: Well, that's the question everyone's been asking since 1882... when my great-grandfather first managed to open it.

The Vault within the Armory -- 1882

(The scene flashes back to Virginia's great grandfather. He is seen at the Vaults door, opening with a slow creak, Three men and a women is seen holding lanterns behind him as they enter. They each holding up the lanterns to light their way, casting the light on the walls. An unknown woman calls out to Virginia's great grandfather.)

Woman's voice (whispering): Dalton...
Dalton: Who's there?

(The other men seem confused about hearing another voice in the vault.)

Woman's voice: Dalton.
Dalton: Show yourself.

(One by one, each of the lights in the lanterns are extinguished. The scene goes dark, nothing but Dalton's screams can be heard.)

Mental Health Center -- Asheville, North Carolina

(Bonnie is horrified at learning this new information.)

Bonnie: What's in there?

(Virginia does not look at her.)

Bonnie (more determined): What's in there?
Virginia: It's not a what. It's not a who. It's what it does to you.

The Vault within the Armory -- 1882

(Dalton is grunting as he is dragged out of the Vault by the other four people whom is with him.)

Dalton: Shut it.

(The old door creaks shut)

Dalton: I'm fine. I'm fine. Quite all right.

(Dalton's facial expressions have changed, almost like he is excited, instead of horrified, a slight smile graces his lips.)

Virginia (voiceover): It strips away your compassion.

(Dalton whistling "Pop Goes the Weasel" as he cleans a bloodied blade.)

Virginia (Voiceover): It takes away your empathy, your capacity for love...

(Dalton remains stoic in his facial features, he places the cleaned blade back on the shelve from where it was retrieved. He turns to walk away and bumps into one of two seen hanging bodies. The bodies are of the companions that were seen earlier that entered the Vault with Dalton.)

Virginia: Eating away at your soul, until all that remains... is darkness.

(As he walks away, the whistling continues and the camera pans out, revealing all the bodies, hung from the ceiling of the Armory.)

Virginia: My great-grandfather was only in there a few moments. My sister Yvette has been trapped in there for four years. (Her voice breaking) And I can't imagine what she's been twisted into in that time.

(Bonnie seems confused, but tried to convince Virginia.)

Bonnie: No one can survive four years sealed in a vault.
Virgina: I said the same thing. Except Alex can hear her, through the walls, crying to her for help. Whatever's inside that vault, it wants out. And you have to promise me, you won't let Alex set it free.

(Virginia stares Bonnie down with determination.)

Bonnie: I promise.

Title Card & Opening Credits

Frankford, Delaware

(It appears to be mid-morning, Damon is seen throwing an unknown phoenix stone vampire into the windshield of a bus. Ezno is behind him, just watching. He grabs the man and repeatedly hits him in the stomach before ripping out his heart. The man is still alive long enough to see his own heart, and looks up shocked at Damon, right before his head is ripped off as well.)

Enzo: (grunting) Rayna's list is too long to kill each one twice.

(Damon throws the latest kill on a pile of dead bodies of other phoenix stone vampires.)

Damon: Well, then we better get moving.

(Enzo pours gasoline over their bodies, intending to burn them.)

(Damon's phone begins to ring as they light the bodies on fire as they walk away.)

Damon: How's it going?

(Stefan is seen pack up the back of his vehicle, in a unknown location, presumably in Huntsville or rather Birmingham.)

Stefan: Finished off the ones in Huntsville and Birmingham.

(The camera pans back and forth from Stefan to Damon.)

Damon: Ah, good. Overachiever. Somebody taking out their aggression because Blondie left them on the front porch? (Damon gives a wily grin.)
Stefan: Well, Damon, you're the authority on being hated, so why don't you tell me how to deal with the situation.
Damon: Still mad, huh?
Stefan: I'm not mad, I'm just tired. Who's next on my hit list?
Damon: Bloodsucker from the Age of Enlightenment. Ended up in a MMA fighter. Dropping bodies all through the Palmetto State.
Stefan: Doesn't sound very enlightened. That's why I'm partnering you up with Donovan.

(Stefan is surprised by this information.)

Stefan: Matt? He wants me dead. He released Rayna to kill me.
Damon: Bit extreme, even for Donovan.
Stefan: Long story.
Damon (voice is over the phone: I don't have time for a short story, Stefan.

(Matt's truck is seen driving up to Stefan in the background.)

Damon: Listen, you two figure out your differences while killing this MMA fighter.

(Stefan turns to see Matt's vehicle park, he is not particularly happy to see Matt.)

Stefan: Oh, I guess I don't really have much of a choice, do I?
Damon: Stefan, answering your question about how to deal with being hated, three little words, Just don't care.
Stefan: It's funny coming from a guy working so hard to save his friend's life.
Damon: I can live with Bonnie hating me, just as long as she lives. I got to go.

(Matt pokes his head out of the driver's window.)

Matt: I'm driving.

Alaric and Caroline's Home -- Dallas, Texas

(Alaric is search for something in a green box with a yellow lid. He sets it down on the kitchen table, pulling items from the box. Caroline walks in.)

Caroline: If you're looking for the crossbow bolts, I moved them in with the Halloween decorations. About the same time that I relocated your shotgun from the kitchen.

(Alaric is surprised that Caroline has moved his weapons, but grateful.)

Alaric: Thanks.
Caroline: Stake guns and vervain grenades are in the minivan. I called Leah over to watch the girls. They're going to make puppets and put on a show, gonna have the time of their lives.

(Alaric and Caroline are both worried about who should go and help Stefan and the others.)

Alaric: No, you can't go. It's too dangerous.
Caroline: More for you than me.
Alaric: It would be irresponsible if we both went.
Caroline: Okay, then you can stay here. Because I cannot read 'If You Give a Moose a Muffin' for the millionth time when I know my best friend is in trouble.

Enzo's Safe House

(Bonnie is entering the cabin. Rayna is on the floor in front of a burning fire in the fireplace. Crumpling up a piece of paper.)

Rayna: Good-bye, Desmond.
Bonnie: See the crazy train has moved topside. Is that my shirt?
Rayna: Considering I'm giving you my life, I figured it qualified me for an upgrade from the storm cellar.
Bonnie: Personally, I would've negotiated for the penthouse suite in Paris and dinner at the best restaurant in town where I would've ordered one of everything and had the most expensive bottle of wine and champagne.
Rayna: And when all the names are in the fire, you'll have a whole lifetime to do all of it.

(Bonnie walks over in front of the couch towards Rayna and the fireplace. Hundreds of papers are spread out all around Rayna.)

Bonnie: Guess I don't understand what you're getting out of this. I mean, not to sound ungrateful, but you're willing to die? For me? Just doesn't make any sense.

(Rayna reminisces about her first life.)

Rayna: That's because you haven't lived seven lifetimes beyond your own. That's what I never understood about vampires. They seek out immortality like it's some kind of gift. Everything that mattered to me, love, family, happiness, I had all of that the first time, until it was taken away from me, and I've spent the last seven lifetimes longing for it.

(Rayna throws another crumpled piece of paper into the fire. Sadness begins to spread across her face as she remembers her Father and his love for her.)

Rayna: I'm ready to be done on this earth. I want to see my father again. I want to know love again. That's what I get out of it. Peace.

(One of the closes pieces of paper catches fire from a popping ember. Bonnie sees the fire begin to spread and naturally reacts to it.)

Bonnie: Motus!

(The fire is snuffed out. Bonnie is shocked that her magic has returned.)

Rayna: Your magic's back.
Bonnie (worried): The pills are out of my system. Which means the Armory's not far behind.

Matt's Truck

(Matt and Stefan are still driving, reluctance to speak between the both of them.)

Matt: With no traffic, we should be in Spartanburg in under two hours.
Stefan: Do you want me to find a decent radio station to cover up the silence?

(Matt ignores Stefan)

Stefan: Or we can just talk about your vendetta against me. Seriously, man, whatever's going on, let's just get it all out. I mean, you blackmailed us into leaving our home. Wasn't that enough?
Matt: Second best decision I ever made.

(Stefan is confused and is struggling to deal with Matt's attitude)

Stefan: Do I even want to know what the first is?

(Matt begins to remember Penny.)

Flashback -- Mystic Falls, Two Years Ago

(Matt is on the bed, his laptop open on his lap. Penny walks in and he quickly shut the computer.)

Penny: What were you looking at?
Matt: Nothing.
Penny: Baseball score nothing or porn nothing? That was a pretty sketchy quick-close.

(A giant grin spreads across Matt's face as he tried to deflect Penny's suspicions.)

Matt: It's not important.

(Fully interested, Penny stalks closer and climbs on the bed with Matt.)

Penny: I was kidding, but now I'm kind of intrigued. Come on. Show me.
Matt (smiling): Go away.
Penny: Is it, like, weird and freaky? I think we've reached the point where we can be open and honest about our browser histories. Let's see... ( she squeals as she tries to take the laptop from Matt. She is successful and Matt gives in.)
Matt: Hey.
Penny: What kind of freaky stuff you're into. (She reads the webpage.) Top ten ways... (her smile gradually fades as she gathers the words.) to propose to her.

(Matt has a goofy, boyish, grin spread across his face.)

Matt: Pretty sure this isn't gonna make the list.

(Penny closes the computer, smiling.)

Penny: Yes.
Matt (Slightly amused): You haven't even given me a chance to ask.
Penny: I said "yes." Okay.

(Matt reaches into his bedside table, pulling out a small box.)

Matt: Uh, all right, I guess the only surprise is if... to see if I got the size right. (Shock is spreading across Penny's face, her smiling fading for a second time.) Are you rethinking your "yes"?

(Matt opens the box, revealing a beautiful, large Diamond ring.)

Penny: First, it's a total home run. If you're trying to impress me, it worked. Second, you don't need to impress me. And I know you can't afford this on a deputy's salary.
Matt: How about on a sergeant's salary?
Penny: You got the promotion?
Matt: It's not official yet. But they mayor tipped me off. "Sergeant Donovan." It's got a nice ring to it, right?

(Matt places the ring on her finger.)

Penny: So does "Mrs. Sergeant Donovan."

(They embrace in a passionate kiss.)

Matt's Truck

(Matt still does not look Stefan in the face.)

Matt: When I got home from the funeral, our wedding invitations were sitting on the doorstep.

(Stefan seems to be taken aback by this information.)

Stefan: I'm sorry. That's awful.

(Matt finally looks at Stefan.)

Matt (sarcastically): Yeah. Everybody's sorry.
Stefan: I heard it was a car accident.

(Matt smirks, knowing that the truth has yet been revealed.)

Matt: Lost control of her truck. Hit a tree. That's the official story, anyway.

(Stefan is surprised, though keeps his facial expressions calm. He looks almost confused.)

Matt: But you and I both know that's not what really happened.

Damon's Unknown Location

(Damon stakes another phoenix stone vampire who had taken control of a 'Blood mobile'; his phone beings to ring, Bonnie is calling him from Enzo's safe house. The scene flips back and forth between Bonnie and Damon's locations.)

Damon: Ah. (beeps) Hey, Bon. How was your field trip to the nut house?
Bonnie: Where's Enzo? He's not answering his phone.
Damon: (drinks from a blood bag) Enzo is currently chasing down a blood enthusiast. What's wrong?

(Bonnie is walking the floor, worried that the Armory is tracking her current location.)

Bonnie: My magic's back. The Armory's one locator spell away from finding me.
Damon: But they don't know that.
Bonnie (angry): We don't know that they don't know that.
Damon: Listen, Bonnie, we are moving on this list, okay? If dropping bodies was an Olympic sport, we'd be on a Wheaties box. Come on, you should be used to this by now, right? I think you've died, what, three times already? Bonnie?
Bonnie: Yeah, here. I just want to say thank you.
Damon: Well, you're welcome.
Bonnie: I still think it was wrong for you to abandon us, but I... I forgive you.
Damon: Nope. You are not allowed to use the 'F' word. You don't mean it. You're only saying you forgive me because you don't think that we're gonna pull this off. And look, yeah, it's gonna be tight, Bonnie. But we're gonna make it. You're gonna make it. So I don't accept your forgiveness, you understand? You are gonna have to stay strong, okay?

(Bonnie resigns herself to her current actions.)

Bonnie: Okay. I will.

Enzo's Safe House

(Bonnie is focusing on Rayna)

Bonnie: You ready?

(Rayna has finished drawing a syringe of blood from her right arm.)

Rayna: This will just make you sicker.
Bonnie: I'm not gonna let them use me to open that vault.
Rayna: This will only hide your magic for 24 hours. What about after it wears off?
Bonnie (determined): Then we do it again.
Rayna (worried): I don't know how many 24 hours you have left.

(Bonnie ignores Rayna's warning, taking the syringe from her hand and injects it into her left arm.)

The Armory

(Alex is approaching the Vault door.)

Young woman (voice): Alexandria?

(Alex is frightened as she approaches the door.)

Alex: Shh, it's okay. I'm here. I'm-I'm here, Yvette.
Yvette (voice): I'm so alone.
Alex (determined): I'll get you out soon. I promise.

Outside Lexington, Kentucky

(Alaric and Caroline are driving towards another phoenix stone vampire; Caroline is ending her conversation with Rayna.)

Rayna: Now they're getting close, they're about to...
Caroline: Oh, nope. Yeah, I got it. No need to elaborate. Okay. Thanks. Whew, that is five minutes of crazy I am never getting back. Okay, so this is what I got from Rayna. The girl's name is Ashlynn. They guy's name is Wyatt. The rest of her visions are just body parts.
Alaric (confused): Killing spree?
Caroline: No, the body parts are Ashlynn and Wyatt's. (Alaric gives Caroline yet another confused glance.) Uh, because they're having sex. Just lots and lots of intense, mind-blowing sex. Uh, Rayna was very descriptive (Caroline is un-appealed, having to continue to describe what Rayna has told her.)
Alaric: Huh. Well, that's-that's good. Well, hopefully the afterglow will distract them. (Caroline smirks towards Alaric.) I mean, should I feel even the slightest twinge of guilt about this?
Caroline: No, we're doing them a favor. Let 'em go out on a high note. Rip out their hearts before they inevitably do it to each other.
Alaric: Uh, that's... that's pretty bleak. You okay over there?
Caroline: (laughing) I'm fine.

(Alaric changes the conversation)

Alaric: Look, if you want to talk about Stefan, it's okay, all right? We don't have to pretend that he doesn't exist. Especially now that he's showing up at our doorstep.
Caroline: I didn't have anything to say to him then. And I don't have anything to say about him now.
Alaric: Okay.

Enzo's Safe House

(Rayna's phone buzzes. She rushes to grab the phone.)

Rayna: What?

Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Damon: Got your voicemail four times. You know, we are literally at a crossroads here. We could use a couple of bread crumbs.
Rayna: Would you prefer I left Bonnie passed out on the bathroom floor? She all right?

(Bonnie is lying on the couch. Rayna still seems to be worried about her.)

Rayna: No, she took my blood to hide herself from any locator spells.
Enzo (demanding): Put her on.
Bonnie (tired): Hey.
Enzo: Have you lost your mind?
Bonnie: We spent three years hiding. I can't let them find me.
Enzo (bubbling with anger): What, and poisoning yourself is a better option? You just shortened the already miniscule window of time we have. We're so close.
Bonnie: No, you're not. You're nowhere near done. I'm staring at a floor covered in names.
Enzo: And I'll kill every last one of them.
Bonnie: Just come home.
Enzo (confused): What?
Bonnie: I don't want our last moments to be like this. You a million miles away. Connected only by some crappy cell phone signal. Whatever time I have left, I want to spend it with you. Here. So just come home. (Bonnie has given up; she cuts the phone off.)

(Enzo doesn't really know how to process what Bonnie has just told him, he tries to hold back tears and shouts angrily as he walks away from Damon. Damon tries to comfort his friend)

Damon: I know where you are right now. I've been there for three years. You can't drink your way out of it, you can't fight your way out of it, you can't kill your way out of it. Trust me, I tried. This isn't about you. (Enzo turns and faces Damon.) It's not about your fears. It's not about your anger. Because if this goes bad, you're gonna have nothing but time... to drown yourself in every dark emotion your brain can conjure up. Bonnie doesn't have that luxury. So go to her.
Enzo: I can't. I can't give up.
Damon: I'm not asking you to give up. I need to make sure that she doesn't.

Damon's Car

(His phone rings)

(Alex is seen at the Armory, speaking with Damon.)

Damon: Thanks for getting back to me.
Alex (delighted): I'll admit, I was surprised to see you on my phone sheet. Is there something I can do for you, Damon?
Damon: I have a rather lengthy list of hell stone rejects that I need killed posthaste, and I hear you have the resources to do it.
Alex: I do. Do you have something to offer in return?
Damon: How about a key to your creepy walk-in closet?
Alex (intrigued): I'm listening.
Damon: You finish off that list, and I'll deliver you Bonnie Bennett.

Spartanburg, South Carolina

(Matt holding his shoutgun, and Stefan enters a seemingly abandoned house. Renovation equipment and lights can be seen as they walk around.)

Matt: I think Rayna's GPS is off. I don't know why a vampire would want to hide out around so much sharp wood.
Stefan: You got lots of privacy. Plenty of neighborhoods to grab somebody from. Feed at your leisure. Stash the bodies, no trace. Won't have to worry about someone like you coming after them. Which makes me curious. You did such a good job clearing vampires out of Mystic Falls. What makes you convinced that Penny's death wasn't a car accident?

(Matt turns and focuses solely on Stefan.)

Matt: Little things just didn't add up. There were no tire marks on the road. (MAtt continues to search the house.) The impact sent a tree limb through the driver's side of the cab, yet the air bag didn't deploy. You know, everyone said that I was obsessed and that I wouldn't let it go, but you know what it reminded me of? All the deaths that were covered up as animal attacks. (He stops and faces Stefan again.) The more I dug, the less sense it made.
Stefan: So what did you find?
Matt (directly): That there was at least one vampire in Mystic Falls the night Penny died.

(The scene flashes back to Mystic Falls, two years ago. Stefan is walking through a cemetery with a handful of flowers. He bends down at a grave revealed to be Elizabeth Forbes. Her tombstone reads the following 'Beloved Mother & Protector of Mystic Falls')

Matt (voiceover): It was you.

(Flashes back to the present)

Stefan: Yeah, I was there. I came back for the anniversary of the sheriff's death. I knew it'd be a hard day for Caroline, and I thought there would be a good chance she'd show up, and if she did, I wanted to be there for her.
Matt: But she didn't show, did she?
Stefan: No, she never did. (confused) Do you really think that I would hurt Penny?

(One of the phoenix stone vampires attacks and grabs Matt and they struggle. Stefan grabs the vampire and pulls him off of Matt, though the MMA vampire slams him into a piece of wood across two sawhorses. He reaches down and grabs Stefan, throwing him across the room. Matt struggles across the floor, attempting to grab his shout gun, though the vampire grabs and pulls him up before he gets his hand on it. He shoves Matt on a saw bench, turning the saw on, he attempts to force Matt's face through the saw. Matt holds back as Stefan counters the vampire. He lets Matt go and forces the vampire's face into the saw, killing him.

Stefan: You okay?

(Stefan helps Matt up off the floor.)

Matt: Thanks.

Lexington, Kentucky

(Caroline and Alaric enter into a tattoo shop. One of the two phoenix stone vampires there is getting inked; the male vampire, Wyatt on the chair, while the other is off to the side looking at a magazine.)

Caroline: Hi, um... we're getting married this weekend and we want to get his and her tattoos. (gasps) Oh, I love that. "Ash." Is that short for Ashley?
Ashlynn: Ashlynn.
Caroline: That's a beautiful name. Right, honey?
Alaric: Oh, yeah. Love it. Love it.

(Alaric pulls a gun and fires, the tattooist is also a vampire and vamp-speeds away. Wyatt attacks Alaric while Caroline shoots wooden stake at Ashlynn, though she catches it. Wyatt take Alaric down, sending him to the floor. Alaric is barely able to hold Wyatt off as Ashlynn looks on. Caroline comes up behind Wyatt, grabbing him by his hair, getting him off of Alaric.)

Wyatt: Ashlynn!
Ashlynn: Sorry, babe. (She runs out the back)
Wyatt(calling after Ashlynn): Help me!
Caroline (looking back): Poor form, Ashlynn! Shoot! (Wyatt grunts and dies as the shot rings out; Alaric is still on the floor.) Thanks.

(Caroline goes after Ashlynn, she jumps on a gate fence, attempting to flee. An unknown man shoot Ashlynn with a wooden stake, killing her instantly.)

Alaric: I guess we should thank you.
Armory Guard: Professor Saltzman. (Alaric and Caroline are surround by Armory guards, guns still aimed at the two.) You're both gonna have to come with us.

Enzo's Safe House

(Bonnie is asleep on the couch and with the fire in front of her crackling and popping. Enzo approaches, taking off this jacket and laying it over Bonnie.)

(Bonnie wakes up.)

Bonnie: You came back.
Enzo (voice breaking): When have I not?

(Enzo gives her a sadden face.)

Bonnie: (Bonnie leans in close and Enzo cradles her.) Hey. Don't be sad. I have decided, I'm not gonna be sad. I'm not gonna think about all the things we never got the chance to do together. I'm gonna be happy. I'm gonna think about all the things we... we did do together.
Enzo: (Enzo caresses her arm.) What, like all the excitement and adventure I provided you within the confines of these four walls?
Bonnie (voice breaking): You know, it worked for Beauty and the Beast.
Enzo: Please. You were never that beastly.

(Bonnie chuckles and they both smile. They embrace in a passionate kiss.)

(Rayna enters the cabin, carrying a handful of wood logs. She stops, dropping the logs, gasping as she has visions of the phoenix stone vampires being killed. A Armory man shoots a vampire. She rushes to the floor in front of the fireplace crumpling up a piece of paper, throwing in the fire.)

Bonnie: Rayna?

(She has more visions. More vampires are dying. An armory guard uses a shotgun and kills another vampire.)

Bonnie: Rayna, what's happening?
Rayna: Killing. (An Armory guard slices at a vampire, blood spilling over his face. The vision portrays a man falling, the vision filled with the man's screams. Rayna appears to be in pain.)
Bonnie: Rayna.
Rayna (happily): They're killing them.

Damon's Car

(It's almost after dusk, the sky a dark hazy gray. Damon is driving and speaking with Stefan over the phone. Stefan is still in South Carolina, cleaning up after their latest kill.)

Damon: Good news, brother. You can pack up your implements of destruction and punch your time card. Every box in Rayna's list will be checked by tonight.

(The scene flips back and forth between Stefan and Damon's conversation and their respective locations.)

Stefan: Well, it looks like you pulled it off. That's got to tip the scales in your favor with Bonnie.
Damon: It's a little more complicated than that.
Stefan: Well, with you, it usually is. And yeah, by the way, I'm still mad at you. You put me, quite literally, through hell and I'm not ready to let that go yet. But don't think I'm not noticing all the good you've been doing lately. Keep it up. It means something.

Spartanburg, South Carolina

(Stefan ends the call with his brother. Matt enters.)

Stefan: Well, it looks like we're all done here.
Matt: No, we're not. I don't think you meant to hurt Penny, but you know what happened to her. I couldn't make sense of my memories from that night, and then... I checked the footage on my dash-cam.

(The scene flashes back to Matt in his cruiser. He is watching the video recording from his cruiser and sees Stefan. They are walking towards his car from the cemetery. Stefan stops and places his hand on Matt's shoulders and begins to compel him during the night of Penny's death.)

Stefan: It was an accident, Matt. Penny didn't suffer. And you never saw me here.

(The scene flashes back to the present)

Matt: You compelled me. I'm guessing I don't need to tell you what you said to me.

(Stefan complies with Matt, confirming his suspicions that Stefan was hiding the truth. Matt presses further.)

Stefan: No, you don't.
Matt: Now you're gonna tell me the truth.

Enzo's Safe House

(Damon arrives at Enzo's safe house. Bonnie rushes out from the house to confront Damon, who's just gotten out of his car.)

Bonnie (very angry): Just when I thought you were worthy of forgiveness, you do this.
Damon: What'd you expect? Just gonna let you die?
Bonnie: I would rather that, than be forced to open that vault.
Damon: What happened to the new Bonnie? The one that's not so eager to just sacrifice herself? I don't understand, Bonnie. I have a shaman ready to make you the proud new owner of Rayna's last life. All you have to do is just open the stupid vault for Alex, and you're well, you're done.

(Damon continues to try and convince Bonnie to do the spell.)

Bonnie: Alex can't be trusted.
Damon: Bonnie, stop being so dramatic. She just wants her sister back.
Bonnie (determined): Whatever is in that vault makes people into monsters, and I'm not gonna be responsible for letting it out!

(Damon turns to Enzo, hoping for his assistance to persuade Bonnie.)

Damon: You're pretty quiet on this one. I think you had a ringside seat to Mary Louise and Nora's final few days. You want to relive those good times, huh?
Enzo: Bonnie can make her own decisions.
Damon: And when she's dead, you'll be making them for her, like what dress she's gonna be buried in. (Damon's phone buzzes) I... geez. (phone beeps)
Damon: I hit a little bit of a snag, Alex, but if you just...
Alex (voiceover): Put her on.
Damon: It's for you.

(Damon hands the phone over to Bonnie.)

Bonnie: Yup.

(The scene flashes to the Armory; Alex is seen standing on the upper floor speaking on the phone with Bonnie)

Alex: Bonnie, I know you don't have much time left, but I'm hoping you'll reconsider now that I have something in my possession you might be willing to fight for.

(The camera pans down, revealing that Alaric and Caroline is being held in the Armory.)

The Armory

(Alaric and Caroline are walking around, looking at the dark artifacts.)

Alaric: Oh, my God.
Caroline: What?
Alaric: I don't believe it.
Caroline: What?

(Alaric bends down pawning over an ornate jewel. Dark sapphires appears to line the edges with perhaps diamonds or other clear/white gems embed the center. The items has a golden sheen to it with intricately designed patterns.)

Alaric (happily surprised): Lapis De bello. Hmm, this was given to Charlemagne by his first wife.
Caroline (annoyed): Yeah, that explains why he got a second wife.
Alaric (smiling): No, legend has it this allowed him to conquer half of Western Europe. You know, I spent three years searching for this thing. Through every tomb, every monastery throughout Europe, I couldn't find it. I gave up. I convinced myself it didn't exist. (scoffs) There it is.
Caroline (sarcastically): Yeah, well, good thing we got kidnapped, 'cause now it gives you a little bit of closure. Sorry, it's... you were right. Both of us shouldn't have come.
Alaric: Well, think of it like this, if you didn't, I probably would've had my throat ripped out, so there's that.
Caroline: But this is the longest I've ever been away from the girls. And all I want to do, I just want to get home and hold them.

(Caroline is worried and frustrated, Alaric appears to be too busy looking at the artifacts to pay attention to her.)

Alaric: Yeah, I know. (He sighs)
Caroline (worried): Tell me that everything's gonna be fine.

(Alaric doesn't put much weight into his words.)

Alaric: Everything's gonna be fine?
Caroline: Yeah, you want to try it again? Maybe this time where you actually believe it?
Alaric: Do you know what this place is? Half of these things should've been lost to history. (He turns, waving a hand towards the room of objects.) Disappeared. The other half shouldn't even exist. Now, if these guys can make all of this disappear, they're gonna have no problem making us disappear, so when I say, "Yeah, we're gonna be fine", what I'm really saying is I'm praying like hell that whatever it is they want, somebody's willing to give it to them.

Spartanburg, South Carolina

(Matt is pointing the gun at Stefan; he is determined to get answers from Stefan, one way or another.)

Stefan: Matt, I know this is hard for you, but you have to trust me. Anything I tell you will only make it worse.
Matt (angrily): How am I supposed to trust you? You were the last person to see Penny alive.

(The scene flashes to Mystic Falls, two years ago. It's completely dark outside and Stefan is still at the Cemetery, standing there contemplating his thoughts. Penny walks up behind him, pointing her gun.)

Penny: Keep you hands where I can see them.

(Stefan turns to face Penny, raising his hands towards the sky.)

Stefan: Sorry, am I doing something illegal?
Penny (confident): Depends on where those blood bags in your trunk came from.

(Stefan tries to diffuse the tension, and lowers his hands)

Stefan: Oh, right. No, I can explain that, I'm...

(Stefan doesn't get the words out as Penny shoots him, he groans as the bullet pieces his chest..)

Penny: A vampire. I know. (Stefan grunts as he pull the stake from his chest and he vamp-speeds away.)

(Flashes back to Spartanburg, South Caroline)

Matt: Was it self-defense? Caroline didn't show up, so you needed to take it out on someone else?
Stefan: If that's what you think, then maybe you should pull the trigger, Matt.

(Matt continues to plead with Stefan to tell him the truth)

Matt: Then just tell me what happened.
Stefan: You don't want to know.
Matt: I need to know. (He drops the gun and rips off his vervain bracelet.)
Matt: Please. I need... to know the truth.
Stefan (Using his compulsion): Remember.

(Mystic Falls -- Two Years Ago in the Cemetery at night. Matt is there getting out of his cruiser, trying to get Penny to answer him. Flashing lights from his cruiser can been seen in the background. )

Matt: Penny, you copy?

(Radio static crackles, he tries again.)

Matt: Penny?

(Flashes of Matt memory comes flooding back, as he is confronted with the truth. Matt is walking further away from his car. Pointing his gun into the pitch blackness. An unknown figure flashes across the distance and Matt shoots once towards the figure.)

(Tthe scene flashes back to the present, Matt is shaking his head, not wanting the memory to be true.)

Matt (He is remembering the truth): No.

(The scene flashes back to his memory. Stefan approaches Matt, seemly unaffected.)

Matt: Stefan?

(Matt looks past Stefan and sees that Penny is gurgling in the background, trying to breath. Blood is filling her lungs and pouring out of her neck from where she was shot.)

Matt: Penny!

(Matt rushes towards his fiancée, dropping his gun and falls to the ground beside her.)

Matt: Penny. Stefan!

(Matt cups her throat, attempting to stop the blood. Stefan bends down, biting his wrist, opening his vein for Penny. He places his wrist on her mouth, attempting to get her to drink.)

Matt: : Hey, you-you have to drink. Come on, come on, you have to drink. Penny, come on, you have to drink, please. Stay with me. Come on, drink.

(Penny is no longer moving, his blood not making it into her system to heal her.)

Stefan: It's too late. No.
Stefan: Matt? I'm sorry.
Matt (grief stricken): No. Oh, God.

(Matt remembers the true events that had transpired two years ago.)

Matt: No.

(Stefan tries to console Matt.)

Stefan: Matt.
Matt (grief stricken): It was my fault.
Stefan: It's okay.

(Memory: Matt is sitting over Penny's body, crying and upset.)

Matt: Penny?

(Matt is distressed over what he'd done having regained his memories)

Matt: I killed her.
Stefan: I'm sorry.
Matt: I killed her.

(Fear and realization spread across his face as he begins to cry.)

The Armory, Outside the Vault

(Bonnie, Alex and a handful of armed Armory guards stand ready outside the Vault's door. Several dozens of candles litter the floor. Bonnie chants her spell. As she casts the spell, her nose begins to bleed and a small wind builds. Alex and the others look around the small hallway.)

Bonnie: Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis, per Vasa Quo Errum Signos. Phasmatos selvus Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis, per Vasa Errum Quo Signos. Phasmatos selvus nos ex malom terra mora Vantis Quo Incandis per Vasa Quo Errum Signos. Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis.

(The Vault door creaks open by itself. A gust of wind blows out the candles on the stand next to the door. Bonnie realizes her nose is bleeding and that she is running out of time due to the magic suppression pills.)

Bonnie: It's done.
Alex: (whispering) Thank you, Bonnie. You and your friends are free to go.

(Bonnie turns and leaves. Alex, nodding to her guards, heads into the Vault.)

(Enzo and Damon are elsewhere in the Armory arguing.)

Enzo: Uh, you do realize by forcing her hand, you've just dashed any hope of Bonnie ever absolving you?
Damon: I didn't know it took so many words to say "thank you."
Enzo: Oh, don't pretend this is all in service of some altruistic desire to save Bonnie. This was all so you could assuage your own guilt over abandoning her.
Damon: Was it selfish for me not to want my best friend to die? You bet it was.
Enzo: Oh, what, do you want a round of applause for your betrayal? (he mockingly claps at Damon) Bravo. Well done.
Damon: No, I don't want applause. But it'd sure be damn nice to hear you admit you considered making the same deal. But you knew you'd lose her. But lucky for you, you have me. Because she hates me. It's humanly impossible for her to hate me any more than she already does. So I did what you couldn't. And now she'll hate me, not you.

(Bonnie approaches, hurrying to leave.)

Bonnie: Let's grab Caroline and Alaric and get the hell out of here. Come on. Now! Run! (They leave the Armory.)

(Alex crosses the threshold into the Vault.)

Alex (worried): Be ready for anything.

(Guards enters the vault, followed by Alex. They slowly look for Alex's sister.

Alex: Yvette! Yvette?!
Yvette (Voice whispering): Alexandria.

(She looks around confused and worried.)

Alex: I'm here.
Yvette (Voice whispering) Alexandria.
Alex: Where are you?!

(Alex sees a body on the floor and rushes towards her sister. As she gets closer, she realizes that her sister had long since perished and is nothing but a dried corpse.)

Alex: (Smiling) Yvette! (Realization of the truth, shock spreads across her face.) No!
Yvette (Voice whispering) Alexandria.
Alex (screaming, and full of guilt and pain): What have you done to my sister?!

(The quiet voices whispering indistinctly gradually gets louder. Two of the Armory guards are pulled into the darkness.)

Alex (Horrified and Screaming): Run!

(Alex and two guards run out of the Vault. The second guard, who is behind Alex, is forcefully pulled back into the Vault. Alex turns to find that he is already gone. Alex and more guards run towards the two large front Armory doors. They are shut and they can't seem to get out as they beat on the large doors.)

Armory Guard: Check all the exits. Go.

Outside the Armory

Bonnie: Phasmatos veras nos ex malom. Terra mora vantis quo incandis per vasa quo errum signos

(Alex and the others are still trapped inside the Armory. She recognizes Bonnie's voice outside the door.)

Alex: Bonnie?

(Damon is unaware of what Bonnie is doing, casting another spell. Enzo is shocked as well.)

Damon: What did you just do?
Bonnie: Kept my promise. No one's getting out.
Alex (horrified they can't escape): Bonnie, please!?

(Alex begs to be let out. Bonnie finally succumbs to the poison and use of her magic and collapses on the front grounds of the Armory. Enzo catches her before she hits the ground and cradles her in his arms.)

Spartanburg, South Carolina

(Matt is sitting outside the house where they killed the vampire earlier that day, night time has fallen. Stefan approaches him from behind.)

Stefan: (sighing) Look, I just didn't want you to be consumed by one moment in your life that you couldn't take back.

(Matt is overcome with grief, though is still directing his anger towards Stefan.)

Matt: I released Rayna and helped her kidnap Caroline to punish you for something I did.
Stefan: Can't blame yourself, Matt.
Matt: I don't. I blame you. I may have pulled the trigger, but none of this would have happened if you hadn't come back. Why couldn't you have just stayed away from us?
Stefan: I only came back...
Matt (Angry and confused): For Caroline. Yeah, I know. But it sounds like she didn't want that, so why don't you just stay away from her too? You ruined my life, Stefan. And you ruined Penny's life too. Whose life are you gonna ruin next?

(Matt's eyes are wet and red from tears as he turns and walks away from Stefan.)

Salvatore Boarding House

(Bonnie is semi-conscious, laying on the couch. Enzo is with her, holding her hand and caressing the side of her face.)

Enzo: It won't be long now, my darling. Damon and Rayna will take it from here. Just... hang in there. (Smiling) Caroline's making you her apparently famous "get well" soup.
Bonnie: (groans) That soup is awful.

(Caroline is in the kitchen, stirring and smelling the 'get-well' soup. She appears to have remembered something she'd forgotten.)

Caroline: Tomorrow is the first rehearsal for the May Day pageant. (Alaric is there, watching her cook.) I signed the girls up for Maypole duty. What are we supposed to tell the teachers? "Sorry, Miss Patty. We missed rehearsal because we were off slaughtering vampires."

(Alaric is trying to be supportive, though putting his family first.)

Alaric: We can get in the car right now.
Caroline: No, not before I know that Bonnie's gonna be okay. God only knows how many more ways Damon can screw this up by the end of the day.

(Alaric presses her further.)

Alaric: Are you sure that's the only reason?
Caroline: Yeah. Why else would I want to stay? (Alaric gives her a 'knowing look'.) No, I do not want to see Stefan, okay?
Alaric: I just want to know. You left things unfinished.
Caroline (angrily): Oh, things are finished. He finished them when he just Ashlynn'd his way out of town three years ago. And did you see how she just bailed on Wyatt like that? He was her partner, and then the minute things got a little bit messy, she just ran away. I mean, do you see anything about a disaster of a love affair like that that needs finishing?
Alaric: Look, I really don't want to talk about Ashlynn or Wyatt.

(They both are frustrated with how the conversation has turned.)

Caroline: Well, I'm not talking about Wyatt and Ashlynn, I am just talking about partnership and commitment and loyalty and honesty and all those things that Stefan just took away from me.
Alaric: I understand, but there hasn't been any closure.
Caroline: I don't need closure.
Alaric (determined): No, I do! I need closure. I don't know if you remember, but my last wedding didn't go so well. So if you think that there's a chance that you and Stefan, uh, might find your way back together again, I'd like to know before I pick out my tie. No, because I want to marry you, and I want to be your loyal, honest, committed partner. And I want our little family to work. (A sad expression crosses his face.) But I don't want it if you'd rather be with someone else.

(Caroline tries to console Alaric, but continues to shift the argument.)

Caroline: Look, I love our little family, Ric. It's unconventional. But ( she chuckles) I'm happy. So if this is the big conversation where we're honest about our life together, then I think we should talk about the fact that you're the one unfulfilled by it.
Alaric: What do you mean?
Caroline: I saw you today. In that place. We were being held captive, and all you could talk about was some stupid necklace. It's pretty clear that you've been just Indiana Jones-ing for something like that for a while now. Look, we've been trying so hard to have a normal life, but you know what, our life is not normal. Our kids are witch siphons, for God sakes. (Alaric smiles at her.) We are pretty deep in this. And if that's the way that it has to be, I want to be deep in it with you. Okay?
Alaric: Okay.

Mystic Falls Woods Grounds

(Damon and Rayna walk the grounds of the woods. They approach the Shaman and a small bonfire)

Damon: Well, I can't say I'm gonna miss you, stabby-pants, but you are doing a grande solid for Bonnie. I figure that deserves a "thank you," even in my own twisted book.
Rayna: You're welcome.
Damon: All right. Bonfire, check. Last descendant of the tribe that created you... by the way, thank you for that... check. Bonnie's O-neg, check.

(He hands the shaman a small vial of blood.)

Shaman: It is a great honor to meet you, Rayna.
Damon: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, we're in a bit of a hurry here, okay? So if you can get on with the shamaning...

(The Shaman takes the original blade -- the blade that sacrificed the original shamans -- and pours Bonnie's blood down across the blade. He and Rayna sit cross legged on opposite sides of the bonfire. He begins his plead to Nature.)

(The scene flashes back to Caroline and the others. She is bringing Bonnie a bowl of her soup.)

Shaman: Hear me, Great Spirit. Hear me. We call upon you in this moment of need. One has come before you. For many lifetimes as your servant, your vengeance... let her journey end. Let another take her remaining years... Let another take up her burden.
Damon (confused): Wait, what? What does that mean?
Rayna (smiling as her plan comes full circle): Do you think I could ever forgive you for the things you did to me? Now neither will Bonnie. When she wakes, she'll be just like me, full of hatred for you and your kind and unable to rest until you've been wiped from this earth.
Damon: Rayna.

(Rayna plunges the blade coated in Bonnie's blood into her chest, gasping as she quickly dies.)

Damon: Rayna!

(The spell is complete and the status of Huntress has successfully been transferred to Bonnie. At the Salvatore boarding house where Bonnie laid on the couch, suddenly bursts awake, sitting up right as the spell takes affect of her.)

End Scene

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