The old kitsune is a character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He appeared in The Return: Shadow Souls where he was first seen in Stefan Salvatore's cell, giving a syringe to Elena Gilbert so she could give Stefan the black magic wine. He is seen near the end of the book giving Elena a bouquet of flowers (one which contained a Black Rose which for Stefan to smell so he could be human again until his brother Damon smelled it first). Sage calls him a thief (for reasons unknown) before he gives his name.


He has a tall stature being over six feet tall, wearing an entirely white tunic and breeches. He has long white hair, alert foxlike ears and a long flowing silky tail.


He has a calm and refined personality. He speaks courteously to Elena and was kind enough to give her flowers to make Stefan human again. Stefan also had mentioned that he was silent when he had known him.

However, according to Sage, he is a thief as he had stolen three-fifths of the Seine Cloister Treasure from him.

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