Some time ago, I refused to trust you with our daughter. I took you from Hope. I was wrong. Take care of her.

The complex relationship between the Original Hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and the non-original hybrid Hayley Marshall-Kenner.

Klaus and Hayley first met in The Rager, when Hayley came to Mystic Falls to visit Tyler Lockwood, whom she helped to break his sire bond. Klaus initially believed her to be someone with whom Tyler had a fling while they were in the Appalachians, a misconception that Tyler and Hayley encouraged to cover up their plans to help the rest of Klaus' hybrids break their sire bonds. It was later revealed that Hayley was working with Shane, who promised her information on her true parentage in exchange for her help in manipulating Klaus into murdering his hybrids.

Hayley returned to Mystic Falls in Bring It On, during which Klaus tried to obtain information from her about Katherine Pierce, which ultimately led to them having sex. It was later revealed when they met again in New Orleans that Hayley was pregnant with his child, their daughter Hope Mikaelson, who they conceived during their one-night-stand. Their main priority is to protect Hope. However they have disagreements over the best way to protect their daughter.

Unfortunately, their relationship takes a turn for the worse when Hayley tried to take Hope away from Klaus. Klaus became hurt/enraged by this attempt and he had Dahlia place the Crescent Curse on Hayley and her pack, as punishment for trying to take their daughter away from him. They are no longer friends or allies after this; they have become enemies once again.

In You Hung the Moon, after six months, Hayley and her pack are temporarily released from the curse, and she confronts Klaus for what he did to her and fights him, eventually resulting in her taking custody of Hope from him. They continue to share an antagonistic rivalry, but are allies for the sake of their daughter. However, they somewhat reconcile later on and end up running away together with their daughter after Klaus' sireline is broken, which sends all of his enemies rushing to kill him.

They are known as "Klayley" by fans.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Four

In The Rager, they first met in the Lockwood mansion, after Hayley decided to visit her friend Tyler. Hayley immediately recognized him as an Original and didn't bother to hide her dislike for the hybrid. Klaus speculated that she and Tyler had an affair while he was off breaking his sire bond, a rumor which they both let him believe in order to hide their true intentions, which was to help the rest of the hybrids break free from Klaus' control.

After Dean's death, Klaus was upset by Dean's failure to keep Elena secure in his home and to prevent Connor's death, but Hayley argued that he should have had Dean use force against the hunter. Later that night, Hayley covered for Chris, lying that it was she who let Elena out of her "cell", and not Chris. Hayley also added that if he wanted to kill someone, he should kill her, as she'd rather die than end up being one of his hybrid slaves.

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In Bring It On, Klaus saved Hayley from a rogue vampire sent by Katherine, and it was revealed that Klaus and Hayley had made a pact; she would give Klaus information on Katherine in exchange for safety from Katherine's minions. Hayley went back to Klaus' mansion with him and looked through all of his paintings, taking a liking to a certain one she describes as "twisted". Klaus reminded Hayley that their time together was because he wanted information on Katherine, so Hayley suggestively replied that she might just tell him. Later, Klaus told Hayley she was free to go, seeing as Will had been killed, but did admit that she could stay if she wanted. Hayley replied that she could be persuaded to stay, as she likes to enjoy "the good life". Asking her again if she would like to stay or go, she told Klaus that she knows that he likes to be in control, so he should decide.

Klaus pushed a piece of hair from her face and started kissing her. They began stripping and kissing aggressively before he pushed her onto the table. He looked down at her and began kissing her neck. They ultimately moved to the bedroom, where they proceeded to have sex.


In a later scene, Hayley was seen sitting near Klaus on the bed, putting on her bra after a night of hooking up. While Klaus was watching her from his bed, he noticed Hayley's unique crescent-moon birthmark on her shoulder blade. He then revealed to her that he'd seen this birthmark before, but only on a handful of other people who descended from the same bloodline - a werewolf clan that once thrived through what is now Louisiana. Hayley was shown to be intrigued by this information and demanded to know if he was serious, as finding a connection to her biological family was not a joke to her. However, Klaus insisted that he wouldn't dare to lie about it, as matters of family are sacred.

Klayley love

In The Originals, Sophie explained to Klaus that she had the gift to sense a pregnancy. Sophie looked at Hayley, and sensed it was Klaus' daughter, mentioning that nature had found a loophole because while Klaus was a vampire, he was born a werewolf. Upon hearing the baby's heartbeat, Klaus was visibly shocked, and left in a huff, leaving Hayley behind. Hayley appeared to be hurt by Klaus' lack of affection toward her and their unborn child and his seemingly lack of desire to see her live. Elijah later managed to convince Klaus that his and Hayley's child could be their family's one chance at redemption. Klaus, seemingly now on board with the idea, replied that every king needs an heir.

Throughout The Originals Series

In Always and Forever, Elijah met Hayley in New Orleans and used his vampiric powers to show her visions of his memories of his family's life when they were humans. After Elijah revealed that once Klaus had fed and killed for the first time as a vampire, which activated his werewolf curse, Hayley replied, "Your dad was a dick", after learning he bound Klaus to a wooden cross and forced their mother to cast a spell to suppress his werewolf side. She also informed him that their family is legendary in New Orleans, and that Klaus seems like a "notorious psycho," who she admitted to sleeping with on a one-night-stand.

Some time later, Klaus still hadn't come to terms with his impending fatherhood and denied its existence, seeming to not care whether Hayley and the baby lived or died.

In House of the Rising Son, three months later, Rebekah abruptly arrived in New Orleans and immediately confused Hayley with a maid. She argued with Klaus before telling Hayley to help her search for the missing Elijah. Rebekah showed her the basement, where Klaus kept their coffins on "stand-by," in case he felt like daggering his siblings if they wronged him in any way. Hayley was appalled to hear of Klaus' habits and admitted that she felt sick upon hearing this fact. Rebekah replied that she should have left New Orleans as soon as she realized Elijah was missing, as Klaus would likely have a coffin ready for her once their baby is born.


Hayley later heads to Jardin Gris and acquired some wolfsbane, in order to abort their child, knowing that she couldn't leave town while she was still pregnant due to the spell Jane-Anne cast on her. However, before she could take the poison, she was attacked by Marcel's vampires. She splashes the cup in one vampire's face before attempting to flee, and was eventually saved by Rebekah. After returning to their home, Klaus berated Hayley over her leaving the house and heading into the Quarter (which was off-limits to werewolves), demanding to know what she was doing. Hayley snapped that she was about to abort the child so as to put it out of it's misery, which infuriated Klaus. He stepped forward and began to choke her, but Rebekah, appalled at his reaction toward the woman carrying his child, managed to pull him off of her. She proceeded to tell Klaus that there is nothing wrong with caring and wanting something, which ultimately calmed Klaus down.


The next morning, Klaus wandered into Hayley's room while she was sleeping, and found an empty bottle of wolfsbane in her bag. Hayley woke up and saw him sniff the bottle and assured him she didn't use it. When Klaus asked her why, as she could have been free from him and their situation, Hayley confessed that because of her past background (being abandoned by her biological parents and kicked out by her adoptive ones), she had never had a real family. It was when her baby was threatened that she finally knew that she wouldn't let anybody hurt their baby. Klaus listened for a moment before commenting that the both of them are alike, as it seems they both are "cast-offs" who have learned to fight when backed into a corner. Hayley retorted that they are backed into a corner now. Klaus moved forward and gently placed a hand on her shoulder before informing her that it was time to fight, affectionately referring to her as "little wolf."

In Tangled Up In Blue, Rebekah and Klaus are discussing the vampire attack the night before, and that Klaus had burned them before Rebekah had the chance to, as she "loves to burn things". Klaus comments that it was his duty, considering they attacked the "helpless pregnant girl who's carrying his child". Rebekah snorts that she is shocked by his new sense of fatherly duty. Hayley, stalking into the room, quickly demands to know what the plan is in order to get Elijah back. Klaus reveals that the plan is simply to ask Marcel, and Hayley stands dumbfounded at the plan before asking if there is a Plan B, to which Klaus responds "war".


Hayley is walking beside the pool some time later, when she stops suddenly, seeing a wolf standing ahead of her. Sabine appears behind her, telling her that the wolf is drawn to her as she and Klaus "made something special", before asking whether she would like to know the gender of their child.


When Klaus returns to the house after the Masquerade Gala, he stops in the doorway of the room Hayley is in and tells her that Elijah would soon be returning to them. This is because he gained Marcel's trust, who now essentially owes him one. Hayley seems relieved at this and congratulates him, as being diabolical has it's perks. Klaus stops for a moment, pondering something before asking quietly what it is about Elijah that warrants immediate admiration, and seems to take in her words as she reveals it was as simple as, because he was kind to her. As Klaus stops then turns around to leave, he pauses at her words; "I learned something today. I think it's a girl". Klaus smiles at the news, unseen to Hayley and walks back out the door.

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In Girl in New Orleans, Klaus appears in Dr. Paige's surgery after a message from Rebekah, about her and Hayley's recent actions. He is worried about Hayley's whereabouts after her and Rebekah were ambushed and attacked by warlocks. Klaus and Rebekah hear wolves howling and they head outside, to see Hayley stumbling towards them, dazed and exhausted looking with her clothes tattered and dirty. Klaus and Rebekah rush towards her, with Klaus checking her over for wounds, seeming shocked that she doesn't have any. Hayley says it's her "werewolf healing" although Klaus doesn't believe her wounds could've healed that quickly. Rebekah intervenes and takes Hayley from Klaus, telling them both that their child healed her. Klaus smiles at the thought before watching the two as they sit down on the front step.

Klaus demands to know what happened and promises to slaughter Sophie Deveraux, believing she was behind the attack along with Agnes. Rebekah interrupts, saying "not before Elijah gets there first" and looks at Hayley, adding "he asks we take care of you". Klaus seems upset when Hayley questions Rebekah about Elijah. Hayley then stands up, attempting to leave, but stumbles. Klaus rushes to catch her and carries her back to their home.

In Bloodletting, Hayley is kidnapped by Tyler who came to New Orleans looking for revenge on Klaus. Meanwhile, Klaus and Elijah use the help of the witch Sabine to find Hayley. Sabine takes some of Klaus' blood in order to locate Hayley and the baby. In the woods, Klaus and Elijah have an argument over Elijah looking determined to find "the little wolf". Klaus believes that Elijah is trying to impress Hayley by assuming the role of family patriarch. Continuing the argument, Klaus claims that he has "sampled what she has to offer" and refers to her as being "exquisite".

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In a later scene, Elijah and Hayley find Klaus at the cabin in the bayou where Hayley was held hostage by Tyler before she escaped. Elijah and Hayley falsely accuse Klaus of wanting to use his child's blood once born in order to create hybrids. Klaus looks hurt by the fact that his half-siblings and now Hayley consider him to be a liar, a manipulator and a bastard. Klaus snorts that he'll play the role he has been given and bites Elijah, leaving Hayley shocked. He leaves both of them in the bayou, but not before sharing a meaningful glance with Hayley.

In The River in Reverse, Klaus and Hayley share a brief scene at the very end of the episode after Klaus has had yet another feud with his half-siblings. He has argued with Rebekah for betraying him and siding with the man she loves, the man who plotted against Klaus, Marcel. He argued with Elijah and accused him of taking his child away from him with every fawning moment of tenderness he shows to Hayley. Elijah tells him that it has nothing to do with Hayley, but Klaus protests by saying that it has everything to do with her. Klaus chooses to dagger neither of his half-siblings, but forbids them to come live with him in his new home. Klaus tells Hayley that she is to come with him, as the child she is carrying is the "only thing on this earth that matters" to him, and that she shouldn't bother fighting him on this. Hayley chooses to get in the car with Klaus, partly because he threatened to drag her to The Abattoir by force, if she did not come willingly, he also tells her, that she can try to fight him on this, but she will lose, as will Elijah and Rebekah, if they get in his way or try to stop her from getting in his car, their relationship becomes strained after Hayley chose to believe Tyler's lies over Klaus, when she should have known that Tyler was lying, as he wanted revenge on Klaus for killing his mother, and would say anything to justify his actions, and she falsely accused Klaus of only caring about there unborn child, so he can used her to sire more hybrids, Klaus completely loses trust in Hayley, believing she would try to run away with his child, before she is born, to try and keep him out of his child's life.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, the episode begins with a feast held by Klaus at his mansion now that he has control over New Orleans and invites the vampires, including Marcel. Hayley has also attended the banquet. Klaus tells the vampires that they should show the mother of his child respect, as he strolls over to where she is sitting. He then tries to reassure the people who believe that he intends on using the blood of his child to create hybrids, that he does not intend on doing such a thing. As he says that, Klaus touches Hayley's shoulder affectionately. Hayley mocks him in front of his vampires by calling him "father of the year". Klaus shows a look of discomfort as he goes back to his chair, saying that it appears he will have to earn their trust. He then orders the vampires to kill the werewolves in the bayou, as he can't make hybrids if there aren't any werewolves. Hayley meets Davina afterwards and Davina calls her "Klaus' wife". To which Hayley responds with a "Ew! No! Never"!

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In a later scene, Hayley confronts Klaus about how he ordered the werewolves in the bayou to be killed. She tells him that they are her family, to which Klaus replies that they only abandoned her. He then tells her that he is trying to keep her safe, not that she appreciates the effort. Hayley asks Klaus what would happen to her once the baby is born, leaving Klaus surprised and speechless. Hayley looks hurt by his unwillingness to answer her question, telling him that she has a little while until she finds out and that in the meantime, she would find a way to pay him back and that he couldn't do "a damn thing about it" as long she is carrying his child.

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In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Klaus sees Hayley stacking up boxes of food and crying at the same time. He stops for a moment and goes over to her to ask what she was doing. Hayley wanted to explain that she wanted to take the food to the bayou but Klaus got enraged, saying this was not the night to be out there. Hayley surprises him when she tells him, "Some people don't have a choice". She has shown she cares for the werewolves. Klaus looks at her in a moment of comfort until he grabs the boxes of food himself and tells her to follow him. She listens to him. Later on, they walk in together in the church and give the boxes of food to Father Kieran, which he gladly accepts. Hayley notices that the people in the church were in fact werewolves and questions Klaus about it. Klaus explains to her that this is in fact his clan and that their plight has brought out the philanthropist in him, which is why he offered to keep them hidden and protected. He also told Hayley that the blood that runs in their veins runs in his and their child's.

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They share a moment of silence as they look each other in the eyes, as if reconnecting all of a sudden. Hayley looks away after a while and claims that this family gets more complicated by the second. Klaus, hating to see Hayley suffer emotionally, gently offers her some advice on how to deal with Elijah, then turns away and leaves. Hayley continues to look after him, seemingly amazed of his sudden change in personality.

In The Big Uneasy, Klaus and Hayley share a brief encounter at the traditional witch feast day party.


Hayley had found out (after she pushed them into telling) from Jackson and Oliver that they had made a deal with Klaus to protect their packs, a deal which would help them survive and make werewolves superior, above any other species. Hayley shows up at the feast as the werewolves' representative, bearing a gift for the Harvest Witches, which includes Davina. Klaus grabs Hayley's arm, wanting to talk to her. He tells her that he knows that she found out about the deal he made with Jackson and Oliver, and considers Hayley bold for pushing them into telling her the truth, as well as showing up at the party as the werewolves' representative.


Hayley smirks and asks him if he really is planning on going behind Elijah's back. Klaus tells her that her pack will benefit from this plan, and that wouldn't really matter what Elijah thinks. Hayley then begins to threaten him regarding if she finds out that he had been trying to manipulate them, but Klaus stops her, chuckles and comments on how she had gone a long way. Hayley stops talking and looks at him intensely. Klaus tells her that he knew that she was tough and cunning, but he didn't know that she was a queen.


He then smiles at her and leaves. Later on, after Marcel compelled some musicians to show up at the party and slice their wrists to make the vampires thirsty, Elijah tries to stop the vampires from pouncing but didn't succeed as it resulted in the vampires attacking the human musicians and drinking their blood. The lights go out and then back on, revealing dead bodies. Hayley lays on the ground, terrified and just when Klaus was about to reach for her and help her, she calls out for Elijah, which made him stop moving. Klaus looks hurt as he watches Elijah help Hayley off the floor, and then leaves.

In An Unblinking Death, Hayley found out where Marcel is hiding. She calls Klaus and informs him about the suicide bomber in the Bayou.

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Klaus is worried and asks her where she is. She tells him that she's fine and that she thinks that Marcel is behind this. She asks Klaus if he wants to help her kick Marcel's ass. Klaus promises her that once he's finished with whatever he's doing she will have is undivided attention. He asks her to please stay out of trouble in the mean time. Hayley seems a bit hurt that he doesn't want to help her right away and she tells him that he shouldn't worry since Elijah is with her, which was a fib since she was alone. She clearly said this to hurt Klaus so that he knows that Elijah is there for her when Klaus isn't. Hayley ends the phone call afterwards.


In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus tells Hayley she should come back to the compound for the safety of the baby. If she doesn't come willing, she knows he'll drag her to the compound kicking and screaming. She responds by saying that one nightmare of his father all of a sudden made him a responsible daddy. She also tells him that in an attempt to plead his case he forgot that the baby is not his child, she's theirs.


After Hayley talked to Cami she starts coughing up blood and faints, thanks to a spell Monique cast. Klaus, Elijah and Genevieve take her to the compound. Elijah can't hear Hayley's heartbeat, but only that of the baby. Genevieve tries to save her by using magic. Klaus, clearly panicking, gives Hayley his blood, but it doesn't work. Klaus then tells Elijah he won't lose that baby and he wants to deliver the baby now, but Elijah stops him. Genevieve agrees with Elijah; if they deliver the baby Hayley will bleed to death. Klaus backs down, agreeing in silence with both of them.

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In the mean time we see that Hayley is on the Other Side with Mikael. She doesn't understand why she can see him, but then she realizes the only reason why she can see him is because she is dead. She screams for her baby, but Mikael tells her it's too late to save the atrocity that's festering in her womb. She tells him she can't really be dead, because otherwise he wouldn't try to kill her and the baby. He tells her the baby is doomed anyway with a father like Klaus. She responds that her daughter has one advantage Klaus never had, she will never know Mikael. She then wakes up thanks to Genevieve's spell and tells Klaus and Elijah that Mikael tried to kill her.

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Later, Hayley is sitting in her room in the compound when Klaus walks in. He tells her that she proved to be quite resilient; fighters, both her and the baby. She tells him that she decided to move back in. Klaus is happy to hear that, and tells her that he only wants that the child is kept safe. She asks him what will become of her once she gives birth. She fears Klaus will try to take their daughter away from her. Klaus asks her to follow him, he wants to show her something. He prepared a nursery next to Hayley's room. He tells her that whether she believes it or not, he would actually like it if she's there with him. He wants their daughter to be raised by her parents in their family home. He asks her what his father told her. She responds that Mikael told her nothing that was true. She smiles at him and after hearing her words, he smiles too and walks away.

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In The Battle of New Orleans, Klaus and Hayley both have to deal with the problems that Marcel and his vampire army are making for them. Klaus intends on having the moonlight stones made for the werewolves by Genevieve so they can protect themselves. Klaus makes a deal with Francesca and had her bring over some very rare stones, since Jackson and Oliver were captured by Marcel and the stones went missing. Marcel and Diego beat Jackson and Oliver and force them to tell what Klaus is up to. Jackson finally confessed and he is left there with a bomb. Klaus and Elijah come to his rescue and to take the stones. Hayley was on the phone with Elijah when she heard the bomb go off and began to worry. Klaus, Elijah and Jackson manage to get home safely and unharmed. Hayley immediately tends to Jackson and gives him a hug while whispering a thank you to Elijah. Klaus looks hurt and annoyed that Hayley hasn't asked him how he is and responds with a moody attitude. "I'm fine too. Thanks for asking." Hayley just gives him a neutral look without saying anything. Later on in the episode, it is revealed that Francesca and Genevieve had a deal to take on The Original Vampires. Francesca received the moonlight stones and reveals herself to be an untriggered werewolf, while giving the stones to her family and to herself. Genevieve and the witches capture Hayley while she goes into labor. Klaus is weak as the newly improved werewolves were feeding on his power as the full moon was up. Hayley is taken into the church and she looks scared as the witches force her to give birth so they could sacrifice her baby. Hayley yells out in pain. Klaus is staggering weak on the streets and hears Hayley screaming. He yells out in anger as he is too weak to do anything about it.

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Klaus and Hayley 1x22

In From a Cradle to a Grave, we see a flashback of Hayley and Klaus. She is writing a letter for her daughter when Klaus walks in and asks her to which suitor she's writing the letter to, Jackson or Elijah. She just smiled smugly as he continues to tease her with "Don't tell me it's me. I thought I was out of the running ages ago". Which makes her laugh and tell him that he has the biggest ego. Klaus laughs along with her and then comes closer to her in her room. He asks her her how their "littlest wolf" is doing. She smiles and asks him if he wants to feel her kick. Klaus hesitates for a moment but Hayley encourages him. Klaus bends over and touches Hayley's belly with his hand as Hayley studied his face carefully. Finally, the baby kicked and Klaus gasped, surprised. Hayley smiles and whispers, "You feel that?". Klaus laughs and smiles along with her as they look at each other intensely. Their moment is broken when Klaus pulls away and tells her that he will let her get back to her "secret letter".

Hayley has been taken to St. Anne's Church by Genevieve, Monique, Abigail and a few other witches. Hayley's placenta has ruptured so she has to give birth to the baby there. She tries to fight the witches, when Klaus walks in. He kills one of the witches, but Genevieve, Monique and Abigail stop him. He watches Hayley give birth while he is held against a wall with a spell. Once the baby is born, Hayley asks if she could hold her. Genevieve hands the baby over, but Monique slits Hayley's throat only a few moments later. Klaus screams in horror. Monique breaks Klaus' neck and they leave with the baby. Later, Elijah finds Klaus crying, with a dead Hayley in his arms.

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The witches have taken the baby to the cemetery, where they plan to sacrifice her. Klaus and Elijah try to find them, but they have cast a spell that creates the illusion of a maze. Elijah is heartbroken that Hayley is dead. They are unable to find the baby, when Hayley suddenly walks in. Klaus realizes that the blood of their daughter brought her back to life, she's in transition into a hybrid; he looked almost shocked that he, of all people, did not forsee this happening. Hayley can feel her daughter and she leads Klaus and Elijah to the witches. Genevieve is about to stab the baby, but Elijah stops her. Monique and Abigail try to stop them by calling upon their ancestors. Hayley fights Genevieve, but Genevieve has the upper hand. Klaus kills Abigail by throwing a pike at her. Monique takes matters in her own hands. Hayley and Klaus scream in terror. Monique is about to stab the baby when Marcel comes in and kills her. He takes the baby with him. Klaus follows him immediately.

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Hayley is holding her daughter in the nursery while Elijah and Klaus discuss what to do next. Klaus thinks that his daughter will never be safe, no matter where she is. He doesn't want her to grow up in a prison. Hayley tells them there's another option. Hayley's parents thought they could protect her, but in the end they were killed and Hayley spent her childhood alone and unloved. She made a promise to herself and her baby that she would grow up differently. She thinks the only option is to send their daughter away, while they stay behind and clean up the mess that they've made. Elijah doesn't agree, she'll be hunted no matter what. Klaus tells him that won't be a problem if nobody knows that she lives. Hayley says goodbye to her little girl and drinks a bit of her blood to complete her transition. Elijah tells Klaus that nobody will be able to protect her like them. Klaus tells him there's one person who can. We see Klaus holding his daughter waiting on an abandoned road. Another car drives in and Rebekah steps out of it.

Rebekah tells him that she looks like her mother, and that maybe there's a god after all. Klaus smiles at her. He responds that there's a glimpse of the devil in her eyes and that is all him. He tells her that despite their differences there is no one that he would trust more with the life of his daughter. He tells his daughter that the people in the city would have seen her dead, but he would see her live and he'll make the city her home. He says that he would struck down anyone who would dare to wish her harm. And he tells her that she'll return to him. He then gives her a kiss on her forehead and on her cheek. He hands her over to Rebekah. Rebekah asks him what her name is. He tells her that her name is Hope. He cries as he watches Rebekah leave with Hope.

2x01 KlayleyGif

In Rebirth, at the beginning of the episode, Elijah has a talk with Klaus about how he is worried about Hayley. Elijah says that Klaus needs to help her, but Klaus says that she has Elijah to help her.

Later on, when they are about to go to battle, Klaus tells Hayley that it's their fight and asks her is she is ready for battle. He calls her "Little Wolf", once again. They end up working together to defeat Francesca.

2x01 Klayley gif2

Towards the end of the episode, Elijah and Klaus are having a chat, and Klaus feels bad for not accepting Hayley's pregnancy before. He also feels his actions robbed him of his daughter. Elijah tells him that Klaus is the only one who can truly comfort Hayley in her time of need. We then see them in the study with Hayley on the couch and Klaus telling her that things will get easier. She tells him that she wants their daughter back and he tells her they will get her back in time. He tells her that she needs to talk to the wolves because she is their queen. After that he tells her that they will fight together as a family. As he tells her this, he gets on the couch next to her and holds her hand, then giving her a smile.

In Alive and Kicking, at the beginning we see Hayley in a bath tub and Elijah walks in after seeing a bunch of dead bodies. Hayley tells him that Klaus took her to the Cauldron, where they killed some witches. Hayley then tells him that she is no worse than Klaus. Elijah them gets mad and goes to talk to Klaus, telling him that Hayley is falling apart. Klaus tells him that Hayley is now one of them, and that Elijah should stop having expectations of her and judging her. Elijah then pleads with Klaus to help her. Klaus then gets agitated and tells Elijah that he is helping her, and that Hayley should embrace what she is and that she is fine. Elijah leaves and tells Klaus that he the mother of his child deserves more than fine, and that Klaus should take her to the bayou.

Klayley 2x02 gif

Later on, Hayley and Klaus are in the bayou, looking for the rest of Hayley's pack. Hayley's soon tries to give up by saying she doesn't see them, but Klaus tells her they are definitely there and they need to convince the wolves that they should side with her.. She says that they need to find them first and Klaus tells her that is her job. He tells her to focus and sniff them out. She gives up again and says it's stupid, but he tells her they need a queen. She starts telling Klaus about how she is a mess after losing their daughter. She accuses him of not thinking about Hope, and he tells her he thinks about her all the time. She finally tries again and finds the wolves scent. Klaus, smiles proudly.

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Soon after, they find her pack and she gets nervous about talking to them, but Klaus gives her some confidence and tells her to talk to them. Hayley starts talking to them about how they need a leader and she can be that leader if they let her. Oliver starts disrespecting her and Klaus steps in and throws him to the ground with his foot on his neck chocking him. Hayley tells Klaus to let him go but Klaus says that Oliver needs to learn some respect. Finally Hayley convinces him to let Oliver go, and when he does, Klaus tells the rest of the pack that Hayley is their queen and that the rest is for Hayley to deal with. He starts walking off and Hayley asks where he is going. He tells her he is going to deal with the witches.

Towards the end of the episode, after Hayley invites the pack to live at the compound, Klaus asks if they are running a kennel. She says that she will handle him and he starts to disagree, but she tells him that this is her stepping up after he told her to. Klaus tells her he is a good influence on her. Hayley tells him about how she made a deal with Oliver where he would spy on Cassie and then report back to her. He gives her a proud smile and tells her that she did a good job.

In Every Mother's Son, Hayley is in the compound eating some grapes from a large table filled with food. Klaus walks in and she asks him which restaurant he compelled to bring the food, thinking it was his doing. He tells her he is not responsible, and then she thinks Elijah did it. Elijah then walks in and says he didn't do it either. There is movement from one of the platters and Klaus takes the lid off. A bunch of birds fly out and he sees a card from his mother.

Later, Klaus is on the balcony and then walks back into his bedroom where Hayley is lying down on his bed. She then sits up and says that it's times like these that she is thankful she doesn't know her mother. Klaus says that it's sad how now they are fighting against their own family. Hayley then tells him that after his mother tried to put a carving knife though their baby's heart, she will happily kill her. Klaus then smiles but Elijah walks in and tells Hayley that she will not kill Esther much to her annoyance. Elijah says that they need to find out her intentions and Klaus tells him that it's pretty obvious she wants them dead. He checks his watch saying they have until afternoon to prepare for the worst. He then leaves and Hayley rolls her eyes which makes Klaus smile. Klaus says, "The bloom is off the rose, I see." and follows Elijah out as Hayley mutters for him to shut up.

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Later Klaus is making decisions on wine for dinner, when Hayley walks in and tells Klaus about her latest reports from Oliver. Klaus makes a comment about how their mother is probably making plans to destroy them. Out of curiosity, Hayley asks him why their mother hates them so much. Klaus begins telling her about how their brother Henrik, and other sister died when they were younger. Hayley says that she couldn't even imagine the pain she would feel if Hope die. Klaus says that his siblings used to say that she didn't truly hate them. Hayley asks what he thinks, and he tells her that he only knows that he wants her dead. She tells him that every story needs a wicked witch and that it will be satisfying when they kill her. They then smile at each other.

Hayley later updates the two brothers about how Marcel's witch is being held captive. Hayley tells them that she will go help but she needs the key. Elijah tries to stop her but she tells him that he needs to trust her for once. Klaus then gives her the necklace and she takes it. She is about to leave but Elijah stops her telling her to look for Gia. When she leaves Klaus asks Elijah whats going on between them and Elijah tells him that she is just stronger.

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After Esther goes into Lenore's body, Elijah calls Hayley and she tells him that she is at Lenore's shop, before Lenore breaks her phone. Elijah asks Klaus why she would want Hayley and he says it's to punish them. They then leave to go save her. After Esther explains her plan to Hayley and offers her the chance to be mortal, Klaus storms in protecting her. Klaus tells Hayley to leave and so she does.

After telling Klaus,and Elijah about Esther's offer, Klaus says to Hayley that he trusts she isn't thinking about taking her offer but Hayley looks away shamefully. Klaus grows angry that she is not answering him and yells at her saying that he is talking to her. She gets up angrily and tells him that she lost her daughter and that the offer did sound appealing and that it's not her fault. After that she turns to Elijah and gets mad that it took her being in danger for him to talk to her. She walks away and Elijah goes to follow but Klaus says that she needs time.

2x04 klayley

In Live and Let Die, Elijah walks into the compound asking Hayley where Klaus is, and she starts to answer but tells Elijah that she isn't Klaus's wife.

In Red Door, while looking for bodies and killing people, Klaus gets a call from Hayley. He tells her that he is busy and asks her what is wrong. She tells him about Elijah being missing and that she needs Klaus's help. He then says that he has more important things to do, and then frustrated she asks him what they are. Klaus tells her what is going on with Mikael and Hayley gets worried along with Marcel who is there with her.

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We then find Marcel, Cami, Kol, Davina, Klaus, and Mikael all in an abandoned building. Klaus wakes up after temporarily dying and Mikael says that he is going to enjoy killing all of them. At that moment Hayley comes in throws a chain around his neck knocking him off of his feet. She says that she wouldn't bet on it and then hits him in the face with the chain. Klaus jumps up determined and Hayley stands by him as the whole group faces Mikael with confidence. Klaus tells him he's outnumbered and Mikael calls him weak. Mikael vamp speeds away and Klaus is relieved. At the very end Klaus is with Cami when Marcel and Hayley walk up to him. Marcel and Hayley point out that if Klaus dies a lot of people die. Hayley then tells him that they have another problem.

2x06 Klayley

In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Hayley is looking out over the French Quarter from the balcony of the nursery when she's suddenly startled by the sounds of tortured screaming. She frowns and returns inside, following the noise to Klaus' bedroom, where Klaus has blood splattered all over his hands and face and is washing up in his sink. Hayley concludes that the interrogation went well. He tells her that he suspected that their mother had Elijah. Hayley eagerly tells him that they should go find them but Klaus stops her and tells her that Esther is to powerful and she will try to get to him by hurting her. He goes to shut the doors and Hayley stops him asking what he is doing. He tells her that he is changing his shirt and then he is going to find his brother, he fakes a smile and goes to close the door again but she once again stops him demanding that he let her come with him but he tells her that he can't save Elijah if he is trying to protect her at the same time. She rolls her eyes but keeps silent, as he finally closes the door.

In the very last scene Klaus is laying Elijah on his bed and Hayley stands next to Klaus as they look at his sleeping body.

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In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Klaus tries to get into Elijah's mind and his nose starts bleeding. Hayley then comes up behind him and he out of instinct grabs her by her shoulders. She looks confused and asks him what he is doing. He tells her that the is blocked out of Elijah's mind. She notices some marks on his neck and asks Klaus about them. Klaus then tells her that Mikael would come home from battle with similar marks, so Esther would use a certain paste to heal him. He starts to leave and tells her to stay there. She says that she would rather kill Esther, and he turns back around demanding that she stay away from Esther. She promises to not go after her, and Klaus reluctantly leaves.

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At the end of the episode Elijah and Klaus are talking when Hayley and Marcel walk in. Hayley says that she is glad Elijah is awake and turns back to Klaus. Marcel informs them that he and Hayley made moves of their own while Elijah was sleeping. Hayley turns to Klaus and tells him that her and Marcel left gifts for them in the ball room. Klaus stares at her curiously and she says, "You're Welcome." Klaus and Elijah go to the ballroom to see Kol and Finn tied to the staircases in shackles and chains. Klaus smiles at them and Kol accuses him of kidnapping.

2x08 Klayley
2x08 klayley2

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, in the very last scene, Klaus gets a call from Rebekah saying that she snapped Elijah's neck and that he is acting weird. Klaus tells her to go to their old cabin. He hangs up and walks back into the ballroom where Finn is still tied up. Marcel brings in the coffin and they put Finn in there as he pleads for them not to. They Klaus walks to the front of the Compound to leave just as Hayley comes in. She asks where Elijah is, saying that she needed to tell him and Elijah something. He walks past her and tells her that she can tell him on the way. She turned to face him and asked where they are going in confusion. He looks at her and says that they are going to see their daughter. They stare at each other for a few seconds and then Hayley follows him.

In The Map of Moments, Klaus and Hayley are reunited with their daughter. Hayley runs towards Hope and holds her daughter for the first time in months. She passes Hope to Klaus who kisses Hope on her head. Klaus then spends time with Hope until Hayley comes in and takes Hope so Klaus could write down his wish. He asks when Hayley is going to tell Elijah that she is engaged to Jackson.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Klaus and Hayley return to New Orleans while Elijah takes care of Hope at the safe house. Klaus and Hayley organize a get together for the wolves and vampires. They want to unite the two species. They then have a conversation about Elijah. Klaus offers Hayley advice as she contemplates telling Jackson about her time with Elijah. He advises her that she keep it a secret.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Klaus worries Hayley is going to reveal the truth about Hope to Jackson so he goes to find her.

In Sanctuary, Klaus and Hayley argue over whether to tell Jackson about Hope. The argument gets heated and Klaus snaps her neck. Klaus hunts down Jackson and they argue which results in Klaus beating Jackson. Klaus is worried about Jackson's intentions for Hayley. Just as he is about to kill Jackson, Hayley stops him. Impressed with Hayley's fighting spirit, Klaus agrees to let her tell Jackson the truth.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Klaus arranges for Hayley's wedding to Jackson to take place at the compound. He also has Elijah and Cami bring Hope home. He is present when Hayley marries Jackson. Although he plans on killing Jackson, he later changes his mind. He and Hayley later introduce Hope to the werewolves and vampires. Klaus invites Jackson and Hayley to live at the compound.

In They All Asked For You, Klaus tells Hayley and Jackson he needs their werewolf army to find Finn. When one of their werewolves is killed Hayley tells Klaus that she won't use her wolves to settle his old scores. She also tells him if he uses their daughter to manipulate her again, it will be the last time he sees either of them, this threat angers/enrages him.

In Save My Soul, there is tension between Klaus and Jackson, as Klaus does not trust his intentions, and gives orders to the Crescent Wolf Pack, Hayley asked Klaus to give Jackson the space he needs, he finds it amusing that Hayley believes he would ever allow Jackson to control the wolves, Hayley then tells Klaus that he will show him respect, this angers Klaus, as he threatens Hayley; telling her, if she ever speaks to him like that again, he will kill Jackson and it will be her fault, Hayley then becomes silent, terrified that Klaus will go through with this said threat of his, if she keeps on provoking him.

In Exquisite Corpse,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In When the Levee Breaks,

In City Beneath The Sea, Dahlia tries to form an alliance with her nephew, Klaus, she gives him a glimpse into her past to make him understand things from her point of view, she also states if he gives her Hope, he will still remain in her life as her father, but he is to eliminate Hayley to ensure that their arrangement continued as promised without complication.

Dahlia then used her magic to undagger him, to let Klaus think about her offer, he overhears a recording left by Hayley, that she plans to take Hope away from him, he turns against Hayley after this and Klaus agrees to Dahlia's offer.

In Fire with Fire, Klaus tells Dahlia that what he has planned for Hayley is far worse than death,

after he finds Hayley with the help of Dahlia's locator spell, he gets into a confrontation with Hayley and Jackson, although he has some difficulty taking them both on at the same time, he gets the upper hand and overpowers them, Dahlia then arrives confusing Hayley as to why she stands with Klaus - Dahlia states that she supports him as he is doing what is best for his daughter. Hayley is infuriated, arrogantly swearing to skin Dahlia alive, however, Dahlia casts a spell that causes her and her pack to slowly transform into their werewolf forms. As the spell takes effect - Klaus reveals that he stole the Crescent Curse from Marcel and that having their curse reactivated was all his idea - he states that his aunt was more than happy to modify the curse to accommodate her hybrid nature and explains that Hayley will be trapped in her wolf form, except during the full moon, leaving her very little time to cause any further trouble, Klaus cruelly reminds Hayley that because of the Unification Ceremony linking her to her pack, they too will share Hayley's fate. Klaus then mockingly calls her "Queen", Hayley begs Klaus not to do this, pleading with him to see that Dahlia will take Hope away from them, however, he coldly reminds her that she is the one who tried to take Hope away from him, and for this crime against him, she would suffer.

In Ashes to Ashes, they had no interaction, but when Elijah brings up what Klaus did to Hayley, he refers to her as collateral damage - much to Elijah's rage.

After Dahlia is defeated once and for all - Klaus celebrates the victory with Rebekah, Rebekah plans to leave New Orleans in order to find a way to bring back Kol - but not before pointing out that Hayley is cursed to be in her wolf form except during a full moon - and although Klaus is hurt by what Rebekah says, he brushes his feelings aside. Klaus refuses to feel guilt and remorse for what he did to Hayley as she had tried to take their daughter away from him, and to keep Klaus away from Hope.

It also becomes clear that Klaus has no desire/intention to deactivate the Crescent Curse, likely because he believes that Hayley would attempt to take their daughter away from him again; they are no longer friends or allies after this attempt, they have become enemies once again.

In For the Next Millennium, six months have passed, however, Klaus still has not forgiven Hayley for trying to take Hope away from him, he refuses to see her, also Klaus has refused to help find a cure for Hayley's curse.

In You Hung the Moon, Hayley and Klaus share a violent reunion. Hayley finally has her human form back to get back at Klaus for having Dahlia place the Crescent Wolf Curse upon her and her werewolf family. Klaus and Hayley violently fight in the Mikaelson Compound as the rest of the Mikaelson family are forced to watch. Hayley and Klaus stop fighting when Hope appears outside of her nursery and walking on the foyer on the second floor of the Mikaelson Compound. Klaus seems to regret his actions of placing the curse on her when Hayley picks up Hope in her arms and cries bitterly that she missed Hope's first steps. Later on, Hayley hatefully tells Klaus that she is taking Hope from him and claims that she is going to raise her with Jackson, in an apartment, across the street from the Mikaelson Compound. Klaus does not argue with Hayley and stares into space as she carries Hope out of the Mikaelson Compound

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Klaus and Hayley don't interact with each other. However, Jackson takes Hayley out, while Freya Mikaelson watches Hope, to blow off some steam. Hayley is tired of the stress of the Mikaelson life, which includes Klaus and she complains about all he has done to her, them and everyone else Klaus has affected negatively. Jackson helps Hayley to let go of that stress and to get her mind off Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelson family.

In A Walk on the Wild Side, the Mikaelson family talk about who should attend the Strix ball. Klaus and Hayley bicker about their current tension and hatred towards each other as the rest of the Mikaelson family arranges for Elijah and Hayley to attend the ball with Marcel. The three ally together in order to help Marcel be inducted within the Strix's inner circle.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Jackson Kenner is killed by Tristan de Martel as revenge against Hayley for torturing him, therefore Hayley can no longer keep Hope away from Klaus, as the apartment she living in was in Jackson's name. Klaus learns from Elijah or Freya (off-screen) that Hayley has been captured by the Strix, although he is still clearly angry with Hayley for trying to keep his daughter away from him, he still rescues her, despite this, Klaus still has not yet forgiven the latter for this act.

In Behind the Black Horizon, Klaus and Hayley embarked on a mission to determine the hidden agenda of Kingmaker, Lucien Castle's private company. He willingly stayed by Hayley's side as they fought Lucien's private security force and released the captive werewolves. Hayley told Klaus that she wanted to see what it was like to work alongside Klaus under a common banner and she finally got the chance, showing her appreciation to him for being there for her. However, she insisted that Klaus return to his family to take the chance of making Finn an ally. Later on, Hayley returned to the Abattoir after the Mikaelsons said their goodbyes to Finn. She relayed to them what she and Klaus learned in their time together.

In The Bloody Crown, Klaus and Hayley, along with the rest of the Mikaelson family, ally together to try and stop Marcel from destroying the family. Hayley helps around the apartment the Mikaelson family found refuge in while Klaus stands trial for his crimes against his former sireline. Before Klaus leaves to stand trial against his crimes, he apologized to Hayley for wronging her and he says goodbye to Hope in a heartfelt letter. Marcel convicts Klaus and sentences him to Lafayette Cemetery to desiccate, while under the excruciatingly painful magic of Papa Tunde's blade. Hayley supports Klaus to do this because Freya linked his life to the rest of the Mikaelson siblings. While the Mikaelson siblings rest and while Klaus is forced to endure constant pain under Papa Tunde's blade, Hayley is tasked with raising Hope by herself and finding magical cures for all the Mikaelson siblings and to ensure the survival of the Mikaelson family.

In No Quarter,

In Haunter of Ruins,

In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, Klaus confides in Hayley, telling her about how painful it was to be held in captivity for those five years.

In The Feast of All Sinners, after seeing Klaus talk to his daughter, Hayley admits to him that he is a good father and that he deserves to know the truth about the ritual. She tells him that Vincent didn't want to tell him because he didn't think that he'd go through with the ritual, but she wants to tell him because she knows that he will do anything for Hope even if it means never seeing her again.



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