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Klaus: "Don't you think for a moment that you've failed me. You stayed my hand. Quelled my rage. You inspired goodness in me, and unlike all of souls I've encountered and forgotten in the long march of time. I will carry you with me."

Camille: "I guess that makes me immortal."

— Klaus and Cami's last moments together in No More Heartbreaks

This is the romantic relationship between the Original HybridKlaus Mikaelson and the vampireCamille O'Connell. Klaus and Camille's relationship together started slowly. They first met at Rousseau's, a bar in New Orleans. Later, they bonded over a painter's artwork when Camille described the artwork and the painter. Klaus was impressed by her and Camille was seen to bring out the humanity in Klaus. During the seasons they grew closer.

Cami supported Klaus against his father and was the only one who trusted him in his solo fight against Dahlia. On Christmas night Rebekah urged her brother "not to walk away from love but towards it" while staring at Cami. Klaus followed his sister's advice and declared his feelings to Cami outside on the balcony. They shared their first kiss and later that night they were seen making out on his bed. After they fell asleep, Klaus woke up to find Cami's dead body with her throat slashed beside him. He cried, went on a rampage smashing things before Cami suddenly woke up. They found out Cami was transitioning into a vampire because Aurora had compelled Cami when Aurora hold her hostage in the church. Cami had to drink a vile of Aurora's blood the minute she knew Klaus was in love with her. Klaus swore Aurora would regret this and begged Cami to feed or else she would die for good. At first Cami wanted to die but after consulting her friend Vincent she drank Vincent's blood. 

Vampire-Cami's attitude towards Klaus changed. She wanted to control her own life which lead to several quarrels between them. Their mutual struggle for power was symbolized by each claiming the ownership of the Dark Objects. Their fight resulted in Cami stealing the white oak horse which belonged to Hope to force Klaus into handing over 'her dark objects'. Her actions ended in disaster loosing the deadly weapon to Aurora. Klaus wanted Cami to realize she brought his whole family in jeopardy but he also forgave her. Cami explained her action by saying she would never be vulnerable again. Klaus felt guilty about not protecting her when she was murdered by Aurora. Also he was hurt: "You should have trusted me". At the time Klaus kept out of Cami's way but he asked Hayley to look out for Cami in his place.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, Klaus took his revenge on Aurora by bricking her alive behind a wall. When Cami found out Klaus let Aurora live she got paranoid. Cami tells Vincent she was sure Aurora would find a way to free herself and get back to Cami. She worried about who's side Klaus would be on eventually. That's why she decided to drive Klaus off in An Old Friend Calls, by lying to him, telling that she didn't love him anymore because her human side is gone. Their relationship was unsure then. Klaus only meant to say goodbye to Cami just before he left New Orleans together with Hayley and Hope. After Klaus returns he was taken hostage by Lucien and Cami along with help from Hayley saved him from Aurora. When Lucien discovered Aurora did not love him, he bit Cami to draw Klaus to him, however upon Cami's request Klaus sat with her and wrote her will and when the pain became to much, Klaus, gave her a dream of a perfect day, and professed his love for her. Cami passed away later that night. Klaus continued to grieve Cami's death for years before his own death. Before his own death, Klaus hallucinated seeing Cami and she begged him not to return to his dark side when the Hollow was inside Klaus. After Klaus' death, it is unknown whether or not they reunited in the afterlife.

They are known as  "Klamille" by the fans .

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Four

Klaus and Camille share a moment

Klaus seemed to have taken an interest in Camille. He first saw her when she was bartending, someone she later remembered as being the "$100 guy". However later on, after being given the news about his child, he was more interested in her when she was looking at an artist painting and she described the story she assumed of the artist. Her words about the man in the painting being "alone", caused him to show his humanity and seemingly change his mind towards the future of his unborn child. He later chose to withhold from her that his child lived, not wanting her to get further involved in the supernatural than she already was.

Throughout The Originals Series

Klaus compelling Camille

In House of the Rising Son, while sitting in a bar, Klaus noticed Marcel staring at Cami as she sat at another table studying. When she got up to leave, Klaus brought her over to Marcel and he asked her out. Later, Klaus compelled Cami to give Marcel a chance and report on where he went and who he saw.

103 Klamille 1.gif

In Tangled Up In Blue, their relationship changed slightly, as he was seen being protective of her. For example, he was not exactly pleased about her being Rebekah's distraction for Marcel during the charity event and compelled her in the end to make her forget about Marcel's lashing out. Although this could have been also for his own gain since he needed her to give his former protégé another chance. There was an indirect hint about their personal interests in each other, very similar to their conversation in the pilot, when they shared a moment and she interpreted it romantically while Klaus asked he to give Marcel another chance. "Wow, I totally misread that". She commented embarrassed, while he answered, "No. You read it quite well. But we all have our roles to play". He then compelled her to remember the good time she had with Marcel at the ball.

Camille opens up to Klaus


In Girl in New Orleans, Camille was told about the supernatural world by Klaus who compelled her not to be afraid and to only remember that he is a vampire only when he is around her. Later when Camille saw him at her bar she expressed curiosity towards his powers which he showed amusement to and compelled her to help him meet Davina who Marcel told her to look after. Later at the church, while listening to Tim's violin, she told him about her brother mass murder-suicide at that church and that she'd had a hard time coping since then. Klaus showed up at her apartment and she invited him in. They talked, and Camille got emotional. She begged him to not compel her but he does since he believed she was letting the thought about what her brother had done consume her and promised to find out the truth about it.

1x06 Klamille.gif

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Klaus showed up at Rousseau's and told her the truth behind who made Sean do what he had done. Once he mentioned Agnes was dead Camille was angered and slapped him. Klaus didn't retort, but instead asked her why she had done that. She yelled that won't bring her brother back and Klaus told her "In thousand years that I lived people have died for less." She vowed to undo the compulsion and when she did, that he was going to wish he had never laid eyes on her. Klaus then used his super speed to leave the bar.


In The River in Reverse, Camille was typing Klaus' memoirs until she became irritated at him for saying the same thing over and over again: that everyone he knows is out to get him. She told him that he repeated the same destructive cycle and the he was the architect of his own unhappiness. When he says he didn't ask her advice, she deduced that she chose her to type his life story because she has a master's in psychology and Klaus wanted someone to talk to and to understand him. Soon, she became angry and left. Camille used a secret code that she and her brother, Sean, used to lead herself to discover a newspaper from the early 1900's with Klaus and Marcel in the picture. This allowed her, once out of Klaus' presence and therefore compelled to forget about him, to discover that he was a vampire.

109 Klamille.gif

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans,  Marcel walked in while Cami continued typing Klaus' memoirs. Klaus informed him that Camille knew about the supernatural in New Orleans. Marcel thought that Klaus had compelled Camille's feelings for him but Klaus assured him that her feelings were real. Klaus later stopped by her apartment to compel her into leaving town at the behest of Kieran. He opened his mind to her and she saw various glimpses of his tortured past. Camille was saddened by what she saw and stated nobody should have had to go through what he did. Klaus seemed touched by her concern but ultimately compelled her to forget everything. Davina later stooped by Camille's apartment to ask for help, but Camille did not remember her. Davina deduced that she had been compelled and began to undo Klaus' compulsion on Camille, which had her screaming in pain.

In The Casket Girls, Davina continued to use decompulsion on Camille, which caused her to remember all the things Klaus compelled her to forget. Later, Davina and Camille walked down the street with Davina wearing a veil trying to get out of the Quarter. Camille spotted Klaus in the crowd and they snuck away through a back alley. Camille later spotted Klaus and warned him that if he ever hurt Davina or Josh again, she would expose him to the world.

112 Klamille.gif

In Dance Back from the Grave, Marcel, still mourning Davina's death, went to Rousseau's to drink and find's Camille. He told Camille about Davina dying and the two bond and talked about Klaus and Papa Tunde, a witch doctor who had gone up against Klaus in the 1900s. Papa Tunde came to Rousseau's and attacked Marcel. Camille tried to stop Tunde but was casually brushed aside. She called Klaus, who instructed her to distance herself immediately. Marcel was almost desiccated by Papa Tunde's blade, and Klaus instructed her to go find someone off the street for Marcel to feed on. She said that there was not enough time, and she let Marcel feed on her, much to Klaus's ire.


In Crescent City, Camille was at St. Anne's Church in the congregation listening to Kieran giving a sermon at the newly reopened church's first service. She looked and saw Klaus sitting behind her but quickly looked away. After the service, Klaus and Marcel stop to ask Kieran if he or his sources have any info on Papa Tunde. Camille came up and coldly congratulated Kieran on getting the church running again, said hello to Marcel, and gave Klaus the cold shoulder before walking away. Klaus commented to Kieran that he had tried to send Camille away. Later, at Rousseau's, Kieran walked in and Camille chastised him because she wanted to make amends with him but saw him talking with Klaus in the open. Kieran then told Camille that he had been hexed by a witch. When wondering what she could do to help Kieran, Genevieve told her that Kieran would die unless Camille shoved Papa Tunde's blade into Klaus' heart. Later, Camille told Klaus about Kieran's condition and was sitting in St. Anne's Church with the blade when he showed up. She hid it and told him that Kieran was resting and praying in the attic. She commented on how he was going to go crazy and die just like Sean had and they would still be in a stupid fight because Kieran lied to her about witches, vampires, and Klaus. Klaus tells her that he had done terrible things in his life but that Kieran was a good man who had lied to protect her. He went on to tell her that the witches who hexed Kieran are the enemy because of what they had done. As he rose, Camille also rises and held the blade up for him to see. After a pause between them, Camille handed him the blade and told him what the witches had wanted her to do. She told him that if she had been more like him, she could've done it. She told him that if a war was coming then she wanted to be on the winning side. Touched that Camille would still side with him in spite of everything she already knew about Klaus, he said that they should try to save Kieran. Klaus bled the vervain out of Kieran's system and compelled him to overcome the hex. However, it did not work and Klaus left to find Bastianna and kill her.

115 Klamille 2.gif
In Le Grand Guignol, Elijah summoned Camille to the compound to watch over Klaus while he recovers from the effects of Papa Tunde's Blade.
115 Klamille 1.gif
Elijah told her to let Klaus feed from her because she was on vervain. After Cami fed him, she asked how he could hate his own sister and Klaus told her how Rebekah and Marcel had betrayed him by summoning Mikael to New Orleans. When Cami told him that the pair could be anywhere in the world, he told her that they'd need a cloaking spell to stay hidden from him and for that they would have to come back to New Orleans. Klaus told her about Lana, the leader of the Crescent Wolf Pack in 1919 and of his love of the opera Les Huguenots. She followed him to the living room where he told her about how a white oak stake can kill an Original and about how Elijah had been unable to stop Mikael's rampage in 1919. After getting a text telling him that Rebekah and Marcel have been sighted, he knocked over a vase and picked up a white oak stake and tells her that it can't be destroyed before he dashes off. Cami found Klaus in the street feeding off a random person. He proceeded to tell her that he was going to kill Rebekah.
Cami told him that he'd never forgive himself if he killed his own sister. She told him not to be like his father. Hearing this, he took her to the opera house and told her about what Mikael had done to him, Rebekah and Marcel that night in 1919. Afterwards, he told her that he won't hunt down Rebekah and Marcel for centuries, but would simply and quickly kill them. He rushed off, leaving Cami alone on the street.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Camille visited Klaus, but was surprised to see that Genevieve was there half naked. Camille suggested that Genevieve should leave since she had served her purpose. Genevieve responded that the O'Connells seemed to love to piss off witches and left. Camille told Klaus how surprised she was that he was sleeping with the witch that had tried to blackmail her into stabbing him with Papa Tunde's Blade. Klaus dismissed her argument and asked her what she was doing there. Camille wanted Klaus' help to save Kieran and asked Klaus to use his connection with Genevieve to find a cure. He said there was nothing that can be done, the curse has already taken root and the damage was done. Camille refused to accept that and told Klaus that if he had any concept of family he would do the same, she then walked away.

1x18 Klamille.gif

In The Big Uneasy, Klaus approached Camille in the bar looking to offer her help concerning her uncle Kieran's Hex. Knowing that Genevieve was the one who could help, Camille at first refused Klaus' offer then changes her mind, Later after Genevieve refused to help Kieran due to Klaus' killing her minion, Klaus went to the bar to apologize to Camille for having costed her uncle a chance at life, and to confront her about her one-night-stand with Marcel, Camille refuted that he was just mad he didn't get to control it, Klaus got angry, he stormed off after telling Camille to warn Marcel that if he ever saw him again, he would kill him.

1x19 Klamille.gif

In An Unblinking Death, Camille's Uncle was reaching the end of his line, and needed Klaus to help her. He came upon her request, and tried to help her by telling her that the electro-shock therapy wouldn't work and that it would kill Father Kieran. She was crying, and told Klaus that she couldn't just give up. And he said, "Don't give up, let go." Camille convinced Klaus to give her uncle his blood, and he came back as a vampire with the hex 'gone'. But, it turns out the hex was still there and when Klaus left Father Kieran was being taunted by Bastianna and completed his transition into a vampire. He then went after Camille, but just as he was about to kill Camille, Klaus came in and killed Kieran. He then carried her home.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus experienced a nightmare. In the nightmare he is at Kieran O'Connell's funeral and he approached Camille and kissed her on the cheek.

122 Klamille 1.gif

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Camille at first teamed up with Davina and Marcel to take down Klaus, as his blood was needed to cure the Vampires that were ravaged by the Guererra Werewolf attack, showing them Kieran's weapons vault. Meanwhile at the memorial for the deceased members of the community, Camille spotted the photo of Klaus' baby and dizzy from shock, she tracked all the way to the compound to console him in his moment of need.

122 Klamille 2.gif

She started crying and telling him how it's all her fault, but Klaus didn't want to hear a word of it. "Camille, I appreciate you being here". He said, "But I cannot seek comfort in you. We cannot be friends". She seemed shocked and hurt and responded, "Why the hell not?" Klaus turned to face her. "You had me pegged from the start. A man damaged by his demons. Well, those demons aren't dorment, and they are hellbent on killing me and everything beautiful around me. And you are beautiful". Upon listening to this, Camille started to cry but she leftanyway.

Camille feeling Klaus's presence.

IMG 7550.GIF

In Rebirth, Camille went to the Abattoir searching for Klaus. She could hear a vampire silently whooshing and did not see it when Klaus came up behind her; she sensed that he was there but he was gone by the time she turned to look. Klaus continued to hide in the shadows as Camille searched for him. Elijah came out and told her that Klaus didn't want to see her. After Elijah rebuked her for trespassing in his home and putting herself in danger, she told him that the Guerrera werewolves were following her and that New Orleans was being run by them. She suggested that that the Originals could use Marcel's help to stop the Guerreras since he did it years ago. After she left, Elijah tells Klaus that he liked Camille's spirit, to which Klaus concurred.


In Live and Let Die, Camille was seen talking to Davina who was hiding from Klaus with Mikael in her family cabin in the woods, when Camille hung up, she turned to find Klaus eavesdropping on her phone call, she stated that she didn't know where Davina's exact location was, which he found amusing that he picked up her location by listening closely to the background sounds of the phone call, Camille urged him not to hurt Davina and agreed to join him in his quest for her and Mikael.

204 Klamille Dance.gif

The next scene, Klaus entered a bar to find Camille sipping a drink, he lamented on how he's been waiting for too long for her to come out, she replied that she needed a drink to go this revenge trip, he then completed his sentence saying that Mikael needs to die first. Camille asked for his plan and he showed her the Papa Tunde blade. He then stood up and started to leave when Camille took his hand and told him that she understood his pain and she understood what he was fighting against. And then continued "The real question is, what are you fighting for?" "Ask me to dance" She said. Klaus answered "You want to dance?" Camille said that she never wanted to dance, but was trying to make a point. "There's more to life than the pain that they made you feel. A cold beer, a slow song, a good friend. There are good things, Klaus." She took Klaus's hand, "You need to see that too." They then started to dance slowly and Klaus held her closer to himself. Then he twirled Camille and whooshed away.

IMG 7535.GIF
After he stabbed Mikael with Papa Tunde's blade, Camille then entered the scene rushing to Klaus, and asked Klaus, while she panted, "Where is she? If anything happens to her, Klaus I swear to god..!" Klaus then interrupted her answering "Davina's fine" and explained that she would wake up with a spectacular headache and said she should count herself lucky. Camille was relieved.
IMG 7537.GIF

Klaus then continued "Of course, if you drop dead of a heart attack, I may have to kill her on "general principle." And Cami answered "You're the one who ditched me at the bar, I had to hitchhike and then run on the back roads of the bayou!" Klaus smiled at her saying "Well, your perseverance is duly noted". Cami answered "Oh, shut up! I am so mad at you I can hardly speak. But I am here and it is to tell you, not to bargain with you and not to shame you, but to tell you, under no circumstances will you hurt that girl. Do you understand me?" Klaus then told her she has his word. Camille then hugged Klaus. Klaus was surprised. She then looks at the ground and saw Mikael. She asks if he was dead and Klaus told her smiling that he was still alive and in complete and utter agony.

Tumblr nfmcurJlY61qhg6ebo3 250.gif
In Red Door, Camille stopped Klaus from killing Kaleb as he is "just a kid" and took the stake and goes to get the car to take Davina to the hospital after what Klaus had done to her. She goes to the car and was abducted by Mikael, who took her through the woods. When Klaus found them, he swore to make Mikael pay for hurting Cami and Mikael laughed at this, saying that it was sweet that the Ker whines for its bitch. During the confrontation, Mikael stabbed Klaus with the White Oak Stake which caused Cami to scream "No!". As Klaus fell down to the ground desiccating, he and Cami stared into each other's eyes.
Tumblr nfmcurJlY61qhg6ebo7 250.gif

After the confrontation, Mikael, feeling victorious, realized the stake didn't work, seeing as Davina and Kaleb were draining its power to kill Klaus even whilst in his heart. While Mikael attempted to stop Davina and his son, Camille pulled the stake out of Klaus just before Mikael stopped Davina. After his reinforcements show up to save him before he was resurrected, Klaus thanked Cami for saving his life and she replied that it is the least he could do for telling him not to kill Mikael. Klaus responded that he would kill Mikael alone for hurting her.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, after discovering puncturing wounds down her back, Cami went to the compound seeking Klaus' help only to find out that Davina had neutralized him. She begged Davina to resurrect Klaus for her sake.

Tumblr ngf2dqSlBg1rqg0o6o8 250.gif

In The Map of Moments, Klaus returned to the compound with Rebekah after Esther's spell. Davina told him that Cami wasn't awake either. Suddenly, Cami awakened and everyone turns to her. Klaus says "Camille?" with a concerned look. Camille answered that she suddenly loves that name which caused Klaus to smile.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Klaus was talking about his family to Camille as they drove to the safe house. She told him how she was a little worried about Finn, but he tells her that Finn wouldn't find her there. He then introduced her to Hope.
210 Klamille.gif
Cami was at first stunned but later was relieved to see Hope was alive. Klaus told Cami that once it is safe for her to leave the secret could not leave with her. Cami nodded in understanding and went to meet Hope as Klaus watches her. Later on inside the house, Klaus told Camille that while he and Hayley would return home, she would remain with Elijah in order to help with the side effects he had been dealing with since his time with Esther. Klaus left them at the safe house.
Tumblr njwc96qpQq1qhg6ebo2 250.gif

In I Love You, Goodbye, during Hayley and Jackson's wedding reception, Cami was in the nursery holding hope and looking out the window when Klaus walked in. He said he had heard Hope crying and Cami said that she was probably teething. Klaus thanked Cami for taking care of Hope and Cami said that Hope likes it in the mansion. Cami asked Klaus if he wanted to hold Hope, but he doesn't respond.

Cami told him that even though the situation is overwhelming, according to developmental psychology, if the parents are happy, then the baby is happy. This caused Klaus to smile.

In When the Levee Breaks, Cami came in as Klaus was painting and asked if it was a bad time. He then turned around and said that he assumed that Elijah asked her to come. Cami told him that he looks like he needs some fresh air and asked if he wanted to go for a walk with her. Klaus rejected her offer and told her he will inform Elijah that she came. Cami walked closer to him and asked him to talk to her and not because Elijah sent her.

In Fire with Fire, Cami went to The Abattoir. She saw Klaus stabbing Elijah with Papa Tunde's Blade. He didn't want to hurt Cami but he bit her to trick Dahlia into thinking he was on her side. As Klaus fed on Cami he got inside of her head to tell her he knew how to defeat Dahlia. He told her to pass this information to Elijah.

In Ashes to Ashes, Cami told Vincent she has complicated feelings for Klaus.

In For the Next Millennium, Klaus asked Cami to escort him in the opening of his exhibition which Cami guessed he is asking her to come so that he won't be alone as all the people he loved were angry with him. Klaus also gave Cami a gift which was inspired by the scene from Always and Forever in which Cami and Klaus watched a man painting on a street corner of the French Quarter. However in this painting, it was just Cami standing on the brick street by Rousseau's.

In You Hung the Moon, Cami asked Klaus about his old acquaintance, Lucien Castle, and suspected that Klaus' sire was involved with the murders that had been happening in New Orleans. She event suggested to him that he should put Lucien down, but Klaus only lightly responded to her theory. After hearing Cami's theory, he began to keep tabs on Lucien.

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Klaus got a tip from someone that Lucien plans on killing Cami for investigating him and immediately rushed to her side when he found out that New Orleans' police department has Lucien under arrest. He found Cami conversing with Lucien about the murders and asked Cami to leave him with Lucien to further discuss the murders that have been occurring in the city. They both come to the conclusion, separately (Cami with Vincent and Klaus on his own, along with Elijah) that Lucien was innocent as far as the New Orleans murders go.

308 Klamille Hug.gif

In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Klaus found out how Cami was taken. He threatened Lucien if Aurora killed Cami. Later, Klaus has a run-in with his old lover, Aurora, and rescued Cami after telling Aurora that she meant nothing to him. Cami and Klaus had a brief, but emotional reunion and he took her back to his home. She agreed to stay in Klaus' home (being he asked her to do so in order to protect her). They had a heart to heart discussion about Cami's darkest secret before Cami fell asleep. Klaus watched her in complete contentment before putting a jacket on her as a blanket.

309 Klaus.gif
In Savior, Camille stayed at Klaus' house for a couple of days in order for him to keep her safe.
309 Cami.gif
They were talking about Mikaelsons prophecy until Vincent called Camille to meet him. On the streets Vincent tell Camille that detective Kinney is acting strange and that he got fired on his job. She told him that she would try talk to him. Klaus followed Camille all the way to his house. Cami told him that she didn't need a bodyguard however Klaus replied that he came as a friend.

He heard that Kinney was trying to kill himself because of Lucien's compulsion. At Camille's plea he compelled him to go to his family to celebrate Christmas. Later, Camille thanked Klaus for helping, touching him on his face telling him that it wasn't nothing as he had said it was.

Before they could say anything, Elijah called Klaus on the phone and told him that Freya had been poisoned and that Rebekah would soon go rabid. Klaus told Camille that they would need to go to Lucien's house to get the antidote. Camille was reluctant to go but Klaus dismissed that, saying that he cannot save his sisters if he was cannot keep her safe.

She decides to go with him. At the compound, Rebekah had thrust her hand into Hayley's chest, ready to rip her heart out until Klaus arrived.

Rebekah remarked that Klaus was afraid that he would ruin Camille to the point that he kept her behind glass like a breakable object, adding that every time he and Elijah brought women into their lives that they turn into poison and that Camille would grow toxic, too. After they save their lives, Elijah, Klaus, Camille, Rebekah, Hayley and Jackson celebrated Christmas with Hope. Rebekah noted that Klaus was more merrier, saying that all that therapy from Camille was paying off. Knowing that the Strix would found out that Rebekah was on the surface instead at the bottom of the ocean, she needed to leave New Orleans. At her parting, Rebekah told Klaus that their roles are now reverse. She would run away from love while he will run towards it as she looked at Camille who hadn't heard her while Klaus looked at her with a smile.

Klamille Kiss.gif
On the balcony, Klaus approached Camille to talk. He asked her about her thoughts were now. She told him that she was thinking about him and what Rebekah said that she sees her as a fragile thing to be kept behind glass to protect her from Aurora. She asked him if that's true in which Klaus said to stop because when he thoght about Aurora then he thought about horrible ways that Aurora could have hurt her. She tells him that she didn't hurt her because of him, remarking that she lost count on how many times he had come for her and for everyone he cared about but today he saved someone who mean nothing to him to which she asked him why.
Klamille Kiss 3.gif
He replied that he did it because she'd wished for it, adding that whatever was important to her was important to him, what made her happy he wanted to keep it so, what scares her he wanted to tear apart and that he didn't wish to watch her from behind glass. Camille asked what he wished for. After a long time, Klaus kissed her which embarked their first kiss. They shared their love in his bed, enjoying their moment. Aurora played the piano when Tristan arrived with a present. He said that she plays it beautifully, adding that she should play more.
Cami's Death.gif

She replied that she never stopped playing and that she composed sonatas in her head. Tristan asked her if she had a good day in which she tells him that she'd had a beautiful day. Aurora ended the conversation that there would be a better tomorrow. Back at the compound, Klaus woke up after both he and Camille had fallen asleep. He noticed that he had blood on his hand while he had them around Camille. He looked at Camille and to his great shock he saw that her throat has been slashed. Klaus began to cry as he held Camille's lifeless body in his arms. His sad cry could have been heard across the whole street.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, having found Cami's dead body in bed beside him Klaus went on a rampage smashing things around the room before returning to the bed and holding her body. Cami awakened with a gasp and said Klaus' name. Klaus asked her what happened and she explained the rest of what Aurora had done to her at the church. Klaus vowed to avenge her and Cami goes off to shower. Meanwhile Klaus and Elijah discuss what they are going to do an decided to first and foremost remove the Serratura from play by get Freya's pendent back and allying with Vincent which Elijah left to do, Klaus staying to comfort Cami. Once out of the shower Cami began complaining of the light and sound. When Klaus told her it will get better once she fed Cami got angry and informed him she still hadn't decided if she was going to become a vampire.

Klaus and Cami go to her apartment. Once there Cami saw a picture of her and her uncle at her graduation, she began talking about how her uncle had wanted a good life for her, a husband and children. Upon realizing that as a vampire she would never have children, she remarks how her family line would die with her. She expressed how she wished she believed in an afterlife, Klaus reminds her that vampirism was an afterlife. Cami helped the Mikaelsons rid themselves of their Tristan problem when she was made to look like Aurora to lure him into a storage container which they used the Serratura to trap him in. Cami however was able to get out due to the boundary did not register her as living or dead due to her having been in transition.

In Wild at Heart, Cami left the abattoir after being given a daylight ring made by Freya. She went to a bar and saw a man hassling the bartender and compelled him to get a lot of money, buy a lot of alcohol and tip the bartender very well. Klaus had a drink sent over to her and waved to her when she got it. Klaus attemptted to teach her about being a vampire but she won't have it and snapped his neck, she sought out Will Kinney pretending to bump into him before compelling him to help her get her family's collection of dark objects from Lucien's penthouse. Cami waited outside due to having never been invited into the penthouse, Klaus arrived just as the were abut to leave. Cami had taken a round object from the box and was throwing it up and catching it Klaus snatched it out of the air and began lecturing her on how she was once so against compulsion having believed in free will so strongly Cami rebuked him for his hypocrisy due to the fact that he'd killed hundreds of people Klaus corrected her that he counted his kills in the hundreds of thousands. She attempted to Will but Klaus stoped her.

Klaus draged Cami and the dark objects back to the abattoir. Cami began demanding he give them back as they were her family's however Klaus informed her that his brother Kol had been the one to make most of them making them him family's. He then told her she was going to stay put until his stay otherwise she protested and Hayley and Elijah step in saying that he could not keep her there. Hayley told Klaus to let her talk to Cami because she knew what it was like to suddenly be a vampire due to enemies of the Mikaelsons.

Having over heard Klaus and Elijah conversation and connected the dots as to what the weapon was Cami when into Hayley and Jackson's apartment, which with Jackson's recent death made her not need an invitation and took the white knight Klaus had made for Rebekah as a child. Upon realizing Cami had it Klaus called her and asked for it back she informed him she'd give it back as soon as she has "her" dark objects back.

In Dead Angels, after much struggle Klaus agreed to give Cami the dark objects. After he returns from collecting them he was attacked and had his neck broken. One of the witches then went and tortured Cami until she dropped the Wooden knight Cami smashed one of the dark objects in an attempt to stop her but the witch still got it. Once Klaus awoke he stormed in to the tomb that Cami was in and she informed him that she'd lost it to this he told her that if she hadn't taken it they wouldn't be in this situation anyway and that until they got it back she wasn't leaving his sight. Her phone rang and Klaus told her to answer it. On the other end of the line was Davina who informed them that the witch that had the wooden knight was not working for the Strix like they had thought but for Aurora de Martel.

In An Old Friend Calls, Klaus approached Cami in Saint Anne's while she was training with Vincent and asked her if he could talk to her as his therapist. He took her to a cafe and he spoke to her of his past during the late 20th century. Cami informed Klaus that she believes she was no longer fit to be his therapist. Later Klaus went to her again in Saint Anne's and told her that despite Aurora's intention to lessen his feelings for her by turning Cami it had not worked, but Cami told him that it had worked on lessening her own feelings for him.

In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, they tensely converse before Cami witnesses Lucien kidnap Klaus. Cami later assisted Hayley in trying to rescue Klaus from Aurora and Lucien's capture. After battling with Aurora, Cami and Hayley were able to rescue Klaus. However, later on Lucien entered Cami's apartment after killing her neighbor who her apartments name was under and gives her a lethal bite as revenge against Klaus.

In No More Heartbreaks, Cami managed to escape her apartment, away from Lucien. Suffering from Lucien's lethal bite, Cami managed to run to the Mikaelson Compound. She called out Klaus' name and he came running to her concerned. It doesn't take Klaus long to figure out what was wrong with Cami. Cami told Klaus that she was dying from Lucien's bite and admitted her love for him.
319 Klamille 1.gif
Klaus furiously told her that he could return his love for her later and that she wouldn't die that day. Klaus has his siblings and allies search desperately for a way to save Cami while Klaus and her conversed. Unfortunately, there was no way to save Cami and Klaus set her mind at ease by entering her resting mind in her final hours. While both Klaus and Cami entered a hypnotic state in real life, Klaus created a world for Cami to enjoy their final hours together. Before Cami died, she admits to Klaus that she was afraid.
319 Klamille 9.gif
Klaus however reassured Cami that he would be there for her until her death. They admit their love for each other one last time and Klaus comforted her until she passed away in his arms. After Cami passed away, Klaus heart-brokenly held her body in his hypnotic state, and in real life, in his arms as he cried.

In Gather Up the Killers, as Vincent is reinforcing the spell that kept Klaus imprisoned in the Abbatoir undergrounds for a couple of years now, he comments that Klaus never lived up to the potential Camille saw in him and that how she would feel if she was alive to see him. This clearly affects Klaus.

In No Quarter, Klaus has been recently stabbed once again by Papa Tunde's blade by Marcel. In this particular episode, Klaus hallucinates having a full conversation with Cami. This scene was the first scene they shared together which entailed a full on conversation since Cami's death years back. While Klaus continues to suffer in pain, Cami suddenly appears asking Klaus what he did this time. Klaus was surprised to see her since she was dead. Cami then corrects him that she was just a part of his imagination and a way to distract his brain from the pain, so his mind conjured up the first thing it could think of to temporarily suppress his pain: Cami. Klaus stubbornly claims that he can endure the pain, but Cami ultimately disagrees with him and points out his darkest fears are active while being trapped down there. Klaus angrily retorts her claims, but she continues to press until he gives into her emotionally. Klaus claims to miss her and his daughter but also believes to be a darkness to them all, even now. However, Cami reminds him of his sacrifice and how he saved his family, and that they will return the favor and save Klaus. Klaus then expresses his worries of his family being caught if they do come for him. Cami then presses him to find his way out of the underground Abattoir.

In Queen Death, when Vincent comments that Klaus is finally living up to the potential Cami saw in him as he is about to sacrifice himself to take down the Hollow, Klaus' sarcasm was lost and he looked touched and pleased at Vincent's words.


IMG 7523.GIF
(Klaus stops to see a band of musicians, then notices a man painting a large canvas. He notices the bartender from earlier standing and watching the man paint, too, and approaches her. She notices him once he's standing next to her)
Camille: "The hundred dollar guy".
Klaus: "The brave bartender". (He looks at her name tag.) "Camille. That's a French name".
Camille: "It's a grandma's name". "Call me Cami". "Amazing, isn't he?"
(They observe the painter once more.)
IMG 7524.GIF
Klaus: "Do you paint?"
Camille: "No, but I admire. Every artist has a story, you know".
Klaus: "And what do you suppose his story is?"
Camille: "He's... angry. Dark. Doesn't feel safe and doesn't know what to do about it. He wishes he could control his demons instead of having his demons control him. He's lost. Alone".
(Klaus' eyes are glistening. He tears his eyes away from the painter, smiling ruefully to himself.)
Camille: "Or maybe he just drank too much tonight. Sorry. Overzealous Psych major".
Klaus:"No. I think you were probably right the first time".
(Camille smiles at him, then glances back at the painting)
Camille: "So, do you--(She looks round but Klaus is gone)--paint?"
-- The Originals

Klaus: "You do look stunning."
Cami: "You clean up pretty well yourself."
Klaus: (smiles smugly) "Well, don't be fooled, love. I'm the devil in disguise."
-- Tangled Up In Blue

Klaus: "Over the course of my life, I've encountered no shortage of those who would presume to speak of good and evil. Such terms mean nothing. People do what is in their best interest, regardless of who gets hurt. Is it evil to take what one wants; to satisfy hunger, even if doing so will cause another suffering? What some would call evil, I believe to be an appropriate response to a harsh and unfair world."
Cami: "No offense, but I'm not sure I follow why you've invited me here."
Klaus: "Because I enjoy your company; and I sense you have the capacity for understanding someone of my...complexity. You see, I returned to New Orleans to investigate a threat posed against me. What I found was a young woman, pregnant, in need of protection. My brother, always the do-gooder, tried to manipulate me into helping her. He thought it might redeem me. Trouble is, I've since learned of another young woman, a girl really. One with vast potential. Held in captivity by a tyrant. I want to help both of these women; protect one and free the other. So, tell me, Cami, does that sound evil to you?"
Cami: "I don't believe in evil as a diagnosis. I think you have unstable personal relationships, stress-related paranoia, chronic anger issues, fear of abandonment. I think you could benefit from talking to someone professionally."
Klaus: "I think I prefer to talk to you. So, I'm going to offer you a job, as my stenographer."
Cami: "Okay. What are we writing?"
Klaus: "My memoirs, of course. Someone should know my story. And it will give us time to discuss other riveting subjects, like your handsome suitor, Marcel."
Cami: "Excuse me? My private life is..."
Klaus: "Your private life is, as it turns out, essential to my plans. You see, Marcel wants you. And because of that, he will trust you, which serves me. The thing is, the French Quarter is on the verge of war. On the one side there's me; and on the other, Marcel, along with a very powerful witch and an army of vampires."
Cami: "What?!"
Klaus: (compelling Cami) "You're frightened. Don't be."
Cami: "I'm not scared anymore. That's...amazing. How did you...?
Klaus: "It's called compulsion. It's a neat bit of vampire trickery. I'll tell you all about it. But first, let's talk a little more about Marcel."
Klaus: "Hello, Cami."
Cami: "How is it that when you come up to me now, and no one else is around, I suddenly remember that you just told me you're a vampire, and you're mind-controlling me; And then you leave, and then I go back to thinking that you're just some hot guy with a cute accent and money to burn on your sprawling memoir?"
Klaus: "Well, that's how compulsion works, love."
Cami: "Yeah, but what's happening? Is it hypnosis? Are my neurons being shut down somehow?"
Klaus: "You're always the curious scholar."
-- Girl in New Orleans

Cami: "You are such a coward. This isn't about me. You have kept me here for weeks just so someone, anyone, would see who you really are, and now that I have, it scares the hell out of you, doesn't it?"
Klaus: "If you knew even a fraction of who I am, it would break you in two!"
Cami: "Then show me."
(Cami grabs his arm and he lets her see into his mind. Images of what Mikael did to him are shown)
Cami: (sobbing) "Oh my god! No one should have to experience things like that!"
Klaus: "Knowing what you do about this world will only get you killed, and I cannot allow that. (He compels Cami.) Leave New Orleans. Forget everything you've learned here today. Forget me. You have no reason to stay."
Cami: (compelled) " I have no reason to stay."
-- Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Cami: "Chalk one up to decompulsion. Hurts like hell, but worth it,  made me realize exactly why I want to stick around, oh, and Klaus, if you hurt Davina or Josh in any way, I'll expose you to the world, and then you can kiss the French Quarter good-bye forever."
-- The Casket Girls

Klaus: "Camille, I can see why you hate me. Truth be told, I have done some dreadful things. But the lies your uncle told were meant to protect you, he is a good man with a loyal heart. And he is your family."
-- Crescent City

IMG 7529.GIF
IMG 7530.GIF

(Klaus tries to get out of bed)

Cami: "You're still weak."
(Cami holds him so he won't fall)
Klaus: "I'm still hungry. There's a fresh blood supply in the kitchen."
Cami: "You won't make it that far, so be a good little boy and get back into bed."
Klaus: "If I had a quid for every time a woman's tried that line on me..."
Cami: "You'd have, like, no money."
Klaus: "Oh, I beg to differ. Some women actually find me quite charming."
Cami: "Why am I here?"
Elijah: "Well, because of all the people that could be here, you're probably the only one he wouldn't immediately slaughter. Also, he speaks of you with what is a rare degree, for him at least, of respect. You see, you challenge him to see himself and others in a new light. A wonderful skill that I shall be counting on very shortly."
Cami: "When Davina showed me all you did to me, all you took from me, I wanted to kill you. I even thought about burying that blade in you like the witches asked me to, but I didn't. I stopped, I thought, I weighed. The good I see in you versus the horrible things I know you've done, and I realized if I hurt you, I'd be filled with a terrible regret. You will too if you hurt your sister. Your sister, Klaus! As a person who has lost a sibling, who has felt that pain, you won't survive it if you're the one who kills her."
Klaus: "I'll tell you what I almost didn't survive, love. My sister bringing the most vile creature ever to have walked the earth down upon me."
Cami: "Yes, your father. But by hunting Rebekah and Marcel down to the ends of the earth, by terrorizing them the way you yourself were terrorized. Don't become your father."
Klaus: "You know, I've been called every shade of monster, but that's new. My father? Mikael was the monster that monsters were afraid of. Come, let me show you."
Le Grand Guignol

Cami: "I saw the light from the courtyard and took a chance that... (sees Klaus with Genevieve) you weren't with a half-naked psycho witch. Seems I gambled and lost."
Genevieve: "Ten minutes ago, I was fully naked."
Cami: "Oh! Then you served your purpose. Don't let me hold you up."
Genevieve: "You O'Connells sure do love to piss off witches."
(Genevieve leaves the room)
Cami: "Really? The woman tried to blackmail me into stabbing you with the mystical knife of excruciating pain."
Klaus: "Well, New Orleans breeds nothing if not strange bedfellows."
Camille: "Klaus, what are you doing here ?"
Klaus: "I came here to apologize, I've made a terrible mistake."
Camille: "Whatever it is, you should sleep it off, Am sure it can wait till morning."
Klaus: "You went to Genevieve. She was moved by your plea. She may even have cured Kieran. But I insulted her. And as a means of revenge, she is refusing him aid. Kieran will die because of me, and it will be a horrible death."
Camille: "Why are you telling me this?"
Klaus: "Because I believe that secrets are a poison. They need to be spat out. Like your secret About your time with Marcel."
Camille: "Isn't that what you wanted? You compelled me to go out with Marcel. You made me your spy.And maybe it's your fault we got together, and you're just mad because you didn't get to control it."
Klaus: (breaks his tumbler then faces her) "You tell Marcel if I see him again, I'll kill him."
The Big Uneasy

IMG 7525.GIF
IMG 7540.GIF
Cami: "Klaus. The baby?"
Klaus: "She died, a few hours after the Guerrera attack."
Cami: "This is...this is all my fault."
Klaus: "I can assure you, it is not."
Cami: "No! If I hadn't hesitated, I could've uncovered Francesca's

plot in time to stop it."

Klaus: "And how would you have stopped the coven of witches in league with her? No. If anyone is to blame, I am."
IMG 7543.GIF
Cami: "I am so, so sorry."
Klaus: "Camille, I appreciate you being here, but we cannot be friends."
Cami: "What?"
Klaus: "You had me pegged from the start. A man damaged by his demons. And those demons are not dormant; they are hellbent on killing me and everything I find beautiful. And are beautiful."
-- From a Cradle to a Grave

IMG 7533.GIF
IMG 7534.GIF
Klaus: "Well, it's a pleasure to see you too, Camille."
Cami: "Don't-Don't do that, that crooked smile thing, okay? I haven't seen you for months and now you're appearing out of the blue? What do you want?"
Klaus: "Well, I've a rather long list of people I need to track down and deal with. And at the top of that list is a certain runaway witch."
Cami: "Maybe she doesn't want to be found."
Klaus: "And for good reason. Had I magically resurrected the insane vampire-hunting father of my sworn enemy, I'd be hiding too."
Cami: "Wait, what?"
Klaus: "Oh, haven't you heard? Mikael the Destroyer, back from the dead. And by all accounts, under the complete control of your little friend Davina."
Cami: "Well, you heard her, clearly. She didn't say where she was."
Klaus: "Oh, on the contrary, love. You just had to know how to listen. For instance, I heard cicadas, and I heard terns, but the real giveaway was the church bells. Did you know Davina's family owns a little cabin in Terrebonne Parish? It's been abandoned for years, but a brief glimpse at a map showed its just a mile from the loveliest little chapel."
Cami: "So, what's the plan?"
Klaus: "Well, the way I see it, if Davina wants to use Mikael to kill me, we just have two options. One, you reason with her. Two? Well, I don't think you'd like two very much."
Cami: "Fine, let's go."
(Klaus walks into a bar and finds Cami sitting at a table having a drink)
Klaus "'Wait in the car,' you said. 'I'll be right back,' you said. (Cami ignores him and takes a big gulp of her drink) Did I not sufficiently explain to you the urgency of this endeavor?"
Cami: "You're the one who hijacked my afternoon to drag me along to this revenge fantasy of yours. Excuse me if I need a drink to take off the edge before the killing begins."
Klaus: "So, that's your plan, is it? Ply me with alcohol and then prattle on until I'm convinced to leave Davina and Michael alone to plot my death?"
Cami: "No. My plan is to listen. Come on, Klaus. You could have eavesdropped on that phone call and vanished before I even knew you were there. So, let's just get to the part you really want me to play. Therapist, stenographer, drinking buddy, call it whatever you want. I know why I'm here; to give you the one thing you've never had: someone to hear your side. So, you want to kill your father. Fine. Let's talk."
Klaus: "My mother's intentions are far less savage than my father's. She'd prefer to place us all in new bodies, thereby reuniting our family in some bizarre coven of extremely dysfunctional witches."
Cami: "So, what, are you just gonna kill her, too?"
Klaus: "If only I could. But therein lies my predicament. If I kill her, she'll just jump into another body. If I somehow manage to thwart that nasty little inconvenience, she'll rejoin the bloody witch ancestors and haunt me from beyond. But right now, Mikael has the white oak stake. He needs to die first."
Cami: "And how are you gonna do that unarmed?"
Klaus: (smiles and puts a hand inside his jacket) "I've taken precautions."
IMG 6912.GIF
(Klaus pulls out Papa Tunde's blade)
Cami: "Oh, goody. Papa Tunde's mystical knife of ludicrous torment. Glad that's still around."
Klaus: "You know, my parents dedicated their lives to making me feel weak and afraid. I've killed them once already. I can do it again."
(Klaus gets up to leave; Cami jumps out of her seat and grabs his arm)
Cami: "Klaus, wait. I get it. The hurt your parents have inflicted on you for a thousand years, I understand what you're fighting against. The real question is, what are you fighting for? Ask me to dance."
Klaus: "You want to dance?"
IMG 6910.GIF
IMG 6909.GIF
Cami: "No. I never wanna dance, I'm actually really bad at it, but I'm trying to make a point. There's more to life than the pain that they made you feel. A cold beer, a slow song, a good friend. There are good things, Klaus. (takes Klaus' hand) You need to see that too."
(Klaus and Camille begin dancing slowly)
Cami: "There's no real peace in revenge."
(Klaus twirls Cami and whooshes away)
204 Klamille Hug 2.gif
(Camille runs to Klaus)
Cami: "Where is she? If anything happens to her, Klaus I swear to god!"
Klaus: "Davina's fine.She'll wake up with a spectacular headache but given her intentions for me, she should count herself lucky."
(Camille is relieved)
"Of course, if you drop dead of a heart attack, I may have to kill her on general principle."
Cami: "You're the one who ditched me at the bar. I had to hitchhike, and then run on the back roads of the bayou!"
Klaus: "Well, your perseverance is duly noted."
Cami: "Oh, shut up! I am so mad at you I can hardly speak. But I am here and it is to tell you, not to bargain with you and not to shame you, but to tell you, under no circumstances will you hurt that girl. Do you understand me?"
Klaus: "You have my word."
(Cami hugs Klaus)
- Live and Let Die

IMG 7005.GIF
IMG 7006.GIF
Klaus: "You pulled the stake out in the nick of time. A moment longer and I would've been done for."
Cami: "It's the least I could do for telling you not to kill that bastard the first chance you had."
Klaus: "Well, he hurt you. For that alone, I would kill him."
- Red Door

IMG 6917.GIF
IMG 6923.GIF

Davina: "Cami is not awake yet either."

Marcel: "When she wakes up, we need to get her out of the quarter, she's not safe here.Somebody busted Finn out"
Klaus: "My mother is using Mikael to do her dirty work now."
(Cami wakes up gasping. Klaus goes near her) "Camille?"
Camille: "I suddenly love that stupid name." ( Klaus smiles weakly.)
- The Map of Moments

Tumblr nnusluRIAW1rtvheio1 500.gif
Camille: "What do you mean, he's gone?"
Rebekah: "Exactly that. The coffin's empty and he is nowhere to be found. If I had to guess, I'd say he's planning a long list of cruel and unusual punishments for his treacherous siblings. Given that we have an ancient witch to kill, I hoped you might try reasoning with him. Ideally, before he goes ballistic.
Camille: "I'm flattered, I guess, but what exactly am I supposed to say to him?"
Tumblr nnusluRIAW1rtvheio3 500.gif
Rebekah: "Look, anything is better than nothing, as long as it comes from you. You're the only person he'll listen to."
Camille: "Your brother is an unstable, paranoid narcissist with chronic mood issues and zero impulse control Right now, he's furious because the people he loves most literally stabbed him in the heart. That is his worst fear come true. What makes you think he'll listen to anyone, least of all me?
Rebekah: "Please, Cami! Isn't it clear by now? He fancies you!"

Camille: "Klaus!"
Klaus: "You shouldn't have come here, camille."
Camille: "I came here because you need me. You need me to tell you that this...this is not you, and I know that you're hurt, but please listen to me. You are better than this."
Tumblr nnuso2BPMe1qbmp7lo3 500.gif
Dahlia: "Is there problem?"
Klaus: "Not at all. Just another victim."
( Comes closer to Camille. )
Camille: "No. Klaus, I know you won't hurt me. I have known that from the second we met. I trust you.
( Klaus touches her neck gently. )
Klaus: "Then you are already lost."
( Klaus bites Camille's neck. )
Camille: "No!"
-- Fire with Fire

Klaus: "Camille, I need your help."
( Camille smiles bitterly. )
Camille: "Hello, Klaus." "Hello, Camille. Thank you so much for convincing my furious siblings to join my Machiavellian plan." "Ya, that was good times, Oh what did you say? How was my neck? It's healed, thank you so much for asking. " "Now, you were saying"
Klaus: ""I had to make it seem as if I cared for nothing. For no one, but you should know when I hurt you...
( Camille stares at Klaus, and Klaus pauses. )
Klaus: "Our battle is not yet won, and I need you to protect the most important thing in my life. I need you to do it here, where magic is void, and I'm sorry."
( Klaus points at Camille's neck. )
Klaus: "I will find a way to make it up to you."
( Camille smiles and nods. )

Vincent: "I know that look...sense of obligation, duty. What do you feel like you owe these people? You forgot, I have a few psychology degrees, before the family you're so wrapped up in stole my body."
Camille: "So you're head-shrinking me now. Is that it?"
Vincent: "No. I'm... I'm trying to figure out why a smart, levelheaded woman such as yourself would choose to stick around a town like that, to my eyes, seem to offer you nothing but danger."
Camille: "I'm the last of my family line. The O'Connells have a long legacy here."
Vincent: "Uh-uh. Don't feed me that legacy crap, Camille. You want to talk about legacies? My mama, her mama, and they daddy before them were some of the wickedest witches the west side of this city has ever seen, and yet still, I'm able to walk away from magic, because I know that it's not good for me, just like Niklaus and his whole clan are not good for you, Camille."
Camille: "So you're walking away, huh? More like you're dumping your responsibilities on a teenager who doesn't know any better."
Vincent: "She knows better, she knows. She knows a hell of a lot more than she should, and if she's not careful, she doesn't walk the right line, she's gonna end up being the wickedest of them all. You mark my words."
Camille: "Then why would you leave her without a teacher?"
Vincent: "Well okay, fair enough. Pick a fight. Call me out, but um, from one head shrink to another, what is it that you're deflecting from yourself?"
Camille: "You wanna know why I stay in town?"
Vincent: "Yea."
Camille: "Because... again every ounce of my better judgement, my sanity, and my common sense... It turns out I have complicated feelings for a monster."
Vincent: "And does this monster have complicated feelings for you?"
Camille: "I think that's entirely possible that he does, yea."
Tumblr noat4y3I921u7xqcso1 500.gif
Klaus: "78, a good year. Crack one of those open, would you? Let's commiserate my sister leaving me... again."
Camille: "You have to stop compelling the customers. I need the tips."
( Klaus takes out a 100$ bill and puts it on the counter. )
Tumblr no8jalUN7Z1u7xqcso2 400.gif
Camille: " know when I first got into town, you handed me one of those. I had taken a shift from another girl. If not for that, could've been someone else standing here right now instead of me."
Klaus: "You know, I prefer to see it the other way. If it wasn't that night, this bar, that $100 dollar bill, it would have been Jackson Square, staring at a painting. Or Frenchmen Street, listening to jazz. I would have found you. Thank you… for the drink."
-Ashes to Ashes

Camille: " Why did you ask me to meet you here?"
Klaus: "Well, I'd hoped we'd have one of our little chats, and I thought you might appreciate the change of venue. So, I'm allowing you a private tour... of my exhibition."
Tumblr nw1xizyFeZ1uhj87xo6 250.gif
Camille: "These are yours."
Klaus: "I spent the better part of a millennia trying not to draw my father's attention. And now he's dead, and all those who stood against me have been vanquished... I see no reason the fruits of my labor should go unappreciated."
Camille: "I didn't come here to appreciate art. If you want to talk about your progress as a person striving for empathy, fine. If not? I'll go."
Klaus: "Have I offended you?"
Camille: "I agreed to see you professionally."
Camille: "But I was very clear when I set our boundaries, and they don't include private art shows."
Klaus: "Oh. Well, then, perhaps you prefer to escort me to tomorrow's opening?"
Camille: "Call me if you want to talk. Wait-- you're worried no one else will come. Rebekah's gone, Marcel's angry, Elijah won't even look at you... You'll be alone. You're scared because the people you love are angry with you. Maybe you need to think about that."
Tumblr nw50vw1DVP1tl1xhqo5 250.gif
Camille: "Who's there?"
Klaus: "You're on edge."
Camille: "And you're... trespassing! You can't just come-- I mean, Klaus, seriously!"
Camille: "No. No! You don't get to just come into my house uninvited!"
Klaus: "Well, you already invited me in once, love, so technically--"
Klaus: "Keep the gift. I painted it for you."
Camille: "Klaus..."
-For the Next Millennium

Camille: "Heh. If you hurt me, I know a certain someone who won't react very well."
-The Axeman's Letter

Camille: "Oh, I don't think you want to hurt me. See, Klaus is the most ruthless vampire in all of history, and guess what? He kind of likes me, so maybe you should be the one worrying about whether or not you make it through the night."
Klaus: "Lucien, you will take me to Camille, and you will surrender the medallion, or you will meet an end so cruel, the devil will weep."
Klaus: "Cami? Camille?"
Camille (in voicemail greeting): "It's Cami. Leave a message."
Klaus: "I need... I need to know you're safe. Call me back, please."
-Out of the Easy

Klaus: "Can I get you anything?"
Camille: "I'm fine. I mean, my head is throbbing, but all things considered..."
Klaus: "Well, for tonight, I'd like you to stay here... where I can protect you. Camille, I want you to know... what happened today..."
308 Klamille.gif
Camille: "Hey, forget about it. It's not your fault. I have to ask... Right before you showed up, did you hear what Aurora and I were talking about?"
Klaus: "Your incident at the university... the man you assaulted?" I've already compelled some people to go and kill him."
Camille: "That's a joke, right...?"
Klaus: "...It doesn't have to be."
Camille: "Don't kill anyone for me, please."
Klaus: "Whatever you want."
Camille: "It's been a lousy couple of days... Do you mind if I just close my eyes for a second?"
-- The Other Girl in New Orleans

309 Klamille First Kiss.gif
Klaus: "You look..."
Camille: "Don't say tired. You've lived long enough to know you should never tell a woman she looks tired."
Klaus: "I was going to say contemplative."
Camille: "Ha."
Klaus: "A penny for your thoughts."
Camille: "I was thinking about you and what Rebekah said. Is she right? Do you see me as this fragile thing that needs to be kept behind glass to protect me from Aurora..."
Klaus: "Don't. Please. When I think of all the ways she could have hurt you..."
Camille: "She didn't. Klaus, she didn't... Because of you. I've lost count of the amount of times you've been there for me and everyone you care about, but today, you saved someone who doesn't mean a thing to you. Why?"
Klaus: "Because you wished it. Because what's important to you is important to me. What makes you happy makes me want to keep you so. What scares you I want to tear apart. I do not wish to watch you from behind glass Camille."
Camille: "What do you wish?"
-- Savior

Camille: "I think you're far more affected by this world than you care to admit. You want to control it rather than allow it to control you. The inevitable, unavoidable parts of life make you uneasy."
Klaus: "Some might say death is inevitable and yet here I am, a thousand years old, sipping an exquisitely aged whiskey while a beguiling muse sits across from me. I am a perfect picture of health and vitality, a master of my fate, a conqueror of death itself."
Camille: "See, that's exactly my point. You make some glib throwaway line about death as though it means nothing to you. But it does. If not your own, then, at least, the death of others."
Klaus: "So beneath the devilish banter and charming wit, Klaus Mikaelson bears the burden of a deep-seated psychological trauma about death. I'll tell you what I know about death, Camille. Death dances silently in everyone's shadow. And she doesn't give a damn. So, why give a damn about her?"
Camille: "You do give a damn. Why else surround yourself with immortals if not to avoid the agony of loss? You disagree. Fine. I hope it's a long time before I'm proven right."
-- A Ghost Along the Mississippi

Cami: Thank you for the drink.
Klaus: [smirks] Well, you seemed rather thirsty.
Cami: [rolls her eyes] Mmm.
Klaus: [sighs] You would've torn him apart, whether you meant to or not. Probably doing the world a favor in the process, but...
Cami: I'm a vampire now, Klaus. Isn't that what we do? We hunt. We feed. We kill?
Klaus: We might want to keep our voices down just a little bit...
Cami: Why? Can't we just compel anyone to do anything we want? Isn't that what you do all the time?
Klaus: What I do and what you do are not the same thing. Now, I know our little chats may have you feeling like you're quite the expert, but you're not equipped to live in this world.
Cami: Maybe you're right. My emotions are all over the place. I feel like someone turned up the volume on my life, and I can't hear myself think. And everything feels so good, but it's all happening at once.
Klaus: So let me help you! And I promise you will live a life others only dream of.
Klaus: Besides, if you're gonna learn, you may as well learn from the best.
--Wild at Heart

Camille: "I was never naive enough to think that I was your light but there is light in you. All of that anger, the cycle of abuse that Mikael began, you can end it. You have to. So you can be the light for your little girl. For Hope."
--No More Heartbreaks





  • Klaus hired Camille to record his memoirs, and to forget who he was when she's not in his presence, also to forget about vampires completely and leave town (his compulsion was removed by Davina).
  • Klaus compelled Camille to give Marcel a chance more than once.
  • They were properly introduced when they were both admiring a street painter's painting.
  • Camille chose Klaus over the New Orleans witches when her uncle was hexed and she was ordered to put Papa Tunde's blade into his heart.
  • Camille fed Klaus some of her blood when he was recovering from the second insertion of Papa Tunde's blade in his abdomen.
  • In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Camille saw Klaus with Genevieve and seemed to be a little jealous.
  • In The Big Uneasy, Klaus confronted Camille about her one night affair with Marcel, and he appeared to be hurt and betrayed by her action.
  • In An Unblinking Death, Klaus rushed to help Camille deal with her hexed uncle, he saved her from being killed, and called Marcel to be by Camille's side in her time of need.
  • In From a Cradle to a Grave, Klaus lied to Camille about his baby's survival, and asked her to leave.
  • Camille thinks that she could have prevented the baby's supposed death, and it was her fault, however Klaus told her that it was actually his.
  • Klaus told Camille that she was beautiful and that they shouldn't be friends any more, because anything that he finds beautiful ends up being destroyed or ruined. This was a clear attempt on Klaus' part to protect Camille from the violence that is about to start in New Orleans between the Originals and the other factions.
  • She stopped him from killing Mikael with the White Oak Stake.
    • She then saved Klaus when he was staked with it, and pulled it out just in time. Thus, saving his life.
    • Klaus risked his life and got stabbed by Mikael when he was distracted, catching Tunde's blade aiming at her.
  • Klaus has introduced baby Hope to Camille, but made Camille promise that she accepted being compelled the fact that she knows the secret when she leaves the safe house.
  • According to Michael Narducci, Klaus was too involved in protecting Hope at the moment to consider a romantic attachment and this was showing no signs of dropping any time soon.
  • Klaus and Camille clearly have romantic feelings for each other on The Originals. Are they ever going to admit that? - Charlotte.
    • There are probably feelings there, yes. But according to executive producer Michael Narducci,they're not quite at the romantic phase just yet. "They have an interesting connection, "Narducci said". "A lot of people say, "Oh, it's a romantic connection". But I think right now, it's a connection where he feels a certain amount of peace with her. He sees that she understands him a little bit and that she is willing to look at him with compassion and maybe hope for the best in him. And I'm certain that there is more than that and there is an attraction between them, but this is a long story and we're not quite there yet in terms of romance". Maybe next year? [1]
  • Klaus seems to trust Camille more than his own maternal half-siblings, as he only revealed to her that he didn't kill Aiden and the reason why he took the blame.
  • In Ashes to Ashes, Camille admitted that part of the reason she was still in town is because she had complicated feelings for Klaus.
  • In Ashes to Ashes, Klaus told Camille that he would've found her no matter where she was.
  • Klaus goes to see Camille in name of "their little chats".
  • In For the Next Millennium, Klaus asked Camille to escort him in the opening of his exhibition which Camille guessed he was asking her to come so that he won't be alone as all the people he loves are angry with him.
  • Klaus gave a painting to Camille as a gift which is inspired by the scene from Always and Forever in which Camille and Klaus watched a man painting on a street corner of the French Quarter. However, in this painting, it is just Camille standing on the brick street by Rousseau's.
  • Even though she preferred to be called Cami, Klaus mainly called her by her full name "Camille".
  • Their nicknames for each other are "The Brave Bartender" and "The Hundred Dollar Guy".
  • They shared their first kiss in Savior.
  • Klaus was very angry at Aurora for indirectly killing Camille.
  • Camille was one of a few of Klaus' love interests to be killed in The Originals, one of them being Lana, then Genevieve and then Aurora (in a flashback).
  • Klaus was more willing to keep Cami alive by asking her to transition into a vampire then let her choose for herself.
    • Klaus didn't want to lose her.
  • Klaus seemed frustrated by her actions now that she is a vampire.
    • Klaus expected human-Cami to resurface, chose to give her space to deal with her newfound vampirism and personality traits.
      • However in An Old Friend Calls, he told her that he still cared for her, but she told him that she no longer cared for him like that (which she lied about later, revealed by Vincent).
  • Cami died with Klaus by her side.
  • Klaus and Cami are one of the only romantic ships to have not sleep together.

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