Kol Mikaelson
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Come on, you don't recognize this roguish grin? I guess my true face is just too handsome.

Kol is marked by his dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Despite being centuries old, he appears to be in his late teens, somewhere about 17-18. He is approximately 6'1" in height, very handsome and with a lean and athletic build. As shown while preparing for the Ball, Kol is very proud of his appearance, bordering on arrogance.

Kol's hair had also been subject to change, and he has had many styles over the centuries. In 1702, like his brother's, he had long hair, but had pulled it back rather than letting it out. His hair was slicked up when he first woke up in the 21st century, but he eventually lessened the gel as he adjusted to modern times, letting his bangs fall over his face. While a ghost, his hair took on a more general style that he seems to favor, like the one in Season 3, with a hint of stubble appearing on his face in Season 5.


As a child, Kol had straight shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wore traditional viking clothing, such as a tunic.


Kol, like the rest of his family tends to wear darker clothing, and is often seen wearing a coat or jacket.


Kol's hair is usually shorter on the sides, and spiked up with gel on top. But, during Season Four, his hair was more grown out and he had bangs across his forehead.

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